The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1946 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1946
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEW3 KHIUAV, APRIL 26, 1946 Dates Set For 4-H Club Camp • 1000 Boys and Girls to Attend Camp At Fayetteville Aug. 26 Stale 4-H Club Cnmp will be held oil the College of Agriculture campus, August 26 lo 30. Incluside, Uhi- vtrslty officials have informed Ihe extension Service. BeiiiK held for the first lime since 1911, it will Mirk the relnslatemcnt of camp on an annual basis. The 500 toys Mid 600 girls to attend will be chosen on a nierll basis from among Ihe jrtale's 85,000 4-H'crs. Two hundred j j )0 ",j' ny they leaders will also attend. (he Princess Although A Lady, Princess Maud Takes Othman On English Tour HV FKK1IBKICK t;, OTHMAN t to Leamington. At c.icb pause some Unttnl l>rtss Staff C»rr«pondrnt o( my follow travelers jumped off April 25 tUl>> —The inml surintcd for tile und sprinted for tile restaurant car; others sprinted back. When we got to Leamington I didn't know It. I escaped as the t'1-lnccK.s began to slide down the Circal Western track to the :icxl stop. Shaken, 1 i-ot a cup of tea for ihrii|>|>L-]ici- al Ilif station, plus a chunk of what the Blrl culled cake for tuppence. I am sure the for Leamington Sp:i, but I can't.' will msrec wlicn I report resist telling yon about Great nrl-| llial Ihi.s cake was the color :>l «nixlslO]!0 tsiiut tasled like buUdltu; LONDON. April 25 tUl')—The Princess Mand at I'addliiBton wns sleek and shiny, panting softly, mid bound In brass. The man in Ihe red braided hat caressed her gently and away she went, mak- Ini! sounds as of resiling taffeta. That's no was 1 lo Denin n har- rowinq tnle n l>»ut a bumpkin (name of Glhnmm aboard « train de luxe Iain's feminine locomollves. They arc .small, curvaceous, and have such ;\ musical bcc|> that "flnlnly" Ihe word for them. Thai imisl have nameplale.s like j busine.s.s. I Maud, So bold onlo /hours laler ; The number has been limited to voll| . st . :l ts. 1,200 and the time changed from]' T | le princess wns clmt?tita(; sc- Ifrc first week In August, formerly < ( i !llt ,| v njroiiKh the wrll manicured (he date, to the University intevseK- plaster. I still had my tic-net. Nobody wanted it. Having attended lo my got another train three for londou. This one t(cm In order to use such student; facilities as Ihe cafeteria al Garni) Weil MRiiin, dormitory space, and gymnasiums. , The first formal session will be Monday night following a dill day of registration. Day sessions will be •ectionali-wd, while evening pro- fcrnms will feature group recreation. The program, to include learn cfemonstrnllon and judging contests • rid livestock type schools at Ihe Main Experiment Staliou. will be Similar to Ihose of prewar camps. Among conlesls to be terminated will be the state dress revue, while livestock projects will not end until Uic time of the slate llvcslock show. was Jammed. 1 had lo sland. A lady w ltli three red-hnlred children and n baskel of cabbages not uff countryside on the oulsklrts of . Then sh 0 got back on again. She Ixindon and f was locked in Ihe : thought she was at U|>])er Rhlsscl- comparlmenl of a coach so small jwitch. If I undersloexl her rluht. thai tliere was no room for an | Ilulf way back to l^ondon I got sic. The only way to move around j n seal. I tried to act like a llri- i this train was by inenns of a [Usher. I sat down carefully, plant- Stone Successor? |f| Read Courier News Waul Ads. Do You Feel NERVOUS AS A 'WITCH : On "CERTAIN DAYS" Of The Month? board, as on a Model T. After half an hour an alhlctiJ inductor .sitick his head In the ndow and wished me a good lorning. No. he said, he did not nnt my ticket. I asked him when •c'll t>el Uj Leamington and I ivc you my word lliat this is what i replied: "Oh. Kir, 1 beg youi H pardon. I <iri!0t my timetable Ibis mornliiif nd 1 do not know when we get o Leamington. Good day. sir." The compartmetil was a luxurious ob with Blue plain upholstery on 'orm filling cushions, mahoganv .vootlwork and pictures on the wall. Hut could 1 enjoy II? Haw. I had lo switlcr from side o side, feeling like a visitor '.o eye on the sta- I feeling Mars, keeping an ions ns they flashed by. Some :i:ui sit;ns: some didn't. Occasionally we stopped. A lew passengers on. Nobody knew when w p o got ed my weary feet solidly on (h floor, and looked straight ahead, saying nolhlng. An elderly geinle- inan in n gate ajar collar eyed me carefully, tapped me on the aim and .said: "Ilow did you leave things in America, sir?" , j I guess he was psychic, maybe. | lie wanted to know nbfnil, garift- ' .stcr.s. T (old him. "Goodness." he said. .So we arrived in London and I was wondering about those conductors, who still hadn't tried io collect my ticket. I spied » queue oulslde nt the taxicab stiuul, leaped toward it and felt a rcstr.