The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 26, 1934
Page 3
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.MONDAY, .MARCH 26, 1934. IIOTY EXCEED C L Washburn Reports 17 Fatali lies and Only Tcr Now Arrivals Deaths |n UiythiMile exceeded hy seven the number ol birthr •iurinj/ February, it wan levualec Iwiay by Ur. A. M. Washburn iK-alili unit, diri'ctor and local leg- istrar. • A total of 17 deaths, 8 white am! 0 colored, wi-re recorded during the aiontli ami 10 bhths. I white and ^ colored. OIK stillbirth was icconU'd. Thc riulicM ik-uili was Hint, nt a live day o!<l infant while the o! uas 77 yrars. l-'our deaths K'cordf-d inuic-r one; year of u&t 'ii wiiiu' rliililrcn ami tlitw of enl- OIT-O. Hclu p c<>n tin- tire's of une and f>0 throe colored deaths occurred. From 50 years up deaths ot torn v.'hllr persons a/id iivo no'Toes wri> recorded. Causes of death wen: listed as follows: stillboin. 1 (colurtd); In-art ilbtiiM!. 1 (white). 2 (colored.); luituuioiiln, .) (colored); chronic bronchitis. 1 (colored); cerebral hemorrhage, 2 i white); gastra enteritis. 1 (colored); idio- Iiutlilc hemorrhage, I c white); measles. 1 iivhite); n-ltoopfn? cough, i (white); homicide, 1 (white) unknown disease. 1 (white) (white): unknown disease. 1 (white). Several deailis charged to IJly- Ihcvllle under directions of (lie Durcau of Vital Statistics were of persons living outside the city brought htre for treatment. These included ihe homicide chat Bed to the riiy. "r. Wnshbmn said (hat members of families in which births or duaths have occnned should sec thjH suoh are .promptly recorded "£ required-by'HiejBiiirau of Vital statistics. '. *.-•; ; . . Eight Little Pigs Cared for by Pup CKARDON, O. (UP)-A dog ha.< been , . . mothering- perhaps fathcr- name is Hurt-sight little - e !»!$ at (he home of Emory Skin- IILT. near here. When the mother ilcscrla] the Miuealint; porkers shortly after Ihcir birth, Bud. n Spitz, owned oy Skinner, assumed charge and has bnpn guarding them. Skinner moved the .-iniiija!.'; into (he house, where Bud. maintaining his vigil, allows neither stran- £« nor Bother dogs near. " Gypsy. . "Joke" on Bank Teller CLEVELAND (UP)_Theyre telling a S180 joke at Die "cxneii'-e or Leo nates, teller, and Frank Hallow. B iisrd, both of the same tank here. How two yomiL,' women in briaht Gypsy »nrb. came to DrUes' window and nsked him to chaise n SSO bill, was recorded in n M- iice renorl. While the teller was wnmliiiR oii( the change, one of tlie women reached through (he bars and erabbed nt a roll of $•>!) bills in Bales' hand. Bates jerked back his hand quickly. "A good joke." the (wo women chuckled gaily, while nates was thinking. "There CSypsips are a funny people." Guard Hallow. acmrrting (o the report. WAS n few feet away at the time. A few minutes after the two women left tile tank, still chortling over thciv liltle joke, Bntcs checked over the loll of twenties. Nine were cone. Rented Dillingei Hideout, Charge HLTCHEVILLE. (ARK,) COURIER NEWS Suit Bid [s Usually Safer Than Contract at No Trump lltdoout of'Join, Dililiigcr, noto- ilous ciiiiiuiiu, i,, a chlciiKu Hliarlinciu was revealed, uollto tald. with the idoinmcuUoii ol ,, Dlioio of i-eai-l Klllott. above, « 3 Mint of tiio woman who routed the suite and shared j[ will, Dilllugcr nnd Joscpb iJurua uu- olliDr ot hla followers, tor Is Jays foiJou-i« K ,1 10 .lespcrudo'. escape from Crown Point, Iy«. p Today's Conlrnrt Problem lint Is an uliUlmcr, but "lie tliai i bi-lluvc will lot,.,-. <•--•( you. Koulli to umku u Braiiil ?l:irii at limits. West OIK.-IIS Hie klut: ul Ulibs. 4 A J G V A K Q J « fj J 10 3 S hr iiiiRimrdcd Ills kin? of hcnrls, tin- di-rlnrer dlscnvded ihe iMxht "f '•liibs. wlilU- If ho unwiurdrt '»'• >;|IIB ol dubs, (1». decliiifi- -:.idnl (lie uliii- o r lieuils, uiid ' ri-miilnder of OK- tr | c i-. s lrav H- Solution to Previous Contract ProbJem "V \V.M. K. McKKNXKV Sl'crrLirv. Aruerirau JSrldgi- l.i\-i S ui: oe o JitiHip. Unl-s you j.rc a K ood lrlck wl "' '' ... -... no Iruinp. Is jus- lllled In (-am-l)ii! (lie coatriic-t to ilx. 