The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 26, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, March 26, 1934
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Served by the United I'rf-nn BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS T11K DOMINANT NKWei'AI'KK Ol- 1 NUHTtlKA >rr AIIVAMMAU AMU Dnn.i.ii».om ..,..» ,. ' ' ' HOME EDITION if I 1 MIKANSAti AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXI—NO, 7 D.iily News Hlytlii'Vlllo Ourli-r Valley leader lilylhcvilh' lli-ridi! HI, YT11KV1I, !,!•',, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MAUl'H :>li, I DIM SlNfif,R COPIRS FIVK CENTS HEAV! RAINS SEND ARKANSAS RIVERS U Labor Wins Right lo Bargain Through Its Own Representatives. OKTHO1T. Mar. 26 (UI>)-I.:iboi went back to work in Del roll's automobile factories today, convinced it Imd won the greatest victory for the union organization in the history of ihi' industry. Capital, represented by the National Automobile Clmmter of Commerce, rejoiced over the pass- Ing of Din worst crisis ever faced in an industry that has nia Kl its "open shop" principles for more than a quarter of a century. In between the two gigantic forces the iiroplc of Detroit, represented by the^iNHA, wen; happy in the .solution of a struggle thai threatened to wreck the city and possibly the entire reconstrnctio: program of the nation. Free to Join Union WASHINGTON. Mar. 20 (UP)— A pence negotiated n(, the While House out of the war clouds of threatening strike and dtxsention reigned today In ihe automotive industry and wn.s hoped by the president to mark a new era in relations between capital and labor. By achieving the settlement a major Industrial crisis involving (he sralkout or 125,000 men and a teverc set-back, to the president's recovery program was averted. In a statement, Mr. Roosevelt. . said that the agreement .stipulated that employes shall have the right to- choose thrtr ou'n representative's to bargain with employers %m{ »here should Ac no dl" crimination "in any way against any employe on the ground of his union labor affiliations." This glvfs the right to the automobile workers to choose frcelv whether they wish to belong to a Reveals 'Plot' For U.S.Soviet Tliry Kind Port Hue hi A "hraln ti'ust" inciulifr r- 1 .- vealctl to him :i plan tm a "U. !J. Soviet, \vitti Koosevok sui'- jjJajHC'd by a SiallH." WJIDain A. \Vlrt, above, iiotctl f!?.ry, I ml., cdiicruor. atnted in a loiter tlmt sttrretl a Btwm wtico rout) to a House committee In Wushios- toi», U'tft decliiietl to givu the OF TRUSTPLITT1 Girol i 11 a CongiTssinmi \\';inls Facts on Gitvy I'-flucalor'-s Charges. WASHINGTON. Mill'. M. lUl'l lii'PR'M'lltnllvi" Alfred L. Illll- v.iii'di. (Hem.. N. C.» introduced In i 1 ltwlay a rf.--olulion rall- for a coii-jivKimuU Invcsil- Ka'.mli of charges that members ot il-.c "brain ivusl" wvrc plotting I" nVfitiiroiv !!ie fratvrjinieiK. '!!'.'• liuiv^os. ulli'mly mude by Oi. William A. Wivl. Oilrv. ln<l., <-iiiic.ii<ir, were rend iiuo the record;; or the house imcrstate i-orn- IIIIITCI comnmu-u liy Jami's U. jlliiiul jr.. dm inn it hearln« on the jnew Heck iiiuikfi control bill. Tin 1 Mulwhiklc resolution author- i/ecl Sufiikci- Henry 'I'. Raiwy tu appoint five members of the house lo rniiiliii-i n '.hurousli Invrslltfl- llcn or ihc triilh or falsity or the statement credited to Win. The sl:tiO!iti-nt. Hie resolution said, conl'-mled thai "certain »in- HawnpfelTn- is just smtr v.ibbll to the multitude, bill It's u $153,000 ,lhh tor Mrs. Maigaiel Muringcr. Wtxxlslile. L. ].. apartment Janitor. Mhc held the winning ticket In an English race lottery, given to her Bonding. ''Company and Bank Directors Must Pay $38,300 Loss. LITTLE ROCK, Mar. Wi «JI>) — :ie supreme court In the caso of Cicortila. Casually Company vs. lonrd of Directors of St. I-'rancls district, appealed from Mis- chancery court, utlirmeU hci decision of Hie lower court xith on direct und cross appeals. Jiisllccs Mclliiney unit llnllcr dU- senlcd. Jnslice Humphrey wrote (he opinion. The upjwal was from i decree for J3S.3DI) rcnilercil iRalnst Georgia Casualty company in lavor of tho board of director.'