The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1948
Page 5
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WKDNESDAY, MARCH 17, 1948 ian Elections 01 Wide Interest U.S. Casts 'Hands Off Policy Overboard To Defeat Communists By R. H. Sharkford tlnltfd Press Slatr Currfsponricnt WASHINGTON, Marc!. 17 .Uf) —The United. Stales, wl.ic), normally maintains a "hands off policy in domesllc |x>mk> s O f ot |,,, r countries, was intervening to an unusual degree lodav In defeat the Communists In Italy's April 18 elec- J^The non-intervention ixillcy has Wen tawed aside on the theory that the Communist Party j,, itnly i s directed from tlie ouiside — from Moscow and from the Cominfonn headquarters in Belgrade. House Speaker Joseph \v. Martin, Jr.. issued an lunisual appeal lo Americans of Italian descent 10 bombard their rehfuves in Italy with .ippcels to vote against the Communisls, His statement came a few hours after President Truman, at a sjw- cial White House ceremony attended by Secretary or State George C. Marshall and ' Italian Ambassador Alberto Tnrcliiaiii. ti-anstaTcd 29 passenger mid cargo ships to Italy. He used the occasion lo express confidence in Italy's success in attaining democracy. The State Department yesterday warned Iialians that a Communist victor;; in the elections would mean the end of all American aid. All of this added np to one i.t Ihe most calculated and extensive American campaigns in history to influence an election in aiio'thur country. The only recent comparable incident ira.v the unsucccssfu.' attempt in Argentina two years a^,> to detest Co). Juan Perou for the presidency. It Is no secret that lop American officials are extremely worried about the Italian eiecdons. One source close lo the While House said this government was "scarcil lo death" the Communists might eet as much as 40 per cent of Ihe vrjtp. Oa the eve of Mr. Truman's for,ain affairs message to Congress, •Brtin issued a statement warniiu that a Communist victory in Italy would mean Communist domination of all Europe. "The constant advance of the iron curtain across Europe lias created a grave crisis in our international relations." Martin said. "- - • Iu this issue, where the late of civilization is at stake. \vc must spare no effort to he sure of the outcome. "Continuing developments have made the results of the Ualian elections, to be held on April 18, of great concern to all the people of the United states, and, indeed, ail people. . ." "As individuals, the people of Italian tlescc-nt living here have a great opportunity to save the land of their fathers, and prevent the catastrophe which would result Irom a Communist victory. Thev could aid by sending an air mail letter to their relatives in Italy, pointing out the peril and urging the defeat of the Communist Par- Jy) "A 15-cent stamp might turn the de for peace. It's worth the effort. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Flood of Letters Start* UTICA. N. Y., March 17. (UP) — Utica residents of Italian descent today mailed form letters to friends and relatives in Italy asking them to vote against tlie Communists in the general Election. Churclie.s in the city have marie available form letters printed in Italian. Several thousand reportedly have been mailed. Small Boys' Good Deed Seems to Have Followed One the Devil Engineered INDIANAPOLIS, March 17. I Up, —Two young boys ran to the home of the Rev. w. p. Pcnrcy Sllndaj to tell him that his Westminister Presbyterian Church was on fire Through the prompt action of the boy.s. eight and nine years old, dam- nee was limited to S3.000. The minister gave each a criso new dollar bill nnd praised theni. Then the boys admitted to no lice that they had set the fire The established during Washington's administration -it Portland. Maine. Ij. 179!. still guards Ihe rugged Maine coast. The