The Republic from Columbus, Indiana on October 22, 1962 · Page 7
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The Republic from Columbus, Indiana · Page 7

Columbus, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1962
Page 7
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THE EVENING REPUBLICAN,. COLUMBUS, INDIANA, MONDAY,- OCTOBER 22, 1962. PAGE SEVEN i ' j Club '24 Efiects, 3 ;;;- Mrs. Franz Mrs: Boll Is Glub j; !., :; ;i ;i -; .A - ,.;: J Hostess i i Homecraft; Home 1-Demonstra-tion duhi .met -Wedrday ' night at the home of MrsAJoe Bonnell with Mrs. Max Irw as . cohos-tess. j ; i;fff"jf.frp.7: v : ,j f The meeting was tonducted by Mrs. v Don Fiesbecfe, president, and sixteen i members -j answered roll call with "mfeal timesavers." Mrs. Irwjin gave ' devotions . and Mrs. J. Howard Beam gave history of ng of the month. , i I Club maf tided, masked and Mrs fanz won a d-essed." The prize lesson tore "-fabrics was present ( Mrs.- arcus woi- . . i -, - ... . iu(' ink Of Daft:" gave the health and safety lessvQ on mental ":n J" i -. ! . i "",csa- ! : I ' i During J an !ectioi; of officers Mrs. Franz WaS htmed ipresi-'' dent; Mrs. Earl p. . r Irown, vice-president Mrs. Ha; Baker, secretary;. M?s.Wolfa treasurer: and Mrs! Morris VeClintic, reporter. Mrs. Betty j(5ennett was named health and safety leader, i The next meeting xwill.tbe Nov. If at the hbine ofVMrs. Morr,is McClintic. tf I .'.V tSPOON, THIMBLE.CLUB , Spoon fend Thimble .Home De-K- monstration club1 will'- meet j tonight at 7:30 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Joe Tempest. Members are asked to .wear masks. .-! i i : ) i h -Kt j AAUy STUDY GROUP j New Tiember study j group j of v American Association, at Univer-i sity women will meet at 8 o'clock Monday Jnigh at she"; home j of Miss Mildred ; Maley 222T Home avenue, j, . :t. EVELYN'S Baby Shop 1V57 Tellman Rd, Used BabyfFumifure, Infants anfj Qhtldfens Clothing V r Our new Phon'Number 1372-77 JO' I i, . i ' - , ..r, ! I ' : ".-4 ,t--r SPECIAL WITH J X joe Recj. $1100 Rayette : - i oW Only Any C '- imlil November 1st ir Call Us Ffff ,lYours" 31 Gale McManaman i 2337 National Ro& Acra From, The " l . :i i ' ;.l i .ii- i .! ! -5. I -:i '' i. . : is : f -V !: j 1 ' . ' i-; . ' T ! ' ; ' i - i .: !:, ' HOME CP EXCLUSIVE , -- ; ; ; j 'Vji.j i !j:HN" ' " 'J T. - J !: r j (: j, iJkwg. j . Imlli'hrl! ' 1 -rSi ; P"t 3L" v, Miss Barbara X Whipk er-Harris !' Troth. Announced Everett A. Harris, 1520 California street announces the engagement of his daughter. Miss Barbara Jean Harris, to James Dean Whipker, ! son j of Mr. and Mrs. Halford A. Whipker of Pierce road. i : ; s i ' Miss Harris was graduated from Columbus high school in 1961 and Miss Long Honored At Bridge-Luncheon Miss Vicki txing was honored at a bridge luncheon Saturday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Wallace THIS COUPON Permanent 10 and Wednesday Today! 372-1 1 16 Rita Kelly JEANS Phone 372-1 US Columbus MoteL or cleaning faorccf to suit by 0 for fast, y t izem "ALWAYS FREE PARKING" V (Photo by Rathaman) Jean Harris j is employed in the office of Seaboard Finance company) Mr. Whipker was graduated from Columbus high school this year and is employed as a department manager at W.T.i Grant company. I . .! No date has been set for he wedding. -j i Ckieller with Mrs. Griffith Marr as cohostess. Miss Long will marry Ensign Trent David; Toensing of North Vernon Oct. 29. After luncheon