The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1949
Page 13
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MONDAY, APRIL 11, (AKK.) cotmiER NEWS PACT! THIKTKEJf OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams I CAM TELL By XXJ KIDS' LOOKS THAT WV PANCAKES -AIW'T LIKE K\A'S"--SO WE'LL HAVE. HER DIRECT THIS.'... O.K..KAA, FLOUR O.K...MILK- HOW MUCH7...THAT MUCH? / SALT- OH, YES, LARD -THAT?MORE?... Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ALL TU6 TU«*AOtL,fc.TUE LtO Off- TWe AMD P3TUCR ? FRECKLEg A HIg FRIENDS By MERRILL BLOS8EH Con* <5uy Fire Starts in Theater; 8 Firms Suffer Losses DOVER, Alk., April 11. M")—Fire swept through Ihe iiorlli Block of Ihe business district here Saturday orstruyli'g eight business cstablisli- £nents. v' The b]a7^ .started hi (he projection room of the Dover Theater, but no injuries were reported. No estimate of ilie loss was available. Dover. * town ol 493 population nine miles north ol Russellville, lias 1,0 lire department. Flames were out of control before the Russcil- vill* tiff department arrived to aid a volunteer bucket brigade. LODGER ^rVIIGHT IY GirfNIfKC rUM-HMII WiUIIUTIP IT NIA HIVtCf, INC Jim. All i* forgiven. Rtturn home at once. You will never again be late for am •ppoinfrment «nd lose your job. We promiic to buy «n ac- curaU new BuEova at DREIFUS Jewelers 316 We**t, Main St. BlytheviHe "Meet Dieifus—Wear Diamonds" UNIFORM Headquarters • Baseball • Softball Get Our Prices TAX! and TRUCK DRIVERS UNIFORMS All Colors - Gabardine $12.95 HUDSON Cleaner-Clothier-Tailor o«cer«, lucludlnr m major nnH • colonrl, uwlna; mt> ike t-Hllun poi»(n ol tfc* Robert- !•«Hy. -VitTT h« U (Hkivir Mnj^r mm4 Mrft. OMlMmnnd t- V«tl*w*loMr IB Ihe Robert. c«r, with Mr*. HoWri- fo\mK »Ionic mm m r***rnKfr. .Ha (or Koitrr ha* broke* the •»r«-4- unirtfr find xnofflrr, loot • huh r*p, •llowvd tv«« tlrt» to he •tntrn > lockri) 1h* !*-*•>• In Ik* i-p r «nd hm« JUA< Itrnkm l»t« the fmr %f *Maih- VIII W/"E arrived at Old Faithful jusl " in time to se« the geyser subsiding into the ground; a few abortive hiccups and nothing was left except run-off water trickling over the mineral deposits, and crowds of people walking away from the scene. "Never mind,** Roger said, "it spouts frequently. I'Jl ask the Ranger when it'll shoot again. We'll have time to register and go to our rooms." "This is the berries," Major Drummond commented, finding us assigned to the third floor front facing the geyser. "Grandstand scats/' h* said to the bellboy. "Yes, sir. Dining room cloees a* eight." "That means we'll likely miss the next explosion," Roger said. "They happen approximately every hour, but we'll catch Ihe one about nine." "Floodlighted tonight," Major said, "and a*i nature! in th« morning," MiIIions of people have seen il just that way, but they weren't with Roger. We were on Ihe balcony before dinner when Roger strutted to the rail, stuck a cEgaret in his mouth and drew a match folder from his watch pocket. He lit the cigare and in an airy gesture tossed the match folder over the balcony railing. A wave.of panic swept th look of well being from his face He went through every pocke everal times In rapid frcii7,y. He 'appcd his breast pocket. Fell -arefuHy in hi* watch pocket, neakinie up 0*1 H like a man ouch ing a sore tooth with his uc. Ran his hands into hi.