The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1930
Page 5
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1030 HLYT11KV1U.H, (ARK.) COURIER NBM3 CLASSIFIED ADS Two cents a word lor first inier[Ion and one cent a word for cadi subsequent Insertion. No advertisement tiken lor less than GOc. Count the words and send Hie cash. Phono 306 FOR SALE ANNE AUSTIN 'Till": QIACVC PIGEON 'IHEAVENGINGMWOT "MURDER BACKSTAIRS' FOR SALE—Nice white tab!c peas, 5c pound. O. H. Akin, 901 South Lake. 20l'-K24 BEST OFFER—for Cash or take Slake Truck for complete set, of store fixtures at $24 Ash St. 8-door Refrigerator, Scales. Show Cases, Stove Griddle, UC-fooi black and oiange shelving. Counters, Tables, Chairs, Etc. Must be sold at some price. Make me offer. Laster, 1031 AEh Street. 2GP-K26 FOR KivlN'T I FOR HENT — Four room house, 'newly papered and painted in- bicle. On paved street. Garage. L. Fowler, Phone 888 or 450-J. 18C-TF IN DELL—FOR RENT—3 room house. 58.00; i room house, $11. L. Fowler, Phone 88S or 450-J. 18C-TF FOE RENT—Sleeping room in steam heated home on Main si. Two young men preferred. Address H Courier News. 19c-ktf FOR RENT—Sleeping rosin con- I venient to bath. 201 B. Davis. Phone 25. ;0c-k23 FOR RENT — Comfortable sleeping room, close in, man only. 102 W. Davis. Phone 385. 20P-K24 FOR -RENT—Well furnished front room, bath and garage, S3 per week. 505 Park St. Phone 506: k31 FOR RENT—Two room apartment, furnished. Steam heat. 201 Lake Street, Call 443. 23P-K27 m:<;i\ III:I:K TODAY .IIIA.MI'A St:i.l>l in murdered nt lirlitse. I'umllile »uiyectB Include I.V1IIA OARU, Ihr ainliit JOII.V C. IIIIAKK, JUIICK SIAIl- Ml U.I.. \lf:rn hiudl.iril, to nLnu • tir tinld no rent, and imner ul (ti« £uu nncl klkueer wJm ubtrh • lie \vn» ilioll 1'OI.I.V IUULK nnd €).lVi: IIAMMOM). KI.OJIA .Illl.MS. In \i[ii'i eluiet at 1b« tlmi: ul ITir murder rending: n mile wlilcli «he iMukft !• Irnm bfr Jiu«- luiid. THACKYi JANET IIA V- .11 DM), ItAI.I'll II \M\10M), wlii> \\?.x enfrnKCd (n Mt.1 liut found in.I ll;:, I l>i:\Ti:i! SPlnntjt:. irtici dIJ kyrllr l''t' mile. n.t» tier lOTCt, nnd lirnlinlilj' Xlln't (inrtnr? Im loilin linn hern tirncllenllr rlenrej, anrt fitrnliilird [in nlllil foe Spru^ui'. Knl|ili tlnniinund la nu Sl'lX'IAI. I.VVKHTKMTOIt DU.N- Dl.I-j ivnmii nniT to find uut ulio luild Mln SKP.IHm ulnce her nrrlvnl In llriinllliin. l.jilln lm« nrrnnKrd lur \il.-r*. iTtinallmi. IIH ln«lriK-tril. find it ulvrn t'eTiiittnltm lu Inke rriini il-c luiu^e the drc** ^hk-b Mm vlume (or brr nbroud nnd ulileli llntiilcp KUKiirctn 1» n ived- dln^ itrrxs. Dundee Intend* lo pliotr^r^thli tin- Inidy (n Ihc drrsji. I.ydln s.-iju >lie uiirxn't knnM ivlKTe Mia Urilt Jicr JeirHrj, liul thul It tvnx ta ftamt Brcrel plare In Hie Jicuie. IM.llDIl IlAWIilMS, Nlln'. od.l- Jnh nnn, voiimferrj Hie Infarinii- ll-m lie ninde thv f<iul|irlnl» unitiT ihi- uladiiiT chnt led (tie pn- llee to think Ihr iliot 1111* fired fruin iintKlt!?. mid BUJI thiit tinner* liurned In (tie furnace the he'ore thr inurcier^ Dundee I'KNXY CHAIN tr Ucre I. n 1 titdln? |it:ler In thi- Sellm '. uhlelt luted In lie hi-r r'«. nnd lenras Ihcrr mnjf l>e re'ot tatlu Into Iho envelope ont-itnlng the murdered woman's .III, for temporary safekeeping. Well, Penny, I'm glad you like tbe Ireiis, for Tin going to ask you o do tbo nmnnlklii stunt in It ai soon as Carraway arrives wltU his camera." Penny turned very pale, but she said nothing In protest, and Dundee continued to unpack lite fiullcaso. His masculine hands looked clumsy as lie. handled the costumo slip nud miniature "dancing set"—Urassl nnd "step-Ins"—all matching, of filmiest llcsli-colorcd chiffon and ftr.3 lace. Ills fingers flinched from contact with the switch ol long, silky black curia. . . . 