The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1949
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, JTTLY 18, IT.YTKBVTLLB (ARK.)' COOTIE* ELEYEH OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams YEH, RJT TK SECOND ] 1 THE-* mr HOME rr's. \ COMPLETE COLLAP6e/ I OFF COMES THf J ShOES, CORSETS- / AKI' FOR HOURS AN' THE PAV-OFF - .^,£'an«*i.» Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople . «TH» EAClX HOUft PBR HAPS *>G DWlrt RtALlie T CRIM6 OtiS COMMIT* CUTTISlS DOvOti TRSBS.'— T>ePLETIK5& NATURAL RESOURCES, CAOSlKliS FLOODS, RwJAatfis iKe SEAOTV Of- yJHISPERcOlS I4EMLOCKC S6KIOOS / DCOPSOUR Ort-MeFLCx . EV£5/ IN* BOUGHT HALF AM AC«-; OF VOOOOS FROM A FAR*.'6R, A»JD Wle'LL CHOP IT UP/-*- ALL I VJAWT FROM YOU IS MOSCLfr, AWD LOlc..~«:LLO\W LIKE.;/ SPACE THAT Read courier News Want Ad NOW! Beautiful Floors In Your Home Whether you'd like your present floors beautifully reflnlshed, or if you wL§h new hardwood, asphalt or rubber tile, or Inlaid linoleum floors . . . Charles Wood can do the work expertly and at a reasonable cost. Call 2272. FREE .ESTIMATES Charles Wood Arkansas Paint Co. Phone 2272 CLIPPED ANGEL Copyright, 1M». NEA SERVICE. INC By Give Grierson Cornish Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickosawbo SWIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meat* and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space IX A FTER I toJd Cory Parnell about the knots ot mj 1 sample bags Lteing tampered with, .it took minute for the thing to hit her. She turned white around the lips. "Tell me what it means, Mike. I lit a cigaret. "First, U means that Riggs is crooked- Second, it's obvious that Riggs can't be the only one—the higher-ups must be in on it. And third, well, rt sounds crazy, but what I said was fantastic ha.s actually been happening. Somebody's been pinching most of jour high-grade ore. "But—but why. Mike?" I did a bit of mental arithmetic. "For a gross of around $2000 day, each and every day, that's why." She thought about frt for while. "I don't see how it's possible—J mean, how eould anybody steal that much?" "Search me, but it'* being done." "Mike, I—I don't— What am I going to do?" 1 put out my cigaret. That's up to you—but 1 know what I'd do I'd fire everyone, from top to bottom, and start all over again," "You mean everybody except Archie and Uncle Jake and the men who worked for Dad anc those I know are all right?" * • • f LOST my patienc*. "For heav- * en's sake, Cory, can't you s**T Thte meant Archie and Uncle Jafc« Ike ••«•! They're In OB tt! You can't lift 20 tons o! high-grade ore a day and not have the lop men know about it! They've been robbing you right and Left." "I cant believe it," ihc J»id flatly. 1 took a deep breath. "Lor-k—" Then 1 lei rt out. What was the use of arguing? 'Maybe it's one of the shirt bosses," iae said. "After all, if y*u dont know how H'» b-ing done, maybe Archie and Uncle Jake and lots of other people don't know either." She had me there. Every word she wid was the truth. I didn't know how it was being done, although even then an idea was drifting around in the back of my head. But she had been on the scene, running things since Parboiled Parnell died, and she didn't know. '- 1 It was just possible that Trask was being fooled to the extent of 20 tons of high-grade ore a day. In anybody's mine it would be sloppy supervision, but such was not completely unheard of. It could happen. I nodded as these thoughts ran through my mind. "AD right," I said, "we'll suppose that Trask doesn't know about it. We'll suppose that Uncle Jake is dumb, too. The point is. if they don't know about it. they oagnt to—and that's reason enough for firing them." "Uncle Jake's been with us ever since the mine started, and—* "—and Archie's been with the company for 10 years." I finished for her, "and they love you like a sister." She laughed. "Well, not exactly," she said, "becaose both of them have proposed to me at different times." • • • TT took me a minute to di?»st this, and then an angle struck me. "Pardon my curiosity, bul when these proposals look place, did you .urn them down with that kindliness and graciousnesfr which is so noticeably a part of you?** She had the grace to blush. 'Welt, if you must know. I told Archie not to be a fool, and when Jncle Jake proposed 1 was so surprised 1 laughed right out loud." 1 looked at the Lovely creature reside me and wondered it she cnew how cruel she had been loped not because, for better or for worse. I was in love with her "That wasn't a very nice thing to do to either of them,** I said '1 realized it afterwards, but M was too late to do anything about it." T*o apologize?" "I never apologize.* ^ beg your pardon.* I said. '1 forgot you weren't human." She swung her open palm at me but I saw it coming and rolled back into the moss. "If you hit me while I'm down," 1 said, "so help me I'll spank you till you can't sit still (or weeks/ 1 It blew over as quickly a started and she brooded with her chin in her hand, a picture of despondency. "I've a lousy temper," she said. "I concur—but to return to the little episode we were talking about—did you ever hear the old saw about love turning to hate?" She shook her head. "You're wrong, Mike. Archie and Uncle Jake are real friends. Why, even now they're working 14 and 1ft hours a dny to cut down expenses. Why I'd trust them with anything." 1 shrugged. "Here endeth today's lesson in psychology," 1 got up and shook the moss off my jacket. "Have you decided what to do?" <T« Be Continued) Service — That'* Our Motto! 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WHEKE i/OU THIWIC VOU'RE SOW, SOU TREACHEROUS OLE FOSSIL?!' W FURIOUSLY. KAS.KV HAS CUT A LARGE HOLE THRU THE WALL, AMD NOW CHIP* AWAV THE KkSTBRKK THAT IMPRI50tl5 MX UHDER THE CORWEE- STdOE. i ou Can s Spend a Cent HlVA., SVIVESTEH'/ ONLV TO ' A. -7~~^ T HE BA.LL OXMt, GUV'NOR.' LIKE TO COME VA. MEAN VOO RE GONNA T*OCt ME T' TH X OAWE... V^I INSIST PER FBeE JV THAT VOU'RE MV GUEST.' I'LL HANDLE TH19, GUV'NOS/ WHAT ARE VA STOPPIN 1 WERE FO* .? TH' GATE'S THAT WAV/ HOW H16H WOU.D VOUR. KNOT-HOLE BOSEO ? ALLEY OOP While Opp liurns BY V. T. HAMLIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES JiY EDGAR MARTIN COltfSAt V WOO^OVi'X VAVtCA oo OVi SOOW. MUW » (\ fXi.Vc.Wo - *NO \ "=>Wfi\.V fctfttrt-

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