The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 13, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 13, 1949
Page 12
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FAGS TEM BLYTHEVIT.LE (ARK.) COURtRR NEWS WEDNESDAY, JULY 13, 1949 ' per d*j" t CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION iMUr rate p«r ba* lor conwcutif* iKMItUm; Utmmua court* ....... , ....... We 1 liu* p«t im« ........ ,..,.,.. lie 2 Mm«M p*i lint per d»y. ,,,,.,.. 12c 2 Urn** p*r unt pei dsj- .......... Vc • elm** p*i IID« p«i day ......... To 13 llBitt pet Ua* " Uontn p*i no* count Iir* ftvtrtK Ad orcerea t« ttit tiuppea D*ior« «*pir*uiOD **1H be ciixrjt* •« lor en* QiioitMi ol clme> tnc MI Appeared ana adjimniem ol bin mud« Ah GlitwLfJea AdTerLlJlnf copy ijd- m U [«a ojr pernoD s rexlal n fe ou IK id e ol CD* «ltj luuit u* nccom p a n led Dy cash Kite* raij eisilj B» ctMnpuitd Irons the trtor* tIDIC AavertiMufc ortlei Coi irrrgnifci mser* iiims taice* me one time tabl« NO responsibility wtli u« CHIC en lot mor* than one incorrect insertion ol •ny claw in «] aa. All &QD &r* rwtrlciea to itieli propfi ctisiincunnn <ay(e and iyp*» Tlie Courier rfKirr** tlu rlfhi to p<lll oj rrject any aa Sc We words to tbe an* 01 s!i utnrs «ud Apartment for Rent t xpert Mufc OlcftuiOB Mlfic* i» your* "I'EEKLESS CLEANERS ttxclusm Child I'ortralu by Bob I Uulllion. Flione 2«0. 7 k 8-plC-8,8 rimsmoi l* b STUDIO BOUJ «crric« li«-ck-« At service, SU rimmr O'Bufl, Kegl*urea uiontie Cocser Sn* World t«n- owitea sioc*dale uiocwIJUit* Twenty Mil* cnampifms, lour gent-rat iims P*> PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 2028 BlylhevilJe or 407 Osceola 5-2 pk 8-2 Kor all [j-[ifc* pliun iaiiy MyerK Fh 6349 work c*H 0 14 pk l\it j-room ftirnistiea ttpartmeni, newly d«coratea (jss equipment, electrle r*- Irjgeraior. good /urnlture t Si moo prt JJy^ 6.29 ck it apt. ph, 3BCS or \ for laundry work and common s«w- 7Ji pk 7 li. l»B see Hehste Henderson a blotrk/s fiom L_ I Moore JJros. Store. 7 L lt pic 7|18 '2-room itirnisiieti apt Rtflr ana atilc [An Coupit only I'h H-rooni luniifttied apt Electric re- ingeratoi AT stove Automatic notwjiter dealer Ciona incatioti Csll Mrs Edyai J 1 Bo rum I'Ji ji^j 7(5 clc if Modern 2 room furnlshpri ap*rtment. Couple or single men only. Phone 56^ or aWi. 7i9-ck-tl Imnlshed rooms. Couple only. n* WJ3. 7^13-1111-16 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies onrf Services Ourtaini lAuaoered ana Hretcnea ' f ypewrrter TYPEWRITERS tttiynj am )t ii uoron* tno Uccnlac tin t'nrtnule DON EDWARDS for Sole. Misc. Second hand butli outfit. Ciood con- auloii "Pete the Plumber" Phone ROOFING .AND SIDlNCi Get Ward's lo\v prices! aspimu roonn^ and bUling 1* lb.Qrjra.lory ce.sieu Uive& i«"K. nmu tervice utity*' oriK J it anu coinrun Cntivtment n^iuith iy certus Knot injj. a wi()t variety rii styiefi. color? ana wt>iirlitR POOLE MUTOK (JO. W* can mi all foui neean (-ict Eenukn* part* trnm oui cam- plate nm ELLIS POOLJt, OWNfc'K & UL'ERATOB South Hlgrtwaj tf] tl SteeJe Uo CHAPMAN 3ERV1C1 S'I'ATION Main AL uj vision Phone zMU !X>n*l endansei 70111 lainlly wltb Cmulty tire* -BUY LKm I'LRES at SJr'JoN-K Lc^ns Money to Loan uo you ar«a • loan to rcpuii ot re- mod el y Ko dnwti payment. DO mort- »*««. no r«a cup* FHA APPROVE!) KA'l'E 5% ASK. FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor Ptoon* 2034 Lyncl 1 Building BlytAcrlltt Ark FARM LOANS See us for one of the best long time, easy payment farm loans to be had. Low rate of interest. Aloney to refinance your farm or help in buying one. RIALES LAND CO. Office across from City Hall Phones S3'22 ov 4139 7-8 ck U AUTO AND fURMTIIKJi LOANS Prompt t'er.snnai Service tiener&i ron cruet PurciiHJ.