The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1948 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1948
Page 6
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_ PAGE SDC THE BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THX COURIER NEWS CO. H. W UA1NK8, Pubu JAUE8 L. VERHOiW PAUL D HUUAN, Adv«rtUn« Bate NiUoniJ Advertlilng Representative*^ Wailac* Wiunei Co. Ne« Vork, Chicago, Detroit, AlUnU, Uemphto. Publlsh«d Ewiy Afternoon Except Sund»j Enterta u second class nutter at Uic pojt- offlc* at BlythevlJle, Arkansas, under act at Congress, October », HIT Served by the United Prei SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By carrier In tlie city ot Bfyinevilfe or any suburban town where carrier service Is maintained, We per week, or 85c per month. By mail, wltliln a radius ol 50 miles. M.OO per year. K.OO for six months, $1.00 foi three monlhi; by mall outside 60 mile xone, 110.00 per rev payable In advance. Meditation Wisdom It t ood with »n Inheritance; »nd by It there la profit to them that »ce the sun.—Kcdesl- istw 7:11. . Wisdom sils alone, topmost In heaven: she u its -light, Ite God; and in the heart o! nmii she • Its as high, though groveling minds forget her oftentimes, seeing but ihe world's Idols.—N. p. Willis. Barbs An Indiana girl swallowed & small door key—• and didn't develop lockjaw. * * * Some jowns can be worn forward or backward —very handy for the younjt Udy who dotjn't know whether she's comlnr or foinr. When the door Jammed, « Tennessee youth was locked In a phone booth while talking to his girl. But h« likely didn't know about it lor a couple of hours or so. * * * A medical authority uy> th« avcrate builnets- man work* too hard and eaU too much. No «r(u- meni! * ' * / Somebody should tell grouches how easily they could pep up > party—by slaying awny. Noble Gill School Plan Wins Commendation An educational progrum drawn up by Noble Gil!, Blylhoville businessman and vice chairman of the State Board of Education, to provide incentives Cor teachers and at the same time place new emphasis on Americanism is winning praise outside Mississippi Coiintv whore it has been adopted as a special project for the Farm Bureau. When the project was outlined to the Mississippi County Farm Bureau recently, the Courier News was nsked by Ijoth the Associated Press and the United Press for information about Uic project and the news items published in Little Rock newspapers prompted the Arkansas Democrat Sunday to express editorial approval of the idea, which has the backing of educational leaders in Arkansas. Under the caption "Blytlieville Has an Idea," the Arkansas Democrat said editorially: "You probably saw in the Democrat - a news article from Blylhcville, telling of a plan they are developing there to inspire the schools of Mississippi county to do a better job. "Thought up by Noble Gill, a former teacher, now a business man, approved by State Commissioner of Education Ralph B. Jones, and sponsored for the 1948-49 year by the county Farm Bureau, the plan looks to creating more interest in our American wav of life "Recognition would be given' the school in the county which doo s most to solve Us problems; 1 0 the layman who does most for education; to the superintendent whose schools show thc most progress; to the teacher in each school system who is judged most effective- and to ll,o outstanding teacher in the county. There would be separate contests lor Negro schools. •'Something o £ this kind is wiciclv needed. Our democratic system has n "o "achi,,cr.v in it for Ulc express purpose °f generating enthusiasm for demo cracy. Communism teaches communism through the schools, prt,s and radio, and alh»« «o unbiased view of allj -othw Astern. In our democracy, this is all left to voluntary effort. The school mav 1'eely examine all systems. "That plan worked well enough in otir , farly years. There was a fiery patriotism then, inherited from out' struggle for national independence. I found ex ;pression in the schools. It pervaded the press. It blazed forth in countless political and Fourth of July orations. "But in later years, that spirit llas waned. \Ve may love our country as much as we ever did; but many of us rarely My so, and even seem to be a little ashamed to admit such a sentiment. .New problems and interests have claim* our attention. The schools reflect ch«««, Somg of them seem to pro- duce as much doubt of democracy faith in it. "Thei'e is need of a livelier appreciation of our blessings. The factor of K iiaUon's strength is the faith its pecj- 1'le havo in it, and their love for it. A failure there is a fatal weakness, which wealth of