St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on November 28, 1933 · Page 22
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 22

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 28, 1933
Page 22
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PAGE 2C e CREOLE VEAL Two tables poonfuls butter. One chopped green pepper. One email onion chopped. One-half cupful ketchup. One cupful warm water. Melt butter in skillet and fry In it green pepper and onion. Re- ST. PUIS POST-DISPATCH move the onion and pepper, dip a ilice of veal cutlet which has been sprmkled with salt and pepper in flour and fry in the skillet. When brown, pour over it ketchup mixed with water. Bake uncovered for 30 minutes in a moderate oven. Thicken the sauce if necessary with blended flour and butter. TUESDAY, 1 I mm? ThanktgMng dinner ... fust another meal or a holiday festival f Cute favors, place irtorkeri, mode of Campfire Marthmallows will delight young end old. Every package of Ccmpfire Marsh-maliows gives full instructions. Prize VWming Recipes, too, that will odd new zest to your Thanksgiving dinner. 11 (MWW fiir rr m I 8 1 ( 4 ) A 1 X The original food Marsh mallows jlu N E. Corner 6th & Delmar 0pei ed-Jve. Ti" bM U UlOCK 'Formerly MirearO (IT Free Parking" Thanksgiving Specials! Lynn's Poultry Is the Finest Quality in the City . . . Our Own Fresh Dressed . . . If You Want "Quality" Go to Lynn's. Turkeys Fancy No. I Dry Picked (All Sizes) Largest Selection in the City Lb. w- Baking Springs, lb. Young Ducks, lb. . Young Geese . .lb. Young Fat Hens, lb. 12? Yg. Guinea Hens, ea. 35 Prices Good Till Wed. Nite Listen to I-ynn's aunounrementft every day at 7:30 p. m. OYSTERS SUGAR CTMnnY BuIk 0llYes' Qt. 25 ! Kosher Pickles. 5 for 10 m 25 Quart 45 M' P'CkleS' DZ' 0 BU'k MinCemeat' 2 lbS' 25 selects 35 jLYNN'S BAKERY"S' EGGS yrr "Strictly mm flYHl(!? Candled, TI W STTGRTHEVj 22 Npr There Is No Better Butter Made Than LYNN'S NORTHERN TUB BUTTER 3 Lbs. 80 LYNN'S QUALITY FRUITS and VEGETABLES TOMATOES, 2 lbs. ISjNew Mixed Nuts, lb.. .15 7 In.... PL. ii n I L. F" mpei aiien recalls, ec lus. New Chestnuts lb. 15 New Popcorn lb. 5 Lynn's 'Tee 11' r Sweet Butter. Pound Sample H e mm when you . . I come to the In Mm tore and LU I i n d t e lor ' M Sunkist Oranges U0 GRAPEFRUIT 6 25 Jonathan Apples Box Pack 5 lbs. 25 Iceberg Lettuce 3 10 Fancy Cranberries 2lbs,19 Dwarf Celery, 10 Potatoes, 10 lbs. 19 Sweet Pot. 3 lbs. 10 Pork Tenderloin u. 25 Chuck Roast ib. 1 1 J Pork Loin ib.9j Pork Sausage Sll'JZ ib. 1 0 BONELESS BEEF OAST Lynn'm wonderful Meats will make you a happy Thanksgiving feast. Slrlnln Butts L Top Round Top Sirloin Hot torn Knnnd Sboalder C lod or Boaeten Rolled Roa.t Fresn Spareribs Ib. 6 Cube Steaks.... Ib. 25 Beef Tenderloins, Ib. 39 Rib Pork Chops, Ib. 12 Yeal Cutlets 29 Tenderloin Steak, lb. 15 Round Steak Ib. 15 T-Bone, P'rhouse, Ib. 23 Nice Club Steaks, Ib. 20 nnv11 dxtcut FLOUR ill POUND SACK urn pj&jue' am Old Favorites and New Suggestions For Thanksgiving Dinner Menu Thanksgiving Dinner Menu. Spiced cider cocktail Roast turkey with giblet gravy Cranberry sherbet or relish Sweet potato cones Brussels sprouts or cauliflower Jellied tomato, almond and celery salad Gingersnap pumpkin pie. Candied orange and lemon peel Nuts Cheese Coffee Cranberry Sherbet., Heat one cup of cranberry juice from stewed, unsweetened berries. Pour over two teaspoons gelatine which have been soaked five minutes in one-quarter cup of cold water. Add one cup syrup made by boiling equal parts sugar and water. Put in electric refrigerator until mushy. Take out, add beaten white of one egg. Return to refrigerator and stir several times while freezing. Spiced Cider Cocktail. Bring a quart of sweet cider to the boiling point, adding three cloves, three allspice berries and two or three pieces of stick cinnamon, also a tiny hit of root ginger. Stir in one cupful of sugar and simmer 10 minutes. Strain, chill and pour into glasses in which bits of various kinds of fruit have been placed, with crushed ice. Cranberry Relish. Select deep red ripe cranberries. Wash and drain thoroughly. Run two cups of raw berries through the meat chopper. Mix with the grated rind of one orange and the chopped pulp, and one and three-fourths cups granulated sugar. Mix thoroughly and store in a covered jar in the ice box for 24 hours be fore using. Giblet Gravy. Pour off liquid from pan in which turkey was roasted. Skim off six tablespoons fat