and dessert the guest of honor was presented a gift, compliments of the hostesses. Bridge was in play and prizes won by - Mrs. John Glick, Mrs. Laura Long and Mrs.! ; Richard Morris of Indianapolis, i j Invited guests were Miss Long, Mrs. Victoria Long, mother of the bride-elect; Mrs. Robert Stevenson, Mrs. Majorie Newton, Mrs. Glick, Mrs. Dave Marr, Mrs. Alan Gillis, Mrs. Mary Lincoln Bowlen, Mrs. Robert Brady of Washington D.C., and Mrs. Betty Sullivan. Also, Mrs. Long, Mrs. John Mc-Cullough, - Mrs. Vincent ! Hruby, Mrs. A. i E. Schumaker, j Mrs.! A. H. Schumaker and Mrs. Morris. ; j; 1 WAR MOTHERS Bartholomew county chapter of American War Mothers will meet at 1:30 o'clock Wednesday; after noon at the Legion home. .-! BOOTS Boots . . . boots . .j .' boots in every leather, color and style this fall and winter. For daytime and evening, too. reteorch fabric xptrs for glamorous new fall shades retain and guard their original ;color with our exclusive . .. professional care j ! j ' !! ' j I i : i - i' ' ! ' : J 1 j your complete one-stop finer cleaning center prompt delivery service Call 379-4401 4 23rd and California St. Cornbrook f Home Demonstra tion cfub met Thursday at I the borne of Mrs; Raymond Boll, Sr., wiui Airs. itertnai scan, as : co- hostess. Mrs. Scott read the 100th Psalm for devotions. ; ! - ! ' Thirteen J members answered roll call at the business meeting conducted by Mrs. Carl F Streitel- meier, president. Mrs. Raymond Strietelmeier ; gave ' the lesson on furniture fabrics. "Fire Prevention" was topic of the health and safety report by Mrs. John Knotts. Mrs.-;Streitelmeier was re-elected i president for the : coming year. Other ' officers are Mrs. Scott, vice-president; Mrs. Lela McMillan, secretary; Mrs. Bertie Rand, treasurer and librarian; Mrs. L. J. Ballinger, reporter; and Mrs. Raymond Strietelmeier, song; leader. j s During the; social hour prizes were won by Mrs. Ballinger, Mrs. Knotts, Mrs. ; Carl Streitelmeier and Mrs. Harold Bennett. i The annual-Thanksgiving meeting will be Nov.. 27 at 6 o'clock at the Bob-O-Link restaurant.! . ; ; ; i i ' i MRS. MILLER IS AUXILIARY HOSTESS ! Flat Rock Township : Firemen's auxiliary meet Thursday night at the home of Mrs. Earl Miller,! Jr. in ! Clifford. Meeting was opened by Mrs. Winfred KaDcwarf and devotions were given by Mrs. Mil-1 Ier. : Mrs. Gerald Armuth conducted the business session and committees were appointed for the annual Christmas party at the Clifford Fire station Dec.' 14J j " Refreshments were i served by. the hostess. Mr. Vernon Harvey won the door prize. Six members were present. Next meeting will be at tiie home of Mrs. Gene Steenbarger in Clifford Nov. 15. Civics Club Civics club held its regular monthly meeting, Thursday night at the home .of Mrs. Ernest Is-ley, Edinburg Route 2. A dinner was served by the hostess assisted by Mrs. Alva Harmon, and Miss' Freida Golay. The president, Mrs. Harmon, conducted the business meeting and reports were given by Mrs. Lyle Howe, secretary, arid Mrs. Martin H. Schneider, treasurer. Two; members, Mrs. Harmon and Mrs. s Jean : E. Williamson j received birthday gifts i from the club. Mystery pal gifts were ex changed and- bingo was played during the social hour, i Other attending were Mrs. Jack Taulman, Mrs J Lee Fox, Mrs. Francis Swengel with three guests Mr. Isley, Jimmie and Susie Js- ,ey--;;- i;- i ' It FRIENDLY NEIGHBORS Friendly Neighbors Home Demonstration club