armament cannot save. Let's all think about Uiat JilyUicvillc plan." The plan offered liy Mr. Gill lias great possibilities and the idea can bear much fruit in the form of encouraging teachers throughout the country to do a better job in preparing the boys and girls in our schools today for citizenship which approaches the interest of the founders of this nation,. . Thai interest has been lugging for a long time and the benefits of citizenship in the first and freest of all democracies has been taken too much for granted. To give the Gill plan a chance for success, at a time when militant forces are at work in unsuspected places to undermine democracy and the very foundation of the government of a free people, Mississippi Conntians can and must work hard to demonstrate the plan. It is a project which calls for work on the part of the'Farm Bureau lenders and the school foi'ces of tin; county, nnd the success for the movement will be measured in the degree which it interests the boys and girls who are in school today. And the plan, when it has been proved, holds promise of spreading to other counties in Arkansas and doubtless to other states of the union. Mississippi County and Arkansas do not stand alone iii the need for militant effort to preserve the nation's democracy. It will be far easier to preserve freedom, than it will be lo regain it after it suffers the reverses that arc all to common today in the democracies of countries of Europe. BLYTHEVTLLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS Something New Has Been Added " . WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17, 1948 Maybe Puerto Ricans ShouldT \ Wear the Green, History Says By Harman W. Nichols THE DOCTOR SAYS By ed»ln P. Jwdin. M. D V.'rilten for There Is .hoiit t . great deal of «'<>rry sbout heart murmurs-much or 't unnecessary. Part of lh ™»°' ; oeallv munnur sofh "k - ' . lw kind Idea tor Devaluation of Nickels'and Dimes Fails VIEWS OF OTHERS Greece: Military'Phase Americans may ns well face It in its slarkcst terms. The Greek problem has for the moment fihcd most of its humanitarian and economic overtones. It is a military business. That much can be rend from the President's second report on aid to Greece and Turkey. President Trumnn announces that he will ask for more money to help the Greek armies to fight the guerrillas. Emphasis on economic reconstruction will come Inter. Doubtless Ihe President's statement reflects advice from Dwight p. Griswolrt. head of the American aid mission in Greece. Mr. Griswold'a experience in Greece cat: be illustrated by a simple sequence: It might cost a million dollars to build a bridge In Greece, and cost the guerrillas only ten dollars to blow It up. While this sort of threat to Greek reconstruction exists, reconstruction obviously is a cart- before-thc-horse approach to Greek problems. Restoration or order is a first essential. Until that is accomplished, Greek guerrillas can make economic crises In a number of ways. For example, by raids on the countryside they have already set hundreds of thousands of refugees In motion toward cities which, though protected by Government forces, still are not economically enmpperi to give these untorinnates proper care. Moreover, the gnerrila movement, while serving the interests of extreme Greek dissidents, serves also the Interests ot foreign countries. Thcae covet Greek territory or ami at domination, Aid from them Is a key to guerrilla activity. To he stive, the present Government of Greece leaves much to be desired fro,,, a liberal point of view. Yet it has the co-operation of many Greek liberals for the time being, and it, is on that same provisional basis that the American aid should go forward. Having recognized that the United Slates must first of all help the Greeks to win an armed struggle against the guerrillas, Americans also recognize that they meanwhile arc acquiring a vast social responsibility in Greece. This they will later have to help Greck , ibcra]s , 0 a,^,,,^,, -CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR. Hills. president. Mr. Mehren got to woiT.viiy would ig one • make it necessary to scrap worth only three cents anci the dime worth only six. He wa s hn'v' "ig his troubles trying to compete with other makes of nickel and dime drinks and, figuratively keep us head above water. So lie wrote the Treasury about the need T.s- and 12S-c El? h?1 Was . ha ; lrtlcri 35 times The f, a -'e d lamp be used foran full history i s oo long for hcre,K' o " Id an ultra-violet lamp out these are highlights: led for? p vending mach- j Let tcr received and referred to "'"- ' ' ^°,, te ? tl0 " ? ervi «s D >^ Check