The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1948 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 17, 1948
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17, lf).IS Eisenhower Said 'Best Candidate' Sen. Johnston Says General is Right Man for Democrats WASHINGTON. March 17 ,i;p> —Sen. Olin D. Jolm.ston DSC one of President Truman's outspoken foc-i, regards Gen Dvvight D Eisenhower as the "best available, candidate" to unite the Democratic Party. He believes Iliat Eisenhower is an •^dependent" and not a Rcpubli- \Jolmst6n disclosed these views in a letter to \ n. B.iskin South Carolina Democratic chair-' man. He wrote that the South must take conceited action prior to the Democratic National Convention lo block the nomination of Mr. Truman. Otherwise, he said, "haml- pickcd Truman .supporters" will control the convention before tl\i South is organised. Johnston said he had cotiellld-.'d that Eisenhower is tlie best available candidate after confenin}; with Northern and Western Democrat.". He added, however, that he would support whomever. South Carolina Democrats decided to back. Organization Smishl First "The main tiling is to organize and get a candidate, (hen we must negotiate with the party leaders throughout the country for his acceptance. "Many .such leaders are already convinced that the party canno', win witli Truman. However, they "« unwilling to ask him to stei> aside until we can get a degree of unity within the 'party for some other nomir,ee.s, !n other words, we must take a. positive stand lor somebody. We. cannot afford to be merely anti-Truman." Johnston made no Mention of Elsenhower's recent statement that he would not accept a presidential nomination. He said Democratic administrations had advanced KLsenhower Co top positions in the Army in rec- ojjtjtion of his ability. ^During his years as chief of staff and since recent conferences with Republican party bosses," Johnston said, "he is convinced. 1 am sure, that lie could not live with Ihe Republicans. For many years he ha.s worked closely with" Democrat* in and out of Congress. Evidently, the program of the Democratic P.arty is acceptable to him." The passenger elevators of New York City travel a total distance each day equal to 20 round trips to the center of the earth. The horse is one of the oldest existing mammals on earth today, while man Is the youngest. Wanted to Kill Jamal Bishan is only 13, but he lives in Palestine, 10 his childhood isn't like an American boy's. He was in an Arab patrol that ambushed and killed 17 Jews north o( .Jerusalem. ^illed two. then wept because he f?n out of ammunition and couldn't kill any more. (Photo by >VEA-Acmc ttafl correspondent David Boycr.) Home-Made 'Strooch' Has 12 Forward Speeds BIATHEVII.LE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS The new-car shortage doesn't bother Walter Johnson, 37-year-old K;isl Liberty O mechanic He just ups and builds a car. This is his "Slroocii," made from parts of 11 other autos. Johnson h;n turned down a $5000 ofTcr for the vehicle. He's driven it GU.OUO miles nnd worn out three sets o( tires. Inc "Strooeh" has 12 speeds forward and two in reverse. Johnson lias jjone 05 miles un hour in low cear. Seeking Shelter in Underpass, Girl \ u - oi A - Promises H ug « With No Home Is Killed by Locomotive Canccr Trcotment Cent * r CHARLOTTE. N. C.. March 17. i UP)—A homeless nine-year-old Sir! iviio .spent Monday m's'lil with her family in A railway underpass fell into the |).illi ,,f „' switch en- ' Sine yesterday and was killed in- _,, stnntlv. BALTIMORE, Mar. 17. ||JP,._ The locomotive decapitated Ma- I ?L OV: vvillir mi Preston l,ane of mie Lillian Duncan, 9. of Ma- | Maryland, chairman of the Soulli- ?''" Oovci iioi.-, Conference, hus made Maryland's Governor I Hot Going Anti-Truman rion. N. C., Coroner YV. M. Suminer- ville reported. Police said the child spent the night in an underpass with her lather. Henry Duncan, 54. a ,,(j ], er brother and sister, Alvin, 11 and Hazel, 17. The other children said when heir father left to get them coffee they went on the railway tracks , cleivi", «'Uh tliCH- sister. They did not real- i ranks " ize tlie locomotive was movin- to- ' wnrd them iiniji seconds-before it Summerville .said Mamie fricltt- encd. may have fallen across the tracks. D'.mcan told police he left Mn- rion Thursday to look lor work with his children but ran out of money ' in Union Mill. s. C. They hitchhiked to a brother's home in Gaff- ' ney. S. s.. and he put them on .1 i bus lo Charlotte. | With no place to go in Charlotte. ! Duncan nnd the children huddled ' in the woods last night, and moved [ into tlie underpass when it began ! , it clear Htm he ls not golng „,„, Kilh Hie anli-Triiman resolution adopted by the