The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 22, 1939
Page 6
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POUEIER NEWS Inventive Youth Spri7igs a New One ** , F ~"**"^ ~*r w< it * TT wi"—*^y *""•"- TTaMMMMiniiiiii inn in' I i r i i 'i Reds and Dodgers Divide .Cards Split With Pio- thro's Phillies ,, BY GEORGE KIRKSEY '.Unlfed Press Staff Correspond en ' NEW YORK, July 22 (UP)— Chuck Klein, icscued fiom the grave>ar<3, Is the cunent baiting * Fensalton In the National League Almost sent hick- lo the minors )" June, Klein is now bic-nthing /He .Into the PJtlsbmgh Pirates' come- bnck which has kindled faint hopes ihal the'Buccaneers will put (lie English on their nose-dive of last season » Klein's latest feat diagged a game out, of the lost column foi the Pirates jesteiday. With t\vo out in the ninth and Piltsbuif>h tiaihng 3-1, Klein slugged a' home ' run with two mates on base lo . give (he Pirates a 4-3 vicloiy ovc. the Giants The vlctoiy placed tie Pirates only one game bchlnj) the second place Cardlnpls Chuck, one of the Nailoml League's gieat hltleis dining his fust six yeais with the Phillies -when they were playing In bandbox Baker Bowl, has now hit safely 5n 20 consecutive games When . — — n the Hills let him go lo the Pirate, WnUer ™ m - '»• <>' Wait Orange, N, J., had read about how .Julius Caesar attacked enehw"plil,* with in June he was batting 172 Since »ge >ocU lliiown fiom spring catapults ft gave Walter thn nrioi,n!l • ,, , June 7 he has batted 350 foi the tmcd above At left he Is shown lvhur nn ih. L, ,, , ° '' " ie co " tra l lt! °n plc- Plrate, and during his cunent 20- shock coul , ., ', ,„ ° ' S . S "f } ^ n e m "* sled of his home-made catapult, with elastic'airplane "-— '•"' >n ° CK cculs (lmwn tnil( '- A trl iger releases the.: cords and then-there he goes-at 130 feet out In Lake Mohawk, .Sparta;' N. J./ where he made this used lo protect him irom friction, fails below him. in 30 runs foi the Pirates In 33 games The Pirates got Klein by a stroke of luck. He was going badly at Phllly -and Doc , Protlno , wanted lo experiment with joung- er players so he gave Chuck permission lo try to make a deal foi himself Klein wired all (he o'hei managers Pie Tiaynoi, Phatc manager, happened to be talking to Leo, Durocher, Dodgei pilot, when the latter received Klein's wire He showed it to Pic, who ^, K didn't get Mi wire until later Im- there Agitation foi"" a "Na'ttoTial mediately Traynoi contacted Klein Open tennis, championship wilh and signed him mo p,os In time p tchlng ngaE The Giants introduced two new (| IG amateurs, ha, started again Infieldcrs, Fiank £>calz.\ signed as - =>w«u.u iifcum a fipo nonnl nt cliiu-feinrt ni>rf T/,,,, / B1/ " ""* "" lu> '""E • ••"""".'Jntno.vii.Lia, MO., JUIV 22 Hafey recaitS from Jeisef ° S COU " U ' y llol(ls tllc D »>"s -At a mnss meeting'of Caruth- naiey, recalled irom Jeisey City, cup . when the clip departs prsvllJe citizen, baseball club ofTi- ^or Australia in n couple of niohlhs clals'and American Legion officials i and If it doesn't you have my per- here last-night it-was decided to» ""'•'""'-•' ™'rry out 'the Northeast Arkansas tltad Hatey Win homer with two on off -robin for the iomn lor me has allowed games. Giants' only runs It \\as the Giants' seventh straight loss imd left them tied with Brooklvn for ntlh place. Bucky Walters scored his Iflth Victory tuid his sixth straight in pitching Cincinnati to a 4-1 til- umph over Brook]>n Cookie Liva- getto's homer was Ihe onlj inn he in his last lluee , Johnny Vender Ifeer's wild throw to third in the seventh peimltted t«o runs to score which enabled the Dodgers to capture the second game, 4-3 The Cardinals split wilh the fillilhes, losing Ihe opener 10-2 and taking the nightcap, 1-0 Carl Reynolds' homer with two mates on base gave the Cubs a 3-1 decision over the Bees chir- ley Root gave up 13 hlls but was light in the pinches Edgar Smith, Athletics' castoff, pitched the While Sox to a 4-1 victor}' over the Yankees, snapping the world champions' eight- game n inning- streak Smith allowed only me hits Gerald Walker led the White So\ attack vvi*h ''3 for 3," driving in three inns In the other American League game Cleveland beat ,Washington. 