'rile 1'lay The declarer playrd thc hand j well and received lop store by| - •••„ b u.. •• Bi'iiiul slnjn. Ijiicky breiik alone lire not cnout'li to | lllllnlll ' r ° 111 ' I VM.S n spade opening, an oiiyinal bid on one | wll 'ch allowed him (o win the first. queen ill dimimy. wvro u nioup of l»id»-«]>lii'i-s, orl|{liiniiii K with ' Is S(niii|r t .ni Known s '-"ltly. llko tne dnrl of un >"». ilu- sli-oiiK, nclive, soothliiu ii»i!-i-:Ui(iii of Shcddim's SiUVo |x-n'""ii'-s skin nnd tlwucs to bivak «l'<"l<!s nnd c-oiiBi'Stlnn. ,-nd ci-ou|i. f"i:i:h.-i. liieiiinalle-. KdiUI,- , im i ,„,„. 1 •'"•M imliiK. Blii'ihlmi's Salve t-o»- "">•- :HI liigrwlh'iii not roniul in oi-.l:»:iiy sulves-itnd iis ran-enu' J- - »»-i-. titiintitcliuWi' firirii-iicy and '•"i'' 1 ' 1 IIMU Ii-nllii 8 eii'lcli-iicy knocks '.«. omniiilDii quickly. Tivo k|,,,j.s: .I 1,1) fur chlldrni; HTUONCi lur Kansan Has Special Room for Curios HIAWATHA, Kan. (UP)—.]. H. Setter, Kmisnn pioccer. lios set aside a room in his home here for curios collected over a Ions period, included amonn the <«id iiluyer. my advice is not to Tllt u '" °f neari.s was played.East. »><! too trumps, luilc.v; i covered with the Jack nnd (lie 'Iji"" '"' |)!cilt - v of "ISh card, ma ' e " finesse worked. *"* I ", KC!S ' ! A sl "an diamond was led ami I in addition lo aces, however, I w<m m dniinny with the king The you imiM | 1!1V e tenacc jjositlons—i'l 1101 "" uf clubs was played next. in other word?, there is no admit- - nlul East's proper play WHS nol to tsse ui playing tire contract at eom ' the honor. ' Therefore, no turnip unless you are apt 10 , lle P ln ye(l low, and this nnessc "" " a (rick on Use opening lend '' ' -•* "">- "jn Illlly IVMll. ut course, ,iUvicc- and theories often are shot on n lucky hand In today's hand i don't. , . ...... - .. ....... , . „„„ t iMiutu- KHIBS, so n c laid A jar of cherries canned by his I rl> 1 "' t ' llic onijinal bid of one i ace of spades and then in 1877. no trump holds aces, but why not try if your jsirtncr won't the no trump? He may gain A cake of soap made by hlsjr ]rs ', S . 0 grandmother more than 100 years !i,jj tilc G A silk handkerchief bearing tl* wo ^f ^^'L^'^' 1 pictures of Presidents Washington and Grant. purchased by his nulher al the Philadelphia Ccn- .(nnial Exposition in )H7C. A half cent piece coined in 1804. A pair of sleeve buttons, bear- ng a Liberty Bell stamp and made The declarer eoiiiu sec the .sriiiuve, n.s IJn.xt ivas marked with i-: both kmys, so he laid down the lied thi! forced u -,.». «. u^^^.^^ui -JiJimi.^ 11 Jill Ls true that South lace of diamonds ' ' lo discard a heart. Another diamond was led iiiitl «-on with the queen in dummy, East Icttlny «o of a spade. On the next, two diamonds, Enst could discard a heart and a club Icas-my iiimself nil!) (he king and bid no nine of clubs and the king and eiyht of hearts Soulh lot tin n Juioiviiifc- (hat liis pm-t- club. *" At Spain is planning to dam thc Esla rirer, near thc Portuguese, Tontler. inundating 37.000 acres, to form the largest artificial lake in .he world. T-'id.v Says She Took CARDU1 for Cramps; \Vjts Soon Uclk'ved j Women who suiter as shs dm will be interested in the experience of Mrs.'Maude Craiton, of Belle\i!l:..)!/.. ivho writes: "For £ovt years. I siilfercd from irreuulai .rouble and crumping. There would x (lays when I would have to staj in bed. I would ge! so nervous, 1 was miserable. My aum told me to try Cardui. Bhc believed it would build me up. regulate me •md help the nervous (rouble I knew after taking half a bottle )f Cardui that T was tatter. I ;e|it on taking Cardui and found t- was doing me a world of good. ' am in good health, which means lot to me."