St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on June 3, 1936 · Page 34
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 34

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 3, 1936
Page 34
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PAGE 14 C ARMY MAN AGAINST BILL TO BAR COMPULSORY TRAINING M"ature Would Affect Supply of Hewne Officers, I,leut.-Col. Hill Tell Cornniitiw. WASHINGTON, June 3. Legislation to abolish compulsory military training in schools an,ii colleges was oppo-d before Senate committee today by Llfutenant-Colonel Roy A. Hill, a War Department spokesman, on the ground that it DANCE TONIGHT SAT. SUN. NEW LAKESIDE I -argent Summer Ballroom la West PAUL SPOR ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH would "etrike at the fundamentals of the national defense systems." He said the Nye-Kvale measure WEDNESDAY, JUXE 3, 1936 : New Vork St. ( hurle Yacht Club Orrhetr A Natural Bridge. Kd. would "seriously affect the officers reserve" by reducing the number available from TL. O. T. C. graduates. "Thia measure also would be an unconstitutional interference by the National Government in the affairs of States and educational institutions," he testified. Hill told the Military Affairs Subcommittee that proponents of the legislation should go to the States and individual colleges and schools in their effort to eliminate the compulsory feature, which is imposed by the institutions, many of them State schools. Hill was one of several witnesses to oppose the measure. Supporters of the legislation were heard yesterday. DINE AND DANCE with RAY DEVINNEY'S ORCHESTRA AT THE COUNTRY CLUB GARDEN 11050 RIVERVIEW DRIVE in the TERRACE 18-HOLE GOLF 50c - ENTIRELY SCREENED - SWIMMING POOL IN Table Movie Time AMBASSADOR "Show Boat," with Allan Jones and Irene Dunne, at 11:30, 1:55, 4:20, 6:50 and 9:15. FOX Grace Moore and Fran-chot Tone in "The King Steps ,Out," at 12:40, 2:55, 5:10, 7:30 and 9:45. LOEWS "The Unguarded Hour," With Loretta Young and Franchot Tone, at 10:20, 1:23, 4:26, 7:29 and 10:32; "Robin Hood of El Dorado," at 11:53, 2:56, 5:59 and 9:02. MISSOURI Richard Arlen and Cecilia Parker, in "The Mine With the Iron Door," at 2:20, 4:50, 7:20 and 9:50; "Hell-Ship Morgan," at 1:15, 3:45, 6:15 and 8:45. ORPIIEUM Carole Lombard and Fred MacMurray, in "The Princess Comes Across," at 11:12, 1:20, 3:28, 5:36, "7:44 and 9:52. SIIUBERT Joe E. Brown and Joan Blondell, in "Sons O Guns," at 2:13, 4:45, 7:17 and 9:49; "Border Flight," at 1:14, 3:46, 6:18 and 8:50. Woman Hit by Train Dies. Mrs. Alice Karr, 43-year-old Negro WPA worker, 218 (rear) Bowman avenue. East St. Louis, died at 1:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon at St. Mary's Hospital, six hours after she was struck by a westbound Baltimore & Ohio passenger train as sre crossed