^ Ctirp 106 Sovilh Sth 803 4 15-ck-li U ion i ck u ia* de art welder, electric tncn Ih strip na [in ner. drill pre^s At try. uand *aw nncl rip sow. plan- nincitLiie. 3 phuse S n p n in tor i inoiot, finn lots nl siiinil ioo!s Will sen any piece ot all at a bargain Kee Henry Etlgln. Ffont, Street l.each- e. Ark 8:30 pk ?|14 i ontlioard mo- 7 \2 pic 15 One 4J HI' r, I'rt. C5U, USED CORONA ADDING MACHINE. Iti KxcelJenl coiullllun . . , aiul K bAr^Hliu XfE Kninbo nc Hublisrd Hardware Co. T n ck li National Window Guards furnish silent, sturdy barriers against burglars. Ask for an estimate at BUM.DKKS SUPPLY, INC., ph. 2<I3«I. 6-28 ck tf K'l'Kt* [rt thr phone find nsV for Una t'oKtn nix Rncl upholslerr ctcnuer Deal's Faint. Store 6.29 ck 7[29 ] New SiflKdard Brand, 1 piece lotlel co j n p Set e with, sent and flu) MRS Sill I crnied JJ5.95 i'lionc a^56 or 3765 1 8-pk-iS 1-tiTt McCrary meat c" 56 with scale* I'one 2:tff] or -1152 77-L-k-lf tni tik . Goort cond lllon . Rct- »n<t drawers. 1'hcme Used WKSTTNO HOUSE REFRIGERATOR. Excellent condition. Phone 20G2 12 !l Federal meat ril.spliiy CHArt; rtniiunry .sunleK Meat n lurks. One '> lior.^e meat cJinpper. nm- [rlgfd-mlKt nit condition i-d display rnse. nne walk-In cooler fixa All these arr practically new ami ai a s»cr\tlce Ph 3900 76 ck tt Here's This Week's Special! 47 Studebaker 1495 Rr^al C n mm an ilrr 1-ilmir Sediin iit top npfratine contlitinn, cil,* ilrivfn, rtltiippcri with overdrive, r^ilio. and htatfir. (.'«>m« in and sec it HII7 iiiiick l-door Si-<l;in. 21,11(111 acluiil miles, cily- ririven, h;ts new lires. radio and healer, pcrl'ni'ms like neiv SUiH-i. 1(147 Uiiirk 2-cloor Sctlan. rily driven. 2;t.()()ll aolual miles. c(|tiip|H!d with U. S. Roynl .Master lires, radio, and healer.. . Silil!5. 1!)(6 DeSoln l-d(»ir Sedan in lip-lop condition, has holh radio S- healer, an ideal family car... .$1 (25. 19-11 Chevrolet 2-dooi Sedan, engine overhauled and in fine condition, new paint. .. .$815. 1941 Jiuitk 1-door Sedan, a real value at only S»25. 1942 l)(Klj;e J'/j-'l'on Truck, has lots of good service left. . . S3«5. 1940 International Pickup Truck only $325. Open 24 Hours o Day, 7 Days a Week Salesmen Otho Stanfield W. J. "Bill" Wunderlich Langston-McWaters BUICK CO. Walnttl nl Hroadwav Dial So.") for Service Sth at Walnut jompany Phon« 4453 The Name to Know FOR QUALITY USED CARS 1SI7 I'l.vinoiilh l-cloor Sedan, blue in color, has healer and 191!) Arkansas license. ... $1 1H5. 10 IB Ford Super Del.uxe 2-d(M>r Sedan, healer, '•!!> license ____ ?.ll)!)5. lillK Chevrolet l-door Sedan, etiuippeit with radio, healer, and '19 Arkansas license. . . ?!()">(). Chevrolet Special Deluxe 4-door Sedan, good healer... .$595. 1H17 Kuril '/j-Ton Slake, lops in appearance and condition ____ $l()9n. liMH Ford l-'l'un Express with '49 Arkansas license ---- $995. ]».lfi Ford l/i-Ton I'icknp, 'IM Arkansas license.... only $SI5. 1910 Ford 1-Ton Express. ... Special. .. .