average maple tree will yield about is gallons of sap when 'lap- HARD OF HEARING It's • Good Idc« to Grt YOUR Hearing Aid from the World'i FIRST nnd OLDEST Manufacturer of Electricul Hearing Aidjl acousticon 4 Hearing Aids AcousHcon of Memphis Benjamin r. Curry msirthmor i -Ml siciick mniiiinic I Memphis, Tennessee AcouMiron of M Ml stcrirk H/unt ______ _ : AOMUS ____ __ ...... ""I' crrv .......... .......... IONiT.""»TAi Worst Snow in Kansas History -^.yiP^r" , ^^*% ; ^v^ ' ^^rr;;^^^ r h r 1 r,r B ™^ Jb -" ra lempcia " 1 ^ - nd m ™ tto —- *•»•• -S - --- Russians Insist On Reparations Italians Face Hot Issue in Erections To Be Held April 18 (United Prrn, Uff Col resinimlriill HOME. March 17. IUI>)_ A Knv _ Ilil| l " < i!ol| |X>k< ' S " 11 " 1 S "' (l V0tl ' l)l ' ! '" 1 irparallons lo Hu.ssla now^ be c-iiisc Him u-atihl mean usiiiu united' States supplies to aid .Soviet mm-' The ropnniiions Mannerheim in Sweden Seeking Medical Care .STOCKHOLM, Mureh 17 <U|>> — l-'ield Marshal Huron Curl Oustnv ' MnniKTlielni, HI, arrived In Stock-; liolin totliiy aboard Ihe r'iniilsh | ship WrllniiM niul dully denied press repoil.s Hint, he wus Rnlu« inlo ' exile bei-ause of Communist dc- ! miinds on Finland. | Maniieiticim met newsmen ill) minutes uficr | u - landed ami snlil he i-iinu. lo Sweden („, mcd'kal Itealmeiil. Mannerhclm salil his trip hud lu > liolllleul stRiilficiuice nnii Hint )><. cinne lo Sloi-kholm us a "pattenl •• lie wns pule and walked slowly bin without nli|. While in .Stockholm he p|,i,, m .d i,. nw • ••»•"«!»» 4 It' I'lilJIIU'(I lit i. , sl " v w "h Miuilsh Minister cjeoiiie awS? »«KS £S;»r-'" = HIM election ouunalcn. link- \,n „.%' ' ' '"'• A 'V M1 H "«<". «'lio pei foi meil nn openuion (,„• nicer,; HIM election campaign, 1(nly elect a new parliament April in nrf Ihe rcunpalgnlni: W , 1S on „,„ weinll l ss i,e of Coi.ihHiiil.ini aiinlnsl nmi-Comtmintsiii. The novel nineiil slnnd on n-para. some Him- . A spokesman nt the KwKs I l»n snlil that MnniKMlirliu tl»".s ,,.«s <>( Hie matter as I>y an analysis ",'. ' published In 'tin " omier Alcldc <lr Truman First President to See I Congressmen St. Patrick's Day Celebration \Urge Limits NP\V vr^nT," XT,....i- .r. ..,_ . : ^^ _ _ i On UN Vetoes Iniorinnnts reaffirmed itnlv's llllniincss to deal conmiciTlnily u-illi Hiisslit. hut satrt mine of ilu- comilry's Industry could i,e d>-ruled (o reparations wlllioui vviei'k- the- lei-onslriU'llon prunrum news nRoncy Tuss " Pre^I,,| Y n- UK ' iIa ',' Ch 17 ' (UP '-i »"• ""'C '"Rcest ever," was sclicd- Piesidcnt i,-,„„.,,, ,, c ». „«,„ , ril(av j ll)e<1 lo SU| . ( al , ^ ^ h(>m ^ 11 half befni-e MI. Tillnian wiis Sfheduled tc Field. . Trillium la.ul at La Guanlti. to review part of Ihe St. Patrick's Day |»irade of 80,000 wearers of the green up Fifth Ave. He was the first of the nation's chief executives ever to attend (he annual event. Mr. Truman made the trip in Ins special plane, the Sacred Cow, immediately after addressing n special joint session of Congress in Washington. The President shared the reviewing stiinri wilh Gov. Thomas E Dcwey. who may be his opponent in the November election. The President will address ihp] night. 1W11 annual dinner of the Society i . of tlie Friendly Sons of SI. Patrick '• at the Astor Hotel at i<i::io p.m Air Parcels Acceotpft Francis Cnrdintil Spellmaii also will - - ^cceprefl speak. A huge force of 57.078 police was assembled to guard the President ami handle the parade. Air traffic was suspended at La Giinnlia Field for 13 minutes before the arrival of the President's plane, nnd was not 'resumed until after Mr. Truman left the airport. Mrs. Truman, her daughter. Margaret, and two guests also came to New York today, although they did not accompany tile President, nnd were not expected lo altend. the parade or Ihe dinner. Airs. Tmnran's party arrived at Pennsylvania