the tracks near AMUSEMENTS Gala Opening 1936 Season Next FRIDAY NIGHT at 8:15 10 Nights rh;Z? 10 Nights First Time nt Hie, Municipal Theater ZIEGFELD Si KID BOOTS With This STAR-STUDDED Cast Georgia Price Vivienne Segal June Otlea Audrey Christie Ray Middleton Janet Reade Jos. Macaulay Carl Randall - Detmar Poppen John Cherry Helen Denion Bertram Peacock and Many Others Orchestra of 50 Chorus of 92 SEATS NOW ON SALE MCNItTPAE OPERA TICKET OFFICE l-oliby Arcade Bid?. 8th and Olive Open Daily, 9 to 5; Sunday, 13 to 5 AMUSEMENTS BASEBALL TODAY SPORTSMAN'S PARK Time 3:00 P. IW. Cardinals vs. Brooklyn Probable Pitchers: Parmelee vs. Earn-shaw. Box and reserve neat on oale it Cardinals Ticket Office. Mezzanine floor. Arcade Bids. :ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH PHOTOPLAY THEATERS f UPTOWH r I 7:00 4900 DELMAE 6:30 g- Starts Today tor 8 Days ROBERT jr MYRNA REGINALD MONTGOMERY LOT OWEN 'PETTICOAT FEVER' Plus Geo. M. Cohan's Hit "SONG AND DANCE MAN" CLAIRE TREVOR PAUL KELLY Cooled by Iced Air SELL SERVICE Through Post-Dispatch Want Ads DOWNTOWN STORE Air-Cooled FOR YOUR COMFORT (laflstoiiik Hag's Durable, Ji'5riJ5 roomy f 2."m? a Vk (Viiriil Illcclrio lO-In. NiII.iliiig FAN Guaranteed 9 2."o a Wk .lJ,'r::-.;-.rm: - Vt :.. . 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Covered, in heavy plaid tapestry, choice of brown, rust or green. Davenport opens to full-size coil-spring bed. s.1! iu:i.iv:iis 15c A Way ' Buys a New 50e a Week Buys a New 1936 EASY Washer Easy on clothes, easy on your purse. Modern design, full porcelain Q30 LIBERAL TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES FOR OLD FURNITURE Fleet rie Hange Cooler summer cooking with a Hot-point. Over-size oven. Thermosnap oven temperature control. S -B5rffft 1ft Priced as low as it Electricity Is Cheap in St. Louis Use It Freely! -i gge 'Zi 1 ' i ' ... i Trade in Your Old Range t ALL STORES OPEN EVERY EVENING UNTIL 9 O'CLOCK OLIVE RT TWELFTH irvTa ri tti rj U'.ULjn.JI . . i. i EXCHANGE STORES S16 Franklin Ave. Sarah & Chouteau Vandeventer & Olive 206 N. 12th Street 'Small Carrying Charge GRACE MOORE "THE KING STEPS OUT" FRANCHOT TONE WALTER CONNOLLY MUSIC BY FRITZ KREISLER FRIDAY mam ROBERT TAYLOR LORETTA YOUNG PATSY KELLY BASIL RATHBONE tith & Chestnut. 20e to 6:30 PAT O'BRIEN-JOSEPHINE HUTCHINSOiTI "I Married a Doctor" 1 James Gleason "Murder on Bridle Pati-I Latest Issue "March of Time" 1 .biai 45cG.r7oi J COMFORTABLY COOLED BV MECHANICAL REFRIGERATION LIXIIKIX Grand II H chert 25c to 7 "I MEHEIED SIIKXAX1IOAM Grand t Shenandoah 25c to 7 Delmar & Euclid 25c' to 7 MARGARET SULLAV AN-HENRY FONOil "THE MOON'S OUR HOWE" I o .. I Latest Issue 'MARCH OF TIK , 5955 Easton 25c to 7 :a0 1 1"AT (I'ltKIKN-JOSKI'lllNK HI M IIIVmiS "I MARRIED A DOCTOR" Caroln Lomhard-rrpHton Fuwtpr. B-forp Brakfa,' iowr, 'lhe trrat JiiiTJinallnii.' nw T! union l tdsiuii ...... . , . . . ' ' i :aijisi:iit 20c to 7:30 15c Adm. Easton IdKO. M TKI'll Y-. KRTIH 'I K MUIIAKI., Woman Tn, 3 i MARCH OK TIMK. ICKI T KA SKI TO I.AIMKs. 