-iininj; hand. A blond c girl's hand. She wore a red- braided 1 cap. She was oul of .sort:; with me. "You can'i leave the station wlthoul uivinj: up your tickcl, sir," said said. I had unolher cup of lea. BY EKSKINE JOHNSON NBA Ktaff Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, April X. (NBA) — Dick Powell has the inside track for the title role In "The Life of Glenn Miller." It's nice to hear thai the Miller band is breaking record* wherever It plays these days, because half of Ihe band's profit tjoes to Glenn's widow, Helen Miller. Associate Juslice Hobert H. Jackson is considered the likeliest successor to the late Har- Inn F. Slonc ;is Chief Justice of the United States, lie has been serving :is U. S. prosecutor of IV criminal!! in Gcrniuny. Too Late To Classify Help Wanted Joan Crawford Just lost 17 pounds MI n sleak. salad and oil dressing el. Remember when film beau•s went hungry on pineapple and lib chops to achieve the same feet? . . . Fred Astaire is still IliiiH people that he Li retiring. ,it I'll bet a good script could re him back.. .Hollywood is mak- B offers to the Dioiuie quinlu- els again. They're now 12 year;, d, slug, dance and play the piano The Bachelors Daughter," An- Slone's new U. A. picture, wil avc on e of the most novel oi>cn- ilis yet projected. The first 100 'el of the film will be actua encs from a silent picture, "Pur- lit of Polly." made 29 years ago v Paramount. ITKRARV MON'KEY-WRKNCH? Tola Negrt's "Memoirs." due I c published soon, has some jjeopl n Hollywood a bit uneasy.. .Rud r allee hales io mention it, but ,e has more than 50 oldlimers on Us regular payroll. He's been carving them with monlhly checks or years rather than see them in Viint.. .Thai's pretty Gail Russell vho has been calling on the IUCO •Honeymoon" set every evening o pick up Guy Madison. The commander Harold W. Gricv c Lnxora Society—Personal Touchy? On Edge? A'BrtWue'? Mrs. S. .1. Sinilli Knlertains Mrs. S. J. Smith entertained with a three table dessert bridge. Wednesday afternoon, in honor ol' her diniuhler, Mrs. Maxinc Smith Crawford of Anchorage, Alaska. Mrs. Elliott Williams was high scorer, Mrs. Jesse Brown low scorer, and Mrs. R W. Butler received coiisolr.lion prize. Mrs Crawford was presented u glfl Mrs. R. W. Butler, of Osccola. was an oul-of-lown yue-st. , Tkii Cnit Mnlicine Helps Build Up Rnnbwict Against Such Distress I Do female functional monthly disturbances make you feel so resiles, pervous. tired, 'dragced out', pcr- baps a bit blue— at such (lines? Then Iry famous Lydia E. Plnk- fcam's Vegetable Compound to re- Weve such symptoms! Piukham'a ! ]| nlT |ettr accomi>iiuird Compound DOES MORK than relieve i ».i pnln ],!. f ni . ^,, . V rniriL'''« '™ 1 " 11 1O1 "" " * for Rent For Safe Mr. ami Mrs. R. T. Holland Madison. Wis.. enroutc. lo Crossed. Ark., were guc.sfs, of Mrs. Eliziibeth slllltnnn Tuesday. Mrs. Silliman and her dauullier, Mary er, Mary them lo ' visitors with friends In Luxora. Mi'.s. Nellie Harmon, of Lcxtnu- ton, Tcnn., is siiendiiif; several weeks with Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Slatiford. Mrs. Willie Howard left Friday for a visit wilh her dauuhter. Mis. Charles Ramey and Mr Riiincy, in Chicago. S 2-C James l,lo\ r d Edwards of San Diego, Calif.. spent, five clavs this week with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Edwards. Seaman Edwards was a senior In lh^ v.uxoru High School before he enlisted in the navy two months ago. • • • Marvin Sanderson, of Slultcnrt. who has been discharged from the Army, visited with friends in Luxora Monday. Mr. Sanderson wns physical director and alh- letic coach of Luxora High School before he enlisted in the Army. SPOKANK, Wash. (UP1—Conva escent soldiers at Ft. GcorR Wright liave made an appeal for a the Indies' earrings they can get The soldiers use them as clami In making model planes. Old ai odd earrings make ideal clamps hokj small pieces of wood while Ihe glue