$595. 1911 Ford I'/j-Ton Truck, extra clean, '49 Arkansas license. . . . f (i!)5. Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS U LaiccMtea LO Huyioj sloble Gill Agency REALTORS led) Earls Heucoe Bldj;. K. B. Joyner Phone 819 The (list almanac In tills coun- ry came from Bradford Press In Philadelphia In 1687. N«w modern house. Floor luruuct. electric not waur tank, electric <>E .Itile ana dishwasher. Ta X 1MJ It lot Ne«r school Call HIJIU. I F. Rousll, OsceoJa, ArJc. 79-ck-16 Fruit slancl store and mar- set on Main Highway. Doing iood business. Offered at targe in for (|iiick sale. Cales- Worthington Co. Realtoi's, 115 So. 3rd St. BlylheviUe, Ark. . 2751. 7-12 ck 7-17 Notice Notice i-aclory i.anieu Uinci anil builder 11 I'litno Irji OVIM lAcniy years tiERALU W fOtil-K IUS VJPSl K^nuicicy at Phnne ^E03 ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and cripplci animals picked up free o charge in sterilized trucks. Call collect, 6142, Ely the ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DKAD ANMMAI DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 7-2 For Sale, Misc. eY«ral u » e d (.Kxxl Condition ury mower El Hlxliwuy [>ower AJ?M> rt Mftttll5 itrawberry plants only t month Trailer Snips, 7j7 pk 14 !2 Jnnil- pk 7,n oil rook rfiuiire l.irBain. Ph. D358. 7;II pk 14 Practically new Mercury 3fi outhoarrt motor. Hl^h s[iepd, - two whpcl tri\Her. I J ..... i , . 212 Suulll Franklin. I'OI.IO INSURANCE For protection nKaltisi polto. write tiontheui NHtlonnl Iii^iirnncr ConipniLy. Hn\ U61, Hlythevllle. Rtul our ns;eni vvlil «». 7,13 pk 17 For Salt. Real tstat* luLs for sale in {.... most desirable sulidiv Blyllieville. Size 100 x 150. they'are located on Highway (>I -Soiilli, adjoining cily lim- il.s, have city water, and streets are now being ^™v- plcd. These tots linve all liecn I'TIA approved. Your choice ill $liOO, 1/3 down, year on lialance. This is a special of- rer good for 10 days only. RIALES LAND Co. Kusscil K. Rialcs \V. T. Bnnietl Earcy Williams Phone 3322 7-13 For Salt, Keal 1st ate Good 6 room frame house iind hall) in restricted COUNTRY CLUB ARK A ADDITION. New servants house, several other out buildings on acre of ground. BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY HOME yet it is in town. Priced $10,600. ? 10,000 Gl Loan. BKAUT1FUL 6 room house itul bath on 100 ft. corner lol jn KENTUCKY AVE. Screened front and back porch. Tim is a nice home and extra well kept. Priced 58,800. Gl Loan. BRAND NKW MODERN 5 room bungalow. Floor furnace, attic fan, disappearing Personal rmrty minute pnnln*l»tlc wrvlce JMTKKNfc, STIJUJO ii6-«-ll Female Help Wonted cellPiH income for ladlei full or' ume Wme or phone Mr*. Artie rcncn. Apartment 179—Veteran* HOUB- Quarters, Phone &>29. for Sale, Can & Trucks Save Money on These USED CARS J948—leejj. Low price. 19'12—Kurd. Exceptionally good buy. J9II— Ford. A Bargain. 1940—Chevrolet. Radio, leatcr, a truly clean c;ir. lO'll—Chevrolet. A bargain 1941—Pontiac. Radio, heater. 1917—Kaiser. Radio, heat- ir. A real liny. 1940—Plymouth. Radio, icater. 19-10—Buiek. Radio & heater. 1SMG—Chevroet. \</. 