1 , U llHI'. 5 A,)m f NORMAN r'OSTKR, 'TH K 1 K A V F N U Oli I H ( t j b.e:avis 2R3I S. Jpffarfton FAY HK.W KAI.I'H BF.I I.AMY. 'Il.inmi U?J fHFRBK.KT MRSIIAM. Till, H'F Mill M.sM , - 6457 Gravoit ( Fay ray-ltalph llill:iin, Uoiiuiinic iM. I l3Mm. IF ope to 7:30 ( HON COOK. RIN(i AHOI M THK MlHiv ILIVAYKTTE IW3 S. Jpfferson ;M riii:si b u 4247 Manchester 15c to .7:30 dim POSITIVELY LAST 2 DAYS All St. Louis Is Raving About It "SHOW BOAT" Allan Jones-Irene Dunne 2 First-Run Pictures 2 'Mine With the Iron Door' Also "Hell-Ship Worga n" 5sm;kat 5851 Delmar 20c to 7-n KOSS AI.F.XAMIF.K AMI I.OI "BRIDES ARE LIKE THAT I'lllI, K r.ti A -r. V A 1. 1 hNAl'p I "LAUGHING IRISH EYES Lafayette Only. Irert Tea .!! to I Mi,,, II H m a w? m Vandeventer &. St. I MAT I Lnms. I5c tn 7:!0( l-HII. It LOAN. -LAIOIIINO IHIsit M fcy U DON MK. 'KINO AKOI NU THK M(Mi iiH-itlin 7170 Manchester (ien. Murphy-Oertruile Muhuil. lma JlllI'll'At H 20c to 7-30 fTrap.' Hen Lyon. ToKelher V I k, K1IAW Bl SI'KK t'RAKHK In ANK OKAVS li:F I(T (.(M il.' ch,w I BFIN LYON. 'TOOFTIIKR IVK LIYI l7l ikStlW tVT Grand. OAKY COOl'KK JF.AN AKIIMK J . I i.Uiil v l F,ons,ant ( tff,f DEEDS GOES TO TOWN' TIVOLI 621? to" ) FRKD STONK. FARMLK IN ITIIK DM I J im HHiilll "im I "... jr NOWff I M .1 I I J I H'l lAKULt LUrflDAKU it mm iikiiiddav W.S-- rncu mduinunnrii d MM? Princess Comes Across' Eh F.!,' 3 JOE E. BROWN OAN BLONDELL 5?"y in War BLONDELL Jfl ner Bros.' Hit K Plus BORDER FLIGHT" T inDCTTA YOUNG FRANC HOT iuhc J-J UMI-" : "iinfluaraeo w - .unurn DAYTER nrMiin" - 'Robin Hood of Eldorado AVALO KLM.MIK.inS AV AT CHIPPEWA STARTS THURSDAY Janet Gaynor-Robert Taylor 'SMALL TOWN GIB 'Charlie Chan at the Circus' STARRING WARNER OI.AX1) DAY 'BOHEMIAN GIRL -STARTS a j TOMORROW- jr 3 Hours Grand Entertainment! EVERY GIRL WANTS TO LIVE! See fiow this girl did it-' i 7 . -v vi ROBERT MfriaH Blyi.' ''k GM TODAY'S PHOTO PLAY INDEX aREADE AlRDOME m,TK ul.., 'STRIKi: ME PINK.' Jane Withers, 'THIS IS THE LIFE. Seleet Shorts. DDinrt! 40i Natl. Briilire. lOi'-'Uv. lilflUUt; tapTAIN BLOOO.' Also MAJOR BOWES and 2 ro.MElHES. Cardinal 6!IIO Florissant Hark Ansel,' Merle Olieron and 'Bishop Mishehaves,' Maureen O'Siillivan. COLUMBIA 5257 Southwest j Chas. Chaplin, DIONNE QUINTUPLETS 'COUNTRY DOCTOR' 'Modern Times' Compton 3143 Park 'Timothy's Craboe in and Irene Ouest,' J.arry Nevada.' Tim Comedy. fairy air-dome 5640 Easton 10c and 20e. Dinnerware. Ilanserous Intrittne.' Also WE RE ONLY HI MAN.' Hnllvwnnrl j Margaret Sullavan, 'Next UliyWUUU rmw We Love.' -lime 6th & St. Charles Lans, 'Every Sat. Kite.' IRMA 6324 Bartmer llick Powell, Ruby Kt-eler in 'COLLEEN. and 'MAN HI NT.' IvanhoeLK" 32:59 Ivanhoe ! Foran, SADIII.i:.' Comedy, Kite. Lupe Velez, 'SONti Musical, OF 'J HE Cartoon. BCino- f!pp i -False Pretenses,' Irene """B "ee Ware. 