will meet at 1:30 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Everett Bense. : HOME SEWING J Home Sewing club will meet Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. John V. Hughes, 737 Franklin street. H0TI0E ! JU D Y'S BEAUTY SALON ! . . Open now ; Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 8:00 aun. to 8:00 p.m. . Tuesday & Saturday " 8:00 ftjn. to 5:00 p.m. Operators: I Judy Snyder ! ' ji Mary Schock i 1123 SUte St. f 372-5866 Meets SAW. O SHEER M : . i? I . -.lil.i O SEAMLESS O 15 435 Washington Street ' Downtown Columbus1 '111 I III- 1 -V. AT THE WHITE HOUSE Cleo Rogers, i librarian; Ann Green, Evening Republican women's editor, and Enid Lemley, leaving the White House, while in NVashington, D. C, on vacation week before last. As usual, 1 maps are carried every place in Lizettes Mark 6th A- masked party marked the sixth anniversary of the Lizettes Home Demonstration club Thursday night at! the hoirie of Mrs. James McKinney with Mrs. Harold VoII and serving as co-hostess. Jack-O-Lantern favors,; keeping with the Halloween theme, were given and decorated cup cakes and punch' Was served. Costume Jacoby ! By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NEA NORTH (D) AQ985 . AKQ632 2 . - 22 WEST EAST 484 VQ8642 10 7 5 865 3 V A 105 3 j J94 ! J10973 SOUTH . AAKJ1072 ' 4 8 !.' 4AKQ4 :1 Both vulnerable North 1 3a 4 East South West Pass 2 Pass " Pass 4 4b Pass ,Pass 5 Pass Pass Pass - Pass i Opening lead V 3 Something hew has been added to brklge in fthe' last few years. It is the! Caribbean cruise on which the passengers get to play in the sectional bridge tournament with full master point awards. Of the several scheduled for - i - ' ' ' . : 'LOVE NDEEDr IS CIRCLE PROGRAM . . Mary Phillips Missionary circle i of Memorial Baptist church met Thursday" night with 22 mem bers present. Mrs. Ray j Long, president, opened the -meeting with prayer. She announced the association meeting wilLbe Oct. 24 at Hope. Mrs. Merril ;Gearhart gave de votions, using; "Love" as her topic. The love5 gift meditation was led by Mrs. Lawrence Herrin and Mrs. . Kenneth Tingley. Telephone committee named for November is Mrs. Carl j Crider and Mrs. Ma rji e ; Smith .j ; The program entitled "Love Indeed" was presented by Mrs. Clarence Tingle and Mrs. Dick .Woods. The tneeting was closed with group repetition of the Lord's Prayer.- :, Vj ,-h jf- ' Refreshments 1 in keeping with Halloween! wre served by the hostesses, j Mrs. Lavon Forgey and Mr$. Marjie jSmith. , BACHELOR GIRL O MESH STOCKINGS DENIER S-325 prizes were awarded to Mrs. Lowell Ratts and Mrs. Curt firiner. A skit entitle "Those Wonderful Years" was read by Mrs. Nor-val Land. Mrs. Ben Roberts and Mrs. John Hammond sang songs commemorating each occasion of the club's history.!! 1 !;: j The election of ! officers Was conducted by Mrs. ; Ralph Vogal, Bridge on 1963 the first will be staged by the Central Pennsylvania .Unit of the ACBL and will leave New York Jan. 4. . I A I will be on board to lecture and, of course, there will be a regular tournament director there to run the games as is" standard with bridge cruises. It will be my first cruise since one run by the late Ely Culbertson back in 1932. That was before master points, but my recollection is that ; everyone had a good time anyway. t. West's lead of"; Jthe three- of hearts against the spade slam was sensational. The game was duplicate. North and South ;wfre two elderly women and in the iexcite-ment of bidding to the slam, each one unconsciously showed West her hand. West hadn't j tried to see their cards. It is improper to do that, but he just could not help seeing them. 1 "South's play was even more sensational. She went right tip with the king of hearts and claimed all 13 tricks. ' "How did you figure'Ijthat one but?" murmured West.:. "Learn to "hold youTv cards back young j man" was - the woman's reply.! 