s( a- Uke. so they foy incs turnstiles and adding machines would nlso have to be changed, i'""' '" i«ccr and time of recelnt In addition to which the Treas- '• Damped. Sent to card room for iiry and Mint can't do anything | distribution. Referred to Public, about changing coin values till - s «vices Branch. Memorandum of' of the nn '""'"" authorizes it by law. , receipt made for tracing in case Lnc uiira-rea lamn i«; a heating lamp and „ u S efuT on y 'or those things for which external heat is applicable. The u'ltra- """•' lamp contains at least some rays of the sun and has some of the same effects. Neither type sbould be used except according to direction!. Jetty Claire Huffman daughter IN HOLLYWOOD BY F.KSKINE JOHNSON NEA Staff Corrcbimnflenl lenbcrg and Harry J. Fishbein. who I run the Mayfair Bridge Club in I Arkansas New York, put on a game from which all entrance fees were given to the March of Dimes. I played successful stars brings out a new Individual Idea. Thc words were Jimmy Carney's."Some people make a career out Hvl?"'" 18 " ' nl " kC 8 C '""''' rr ° ut of ll t's Jimmy's answer lo a Hit of questions people ask him. The first lime I heard Jimmy S ay it he was stretched otil nn the sand of his private bcarb nt Newport Ilarlinr. a comfortable linur anil a half's drive from Hollywood and Vine. The question asked jimmv on Hint occasion was, -Why do y,,,, mnk If nil (hose sl:irs wlm have reached top htlliny v cr e lo limit (lirmsrlvc s to nnc or I wo iiiclures a year, all llollywoort would Irene- fit. Thru tile newcomers would Kft ;.. better chance lo show their wares (o the audience, thus giv- iiiff mere variety for you In vour local Ihc.lters. The dividends to Jimmy Cagney from his philosophy of making ' career of living arc these: He keeps i his health, his peace of mind and I keeps the studios standing in line with scripts for him to consider. «•>.-,, »n v no you mai-i. Hc lln -' i ^ cc " '"arrlcd for M years I only one or two pictures a veir ' " nd records show no deadlines J when you arc in constant demand smcl "' mB '"s private life with eights I for more?" «i«iaiia , 0] . divorces. He is one of the hap' But don't think from ins remark ' p '" 1 . mc " '" Ho ». vw °od. that James Cagncv is a lim- mm Wh< L" llll " ss gel confusing for v -- — ' - you. think of Ihe Cagney philoso- Mimiskin * A5 VAQ.06542 • Q 106 Tournanicnt—Neither vul. South West Norlh East 1 V P;«s 2 * Pass .1 V Pnss 5 V r.iss 6 V Pass Pass Pass ch — miscalled [or another And what do you suppose! rjp again came St. Pat's name. There is some discussion about it, still. Some s ay R third drawing wa s held Others say the clergy let well enough alone. Anyhow, devotions to St. Patrick began at once and before you could whip out a shamrock, along came torrential rains that soaked the good earth and washed the worms and ants away. For about a century, the feast of St. Patrick WHS observed in Puerto Rico on March 17 Then in 1641. the apostle of Ireland lost his grip on the people of the Island- So there won't be a parade of the faithful In p. R. today. But a lot of people there Who have read the history books think there OUGHT lo be. ,/, Tennessee Legion Head Sees Necessity ot UMT QALLATIN, Tenn., March IT. (UP)—The popular war-time song "Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition," had a new, peacetime twist today from Donald McSween of Nen-port. Tennessee Department Commander of the American Lesion. McSu-rcn spoke here last night nt a statewide Legion party to celebrate the organization's "29th birthday. He endorsed Universal Virginia Moss, Pltff. vs. No. 10,418 T. J. Moss. Deft, The defendant. T. hereby warned to appc thirty days in the court the caption hereof and answer the till tho *•,,. „•!,„., "; """ """-' complaint of the plaintiff. Virginia '"korln/^ SSnUV^ J. Moss is Military Training ami said- >pcar wilh:n -wt nlust go wj(h ( , : f L ":""?. d .,'" °" e >"« «nd a rifle in the ble tn the other M SSed this 12 day'of March, 1948 i Sri,," 8 '" 0 ™' - co - mmilnricr - ="^ HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk ' favor of Universal Mili- Rosa Saliba, D. C. ' f." y _ T ™! llhl A- Thc "birthday cake" C. ,. Cooper, atlorner-'*,. SfiT ^^'«!!'..™"-_«- j Opening—» 3 SO THEY SAY I expect to arrive at seme place mid talk about one thing when the other. Tiiat is talking about anis going to happen to me, 1 am certain -Sccrelary ol State Marshall, stating «o, W contusion may lead hi m to make wron c ng speech. It the great powers, including thc United -tales, fail to back the decisions ol tn c United Nations, thai agency for world peace will s m k into insignificance.