The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 5, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, September 5, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—No. H7 Blythevillc Courier, Blytlieylllc Herald. Blyllicvllle Dally News, Mississippi Valley ARKANSAS. I.'IUDAY, SKITKMHKR f,, 1930 SINGLE COPIES. FIVE ; CENTS DOMINICAN DEATH TOLL MOUNTS TO 1, : — . ' : __ ' - ; .. ••• '• . : '.7' SUITS RENOHL TO U.S. JFulrell Hears District 17 Arguments, Tells What Decision ts Likely To Be A full day of argument, at times heated, brought an intimation from Chancellor J. M. Futrell ycsterda- that he would permit trustees fo- Drainage District 17 bondholders te be admitted as defendants in the - drainage district receivership casr for the" purpose of making a motion to transfer the case to fetlera- court, but that he would deny, th' ; motion for transfer. ' The hearing was held at Paragould yesterday, but Judge Pulrell's formal dcclson is not expected 1111 111 he convenes chancery court here September 22. Charles Prierson, Jonesljoro re-* lesenling the Guaranty and Trus' company of Cleveland and the Ot!= company, petitioners in the case atlacked the present chancery court receivership, as a product of fraudulent collusion between the plaintiffs who obtained the receivership and the drainage district. He aske? that the parties to the suit be re- alllgned'. with the drainage distri- and its commissioners as joint plaintiffs with E. Harper and C. E. Crigger, original petitioners tot 1 tlr receivership. alid with the bondholders and their trustees as de fendants. This would permit tlr' bondholders and their trusieus. as sole defendants and as non-residents of Arkansas, to obtain.a removal of the case to federal court. Argument Is Lengthy . While Chancellor Futrell has not actually made his decision, he-let tt be known that he would 'not or- der'the realUgnmenl of parties to thp viujt jisked by the trustees o' the Ixmdho'lders. but would probably admjt,. them.- «s qualified de' Ancient Memphian Sees No Change from Old MEMPHIS, Tenn. <UP>- Charlcs E. Durrell was telling about the celebration fcr his 85th birthday. "Yessir' I sure had one heck of a time. I don't reckon I've stayed up quite as late—why. I guess it was 2 o'clock in the morning when I finally got tr bed—in 35/or 40 years. That was one real whoopee party! • "But doggone it! I-run out a' tobacco' for my pipe right in the midst of things.'.' Asked about the young people of his day, Durrell. fathe 1 of 16 children, six of whom aro living, eaid. "they fought, drank and loved the girls 50 years a»o the same' as they do today- even a hundred years ago."- FRENCH TIMS LEAVE DllnS Broadway Greets French Flyers Will Rest in.Kentucky City and Lunch With Hoover Saturday. DELEGATES DALLAS, Tex., Sept. 5 <UP) — | Dieudonne Ccste and Maurice Bell' onto waved farewell to a madly : cheering group at Love field here I today and roared into the air for ' : a return flight <o the eastern sea- j ' beard.' ; Tlielr scsqui-plane Question Mark, ; whiUi has been in the air with but . brief pause's since lost Monday, rose gracefully over the field at 12:32 p. in., c. s t. j .The flyers, who have put, approx- I imalcly 5.500 miles behind them i since their departure from Paris i fcr New York, planned lo break I their journey at - Louisville for a ' much needed rest tonight. They Dpmnrratir Cotintv Com- ' win contimle t° Washington Satur- uemuLrdtic Bounty ^uiu ; -, cco .. Mr .,, to Bww R CCOY ,,. their i day according to Rene Recova, their nilttee Announces Group I manager, for a luncheon with Pres.' A, i iv/i ,• 'Went Hoover. A reception Is to be tO Attend Meeting. , he-Id in their honor at the Capitol : Monday. Delegates'to the slate Democratic ; < Huge Cruv'nl Greets Them convention to be held in Hot i it w as estimated it will take six Springs Sept. llth and 12th have hours to fly to Louisville from Dai- been named by the central com- las. They are flying the same route mlttee of Mississippi county. They ' that they took from New York, are: J. L. Williams, Briice Ivy. C. • A luige crowd gathered at Love field gave the Frenchmen a vociferous greeting as they ended their 1,600 mile non-stop flight from New E. Sullinger, S. L. Gladish, W. J. Driver, J. B. Bunn, R. E. L. Wilson, M. L. Sumners. Neill need. Zal'B. Harrison, A.