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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 8

St. Louis, Missouri
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C. Bitting, J). pastor. 11 a. Relipious En-tniibiasm;" 8 p.

"Modern c- i im 3 HELP WANTED FEMALE- -fct-urDEO SITUATIONS WANTED MALE. nr 1 Slt- eiperience.1 youn? r.r... inrnisn itiwmI refewncs. Ad. or call.

2s2 Easton av. (7i ll.St.Ml, ETC. Sit. wanted colored man as houseman and d.ning 100m work. INlKennett pi.

wanted by eVperhnced in window cleaning: offices or dweinna. haren. 1017 Hickory st. (7) HOISEMAN. wanted" ImiLsemun.

or do porter work. Ad. II Post-lispatcli. by oioreT'man to do any kind of work. I- red CYamer.

J3U1 Spruce. (61 colored man to wash ami clean turnilnre II l.ivi. 1702 Chest nut St. iV nlaa wants Job In private experience with horses. Ad.

lbi.Post-Dispalih (0) MAN Young man. 227fair eilucationTeat ppearan.v. desires work at anything. Ad. 1 P't-Dispateh.

(7 AI AN Position w-anted bv exnerleneet hard ware man. with knowledge of Ad. I lis. Post Dispatch. ((5) MAN Sit.

wanted by niai7.aKe"23"r desires position in some factory or some otlier steady employment: willing to work. Penn St. (j( MAN AND I F. i li one chi hi" Gerni a n. jwsitlon pnrdener; willing to work around house or stable.

Busmever's Hotel (7. MAN Energetic, reliable ami soiier voung man 01 goo.i executive a-bilitv. with 10 vears' experience in catering business, wishes position. Ad. Post-Dispatch.

(1) MAN" Married man. 2." years old, wishes position of any kind; can furnish best references; driving preferred. Wm. Ahsmann. 1011 Sidney st.

,7) MAX I am 31 years old. have been in the Postoffiee nearly f. years, would like to make a change ir position with some responsible firm: 1 have reasons. Ad. 1S.S.

Dispatch. (71 MILLER Sit. wanted bv first-class miller; best of references. Phone Lindell 2533. Ad.

Miller. Olive st. (61 OFKP'K MAN Capable voung man. 14 years experience in mercantile and railroad office work, executive and reasoning ability. gwM accountant, desires position: initial salary no object if future urosuects good: references.

Ijomi. Ad. 1X2. Pwf-risiatch. (7) PI.t'MRER Sit.

wanteil bv nonunion pTumb-er; can givereferences. Ad. 79. PORTER Sir. wanteil by first-ciass voiing colored Southern man as porter.

Ad." Robert, 2707 Morgan sr. PORTER Sit. wanted colored-man as porter or best of city refer- eticesAd. 2(143 Pine t. (0) PRINTER Sit.

by sober, reliable, young man with several years" experience in country printing office: steady situation; references. Ad. 17s.Post-I)ispatcli. (7i SAI.KSMIN IVsitfon w.mted as salesman by man with several years' exnerience among jrrocers if St. Louis and East' St.

Louis. Ad. Post-Dispatch. (fl) SHOEMAKER Wants sit. as iiispetor in lasting.

iMittoniing or pa'king department best of ref. giTeu. A1.Y" l(il. P. -P.

ilj ST'-'vogb Sit. wanted as stenographer and clerk: 7 venrs' experieme; refer- ences. Ad. 147. Post Dispatch.

(71 TE cnER Young (German. well educated, wants place as teacher fr German. French or German zither to children in private family. Ad. Vi.

Post-Dispatch. (l TINNER Sit. wanted as tinner: country town preferred. 1. 123.

Post -Dispatch." 7 WATCHMAN Position wanted as night watchman in some wholesale lioue. Ad. l.Vi. Pwt-Disiati-ii. 7 WTNIIOW DRESSER.

ETC. Sit. w-iured by a first-class window dresser snd card writer: 14 vears' experien.c. Ad. J.

A. Weil. (Hive st. Ci YOI NG MAN Sit. by young, sober, industrious man: has set of carjienter niols: is handy wjtli same.Ad (() SmjATliDNSJA AI iKESSER Voiihc lady addresser.

rapid and accurate, would like addressing to do at brtmeor elsewhere. Ad. II b2. (til COOK Sit. wanted as cook with refined, family; no laundry: 3 ier week; reliable.

Ad. H-. tiiive gi HEAD WAITRESS Sit. wanted by young lady as head waitress or checker; best of city references. Miss Johnson.

t16A N. Garrison av. iG) Sit. wanted by hous.girl: good l-eferei es: cooking or washinc: in hotel or club. Art.

4. I'ost-Dispatchj (ll HoFSEKEEPEK Pit. wanted by young widow o.s for wbiower; no objection 1olor2 ehildrea. -d. I'ost-iiis.

II' "-rSEK EEI'FU Lady desires. position as houseke--iter where there are no small children: references. Cass. i7i HOFSEKEEPER Sit. as housekeeper by lady of reference furnished: boarding house or home preferred.

Mrs. Lewis. 1S04 Ixust St. (71 Sit. by lone lady, no home in city, as helper for refined widower, bachelor: accomplished cook, housekeeper: take full charge as own home; references exchanged.

Sidney. (7) HOFSEKEEPER Sit. wanted as housekeeper, respectable position, for gentlemen; no to 1 or 2 children; by neat aud eco-romleal lady: have furniture for mv own call Saturday and Sunday. 12uS St. Aage.

Wanted, lauiirlrr work for lion-' dav and Tuesja- S07 V. 16th st. LAi'NDRESS Work wanted br colored laundress for nnd Tjiesday I2s Gay. LAI'NDRESS Washing to take home or go out by the day. Mrs.

Frank. 1ST.O Cass: (71 LAI'NDRESS Sit. wanted by colored laun-dres-i. binulles home. 2l41 Scott av.

LA NDRK iS- Sit. anted by good Innndreas: ThursdayH and Fridays; cau give references. Callor write Lucas. LAI'NTIRESS First- lass laundress wants laundry or house leaning work; 2t15 LiKasav. SALESLADY- Sit.

wanted as saleslady; first-class citv references. Starr. 1111 N. Sareh st. (7i wsnietl by young lady stenographer, a new beginner, from college.

Ad. IP. Post-Dispatch. l7i sit bv woman to co lunch ork or le five days iu 11)24 Macklin in rear. (7) Keilp Wanted BAKER Wtd.

Third baud work. 4:22 Delmar til BARKER WM. 1 lol Pth st. UARhER Wtd. -At once, god barlier.

2612 Cass av. UARHER Wtd. For today and Sunday. 2000 Mtu-ket jt. Wtil.

Wasliiiijton Hotel. BELLBOYS Wtd. At Hotel Kozier; references required. 7i BLACKSMITH HELPER Wtd. Carriage 1st- olass.

Mctabe-l'owers Carnage Br)adway. bi Ri iw RTYifcvij wtd. B)Kkbinders. forwarders and finishers. Graessle-Mereer Seymiur, Ind.

BOY Wtd. Bvto take care of horse, at 4210 West Belle pi. BOY WM. To w-iirk in paint factory; one with experience preferred. 1M1Y.S elevator ttoys.

An- blv Southern Hotel. Ol BOY Wtd 17 vears old; drug; tefer- ences. Cass av 1M Wtd. 16 years ol.l. for store.

1718 honttau a v. BOY Wrd. White boy to work iu drug store. Phoenix Pharmacy. 2tiol Cass.

BUYS Wtd 14 vears ami over. Mangle Box Fnlsiun aiid Lawrence. IN BoY Wtd Witj e-iperioiice in grocery. 20S1 M.irket sr. 4yen.

Inland Tyi Foundry. 12th ami Loi-ust. BOY Wtd. of 14 to" 10. to make himself generally useful about store.

21 N. Broadway. BOYS. ETC. Wtd.

steady factory work LSI 1 SchiM av. vs and young men for pplv Economv Bus 1 7 ROOMS FOR RENT CITY. BF.I.L 3525) Well single rooai: itfam beat, hot bath. Istn BROADWAY; ir.27 S. Two clean, bright rooms to small water.

BROADWAY. 1H7 X. Fine nwna. service; 25cand 5oc per day; low weekly rates. BKO AI A Y.

272T X. Nicely famished reasonable. BROADWAY 107 N. Flni ruuuw. seryice: and 5oc per day low weekly rates.