! of the St. Francis levee district >n nn indemnity hond executed n 1030 in which the casualty company agreed to pay, not to exceed $40.000, nny loss sustained on account of de]x>sll made in ihe Hank of Osceola. ployes of tin- United Bditre or other Individuals ".'ere nllcm]illnt; dr ivonid niitm!)! i« prolong r.ul- rcrhi?. dr.-itiuiiitin and misery | t>v llrr cl>1 inisljaml. who jvcohul i( Irotn u (nitron In i;rat(lude for amoni; Slates: the ]-i-nj)le of the United th,.\- were attempt iiu; alif-nipt lo blrtk Ihe I. A. Bynum Goes lo Trial for Murder Of Son-in- Law, Clarence Movse. company union liliated with the oration of Labor. lo n union ai- Amoricnn Frd- Rooseveli Going Fisbin ? WASfflNGTON, Mar. 20. (UP) —With the critical automobile situation out of the way. President Roosevelt will leave lonigVil for :i brief fishing trip oil the Florida coast. TJie railroad wage question remains to be settled but no acute time element is involved. Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T Anaconda Copper Bethlehem Steel Chrysler Cities Service ... 110 1-2 . H 7-S 41 1-3 S3 1-8 2 7-8 General American Tnnk 38 7-8 General Electric General Motors inlernational Harvester Middlcwest utilities .. Montgomery Ward New York Central ... Packard Phillips Petroleum ... Radio Simmons Beds St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of Texas Co. . U. S. Steel 21 3-4 38 •II Z-4 . 1-4 32 3li 3-8 5 3-8 18 1-2 7 5-8 18 7-8 3 1-2 •15 1-8 50 1-4 51 3-1 OSCEOLA, Ark.—Trial of T. A. Bipiim, well ,knoY.-n farmer of near Wilson, accused cf Ihe nnmUr of his son-in-biw, Clarence. Morse, opcutd In circuit conn here icclay before a packed couit r&oni. Viiail Greene, retained as spsc- ial prosecutor lo assist Denver Durt'.ey. district attorney, ami W. A. Young;, deimty iiroscciiior, in his opening Maleiurnt indicated that the stale would ask the death penally tor the slaying of Moist A long list of witnesses, read as the trial opened, ltd observers to believe that the trial would n-obably last, through the Tuesday session. Bruce Ivy is representing Bynum. Circuit Judge Neil Killoiigh an .-.ounccd that witnesses in (he case of John Woodruff, charged iviih he murder of J. D. Smral. would :ot be rcnuircd to attend conn slating that Woodruft hail entered a plea of guilty. The court <lii not nnnnitnc: (he ^iccific ch.MR to which the plea was emn-cd ami saitt sentence would h^ passed later The Woodruff c:isi\ v villi Hie Bynum case, were Ihe only two whliv murder cases al the current term of court. Nine other murder cisc; EnvoK.- lu'Rroes. a r.iiiH-rlaliie haM-iipfeflcr ivrlpr ur would ii'jgrnm of national recovery in he- Uniied Ktau>: that they were attempting or would atti-.mpt lo overthrow the fcefal order In or- ler that, n revolution might \K irout'hl about in ihe United State. 1 ;, ami that Mich employes or other individuals '.ure atlcmptini; influence the president of the United States to tnku action contrary to the general welfare and constitutional duties." The committee woti'd be. ein- iwtrrd to <loieiniiiif "whether in the case of the committee on in- ler.stole and foreign commerce or in tfif case of any other committee of the house any individuals, under the guise of disinterested j OKCEOLA m ijui-jiortliifr (o <";-| cl[ . rk .. w |, 0 the legislative jiolicU-s of thej ai |,( i A | XO i. a Mrs. Murliujer Is shown here with William, leH; hi-r da-i^hicr, Margaret; and her husband IL-II wilt go In college and the fnmlly will go tu Austria K visit relatives ci : , their new fortune. Judges and Clerks for Osceola and Luxorn Arc Announced. Ark.