- (3. Little, W.'York at 5:30 yesterday afternoon. W. Shaver, W. D. Gvavette, R. j winning the $25,000 Ensterwood A. Neh.011, E. E. Alexander, G. B.' prbc for the firsl non-stop flight Scgraves, T. J. Ecgraves, T. J. Ma-! from Paris to Dallas, han and J. ,T. Coston. Alternate ; delegates: John Uzell, E. H. Taber,! Easterwood Tubilanl" Wilson. 'Congressional committee- ' Paris-New men, S. H. Simpson; Senatorial tee'man. The ced by Bruce Iv,. central committee Algerian Cotton Fields! fendarits in the' case for the sol' purpose of permitting them to filo n motion for transfer of the case to federal court. This latter motior was argued as if formally mode.- and the chancellor intimated thai he would deny ii. Argument of the petition w.r opened at 10 o'clock yesterdav morning by Mr. Frierson and ii was 9 p. m. before il was complel,- ed. Charles Coleman of Little Rort: p- i 117 »> appeared as attorney for Harper I link TTOrmS Damaging and Crigger. ihe original plaintifis. I and W. Lec-n Smith appeared i ' behalf of the drainage district and Us commissioners, both opnosin; Ihe move for realignment of par- lies to the suit and removal tc federal court. May Go to U. S. Court If Chancellor Futrell's decision, when made, follows the lines hf indicated last night, it is anticipated that Ihe next move by th- trustccs for the bondholders will! be to go directly to the fenern 1 ' nrc to l)c set to catch court, under the right whiclr* their flies and wlle n the last iadmission as (defendants would give them, with a request for n order removing the case to federa' court. If they do not follow tha 1 course they will have the' right of appeal to the state suoreme cour' from Chancellor Futrell's decision. The present chancery court receivership, established over a month ago by Chancellor Futrell on petition of Harper, a bondholder, and Crigger, a landowner, and witr Churchill M. Buck of this city as receiver, is objected to by the trustees for the bondholders on the grounds that it is subject to Ihe influence of local land owners in a way prejudicial tc the interests o' ihe bondholders. They assert tha' it was obtained through collusio* C. G. Smith, C.- A. Rogers, Marcus I -LONDON! — Col. W. E. Easter Evrard, B. P. Smith, Claude Coop- . weed Jr., of Dallas,. Tex.[ arrived er, Oscar Alexander, s, R. Simpson, : h=re last night from Dublin, as en- [vjr Crswfcrd, J. P. Tompltlns, J. jthusiastic as a school boy over the Jr..-H. J. Meadows,' W. airival at Dallas of Dieudonne Cos- Teaford, Clarence [ t e and Maurice Lellontc after their "luliieiny of Mail" Dies on Gallows, a Curse on Lips wmm !''EDEHAL PENITENTIARY. I IjEAVENWORTII. Kans., Sept. 5 <UP)—Showing contempt for life until the end, Carl Panzrnn, who proudly referred to himself as "the most criminal man In Ihc world" and ' ihe enemy of mankind,'" died on-the gallows here today. Paiuian died with a curse on his i lips. His las', request was that two • ministers in clerical garb in the i audience te asked lo leave. The re! quest was granted. . i : I'unzran was Riven no chance la • carry out . hangman threat to curse the before the trap was i sprung. He ci:r.«d and spat when 1 he entered OH; enclosure but when he stepped on the gallows platform (lie black hood was instantly place<< over his head. There wus i clank of ch.ilns as' the trap wa' sprung and Pan/rim dropped to hi: death. W. York flight. Colonel Easterwood plans to fly While admiring thousands roared their applruis?, Diemlonue.Cpsjc. left, and Maurice I!?ll3nle, right first airmen to succeed in making a westward crossing of thc £.!ltinllc from mainland to mainland, arc shown here waving 10 Ihe crowds as they rode up Brcadway. at life head of a precession 'of honor. Grower Whalen, welcoming chairman, ts seated in front of the French flying learn. fiTTENDfiEFflu CIT1 IpTED Opening .Enrollment Will Be Approximately 2,000 Officials Predict. FflRreitf Thousands Arc Injured and Tens of Thousands Home-' less in Santo Dorfiingo.. SANTA DOMINGO, Dominican Republican. Sept. 5 (UP)— Rescue squads, almost exhausted by .two days ot intensive relief work, con^ tinned to bring bodies from theV wreckage of 5,000 Santo Domingo •: homes destroyed by Wednesday's^ hurricane. ' •:" , With thc death toll " more than 1,000 the problem of dls- ix>sal of bodies of victims became acute. About 300 were cremated ' hist night. 