'She bought all them after we camo lo llaniillon," l.ydla offered In her harsh, Hal voice, pointing lo the undergarments. "Them black moire pumps and them French stockings uru brand new, loo. . . . Ilundred-gnugo sill; them stockings are. and never on lier feel—" ivcrtr iif^lit r.»lm n "sli men!. xo« p fV •*• WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and "ironed by competent white woman. Jilrs. Drown, 704 S. Lake St. 11CK-TF POULTRY WANTED—Market, prices, any quantity. Marilyn Hatchery, 210 S. Fourth St. 9C-TF LOST AND FOUND WANTED—To buy chickens, any amount. Fisher's Place,,213 South \ First- St. 23C-TF LOST Ladies brown purse with green leather lining. Finder coll 367-W or Courier News. Reward. 23-k31 PERSONAL. WILL GIVE lOrt of receipts to unemployment relief. Haircut 25c. Shave 15c. Work Guaranteed. C. E. Bradley Barber Shop, 318 E. Main. 18C-K31 WILL TRADE—1328 model I 1 .; ton Ford truck for poultry, hogs or cattle. Address "B". % Courier News. 21P-K24 Experiments haves hown that chromium plated flatimis require ;c per r.?nt less energy to use than those of the usual metal. AUTO PAINTING AVc will .irrangc time payments. Get our prices and save. Genuine Duco W. I. Denton Chevrolet Co. 18c-k2G THE BLACK CAT COFFF.E SIIOITE Now announces new monthly rates for regular palrons. 3 regular tncals daily— S30 per month. Single Meal—5Dc. Vlate I.uncli 40c HAY One, hale or a train load. EAR CORN, shuck on, 88c bu. Siiuck on, 8Cc per bu., in car lots, (.'niton Slnlcs Sales Co., Inc. Blylhcville. Ark. Phone 174 or l,D 13M. c:n o\ WITH TIIP. sroitY CliAPTER XXX was exactly 12 o'clock when '- Lydia Carr. accompanied by De- itclivG Collins of Ihe homicide sqiiud carrying a ?mall suitcase, arrived at the district attorney's of Cvc. "I l:cpl my eye on her every min He of tiic time, lo see that there wasn't no shenanigans," Collins In formed Dundee and Sanderson Im por'.tuilly. callous lo the fact tin tlie maid could hear him. "But let her hring along everything shi said she needed lo lay the hody ou In. ... Wns that right?" "Right!" aercoi ibc district torney. as Ouuilee opened the suit case upon Sanderson's dysk. The royal blue velvet dress laj neatly folded, oil top. Dundee shoo out ils folds. It looked remarkabl fresh and new. in spite ot the year il'had hung in Nila Seiim's variou clofclies closets, preserved for onl God liiicw '.vhat lender memorie ferliaps the beautiful Iltlie dance liad intended all those years that should be her shroud. . . . "Oh. it's lovely!" Penny Grain who was looking on. cried oat i voluntarily. "It looks like a French model." "It's a copy of a French model. You can see by the label on the back of the neck," Lydia answered, her one good eye softening for Penny. "So it is!" Dundee agreed, and took out his penknife to snip the threads which fastened the white satin, gold-lettered label to the frock. " 'Pierre Model. Copied by Simonson's—New York City,'" te read aloud, and slipped the little ,TJ I5ADV for me?" ^•*- appeared In Carraway hail Ihe doorway, arrylng his biggest enmera and "Yes. Carrawny. rcss, Penny. . Jnst the want full- ngth front, back ar.ti sido views of liss Grain wearing this dress, :arrawcy. . . . Flashlights, of ourse. 