....Try this same iicriicine. Thousands of women cslify Cardui benefited them. It it Iocs not benefit YOU. consult, a iliyslrinn. —Adv. 3CP4 Blue Star Eczema Itching To rclltve eczema itching, n'ns- *orrn, tetler.rush or foot-itch,cover with soothing Blue Star Olmmcat. Tested medicines melt and quickly soak in killing germs. Itching ends. Skin heals. No burning —no Mis- tering. Safe and reliable.(adv.) COMMISSIONER'S SAl.E N'olice is hereby given that the undersigned commissioner, in compliance with the terms of a decree A rendered by the Chancery Court T for ire Chickosawba Dis'lrir.t of Mississippi county, Arkansas, on tlw 27 day ol February. 1S34. wherein E. C. Jones was Plaintiff. No. 55-IS. and pinkie Sislrunk. Emmett Morris Trustee of East Arkansas Lum- bcr Company, and Unknown Heirs of Will Sislrunk. Deceased, were Defendants, 'will sell at yublic auction to Ihe highest and best bidder, for cash, on a credit of three months, at Ihe front door of thc Court House, between tlw hours Prescribed by law. in the City of I'lytheville. Arkansas, on the nth (| ay of April. 1M4. the foliowing "al estate. lo-\vit: Lot Fifteen (15t Block T«o ' 3 > of Ko!li|>etcr-Sh(iiiyo Addition lo the city of niythe- vil le, Arkansas. Said Sale will be r.a<l to satisfy ?M? *"' Mtrcst fro: " A "3'«t l8 The purchaser at said sale will be required to execute ix>nd with approved security, to secure the payment of (be purchase money and a Ucn will be retained upon said properly as additional secur- . Ky for the payment of such purchase money. Witness my hand and th c seal °f said Court, on this, the 22 dav °f March. 1934. R. L. GAINES. Commissioner In Chancery Nelll need, ntty. for plaintifT. r 22-S9 NOTICE Or MAItSHAI.'S SALS United Slates of America) (ss: Lasfcrn Distrirt nf Arkansas) Publicc notice is hereby Riven, '.i'.it by virtue of a writ "of Fieri Facias (or execution), dated Pub. 2, 1934. issued out of (he District Crurt of the United States for the hasten-. Dislrict of Arkansas on a .'lament rendered in said Court, on the Bth day.of December, A. D. 19:12. in favor ot R. L. Bradley Receiver of FirFt National Bank. Blvtheville. Ark., and against Mrs. C H. Bean. I have, on this 2nd djy of February. A. D. 19W. levied i.pon the following described real •state, situated in thc Comity ol Mississippi and State of Arkansas tc-ivit: Poi/lli Half (S'.:-> of Southeast quarter (SE';> section Twenty- seven (27) Township sixteen HG) Nortli. Range Twelve U2i East. (Eighty ai>res) North ITfilf (NIL-) of Southeast quar- ler (SE'i) of Section Twenty- seven (27) Township Sixteen '1C) North. Ranije Twelve (12) East. (Eighty acres) East Half lE'v) nf Ihe Half (E 1 -.) ?nd Northwest Northeast Quarter (NW NK 1 ;) Section twenly-two (22) Township Sixteen (1G> Range twelve (12) East. One hundred .elijhly acres. Northeast Quarter (NE'i) of Section twenty-seven (27). Township sixteen (1C) Ranee Twelve (12) East. Norlhwfcst Quarter (NW,), of Section Twenty-seven (27) Township Sixteen (10) North, Hangc Twelve (12) East. One iMmdrcd thirty-four acres i.xl that I will accordingly offer r.-ir 1 real cslate for sale at public vnrlicc to (he hfchesl and best' ladder on credit of three months! P-Tchascr to furnish approved' i.oi.d for purchase price and interest; all the right mie. Interest and equity of Mrs. C. H. Bean at thc South front floor of the Mississippi County court house at Bly- thcvllle, Arkansas on the 10th dav of April at 1:30 P. M. G. L. MALLORY, _ . u - S. Marshal. Eastern District of Arkansas. By L F, WILLIAMS, , , „ Deputy. .. A. Cunningham, Plaintiff's AUy. 13-20-37 However, it would make no dif- fercnce in this particular hand as ner must have from a 1-2 in .\i.-> The last diamond was led from primary tricks 10 make an orii'- NEW CAR OR OLD N 'INK DISTRICT COURT O!> ' ""•: UNITKD STATKS 1-OK "IK JONreilOHO DIVISION ( 'l TIIK EAS'I'EHN DISTRICT C1 J ARKANSAS. Ill Ihu Mnltrr of Hall S, 1<)[)|lL , ] nc , In llimki-uplcy. No HUH. ''" Hie rnditoi-s of thc ubnve In the County of Mississippi l niv,' js-S'in unrt District iifm-esiiW « t!'