1*0 rescue workers. • continued at their gruesome 'task'' all day. preparing many more bod- • les for cremation.' - : ' .'.-*•' The food shortage was rapidly becoming more acute, although ar,- ' rival of relief ships from For to; Rico and Cuba tomorrow was 'ex- •; peeled to relieve the situation somewhat. The failure of the water supply caused widespread suffering and lack of lighting facilities ham-: pcrcd work nt night. '..'. he will first boat from Paris after | Saturday and present them the j check in New York. Fly Over Little . Rock LITTLE ROCK.—Dieudonne Cos- irr-Tc- te " n<t Maurice Bellonte, famous ALGIERS. (UP)—The p i n k I French fliers who several days ago worni_ has put in an appearance in ! spanned ihe Atlantic ocean in their Algeria cotton fields. The pink | airship, the Question Mark, steered worm ,s the caterpillar of a but-; their famous plane over the west-. , terfly (pecunophora gossypiella) ' em edge of Pulaski Heights yes-!the which can no longer be'kept out : le ,day afternoon. Hundreds of per°L* lg .l na : Damfl g« caused by the ; L0ns livinK in the Heights rushed p. m. . ..'hen they heard a At^ difTerent ^seasons lamp traps : ovei head. They repor Will Continue Trip Down Mississippi After Flying Visit to Tulsa. ABOARD STEAMBOAT GENERAL ALLEN ON THE MISSISSIPPI. Sept. 5. (UP)—Secretary of War Hurley transferred his attention from navigation to flood control today as the Steamboat Gen- Allen on which he is touring Mississippi river system enler- the broadening stream above Trap Nude Moonshiner ',v Inside 2,000 Galldw ; : Still MEMPHIS. Sept. 5. (UP)-Federal raiding officers who came upon [(2.000 gallon still cleverly concealed in Arkansas swamps west of here lute yesterday experienced little trouble in making Johnny Hinds. 35, their prisoner. Hinds, nude, was Inside the still cleaning It. His companions, two white men and ( -i negro, attempted to escape capture but were outdistanced. Hinds popped out of the still as officers were discussing destroying it by rillinjr It full of bullet holes. St. Hurley and his party of enginers 1 Will Discuss Bridge Dynamiting Monday HOT SPRINGS, Sept. *5. (UP) — A meeting of the entire Arkansas Rev. H. Klcindienst Will Be Firsl Resident Minister of Church Here. The Rev. H. Kleiudienst. newly called pastor of the Lutheran church organized he-re a year ago, will be installed ni a meeting Sunday evening. 7:45 o'clock, at th? St. Stephen Episcopal church, where members of this denomination worship. Installation riles will be conducted by the Rev. H. Hallsr- Tlic public schools of Blythcville, due lo financial conditions of the school district to be maintained partly this year by tuition fees charged students,: will open Monday with what school olttclnls predict . and pre-school' registration shows, will be a normal attendance. - - '. '• ' ;V -.".' Approximately - 2.000 students, about 450 of thlB.r\um'ber,\cplored . .student!. Iftrc_^H!i$)r i £C'i"_ /yroil- I Monday and Tuesdfly.'wilfi'iiirslu- < dents expected to report Monday, i The faculty of the school lias been Instructed by the .school board not to enroll students who do not pny Ihe matriculation fees, as scheduled by tlie board, by Tuesday. All Must Pay F«s III Ihe grammar grades, fees-of three dollars for each half of thr school year will be charged. Seven dollars and n half will be required of Junior high studonU each hall year, and fifteen dollars from each high school sludciit. Of the fust term fees, students will be required to pay one half, amounting to a quarterly fee, before Iheir names will be enrolled on the school records, with paytnent lo be made by Tuesday, It is stated. No provisions SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican, .-•-. Republic, Sept. 5 CUP)—The casual- .. ties In Ihe hurricane tlmt'devast-' aled Santo • Domingo yesterday were estimated'-today at more lliari . : i;000 killed and about 4,000 injured. Many of the Injured were so seriously hurt they were expected to die. Late surveys of the capital showed Ihe devastation to be even more extensive thtm originally be- : lleved by officials. With about • three quarters o( the 'population, of more than 40,000 homeless,-'.-the '.-. sanitary authorities Bordered','dcj. •'••?