13ctter take the pictures In liss Grain's office," Dundeu di- ected. "You stuy here. Lytlla. I vant to talk. with you while that ob Is heiug done." son. mentioned in the dispatch from Hamilton, confirms the report tlutt .Mrs. Sellin, us 6ho was known there, twice directed lh» annual Easter musical comedy presented by ihtit fashionable ecliool for young ladles, but could add nothing of Interest to Iho facis given ahove, beyond asserting that Mrs. Scllm had proved lo Im an unusually competent and poimltir director ot lliclv amateur theatricals. CS, tl:ut's correct, as far ns It BOCS," Lydia commcnk-il, re 1 bciitmciil In her harsh voice as she returned tlic paper lo Dundee. "Have you nnytlilng to add?" Dundee cauaht her up quickly. "No, sir!" Lydln sliook her head ler liiis In a grlni lino. Then re sentnieiit Imrat through: "Tbei don't liavo to talk like sho was n back number on firoadway, just bc- causo die was llrcd of the Sliii; and eolng in for movies!" District Attorney Sanderson tool her In hand then, ])clllni! her will rtnestlons about Nila's New Yor "genllcincn frioiuis," but he mud no more headway than Duuucc. "Wo know that Nita, Sellm v;a nfrald o( someone!" Sanderson be gau again, angrily. "Who was It— someone she'd known iu New \'orl or somebody in Hamilton?" "I don't kuowl" Lydin, told hit nally. "I3\it you do know she wag llvln .e offered. "1 suppose you havo read the Hamilton Morning .Veics loday. Ihc'-o clothes, and Hie hall ihino cording to Iho tnslrncllons .Mrs, •!lin left. . . . I'll lenvo Iho pusi: to yon, hut 1 want A (ull-leiiKlli aurc us well us n heud pi)ilv:;ll." * • • i S I/ydla's work-r o u g h c n c d, ^ knuckly hands were returning •o funerul clothes to the suKciiH 1 , :.olliov i|uc6tlou occunoil lo Dun. "Lydla. did you know, before 1 ucslloncd you ut Iho Miles homo I'Slcriltiy, that Sprasno had re- :rnccl for that liag he had loft In n! bedroom upstairs?" Her erarrcd check Unshed livid, ut tho maid answered with dcilant onesty: "Yes. 1 did! lie snake lo te through my bunemcnl wlndifw ust before you como ninnhiK 0 talk lo me. He'd sneaked bark, >nt ho conhl loll from seeing your ;ir ositshle thai yon \vna there, and 10 asked mo to go up ami tu'l ll<o :IK nml °el It ontsldo tho kllci^-n oor for litin, 1 Katd I wonUlu'l do :; It was toa risky." "Then you were prctoivlms lo he islccn when 1 cult-red your r "Yea, 1 wus! l!ul I Iiuil asleep befoi'o Mr. Hpr;it;uo While yon was hammering til r.]c about NiU burning my face 1 luard Mr, S;n'aguo open ibo kltclioti door. Ilo had n key N'tu had him. Ilo didn't hardly make n:,y nolso at till, hill I heard II. lier:nise 1 was listening for It. ... You d loft tho door to Iho basement siairn open, and my door, too, so 1 heard him." "Did you hear him come down?" "Yes, i did! Thero's a luiitnl ou the li:,!'knlnlr:; thai s.iiiiiiika. and 1 heard It plain, whllo yon was sllll jln fear of her life, don't you "Yes, sir," Lydia answered, and ihnnleo Interposed, cccpted without thanks the chair | ••]— wc li. yes, 1 suppose she was Lydia admitted reluctantly. "Hi i thought sho was just afraid live out there In that lonesome;«t me, -lian'mer niul 101153," r.yill;i >ydla?" Dundee began, when iheiliouso away off at the end ot r.o- imswered. "He was in Iho housa loor had closet] upon Penny and | where." not mnro'a two minutes, till told. Carraway. "Was sho afraid ot Uexlcr ul!l1 v1 "" l f * m ^ ll0 w53 3aW >' "I have!" Sina?uc?" Sanderson shol at her. ! oi "' : sent uvstnirs with you OUR BOARDING HOUSE OM6 CtfRlS-fMAS 5EASOM MA-30R ISMV AS 1 5ILI-V AS A "Slay I havo that paper, chlcl? Thanks! Now Lydia, 1 want you to read