The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1936
Page 5
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SATURDAY, J UNE' 13," I93G'. Classified - ••- • —-__- _ BLYTnEVlLLE. (ARK.) COURIER NFAVS PAGE rrva > t.ASSIRKl) •VnVKKTISIMC pei IIn» i>er to* .'i lira OIM JAJ »'i lint i*f 'lat' in* Unr into and stopped twlore ^xpti • •US *•»)> t;» ohnrRL'tf for the nun • -f '1111*5- flu- a( j n|tp|iarr»d q,a *tjiia1menl ol IjllJ marte li Cm^ini-t. -tUVPciKSlHt ,;u .ui till i CGI i^ (j<*rsi>ifr residing m utt ol tnr ,-U> -iHLSI tv* QCL'Oit -mm o.\ misi biaici may u •I* i»iri|iiji'-n >i jn ^iixivt -All Rusifirst* Dirrrlorv Highest Prices Paid For Used Furniture Wade Furniture Co. . 301-303 E. MAIN We Mike All Si^s of Airplane Tyne Fans Wajitl-d EXPERIENCED STENOClRAPHlilv mid Bookkeeper wauls !>o;,]Uc!i. "ood references.'! Blefmoi Stnl'.h, '315 W. Main. Coll 335-W. u:>ertioiu tin ca for irre one Uine i/nMUiiuj will oe wit; i liian one incurred in dm ciu6.sitiea aa I .11 Hem Four room furnished house, three room unfurnishett house, suburban with garden plote. Apply Chil- \voo<! rilling Slatlon, ttorlh on Highway 01. I'-pk-lo 3 room furnished apartment with i bath. Newly decorated. Telephone & water free. Mrs. Belle Wood, 120 Dougan. call 785-J. H-ck-tf Cool bedroom, 405 N. Broadway. Piione 293-J. 10-ck-U Six room unfurnished house. 003 E. Cherry, pi.'oiie 283. 10-ck-tf USED FLAT TOP office ctoslt Call Hotel Noble. 13-pk-lE '•" T '«rt'!Uni>!.' QIMI.'TV S"OE. StfOP Men's Half So'cs 600,.- 76c, $1 , . ''MI'S Ui'M'cr Heels 25c. "3SC, 30c A few used desk fans for sale cheap j Men's PHI Pol^s and Heels $2 'ndirs' and Children's Half Suks 50c and C5o ' , Qua'lly.."Materials ' I 'nccs any color, jree delivery ser-| Ico. 3 FREE Shines fe'tm half solo. Vs Half SoUd. 65c& up Strings wllh Job. Ic extra SATISFACTION GUARANTEED TKI/K Bl.VE SHOE SHOH Next to B. T: Worthy's '.{^. PulllhA Blood tested, BaUrred Rocks, .Willie |BarksdaleMfg.Co.| PHONE 10 j 'TRANTHAM "TRANSFER co7 j Moving 50c room up Pianos $1 up. j PHONE 064 All our 1936 Patterns WALLPAPER ow on sale at greatly reduced prices. . . ry, We.stphallu,' Mo. £..C. Robinson LbV. Co. ^ m ^ Reds, Ughorhs,; etc.,' ICC —$6.00, prepaid; .-live delivery. Oz *!VT ET)-,'.U. K.lH\tS JtNR '"up Iron. S3 lo SS ion AiinniiiiiMi I0c Ib Bniixs 2c lo (He II) •"l)|)''i Wlrt Ir to 9r li Rncllutor-i. l'<jc it HIDF.P .<! FURF H'OI.P AKIAN HONK Hfi 123 B MAIN DAY OLD.SSt.'' STARTED 1 any, day '.-: MARILYN HATCHEJIV : , Cash; Feed, 2 nice larse Fiiruishetl Rooms. I'rice rensonablc. Call 97-J. 8c k!3 Ccnl front BEDROOM. Reasonable. Bess Hall. Call 280. Gcktf 5-rooni unfurnished house, 5H Park. Heasonauie. Call 280. 3-ck-tt 4 KIOIII house, furnished or unfurnished. Mrs. Edwin Robinson. Call 214-W. 3 PUR.NTSHED Booms, modern. Sink in Vttchcn. OH Hearn. 23-li-k-23 COOL bedrooms reasonable. Mrs. Jennie Craig. 