- slructlon by fire "of : i)V'W«k«te v '; likely lo cause disease, and: ftther precautions' Were taken •''against'• pestilence,. .... ,•%,*•.;•", ;-,*.•£'. ^i'X': 1 .. r'rHv«'' t'^— ---J'-^IV. -' !-•&. 2 "l *•--•.-/'".H.".«ii(i I |W / picked plants or remains of col- i ton remaining In the fields must be : destroyed by fire. 'All grains of cot-'" ion from the infested territory must be disinfected. j butter- \ tion Mark, accompanied crop is ; plnne, heading toward Texas. roaring noise : and other officials who are survey- Uighway commission and officials of •ted the Ques- 'ng thei river tci del,-rmlne the <••<- ln \ -^ &s ci , Brid company lied by a bl- visibility of dredging a 9-foot clun- win „, held at Llulc Rock ^ Boy Hit by Car Near Turrell Thursday MacDonald Entertains nel expect to reach St. Louis early tomorrow. The secretary of war plans to fly to Tulso, Okla., his home town, to address the American Legion Saturdar. He will return lo St. Louis Monday and conlimv! his inspection tour ihe WILSON. Ark.—Ernest Alexander I followtn B day. C i V i I ii' received numerous cuts and bruises! 00ns Ot first Lanlady when a car hit him as he was cross- i M •• , ing Ihe highway near Turrell I Manila day, it was decided here tollay at a conference of highway department and bridge officials regarding the wrecked Garland City bridge. Nothing tangible was accomplished toward the rebuilding of the bridge or fixing the responst- bililv for Ihe loss. It was said. LONDON. (UP)—Prime Minister; Thursday morning. His injuries are I lacDonald's first landlady died ! mt expected to prove serious. ! thc petitioners and the drainage district, and that the only real issue is not between the original peti tioners for the receivership and tt:r> . district, but between the district and thn out of state bondholders The original petitioners and the drainage district take the position thai the chancery court receivership is best for all parties concerned inasmuch as it permits r court well Informed of the difficulties which caused the receivership to exercise a close personal supervision over the district's affairs. Cotton Coming in Fast to Gins at Manila MANILA, Sept. 5.—Cotton is be- Ing picked very rapidly In this vicinity. The total number of bales that the gins of Manila have turned out Is over 200. The orice fo- plcking varies from thirty-five cents to seventy-five cents.'The gins have been running all day and throne' part of the night In order to keeo ur> with the cotton that is brought ''ntc town. Although Ihe drouth has affccled t^e amount of cotton r r-ach acre. It Is thought that the increased acreage around here will cause plenty of cotton to be brought in. MacDonald's first landlady died without knowing he had become, Crossing the road lo board a I famous. ' • : truck on which he had been to An interesting trait of MacDon- i Memphis. Ernest did not'see ths old's character was revealed when | oncoming cor, driven by Dr. Brown after considerable search he lo-! of Whitton. He was caught by Uie cated her two sons, W. T. and H.: left fender and thrown backward S. Lamb and invited boUi to visit | to the pavement, the rear wheel 10 Downing street where the trio ! barely missing him. discussed old times. i "One of those simple-minded, Will j Have Half-Day Sessions j i MANILA, Ark., Sept. 5.—The Ma- i nila school will start its fall term fj/> Bezdeck Renews *" , , . . rwiuinuivnsi- n Arkansas Acquaintance ] Sunday momi I • LITTLE ROCK. sept. 5. (up>- Dental Association Plans HIIRO Brzdek. Pennsylvania State: ~—~ -~ •»•' ^...« nugo liczueK. rennsvivnnna otaie; _. i i n i *• ,• a, seven o'clock Monday morning, athletic director, who two decades Monthly Study Meetings Sept. 8. The time will be from scv- | ngo i Mncl i out the first outstand- ,, t mUI , „... ,„ ^lve. This will continue flig ntn]r .ij,. tenms at t]le Unlv( ,. sl , v ?