asain the paragraphs .hat are headed 'New York, May 25,' and tell us If tho facts are correct." Lydia accepted the paper and her single eye scanned the following Hues obediently: Xew Yori:. May 25. Mrs. Juan'ila Leigh Sellm, who was murdered Saturday afternoon .In Hamilton. , \viis known along Broadway rss Nila Leigh, chorus girl and specialty dancer. Her last known address in New York was No. — West fj4th street, where she had a three-room apartment. According to (lie superintendent, E. J. Uiack, Miss Leigh, as ho knew her, lived there alone txctpl for her maid, Lydia Carr. and entertained few visitors. Irving \Vein, publicity dlrec'jr for Allamont Pictures, when interviewed by a reporter iu his rooms at the Cadillac Hotel late today, said that Nita Leigh had been used for "hits" and ns n dancing "double" for stars in a number ot recent pictures, including "N'lght Lifo" and "Boy, Howdy!" both of which have dancing sequences. Musical comedy programs for the last year carry her name only once, in the list of "Ladies of the Ensemble" of the revue "What ot II?" Miss Eloise Pondlelon, head mistress of Korsyte-on-th^-liud- slay if she'd been afraid of him?" Lydia demanded scornfully. "Anil voiild she have asked him to rig lo show you tS * presents IM give Nita after sl'-o b:-rnt me, lo prove I'd forglvo hoi 1 ." "Why didn't you tell me. Lydia? BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A CHRISTMAS PARTY By Martin ip al«ll from her bedroom to mine, 1 wll >' llil1 >'°" P™'m ' ' f It was him she was afraid ot?" •A bell?" Dundee echoed. ''Yes, sir. It Las a contraption under the rug, rijht beside her bed, o's she could step on it and it would rhiB in my room, which was underneath Nita'ii room. . . . Mr. iprague bought Ihc wire and stuff, bored a hole through her bedroom floor, and fixed it all hisself." "Did anyone know Nita had aken this precaution to protect icrcelf?" Dundee asked. 'Mis' Lois did, because one day not long ago she stepped on il accidentally. -.vlicK siie was in Nitn's room. The hell buzzeil In my room and I camo up to answer it, auci ila explained it to ills' Lois." So that wag why no attempt had been made to murder Nita while sho slept! Dundee told himself triumphantly. For of course it wag more than prolnblo that Luis Dun lap bad innocently spread the news ot Nita's nervousness and her In- goiilous method to summon help instantly. . . . Thero was a knock at the door. "Como in! ... Al! finished', Carraway? . . . Fine! I'd like to see tho prints as soon as possible ami uow I'd like for yon to go over to the morgue with Lydia, and wail there until she li«3 tho body dressci know you don't like him," L puzzled, "f wasn't thinking alwut him." Lydia told him flatly. "I u;is thinking about Is'ita. 1 didn't want uny sc.mdnl en her." "Are you prepared lo r.wcar Spraiuie Intel tln:s to do nothing lint ;o up to the bcilroom and get his hag?" "I am!" When Lydta nnd Carraway had eft together, Dundee rose ami nd- Ire.fEcd Ihc disliict attorney: "I'm going out to tho Rclim liouso now. lo look for Ihat secret iiidiug place where lloser Cr;il:i ;ept liis securities, and which JuiiKO Marshall evidently displayed lo Nlln, an one of the cluiuus of tlio licnse when she 'rented' It." "Why not simply telephone .ludi:n Marshall ami nsk Eiim where and what It is?" Sanderson asked nni- sonnhly. "Do you think he'd Icll?" Diinileo retorted. "Tlio old toy's no foul. Even If tie didn't kill -\'il:i htmrcli and hide the gun there, my <\\wi- lion woulil throw him into a panic of fear lest one of his best frici'dn had done just that. . . . Xo, I'll nud il inyi'elf, if it's ell right with you!" (To Bo C-.