900 Main, Phone 77C. INGH.AM apartment, Inquire at Farkhurst. Co. 'JS-ck-tt 6 room i h unfuriiishecl noust; at li!3 Vine. ' Call aoo-j! 2-tk-tf 2 bedrooms or n two room furnished apartment. Reasonable. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 Hearu. Furnished 3-room house 508 N. Fifth St. Couple Only. dh Hoom Apartment, •! rooms furnished J. H. Snmrl. Gail 805-J 2c ktf 8 room house, furnished or unfur- nlElied 2 baths and s'eeplng onrch Bll Walnut. C. J. Crane. Call 86 or 20. c-k-13 FOR SALE—5 Room House, bath larne lot. Cheavj taxes. Wonclei'- l''l locntirn. Cheap for cash. 809 Chicknsiuvba. dh t' Paying coal and wood yard. Cheap rent. 118 S. Railroad. 12-ck-18 Golden oak. quarter sawed, pan- eiet! cii'rr pi> T fitions. Enough lo irnke a beautiful division .In a store or office. Bargain. Thomas rnnd Co. Connon vord for S50.00 payment on new Farmall Tractor. Wi"! take S25.00 for It. Thomas Land | Co. .F — T T «:ed 1r.°. Eoxcs and PeinsTPtors. Broadwav Ill S. Bron'i- T -nv. SO-c-k-S-30 ; BUV QLOTHES NOW! Pay out of ' our bonus. GKO. MIJIR, Tailor 201 N. 2nd ' ! av? . . PmiJ{ry ' '• MENTOR, O. (Ul>)—The hqinc (K J times A. QnillcUI. 2l)lh Presicteiil "f thu Uulleil ijtates, lins been 6'vcn by his chlldrun to (lie West- cm Reserve Historical Society «s 11 memorial ixiui sliciuc. Hepulred nnd i'eiiraleled. t'nn 20- f«»m rniina slriicuife mid the cot- Inse which served us u i aw O mcu for Hie nssussliinlecl PresUlcnt will w open for public (inspection soon. The three-story residence, built in 183'.!, wns occupied by member* ol the Gurnokl Inmlly until sev- cvul ycai-o figo. I'a'sUlent Gatllnia |i»H'hiisc<l tlie property «'hlle lie uiis iv connrcSsinhn. in the liny law ol»a« was nctcd Impoi-laut nltnlrs of llio nii- llon. Mr. Osi'lleld condjiclecl ihe campaign ot 1880 trom Iho rstiile mid llwiisanrta ol RcpuWlcnii? Journeyed to U din-lug H>e suinmer, After the I'wMeiHV; nssnsslimHun Mfs. Oarnc.ld relurncd lo 1'ne liume »ilh Uielr children. Tiic hov.schold goods, library «nd historical (lociiiui-iiLs of president Garflcld werp g^'cn v,!U) thu biilltt- snii and spacious, parktlko grouiuh, to the histories! society In ovdu, ilwt the memorial inlslil ue nearly a^ (ho cslftto WPS during the ires'- mcnl's llfellnle. Car to Fit Your Need At Reduced Prices Bees Undergo Branding Without Losing Temper OROVIU.B. Oill. (Uri-ftos me no\v bslng brondwl for Idvnlincit- tinn inirimses i lie sumc ns ciilllis 1'lve Cmicnusla'n Qiieeiw rucclvcil liere by A. M. Hcnjy were glvrn the lallcr's brand on Uic back with pigment. Hctlgy i-euartrd UIMU II- 01.1 Bible Hidden In Hoof JUNE/VU, Wls. (UP) - A Bible published in -1825 n-as found in o hollow space beneath a cornice board oll i' no roof of William Hous- ei'.i farm home near here by Wll- mpcmer 1931 CllKVKOUiT fOACli .. $1« tost ro«i) v-8 coui'i: 19)0 1'ONTIAU SKDAN SUB ijiso DJ; so'i'o SI-:IK\K jiari —TIUICKS— 1931 Clli:\'l!OI.KT J'ANIM, ' Tlilldlv }J2j 1033 (;iu:vuoi,CT i'i TON T1HJOK $105 033 h'OKl) V-X !!