Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 3, 1896 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1896
Page 3
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Ir^^llSg^ —SB?." "DR.JWLES, Through His Nervine Is a Ben* efactor to Thousands." a WIDELY known VTisroosia puolbhcr, who reside as Orr«n Bay, writes MarehCth. 3S3i. asfo;iovrs: "Wvo years a;o I beca-.':': so rmrvoas thai montai-work wn.sa burden, i could uotresc at nlehc on account of siowiessncjia. 3ly attention was called tc Dr. Miles' Kesiora- llvo Nervine, and I commenced to uso It with the very boat efTfC:, Since trjen I ha'e kep; a bottle in n:y houjo and use It whenever my norves '.'jecumu ur.Hirun:;, with always too surai; noou rosuks. Aiy son also t\f MilPC' taxes ''* 1°' BisrTousncss I". JMUC:> with like never failing success. I Juavo recommended it to mnny arid It cures tnetn. All who suffer from nei-vo troubles should try It. It ia free (rum narcotics, perfectly harmless, and yet soothes and strengthens. Dr. Miles, through his Nervine la a benefactor to thousands." A. C. LEHMAN. Editor and proprietor of DEB LANDSMAN- Dr. Miles' Nervine is sold on guarantee first bottle wlU'ooneflt or mon«T refunded. STATE NATIONAL BANK LOOANSPOBT. IND. • S2OO.OOO Nervine Restores Health J. P. Johnson. President. S, \V. Ullery, Vice President H. J. Heltbrlnk, Cashier. DIRECTORS. J. T. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T. Elliott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy an'3 sell Government bonds. Loan money on personal security and collater- , als Issue special' certificates of deposits bearing ? per cent. Interest when left one year; 2 per cent, per annum when deposited Blx months. • • Boxes In Safety Deposit Vault* of this bank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, mortgaRea and other valuables, •rented at from J5 to J15 per year. D. E. DELZELL, : : : DENTIST : : : 416 MARKET STREET. over Brnggemnn'a. Mlfflnerj Store. L.G.PATTERSON Has opened a Fire and Accident Insurance office at 410 Broadway, up stairs, and Solicits a. sharo of tho public patronace. None but First Class Companies Repre- nwrnted. DR. S. H. WARD. HOHCEOPATHIST Office 309 Fourth Street. Over Tajlors Jewelry store- Residence 013 North Street. CHAS. L. WOLL, :-: UNDERTAKER ~ •Xo. 417 Market'Street. Calls attended to promptly, day or ^Central Union and Mutual telephones. OIIlco, No. 1C; Residence, JNO. 121. STOP! READ. '.:•• -LOTS FOB SALE.' Iri fllL-lilaiid Park. Gamer's Addition; In John H Toonson? "tuM *EmI Addition; In SUiple Wruye PMMoo?e Addition i In Drills Addition; In McroWlL'sT Addition;. In Woodland Addition; In , Addition. M.M. GORDON. Offlce No. 1 Spry Block, pearl St. DAILY JOURNAL AY.U-\E 3, 1SOO, Mandolin/for sale. Inquire DOG North street. Pay your natural gas kill* before June 10. Wabash Is ugitatiug the project of a street fair. • _, . George Hanrt'son hwidleit Lanclreth's seeds only. / Hammocks at your own price at Geo. Harrison'st ^ H. SRcvens's gallery at 414 Market BtreWrffs now open. Competent worfe- men. Work guaranteed: Natural gas bills Cor the month o£ Juno arc now due and payable at the company's office on Pearl street. Landretb Seed Company of Philadelphia, hare been seed growers for one hundred and fifteen years. Harrison IB their agent In Cass county. Ono swallow does not make Spring, but one swallow of One Mlrnite Cough Cure brings relief.—.T. M. Johnston. The consolidation of the Natural and Artificial Gas companies, makes the! payment of bills, for consumers using bo.th kinds of gas much in/ore convenient The. person paying for natural gas and who 1s also a user of tbo artificial can now pay both bills at the same time at the new company's.office, 317 Pearl street. All bills are due and collectable on the first of each month with customary ten days' grace. Bills for June, ispc, now being doe. THE RAILROADS Scalpers Try to Buy Mileage of Country Editors. ABOUT THE VANDALIA General News of Railroads and Railroad Employes. While a considerable number of the ticket scalpers are disposed to act honorably In handling mileage, there are some who resort to other tUmi honorable means to secure boote, as in the case of some of the members of the Guarantee Brokers' Association. This association has been sending out circulars offering to buy mileage from editors of country newspapers. An editor of a paper published in Ohio received one of the letters. After the scalper hud given his name aud place of business :lie'writes: "Dear Sir—I would like to buy your surplus editorial 1,000-mile books, and will pay you a good, fair price for them, ranging from .