A it DI A A 1O20 X. icely furnished rooms, for gentlemen or light housekeeping. with batli (7 CARDINAL 803 X. Klrst-class fumTshed risuu; private family; for 1 or 2 gents; hot bath; heap 7 CATES SWilcV; Beit. In CabanneT large, beautiful fnrnlshcd front rooms; aouthern exposure; electric light; hot bath.

furnace; terms leasonable. (H CHAXNING 107 X. X(cely furnished room for light housekeeping and ruuuM. $1.45 weekup. CHEsTNFT 1 HtW Neatly furnfsl.ed trout riwuw on 2d and third floors, complete fo.

gentlemen or light housekeeping; re- ectahle; low rent. Cliol TE Alr AVTT l.WSlceTT" furiilhedfronl rKm. for one or two gentlemen. $1.25. includes laundry.

(7) liHoFTEAl" A 1215 Nicely furnished con-uiHTing roomri for housekeeping. $3.50 week; ClDI TEAl A 13)4 Nicely Mrtilsheil 2d-lUsir fivnt room, for light housekeeping or aieeplng. CHOFTEAl IKOA Clean, nicely for-nishiM small or larjre rooms, fl.25 $1.50 per week. (7 COOK 3732 Two pleasaut connecting looms, completely furnished, light house, keeping; all conv. reasonable.

(J COOK 3S147 Nicely furnished 4 windows, for light housekeeping: suitable for ladies employed or coupie; nioilem coot. 4625 Furnished front roTim. alcove, suitable for two or three gentlemen; very convenient neighborhood; tiMms very reasonable. t) DELMAR K127 S'lcelr furnished room. for gentlemen; all modern conveniences phone Lindell 183.

(11 DELMAR 4013 Two southern exposed 2d- story front rooms; bath, phone, parlor and piano; privileges; reasonable lt permanent: model home. (2 EASTON 3040 Furnished room. 1st floor; southern exposure; water In room; very reasonable: housekeeping. 1 1 FE NT 1 1 ST. 70! X.

Clean front and connecting rooms; bath: reasonable. EIGHT i-TNTHST. "ll2aX. Newly paperad, furnished 1st and 2d atory front rooms; g)Kl nelghlsirhood. KIiVllTH 840 S.

One large room, ti per month: 2 rooms. 8 per tmnih. EKiliTH S. Furnished nsim for light housekeeping; price $2 per week. (7) ELEVENTH 1027 S.

KornlKhed front room aud kitchen: housekeeping. EFCI.ID 7S' Xlcely funilshed ball room forgentleuian reasonable. (7 1 EVANS 4364 Large 2d-atory front room anil alcove, bath, gas, furnace; Teas. Furnished room, all conveniences, southern aivd western exposure, prlvate family terms $1.50 week. (71 EVANS 4419-Nicely furnished roomi privilege of kitchen, gas range, hot bath, gas and all conveniences; no children; $4 week.

17) FIFTEENTH 824 Fnrnished rooms. FIFTEENTH ST. So3 X. XlcelT furnished rooms fiw light housekeeping. FIFTEEXTH l.27 X.

Xorth of Casa two rooms. I nquire on premises (1 1 FJN.NEY A 3P63 Five rooms, bath, hot and coid water and all conveniences. (7t FINXEY 424.3A Xeatly furnished rooms: all conveniences; Delmar and Page cars. (7) FINNEY A 4107 Three large unfurnished lig-ht housekeepins rooms for adults; peoplo employed. (7) FOURTEENTH 24 S.

3 rooms. $13. 1805 Franklin 2 rooms, 1244 Franklin 2 rooms. $12; 2204 Wash 3 rooms. $12; 17 N.

21st 3 rooms. 2212 O'Fallon 3 rooms, $7. Scott Farrar, 715 Chestnut st. (01 FRANKLIN gentlemen only. 3316 Furnished rooms, for (71 FRANKLIN AV 3504 Furnished third-story front room.

sultableorj: (6) FRANKLIN 3014 Nice sunny baaement rooms; suitable for laundress. FRANKLIX 3014 Nicely furnished room; all conveniences: reasonable. FRAXKLIX 1219" AND 1221 floor front rooms, for light housekeeping: aleo gentlemen; FRAXKLIX AV, 3138 Two nicely furnished" sectind-storv rront rooms ror nouoesri'piiit. gas. hot bath, telephoue; every convenience very cheap for adults.

GAMBLE 2822 Furnished room, with or without light housekeeping; i lurnisneo ar-tic room. (nl gTamIu.E 262S Furnished rooms, for light housekeeping; corner house; all light roo its. GARRISON 724 X. Neatly furnished front and Dack IirlraridothrnomS; A 2Xc-Xl-ely furnished front aln-gle rooms, with every convenience; reasonable; references. JEFFERSON 413A S.

2d-story front room, furnished; gentlemen or housekeevtng wek. JEFFERSON' 2119A S. Xeatly furnished room for one or two gentlemen; private faintly; bath reasonable: (i KKNXETT 181 1 Furnished front roon southern exiosure; also two rooms furnished for 1 ight housekeeping. ICLTf.DE furnished mom for housekeeping; southern exposure; gas, hath. LACLEDE A 2011 Furnished hmisekeenlng 2d-floor rooms.

$2. front ball room. $1.50: laundry: clean. (7) LAFAYETTE" 217 Two second-floor front ritnsllghtoiiekeepin LAWTOX 3101 Two light housekeeping rvioms gas and coal range ('1 LAWTON 272H Front room for nil2.50ier week (7) LAAA'TON 3322 Two unfurnlsheil connect ing rooms, electric lights, bath. 11 LAWTON 2V14 Beautifully furnished.

large housekeeping room; gas. bath, lauqd.y; phone: reasonable. (01 LAWTON 31311 Nicely furnished alngla or connecting moms; housekeeping: reawi- sble: no i-hildreii. ('' LAWTON 2H2S FurnlslHwl" 3)l-floor fivnt rooms; sleeping or housekeeping; bath; clean. bl LA VToNAv7 Xlcely furnished house- keeping rooms, single or en auite; gas, bath: phoiie; cheap.

LA.WTOX A V. 3021 Two nliely furnished rooms, suitable for two or four men; aU conveniences. to LEXIXGTOX 4120A 3 Isrga rooms, with water. IINDFIL furnished front 'rooms; gas. hot bath, southern exposure; hall nxm.

$1 week. LINDELL 44 Larje front room, sylt- able for also back parlor and other rootn. reasonable. 2710 Clean furnished rooms; a Iso oiie LOCFST 2113 Rooms, with all couven- lem. $1.50 up to $5 week.

LoCI 'ST ST. bnth. phone 311 fnrnlsueil rooms, electric lights; reasonable; gen- tlemen only. fTwrsTT ST 2)10-XIcelv furnished room, first and aecood floor. "light houaekeeplnjr facilities.

iyid'ST ST 12 rooms for light bousekeevliig; complele: iklng gas; lent reafvinsble. Iie-tacheil lio-s-e: sunny. fun-lstied nsuns: ircelaiu bsths; utl-able for IJgbt housekeeping. rf cA.S.AV". 32o.WNetly furnlsiiel ro-in fo.

''gents or ladles; liouoekeep ng. I 1 "CAS-AV 5M21 Com fortable room, on 4' 'floor'; suitable for young men: teruu Pre is" AV "tieantlful furnUhed n.m for light or two r.ur. fiTAS AV "s-J-Furnlted room, second floor: and $2: connecting parlors, flr-t floor. ihesp II CAS 3o Neatlv furulslieil, light ro.ii 'r nutleu-n; all cioven-ieni-es; )xrner h.sie. iiciii 2117 or rooms boiUM-keepllig: llh on or unf lirnlslied.

same flu (71 fl lAS AV CPUS-Extra lre. hsndsomely furnished. "2d floor front: fully equlpid for housekeeping or otberwlss: all rhlldren: ressolable. i.l'CAS AV. 223 Twr in room light hmisekeepln: room with private l-a-h.

side and back rooms: bnek.e;iln gas. bath, steam heal; Hell p'n'i-; MANCHESTER AV." S243- 3 room ltge. ion venlent to 7i TTt) Alt ETT A 4.i4.A nice, ctevn. rooias. setl fkor; 2 bio-ks fra car lines.

MISSI.IPP1 A 171--lce large front room, for light hou 'keetUng; )lwnts'r. MOKGAN'ST. 4(42 Newlv furnished room for r-titlenien: clean ami fool, bstn; privsi familv. Fiimlsheil ruma for light hoiutekerping; Uxh phones; cll after 4 p. ra.

MORGA ivST" 7127 NbTlv furiiUlied rrt. in private family: all conveniences; boms comforts: reasonable. ((11 MORGAN 4l)l Nice rn wll sbsive: all modern ewuveuiem-ea; for couple; reaeonaMe. OIJi" MAXCIIF-STI- It Neatly fnc ruotns; aud cola a(eg; halj. telcpoone: bsixtr iw vara.

ll Igr 1 MARRIAGE LICENSES. Gottfried Fruit iger li J'li August Schaeffer VKll President st Adolph H. Kleiraeier Stv Auit.ista Wilkie McRee a William J. Deneker 3721. Corrnt'c i av Gertrude Gruaz 301.