and return to pan; add six tablespoons flour and stir until brown. Add gradual ly three cups of stock in which giblets and neck were boiled, stirring all the time. Bring to boiling point and season with salt and pepper. Strain and add giblets chopped fine. Gingersnap Pumpkin Pie. Mix 40 gingersnaps crushed fine with one tablespoon butter. Pat with finger, tips into a well-buttered 10-inch pie plate. Bake in moder ate oven for about five minutes, tnen tin with the following mix ture: Two cups cooked or canned pump kin. Two eggs, separately beaten. One-half cup white sugar. One-quarter teaspoon salt. inree-sixteenths teaspoon mace or nutmeg. Three-sixteenths teaspoon ginger. One-sixteenth teaspoon cloves. Three-quarters teaspoon (scant) cinnamon. Three-quarters cup scalded milk. To cooked or canned (well drained) pumpkin add well beaten egg yolks, spices and sugar. Mix thoroughly. Add scalded milk and fold in stiffly beaten egg whites. Pour into baked Edgemont ginger-snap pie crust and bake in medium oven (350 degrees F.) for about 40 minutes, or until a tester, inserted in center, comes out clean. Serves eight. Tomato, Almond and Celery Salad. Soak together for five minutes one tablespoon gelatine and one-quarter cup cold water. Heat and boil 10 minutes two cups canned tomatoes, one tablespoon onion juice, a bay leaf and salt and pepper to taste. Add hot mixture to the softened gelatine with one tablespoon lemon juice. Strain and chill. When it begins to stiffen, stir in one-half cup finely chopped celery and one-half cup chopped almonds. Turn into molds and serve on lettuce with mayonnaise. Mushroom Stuffing. Eight cups bread crumbs. Two tablespoons minced parsley. One teaspoon sage. One teaspoon thyme. Two teaspoons pepper. One cup melted shortening. Three teaspoons salt. Two tablespoons minced onion. Two cups chopped mushrooms. Two cups seedless raisins. Mix ingredients in order given. If mixture seems too dry, moisten with milk or stock. Macaroni Stuffing. Cook one package of macaroni in four quarts of water to which one tablespoon of salt has been added. The water is drained off when the macaroni is tender. To the macaroni one beaten egg, one-fourth cup of melted butter, one tablespoon of paprika, two teaspoons of salt, two teaspoons of poultry seasoning, one-half cup of cream and one cup of chopped celery are added. Minced onion may be used, too. This makes approximately one quart of dressing, and while the stuffing is placed loosely in a bird, the recipe will need to be doubled for a very large turkey Oyster Stuffing. Four cups oysters, drained and cut in small pieces. Four cups soft bread crumbs. One teaspoon salt. One-half teaspoon black pepper. One-half cup hot oyster liquor. One-half cup mayonnaise. One-fourth cup lemon juice. Combine oysters, bread crumbs, salt and pepper. Fold oyster liquor into mayonnaise and add lemon juice. Add these to other ingredients. Toss all lightly together with fork until thoroughly mixed. Makes enough stuffing for one medium-sized turkey. Use bread that is a day old. Worcestershire Sauce Stuffing. One loaf slightly dry bread (crumbed). One-half cupful melted butter. One teaspoonful cinnamon. One tablespoonful Worcestershire sauce. One tablespoonful onion juice. Mix thoroughly and press firmly into the turkey. This make a rich, crumbly stuffing, and is deliciously seasoned. Pumpkin Pie Spice. If you prepare your own pumpkin pie filling you will be glad to know there is a new spice in the shops now for pumpkin pies especially It gives a delicious flavor to the pie and is reminiscent of many spices all combined in one. Pie Topped With Marshmallows. After the pumpkin pie is baked spread top with bits of marshmal low, put back in oven just before 7 With your first serving of this intriguing Mexican dish you will exclaim, "This is Chili Con Came as it might have been served to a Montezuma." It compliments your guest. Hirsch Bros. & Co., Inc., Louisville, Ky. PARAMOUNT LJ chili con1 marshmallowa NOVEMBER 28, 1933, serving and let brown lightly. And here's a hint about cutting or dicing marshmallows: Use dry scissors, dipping points in powdered sugar as you cut the marshmallows. st. louis post-d;spatch If yoor grocer cannot supply you telephone THE HICKEL CO. 1106 N. Broadway CEntral 1133 EXCLUSIVE DISTRIBUTORS . lOAST turkey means Cranberry Sauce. But what kind? This recipe for "10 min-uie" Cranberry Sauce will help you. Quick. Simple. And remember to serve