The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1946
Page 6
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T3IATHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Puts In Lead A Guy Can Dream, Can't He? Ace Straight Fall, 6-5 . ; .Wtor»oV 'll' T d»Vs Sports Writer N*V TftRK, April 26. (.UP)—Hnl IffeMati^ ifrt nplrient left-winger of lk» Optroit Tigers, was off toll*} lo t>ie best eaily slarl of any ma>cf Vpttfc 'pi'ehel since 1942 and It wu no mere coincidence tlmi at the tMte t}mc h's (egtn took over first i^Uo? hi lh« American League. NewHouwr pitched the Tigers into 4h*>)t«d yesterday with a 0 l/> 5 victory .over Ihe ; Brovvns at St. ifasn't up tb trie'iisual quality, U g»ve hlni his third straight victory. Not 'sb*t }M2 when Jim Bagliy; th«ni with the Cleveland Indians, stored his .third win on April '<R. hks ^hy miof league pitcher made 'sich a t)iikk get-away. .]'__. Ihe triumph put Irim iiys ahead of his lust year's --$hg timetable when he didn't jrlils third game until May- IB. .'$id*:he- finished that campaign .Wjjth'25 victories to lend both leagues '!f«r : Uie second-slratghl year. He is ' cyenf ahead of Ills 1944 pace \vlicn •ji*f. won 29 gatnes. but dldn'l conic up ji^th victory miniber three unlil 'iill> of which leads lo the Incvl- Ujile 1 ' sjjeculation that the Tigers .nUghjCmove along on Ihe brilliance . .op their pitching while the Yan- kzrs^und Red Sox are liettini! no-| i?Here by balling down each other's fences. VThnt is precisely what put the Ttoefs in firsl place. While N'cw- • lrajs?r was winning his nlnlli £fT«Uht game from Che Browns - ' sfcfce- losing lo them on opening clay o( 1945. the Red Sox were lurii- . inf (he tables on the Yankees at BoEion. '"The Red Sox won yesterday's g?in£, 12 lo _5. which was Ihe re- •vfifsej of the 'day_.l)efQr.e, when the Yankees won,''>42 to 5 to .lake over '.jbxtra base nils helped Newhouser to'^rie 'triumph, which displaced the .y*hkees. The Tigers made four In a big fourth on doubles by Mayo,' Barney McCosky, ami • Greenbers;, and Roy Cullen- bi^e's two rutX.hpiner. The- Browns c^toefback fe'scwe al^ of their runs In tielr h'iy.'of',£« '(lining. Len S^hulte'stw^lcrtin single anrt a rtou- Johnny^Bejrardino, which iiut .liJE Tigers'iiiWKedSt wilh two runs fnlhf. niriu£,;Greenbers's double and Cordelia Has Criticism For Baseball Men Southern League Is Once Scrawny Colt of Keene May Make Dream Come True I'.y OSCAU FltALKV United Press Spnrls \\'riler UC.XINUTON. K.V., April 2(i. (U. P.)— Jack Keene was a hainl- .some. wealthy, well-liked son ol the Blue Grass who had nvery- thiny he wanled — excet>t a Kentucky Hrrby \vinner. That one Ihini; wiurh inlijht seem so unimportant to another was the bis; item in his life. He had everything, exclusive ol ihul Hose Run whmer. His was a lony and fruitless .search. The ]nd who i;re\v »i]i with fhe sleek-lined Ihoroushbrcds nl- ways pmsued lhal objective for his tleshe carried him a loir; by DR&.. ^VaKefield. Pinky . and Birdie Tebbets did the' ***i - ' Rookie Eddie Pellagrlnl kept up hU sensational hitting with n homer. ttipld, and double In Ihe Had Sox vK*My. Johnny Pesky gol Iwo doubles ind two singles in the 13-liil attack oh four Yankee pitchers. ,loe Dobsin. shaky at-tlic start, stuck it out] to win. Joe Gordon got a Yankee joiner. . ffhi ChYeaga White Sox went on on* of their infrequent hitting sprees (b J»it the In'dlaris at. Cleveland. It .to 0. setting 17 hits including n lio- rper qy.Hal Trosky. Ed Lopal. White Six pitcher, and Luke Appllng each made, three hits. .