•; TON TltUOK S'JCS . 5333 rOK QUICK SKHVICI5 ON Washed ONE SKK Oil V SINCLAIR GAS SKKVICK StATW«\ ''Oil VOIIll COMVKMKNCK i;i.[> TIIAII.EK, Dual Wheels 5 1r, Slimy Others To Cliunso 1'roiu TOM LITTLE ufij IMiouc K\'A FREE GASOLINE 4 r O"0 Gallons to Ite Given Awny FREE To Our Customers! Every , member of our Gasoline Dividend Club mi ivin' from 1 *o 25 Gallons, When you buy gas al Bailey's ash Tor a membership card. 11 cosis nothing. HARRY BAILEY'S At Slissouri. State Line ~..UA jjjuvu . i^tj i vur/^rui- uuain row, Wllp Outy a [CIV Wr paintinff,; !x..-nie,cliliri)' pi 'free clays left-tor him to.llve.'GQOcii expression of." the artlstiii': histlnct" was convicted of abductirig:a for youngsters In which.-.they"dip peace oilicer'-nnd transporting their hands in varl-cplored'paints, . him from'Texas lo OJclahoma, then dnb them .on .paper; was'lii-. o crime .punishable with-death stltiitcd here :; '.-recently, by . ita under-the new lav/. Hanging founder, Hiilli p.ijibii-.Slioiv. ; •• Is'set for'Jiui" ID 1 Always in tlie Market for ., :? SCRAP IRON' r -.V WOOL Rags, Metal, Hides & Bones lilythevilte Iron & Metal Co. 22) W Cherry Call 448 Barksdale If g. Co. Lawn Mowers Repaired Guns Repaired PHONE 10 Character Loans from $100 to S200Q vepairt over a period ol 12 to 60 months. No red tape nnd 'ow government unrest rate. See E. C. Robinson Lumber Co i'lnjer Vaintlnjf . . Oeis , tl SALT ; LAKE : . CITY (UP)— Fln- l.rnan sentenced lo.diciun- (Ipr Die -Linrlbergli'.kidnuplnt,' low; Arthur Goocli here' peered b'eUvech. 1 bars of life:liny-call• in .UlcAlestcr (Okla.) prisou death row,' witji only a" few Clvlltatlon's I'erlh PASADENA, cal. (UP)— Dr. 3. A.' Biirrett, director of tlio Milwaukee ' _ Piiclllc Muscinn, after iv 1.6,000- 1 mile join iioy in .Africa, declares Kliiu l,aw Dooms Cnfi- that batwccn nn Afilcnn nutlvo OAK HARHOK, O. (Ul'C-To wllti a sp;ar unit Amerlcnn uuto- Closo Oak Havuoi's only nfelit mobile tmnic, lie would preier to drub, nftcr colnpliiiiiUi Mnyor O I, take nls ; cnniicp.s wltli the Afrlcoiv, Tcagurdon ihislcd oil n "lihio Imv" ordinance of lljai), proiilbltlni; ailf: G Plume 700 SuporiiH- Coal & i\1inin K Co. Anil wu hiuiilln nil Lr.ullnjf imiiiils nf Ulali .GiiiUi! Coul— Suniltl, <iir.'l Iltnit, MoiilJcKlioi ctt: A NO WYHE I'BHKY in dmrire ( ' Survicc Deparlinenl. '.. II. JOHNSON in charge ' Body Dcpni'tment. 