KeoWuU st Wedding Ring. 93.00 to $20.03. Finest quality, solid lSk gold. MERMOD. JACCARD KING.

Catalogue Free. B'way. Cor. Locust BIRTHS RECORDED. Al and Hessle Tahhan.

1212 Carr: boy. L. ami Aenes O'Tnole. Blair: "oy Hugo and Paula Roehl, Sldner: My. M.

and Nellie Tooner. Chouteau: W-Nathan and Minnie ijordon. 1319 arr: KJwin and Lena Ktorkle. Benton: boy-Carl and Anna Xevhaus. 2M4li I.ucas: I'-: Charles and Nora Mansfield.

East St- IJ'ls. J.vitVh J. and Katherine Green. 2242 Madison; Louis and Kate Geem. 1519 Tienton: (Tin.

and Ianra Ielr)er. 3901 Kosciusko: (Tiri. Iouls and Mamie Helm. 2iK(l Chippewa: Riri. Giovanni and r.ucia Caba- ohl.

122l Clark: girl. Samuel J. and Helen O'Keefe. 2.VI3 bentou, (rirl. Ben and Theresa Krekemeyer.

4403A Alaska; William J. and Marie Maher. 4019 California; cirl. Cliarles and Helen Barth. 2620 N.

10th: girl-Georee and Matilda Tchorner. 10O4 b. 1-tn, Georire K. and Josephine Doswald. 1022 S.

12th: eirl. STOCKHOLDERS MEETINGS. STOCKHOI-EWur BKTI There will meet of the stockholders of the Bmnn Shoe held at the office of the company, 11th st. and Washington St. Louis.

Mjv. on Tuesday. April 17. at 9 a. for the purjtose of electing aeven directors to serve for the ensuing year and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before said meeting.

G. W. BROWN. G. K.

Sol'THWIOK. President. Secretary and Treasurer. Lost and Found IF YOU LOSE ANYTHING Adrer-tlse it here. It will be returned to you If an honest person finds it.

Kemark-bl recoveries are brousar about erery dsy through this column. All drujf-fftaU receive Want Ada for the Foat-DisuatL-h at office rates. IF YOC KIND ANYTHING BrlDS It to tau Pogt-IiiKpati-h Loat and toual Bureau. 210-212 North Broadway. Get a claim for it.

Have It der-tlsed. Becluiui if the owner doe not. THE LAW People who find lost articles are interested In knowing that the State law (section M75 to 84S. Statutes of Missouri. 18il)j is strict in requiring thetn to seek the owners through advertisement and otherwise, and that a failure to do ao involves a severe penalty if name can be proTen.

J-OST IiKAl EI.ET Lost, bracelet, plain cold, on or near Grand or Pafe lines. Kridey nijrht; re- ward. Mrs. H. E.

Huuu. 0010 Maple. i7 CATALOGl'K reward for return of cataloarue and case: no quetioua asketl. Norvell-Shauleieh Hdw. -ith and asliiuaron.

(10) CHAIN, KTC. Lost, on Friday even ins. cliain and locket: please return, 4w N. Broadway, receive rewaid. (7) CHAIN AND LOCKET LostTVofd ohaTn and iorket.

set with diamonds, lietween Barr's aud 6th and Washington: reward. Ketnrn to -ill Olive room 20S (6 CK'USS Ist. gold cros and necklace: crors enaraved Kizateth: litieral reward. Millinery store. Eads nd Jefferson.

lHMi Lost, black und brown Stcu do. name "Towser;" liberal reward. 2t4: Caro- line bt. DOG Lost, black dog, 4 months old; white stripe under throat: white on feet; liberal reward. 1223 Chestnut st.

(7) KEYS Lost. April (5. bunch of 10 keys, one numtiered finder will receive thanks of the owner by carrying them to the maid of the ladies' parlor at Boatmen's Bank. MONEY Lost." $10 bill in Return to working wuiuan. 4120 Yir- ginia uikatairs.

MONEY-Ist. $15. between Eastou and Franklin, on Garrison avenue, east side of street, about 5 o'clock Friday. Ileturu to Garrison l'ramacy; reward. MCFFLEn Lost, white silk nmffler last wF.

Finder please letura X. Main receive reward. i7i PACKAGE Lost, package contalnlne 2 pairs of kid gloves, between 7tii and Olive aid 12tri and Pine; reward for return to 3221 California av. POCKETTiOOK Lost. inMay Stored pocket look containing 2f.

Finder return to Temple nl. and get jpward. I'OCKETBCHiK Ist. He lay pocketitotik with iaiers. Ad.

W. F. Cliff. t.Box St. Louis: reward.

(7i l'FKSE Io5t. lady's large hand World's Fair purse, containing alont $15. key and other articles: reward it returned. Mrs. Kay, La Sa at.

KING Lost, ring set 3 diamonds, near Euclid nud Easton: iiherjil reward if returned to 4Mt tot Kriliiante av. (7 RING Ijtst. Hue. pearls, diamond in center. 14 smaller diamonds around: reward given and no questions asked.

Ad. A losf-I'isTwtch. ,7) Lost, between Aug. 1R and Sent. E.

McM. and Airil on handle; reward: gold and pearl handle. Ad. ir3. 7i WAflH-It.

ladvs cold wateri and fob; -I'grnvcd C. C. G. on both: reward. looO X.

Taj ior. WATCH -Lt. lady's gold wat-l) and fob on dlive or Grand cars. Friday. Return to A.

A. AI Cloak o15 Locust; reward. Employment VV anted MALE. APPRENTICE Sit. wanted as plumber's apprentice, with two years' experience.

Ad. II U'4. l'ust-IMspatcii. BAKER Sit. as baker: good allround man.

sober anil industrious; city or country, ltd I N. Grand av. (7) BAKER Sit. wnnred by an allround baker, to assist in bakery or do all hie work in the bakehop. lloi Fraukliu.

Henry Sobaefier. (7) BAKER Sit. wanted by an allround baker: city or country. Ad. K.

1103 lin av. Frank BARTENDER steady job work. Ad. Good. honest nian as bartender: will do 77.

Post-Dispatch. desires porter BOOKKEEPER Experienced bookkeeper and office man wants work evenings. Ad. 2(1. Post-Dispatch.

(7i BOOKKEEPER Sit. nejtired by young married man; vears' variexl experiences: large ttraia in New oik and St. Ixuis: reference former and preseut en.tdoyers. Ad. 57.

BOOKKEEPER Sit. desired by young married man; vears' varied ex periences large tiniia iu New York and St. Louts: reference former and present employers. Ad. 36.

Post-IMsnatco. 111 BOY 12 years old. wants housewo. in fnm-ily; board: 110 wages: wants to learn Etijr-iish lauguage. Apply John Johnson.

Gof Elm. CARPENTER Sit. wanted by canienter, painter, plasterer, whlfener. tnck pointer, roofer. L.

Gladding. 7it Vulcan st. CARI'ENTEK repair and new work; estimates furnished: also day work. Joseph It. Young, Lucas av.

phone. Bo-mont 0' CARl'ENTEK Carpenter with large acquaintance among contra-tors an 1 exirieced iu the lumber luisiness. wishes oli as cilv salesman for responsible firm. Ad. 1S7.

Post-Dispatch. CARPENTER-First-class nonunion carpenter wants bad years of experience in all kinds of building: understands plans and can take charge of work. Call or ad. W. E.

Maxson. Ohio Hotel, corner Market and sts. (.7 1 CH AI'KFIXR Sit. wanted by an experienced chauffeur; runuinK and repairing. Ad.

1' Post Dispatch. (i) COACHMAN Sit. watlted by young colored man as coaeh.nan iNrter: wuk of some kind. Write or call 2C.41 l'ine st. COACHMAN.

ETC. Young man wants position as coachman or second coachman: test of refereuee. J. 1H27 Washington Cot Young man wants position as collector or some oilier outside work- gMxl reference: will furnish bond. Ad.

lit Post-Dispatch. DRAFTSMAN Graduate civil engineer will do drafting at honie. J. X. HolitA Allen.

(7 1I(I VFU Sit. wanted by young roan as driver-laundry (referred; can give bond. Ad 11 11 N. Sarah t. lUHVFii Position wanted as delivery driver" by sober und reliable man.

can furnish city references from last place employed as grocery deliveryman. Ad. T113. (Gi DRFG wanted by "juniorTlnig cb-rk: good references. Ad.