••':. flttty Brooklyn Dodgers celebrated (h* acquittal of their manager, Leo puS"o£her, on an assault charge, by taking over the lead in the Nation_Rl;H ^ithout playing. They were out at "Philadelphia whili • Cardinals ended a seven-gami jnnpg.streak, at Pittsburgh, los-j f, 5 to 3 to-drop to second. Rookie' 'ph Kiner. who goes for Cardi- iouthpaw pitching, hit n two run honier off loser Hnrry Brcclicen tf?pac*ithe Pirates. Last week he hooiered ofl lefly Howie Pollet. ken HelnCzelroan, the winner, had to re- ttr*(n Jlje..Seventh because of a bljiter on his pitching hand. !;'.The Braves made It two in a row oyejr.fhe Giants at New York, win- riWfi6:ta 4 in the ninth by scoring Without getting a hit on a hit bats- ri!uui,'[a wild- throw. Tommy Holmes" iacjijpe and a perfect squeeze bunt bf.;;N»nny. Fernandez. It was an expensive defeat for the Giants, who IcVet ^he services.of their $175,000 catcher. Walker Cooper, for a inontl He suffered a broken finger from a fcHi tip. i The Cincinnati Reds finally beat thi CODG at Chicago, 7 lo 5. for their flrit VKtory- there since Sept 14, }Mi. ' % It was Cincinnatti's second *fc over the Cubs in 27 games. imldy-faeed family had receivec 1 wliose i scrawny ami nol too beautiful as he loltowed r^antine around • the Ifenccd-in ])lot of urass alony tlu; • back.slretc'h al Kecnelaiui Race 'I'raek. Then came the dispersal jialc. Newly-arrived on the scene and well-heeled with American dollars. Mr*. KluiUjeth CJraham de- ekletl ihat in hi?r breeding estali- lislnnent she woukl like to have as a brood mare Kcene's mare, Vantine. At heel was the ugly sueklini:. she bid $12,000 for the mare and Hie suckling was "thrown in." That foal is the colt known as Lord B os well. And yesterday, the scrawny colt, now unnvn into a rangy, speedy fi.vorite. looms as the 1m- racl <>f land from Pulrink Henry ™'tal who can make Jack Kecne's vhcn Ihe Blue Cirnss was an un- f'''* 1 '""- 1 ' ™nie true. luuri-claled pavL <>[ Virginia, held , ''' h , ( ' "' ollblc „ n the back of his niliui the Derby. "'•' 'here lo see 11 Ihat Jack won't us a Holy Grnil which had to be \iuht even ii it wasn't cbtuintti, He was once n (valuer for the Czur of Russia And there was Ilic lime lie visiied Japan, and wired home for tilt 1 colts which lu- knew would whip the Iji-sl llnil lln- sons of the Hisini; .Sun luui iit [lie piiddock. The Japniiese were afraid ot him and they insisted thai '.ils colts had lo b[> placed in qilur- antinc. So Jack simply trained Iliom on Ihe beach r.nd walked olf \vllli Ihe Japanese Derby. Tiul [hat wasn't the Kentucky Derby. So Kceno came home and ultimately became ma.stev of one ot Ihe [inest spreads in Kentucky. Along with hi.s Derby dream he L-nvisioncO a private vnce linek t'here he could invite liis fiiends to race Iheir Kentm-ky fluirou 1 :!!- brcds. n plnnt where there would be no outside influence and where ' racinp speed ami racing skill would tell tile Inle :it the harrier. So in Ihe middle of hi.s heritage he built Keenehmd Race Track, ^'"'ciami . and there, in a breeding barn bl -. Louis . along the buckstreteh. he had a i clll <'aga . mare named P.inUne. She was i ""shingion just about ready lo foal when i Philaclelphin Keene died on n visit to Detroit in 1343. When born Ihc. colt was Baseball Standings SOl'TIiKKN* I.V:Ar.»