Station on tlie President's special train early this afternoon. Tlie parade, which John J. Sheahan. chairman of the committee on arrangements, had predicted would Police Commissioner Arthur Wali lander said special police precautions hud been taken lo uuard ayalnst any attempts on tin- Prrsl- dcufs life. All buildings which Mr. Truman entered were searched and i all bridges and overpasses 'over ; which Ills motorcade passed were guarded. Mr. Truman will return In W»sh- iilKiurct his special train lo- , -„.. . *-. ^v. f j **4\. t. clS[(;U for Portugal, Azores Air parcel post service hus been extended to Ihe Azores and Porti'i- Kal. subject to the Bcncral conditions provided the other countries ; already accepted. Postmaster R OS S , S. Stevens has announced. Parcels for these countries lo lie ' transported via, air will be accepted 1 at once. i Weight limii f ,,,. ,,,, reC | S df!s _ lined for tlie Azores is 11 pounds , while those addressed to Portugal may also v:ci s h 11 pounds, except to Lisbon—for which nji to 22 pounds may be sent via air. The Soviet repotted that Ihe Soviets \vanied lo open commercial and iepu. n - tlons talks with Italy. The rniorl «'.'i s Iiiken us a bid to brew election propaganda. The f'omiiinnisl.s- publicized lins- si^in srnln shlpmenls elsi-whne ilwrlllni; on (I,,, (hesls that '"ic could have had this, loo." Tiiey al- t.-irkivl DC Otlspert ror Tallin's to K<'t Ihe Rrnin for Italy Tlie uoi'finiiieiK tnahitiiliiNl Hint repartitions should not start before ...... n i "" ™'' " ! I!N9. us provided tiv world ontanization be formed with-I' 1 " 1 """an peace treaty. It insisted "•it Riissln. jll>at niis.«(,i pressure for lalkliif 1'hey sluncd a resolution vccomin-i ul I ' l> l""'"tlons at tlie same lime "" on foiiiinorcc represented a deliberate stallhiR off of Hade ,,eKO- tlntions WASHINGTON. March 17 <U!>> —Fourteen Coneiessmcn urged to<!">' that the United Nations' veto Douer l)e restricted or lhat a new Tlie tusks of the bnbinisa emvc throughout its life. The upper pa.r grows through u.e animal's face like horns. commending that the UN charier he rewritten lo eliminate the veto rlpht in matters of ne^rcsslnn, prevent rmamriu for afc^re.ssion, and est- alilish nn effective police force Rep. Walter .lucid. II.. Minn., cosponsor of Ihe resolution, said it is 'not an attempt to tiy-pnss Russia." "It is a detcrmhmlion," he said "To set the UN into n workinx forni will. Ifussia if possible, without her if necessary." In mldWon l<> .)udd and co-sponsor, Ilrp. Brooks Hays, D.. Ark MGncrs of the resolution included Republicans Karl Mm.dl s D liobcrL Hale. Me,. Richard N Mixon.. Cal. I«\ A. Muhientocrg, Pa R,, V . mon.l H. B»rke, o, and Ralph \\l r ,' V iJV -1N - , Y - """ D «'""«'-8ls J'itncs P. Richards, s. C.. Hcic Jarman. Ala Mike Mansllrlil. Motit.. William M Cohnei. MJ SS .. U'illhm, T. Hy rnL ,; N. •>.. and Kstes ICefauvei, Tenn. All parties speeded up their cnm- mpiilKiiliiK vcllh tlie Imitating Just a month away. i) c Gas|>erl sclicdul- «l speeches <lnlly Ihrough the week-end. Farm outpul per 1111,11 has ad- i vancct! as rapidly as factory ou'.put per man in the United Stales. The lirst rear engine car. a steam Oils, iviii- Imilt in 182fl by Golds- worlhy Omney. MAKE LUNCHTIME REFRESHMENT Tiff .oinro UNOI* AUrH o« lt y OF t« £ cocA-cotA COMPANY IT COCA-CO/.A HOTl'MNG CO. of Hl.YTHKVlU.h snld in- no n Manncrhi'lni had i m.v o of fnrreuslns the heal uiictei boil- InK wnu-r dues not raise the tern IK-.ntme of the water. Flash Cameras At Barney's! . 2006 W«rt Main Street PRICED FROM $9.90 to $14.93 riim Development and Free 5x7 Knlarr«BMt With Each Roll ' K»ll Him In All Sizes—Kaslmtn KixUk FM«~ BARNEY'S Phone 3647 206W.,tMoin No Injurious Air Hammer Used In Our Body Repair Work. Our Aulo Body Shop Is the Best! 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