511 N. Gar- riaon av. tjcenaed engineer, elderly-manT ait. In small plant: steady place wanted more than big wages; aix years In lest place: good refereucei from lime. Ad.

67. rott-lis. J) HELP WANTED MALfe. CABINET MAKERS Wtd. Two cabinet makers: steadv work: apply la person.

American Car and Foundry St. Charles. Mo. 10 CVDY MAKER Wtd. tor retail store.

Tlnkes' Candy Kitchen. 216 Colllusvllle East St. Louis. 111. 1 7) Ai-tR-vrFft Wtd.

Man who can make him-lelt generally useful around large plant. Apply 3019 N.Broadvray. (C) CAUPENTERS, Wtd. Carjieuterg and car builders. Apply American Car and Foun-dry Madison.

111. (Si CHECK Ell Wtd. Exieriencei European plan checker. Ajjpiy Stewajid. Southern Hostel.

1 7 1 CLERK Wtd. Young man as clerk In general merchandise store: SO miles from St. Louis; experience and references. Ad. 145.

Post-Dispatch. (7) COATMAKERS Wtd. To work In bouse. New-majL Biehle, 10)9 (Klve st. (u, '(1 ATM F'lS Wtd.

Good custom coa.tmak-e-s to work in the house; steady employment; good pay Mills Averill Tailoring Broadway and Pine. COMPOSITORS Wtd. Fp-to-date union job conwiositors for few days. Chas. Maynard 2( S.

7th st. COOK Wtd. Second cook, in restaurant. 2.144 01ivest. COOK Wtd.

An experienced second cook. male Columbia Lunc'iroom. 417 X. 7th st. CO) Wtd Man with experleiK-e in lunchroom.

Call t2u N. IWficifwell. COOK Wtd Night cook. Cow-man's Lunchroom and Restaurant. 3W-2 Olive SL COPPERSMITHS Wtd.

First-class coppersmiths. Ad. The Vulcan Copper Works CincimiatL0. (7) CI "PI Fll Wld. Special ordar cutter: one familiar with Dlock patterns.

Mills Averill inrlng and Pine. 161 DENTIST Wtd. Good operator; muet be reg- JT ISO. I'ost-Dls. 7) ISHWASH ER Wtd.

Man dishwasher. 3839 EsstornRy. DISHWASHER Wtd. Experienced dishwash- once. Apply 110 X.

21st st. DRILL HANI'S. Wtd. Shear punch and 1'rlll press hands: machinists, hammersmiths and helpers and hammer boys: all for night shift. St.

Ixmls Car 8000 X. Broad- way. (ll DRFG CLERK Wtd. Registered Germin preferred. P27 -Market 7 CLERK Wtd.

Registered drug clerk; one able to sneak German: good references required. Cherokee and California. FI.EV A TO It" BOY Wtd Salary $20 per iiDintii: see chief engineer, 412 Pine st. ENGRAVER Wtd. First-class steel die and steel plate engraver: permanent position: send sample of work with application.

Brown Jfc Bigelow. St. Paul. Minn. (ll ERRAND BOY Wtd.

From 7 apply at once. N. a. m. to Boyle.

6 p. ERRAND BOY Wtd. From 6 p. m. to 10 p.

111. 3ti2N. Boyle av. FLGRIST Wtd. For general greenhouse and landscape work.

31. '10. X. Grand av. (71 (JAKPFXF.RS 2 allround gardeners.

A. Waldbart Sons. Hamilton andllo: ton. GARTiENERS Wtil. Iandscatie gardeners.

Bnnlette Roehr. Shaw and Vaiidf GR''FtiY CLERK Wtd. A man to make himself useful in grocery and saloon: married man preferred. Call at 5700 N. Broad-wa r.

HOFSEMAX Wtd. Steady man for housework, take care of horse and buggv. 1P4 Maple. HOISEMAN Wtd. Neat, industrious must understand care of horse.

3a42 Wasiiirmi li bl. IIOFSEM Wtd. colored man for general work around the house. Call at room fd Gay Bldg. HI'STLERS Wtd.

Everywhere, to tack signs, distribute circulars, samples, no canvassing: good pay. Sun Advertising Bureau. Chicago. (9S LABORERS" WtdAnpiy 2.SO0 De Kalb St. (SI LABORERS Wtd.

"Maffitt and Spring "av. Whalen. (fl LINEMEN Wtd. First-class union linemen, fcr out of the clij Ad. JT 135.

P-D. 16) MACHINE HANDS Wtd. Wood working machine hands. Aoply American Car and Fdv. Co Madison.

III. (3) MACHINISTS Wtd. Anoiv American Car and Foundry Macjson. III. (81 MACHINIST Wtd.

Good allround machinist: must lie accustomed to job work. 214 Lo- cust st. MAN Wtd. Y'oung man with job presses. 631 S.

4th St. experience on MAN Wtd. Young man or boy to wash dishes, at once. 2608! Cass av. MAN Wtd Colored msn to work about (he house reference required.

1001 Fnlon av. MAN Wtd. To work around house; must understand milking. 571 Kennerly av. MAN Wtd.

Man to work In lunchroom: no canner wanted. Broadway. ill MAN Wtd. An allround man in cleaning find dyeing house: must be experienced dyer, for fo einan position. 2623Grayois: MAN AND WIFE Wtd.

General house and yard work: no horses: place and good pay for right parties. P. box 754L(0 AN WM. A young man aiiout 17. living at home, ro work at cigar stand.

Ad. T-39. Post-Dispatch. MAX Wtd. Bright young man to wait on table in exchange for room and board.

1431 Locuat St. MAN Wtd. Coni'ietpnt man for house and dining rootn work: must understand cooking. Phone immediately Kirkwoixl 1D2M or ad. Mrs.

Pnul Bakewell. Woodlawn and Monrne Kirkwoud. MASTER MECHANIC Wtd. For large ore refining plant: must have machine shon and works experience in milling, convoying and electrical machinery and be able to handle men: references required. Ad.

1U7. Post-Dlspatch. (8) MEN" AND TEAMS Wtd. Page and Euclid! J. E.

Stout. 7) MEX AND TEAMS Wtd. -King's highway (7) and Gibson. J. E.

Stout. MEN Wtd. 10 voung men. from 16 to -0 years of age. to the architectural iron, wire and brass work trade: good wage to on.

Ldsar-Letzlg 16tii and Fa lion. 161 MEN Wtd. Everywhere: god pay: to distribute circulars', adv. matter, tack signs, etc: no canvassing. Address National Dis tributing Bureau.

100 Oakland Bank Chicago. Ili. i7 MOFI.DFRS WMTExperieneed radistor moulders, account of increasing output. Shirley Radiator and Foundry Shirley. Ind.

iSj OFFICE BOYSWtd. Two office hoys. Aply Secretary's office. Laclede lias Lt. 716 Locustst.

OS) OFFICE MAN Wtd. Y'oung man. 16 or 17. for general office: good chance for advancement: state age and salary. Ad.

107. PAINTER. Wtr-PalnteranJ paper hanger. Phone Benton S35 after 6 p. jn.

PA INTERS Wtd. No. 1 nonunion bouse paintT- era: par good wages. Cail215 13th. TAINTER Wtd.

An allround carriage painter; steady Job. Xovelty Carriage Works. Belie-ville. M1. PAPER HANGERS Wtd Five good paper hatigers.Worstenholm.ftl.

Manchester av. PAPER if A NG ER' Wtd A er and decorator: must have references; married man preferred: 8 hours; union man; no booze lighters. Fred Neeoe. TaylorviUe. 111.

1 1.7 I'll FTRI vfks Wtd. Anplv L. j. Barr. Moore's Hotel.

18th and Market. (7i PL "sTEREltP. ETC. Wfd7 TWo nonunion plasterers and hod)-arrier: $6 and $4.50 per day. Call Sunday between 9 and 12.

3146 Locust at. PLFMBERS. Wtd plumbers and steam fitters: must be sober and first-class workmen: ier day. 8 hours: open shop. Illinois Plumbing and Heating Springfield.

11L t4) PORTER Wtd. Experienced colored porter. Call 27X3 Lucas av. i'ORTKU Wtd. Clean, sober man to do por-ter work at Yoney'a Lunchroom.

313 Ixnist PRESSER Wtd. Shrunk pants. Mills Aver- 'J "Ta I lorln jOv. roa a Tan Pine. ill RAILING MAKERS' Wtd.

And finishers and helpers. Lasar-Ijetzig and O'Fal-lon sts. 161 SALESMAN Wtd. Salesman as manager, ma- 1 ouainted with the jobbing and retail gro-ery. drug and kindred trade in St.