!E x W. L. Memphis 9 3 w Orleans 0 4 Nashville . little Hock Mobile Ih noklyn St. Louis Boston Chicago Piltsourjih New York Cincinnati Philadelphia AMKKICAN MKXICO CITY, April 25. (UP)-Danny Gardella. former New York Cilant who Jvunped to tile Mexlcr.a League, said loday that Basebp.3! Commissioner A. B. Chandler and i major league club-owners were giving Ihe United Slates a "black eye" before the Mexican sports public. "U H. baseball has a chance lo let ll-s players come to Mexico and show Ihc Mexicans what our COMII- Iry is like LhrouKh a clean sjK>rt," the New York-born Gardella said. "Hut what do the money-bags up Ihcre do? A handful of birds like Branch Klckey, president of the Brooklyn Dodgers, are being unfair lo America »s a whole because they arc kicking their neighbors In Ihe face." i Ciavdella was critical of Ohancl- I ler's action In barling players from i the major leugues for five years it I they play In Mexico. "They've got a chance to teach other people democracy through America's own game." he said. "But they fail to co-operate." | The fiery little Italian, who hit lard but fielded uncertainly with the Giants, cnlhusiasllcally sni>- torled the Idea ol a union lor base>all players. "The players In the Slates are nuts to le.1 themselves be kicket around by self-interested club owners," he said. "Just judging by my own exj^erl cnce wilh the Giants. 1 think union could make for belter ball fo everybody. Eddie Brannlck, Glan secretary, and Mel OH. Giunt mai ager, not to mention n number i other genllc-nicn, are ruining big league baseball in my csliiiialion." Gardella said Ihat all players are vilally inleresled iti trades affecting Ihem, and objccl to lieing sent ''to ''jiist any other club" without regard to the players' feelings. He said also that players had no chance lo yd more money Lhan Iheir con- Iracls call for when traded by owners. "Flavors should get a part of what thoy arc Iradcd or sold for, re- th'ernenl bonefits, sickness compensation and Ihe right of collective bargaining." he said. "And they should demand a union lo eliminalc racial discrimination in Ihe big It ai'.ues." "A lot of colored boys In the big leagues aren't treated exaclly right and soino of ,lhc players from the South make a fuss they should lie ashamed of." He hinted that missionary work by players now in the Mexican League may cause further changes in major league personnel. "The Mexican League pays gooc 1 wages, furnishes fine apartments and treats the players like ]>er5on- al guests," he said. "U. S. players arc getting bolder 26 Miscttes In Fiv« Contests Last Night Worry Club Pilots ATIANTA. Ga,. Aprll-26, (Ui'i — ouiht'in Associalion manaeers had notion lo give (heir teams some Id lime high school InHeld proc- ce lodny :is I hey counted up 2*i rnirs made in last, night's five Godwin Seeks Foe For Nov. 75; Other Chick Grid Dates Filled With one open date In Ihe II-rover «|l| come here, week season, Ihe schedule lor tho ) A new foe. Texarknnn, And last night wasn't the only Ight of the season that managers ill their nails as one of (heir play- iis r-isaird. For the teams have vrrugeil almost two errors in every ; ame p'.uyed. this year. Last night, Ihe Crackers led ca^ue in bobbies wilh six, as hey dropped a decision lo the Jhnllanoona Lookouts, 7 to 0. The Crackers lire-season ace, Bill Ayers, iropcd his second game, while Hal 'oeiies \ias limiting Atlanla to a nen.slv ihrce rifts. Memphis maintained Its one-half _ame league lend by dividing ,1 double-hearttr will) New Orleans, I he Chicks winning liie first, i to 3. and the Pelicans the second, to 1. New Orleans, moved Into second place as n result of Atlanta losing its game. In Birmingham, lanky Leo Twardy | took his third straight .name of the year, as the Vols trampled the hapless Barons. 