= pants pocket*. Ilcgan all over again. ... j He began to look like a frenzied chicken locked out of the roost at night and crazily running from )os,sible loophole to possible loop- »oJe trying to get in. Major said, "Here. Keep your shirt on, I've got a match." "Match, nothing!" Roger roared, I've lost the key to the car." • • * LIE did a quick search of his pockets ngjiin,, "It wns in my watch pockeL 1 always carry cat <cys there." 'And match folders," Major said scornfully. "They just fit," Roger explained, becoming more calm, now thai he had pooled his trouble. "And keys just fit match folders, too," Major snapped. "I've heard of fool doings before in my life, but to carry a key loose in a pocket with match folders is asking for trouble. And we've got it," he concluded grimly. Major Drummond picked up his flashlight and led us down to the shrubs below; mumbled as he turned the beam into the heavy foliage, "Needle in a haystack." Not having eyes in the backs of our heads, we missed Old Faithful as we snagged out tin foil, bottle tops, shiny leaves, bits of broken glass—all manner of small refuse from under the planting. But no key. "If I call Rob now," ! offered, "he could put my key on the midnight train la Billings, and it could catch a morning bus to the Park and perhaps reach us here by to morrow night." "Tomorrow night!" Major thun dered in a crashing bellow. "I'm taking off for Alaska Tuesday. I'a getting out of here on the nrs bus." Straightening up, he con There are only two species ol beaver, the European which Is now almost extinct, and the American, which is increasing in numbers because if 1ms been protected by law. True buffaloes sre now found In South Russia. They nre animals ! closely related lo the ox. ! You Are Cordially \ Inyited to Visit The i Accessory Shop! Feminine Apparel Maliel Hogan Jessie Srit* Hotel Mnhle Klrtg. BJylhevillc. Ark. "Don't be discouraged, Ernie! Remember — it we /ose, you con always borrow some money on the car from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORA T/ON/" COTTON FARMERS Chemically delhitcd cotton sccri germinate quicker, and plow the same werk. 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"Your Friendly Sludebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash •STUDEBAKER MYONW I I DO SOMJ I TO'. A f f HON6ST? CROOfJfR! Tttt VOU.VOOWO WOT, TVIEUF. 15 WO OHtS HEW ^J^^^eL THE MOAN/ PADDED CEIL. r DONT CALM , DOWM! we A "i I'M HAW ' Rollo's arm's not so good, but we'll let him bo tho catcher till we get some equipment—his lather's n doctor!" I'RISC'IU.A'S I'OIT \\ lull 1C very Mtisliiind Knows By AL VKUMEER TH05E "SALESMEN INFURIATE ME WITH THAT SILLY ONE... 'HfLLO, WUN6 LADY, /5 YOUR MOTHER YOU'D THINK I STILL LOOKCD LIKF. A SCHOOL GIRL: OF COURSE YOU DON'T, HONC.Y.' 1 \THAT5 RIDICULOUS'./:! Hy MICHAKI Fog Channel's Farm. . SHAU 1 HELP VOU TO AN (A3 CHAIR OR WOIRD YOU PREFER A NAP AFTER YOURISDKXJS JOURNEY. MOTHER POND? ROSSUM TOOK MY CAfl TO DRIVE THE KX/OPtN THE BOXES. BUGS. AND I'll LOOK TH€N WE FEW STRONG BOXES TO LOOK fOR SOMtTHIN'. EH. FOG? NEITHER MR. CHANNEL NOR WR.F1INT HERE YEI? HO-HUM- WEll.l SUPPOSE WE WAIT. B.1SCOM, DEAR. TO THE FARM-AT/WV IHVItATION. THAT'U . UEAR 1H6 PONDS' HOUSE. WASH TlHiKS II Mas to He Soon By LESLIE TURNER I'LL MEED A LITRE V WEIL fix THIVT! 