-Jini^-.s n))d adiniiiistriilion. have in any mat- j longing economic depression.block- j,^,,!), ini; the program of national re- !" wcrc , covery. or ovnllirowititr the •• ' I order or the government.' New York Cotton NEW YORK. March 26 (UP) — Cotton closed barely steady. open high low close May 1213 1213 1199 noa July 1224 1225 1210 1210 Oct. 1237 1237 1223 1223 Dec 1246 1247 1234 1234 Jim 1252 1253 1240 1240 March 1264 12C4 1249 124!) Spots closed steady at 1220. oil 5 New Type of Roar] Bandit Is Reported NEW ORLEANS (UPi-Ocicia's of local motor freight lines, opcr- atlng in Louisiana and Texas report raids by a new type of bandit thai robs their trucks while llwy are speedlns clown the highways. The thief calmly, climbs on (In- bumper of an automobile driven behind the Irnck by a confeder- ale, slius the canvas cover over (lie tnrrrhamlisc anil throws out readily saleable articles, such as rlg.iri-ts and automobile tires. ter ::dvlFeil or inflnenred Die prep-j , uimK i nl vi meeting of county iirit.on ami enactment ot any lei;-, r | or ., io| , commissioners here Frl- islation with the oWect of pro- !<,,„. omcta i bl , Uots {or tlw , W1) M'fElSMppi county towns certified. "' " ] In Osorala the Judges for Waril [One. who wilt serve al the bell Telephone company box, arc- H. E. Fletcher, D. (;. Ayers. and Hob UrntJIey: clerks. Aimer Driver and LH'nn Hatcher. Ward Two. osc*oSa I Lumber company bo>:: W, A, Uui- jler. Clmrlrs Maxv;ell nnd I. D. [jame.s. judges; 11. D. Woodward nml L'. S. Siiipccn, clerks. Ward I'hrce. Court House box: K. M. lodges. F. A. While unit Ernest WriKlit. judges: A. W. Cowan and Henry Patterson, clerks. At I.nxora the )iidi;es are li. T. Ballcw. Sam KOWIM and .lolin 11 niwiMll: dciks. J. W. Si>alon an< Mrs. p. M. Bund. Tiie oltlcial ticket for O.veola ns follows: for mayor. A. s. Rosers and a. L. Waddell; for city marshal. Dave Young and V/. E. U-.f/./.i Johnson: city ntlorncy. 11, L. Nallliiit;: recorder. Herfcnrt Bryant; treasurer, J. K. Monta;ue: Ilrst ward aldermen. Sum D. New Orlea?is Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Mar. 2G lUP) — Cotton, closed quiet. open high low ciosc M R y 1310 1210 1181 U37 Ju 'y 1221 1222 1210 1210 °ct 1233 1234 1223 Vti3 fee 1244 1244 1233 1234 Jn » 1240 1240 1238 Spots closed quiet at 1207, Triplets .Horn Without Doctor GALL1POL1S. O. iUP>—Triplets, two boys anil a girl, horn hrix- recently, came into thr- world without a physician's aid. The trio, of whom Mr. and Mrs. James Dunn, of Apple Grove. W. Va.. mv pir- enls. were noimal and are all living;. Apple Orove fs across the Ohio river from here. 'uncrgency Measure Authorizes Air Corps fo Carry Mail for a Year.. V.'ASIIIN'C.TON. Mar. 21 lljl') — Congressional acUon on Ihe peiii-y airmail bill was ewnp.'ek-'l tcrtav when Hie ho:ise accept«l .'eiiate amei:ti:iu'iils. The l ; ill au- tlxri/i 1 :: lite nrmy lo ily 111-? m;«il for DHL' year. The measure now goes to tho While for the president's signature. Most important of the senat" nmemhnr-r.1 1 ; (>l;in<v; In 1^- nnrt radio devices. Although the blli authorizes cx- )x-v.tlitures for arn-.y operation o rhc mnii for as long as one year '.lie administration hopes to com! ;•!< le scon itr, m.kl. levied Intion lo iTlmn lli^ mail lo pii-1 vnto lines. Funds jirjvirird under Hie present bill will oiK'.bl? the army hn- ineiintoiy lo pr.y expense account 1 ; •A its flyers. In addition the bill piou>.lt\N Mia; Hill war timr pvn- .'