7 to 4. Joe Sljingfellow. right fielder, helped Twardy with a Wwcving homer in the fourth that broke n 4-to-4 tie. In the final game of the night. Mobile showed power To; 1 the first line by lainbasling Lillle Rock, l(i o I. The Bears made all of Iheir 1C hits count—wilh the aid of TYa- vcter itiiscues. Tonight, the same learns meet in ingle games. i IQ40 lilythevllle Hit;h School i Chicks today was announced by Coach Bill Godwin. t November 15 Is lh c . open dale which coach Godwin would like : lo fill with "anybody here or there/' he said. Coach Godwin pointed out that every team in Ihe Arkansas conference had been conlacled regarding a ganie foi' Ihat dale but lhal none, not already scheduled will', lilylhevllle. would consent lo play. The schedule was nol made entirely Ihis spring, many of Ihe games having been booked earlier on a "here and there" basis. An effort was made to have a more balanced schedule wilh the tongh- Lhe j est, games evened for "home" and away" playing but agreements already made had lo be filled, it was pointed out. It is planned to begin -sotm on Iho 1947 schedule so lhal the Chicks schedule may be arranged to have half of the toughest games |iiy- ed at home each year, instead of having most of the hardest games away from home one ycav and here the next. The season opens here Sept. 20. when the Godwin-coaclicd team will lake on liccuc Badgers. The Chicks will travel to Paia- gould the following week and lake to the road Get 4 to play Little ] Rock and again Oct. 11 to piny | Pine Bluff. | Th e second home game will be i here Oct. 18 when Jonesboro visits Blylheville. On Oct. 25. Sinuck- will be Nov. I when the Chicks and the following week- play North Little RocK taken on to there end will there. With the Nov. 15 dale open, Messu-k Hi^h of Memphis comes here Nov. 22 and the season will close Ncv. W wilh Forrest City playing here in the annual Thanksgiving lilt. FRIDAY, APRIL 2(5, 19<i<i AMKKICAN LKAG1IK Detroit 6. St. Louis 5. Boston 12. New York 5. Chicago 11, Cleveland 2. Philadelphia at Washington, postponed, ruin. CHICK THEATRE Happiness Costi So Lftt/c" D»y»: 8UrU »t 7 p. m. IN Till-: tllANCKKV COURT OV THK CHICKASAWHA IHSTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AK• KANSAS. Ralph lioatner Greer ... .Plaintiff, vs. Lillian Pernicka Greer. Defenda'U. WAUN1NO OKBF.H The Defendant, Lillian Pernicka Cireer. i:> warned to appear in the Chancery Court of the Chlckasawb.1 District of Mississippi County, Arkansas within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, Ralph Grcer. Witness my hand as Clerk of sajd Court and the .seal thereof this th3 18th day of April, 1946. HARVEY MORRIS, Clcvk. Holland & Taylor AUys. lor Htf. Howard N. Moore, Ally, nd I.item and smaller, anrt they'll soon wake .ip to the fact they are beini! treated like tramps." Friday And Saturday DOUBLE FE.VI'URK 'Cowboy and the Senorito' Koy Holers, "Fui/y" Kniifht 'One Mysterious Night' Chester Morris, .Innli Curler Serial: "Haiders of Hie Cliusl City," Saturday Owl Show ' "I Love o Mystery" <Ieorpe Mat-ready. Carol Muthews Serial: "Haunteii Harbor" Cliupt. 