dries. who Is dlrflcllnj! advance preparations for the atom bomb tcsls in the Pacific is the same genllcman who tamed Hollywood's atom bomb of Ihe silent days. He's the husband of the fiery Jetta Goudal, the famous early movie star,.,Since xhe received a special Academy Award, Peggy Ann Garner's fan mall is Hearing the all-time re';rd set m Fox by Shirley Temple when she was a child slar there PAGINCi ALL OF OI.1VKK Oliver Hardy was beinc linked it one of the New York theaters, 'nil Brlto pointed him out for the messenger boy. "There be is," said nil, "in Ihe first two row.s." There's no truth lo the rumor that Bill Powell will soften Father's character in the -film version ol M Llfe With FHther." He'll be just as bombastic ns the slagc papa Mighty McGulrk." lieery last play- el a bass drum when he was with he Rlngling Circus In 1902. The New York Giants, in a bas:i'- jall yaine of June fi, 1939, again.ic Cincinnati, hit 5 home runs In the Hh inning after 2 men were out. Read courier News Want Ads. M-G-M is rcadvliiK Iwo big comedies for Lucille Ball aflcr she rc- lurns from her four-monlh New York vacation.. .Twentieth Ccn- tury-FYix will reunite Oracle Fields and Monty Woolley in ''Sally and the Senator.". ..Edward Arnold's laugh, during which he shakes like a bowlful of Jells', prompted Red skelton to comment: "I lov? to lell Fxlward Arnold a joke he- cause so much of him enjoys it." Wallace Beery will resume his musical career where he dropped it 40 years ap^o* pounding a bass flrum. He beats out the tempo for Salvation Army band in "The WOW/ IT'S LOADED/ YES, SIR! TEXACO TRACTOR FUELS INCLUDING THE FAMOUS FIRE-CHIEF AND DIESEL CHIEF ARE ^, v v. tOAOtO WITH POWER! THEY Vi \\\\ GIVE YOU EASY STARTING, \\ v [ SMOOTH ECONOMICAL PER-^X> FORMANCE AND A CLEANER ENGINE. WE HANDLE All TEXACD FUELS. CALL US.' forLUZIERS Fine Cosmetics Call Miss Francis Jones Phone 2486 or 3633 ' RM LOGAN, DIS1 Cotton JU'lt Tracks and Kim 1'HONK .'JMl H1.YTHBVI1.LK, AUK. Let Us "POWER" Your Farm with TEXACO PRODUCTS STRAW HAT DAY SATURDAY, APRIL 27 mps, he relieves , . accom- I tnmmcnt panying weak, tired, nervous feel- | Silliman ' »uch monthly crnmps, headache, backache. It also Ings—of such nature. II has a toothing effect on one of woman's Bust important organs. ; TbMruadi Of Women Helped Taken thruout the month—Plnk- •iwro's Compound helps build up resistance against such distress. It's •£lso a great stomachic tonic. ;, Thousands upon Ihouacmds of •Clrls and women have reported re- piarkable benefits after taking Pinkham'b Compound. We urge that you, too, should give this great medicine a fair and honest trial I „ the I'eabody. namesake or ... Miss Mrs. Holland. EGETABLE COMPOUND Mr. and Mrs. Harry Stanford of Tulsa, Okln., arrived Thursday to visit Mr. Stanfords parents. M'j and Mrs. G. W. Stanford ai I olher relatives. ' Mrs. Atnxihe Smith Crajwtord left Friday for Foct Knos. jeans., to visit over the '.weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Davis. I 1(. O. Wilkins. Sr.. of Baton j | Houye. I,a,. and daughter, Ann I I Claire, n .student, in Belhavcn Cot-i(| lege, Belhavcn. Aliss.. were recent |t RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make o^ r^odel Reliable Workmanship. •-' 1 PHONE 2642 We Cnll for and Deliver Fred Callihan Klertrical Appliance Co. Anthnrized Motorola R»dJ» Sales and Serrte« 106 So. First St. Just Received! More of Those To look right — Be brim-right! Leather sole and flat, built-up lealhcr heel! 1'it perfectly! In NATURAL. ZELLNER'S SLIPPER SHOP Phone 3362 204 West Main St. -&yp*~ sf- 'V~%?k m*.'^A • f -«- :vl V* :: '^fel ' s -•\i«S' % \ t < 7^ That Show Which Way the Wind is Blowing! 4-98 What's your face value? You may have ihc siimc Jiead size as your neighbor, Inil should you wear the 1 same hal?,lf your features arc massive,'wear ilic ^ wider b'ritri. If not, the smaller brim is more filling. ' South American Panamas—lighiweighty summery s and cool—porous'mesh or leghojn stripe_\veav<s. 1. -r.Rei. U S. P.^.'pff. , ' .1 Choose from our Smart Collection STRAWS AND PANAMAS $3.50 to $10 Treat the heat coolly —put on your smart new straw hat and faugh at the torrid summer temperatures? Throw away that old hat you've been wearing for the past ten summers and treat yourself to a new warm weather topper that will make you feel giddy —it's that light! MEAD'S 121 MAIN STREET

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