±, '" »l er j?" '" °' Arkansas, met here today with school children can pick cotton during the afternoon. motherly people, whose influence i Cashier of Defunct Bank was strengthening and inspiring," _. .... n MacDonald described Mrs. Lamb. | Charged With Forgery Hold Services Today for Joe HoliHeld i J - J - Rowc, former cashier of the The teachers for this school y? are: H. S. Games, supcrlntcndeiu ; J. M. Cleveland, principal: Mis? Johnnie Bell Danehower. sevcntv and eighth grades: Miss Lillian Shaver, sixth and fifth: Miss Clarice Kennedy, fourth; Miss Haz?' Funeral services^™ belni, h»M ' candidate for slate "senator, charg- H °i"' ^^- «"<» Mrs. Odell A«o. tunerai services are being held; foraerv i primary. There is another prlmarv a afternoon for Joe Hollfield, 54, : mg nm WM lorgerj. MOUNT IDA, Ark., Sept. 5. (UP) ! —A warrant was issued today for ; Bank of Caddo Gap. and a recent Registration was held on Tuesdav I cussion of footba norning. and over 150 registered, nual conference many of his former pupils. Bezdek was here to lead the dls- football rules at the an- of the Arkansas Assoctalioti of Athletic officials, t )e held lo:norro'.v. betg. mission director for the nils-1 lmve ucen made b y tnc lboal ' cl for ! exemptions from the charges. In n statement Ihls morning Crawford Greene, superintendent 01' thc Blytheville schools, urged parents of school children to-.send school books that are no longe needed by their children to instructors so that they may be distributed among pupils who are unable to purchase books. Many books, left unnoticed in thc homes by students who have graduated or advanced in their courses, would prove valuable lo other students, the superintendent staled. Durham Returns With the announcement that Glenn Durham, biology instructor and assistant coach, had reconsidered his resignation from the staff and has again been employed by the school board, thc staff of instructors for the entire city school system is complete. The faculty of all the schools will assemble at the high school build- sion church in this district . The new pastor graduated frorr Ihe Concordia Seminary of St Louis in June and will be the first resident pastor, of the Lutheran church In Blythcvilie. The Rev. R. G. Lnngc. of Lafe, Ark., organized the church with four charter members, George Lange, Frcid Reichcl. A. Wilde and F. Atchlscn. After hr went to Pine Bluff tl'.o Rev. E. H Koerbcr, of Cape Girardeau, has been conducting services- on Sim- day evenings to a congregation which IIKS grown substantially. With the arrival of the Rev. Mr. KIcindienst there «ill be services and evening. Mexican, Spanish,.French a>jd HaK tien legations were demolished; 1 -Relief Ship On W»y..•-•'- Tlie Hailien minister--and,-.liul'- famlly are Jlvim; In the cellar of . the wrecked legation without food or clothing.. Tlie building of.the Bank of Nova Scotia, offices of the Bull Insular Steamship line, and many other large-'buildings were demolished. Banks were kept closed 'and •' all ; business activity of the city ceased .a permit the hastily mobilized relief forces to function'. ;*-The government announced tnree vessels were expected here from Porto Rico early tomorrow, bringing supplies and medicine, and physicians were expected _by 'airplane from Cuba and the Haitien government h'as .dispatched supplies: and medicine by airplane and land routes. The fate of the Interior regions was still uncertain and it was feared the restoration of communication .lines would show the hurricane struck violently along a wide path northwestward across' the Is-' land. foraerv , , lorgerj. who succumbed at his home, 200. ! It was charged Rowe forged West Sycamore street at l l:3 r i letter of credit of $10.000 on a Lit- o'clock Thursday morning. Hollfield i He R<*k bank. He has not been ar- had been in falling health for abou* j rested. two months after being weakened' Rowe was a candidate for sen- by an attack of heat prostration i ator from the 2lst district. teacher to be •selertf.rt ni Mir- of tnfschool b- 3 rd o-d ice wU t'en cn ° Lce ft " l " cn The Caddo Gnp bank failed short- I ly before the state primary. In the summer. The Rev. Bunch Is officiating • the services and interment will be made at Maple Grove cemetery \ The cobb -undertaking company I Marked Tree Prisoners in charge of funeral plans. ^i«a»nvti The deceased is survived by his widow, Mrs. Hallle Hollfield. foil- ' sons and six daughters. Are Communists Routed SHANGHAI. China, Sept. 5. (UP> —A combined attack of govern« nient armored trains, planes an? in Sawn Fvnpn«l>« R untx> ats on communist and bar to aave expenses, dit rorces near Cnanesh ,, was „. RUNAWAY CHAMP BELLEVILLE. 