2 ton truck. SU-el lied. Good ~8'25 x 20 tires all around. AJso several others to choose from. 61 MOTOR CO. North lliu-ay Gl Phone 2142 6-16 ck tl TRADF YOUR CAR TOR NEW Glln Harrison no-* offers you SI50 more for uic purchase nf « hrnrul new Hudson' Amerlrns "1-Mosf car. Why take 1<-.SS P ! Visit (.1IJX HARRISON MOTOR CO tills neck. 517 West Ash. Blyilirvlllc Far Sale Calerplltar D-7 with IjiPlnnt-Ulioate hyurfiuhc tinker. Wide Gauge. 24" Krtnis- frs. Reasonable pjione nr-H 246] 1.11 pk 7,11) to Buy Highest price paid roi CH1CKENS- KUUb Ash dtrret Cirncprv A- Markrl 417 W Ash «|1 ck II WANTED: 2fi ft. trailer Will par rusti. fhone 11] Manila Iiom 9 lo 3 nays. 7 ; ll-iik-l8 -VOTIPK OK GRAXTING Or IJQUOIt TEKMl't Notit-fi \s hereby given that the CommiMioncr of Revenues or the Slate of Arkansa.s tins iMued a permit. No. 212 10 Hugl) Cherry l o sell \ and dispense vinous or srnnuious liciuors for beverage at rotiii! on the premises (tescrihed as 418 Wcsi As 11 St.. Blytlieville, Ark. This permit issued on the 1st day "f July 1SW mid expires on the 30 fi'A\ of June 1950. Hugh Cherry 7-6-49 7-13-W Wonted to Kent LOTS FOR SALE \Vehaveappro.ximalely 100 . , ,-,.- „ one of tliei stairway, 5 roomy closels. con- divisions ol cvete walks and driveway. Lot r;> x 1DO fl. otil in Country ,'lu!) Drive Addition. Nothing was spared in the construction of this roomy home. YOU'LL LIKE IT! Priced §0:100. 100 r ;. GI Loan JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2596 112 South Second St. tuumil j-Oeclroom home on Aah pt Call P B JOYNER ph J2U5 6:17 pk 7|!7 Business lot on North Hi- wav 61. Near Corner. Ph ck 27 2957. 7-7 ck If T. I. SEAY offers you these truly exceptional buys in in good used cars. • STOP IN TODAY • I!U1 l-'ord 2-door Sedan, has new molor. new radialor, and a new paint .job: a real buy al S(i95. 1!M1 Chrysler i-d<M)r Sedan, completely reconditioned, new (ires, new paint job, radio, heater, aw! seal covers S!)65. 19.17 Kord i-d(X>r Sedan, now offered at a bargain price of only $225. UU7 Chevrolet 2-dnor Sedan, newly painted, a car well-worlh the money. !9I7 Chrysler Coupe in fine running condition, equipped with radio, healer, and a new set of lires. 1917 IMymoiith Special DeLuxe 2-riix>r Sedan, has all (he things you waul.... brand new (ires, seal covers, radio, and heftcr. 19(6 iMack Truck. 2-Ton Model with 161 inch wheel base, excellent condition, very gwvd tires—se* it vow- self. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main Phone 2122 Two or three bedroom unfurnished House t«y permanent family in nice nriffliborliocHl by Ann 15. A-l reft-r- M, I'JeaAR call ^368. 7 12 pit 7 ; 15 FURNISHED APARTMENTS WANTEU I'll!re «r rooms l»y lanilly ot tour Have (urmtlire tor month old y Permanent resident, steady Inie relci-cdces Contact EmrJ 1'lionipson at Coui-Lcr NR'.v.s or Cobb ipral Home alter 4 o'clock 7 K-ck-tl For Rent, Houses A room nrinslipd house Electric cm^erjuor atitl store ^50 Mrs Lloyd 'ii 48D7, Yarhro 7 k 7 pk H Private Kooms nm—private bath Phonp le hertroom. Pl\. 2675 Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection \V. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 12* w ASD at ULKiNUOfe HOTEL UUlLHtWO KlHfln cauieriw mi OtiTKfcN b STUII1U nil ncra.<ilnni> 415-ck'tF Help Wanted, Male Wanted men to sell sensational nrw polio policy. Coiitaci J D Ford 5(>0 ninprn Nat'l BLdg. Lilt IP Rook or H >-l>151. 7,U efc 1,18 WANTED KXPERIENCED TIMBER CUTTKRS Can use men with cuncr nantl or power saw experience Can rn.ikr Rood ics \vtj| contract hy thmi^nrt tJond iuA Hcc KOBAC VENEER & LUMBER CO. INC. OnrmhersrlHe. Mo. 01 R^prrjtrntauvr. Mr Kennntti H:ttL ycoti Street. I'll 23^, Ke\v Madrid. 