Louis and sur-roonviing territory: must iosses executive ability, salesmanship and capable of handling force of retail men and not afraid of work himself; give references and particulars. Ail. Manager. P. O.

box 718, X. Y. City. (7l SHIPPING CLERK Wtd. Experienced shipping clerk, with high-grade reference f.w honesty andahilijy.

Ad. 85. (71 SHOVELERS Wtil. Contract coal shovelers to unload at 8c i-er ton. Iil Portland A'emient 94ia) Columbia Bottom rl.

SOIA DISPENSER Wtd. Soda water di--lenser for bar; references. I'nion Station Restaurant. 01 TAIIiOR For "repairiiMr ami pressing. Lungstraa Dyeing aud Cleaning 13tji aiwl Park.

i TAIIMl Wtd Experienced coat and pants maker for Metroolllan Coloring lit 4 S. 14th st. oi TAIIXIR Wtd. Coafmaker at once; $15 per week up: by the piece $3 up. M.

F. Kua-man, Iiesloge. Mo. TEAMS. ETC.

Wtd. Teams and laborers. ETC. Wtd. Teams Sunday riot or Arsenal si.

TEAMS Wtd teams. Suralay morning; 22d and Olive. Jemes T. Addls Co. TINNERS Wtd.

Two good outside Unnera. HELP WANTED MALE. TINNER Wtd. Good allround tinner: call Sat- 'i rd 71 6 lug 's highway. WAITERS Wtd.

Experienced arm waiters; restaurant andluiichery. 3N'l Finney av. WASHER Wtd. Chemical washer at Lungstraa and Cleaning 13th and Park.i7i WII'FW'iRKEitS Wtd. Wlreworkers and helplers.

Lasar-Ietzig Ox. 16tU and O'Fal-lun st. t0) ANY intelligent person may earn eood Income corresponding for newspaper; experience unnecessary: send for particulars. Press Syndicate. Lock port.

N. Y. (8) 0 WO RS WANTED BOY Wtd. About 15. in cutsoie factory; wages $4 a week, with advancement; refer- emvs required.

.112 St. Charles. (7i EYELETTER Wtd. Peerless eyeletter. Apply to Mr.

Booney. Brown ishoe ISth and Waslists. (7) X. D. NICKERS) ulease call ColTe.

I. Ml KKR SON pi av. Sunday. April 8. (7) Srav awar from Notw Simirwo'RKKRS Wtd )'rieana: trouble there.

1. Flahive. business agent. (7) SHOEWORKERS Wtd. Elge trimmer and McKay operator on men's work; steady work for good men.

Desuoyer-EUet Shoe Co SpHiigtleid. 111. C) AGENTS WANTED. AGENTS Wtd. Experienced men and women to sell photo tickets: something- entirely new.

Genelli.5(6 JJIive st (8) AGENTS Wtd. Everywhere to sell our popular policies, covering all accidents, dis eases and occupations; something entirely new and issued by this society only; easily understood and easily sold: cost but $6 er annum each, payable monthly If desired: large commission, paid immediately, aud exclusive territory allowed. Ad. National Accident Society, 320 Broadway. New York.

Established 20 vears. (it;) ANVASSERS AND SOLICITORS. CANVASSERS Wtd. Good women canvassers. at once: Sunday p.

m. 1804A Ohio av. CANVASSERS Wtd. House-to-house can'-vaasers for a seasonable and quick-selling article: big profits. Call after 2 p.

m. 402S Delmar bl. (, Wtil. A few hustling, experi-eiiied solicitors for an article used in nearly all lines of business; this is a proposition worth your while to investigate: call anv day after 2 p. m.

4(528 Delmar b. (fl) SAJSMENVANTED. SALESMAN Wtd. Traveling salesman with ability to sell general traue. 612 S.

6th. (7 SALESMAN Wtd. First-class patent medicine traveling salesman call 21 Chestnut st. (6) SALESMEN Wtd. To sell Udor and side line; handsome package: handsome profits.

Apply likir Mfs. 1o15 Cass av. (7) SALESMEN Wtd. Two cloth lute salesmen; steady work. Call at once.

Eagle Clothing r.aj) S. Broadway. SALESMAN Wtd. With experience in stationery, blank books, lithographing, who is willing to leave town; position with first-class house in Southwest. Hapgootis.

P16 Chemical Bldg. A SALESMEN Wtd. Traveling men to represent us. Will not interfere with regular work. Will add several dollars a day to salary.

Call or address 1317 Chemical St. Louis. 1 HELP WANTED FEMALE- HOUS 7c SOLD 1-1 EP. a Line. COOK av.

-For samll family. Virol COOK Wtd. Good cook; white preferred. Lindell bl. Coolv Wld.

Guod wijite cook, by mouth. 43S3 la ml av. COOK Wtd. Experienced white girl for end seueral housework; private family. 3ti 6 Cook COOK Wtd.

Competent colored ook: phone immediately Kirkwood or ad. Mrs. Paul llakeweli, Woodlawn and Monroe GIRL Wtd. German Catholic girl; two in fam- ily.Ad. T41.

Post-Dispatch. GIRL Wtd. Fpstairs girl, experienced; wages $3o; address, with name and audi ess of city retereuces, 1 1 188, Post-Dispatch. G1KL Wtd. To make herself generally useful around dining room and kilcheu.

I4I8 olive Wtd. For general housework. Apply 730 22d East St. Louls. lll.

(6 HOl'SEGIRL Wtd. Girl fur general house- work in small family. 3-L Maryland av. Hoi SKGIK.L Wtd. Apply 5t0G North Market St.

(71 HOl'SEGIRL Missouri. -Neat German hoedrl (7; HiH'SEGIRL Wtd. Girl seneral house work, at once. 35H X. HOl'SEGIRL Wtd.

Good girl for general housework, in bakery. 4943 Deltnarbl. Wtd. White girl for general housework. 5046A iMge bl.

(1) HOl'SEGIRL Wtd. Girl for general house work in am ill fijiiily. 20O9 1 HOl'SEGIRL Wtil. Colored girl for general housework. Laciede av.

"flol SEG I RL-Wtil. Good girl for general housework. 3646 Shawar. TloT'SEGlRL Wtil. Good girl, light house work.

GoiXi St. Louis. (it HOl'SEGIRL Wtd. Good girl for general (71 housework. 231 Albion pi.

HorsKmiM. Wtd Youiijz German eirl to as sist in general housework. 3s32 Windsor. (7j HOl'SEGIRL Wtd. Girl for general house work: keep houseman.

Washington. HOl'SEWOMAN Wtd. Colored, for general housework. 160j Pine. HOISEf IRI.

Wtd. Y'oung girl to assist with housework. 4H42 Jaclede. HOl'SEGIRL Wtd. Girl for (0) general house work.

3o4 Crittenden. Til (1 EG I RL You ng white O) girl to as- sist witii housework. 5231 Hi d'SEG Wtd. Colored Hidgeav. 1 I girl for general houseworik.

114 N. 14th st. IYoTsecIRI. Wtd For upstairs work; refer ences req i red 5052 Wd For L-Pheion av. gencml housework 3120 Eads av.

Wtd. Gernian girl for general housewo'rk. HOFSEGIRL Evans av. 251 McPherson downstairs. (2 at ouce 4313 (6) HOFSEGIRL for general house-(71 work: gooit pay.

Ilo'i'KGIRL Wtd. A good g'rl for general housework. 5610Von Versen av. (61 Wtd. Good girl to go to Canada with family of 3 for the summer.

Apply 58" 7 Catesav. HTlTsiIRL Wtu. Reliable girl for general Housework: 00 ashing or Ironing: good wages. Mrs. A.

MornsLebanonIH. (. H( )FSE(JIRL wfd. White girl for general housework: McGi family: wages $12 mouth y. 5052 Wells a 111 HOFSEGIRL Wtd.

-White girl for general housework; two in family. Call drug stora. psol olive st. HiM SFGIRL Wtd. German girl for K'-nernl imusework; good home; at once.

B-2 X. Cotiipton av. AVtd. Small girl to do light houork: -all after 6 o'clock this evening. 3012A olive.

I1JA olive. FSEGIRL Wtd. -Experienced neral housework; good wages. Call 414.J organ st. it .1 Nest colored rl.

about HOf" genera Morgan st. HOI SE Mill. 16- light housework; go home nights; m.e ready for work. JWJM' lP' wA 1. ttr general housework: HOI KMiitiu 3516 Manch rui washing.