[ons me lo l:i- p:iid piiols disubleci -,\lv.'.v- c:«iyiv.p tl:i- mails. requires army mni' FLASHES ItKHI.SKl) I.ONHON— Tin- [nrvlgn olrid- this rirnhic ilfililnl nnt to Krulil .1 iiusiiinrt to Mrs, Samuel lii- hull, vtlikh u-iiulil rnaltlo her lo <iit<T Itrllaln. WHITE FLWSNffi MKNT/M.I.V WV NKW VOKK— Tin- Ni'w York city mililh- M'houl sjslrm contains inorr tllar, l^OD HMh:ilalu'''il Icuvberi, many o( them "little less than ruvhiK loaiif.-u-s," Dr. Kinll Alliiun, rhlff medical cx- anilni'r, of |hr systroi, i li:if f nl VtTKKANS Itll.l, I'ASSKS M'ASlllNdTON, Mllr. 2li IIU'I ^'I'Jie smile virtually t-umplrted cci}|;ret.tilui!.tl artlun up legislation for Increased brnellU For world war veterans tiMlay when it ucreptril house amriniiiifiils, hi dliputr for wrrks The vote lo cnm'ur In the house amfnAmruts Mas 48 to 39. Veterans benefits were mluo- ed In the hmjKe. after thr M-natn approved higher ll^nrn;. Vfayor Shane's Mother k Dead at Paragouh MB. Clara A. Shane or I'ara- unutil. niothrr of Mayor Cecil Shanr, died this aftr.rr.oon, 2:45 cclock, at her linmcv Mr, and Hire, shunt, who spent Ih'o wcck-cl-d uitlt her, had just re- tornrd hiirntr viheu she passed away. They li-fl .it Hijce for Coble and II. A. Cnrtirrtght: sec ond word. W. W. Prcwilt. E. S. Certification of Compliance Must Precede Later Benefit Payments. Compliance by farmers with the terms of the 1034-3S cotton acreage adjustment contracts will be certified hy the llcld organization of [he cotton section during the summer months, according to an announcement of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, received by J. E. Criu, county agent. This "certification of performance" by contracting growers must lx? made Ix-Iore the Fecond renlal payments or the parity payments are di.slribir.ed. Full responsibility for compliance rests with the partlM lo the contracts, and commlttceinen of the county oruanlzalloiis will merely check the tacts to certify that performance Is In accord with Decision of the supreme court upholding the chancery coutl decision In the cose of Georgia Cns- vmlly comjiiuvy vs. Bonvd of Directors of Kt. FrnncLs Levee district holds directors of the defunct Bank of Osceola Jointly rcspon siWe wllli the eaMutUy company. The hank directors were miidc |i(irt(es lo the EMlt. as deicnilnnls by action of the defendant bond- Ing company uflev Uie district bonrd hnd sited to recover on a Ucposllory bond which (lie bond ing company-had written to protect district fimds-ln the Dnni of Osceoln. The bank directors li luvn had by an Indemnity bond mnde themselve-'i liable' to hi iullnK compniiy. The bonding company had rc- nesvcd u ticposiitory bnnd to cover fluids In tire bank. Tho bond lind written by Frank Williams son of J. Lnn Williams, preslden of the levee board at th ellme and also a dlreclor In the bank The bonding company contend*. 1 that yo»j)i{ WIHiatos u-os wltlion ilhoritv to renew the dcpoyw >ud. The Indemnity lioiid. whll rilten primarily to cover th omllng company on Its orlglim iiid, was nLw held to have con nirecl In force when the new dc KjsUory bouil \VOR v,'rKtcn. The judgment was rendcn i^alnst the bonding company au ic folloa-hii; dlrcclors of the nnk: Vance Cnrtwrlght, H. J. ale, O, W. Knight, Ite Miller tid J. D. Williams. Driver ntid B. Dunn; Hlitlcv flnd tlitrd K. A. '_ t n oir 4. Hully'D Affrrlioiw U'ortli SI WOOSTER, o. (UP)—Allen W. Stlne's nffectlons were valued nt $1 by a jury here. His icifc. Mm-,-, was awarded dam.igcs of Tea ford. The ticket as certified for Luxora indicates all cnndidales rim- 1 ning without opposition a.s follows: for mayor. H. A. Wise: recorder. J. M. Majors: iildenncn. Richard iJevicre. li. W, Thomas, Byron O. Wllkins, A. Livcrant mid Edward Scgravcs, Manila Lions Will Clear Promoter Finds Death by Suicide in Shanghai SHANGHAI. China. Jfarch 2fl. Chicago Wheat May July ^fay July open 87 1-2 87 3-i high 87 5-8 low 83 5-8 80 1-2 close 8C 3-4 86 1-B Chicago Corn open 50 3-4 S3 3-1 high 50 7-8 52 7-8 low close 50 1-8 SO 1--I 52 1-8 52 1-4 against Mrs. Sadie in the first alienation affections suit ever brought <(,'!'