1NAE TO PUIL MYSELK \ SOU CAW &TM TOGETHER. WHY. I POUT ) W THE HOTEL EVEN IIMfi PECEWr /WITH ME> WO Ff K- aOWEa ftNV MOREfyf HWS WE CWJSEE HER TOMOKKOW KNE WON'T TIM TO MftKE PIAN6 FOE. HER. VET. GIG. OUHVs IU COOH FOR. THE PRESENT... BUT SUE'S IOOKED FORWACP SO TO SEEIMG VOU... T see HER IF I CAM DO IT WITH OUT pesTROYIHG TOO MUCH! ILT4 IS OBVIOUSLY MOVED ASEASY TALKS Of CATHY ftNO OF MR MVOTIOW TO HtR FMHER. SOUR VISIT WITH HER. MUCH LOUGEK! BUGS RUNNY Don't lie So Small, By FRED HARM AN , LISTEN,ooc//THEN You THAT'S ALL /GET TOSSED TH' OOUSH A OFF THE SUCH CRUST.' TRVlN' TO GET BY HALF O' ME IS ON TH' TRMM NOW/ HERE'S MY TICKET, MIST E a CONDUCTOR..' IDEA? YOU'RE TOO OLD TO GO FOR HALF -FA.R.E. / (,'i'ffiniC Scf(l«l'i / AND NOW THAT IVE ( OF THXT MOOVIfSN APE. It? j 0ETTEK DISPENSE A B\T OF \ L/\\V AND OK&EK IN MV rai i-r p/VC? ^^ ^H*.M u/^ (<^tz.U/oi n ' OOP. \VHO HASN'T BEEN ^_.,. c; .^_ StS^ AW. I AIN'T A5 CON- CEPNED ABOUT >i?UR THCONE AS I AM ABOUT OOP GETTIN' MIXED UP IN . LEMIA.N POLITICS.' HELPIN' T IV THPONE HIMSELF FOZ WEEK'S PUE TO A HEAD /NJUEY. HAS FOUND LEM, AND POLITICS. A BlT BS HIS PEPTH. LSX-KINS WOJK. ACCOMPANIED F3V KING GUZ AND THE ARMED MIGHT OF MOC> NEAKS THE PALACET C>F LEM WITH &.OOO IN HIS EVE: By EDGAR MARTIN HOOTS AND HER BUDDIES inucd, *And I'm eating my din- icr now." t "Dinner!" Roger repeated hys- ericully. "How can you think'o[ ••our stomach at a ttine like i I'm in trouble." "And I'm hungry," Major Drum- noiuf said. "1 can't eat." Roger .suid tragically. "It'd choke me." "SomcthiiiR ought to," Major fired over liis shoulder. "Come on, Etogcr," 1 sniri. "Dong a Gandhi won't produce the key. No use starving yourself." 1 left him disconsolately looking nto spnce while I joined the 3nnnmoiuls, Whnt Roger saw must have restored his appetite, for when we approached the dining room, he was already at the head of the line. • • • r)l-D FAITHFUL spouted, so we were (old, while we were enl- ng our slnaks. After dinner Major and Mrs. Di'ummond arranged space home by bus and left immediately to inck. Feeling certain my.fate lay n my own hands now, I smiled sacchai tnely at the transport nficnt and murmured, "Are you married?" He stretched his- neck lo settle is collar, Mngeticcl his lie into position, stroked hfs hair, swallowed lard, and replied, "I ... well . , . ;his is—** "I am," I explained quickly. "1 just thought if you were, you'd understand better how it's my . fault Roger threw th* key to the car away." The transportation agent looked hastily al Roger and Ihcn back at me. "Oh, no. He's not my husband," I explained again. "Now, what I need is help. How are we going to get homo? Roger doesn't want me lo tell my husband he lost the key, and I left mine in Great Falls." The agent Anally Rol the drift. "Don'l worry," he said. "There's a kid here who's clever al breaking into locked cars and twisting wires together and rigging up a dummy switch." Old Faithfxil snouted while we hung anxiously over the transportation desk. (To Be Continued) Phone 2195

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