*10 to ?10 per 1,000 miles. Can use mileage to very good advantage over any o'f the following roads." Fol- lowinK this is a list of thirty-two roads, including the IVnnsylvanla lines, the- Pennsylvania railroad, Baltimore & Ohio, Pittsburg & Western, Pittsburg & Lake Erie and other local lines. One of the editors who received such a letter wrote the scalper as follows: "Sir—When the proprietors of this paper get so hard up and so regardless of reputation that they must stoop so low to ignore contracts made in good fsiith with a railroad company it may be possible for you to purchase Its mileage, but wo wish you to . understand that as long as we are at the. head of .the establishment such a disgraceful act will never be credited to the firm. Had you solicited our aid in an effort to openly dofraud a corporation of. any kind, or asked us to ignore debts tbui we had honestly contracted and wliicli we intended to pay. you could not have insulted us in a more opan manner. Your request we consider as no better than an Invitation to join in u thieving expedition. "We liave no mileage books to sell, and jieed every mile for our legitimate business, and. have.no desire to •communicate with you 'any further, ami will be pleased to have the assurance that you will never nave tne audn- ciry to correspond with us again,' We thi'nk, that'there is'a law against the solicitation of a co-operation, for criminal purposes, and 1C that is the case, yon liave 'placed yourself in a very liable position in the attempt to make rascals out of us." TEURE. HAUTE AND VANDAf.IA. A veteran railroad man, who has given some attention !o the aft'alrs'of the Yamlalia since tlie Pennsylvania company took control of it, said yesterday that some of the citizens and' one of the. papers in Torre Haute arc making a mistake in the manner they are treating this powerful corporation. Th-j citizens and press of Tcrre Haute might as well accept the situation, us., when the Pennsylvania takes control of a property it becomes a Pennsylvania institution out ;md out, and if an official of a Pennsylvania, line does not carry out -liis Instructions lie is soou replaced by a man who will. Said the speaker: -No one thinks more of William K. McKeen than 1 do, but Mr. McKoen, as far as the Yandalia is concerned, has had his day aud every one iu Tel-re., Haute probably regretted to see him go, but since the Pennsylvania took control Terra Haute has not suffered lu a business way, .and already improvements have been commenced and are contemplated, which will be of real benefit to that'City. From remarks I have heard, made by Pennsylvania.officials high In rank, I know that it is the intention to make the citrons of Terro.Haute feel that the city has not lost any thing by the property changing hands. The men who arc making the'most noise have not received their usual annual passes." SU RPIUSED .HIS FRIENDS. • Michael Courtney, telegraph operator at the round house office was married yesterday in Chicago to Miss Susie Bath.- Mr-. Courtney asked for a leave of absence for two weeks but said nothing to his fellow-workmen about getting married. • Sunday no hied himself to Chicago with the above result. After a tour of the lakes and eastern' cities Mr. nnd Mrs. Courtney will take up their residence on the Westsidc where the groom has a house already furnished. CAN SEE ANYTHING. Lot Xroutman, foreman of engines of the' Panhandle has received a letter from Andy Prescott at-Manchester, New Hampshire, stating that he saw a boy with a. twenty-one pound trout. Of course Andy has not been back to his old homo for seventeen years and by this time ho ought to be able to see any- •tlring. He said he would bring the affidavit home with him. ' CAR RECORD FOR MAY. The following is the number of cars handled by the yardmaster at this point during the month of ,;May: Cars received—loads 13,070, empties 7,420; cars forwarded—loads 14,1.41, empties '.G,2CT: This Is an'increase' over ' cars handled the same month last year. The freight house handled CSO ears in tlio seven days ending May 30. RAILROAD NOTES William Quirk is off duty sick. James Glluiore left lust night far St. Louis to look after his son, Martin, who lived there. H. S. Kenney oC Valparaiso, a'n ex- operator of the Panhandle, was In the city yesterday. Harry Chappelenr had the misfortune to sprain his ankle yesterday, and will lie off duty for a few days. Carl Green, the lad who won the field record at Terre Haute last week, i.s a son of Charles R. Green at the dispatcher's office. Chief Dispatcher Tousloy, assisted by Trainmaster Johnson of the Pennsylvania, is making a fire insurance inspection on the Eastern!. . A SLIGHT M14IAKB. The Eyes •Sometimes Deceive. ' There are a number of experiences in rail life from which interesting facts can be gathered. The treasurer of a large' inanuCacrurlug concern, -.whost name need not be given for the purpose of this article, lias been compelled to .give up drinking coffee ou account of its effect upon his stomach and nervous system. It was suggested that he try the health coffee "Postum. Cereal," as'that is made of the healthful grains aud takes the place of coffee 'very nicely. He rather felt that it was a foolish' step to undertake to use any article with the expectation that It would take the place of coffee which his family used of the best grade of Mocha aud Jav:i mixed. However, a package was ordered for the house and the next morn, ing at breakfast the coffee pot came on as usual; when the beverage was poured out and served to him he told the servant that lie had ordered some Postum-, a new drink, aud did not care for the coffee. A' laugh went round the table and .