>—A srare In that I soil today awaited China's alien .he contract terms and administrative rulings. that will have lo be de- (crmini-d before certification ol performance can be made by lota' committees include: correctness OL description of the form under contract; acreage planted to cottoi in 1034: acreage marked oft a: .e<) .-icrcafic.' average produc tiviiy ot vlnnled nmt rented acre age: u. c e of rented acres; an; change in .status of ownership o tenure on the farm which ma have occurred alter the conlrac w*as prepared: comparison of th ( VU ta RAI*] total acres planted to crops on ol Way ior Koaai ( . mlr( , fai . in - wlth 11|C (otril ncrc —— | In crops as staled in tab'.c 1 o MANILA—The M:inlla Ltoiis the contract: determination as t club will clear one-half mile of whether cotton Is grown on an right of way on a new road to farm not under contract, not spc Section 16, opening np n new trade territory to Mnnila. Thero will bo about three miles of new eiricaliy exempted by "Non-par ticlpalhiK Agreement," or other nd mlntstratlve ruling: the Irs. Kochtitzky to Head White Cross Seal Sale Mrs. Otto Kochtttzky has been ppolnlcd nlylhevlllc chairman ot he Willie Cross seal sale this veck to raise funds for combat- ng infantile paralysis and other tntses of crippling. The appointment was made by Mrs. James B. :iark, county chairman. School children. Individuals and irgftnlzatioiis are being asked to ;ell the seals under the sixmsor- >hlp of the Arkansas Society for Crippled Children. Money raised Arkansas will be used (or Ar kansas' crippled children and to «ld a national campaign to deslroy nfantlle paralysis and all other ccuise.1 of crippling. President Franklin D. Rooscvel' is endorsed the movement. In a letter to Paul H. King, flrst vie president ot the Internationa Society for Crippled Children, Mr Roosevelt congratulated the society for promoting the campaign. light Injured, Houses Demolished in Suburban Community Today. NEW ORLEANS. Mnr. 20 (UP)— \ tornado struck the edqe o the cltv early today, leveling score of houses In the subnrbai Qenlllly district. Eight persons, were luken Charity hospltnlj.onc. Mcrsh Morr.s, in ft. cMilt-nl cwUIHov,. '• A score of home.s sveru dcstroyct Children, on their way to rcliuo mien the streets IHU apparent] all escaped Injury. The district was thrown Int confusion. Police and voluntec vpikers rushed Uiri-tigh the wreck aiie. letnovt!!^ Ihe l.'jurcd. Telephone IhiAS were (liAvn anil masses of tangled wires were strewn in the streets. Furniture was widely fcnttered. A street car slallcil and every palK of glass wtis cav-eil In. RcEldenls said Hint two separate blasts swept down black cyclone clouds, roaring with terrldlc velocity. Several [Arsons hud narrow es- apcs. Mr. and Mrs. Bartholomew nhls were seated at their break rst table when (he. storm* .struck. Vhen they regained consciousness :icy were under the tau!e. Their ouse wns roofless. it/ Lake Will Rise Sham- ly But Engineers Seo.Noi Immediate Danger . MK I akr will rlM- sharply following hrnvy rain!) over the Hrrk-cml, but nl the U. f{.. Kncinrrrx utYh'e Ir- the Lynch liulUHiir h«ri! it was Iwlkvti Dial ni> Inutile Is Jn Knulhrem arc collecting ' in- tcrmiitlon concerning the, rain- fill north uf ere in Missouri, and rxucctcd IP he able lo jjlv« morr ilcHnUr Information