3 —ll.VJTEKV SKIiVfCK -KAIIIATOU IIK1>A1K —nni>v woitK -I'CNDUIt \VOItK -GUMS INSTAM.l'.l) —AUTO 1'AltTS W. T. BARNETT AUTO SALES, DnilBi- A I'lymnulh IMIONG XS8 PJB oiuaaiuen Aot I ot Hijuor. niter Mow Lutuluii al 101 North ScconJ ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU . BON emVAKUb, Proprlolot raiken 9, rcliulll TyptHTlters A(Jilln E Mannlnif >nd 0»l- -Illljliiin. M I i.'V f^fii nraJCTi'HHiSJBasH'a^^ If srou'lwivc ;i liuriiil nssoulolion covtificulc of an.v, kind on your loved ones vvlion tliav t,B^s uwuy, we will nccupt il al full vnliic on the funeral, provided- you buy us much. IIP $50 or in merchandise. COBB FUNERAL HOME I'lJONfi 2G Flcc'ric Sales Co.. SEE The New 26 Qt. Pressure Cooker AND INQUIRE ABOUT THE CLUB PRICE AT Hubbard Hdw. Co. Used Tructe j Wall" Paper SALE 1934— IK Ton Ford l!)35— V, Ton for-l Pirh-Up 1!)S4— J',t Ton Clicvrotel I!)3J— 1 'A Ton Inlernallonal All have Good Slake flmlics TERMS Delta Implement Co BEAN & TOMATO STICKS, f & 6' IT. LONG. HiC EACH CHICAGO Batteries' 1936. PATTERNS THEABRMO LUMBER CO, Phone 10 STOVES STORSD FOR SUMMER Local Hauling My Coal Is Black Bui I tresl You White. . " i IOHN nUOIIANAN— PHONE id? 'UARANTEED ELECT nTc AL WORK, reasonable. Frank Ga>le, Phone '218, Oscepla. K BETTER BATTEIiy SERVICF Call j; B. Ciune Al Tnm Jackson's Service Station Barber Shops HOLT'S BAKBKU SHOP 101 Soulh 2nd St. HAIRCUT 2Cc, SHAVE 15e Batli—Close 8 pni.—Shlne Wanted WANTED—Men from 'twenty-five to .sixty 5 cars old who vroilld bo interested lu having a Permanent, FOR SALK CHEAP—HOUSES at P^mable business of Ihclr own. 700 W. Ash; 337 i; 33!) g ,m. Work and dutcrnihmttoii lo tiucraed [ I'Lsion, with paying lenanls BAK- telng clilef factors. 1 GAIN for quid; kale. Part cas h O. C. HEBERLING CO,— -j will. tiiiidU 1 . Mildred E. Co- R Utpl. C2 - Bloomliiglwi, Hi. U. 1, Box l!i-A. . "' '• . iiK SAW IT—NOW wli/rr OH,I CA.NJ'T, EH? Wh'O SAYS I CAWT, en? I'LL SHOW I CAM OB NOT WATCH ME-I'D LIKE 7'SEE AW/TWWG TRV TSTOP ME MOOV) AN /hie DONit WAV QUT<V HERE 'THKUE. NOW! I WASH TUBES NE\V DEVBLOP'SIBNTS! LIKE TO KNOW HDW I-L i-.?.'f!TiTE : TO rAY A.MS'THU-:t-, SIR, E : UT W lifH ^]\'IMf- 41 (~\ri THIS RCA!?, I :v\W A t.'Ml \fi•'•<>: 'CIN& WITH A a^ip&LI. H3 S«,vN'E COMIK'6 A'iD Hip. ,TOHECK.EASV EXPECTS " ' VWNPERED IF MAVPE HE DIDN'T KW SLIMPIN' TO DO Wr>l IT. H . ME. TO LEARN VVHyA TCUCKA NITROGLVCERW SLEW UP, ---WHEN ALL THAT&LEFT1SA.BI6. HOLE'W TK GROUN A COMPLETE STAiNTJSTJLL FAKMS'KOK'SAM; TERMS REASO\ABLE; Locntcrt southeast. Missouri ETHEb 13. THOMPSON Caruthcrivlllc, Mo. CAH YOU BEAT, IT? IF : THAT MUTT D!-35 -™- -<i ?}, ' UP THE REST OF.THE BOf'JES. OF THAT ) '\^ '^ r|f (00. FROM : THE;. MUSEUM,..AMD LOOK AT; HIM •HE'S '. V.ATCH HIM FAST ),EVERY MIH- \SUEEP /UIE-' V/E'V/AMT 11 / HIM jO LEAD •f D/y/.FfER DAY HE DRAGGED THEfi IW|O THE HWSE A>JD, NOW THAT V/E'VE t.EARWED TKE v r''Rr; VA>f?IH MONEY, HE -•^IIASMT BROUG'KI' j" IN OWE .' J I JUSr Tl-!iNK...'AlOO S OM THAT ! VE DOHT D.'VRE LET HIM OUT OF OUR i SIGHT'FDR A 'MINUTE. 1 • BUT AS LOWS AS ; HE LIES THERE,HE I WMT DO U5 A SIT \VHEKJHEDE- ( CIDES TO WAKE I MSAWWHILE, HE'LL PROS? /HE'LL JUST BE IV DASH OUT JCOMJEWTTD UE cv' HERE LIKE /THERE AW' WATCH

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