TiVVfsF); i Rl-" gl rl for sen-era I housework s.d wages: no washing: to 1 outside work. 41 40McPnersn1v. Fioi KFOTl Wt.l.-;lri for general 1 south side Lafayette 1 ark. OJ Sl'h-ome Lawtin av. Wt'dT White girl for general HOI SE4.IK1.

nlilv. ApplT at oloZ housework; small ianio. pare bi. ni Wtd (in lor A pply work in family oi (') 5341 Ridge av. nT.cccu.i for generil bouse-t night; (1) in flat: ianltor service; t-all I'leuiens av ,111.

SKl.Mth Wtd White cirl general family; ref. required. 115o housework: 3 in King's b.ghway. irsnillll. general ror ashing; family of 3.

5Ui with or without Keiisingt)in ft. srKKM-tu w.d.-h? rr -d nice coiuitrv home. (7. post-D spatch. neat rohoeii ID SEWO.MA-n r'S-'nT k.

c.ii 5.7 wiKuan for general IXrmount av. 1 11 Vt vt I I Wtd It "tiri. to ln general iHuisework: family 01 (rt, Apply Apply sKitr wtd H'" ashing or coo for general ouew.i. 2, ing.

eniio Lor general hoiwework: or without good 111 i i nr. 10 small familv: wun or 'ambu Tak wages: good home. 8141 (7) Tower Grove car. DEATHS. KMFFKI.

Entered into rest Friday, April 6. at p. Madeline M. KHpfcl, age 3 years mojiths 21 days, beloved sister of George and Joseph Klippfel. Funeral Monday.

April 9. at 8:30 a. from residence, corner CollinsviUe and Missouri avvnues, to 't. Henry Church, thence to Mt. Carniel Cemetery.

I.OXGO Entered into rest on Monday, April 2. 1906. at 1 a. Matio Longo, beloved husband of Gaiiona Longo (nee Bova and our dear father, after a lingering illness, at the age of 49 years. The funeral will take place on Sunday, April at 1 P- n-.

from familv residence, 1015 North Sixth street. to St. Charles Borromeo Church, thence to Calvary Cemetery. Friends are respectfully invited. MeOOI.KICK Entered into rest on Friday.

April 6, at 11 P- Bridget MeGoirick, beloved mother or Felix. James, Frank C. Edward and John P. Smith. Mrs.

D. Maloney and Mrs. D. E. Dalton.

Remains will be taken from late residence, 1235 Bayard avenue, on Monday. April 9. at 6 a. to Union Station. Funeral will take place at CollinsviUe, 111.

Deceased was a member of St. Ann Sodality. St. Xavier Parish. Suddenly, on Thursday, April 5, at 7 p.

John McMann. beloved husband of Daisy McMann (nee Alter) and dear father of Francis McMann. Funeral will take place Monday. April 9. at 2 p.

from family residence. 1436 Dolman street, thence to St. Marcus Cemetery. JIKYKR At 1:25 p. m.

Thursday, April 5, 1906. Charles Meyer, beloved father of Mrs. Anna Hemk, Caroline Leppe, Mary Schumacher and Louise Moeller. aged 83 years 6 months and 22 days. Funeral Sunday, April 8.

at 1:30 p. from late residence, 4320 Gano avenue, to Zoar Methodist Church. Carter and Gano avenues. Relatives and friends invited. Deceased was a member of Jefferson Lodge, No.

119. I. O. O. and Harry P.

Harding post, G. A. R. MHJ.MtW Entered into rest on Friday. April 6.

at 3:15 p. Anna Nollmann (nee Kespohl). dearly beloved mother of Emil Nollmann, afts er a short illness, in her 70th year. Funeral from family residence, 2009 North Fourteenth street, Sunday, April 8, 1906. at 1:30 p.

in. EI)EIi Entered into rest on Thursday, April 5. 1906. at 11:20 p. after a lingering illness, George Raedol, beloved husband of Rose Raedcl (nee Baxter), beloved son of John and Kate Raedel (nee Schae-fer).

and our brother, at the age of 35 vears. Funeral on Sunday, April 8. 1906, at 1 :30 p. from family residence, 4243 Louisiana avenue. Relatives and friends invited to attend.

(7) ROGERS On April 5. 1906, Henry T. Rogers, of heart failure. Funeral Sunday, 2 p. from Hen-neman Hall.

3723 Olive street. A faithful and diligent footstep follower of the lowly Nazarene, he rests from his labors and his works do follow him. SC1MIX Entered into rest on Saturday, April 7, at 5:30 a. Prof. Charles Sehall, aged 56 years and 1 month, dearly beloved husband of Mary E.

Schall (nee Richter), and father of Emma Lehmann (nee Schall I and Frank Schall. Remains will be shipped to Hal-stead. Monday. April 9. at 12 from residence, 2717 North Lef-fingweil avenue.

SCOTT On Friday. April 6. nt a. Helen M. Scott, beloved mother of Edward Mary and Samuel J.

Scott, Mrs. Susie M. F.rockman and Frederick P. Scott, aged 61 years and 6 months. Funeral from residence.

4122 North Newstead avenue. Sunday. April 8. at 2 p. to Bremen Saxon Cemetery.

Funeral private. Please omit flowers. STISIIF.I. Entered into rest Saturday, April 7. 1906.

at 7 a. Charlotte Stushel. dearly beloved wife of the late William Stushel. and dear mother of Ida and Olga Stushel. after a short illness, at the age of 82 years and 4 days.

Funeral from family residence. 2116 Blair avenue, Tuesday. April 10, at 1:30 p. m. (1) Entered into rest on Friday.

April 6. at 1:35 a. J. AVilliam M'agner. beloved and only son of the late Anna B.

AYatjner (nee and brother of Mrs. Robert A. Young (nee Wajrnert. also Mrs. Robert Davenport (nee Wagner aged years 2 months 26 days.

Funeral will take place Sunday, April 8. at 2 p. from the familv residence. 423 Blaine avenue, to St. Margaret's Church, thence to Calvary Cemetery.

Friends invited to attend. Deceased was a member of Roval Arcanum, Elk Council. No. 767. Chicago till.) papers please copy On Vrld.iv inril 6 it 1:1.

P. Trfuis Weinberg, beloved husband of Mamie Weinberg and son of Isaac and Emma Weinberg, aged 47 years. Funeral Sunday. April S. at 2 from the residence, 5075 Page bo ge boule- vard (7) HEEl.EK On Friday.

April 6, 1906 at p. Mrs. Julia Wheeler ttii. i i V. 1' "riuget church.

on Monday. Anril 9. at 'j a. m. Friends invited to uttend.

WltlGHT At her home. 1606 Burd avenue Mrs. Oeorge T. Wright (nee Annie M. Fate), aged 51 vears, beloved wife of Ceorge T.

Wright of Mrs- aie V. Reiss. Mrs Blanche s. Fitzgerald. Svdnnr Ey-man grandmother Cera'ldine James Lucas Fitzgerald and avila Reiss.

Funeral rrom residence Sundav April 8. at 1:30 p. m. Friends in-' vited. BURIAL PERMITS.

Marv M. Elless. 4o. 447 x. st luis: aupemllcitls.

r-ast fii." diphtheria. Ifn 2. Pscp; tuiHTculost. Vabel Lake I. mir; meningitis.

harles Mc( lean. Cahanue; cancer, red Jungt. H. Minnesota; jwieumonla Peter Sage. sarcoma.

Louise Ruf. 2, Franklin: tuberculosis. Woretta Kalegle KUX Rellly; malaria. Ernest Ina Thies. St.

luls: bronchitis. 'rir', Melirterw. 1. N1 s. Kroadwav; croup.

2'W4 Hickory: tuberculosis. William J. slnion. 22. Washington: phthleis.

"V- Hel.rt: hemorrhage. J. William Wagner, Blaine; lietnor-ruaee. niarles Arnold. 9, Fasten: heart disease.

Catherine Berger. 23. Ui Minnesota; pneumonia. William Ebllng. 2.V.7 Msiilen Lane; senility John Wallace Howard.

114. StHS N. (iruii.J: rirrhosls. Henrietta Llnpett. 74.

Itlll X. ISth: uremia. Martha Jane Oliver. 51. 3431 Morgan: tuberculosis.

Oinrles E. GoodeBougb. 70. Oxford; se-rllltv. Oiarles J.hliton.

2, 000 Bartlett; whooping rmigh. Samuel rot hers. 25, 201T Malllnckrtslt; tulter-rulosis. Matilda Ijlftyette. 07, 42 St.

Louis; hemorrhage. Maraaret Apmenlander. K(01 Page; ulcer of stomach. Frank I-ambert, 27, Washlnstoa Unlvrriitj; blood pultun. ui vieorge i.

neei- er, Mrs. Jack Steel (nee Wheeler) and the late Bessie Wheeler. Funeral from the residence of her dauchter e- HOUSEHOLD HELP. HOl'SEGIRL Wtd. Xeat German girl for general housework: good home; bring referemi-s.