5-2, the Red So\ broke their 4- game losing stroak v\llh a G-5 vviri over Ihe Browns in 11 innings, 7 and;the Athletic trimmed the Tigers, 6-2 mission to shoot me and collect the -.__._.. .„ .,.. wu * .,„, <i,n. ..uiifcub mti *.«>*.] uuv mi; nuiUIUMSI* Arkansas 50 bucks bounty that. Is on my League game schedule of the Car- pelt) then the teiinib fathers will uthcrsvlllc Pilots, despite the re- , Yesterday's Hero—chuck Klein, Pirates" oiilfieWer hose ninth in ning homer wilh .two : out and Iwo on gnve his club a 4-3 win over the Giants. Kennett Course Will Be Scene Of Play-off -- . i CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo, July 21 —The play-oft match between the Gwm country club golf team and the Paragould, Ark n team, lor the championship of the ssuthern division, will be held Sunday afler- nocn; July 23, on the Kcnnelt , course, it \ias announced here jes- terday by Adolph Untcrreiner, matchmaker for the GVMII club. Parag;uld and the Gwin team finished Ihe season v\ilh three victories and one defeat each, both ins one of the grealcst learns in history out Uicre in front . . , 3.vkes has a group of misfits bang- mg on the second place door with KIMIII n record of 16 victories in the clubs having wcn"uierrhom'e"covirs'e If 1 , 20 games ' J '^ ed • • - •""* matches with pacii ^thni- Doyles recent one round defeat in matches with each other. Unterreiner said the first foursome was scheduled to get under - ... &wv „,,„,,. ~- "-"--V ".V *...»l tiltu^ll way at Kennclt, on a neutral course, ,,'„ • ou ehta quit singing at one o'clock Sunday, and that Motllcr Machrec and fight her" each team -would ha\e abcut 18 lo ;, : * at is - ot course, if Mother in „!„.«..,., *r_.-i „.. .. Machrpp would spot him 10 or 12 „ -If they hook up in Saratoga in August, and the fe»v.i* IL.UIII nu-uivi -iiait; ttUvUt, ifl (,u 20 players' Matching the plasers oX the two teams will be done by Today's Sport Parade By Unify Mctemore NEW YORK, July 22 (UP)-Put- line the spoils shot here and | It get vciv . BV; u .'-'•' be more open to reason — -......- *»,'*•. i,v. 4 ^i\aun . , , iim ^.tim lua^ . ui cup holding nation always fights an hereby fire, open, tonrnnincnt, because the cup ' bcfovc I die I Club officials said it would bo --•- -.-.T— j ~m vi i; x kuv; i. almost necessary to raise $1500 would like to hem one sensible because of club expenses nsifte reason why the pros and amatciira from the grandstand matter and shouldn't compete hi the same $1.000 was pledged nt the meetin" tournament Ihc only" near Harry flidgely was (mined chairman' logical one I have heard is that of.-n three-mnn committee with J Ihe professionals might get ideas M. McCaiin: and Earl .PowellSr' from the amateurs concerning how "s the other members, and assign- to make moie money out ; oti the «I the job', of securing the remain- mean.s money onc of these.'days an ln g S500. . game _ _ _ anvateur tennis champion IB.'going to reveal all and his slory will outsell Gone With the WindJ... .; This years pn/e foi pei'slstence oos lo,Frederic H Rahr, Inventor nnd piomotei of the ycltow base- bil " he is going to have it adopted by the big leagues or (He g . I am afinid, however, the likeable Mi R'nhr is but- Ing his head against a stone wall,' i e c n n s e baseball enterpreneiirs we proved over and over: again :hat the one thing' they don't wnnt. is progress . . the very fact that the yellow ball is safer and, through Us better visibility, would make for better hitting and fielding,-operates against It .\ . if Mr. Rahr had brought out a. dark, Wnck ball that handicapped play 'ie would have hud a much better chance to sell-it to baseball's mas- Legion officials announced that a mortem concrete and steel grandstand would be buiil before the fair. In .October. H wns announced that temporary bleachers on tlic first and - third base foul lines would-be, built Immediately ami that they would seat 400.per- sons. Chairs for.200 will be placed on the concrete reserve seat section of .the old grand stand which Is sllll •standing.' . ,' A doiibleheadcr will be plnyert here Sunday with Joncsboro, a single . game Monday' iiigbt with Jmiesboro and Newport will play the Pilpls here Thursday and Friday niyhts. _ tcr 'minds lo one who follows as many golf lourimments as I do it is n- laugh to hear that such and -such a player reached eminence by great driving or pilch- ing or