-lie declined to believe that t.!ic rich liquid with the aroma aiid, fragrance tliat reached his nostrils was the hraltli coffee. Investigation, however, convinced him of the fact, and its use. day by 'day without the old sick feeling'clinches the argument, ,.-•', Postum Vs made by the.'Postum Cereal Co.. Lira., .of Battle 'Crook. -Mich:,' and has a winning way of its own; when once introduced into fun, family it answers every purpose of Hie finest coffee without the attendant'aches anil Ills. Being composed strictly and wholly of the pure cereals there is no question or'argument or possible, doubt're- garding the healthful arid nourishing properties, for children as well as adults. There is but one genuine original Postum Cereal coffee, with a multitude of imitations, offered as "just as good." • Merchants supplied by .1, T. El'.iott & Son. PAT CAMPION INSANE. , Former Logansporter Found in the Woods Near Fairmount. Put 'Campion formerly lived here, but lias been for some time employed at the Big Four shops at Wabash. His brother, Mike Campion, is still at Wabash. Mrs. Pat Campion was called from her home in this .city early this week, to Wabash to take charge of her husband, who was reported Insane and helpless. It is said lfli.it application will be made lu ci few days, .in case he fails to improve, for his admission to Long Cliff hospital. A brother of the Campions is already an inmate of that institution, Pat Campion left his position iu the railroad shops last week, and nothing 'more was heard from him until word was received by his brother, Mike Campion that I3ie man had been found, wandering demented in t!m. woods .-near Full-mount, Grant county. Ho was taken to Wabash by his brother, where ho is now being cared for. It is claimed his insanity was brought on by .dissipation. ' • i . WEDDING ANNOUNCEMENT.. Next Thursday,' at the home .of the •bride's parents In this city, will occur the weildiug of Mr. Harry Kline of. Wabash wlti .Miss Lottie Nile. The groom w a -well-known grocer of Wabash, and the bride-to-b'c is one of Lo- gausport's most engaging young ladies: The .young 'people will live at Wabash, removing to that city immediately after the ceremony. . THE MODERN BEAUTY... Thrives on good food and sunshine, with plenty of exercise In the open air Her form glows' with health and ber face blooms with Its beauty. If her system 1 needs the,cleansing action of a laxative remedy, she uses the gentle arid pleasant Syrup of .Figs. Made by. the California 'Fig 'Syrup Company. .' /'• Kaufman & Cp.'s;is a; real /bargain shoe store, and 'tills week Is ladies' week .Amazing. bargains In ladies',shpes. ;:.'' Children Cry TQ» etcher's Castorla, MUNYON'S Improved Homceopaibic REMEDIES SAVE DOCTOR'S FEES. With Munyou's Guide to Health aud a Munyoii Family Medicine Che--t lu the House You Oau AVOID LONG SPELLS OF ILLNESS The .Munyon Remedies act Instantly, giving relief after the first two or three Uoses :incl effecting a rapid euro ovon in most obstinate cases. There is a .separate Muuyoii Remedy for each disease and each specific has plain directions, so mere can be no mistake^ 1C you iu-i> :Ulinj: read irunyon's Guide to Health; It will describe your disease and full you how to euro yourself with a 25 cent Mimyon Remedy. If you find that you have I'lii-'umarism. take Muri- yon's Rheumatism Cure and you:' j-alns and aches will be Kone in a few days. IT you have stomach trouble take Munyon's Dyspepsia Cnro; for a cold or A coupli.'rhe Cold Cure or the Con.sli Cure, rtncl so on. No matter what the disease you fan be absolutely certain of n cure if you take the remedy recommended iiv the "Guide." Where you are in doubt, a personal letter to Professor Mnnyou 1505 Arch street, will be answered with free medical advice, for any disease. At fill druggists—2.'c a bottle. VISITED EASTERN PRISONS. Indiana Prison Authorities Get nodern Ideas Elsewhere, The Indiana Biillerln of Charities and Corrections for the current (juarler cou- tnins the following-: Warden Harley, of the NorUiem Prison; Warden Hart, of the Southern Prison, and Capt. ,7. 