'Branded a Cow-1 710 N. Jefferson i ard,' John Maek Brown. KirlciAnriri 'Every .Saturday Kiht.' Rirkwood, Mo. I Pagans.' Mala and Lotus. 31 Lemay Ferry Koad Mae West, 'Klondike Annie.' Paul Muni, 'Story of Louis Pasteur.' LEFflAYi IV. Oland, 'Charlie t llan's Secret." June I.anj in 'Every' Saturday Kij;ht.' March of Time.' Cooled by Washed Air. Lexington 3408 K. Lnion LYRIC I Ed. Lowe-Virginia Bruce Bth & pine' "Garden Murder Case" Laurel & Hardy, --BOHEMIAN GIRL" ttJiafUtintt i H- Richman. 'Music .oes md(.nlinu ,JtnInd i. noUKlas. 'Ime 541 6 . Arsenal I Wolf Returns.' (LARK OABLE, JEAN HARLOW. 'WIFE vs. SECRETARY' Cinderella Cherokee Iowa VICTOR JORY, 'Escape From Devil's Island' VI ELBA I HALF HOI K BAKt.AIN I l'RICES. SYLVIA SII)- firand & Miami LNEY IN 'TRAIL OF THE LOXES1MK PINE.' f.ENE KAY-MONTI IN 'LOVE ON A BET.' SHOW STARTS 6:30. Miehirrfn i Half-Hour liai k;. Prices. niicnigan ,UONt 01 inh plets, 7224 Miehisan 1 .IFA.N liERSHOLT, "THE COUNTRY DOCTOR' GERTRUDE MICHAEL, 'WOMAN TRAP' Virginia 5117 V ircinia liar Rain Nito. 'Here t'nmes Trouble, 1 reai'hery Kides the Kantre - March Time.1 Marquette 1 HOt; Franklin Little Lord launilif 'Pride of the Mann, Open I ; ::() to II I' i IWIMAIE? I Paul Minn, -K,H1 , IWlCtMlAI K ,.,,s l-ASTLl It.' (!, 2100 Pest:tlo.i I i rl.vr in .MV M, RIAOE.' CARTOON AMI Hc rirlELVIN 2!1 2 C'hipitewii Kit ucnvt lire. Hcavrn,' harh Also 'Soul; of the Sttiim NEW WHITE WAY 6th Hickory I Karlotf. 'W :ilkinir ll r OVERLAND Overland. Mo. lias. Lauuliion. tn ! KusKles, Zau I'itts, i Kles of lti'd t,ap.' Cart OZARK Theatre and Airdonie V ebster tiroves Freddie ltartlnilime Dolores t oMt-Mn, "LITTLE LORD FAUftlTLEROY ;iaflys Swarthoiit In (ive I n this Sv m m mm CPrn ACTA1PC " r Mm I I 1 iifc.fc Muinn.i. ini n i iiiftn I GINGER ROGERS- 'FOLLOW THE FLEET! 3hJ and 'WE'RE ONLY IIIMAV.' PaiiHnfk . Dinil. rivare. VV ite rdu,me ie retar.' Clark.' -Lillian Claxton ; vnia Loy. 'I'HIDt THE MARINES,' Charles Birhforrt. Plymouth HH i''l,"t"'iir.'!,,,aii! 1 1 75 Hamilton Fitrd, 'Ant,tl(er larp' rownaian .ivhisperint; w Theater & Airdome si'liAhS,' and 'Blit 31 I 1 Sutton I ST Fit's MILLIONS.' Prinrf I 'Spanish tats- Hjif intUSS an( Forhidilen Arts'. 2841 Pestalor.zi t npdj an, ,. Ilii I-arsre Cassende. aH Winer Baraio Prices. Ann H. tea irwinK dinB, -Lady (- 4557 Virginia and 'Tnvisilile Buy.' Richmond "'V:!,1' Clayton & Big Bpnd : Bule Ann,' Harnnt.' R1VOLI E K D A M.' I'hi 6th Near Olive i Holmes in '( II ATI KK ROBIN ', HTppVNK,a''''IIKKK " lJ4t' 5479 Robin j I KOI BI.E.' Paul helli-'. R Y v 1 "' ' : ("' slM-' " I Sullavan. 