long Iron play . . . n ll golf tournaments today are settled on ihe pulling giceii . .. if you're !iot on that velvet you win, and f you aren't you haven't a prayer, no matter how long or slraHit you nil the ball . . I don't want to get into any argument, but In raling the nbll- ty of baseball managers who would you say had done the-best job so far Ihis year—Joe McCarthy or Jimmy Dykes? McCarthy London recalls the remark someone made about the Irish thrush Walter Hunter of Kennelt, a director of the Southeast Missouri Round Rtbln Association. The winner cf the play-oil match Sunday will be recognized as the official southern division champion, and will be presented a trophy which may be permanently retained ,by the club. The winner will take part In championship matches vUth winners of the northern and central divisions, to decide the association champion The Hlllcrest -club of Cape Glrardeau Is winner of the northern division, but the ' ;ner of thi central division is undetermined. , chances that they will are good I'll have to lake Kajak n to lick Johnstown . . T,,,, Sollth Am _ erican champion can go it, be II on » lightning fast track or one up '°. he « in BOO . . . Speaking of Johnstov%n and Ksjak It, they'll breeze to wins in California and Illinois today . . most 'frequent cause qen cause Of' difficulty 'was battery failures, numbering some 4,000,000 times. TODAYGAMES Southern League Memphis at Birmingham Knoxville at Atlanta. Nashville ai Chattanooga Uttle Rock at New Orleans Raises $1,000 For Ball Club; To Rebuild Parlc .'Grandstand ..__. Welch To V nil' Try Taming 1 m Bennfett , Mo., July 22 ' cent loss, of the park grandslnnd Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas league Cnrulhcrsvlllc. e, rjaragoiild 4. Newport 5, Joncsboro 2. Southern I.onjuc Memphis at New- Orleans, rain. Chaltniipogn 7, Kuoxville 1. Night games: , Little Rock nt niriiiingliSm. Only games scheduled. | American league Cleveland 5, Washington 2. Chicago 4, New York 1. Philadelphia G, 'Delroit 2 Boston C, St. Louis 5 League Cincinnati 4-3, Brooklyn 1-4. Philadelphia 16-0, St. Louis 2-7. Chjcago 3, Boston 1. Pittsburgh 4, New York 3. Lanky Jcc Welch, export beef wrangler from the .Oklahoma sagebrush, comes back-to town Monday night to try-his'hRiid nf'ttihitng an unruly gent "nnmcd George Bennett. The latter's free mid easy conscience allows him to employ fists and fect above and beyond the call of necessity and as a result his opponents of late have "been complaining of all sorts of ailments. Bennett .just sneers at the rules and 'regulations when he gets in a Ught spot and cuts loose with the illegal sluff, much lo the sorrow of Referee Mike Merancy. Two weeks ago rowdy George '' aroused the official Ire of - Joii'n Canirell, secretary of the state athletic 'commission,'.'who ordered his disqualification tii a match with Ned Taylor, Now, ns further chastisement Mei-oney Is going lo Ihrow Bennett m the same" ring wilh Oklahoma Joe, brother of Roy Welch, one of Ihe foxiest veterans pefformin<r in Ihis area.' Joe learned the trade from big brother Roy, and duriuu the past year lias developed into a. flashy performer. .Red Roberts, Little Rock heavy Is being Imported to take on Bill Canny of Montana, n newcomer to (his section. Roberls has exhibited his wares in the local arena several limes in the past tmd can take care of Red. Canny bears rccom- mcndiiUpns from other points' where he has performed and Is expected lo do some trading wilh Roberts in the rock mid'sock'department. BASEBALL STANDINGS Arkansas League ' W I, Pet Caruthcrsvlllc 14 7 017 Newport H a ' C30 Pnragauld T n. -3G8 Jonesboro Q n TOSIidlWE Hurdle Barons 'And Pelicans With Triumph On Friday Night ' Hy Unllcil Press • The Little-.Rock •Travelers were out of the Southern. Association cellar in a big way today, having bounded .up to sixth place on the impetus of an a to 7'decision over tliC' Birmingham Barons. The Pebbles shot' upward last, night after Big Jim IJagby, son of the former major league slar, slopped in lo IhroUlc n desperate Uaron rally in the sixth inning. Big Jim stopped the' Barons for Ihe rest of-the way, protecting a lead Little nock had built up with blj; first inid sixth Innings. Hyuk was the outstanding batsman of Ihe night, wllli three hits, one a homer. Tim