plenty in side dishes. "10-Minule" Cranberry Sauc (Slewed Cranberries) Boil 2 cupa of water and lVi to Z cam of sugar together 5 minutes, then add 4 cups Eafanor Cranbor-ries. Boil without Burring (5 minutes is usually sufficient) until all the skins pop open. Remort from fire when the popping slops, and allow the sauce to remain in vessel undisturbed until cooL We will gladly meal to you free our new Eatmor Cranberry recipe book. Send your name to Dept. N AMERICAN CRANBERRY EXCHANGE 90 West Broadway . . . New York BUTTERMILK CHOCOLATE CAKE. One-half cup fat, one and one-half cups sugar, one cup buttermilk, one teaspoon vanilla, one-eighth tea spoon salt, two squares cnocoiate, melted, two and one-half cups flour, ore teaspoon baking powder, one teaspoon soda, two eggs. Cream fat and sugar. Add rest of ingredients. Beat two minutes. Pour into two layer cake pans lined with waxed papers. Bake 25 min utes in moderately slow oven. Cool and frost. FLOATING ISLAND Two cups scalded milk. Three egg yolks. One-fourth cup sugar. One-eighth teaspoon salt. Three tablespoons powdered sugar. One teaspoon vanilla. Three egg whites. Beat egg yolks slightly, add sugar and salt. Gradually add scalded milk to eggs, stirring constantly. Cook over hot water and continue stirring until mixture coats a spoon. Cool and add vanilla. Beat egg whites until stiff, adding powdered sugar during last part of beating. Arrange this meringue in "islands" on the custard. A little jelly may be placed in center of each "island." Floating Island should be served very cold. TTOME-MADE pumpkin pie, perfect in flavor, color and aroma, demands the use of nine different spices. The spices must be exactly proportioned, perfectly blended, and, above all absolutely fresh. For reasons of economy most housewives are right in hesitating to buy nine spices just for pumpkin pie. But here is news! Now, for the first time, you can get the necessary nine spices, ready-mixed for instant use, in one 10c package of TficT Pumpkin Pie Spice enough for 12 pies. 10c Spices 12 Pies THOMSON & TAYLOR CO., Chicago, III. Established 1865 READY-MIXED American Beauty The New Delicious Food P 8c A PKG. AT ALL GROCERIES Ml IHT'gW EViT. AUBURN IV3ARKET 6128 EASTON AVE--WELLSTON WE DO OUR PART Fancy, Fresh Dressed POULTRY TURKEYS, Lb.... 15c DUCKS. Lb. . . ... 13c j GEESE, Lb. 12c TEAICS Sirloin Tenderloin Porterhouse I c Ib. EEF Boneless Shoulder or Rib, Ib. c SPRINGS, LB 12c KENS, Lb.. 10c Bitnr Short Rib a Etrir.k..4c PORK SHOULDER 6c Ib. SPARE RIBS 5c lb. PORK CHOPS 9c lb. SUGAR olXmlt 5 Lbs. 24c COFFEE roasted Santo, lb.. 15c MI.VCEMEAT Bulk. Itradv for the pie. Ll COtOA.M'T Bulk. Long (hrrnd: sweetened. l.b... FLMPK1N Fancy Golden f yellow. L,nrjte t ans JC PICKLES Sweet, Sour or p Dill. Full Ht. Jar XZlC 12ic 20c BUTTER, Lb.. ..21c I EGGS 19c CREAM CHEESE, Ib 15c BRICK CHEESE, Ib 30c OYSTERS r?hJLT,m H . Pt. 29c Qt. 55c BREAD 20-dz. loaf 7c FRUIT CAKE Ib. . .29c MINCE PIE, Delicious, full of mincemeat with brandy, 29c POTATOES Good Cookers 10 Lbs. 15c SAGE for dressing, bunch 4c I WHITE ONIONS 10 lbs. 10c I CRANBERRIES, Ib i 8c I CELERY, stalk . . .7!2c ORANGES. California Sweet, doz. 10c ICEBERG LETTUCE 3 heads 10c FANCY EATING PEARS, doz. ...12c JONATHAN APPLES 3 lbs. 10c M jy'VIIfw'"-J" "LW"J SPINACH, Ib lc PECANS, ft 8c GRAPEFRUIT .., 3 or 10c bus MARTHA CARR'S Opinions on Personal Problems in the Post -Dispatch Daily Magazine Of I- ' " 0 I jiff- T:-) hsf ,kjfiy The cheese-lovers of the world owe Canada a rising vote of thanks for the invention of Chateau. For a long time this tempting cheese treat was confined to the guests of a famous Canadian hotel. But now thanks to Borden it's made in America. And you can get it at your nearest food store. Get some. Slice off a rich, golden chunk. And settle back for one of the real cheese treats of your life! Give Chateau to the children, too. It's easily digested, and contains bone-building milk elements. Get it today! Try these, too! Why not make this Cheese Week in your home? Serve a different Borden Cheese each day. Try these favorites: Borden's American, Borde-n's Swiss, Borden's Brick, Borden's Limburger, Borden's Pimento, Borden's Cream Cheese, Military Brand Camemhert Liederkram. mfg Di.tributed bjr: George Lytic Inc.. 900 HodUmont Ave, St. Louis. Mo. fTHfintmj 9 irrv The Borden Cc, 99 Hudson Street, New York,N. Y. JiaiftentfiiifaThh-ii-,,-.- v

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