8 Also Comedy — - I Londys' Beauty Shop 200.'i \V. Main St. Phone 3990 l.andys Kuwlell STRAW HAT DAY - SATURDAY, APRIL 27 In WAKNING OKUKR the C'huncvry ('unrlj Ckiicka- wba District, Mississippi County, Arkansas. Lillian Flo Savage PlainllfT, vs. No. 9537 James Savage Jr. and James Savage Sr., his falhfr and nalural guardian. ..Defendants. The defendant James Savage Jr., Is hereby warned to appear within thirty'days in the court named in •the caption hereof and answer Ihe complaint of Ihe plaintiff Lillian Flo Savage. Dated this 11 day of April, 1940. HARVEY MOiimS. Clerk By Freida O'Neal. D. C. Ed B. Cook, Atty. Sov Pltf. G W. Barham, Ally, ad Litem. ' 4)12-19-26-513 Pel. .150 .107 Where Your Flowers Are— You Are! One call to us will arrange to have remembrances sent, not just once, month nfter month. Ask about this iil your but r.TJJ. Senlc* . ' ' ' *• DeMw* Pb. 1»l Mr*. 3. M. (M»e) Wl U»m». ewdcr > : GtMeM BMf. Three unearnel runs in the scv cnth which \vej~o pri'scnted tiimuiih three Cub errors yave tlie Hods th^ victory over pitchei" Ilisnk Hnrinvy. the Cub ace. Philadelphia at Washiunton in Uio American also was rained out. Yesterday's stnr—Rookie ICddie Pellagrini of the Red Sox who hit a homer. Iriple, and double in a Hi to 5 win over the Yankees. Yesterday's Results SOUTHKRN I.KAOUK CliatlatNiog;! 7, Atlanla 0. Momplus •!-!. New Orteim.s 3-4. Nashville 7. !Mrminnham 4. Mobile Iti. little Rock 1. NATIONAL l.EAGUi: Pilt.-iljmgh. r>. St. Louis 3. Cim-imxnti 7. Chicago 5. Huston 5. New York 4. I3ro.iklyn al Philadel])hia. post poned, rain. Read Courier News W^iit Ads. Hot Weather Ahead! 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For general wear all summer long. $7.50 up Friday 'Under Fiesta Stars" Willi dene Aulry IHus Serial and Comedy "FRONTIER GUNLAW" With Charles Slarrell SERIAL ami COMKPY lilmission He anil '.I8e OWL SMOVf Starts 11:30 P.M. "SMOOTH AS SILK" Wilh Kent Taylor THIS COMEDY Admission I4c ami :iOc "They Were Expendable" With Rol-ert Montgomery NEWS AND C'OMKDY RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Box office opens at 7:00; Picture .starts at 7:15. Friday and Saturday "NEVADA" Bob Milchum, Ann Jeffreys, "Bin Boy" Williams IWh Chapter of "MaskeK Marvel" Pluto Comedy "In the Arnl.idillo" Here It Is— The New Internal Weed Killer The Original and Unsurpassed 2.4D Formula Kills Right Out to the Root Tips S«ch weeds as poison oak, morning "'o r >". honeysuckle, dandelion, dock and many others. l.WEEDONE kills the entire plant. 2. Does not corrode metal spray equipment.. 3. Does not leave a residue on plants that is hazardous to humans, live stock or pets. 4. Does not permanently sterilize the soil. 5. 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Arkansas Sunday and Monday DANNY KAVi: in "WONDER MAN" Wilh Virgniin Mayo (In (lorjjrous T^rlinicnlor) KKO XK1VS and -SI'OKTriCor SKIMAS'IKK THEATREIUXQRA OPEN «:«: STARTS 7 p. : AIR CONDITIONED Friday and Saturday 'Gangsters of the Frontier' •Tex Killer. D.ive O'Brien Serial: "The Master Key" Also Shorts SATURDAY OWI. SHOW 11 F M. Two O'Clock Courage' Slarts II p. m. Tom Conway. Ann Ulilherford Also Shorts Sunday and Monday Continuous Show Sunday 'San Antonio' (In Technicolor) Errol Flynn, Alexis Snlllh Paramount News Also Shorts

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