con-. rfriiliur the nlir lAke )iri»pect tomorrow, but op thr basis <rf farts nn^v available illil nol ex- iiri't <hr Like In n.tss (he 245 fnot li-vrl :il whlrli It U be-. llcvrd the kvees will afford ample. nnitrctton. T)ip level of the laJie loilay wns Ma.8. S3 Skeleton* Found MUNSING, Mich. (UP)—Skelc tons of 33 Indians have been nn covered near here by a crew ex eavating for a new road. With th last of the skelelons was found birch bark canoe 30 inches long I: perfect condition after more tho 40 years under Die ground. numbc In 1933 o! Wayne couniv. nskcd for S5.000. Mrs. Khrule Island Seeks PORTSMOUTH, H. t'emelcrr I. (UPl—A K. [Courtney Charlep Julian, fugitive promoter u-hose suicide here led a beautiful dinner companion to attempt a similar death. Wliili- friends of the Canadian farm boy. who thrice in an erratic career carved .sUcaljle fortunes Irom promotional schemes, souaht the road. The route for his burial, doctors to prolong the life of Kallonnl Cemetery woniil be cstab- funds Hshed here on the site of the Hat- boicd ^ .. . .. _. .. lie of Rhode Island, under n reso- year-old Lenora Levy, Shanghai liilton which h.i.s been prosentcdjgirl who drained a draught of the lo Congress by Congressman : Kin:e poison which killed Julian. Fiancls B, Condon, it would be The girl, exotic figure in Julian's Ihe first national cemcUTj- In Ken- Inst hours, wns Ix-lievcd out of England. - ' • danger. road, but only one-half mile will:or tenants on the farm need clearing before the county Rs compared with 1934, ami rca- .1!™. ^',,, of !', ra<1 cr * w can got '" n ' Kl ^'^ | sons for changes; use of rcnled .1 , .acres by tenants lor production o! by Dair?herly school |s«pp!lcs; the consideration of any and Ale:; Baker's place will bo. complaints by landlords or tenants used if the properly owners will ih n t the other parly to farm lease ;icrcc lo ghe Ihe land for the ] is a ^lng acreage adjustment to right, of way. A petition will be!work a hardship on said party in circulated by members of the LI-: violation of administrative riillnss club among thew property and public policy: tlifl mlscellanc- provisions of the. contract In . Judtje Znl B. Harrison has prom- order lo discover fraud or failure i5ed that the county will Uiild-to |>crform fully the requirements the road with ils equipment. jof the contract. Members of the Lions club con- ( ttibuted something over $10 to- LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 26.. (UP) —Torrential rnln.i tlootleil Arltan- ;as over the week end and today, with rainfall in many places more limn five Inches, - , Reports from Cannlcn said that 5.4S Inches fell there and that the Oimcnltn river wns rising 10 Inches an hour. Flood stage was expected on tho White i-lver (it nntesvllle tonlt;ht, U xvns aruiounceri by the weather bureau. Flood singe wns expected to reach Camclen by Wednesday. Al Pine Bliig five inches of rain fell, at El Dorado 5,15, at Little Rock 3.40. and at Warrrn more than 4,5 Inches. ' cotton Belt trains were delayed several hinns last i ; iilght, small "whsnoiilS weft'^rclioTleil ncnr' Rlson. out of Pine BlufT. It was llic heaviest rain here in more than 10 years. Al Dnteavllle Die White river had reached 21 feet, a inches", with a rise to M feet, or flood stage, expected by tonight, and at Newport tho river is expected to te" a oot below flood sage by Wcdnes- Cold weather Is predicted for an ot Arkansas. The sun shone at Intervals here his afternoon i\tter rain hod (al- eii all morning. Waslinut on Mo. Pac. I'ARAGOULD. Ark., Mar._^26. UP)—Flood waters followed~'heayy •ains Into enslcni Arknnstw today and menaced scattered Traclc on the Witnesses and Jurors Come Early for Court A few iurora and witnesses, omc