Enrolls replaced the Pebbles In llic cellar and Ihe Idle New Orleans Pelicans slid Into seventh place. nick Lanahan, Chattanooga southpaw, hold the Knoxville Smokies lo five hits as the Lookouts ' won ^ to 1 in Chattanooga. Every Lookout batter- connected safely in Ihc ]2-]iit nttnck. off Ita-tiam aijd Sliarpc of the Knox- vlllc mound'force. Babe Bnnia and Bill Nicholson poled triples in the Lookouts cause. Memphis' was rained out at New Orleans and Atlanta and Nashville weren't scheduled. Today, Atlanta plays at Kiioxvillc, Little Rock at New Orleans, Memphis at Birmingham and Nashville at Chntta- nogn. SATURDAY, JULY 22, 1939 Keeps Jewelry "Jug" Fishermen Report Good Success On River COOTER, Mo., July 22.—One of t»e largest catfish cniifht in the Mississippi river, reported by local sportsmen was a Go-pounder caught this week by Paul. M. cooper Jemter druggist. He was accom- pnnied by bis daughter, Miss Pe»- gie Cooper of Cooler ami "Snook- K" Smith,, son of Homer Smith >f BlyUieville, Mr. Cooper also las made several large hauls ot Mi this weefc. The flsh were •aught "jug ' fishing." Among other sportsmen catching fish from 0 to 35 pounds in the Mississippi Ms week were Baxler Southern Byron Weaver and Cletous Bailey if Stecle, J. B., Holly of Holland, leny Holly, .Lonnie Jordan and "om Perry of Cooler. Joe Burk- keeps gold cup for winning diamond sculls of Hoynl Henley Regatta lor second successive year. Penn A. C. oarsman negotiated mile and five-sixteenths in nine minutes 15 seconds to beat R. Verey. o£ Poland by a length and a quar- •'' ' Cow Victim of Bright Lights SANTA ROSA, Gal. (UP)—Even a cow can become a victim or the lure of the bright lights. Peter Prosko- loakoff.-rancher, to exhibit the fine points of Ills pet cow:Betty, had her stair draped; with electric lights. The lure of the bright lights attracted Betsy. .She ate one. The effect, was the same as the death chair. : , Average density of the sun is only cne-fautli. that .of the earth. OF.BEIHCETHLJ ON m m Gillette Is Fed Up; Resents Revenue Suggestion As His Motive BY BRUCE CATTON Watitimgon Cormpondenl WASHINGTON, July 21 -When Senator p..y Gillette of Iowa heatedly denied that his vote against the administration's neutrality program was motivated by any resentment at the President's unsuccessful attempt to "purge" him In tost summer's primary, he earned tie right lo have his statement laken ai face value.' ' Foi, if the senator really wanted to get even with the administration, he could have done It 1,, „ much more spectacular way than that. During (his session he was given a chance to fire a shotgun right into the middle of the President's cabinet—anil he refused lo lake it. • What makes Ihis affair even re convincing is the fad that hardly anybody knows about it ; »is Hiu, GAVE HIM OPPORTUNITY Early in Hie session Senator Gillette introduced a bill to set higher margin requirements for trading in grain futures. What he really wanted wa's an investigation of the whole subject cf grain futures trading and its effect on domestic farm prices; . introduction of this bill offered' a way lo gel it. . He got a good deal of support from various farm organization leaders here, and his bill was referred for hearings to a subcommittee of the Senate Agricultural Committee,' This subcommittee was headed by Senator Billow 3f South Dakota and included Senator. Gillette and Senator Morris. Since' Norris was busy on other matters, .the hearings have >een conducted almost entirely by Bulow and Gillette; and since the bill is Gillette's bill, by senatorial custom he has, to all intents and purposes, liacl control of the.hear- . Now, In the group which wanted this Investigation of grain' futures trading there was a sub-group, so to speak, which wanted to drive Henry Wallace out of his lob as secretary of agriculture. ' These people had drawn up a bill of particulars, accusing Wallace of refusing lo enforce ihc grain futures leading act and asserting lhat his refusal to accept the "cosl of production plan for agriculture was because" he was unduly friendly wilh Hie grain speculators. They wanted n sounding board for (heir charges. The subcommittee hearings on Gillette's bill looked like a handy one. rr u le y could spread thc-fr detailed charges on the committee record • they could