7,U ck 7 H At onr. poin t Hell's Canyon. Idalio. is 7.983 feet, deep—considerably more tluui Grntid Canyon's tnaxi- im cJeplli of 6,100 feet. CHEESECAKE CLAUSE— Peggie Caslle expects to pose for many pictures like this in thn future. A newcomer to Hollywood, she recently signed "a long-term contract with a special "cbee?CL'<ike clause." The new clause, which reportedly will be wrifen into contraels for all ne-.\* female a L-tresses, rn- cniires thai they. displ;iy Micir "charms" in publicity photos ai well as on the screen. Drive it in ... or Drag it in ... Well Trade lor More ]i)37 rlymoulh 2-donr Sedan in A-l condition, has railio & heater $:«)5. 19:12 Chevrolet 4-door Sedan, the price is mighty low. Kill DeSoto 4-door Sedan, equipped with radio, heater, seat covers...-has new paint... .§(iflo. 1!M7 Ford 4-door Sedan, in excellent condition, has heater. . . .make us an offer. lil48 Ford 4-door Sedan, top condition, eijuippcd wilh heater... .you'll like the price. Many Mare to Choose From CABOVERS—CONVENTIONAL*—SHORTS LONGS—PICK-UPS—PLATFORMS—STAKES Blytheville Motor Co. Broiidwav 1'hone 4122 The Weather Is Hot But These Prices Are Hotter RIDE ONE OF THESE FINE CARS OUT WHERE IT'S COOL 1917 Chevrolet Fleet master Town Sedan, ciiy driven, has heater, seal covers, and '4S license $1395, 1917 Ponliac "8" 4-door Sedan, low mileajfe, has radio, healer, and defroster. . . .a real bargain. 1911 Plymouth 2-door Sedan, in perfect, condition, blue finish, has heater and seat covers only $795, 1937 Ford Tudor. . .SPECIAL. . .$295. 1935 Dodse Tudor. ...SPECIAL.. .$175. 1935 Chevrolet Tudor. . .SPECIAL. ...$195. 1935 Chevrolet Tudor. . .SPECIAL. . .$95. 1932 Chevrolet Tudor. . .SPECIAL. . .$75. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always .(lake a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 31)1 West Walnut fhone 578 Need a Truck? Gef More for Your Money At Lee Motor Safes i:>!7 Chevrolet 1^-Tim Long Wheelbase Truck, has lied, S2r>x20 tires, 101!) Arkansas license... $1195. 151-17 Chevrolet I «/ 2 -Ton Short Wheelhase Truck with 2-speed axle, 8^5x20 tires, a very clean truck SSS5. 1S-1G Chevrolet Short Wheelhase li/,-']'on with 2-speed axle, 900x20 tires on rear only §795. ISM I GiMC 1 '/j-Ton Long Wheelhase Truck, has a good bed, an excellent molur. ...a bargain at S195. lil-17 3/1-Ton f'ickup, has stock rack. 4-speed transmission, very clean. .. .SS75. 19-17 3/4-Ton Pickup, low mileage, excellent condition. . . SS75. 1 !);',:> Chevrolet &-Ton I'icUiip, clean, has perfect motor... .S.'i'Ki. These trucks have been carefully reconditioned and are in excellent shape. And. of course, each may be financed through G.MAC at a verv low cost. LEE MOTOR SALES East JIain 1'hone 2U5f LINCOLN SPECIAL UNDERCOATING worms me WAI UHDERMDT or TOUR CM c!wmicai« uK<i if, kwp ice off city .-Mr^eui ' Dcatierm ro*d ro*tr, ^r»v«4 nm«r, He. ' Hclp« prevent titles .nd *,,«^k s in body joint 1 Heir* pr«venc ri ( «it jind fum^, from (vltinc inlo K«T« MOTWM and fTMwt from cientinr of lenoem ^ JAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS OFFF*? STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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