ZX--2 Cook a. HOFSEGIRL Wtd. Girl for general house-; one who wpeaks (jerman pre- ferreij. I no 1 re 3243 a borne Jil. (61 Hoi SKWOMAN Wtd.

Competent colored woman for general housework; must I good cok. 5509Bartmer ay. (1) HOFSEGIUL Wtd. Neat. Intelligent w-hlte girl for general housework: small family; no outside work; good wages.

46ii5 McPherson av. I'd HOFSEG1KL Wtd. Good girl or middle-aged lady for housework, family of two; 4-room will pav $12 to right party. Ad. box 128.

GranUe Clty Just across river. HOl'SEGIRL Wtd. For general housework In the country; 5 hours' ride from St Ixiuis L. X. railway; small family: no children: good, permanent home: goo! wages for a good woman: will pay railroad fare one wav.

H. S. Kearden. Shawnee- town. 111.

17 LAUNDRESS Wtd. For basement room: white oreolored. 2612 Locustt. LAI'NDRESS Wtd. Good German laundress, two days week or take clothes home.

4240 Delmar. XFRSE Wtd. Infant nurse. wllllne to travel. Immire Hamilton HoteL Nl'RSEOlRL Wtd.

AATiIte: gixl place lor Slcrnerson. Xl'RSEGIRL Wtd. loung nurseglrl. white or colored. 60B4A Kartmer sv Nt girl to aivl awfist ith ligSit housework.

nurse child 5626A Midi Pie av. Wtd. White nurse for two children; must have references. Mrs. C.

R. Gray. Fsona Hotel. ALTERATION HANDS Wtd. Experienced al teration hands; steady vvorK; uignest wages.

Aal's. 515 Locust st. (7) CASHIER Wtd. ioung woman ror remauraut; city references reuuirei. iam MBERM A IDS chamliermaids.

Plaia Hotel. 3127 Lociwtst. 't' ll Wtd. C'hamliermald and dining room girl. 3739 Windsor.

(6) CHAMBERMAID Wtd. Also helip a little at tatde: wages rererences requirea. ine lxingtou.Kirkwood. Mo. COOK Wtd.

For boarding house. 2037 Eu genia st. COOK Wtd. Woman short order cook. Stir on Lunchroom, si COOK Wtd.

Experiemed colored cook for first-class private boarding bouse. 3663 West Pine bl. (7 DISHWASHER Wtd. At once; come pre-Ired to work 3730 Windsor (6) DIsiFwASHERS. ETC.

Wtd and housegirls. Gospel Rest Room League, 7ol Washington a. EL-LI NG HANDS Wtd. Experienced felling hands on custom coats. J.

W. Losse P. T. 807 X. 6th st.

(1 GIRIS Wtd. Good machine operators. 1120 Pine. Apply (6) GIRL Wtd. To trim pants.

Mills Averill Taiioi iig Broadw py an Pine. 7l GIRLS Wtd. Girls to learn custom coats; good pay for start. 506 Olive, room 215. (6) GIRLS Wtd.

Young girls to sew on buttons. Ange 1 lies acket Co. Ho th at. (6) GIRLS Wtd. Over 14 years, to pick nuta.

Atpl 513 X. 2d Bt. (8) GIRLS Wtd. Operators and finishers on custom pants.107 X-8thst. (6) GIRLS Wtd.

14 to 18 years old. factory work." Home Cotton Mills. 2d and Barton. (s) GIRLS Wtd. Fifty girls, experienced on power machines.

Angelica Jacket 116 X. 0th st. (0) GIRLS Wtd. At Dr. I Gear's medicine factory.

713 Howard must be exerlenced gl uewo-kers. fi 1 GIRL Wtd. To learn to sew on pants, about 17 years old. Mills Averill TailoMng Broadway and Pine. GIRLS Wtd.

Good waist help and apprentice. Risims 1 and 2 Ghio Vandeventer anil Olive. GIRL Wtd. Helper on trousers: experienced. Call at once; good pay.

709 X. Ewlng flat 14. 7) GIRLS Wtd. To sew on coats: steady employment: good pay. Mills Averill Tailoring Broadway and Pine.

IIANDSEWERS W'td. Experienced handsew-ers on coats. Newman Blehle. 1009 Olive. tfi) HOl'SEGllU.

Wtd. $12 per month. Henrietta Hospital. 15th and Illinois East St. Iouis.l 11.

(IJ LaDIES Wtd. Ten young ladies for chorus for amateur minstrel company; rehearsal Suri'sy. 3 o'clock. Letup's Hall. WjUlrapp, manager.

C7) MACHINE GIRLS. Wtd. Experience)! machine girls and bastcra on Tests; electric power. 621 Lynch st. (6) MODEL Wtd.

For skirts: must be stylish fig-tire and of good carriage and meastrre, 36 or 3S bust. 23 waist. 43 hip. 42 front length. Ferguson-McKinney Skirt Factory.

1006 Lo-cust 6th floor (7) operators Wtd. On skirts and jackets. Hart Skirt Mfg. 1017 Lucas. (6) OPERATORS Wtd.

On pants. Mills Ave'r- 111 Tailoring Broadway and Pine. (7) SALESLADY Wtd. Finke's candy kitchen. 216 Colllusvllle East St.

Iuia. (7) SCRFBWOMAN Wtd. Woman to do A pply at the St. James Hotel. WOMEN Wtd.

Three experienced scrubwomen. $15 per month, board, bed and washing. See Mr. Fay. City Hospital, 14th and Carroll sts.

(7) S1HRT PRESSER Wtd. Experienced shiit presser at Ferguson Mc Kinney's. 909 X. 13rh st (0l SklRTMAKERS Wtd. Immed'atelr.

Apply at Max Schulz 1125 Washington. SKTkTMAKERS. Wtd. SklrtmakerslTnd helpers: walstmakers and helpers; girls to learn at small wages. 424!) lelmar Q.

sklRTA' AVERS Wtd. Experienced steady work. Punch 901 Wash-Iiigtonav. (gi SKIRT OPERATORS Wtd. 50 experienced operators: steady work: highest pay to competent hands.

Apply Ferguson-McK Inner SkhtactorylOfal l.ocnst 5th floor. (SI 4- 44 4s 4 4 SKIRT HANDS WANTED Ex- perienced; also fitters for our cloak alteration department; steady employment and best salary to competent people. Apply to Manager Cloak De- partment, Grand-Leader. (8) g. 3 Wtd.

Three experienced lady solicitors: salsry or commission. Murlllo Studio. 1314 Olive t. -(si STENOGRAPHER Wtd. irlen-ed stenographer: salary and lioard; employed from a.

m. to 7:30 p. m. L'nlon Statn Restaurant. TRAVEIdXG agents to appoint local representatives to sell our high-grade comets, petticoats and dress wklrts: good wages to hustlers: old house.

Crescent Works. Ann ArlrMlch. (HI WAIST FINISHER Wtd. First-class ladles' waist Jfmisher. atni-e.

5.L1H01Jjre st. WAITRF.SE.S AVtd.Aixidy 211 N. 8th WAITRESSES Wtd. At 220 X. 7tn.

(8)" WAITRESS Olive St. WAITRESS Wld. Lunch night: come r-adv for work: references. liXlOA av. WAITRESS WtL Young waitress for "lun-ti-ronm: $0 and room: night work.

1326 Market t. WANTED IRONERS To press and fold ladles' mir-lin underwe.r: wages $4 to $0 week, according to ability; steady work. S. GRAIIINSKY A 7 "iVashiiigton av. (7 LAUNDRY HELP WANTED.

GIRLS WM. Girls, steam preses. and clrla to learn. Empire Laundry. Bell and Leonard.

(61 Wtd. First -class waist lroner. Newiort I (7 Wtd. Neck lroner. Colon I.aunlry 420 (dive.

161 LAl'NDRY HELP Wtd. La alee" clothes and" waist lroner. cuffers. hnmlers. lxly Ironers and mangle hands: also girls to learn.

Leader IjiuiiiIt.v 2315 Texas av. MANGLE GIRLS Wtd. Apply Monday tmrrn-Ing Benton. 11 I-Tn E'lC. A td F.xvrlen-e.l lace curtain piuners and nrvi ers; i 25 day.

Newstead I'e Cleaning 97 News.ead av. (7) SHOEWORKERS WANTED. SIIOEWOKKFRS VA til. -Tip repairers and tr-er on lsilt" shoe. IIiiikIIhd Hmnn tirltv factiK-r.

21et and olive. ll) i. Wld. Treersnd dressers on ladies flue shoes. Hamilton llroivn.