11. Henry of the Board of Managers of the Souflicrn Prison, with the Secretary of the Board of State Charities, recently visited several oC the leading prisons in the country.. It is only by keeping Informed of the best methods of prison management and the best plans for Hie construction of builii- lufts in use in other States flint wt; can hope.to bi'Iiiff our.prisons in Indiana up to the •standard . wljich .they should maintain. Indiana people nave cuousli pride in their Institutions to insist upon rheir "beius as pood as the best. Space cannot lie given here to a prolonged account of the many new and valuable ideas which were accumulated during the: trip. There is no doubt, however, that-the. benefit.which will result to our prisons \vili many times repay the time ,.iucl expense devoted to this tour of inspection. HOW.'S THIS! We-offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh thai can not be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure! • F, .T. Cheney & Co., Pro])?., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known F. ,T. Cheney Cor the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions and financially able to carry out any obligation made by the firm. ' WEST &' TRUAX, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo. 0. WALDING, RINNAN & MARVIN. Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, 0. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and inucous surfaces of the system. Trice 75c per bottle. Sold by all druggists Testimonials free. ANNOUNCEMENT. ' I will be a candidate for the office of Clerk of Cass county, subject to the will of the Republican nominating convention. JOS. G. GRACE. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office of Clerk of Cass county, subject to the decision of the Republican nominating convention. G. WJ BISHOP, Jr. ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office 'of Clerk of Cass county, subject to the decision of the* Republican nominating convention. BEN F. BARNETT. . ANNOUNCEMENT. I will be a candidate for the office of County Commissioner for the First dls^ trlct, subject to the will of the Republican nominating convention. j. W. REDD. ANNOUNCEMENT. .1 wish to announce that I am a candidate for the office of County Clerk of Cass county, Indiana, subject to the decision of Hie Republican nominating convention. : „ A. R.*«5HROYER. • - ANNOUNCEMENT. I will lie a candidate for the.office of County Commissioner of First District, subject to the choice of the. Republican nominating convention. •;,-. . :' • : . • ,' J.OHN W. GERHARD, . '.''.'• . Clay Township. '•' Subserlbe^for the Journal,--iO cents per month, ; ' '. : ."•'•'••• •.?•;;-; Commencing Saturday May i6th. And continuing for two wee ks, we will place on sale. some rare bargains, in our C lothing Department. We have marked medium weight, and summer suiting at COST . . . to close out certain lines. W e are offering most excellent values that were never before offered at the price, and to all who are looking for SNAPS . . Come and see us, we will con vince you that no place in tL city will be allowed to under sell us. No mntteer they say. We are Overstocked And must move our goods, and ha.ve made a price that will do It. Our patrons are auvlsed to take advantage ot this sale, before it. is too late. Sample Hats. Do not forget that our Hat Sale of sample hats, -f 50 cents on the dollar still continues. Splendid bargains are yet to be picked up in this II ne. Don't miss' the oppor. tunity. JOHN D. FERGUSON & CO. 322 MARKET STREET. J. 1> KEROU8ON. A. P,JENK8 INVENTORS AND ._ BUSINESS MEN. Perspective and Mechanical Drawing* prepared for the Patent Office and for Commercial purposes. Drawings and Specifications of Electrical and Hydraulic devices prepared, including Alarm Batteries, Brakes, Cornl u'ctors, Cutonts, Electric LIgnt% Magnets,' Coils, Keys, Lightning Rod*, Meters, Registers, Recorders Switchboards, Telegraphs, Teleplioulc Appliances, 'Electrical CJocks, Hydraulic, Mechanical, 'Mercurial and Kotary Ale Pumps, Accumulators, Compressed Air and Water Elevators, Double ActlB* Drainage aud Force Pumps, Lift and Oil Cups, etc. ' Byron B. Gordon. Draughtsman and Patent Attorney Spry Block, Logansport. Lopnspoft & Wabash N atural and Artificial Gas Bills due the First of eadh month, ten day's grace. All bills payable at the office of the Company, 317 Pearl Street. Special—Low rates on^ heaters during; the months of May, June, July, August and September. Do You Think of Painting If so, I can sell you your paints cheaper than any man on earth. B. F. KEESLINGK -18 PROTECT YOUR EYES. The Hirchberg Optical Co. Tlie weU-lcnown Specialists of New York have appoints! D. A. HACK assent for their celebrated Spectacles and «|» Glasses, every pair guaranteed, B. A. HAUK has complete assortment and Invites all» aatbtr themselves of tbe greit superiority olthes* good* oret any raltmfactured, at the store of ». A. HACK, Sole agent Iw Logansport Ind. . So Pedd'era Supplied.

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