—Sen. Robert Ohio. Far from It, Conserves Knci^y He has more cncrov Irrt than most o( our movie personaliiir.". He conserves his energy. He rioe-n't spend hours and nights in tiie hot I spot clubs of Sunset Strip just to tureT" S ° h ° *'" bC " Sl "' 1>ic ' Instead, he spends his time at 1 his farm in Connecticut at lib ranch home in Hollywood at his beach house or on 'his o-c-isloim'l yacht cruises. n c has plenty O f time tor his wife and children." He lols or tune to absorb .sunshine and pinny o[ time lo think. He stars iu one ur two » yar, He doesn't IRI Nothing that has occurred In the last few- weeks alters the CIO'* determination to seek , K is ri, riphl. "The Time ot Your 1 ,{r-" the latest He dnesn'i w ; , M e his phy of making a career out ot llv- in Maria Montez, who I with Nick Minuskln. chairman of | bridge tournaments for the Marcn of Dimes. Nick and I had won lt\i tournament. Today's hand came up. On the. opening lead of the diamond three, said shc'ci j "'<* played low from dummy and never sign another long-term con- i East, feeling from Die bidding Hut tract at a bl? studio, is talking ! the ace of diamonds would be a with a big studio about signing one. j give-up play, put on the jack. Nkk ...Don "Red" Barry's current ! won with the queen, cashed lh° flame is Geraldine Brooks. I won- i king of clubs and led a small heart der if he still thinks about J. Craw- I over to the king, ford? Those certain independent I Now the average player mlc-t producers don't miss a trick 'nicy j make the mistake of leading tiie have their own bookmaker on thc ace of clubs and discarding the five set ami collect a percentage of his i of spades. But there is a chance profits. substantial wage increase. This months dro,, reuil prices is not indicative of a mi-Piim Murray, president. CIO. * * The failure of KRP would deal a senow blow to our hopes for the preservation of (reedom and Thon l* abllsl "™»rt <" »'«« on eartl,.-Gov. Thomu E. Dewey ( R) of New York. effort. <ione hi s aurtiMicc"a"favdr,"i',«'."\uth t this plan of his i I When he Is wen In one or iwo ' 1ms a year -n.,,iail.v Wlr .., lls ,,, cc I slays now to the auchruc-,. Tiie , stars who m ; i|; r [„„,. (l) siv (lJrlH ien'J'T ,, W ° a ' oul wilh "^ i "'< 1 '- jence. Letters in my ,„.:.,! prove 01.1 Fact | 0 r,,|,|| c Thc nubile i s asfchij, r ,,,. „ ,, ces. but ihe v - never .v.v turd of Jhniny Cajnev " Some ot the otiirj- . S V :1IS •'>;»""#' •'•'>">->'>'-•'.»"••;•"«>">"•"•••"• ""MCKENNEY" ON BRIDGE Safe Six Is Turned Info Seven Hearts ">g this they're do- Hy William K. McKcmicy America's Card Authority \Vrllten for NEA Service Tiirrc ar ets In the to make seven on this hand and it always can be played salcly lor six, Nick made the correct play of the seven of clubs, trumping in ins own hand with a small heart. Tiic.i he laid down the ace of heaHs, picking up East's Jack. He went over to dummy with the ten of hearts and ruffed another club. The six of hearts was overtaken by the seven HI dummy, and now the ace of clubs was laid down. When tho jack dropped from the East hand. N".ek discarded the six ol dia- moitrts. The ten of diamonds w.s discarded on dummy's filth clil'>, (hen the queen of spades was led. East refused to cover, declarer let tiff. Ed B. Cook, attorney ad lilein. 3|13-20-27-4 3 Onion roots, while growing, send out electromagnetic waves. Hickory, with a Japanese sword captured during World War Two. Mrs. Watson is president of the Legion's Sixth District Auxiliary. Read Courier News Want Ads. AFL Secretary HORIZONTAL 1,7 Pictured secretary- treasurer of AFL. 12 ProfTcrs 13 Actually 15 Insect 16 Eaters 3 Hypothetical force 4 Color 8 Forbidding SSerf 7 Mud 8 Abstract beinp 5 To (pre/lx) 10 Tidier 11 Shouted ISWingliks part u Kettledrum 19 Wild beast H Each da >' 17 Comparative suffix i nasi •IQOIO.CO.T card play- it ride and thus made seven, United Stales, and I suppose every one of them plays .n least once event. a year in a charity Cary Grant, In January Mrs. Ralph H. Schcl- temperatures. \Voodcn tableware is used by polar explorers. Metal cutlery would stick to their lips in the sub-zero 21 Simple 22Gudrun's husband 23 Outthrust window 25 Metal 26 Revive 27 Strong 28 Area measure 29 Type measure! 30 Mountain spur 33 Valleys 37 Cornbrcadj 38 Steal 39 Boss •10 Handle 4-4 Cloy 45 Hearing organ 46 fingers 48 Scottish river 49 Simmered 51 Seesaws 53 Paradises 54 Comes in VERTICAL 1 Biological i groups 2 Involv* ?OTold 22 Cossack chiefs 35 Consumers 25 Molls 30 Church recesses 31 Turn 32 Hardened 3-1 Hc is a labor 46 Lair 4T Placed 50 Us 40 Helps 41 Norwegian (ab.) 42 Place 43 Solar dkk

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