-^inucil) " car Yorh ' a woman ain't real NEW ORLEANS, Dec. 23. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open High Low Close Dec 35-1 076 054 D69 Jan 9D3 969 960 %5 Mar 987 995 984 9D1 May .... 1015 1023 1011 1017 July 1040 1045 1036. 1041 Oct 1052 10CO 1052 I057b Spots steady and unchanged at 994. money," the woman dc- ' CHEWELAH, WASH., lUP) _ Buffalo" | clared. "At least I never saw any ; Three hungry timber wolves al- nickel and didn't believe it was Uike it before. So she deducted two ; tacked a cattle herd before the eyes good coin of the Republic. Out of I eggs from a dozen and accepted of Ma nicy Jaecr. 1C. herder, lie change except for a number of the ! Ihe Buffalo nickels. nickels, Wallace tendered them tc I her in payment for eggs. "That I Read Courier News Want Acis. of Man^cy Jagcr, 1C. herder, shot one of the animals. It- was seven Icet long from nose to tail and weighed 125 pounds. &XZKV ( GRIM! ow.w UOT III Gtt! Wf?. O? VOR 1 NVCE Ti>. OH , Wt | I TH006H7 Of . "" XOO - TS6T FRECKLES _ AND HIS FRIENDS HOMtiWAKD liOUKD 1'AVING TAX Time (o pay Paving Taxes is Srtlitic short. The penalty is •on high for anyone to neglect ;.iying before the books Close—better Pay Xow— C. J. EVRARD. Loral nnd long distance hauling. Special rates on carload Ms. Team fi>r local hauling. V. K. WASHAM TRANSFER HOO Clilckasawb.i I'hone 851 New York Cotton i NEW YORK, Doc. 23. (UP)— j Cotton closed steady. ! Open High Ixnv Close ! Dec. new Dec. oW Jan. Jan. Mar May July Oct new old 902 965 955 9H 970 970 D54 954 957 907 957 9S2 954 95S 951 M5S 998 998 9SC 990 1013 1023 1013 1018 1037 1046 103C 1041 1057 1063 1055 1059 S|H>ts steady and unchanged al 980. RECr;LES CiTS DECID- K HAS IMpflOlcD . ROUGH 10 GlSr<- A \.OHS PIAUE FU3HT, HWE- fHE LAD Rli-tV 13 Hobo Migration Toward California on Increase FRESNO. Cal (liP>—The 1930 migration of hob3:s has been uii- equaled in central California since 1015. figures produced by the South- em Pacific nalirosd company Indicate. This year trainmen already have evicted enough itinerants to inhabit a city. The 10 months to November I saw 127,152 put off B.P. trains and right-of-ways, the report shows. That compares with 62,335 in the first 10 months ol 1029. HERMIT SAV GOOD BV£, H3ECI<LES. MArtS If SNAPPY"-AMD VJE'l.!. SEfSAluf C~~N=\'ER WWP ABOUT M£' W OF 1tW LKUE B3CTKER) KlK>'.E.-- i AN9 VOUR . PE!i «;P DAD. AWD BE j A GOOP BOV.A BUHHWE TO ' LEAVE XOO g£y HIND. rtE A COV£T RiCIMi -THROUGH -IK TE-NRS KK FRECKLES' UOH.E KtC U S. r*T.l»T. tro^j^^btn.-vL'-' WASH TUBHS AN'OTHKK KNKMY By Cram RuH'alo Xickcl New to Hrr YORK. S. C. (OP)—John Wallace, who buys eggs from rural residents nnd sells them in towns and Why Pay Jiorc Than Half I'ricc For Aulo Purls? JACKSON' AUTO PARTS 202(1 JIain Phone KG Do not delay to jiay PAVING AND SKWER TAXKS Dec. 31sl is the last Diy. Pay today and avoid the rush. O. G. CAliDIl.L, Col lector. STOP 1 . 1 . i«\s \s ^v^ msum WC. BUSWESf, -1 iXM THE. MCVT Mf\M IN CENTRA \ WON'T GtT OOTJ DOH'TBEfX FOOl.'l WIU OFfER. COM6- VLL VM voo M)LLIOH 0? CROOKS, tntu xou fa Q'JT, 5V)U, Ofl WRticvU I'LL RIMS t iu CRUS\A VO I'LL-- HEVJ ^ .^y X$ BW, I . - NO'J VKU. MiV 1\|M BJRH ME UP. A Frtlt NtAt^lCiNVi UE IS. WW^TSTo" use oua iNMEMTvow so HE CAN PUT ^ TACKO' eeooKS IN OFFtdf. WO ST6i\L GOV!eENM£ TIMBER RISHTS. Bt-^es, i ?,\\ VO 60T POUOHl ^^\ &*&$ a PE5.U S^PAT. Qh&»

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