of whom traveled over ronds hat looked like rivers (o attend lie opening today of the spring erm of criminal circuit court here verc seeking someone around th 1 ourt house to blame for theii veek early (rip. While officials mere swappltir he blame back and forth mos of the rumors of mistake sccina o center around Arch Llndscv deputy sherilf and Joker of til court house staff. Linuscy. acl- nlttlng that he at least was the man who served papers with the railroad was Interrupted • by a washout on the line six miles north of here. .. ••'• High waters blocked the Trumann-Jonesboro road and resl- 1 dents of farm houses were forced to lice for safety. Roads In .widely separated sections were daitmg- rd by K-fiter. ' incorrectly noted, unclaimed Intent at a ")oke" In the date any matter. Threatened wllh the pc-'>- slbillty of having to buy lunch for .several of his misled friends. Llndscy made himself scarce around the conn house most of the tiny. Two Weeks Allowed :to Answer Shank's Appeal LITTLE ROCK. Mar. 20 (OP)— Two weeks u-ere allowed Arkansas' altoincy general to file briefs in Ihe appeal case of Mark Shank, convicted Olilo killer of a family of four, by Ihe supreme court today. Briefs in Shank's appeal from the sentence ot death In tlie elec- (rlc choir were filed by his attorney several weeks ago.. Shank confessed and later was com-ielcrt ot killing Mrs. . Ethel Colley, her husband, and • their two children. Ue poisoned grap-j juice at .1 picnic near Benton \vlth striclmlne,. Signed Odd Wills BOSTON (UP) — Judge Joseph W. Monahan has signed many odd wills. One was that of a man who stipulated that six of his creditors be his pallbearers, explaining, "they have carried me for so long that they might as well finish the job." Robs Shop Near Police Station, Gets One Penny The Barksdnle and Page woodworking shop. Second and Walnut streets, directly across the slreel from police headquarters, was entered last night and the cash register broken open and rifled The Intruder got exactly one penny for his trouble. The shop was entered from the rear, a window pane being removed. About $12 was taken from ihe shop In a similar lobfcery several months ago. Taff lo Be Honored ....... CINCINNATI, O. (UP)—Former President William Howard Taft will be immortalized in a national memorial to be established here rv.nrd the canning kitchen which Ihe Manila P. T. A. is sponsoring. The sheep population of the world Is 500.000.000, err one-fowlli ax great ns Ihe human population. Books In Demand BATON ROUGE, La. (UP) More than 55,000 requests for Information, or books, were received during the first two months of this year by the Louisiana Library Commission, exceeding the record for all of 1931, according lo Miss Essne Culver, executive secretary. Fire Bated Frontier C.lh.'n TIFFIN. O. (UPI— One of the last vestiges of frontier Ohio, 114-year-old log cabin, was consumed by tiro here when a hero. r enc lantern exploded. The cabin a Seneca county landmark, was built by Samuel Aiken. who re celved the land as a grant from President James In 1820. nickels and dimes men, women and with pennies, collected from children throughout fr.e nation, If plans presented to board of education members materialize.' WEATHER ARKANSAS — Cloudy, rain In north and central portions, colder, probably Ireczlng in extreme northwest portion tonight. Tuesday partly cloudy. coMcr, Memphis and Vicinity — Cloudy tonight and Tuesday. Rain and colder. Tl:e maximum temperature hew yesterday was 42, minimum 37, cloudy with 2.19 Inches of rain- ' fall, according to Samuel F. Nor- rls. official weather observer. Thi» Is a total of -t.24 inches of r*in j since Thursday.

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