American Idy Factory, 2 1st and ljocunt. 111 SKIVERS Wtd. On men's fine siboes. Hainll-tou-Biown Shoe Amerii-an Gentleman factory. 21st and IjcKUst sts.

(li 1 OK Eft ban "ON EM I LLION eTn the city of St. and contiguous territory RKAD th 8L'NIAT POST-DISPATCH EVERY Sunday. SOCIETY OF SCIENTIFIC AND RELIGIOUS EUS Howard Hall, corner Olive and Garrison; lec-tnres and demonstrations of immortality on Sunday at 2:20 and p. m. by Rev.

Jonie K. Folsom and C. YV. Stewart. Admission free.

SOCIALIST CONGREGATION ProB-ress Hall. 3204 Lucas avenue; It a. final lecture of the series on "Trust-" "Socialists Approve of Trusts Their Reasons." bv Judge James Slanker, At a. m. reading of Hamlet's Solil-ouuy on Suicide and 30-niinnte lecture thereon by Louis IX Goodman.

I CONGREGATIONAL niUKCll-Delmar boulevard. near Grand. Rev. Thomas B. McLeod, pastor.

Sfrvices, a. m. and p. m. All are cordially invited.

"FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Vashin.gton boulevard and Forty-first street: MorninR. at 11, the pastor. Rev. W. J.

McKittrick, D. topic, "The Christian Church." Evening at topic, "The Christian All are cordially Invited. LINDELL AVENUE M. E. CHURCH -i-Lindell and Newstead avenues 4 401 west); I H.

Dorchester, pastor: Palm Sunday services with appropriate sermons ard music; 11 a. pastor's topic, "The City's King:" 8 p. topic, "Royal Palms and Loyal Lives." Everybody welcome. PILGRIM CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH Washington and bwing ave-mi; Rev. Dr.

Charles S. Mills, pastor: 11 a. Palm Sunday service; sermon, "The Kins; at the Door;" 8 p. sixth in Lenton series; theme, "The Savior From Sin." All cordially invited. PETEKR'S EPISCOPAL CHURCH Lindell boulevard and Spring aevnue; Rev.

D. C. Garrett, rector: Palm Sunday services. 7:40 a. 11 a.

m. and 8 J. m. 'ST. GEORGE'S CHURCH Olive and Pendleton (4300) streets: Dr.

Holland will preach on "Church Merbership." Service and sermon at 4:30 p. m. every week day except Saturday. TEMPLE ISRAEL Sunday morning fit 10:30 Rabbi Leon Harrison will speak. Subject.

"Which Is the Noblest of All the Virtues?" All interested are invited to be present. UNIVERSAL, SPIRITUAL SOCIETY 4278 Finnev avenue. Regular services everv Sundav at 2:30 p. m. Test and S-pirit messages by Rev.

Katherine Graham. DEATHS. BRRUKIi Entered into rest on nursoav, April lauo. at v- i Catherine Berger. aged 23 years 11 months, dearly beiovea aauguiei i Frances Berger (nee Schultz).

and the late John H. Berger, and our -dear sister and sister-in-law. Funeral wili take place on Sunday, April 8, at 1:30 p. from residence, 1402 Buchanan street to Holy Trinity Church, thence to Calvary Cemetery. Relatives and friends are invited.

BOTEMPS Entered into rest on Thursday. April 5. after a brief 111- ness. Barbara Bontemps (nee Hol-blaub), dear mother of Katie and Adolph L. Bontemps and Annie Braun, Maggie Weindel and Louise Franke, aged 57 years.

Funeral from the family residence, 3321 South Eighteenth street, on Sunday, April 8. at 1:30 p. m. Bl'SCH Entered into rest suddenly on Wednesday, April 4. 1906.

at 9:30 p. George Busch. dearly beloved son of Elizabeth Busch (nee Frey) and of the late Fred C. Busch, and our dearly beloved brother. Funeral will take place from the familv residence, 3023 Rutger street, Sunday, April 8.

1906. at 1:30 p. m-, 1 hence to St. Matthew's Cemetery. Friends and relatives respectfully invited to attend.

KBDIXG William Ebbinj to rest Friday, April 6 entered at 12:15 in. Will be buried from the family residence of Joseph Stein. 2551 Maiden lane. Funeral will take place Sunday, April 8, at 2 p. ni.

EnsTHOll Entered into rest on Fri-. day. April 6. ot Mullanphy Hospital, after a lingering illness. Stanley Ed-slrom.

age IS years 6 months and 1 day. f-on of Frank and Margaret Ed-' strom and beloved brother of Gus-tave, John, Em II and Annie Edstrom. Funeral Sunday, April Js, at 1:30 p. m. from family residence.

2357 South Ninth street, to Assumption Church, thence to Calvary. vnvt'KH Entered Into rest on Satur day, at 3 a. James S. Fost er, beloved husband ot uamerme Foster inve Smith, and father of Tise. Margaret.

Freda. Gregory and Frank Foster. Mrs. Henrietta Kings- ley (nee Foster, and the late Katie Foster. Funeral will take placv from the late residence, 4171A Cleveland avenue.

Due notice of timv will be given. r' Deceased was a member of Magnolia Lodge, No. 1154, K. and of It. HmM On Friday.

April 6. 1906, at 1 a. Godfrey Haenni, aged 44 years 5 months and 24 days. The funeral will take place from funeral rooms of Clement Schnur, 713 Manchester avenue, on Sunday, April 8, nt 1:30 p. m.

Interment at new St. Marcus Cemetery. JIMH.IVS On Friday, April 6. 1906, nt 8:30 p. after a lingering ill- ness.

Emilie Higgins (nee Herr- manni. beloved mother of Mrs. Maris Streit. Mrs. Lena Schleler and Ida.

Emil J. and Edward F. Herr-maim, and mother-in-law of William Streit and Louis Schieler, aged 62 years. Funeral Monday at 2 p. from residence.

132S South Seventh street. Bethania Cemetery. Retatives and friends are invited. Deceased was a member of Martha Washington Lodge, No. 472, K.

and of H. (7) George Horneker of Eureka, at Deaconess Hospital. at 7:50 a. m. Saturday.

April 7. in bis 73d year, beloved father of "William. Edward F. Emil Horneker nd Mrs. Anna Llngenbrink and Mrs.

Josephine Wright. 1' Notice of funeral later. 1IOWAIII) Thursday. April 5. 2:30 a.

Jnhn "AV. Howard (Cnpt. John), ''husband of Margaret B. Howard. Services and funeral from Alexan-', ilfr' parlors.

2835 Olive street, Sun-day. Aprfl 8. 10 a. m. Chicago and Louisville papers please copy.

K. Entered into rest on Fri- day. April 6. 8:30 a. Benjamin Kaelln.

beloved son of Frank and Mary Kaelin and brother of Frankie, Paul. Walter. Rose ami Mary Kaelin. aged 8 years and 6 months. Funeral from family residence, -235 Alberta street, Sunday, April 8.

nt 2 p. to SS. Peter and Paul's 'Cemetery. Relatives am friends in- vlted to attend. (7) liKlilOfiAX Entered Into rest on Thursday.

Aprtl 5. ll, at 10:15 p. Mary Kerrigan (nee O'Donneili, beloved mother of Edward Kerrigan. Funeral will take place from the family residence, 1116 North Nineteenth street, on Sundav, April at 1:30 p. to St.

Bridget's Church. Ihnr to Calvary Cemetery. Friends re rewpectfully invited. OmaJia. (Neb.) papers please copy, (7; lajha (Neb.) BOY Wtd With some experience, to work in 'irng s'ore.

German preferred; references. Apply lianneke. old Manchester rd. i7l P.OY Wtd. --Strong" bov to drive one-horse wagon: must lie honest and give reference; steaUy position.

Ad. Post-Dispatch (UI BOYS Wtd-Bright bovs. ltween 11 and 1." years of ace capable of advancement, for wholevjile house. Ad. lol.

(loi BOY WtiLBrigliiiov. 17 years oM. to learn g'od trade: tour years wages week to start; must have grammar school etlm-ation and be accompanied by parent. In- Jaml Tyne Foundry. 12tu and l.ocust 8ts.

(61 BoY Wtd. Boy lr or IIS years for office of manufacturing concern: must write good hand a iid have grammar school education and come recommended; state vonr age. where previously employe. 1 anil experience: the position offers advancement for right isiy. Ad.

A Post-Dlspatcb. Gl BP. FAV Wtd First-class German-American brewers for out of the city; union men. 134. Post-Dispatch.

BRirivLAYEKS Wtd. -St. Ixoils IVrtlan.1 Prospect Hlil. Mo. John Bolaud Const.

Co. t'6) Bi'SSBoi 211 N. 8U1 210G Franklin ar..

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