1 Let's Suppose Q The bidding has been: Cast 8ffc Wert S Kih 14 Double Bass 2 Pass Pass 2 ; J Pa Pass 2 4 Pass I JN.T, Pass t j!" ! . . You. Sooth, hold: ' f 4AQ10SC VK9S7 4SKJ2 ; What do you do? ABid fhre date. Yau doat Ilka motrniB9 at aQ. Ytmr see-ond e holes is to pas beeavM 70a haven't been dssibled, j j TODAX'S OjmSXIOH ; Instead of .bidding two" clubs your partner has jumped to three clubs after your doable. What do you do? III - RED 9 mimttt. M omm THE CENTRAL residential location of our establishment-is truly a convenience it is .easily accessible to fami-lies living i througliout tfie Columbus area. . " .24-HOUR i AMIUIANCC SERVICE OXYGEN EQUIPPED I I I 1 ;! I "j ' ; . ! -'. that city of French 'design. Before return- j ing the trio drove to Mount Vernon to visit Washington's home and to Williams- ; burg, Va., and Cbarlotteville to see the ; home of Thomas Jefferson at Monticello. . i . " ; Year chairman of the nominating committee.. Mrs. Paul Gookins was named president; Mrs. Bill Caldwell, vice-president; Mrs. Norval Land, Secretary; Mrs.HaroId Vol-land, treasurer; and Mrs. Curt Briner.i1 reporter.. , Mrs. McKinney, president, conducted 'the business meeting -and gave the lesson on "Furniture Fabrics". Arrangements, were completed for the tour Oct. 23 ' to North Vernon; I Mrs. Earnest Lucas read the history of the song of the month, "Old j Folks at Home," and led the group in singing. j Devoiions were given by Mrs. Harold ; Volland. ! I The : roll call : was answered by II members and three guests, Mrs. I Jack Barton, Mrs. Lowell Ratts and Mrs Qifford Wakefield, to "A Time Saver in Preparing Meals".! j JDuring the social hour conducted by Mrs; Volland, bobbing for apples was enjoyed. Prizes Jwere received by Mrs. Clifford Wakefield, Mrs. Paul Gookins, and Mrs. Delbert5 Willoughby. . M " Pumpkin pie and coffee was served by the hostesses. The club prayer closed the meeting. . - . I LD.O. CLUB ; L.Dj.O. Home Demonstration club will meet at J. o'clock Wed nesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. 'George Ream on, 924 Sycamore street. . ; i 4c ' f A Rent; that room with a classified. CLEANS TILE JOINTS I r L IUICKLT EASILY SAFELY rcstom new look A ,AHIMI til A wll end floor .'Floor Coverings of Distinction" The Floorcraft Co. .1. i 2323 Central 32701 neral9fo)ne 702 FIFTH STREET HE Nj j Mrs. Reed Qub 24 Home Demonstration club met Wednesday night at jthe; home of Mrs. Esta!' Critzerl to make ( final plans for a euchre party. Mrs. James Connell was co-hostess for , the meeting. ' During the business session officers for: 1963 were elected. Airs. Gordon Reed was re-elected pres- ident, Mrs. Estal Critzer .vice- ; president, Mrs. Donald StrieteV: 1 meier ; secretary, Mrs. ; Dean, 1 Brougher; treasurer, ! Mrs. Lester-Burbrink reporter, Mrs." .Charles Meier song leader and Mfs.. Rpo- ert Neff scrapbook. j f " Mrs. David Jroust 1 was in' duced as a guest.! Devotions were given . by Mrsi Donald Barker and Mrs. Marvin! Burbrink,, ! song