<::kriip:. N(,:i w . | S i,,, 1V by given that on *l».'«-li 10. 10.14. II,,. ,,t m ,. nnmcd |)i-:i:iuiier was duly adjudKed u uaniciiijii. and the first uicptmi; of the armors will bc> held at my OH'"- In the Clly of Jonesboio l)! -aid Distilct on April 3. 1934.' '] ffctl'tors nmy attend, prove •r claims, iipimlnl a trustee examine the bankrupt, und trans-' it'll other business n.s may ly come bi.f,,,-,.. K n| ( | uii-eting. Jonesboro, Arkniuus this 24, 1!)34. P. C. MULLINix Referee In Bankruptcy. Don't Forget lill's Agency General Insurance Phone 791 I OBADE A Raw Milk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy PAGE THREE Announcing the appointment of Motor Co. .Miiin Si. as Huick Dealer for ant] presenting BUICK for 1934 with Knee -Action Wheels Effective immediately, we hnve beon up|>ointed Authorized Buick Dealer for tliis communily. Wt luke (his opijortunily to jiltdge full udlicrence to the high sales nnd service sumdurcis which Buick lias maintained in the past, and to suggest that you see, our wonderful display of 1934 Buick models at your earliest convenience. This fine new Buick tiring you tlie biggest Improvement in riding smootli- new and steadiness ever accomplished — resulting from Knee-Action Wheels, Balanced Weight and Sprin E iii E , the Cumiilfte Autaoitdc Starting Ride Stubilizcr uml Air-Cushion Tires. It provides (he unmatched safety of Vacuum-Power Brakes. It brings you Complete Automatic Starting. Also exquisite new Bodies by Fisher in 19 beautiful models, with advanced Wind-Stream Styling nnd improved Fishir No Draft Ventilation. We cordially invite you to visit our showrooms uiid examine and ride in this new Buick motor cur. Your own judgment will tell you that again there is a. better automobile, and again Buick is building it. BETTER - AUTOMOBILES • AUK • Btijl.T - UUICK • WILL • BUILD - THEM any motor sounds sweeter and runs better on ... Safer,.. CHASSIS AND GEAR LUBRICATION Mnbilcrcaic for Clins-j 1 lihru-Jlii-vn anj M,:biloi[ (iMrliihrrnmifrtt 7rji«. nmiirnt jn.l l^JcirnrijTi phe ihc SJCTC iifr.drjxtji!- ab]c pcrfiiiraince rbir Im [tudc Mcbiloil ihc KOrld'c IJICCH JeHinp taoior oil. All; ani Mj^rotij .Stuinn '«• Dfjlrr lot 3 <!cmcnj:rj- Y ES, SIR, any motor sounds sweeter and runs better on Mobiles and Mobiloil. It's surprising how this combination peps up an old motor, smooths out the knocks and brin fi s back power tiiat you had forgotten you had. You're missing much of the real pleasure in driving v.-lien you use anything other than Mobil- gas and Mobiloil. New car or old, this combination wil] give you smoother performance, greater economy and a larger measure of enjoyment. Ask for these famous products at MAGNOLIA STATIONS "Stay with Magnolia and you sfey ahead! ' . « « «:«* .re YOU as expert as SHE? THINK for a minute—what if you had thc house to nm, meals to plan and children to care for? Do you think you coutd do the job as well as your wife does? On the same amount ol' money? Be honest. The housewives of: thc nation study and know their jobs. They read the advertisements regularly. They keep themselves informed ol' the best offerings of the stores. They are expert purchasing- agents. These purchasing agents, from necessity or individual desire, aim to make every dollar spent return a full one hundred cents' worth in value. They know their needs. They know through the advertisements just where these needs can be best supplied at the least cost. Such intelligent buying saves time and effort and money. It results in a management of the home that is truly efficient. Here's some good advice for all of us. Read the advertisements. Read them every day. Through them we can know exactly what we,want before we go to buy. This is the surest way of securing full value tor every dollar yon spend.

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