get a lot of publicity t or them, in the end, they probably would fail to get Wallace out of office, but Ihey would at least create a tremendous lot of trouble for him and for the administration WOULD HAVE BEEN EASY Gillette's part In all of this would have been simple. He wouldn't liave hail to -turn a hand himself. All he would need to do would be to let these people have their way at the hearings. If revenge for the "purge" was what he \vas after, here was a fool-proof chance lo get Strand lo get it without even seeming lo be seeking it. ' "Well, he didn'l do it. The hearings have been going oil, and they have created not a ripple. Somehow the attack on the secretary; with its indications that the ad- ininlsliatyn's whole farm )»llcy f «"Kl, hasn't teen taking Senator oilletlc is going 'to find out all he tail about grain futures trading, but he isn't goln« to let his investigation be turned into an attack on the administration Just incidentally, Senator Gillette is getting a bit tired .ot hearing about the "purge." When he votes with the administration— as he: did on the monetary bill— he gets letters accusing him of crawling; when lie votes against it— as he did on the neutrality bill— he is accused of harboring a- grudge. Meanwhile, you might just re-member that when a real chance lo put a knife into the administration' was offered lo him - he turned it down— and did it so quietly that hardly anybody here has even heard of it. Southern League W. t, pet xMcmphls 52 33 .ribi Atlanta 52 42 .553 Chattanooga .".. 51 « 5« Knbxvillc « .(5 .505 Nashville « 44 ,4D1 ^Birmingham 4151 440 xLlttle Rock 40 59 \\ H ew Orleans 42 54 .433 x—Night games. Imbibers Insist on Driving SANTA CRUZ, Gal. CUP)_Local jollce are wondering if the average nnn really knows when he has im- libed so much that it is not safe for ihn to drive. They experimented by offering to drive home any tippler vho felt that he was nob in condition to drive himself. There-iras only one call-ami flint, 'by n man who thought if would be a joke" en the police. • Approximately 10,000,000 blowouts occurred iti 1938, representing nearly one-third of nil causes of automobile breakdowns Today's Games I.ragiic Pittsburgh at Boston. SI. Louis at Brooklyn. Chicago at New York. Cincinnati at Philadelphia. American league Boston at St. Louis. Washington at Cleveland. Philadelphia at Detroit, two'. New York at Chicago, postponed. American League W. L. Pet New York ........... 61 24 .713 Boston ............... 49 30 ( ; 3fl Chicago ...... i ....... 48 M .m Cleveland ............ 4339 ;•>•>.[ Detroit ............... 41 43 -188 Washington .......... 35 53 402 | Philadelphia ......... 32 50 .330 St. Louis ............. 24 59 ,289 National W. L. Pet j Cincinnati 50 30 St. Louis 42 38 Chicago -H 41 Pittsburgh 40 38 New York '41 .)[ Brooklyn , 39 ;» Boston.: 39 •)•> Philadelphia 25 51 Rtiiti Courier News vant ads. WRESTLING Okla'ma Joe Welch vs. George Bennett Red Roberts vs. Bill Canny AMERICAN LEGION ARKNA, MONDAY 8 I'.M, Tires, baitcries, radios, heaters •nd olher products for your car can be bought,on the Firestone' Budget Plan for surprising, hide cash outlay ami terms so small you'll hardly notice them. tiif» It Hi Vtiti el rirtitont. ManJj> trnt>»(> or(r NillmiriJe N. II. C. RtJNtluvr't Tune intlierirtnone Voice ofllie Fjtm Hi i!io Projnm iwice rich week during poon iwur PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh & Walnut Vhone 810 Read Courier News want ads. =-1 It's a great satisfaction to look over the day's ac- counts'and.find you've been able to save money by careful buying, x Knowing- where- to buy is part of the trick. But knowing how to buy is a bigger part. The wise "busi-^ ness manager''of the home.plans her shopping- as skillfully as a business man plans to spend a thousand dollars. ' ' . . Advertisements help greatly, of course. On daily necessities like meats, fruits, vegetables, they show you how to save 2c here, 3c there, adding up to much. But advertisements are just as helpful on larger pur- .chases—furniture, draperies, motor cars, clothing. Followed carefully, advertising saves you money all down the line .. . helps you run the household more economically . . . gives the budget a chance to breathe! • •' "i

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