leader, gave history of the song of the month and led group sing- ing- i '; ;-J - ! V- K -hi " Mrs. Clayton Huffman presented a lesson on Upholstery fabrics. and stressed the importance of the size of the toom, purpose snd type of furniture, i m I i Mrs. Wayne jJaquess gave he health and" safety lesson. Prizes were won by Mrs. Floyd Arnholt, Mrs. Neff, Mrs. Brougher and Mrs. James Carson Next meeting, will be at the home of Mrs. Paul McCullough. ACHITECfURE' IS CRITERION TOPIC Criterion club met Thursday afternoon at the home ; of Mrs. Anne Lee Sheets. Mrs. Merlei Butler,, president, led the group in' repeating the collect. .There were -15 members J and j one inactive member present. Mrs. Dwight A1-' vis was a guest. .:j j. j . -; I ' Mrs.! Dale Rust read a paper on "Architecture," which reviewed the works of Eero Saarinen and Victor Albert j Lundy and , classified them as great architects. ; Refreshments were served by the hostess assisted by Mrs. P iut R. Burris and Mrs. Byron Wright. The next meeting will be a luncheon at the : Bob-O-Link "restaur rant with "Mrs. Burns as hos tess. KINO VISITS LONDON (UPI) f- King av V! of Norway arrived here Sun- day1 night for a private visit at the I conclusion ' of 4 his-, five-day J state. visit to Scotland. He will spend two weeks here, staying at the Norwegian ambassador's resi dence, By NAIV If. on these cool October eve- nines, while the harvest1 moon sailing across the sky, you f hear . the ! sound of cackling laughter, see ! the misty ;form of an ojd woman, her pointed hat perched atop her, straggly b'ack hair . .j . don't see' a doctor It's the friend ly; old Halloween witch who rides tides ready -V-!' . the skies, and she is getting for flight. Such a likable old rascal,' loves., to laugh, play jokes on unsuspeq- ing people, puts doormats upin: trees, writes with soap I on win-' dowpanes, does tricks and asks for treats. . - :' . iThere. i a certain; magic about her; she brightens I the eyes of little! children j (and grownups. . tri whether rich or poor. If you would like to forget your troii- bles and woes,' believe in the ui- f believable,! take! a brief holiday j from restraint . L then -join in the Halloween festivals, Churches., j schools, civic I clubs, I people from ; every walk! of life will be celebrat- ing this holiday.; It will be fun! ! Arid iust in case I you . awaken . some morning feeling like a witch which has ' nothing ; to do with Halloween, we I at Anderson's d have a remedy for you. ; It is as effective as any ever brewed! ! j1 I ,i ! magic potion f Chances are vou really need a change of costume. National sweater week' is icoming up, which is as goqd an excuse as any to purchase! one of the very lovely ' ones at Anderson's.'! The white bulky nylon sweater: jwitiji bits of color trim will go; over anything. So Very : nice to slip into,! washable! and Wearable for only $14.95. The: fur! blend sweat!-: , ers look and feel like cashmere,! L, ' ' ! J!MJ ' and tney come m several auierr; . . 1 j Ml 1 : all -. ent siyies. lou wu iove uie turtle neck black i cashmere jto with, jumpers! andj skirts, everybody f but everybody ' wear And should have a bright Ted one just for the fun of it. See "thern all and remember the place ANDERSON'S in the Eastbrook Columbus. Plaza and Downtown I 4, ;. r :- i . i ; h n.i. - i; - j -f - . r. , ; -, V,r.JA : r,,;j ., 1 ; ' "I n 111 a 1

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