111., <UP)-A]!)ert i petty Amet, " " some for .L. . « . j , , Whether tlic drouth has affected '. tary headquarters [the cliy treasury or not the torn ta today by nationalUt mill- The announcement said 10.000 o' forces menacing Changsha had fled south pade resulted in his capture by Si. i town gets enough money ahead to Dentists norlheart Akansas night, when Ihe Southeast Missou- j ln thc whitc sc i loc) ] s and S \ K i n the ri-Northeast Arkaiisas Denial Sludy co | orec i sc | loo i v,-ill meel at their I club was org.r.iiz.'d. Peer's Daughter Will Teach at Icedrome LONDON. (UP)-A clerk will be privileged to call upon a peer's daughter for instruction when the Hammersmith Icedrome opens in September. Lady Joan Gertrude Amhjrst. eldest daughter of the fourth jJar! Amhersl, has signed a contract to i I various schools for conferences with Dr. H. A. Taylor was elected prcs- j pr i, lc | D! ,i s . > ' :cnt and Dr. L. H. Moor? sccre- i . RegU tratton of idc tary. Both reside Red Cress Gels VYASHINGTON, sept. 4 (UP)— The Caribbean hurricane killed ;'a thousand persons, injured 2,500, and destroyed about 4,700 homes and left 29,000 people homeless in Santo Domingo city, Captain Antonio Silva, Red Cross relief'work- er, cabled to American Red Cross headquarters here today after a survey of the hurricane area. Silva's report had been availed by President Hoover to determine whether it would be necessary' to Issue a proclamation calling for contributions for relief,'and it H'as dispatched immediately to the White House. It was the first Red. Cross report direct from the disaster area. At the same time the Dominican legation received its first official freshmen and up- | report on the disaster from the ---- . .. . per classmen has-been under \.«y \ Dominican government. Tlie death The first study will be held at j (he j nt(er parl of lhis wcek aml 3 toll was put at 1,000 with an "im- Kennett in October Efforts ior Peace in India End in BOMBAY. India. Sept. 5. (UP> — ! laigc number of students will have i their courses outlined and sched- I ules formed before thc school of! ficially opens Monday. As usual, ar opening program will be held at the high school auditorium Mon day morning. Efforts to nbrat peace be- and hours a day and will receive Ihe same pay as other instructors. Lady Joan is a National Skating Association medalist. Charles, Mo., police. Deputy Sheriff Slain in Illinois Still Raid SANDUSKY, 111., Sept. 5. (DP)— Herbert Ccryell. a deputy sheriff, was shot to death and Buck Bryant," 18-ycar-cld bootlegger, was ernment set up al Pelplni?. \vns | wounded v.lien officers raided a sllll withdrawing northward. jliere lost night. icd ; Poison Murder Hearing Announcement of failure of the; PnclnnnaJ l« peace negotiations followed short- i rOSlpOnea 10 ly after Gandhi's followers again! had manufactured salt In violation CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.— Pol- of a government crder. lowing a change of venue from the i court of Justice Tom Smith 'to the | court ot Justice HolHs Daird. thc preliminary hearing for Mrs, Llz- , |zic Smith, accused of poisoning her ARKANSAS - Partly cloudy to husband, James R. Smith, has been unsettled tonight and Saturday, j continued until Monday morning. WEATHER Probable showers iu the north nor ticn. It was 87 degrees here yesterdav, according to tho official weather observer. Frauds Carpenter, and the minimum was 51 degrees. The hearing ,was originally scheduled for today before Justice Smith, following thc arrest of Mrs. Smith on a warrant sworn by Her berl 'Smith, brother of the- dead man. mense number" o.' injured arid property damage of at least $30 • OOO.OCO. . ' Captain Silva's report said: "It Is necessary to cremate bodies for lock of time for X burial Families are sheltered in churches, schools and public buildings' still habitable. Rivers are In high flood. Lack of food is being felt. Families without clothing. Medical supplies insufficient to care for so many Injured. "We arc therefore in need of everything. It is urgent to communicate this to the American government, to the representatives of friendly cities In your nation, to thc American press, to the Rw* Cross, and to the nob!< American people." Fines Imposed for motoring offenses In England and Wales during 1929 totaled more than $1,CK»,000.

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