'V-M 1m 5500 Idiisdoune Love. X 'Another H Shady Oak Jj't Tayton i 'Voice of Hic'le STUDIO TuHr.tsf" ''c 6218 Nat. Brirtje HI NT' A. I'" O'enna TAmnlA Maureen o Sullivan, "i'" ,emPle OP .MisBEIiA Is-' rn FERCil SON rosier. 'We re Only Hiim 6226 Easton ! "The Country Dodt Mala Lotus in T.Avr Of HO. I''"-' YALE: HI.- lo All ' .1 . ..... . . ., ii i : jitH, Hid i-..-'.'' 3700 Minnesota' v Rva -1111111 HIKE HEAVEN. ANITA PV(,E. 'I.OVI, BEFORE BREAKFAST.' Carole Lombard. 3520 Kewstead I 'Yellow l)ust,' Richard Jix Ashland Bnnraj itarole Lombard, 'Love Be- 8201 K. B'way I of the Saddle.' Chinaware. BREMEN I;"',-,,.''!' 20th & Bremen IT HAD TO tieo. Murphy, Woman Trap.' Ovenware. 1 nt,Vri I 'Paul Muni, -Story of Louis pasteur.' Kic 5039 N. B'way ardo Corte, MAN HI'NT.' 10c 15c. O'FALLOH lnl Mrfne). Fred MiicMiirW. 40'rt W. FlnrisiMnl ' l r:iil .it the I "n"" Pine.' Carole Lombard. -I.OV L B'-' BREAKFAST." liinuuare. QUEENS 4 704 Maffitt LEE 4360 Lee "COI.L KKN," I' I'owcll. Knl)V Kefl "KOI'l.DKIt DUI Koss Ali-xaiKlf-r. Cillcknm -eo. K aft, 'II If Salisbury , ,.; ' ,,,!,, 2;ii4 salishurv In If :l(I l llllau:ire. II-POiriTE 1001 McCausland "I MARRIED A DOCTOR Pat O'Brien, Josephine if ntchiiisoi.. HENRY KIM1A. 'THE MOON'S Ol If HOMr.' ALSO. "MARCH OF TIMK" GEM THEATRE 8840 ST. CHARLES ROAD h.:t"Kah, "THE LADY CONSEW ACT CARTOON tHV ROOM FKKe I'AKM4 L. MARION IIAVIt.S The Year's Big Serial Story Now in Films! innie Barnes-Lewis Stone PLUS -. CAKY .YlRfilNlA GRANT BRLCE PIRATE PARTY OH CATALINA ISLE' Musical Comedy Revue in Color I.KON BIDDV Ml) ' - L i,,.,,, y K,,rf-t-w. 's ERROL ROGERS PLUS SILVERS OUR GANG COMEDY SCREAM Cortoon Sport Novelty World News LAST OAV EUMI NO LOWE VIRGINIA BRl'CE 'THE GARDEN MURDER CASE lau reL&mh a ro y THE BOHEMIAN GIRL' MUSICAL REVUE with CLARK GABLE Independence has come to some families through the wise selection of home property. The real estate offers in the real estate columns of the Post-Dispatch afford selections in growing sections of tbe city and suburbs. STARTS TOMORROW 9 2 Grand Hits 6 J (IK M A(,r. H''1 i v.. 11 THK S RLE N ' rt LAI .H hit: -' '- " W mi Mill ii ii Wd'rwSrS-V'a XiALjh REGINALD OWEN IT, IS 2nd HIT- f Mini CLAIRE TREVOR PAUL KELLY -4- MICHAEL WHALE coKM- ' S ONG A ND P A N C E MAN 9JAjzJpDDELLYCOMED YTb TIIER SUBJECTS, LAST ( WARNER BAXTER -GLORIA STUART.r1cTia1jDARLENCECILIA DAY C 'Prisoner of Shark Island' I 'THREE LIVE GHOSTS, STARTS TOMORROW O 2 GRAND HITS e r i OPEN 6:33 2ic Till 7 .I-J YtAKS , POPULAR l-SOW A CHlV TP 4 I WARNER OLA Nit I EVERY GIRL WANTS TO LIVE? 5t HOW THIS C1RL DID IT - - "A N " 1 1 . - " . . rrtl in 'i HflR IE ruiiu at Tur dpi c viinnkiu wiimii mi i n l. uniuwa ""Vflv MI LAST DAY EDMUND L0WEVIRGINI A e R U C E 'THE GARDEN MURDER CASE' I'.Tg?.,0"lBX'i.1 'THE BOHEV' IMKI'g MUSICAL REVUE , - . -

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