conference. Lane (old a Democratic. Party dinner here Monday night thn , Maryland Democrats will support the principles and (he nominee" of the Democratic National Convention. H 0 .said "Iliere will be no cleavage In MinyJanrt Democratic Ll'lTLI.; nOCK. Ark.. .Alaivh 1C. IUPI--A cancer treatment center aileinmli- for the present patient load was prorni.ved by officials of the University of Arkansas medical si'liwil yesterday. The Federal Sccnrili' Agency In Washington Monday approved Iwj Krauts making the center possible. Dr. 11. C. Clienault, vlce-mesi- dent ol the uni»er.sity for medical | I'dtn'riiioii, said that a $21,000 grant I will be used to purchase new X-ray I I'liuipnii-iit .and a $10,500 grant will ' provide on? additional radiologist and l«o technician.'!. "I believe when this equipment is ijj.siallcd aikl umtincd, we will be iible to lake care o[ (he pre.scnt load." Dr. Oilman): .snid. "aliliom,-!] I don'l know how long this condition will last. We are jjclljnj; more and more referral cases from all pans of the srtitc." -._„-_„ «.»*,» tuff* i i rru.> From Wife's Busy Mouth There i.s DO fceiini; among the Democrats of Maryland that they will not stay within the ncmocn- tic ranks." he s nid. "We believe in ; _ ~ states rights. But we also believe Divorce Suit SorinOS m Ihc two-party system. And wlvit- - ->f"'»«/i ever differences may come about lh e Democratic Party is a forum for expression." l.anc did not vote Satlirriav when ,.„ , ••—the Southern Governors Conference. ? — ,""" Fra " c( '-' i Green in Washington adopted a report >e- Jlamm K- pndiatiiiK President Truman's civil rights j)j'oj:r,ii]i niirl pIcdftitiB (o fight "those who proposed It." At that lime. Lane said It would I MIAMI. Fla.. Hermnii C'rl'ecn Mar. 17. filed suit (UPl — for dl- ,„ ,.„.„ . , I o , .- ( "resented" in Maryland Demo- Ihe balvation Army took charj-c I "atic circles if he voted [or the of Duncan and the surviving chil- i resolution rircn. He said he was separated 1 from his \viTe. Read Courier Rews Want Ads General Jan Smuts, ol South Africa, i.s credited with oriRinating i plans for organization of the Leavue. of Nniions. "She arcued and yelled when ipe tilloneri rpltiriicd from his work and was n ronUnuoiis talker and argiicr and he couldn't get one word in the conversation, and If she ever did t |uii. lalklnj; then her mother would start In on the same nrguinent nnd carry It on-both being very Ion? winded and nevci seeming to tire of this diversion." Butterflies, unlike 'human be- ines, can sec ultraviolet light, 25,000 C of C Employes in Italy on Strike nOMK. March 17. <UP)--Aboul 2S,0))I) workers in the st:ile-o|>fint- ed Italian Clmmbers of Cmnmeice \veni on si like yesterday In n new outbreak of ore-election Unrest. Leftist lauor leaders threatened a general walkout of nil Italian B ov- rrnmenl workers uraiusp of wlinl Ilicy culled "pollllcnl Intimidation.' The aKitiiiion srew as the clcc- lion cimtpaifin speeder! up. It hart bnri'ly a month to « ( > Ix-loro the balJotiiiR wlilch will determine the Cominunisi position h, it,,i y- Tlie iiKiliillon wiis caused by creation or a leftist iHilitieul bltu among Mnte employes for the elections. Tiie. government ordered workers who Joined the Wot- lo Slate their reasons. The lell.s char-j. eil Unit order vlohtU-d their pullll- cu I rlshls. Kmployes of the Court of Ac- I'ouuls. the Mute body ronirolltii' financial activity of Ihi. various ministries, were scheduled lo .strike tomorrow. '!'''•<• employes demanded pernia:i- eill civil service status. The Kovmi men, held Omt H-iii|ii>nny rmnKivi-i could not be admllted to the reisiilin rolls, The . Commerce and Industry Ministry employes also were con- MderiiiK a strike. Kentucky to Stay Away from Anti- Truman Meeting l.OUIKVU.r.K. Ky.. Mac. 17. IUI>1 ^Kentucky's IX-mocrutlc. Party v c.<- tcrday turned down nil Invliiu'lnii to Join Southern Democrat* In iheir IlKhl nunliAt a siToini term for President, 'n-iiinnti Ireciursc of Ills stand on civil rights. •). J.yter nrmnld.son. eluihnnin of the Kentucky Democratic Stale Central Executive Commlllec revealed he wired Herbert Ilolnu-s chairman Of the MKslMippI .Slate Dcmocriitic Executive Committee. that Kentuekinns would remain with President Truman -, Holmes had extended' an Invliu- tlon lo Donnldson lo Join In callhm » conference of statcs-rlchis Democrats In Jackson. Miss.. April 22 Donaldson wired Holmes that 'beliie or the opinion Hint, iiriirtlni! International problems necesslliile a united [ronl to combat, foreign enpmfe.1, I do not Relieve It opixi'r- tiine to promote sectional differ- Tll« melal •ai'liput lH>ll.i Kcie nmde of plates rh'etcci totjelher, au-^ "ft. 10 "" B 'wio,*dta »"- |_* «« fc U ladU, THE GREATER VALUES Diamond Solitaire S 39 95 , I'a.v ;i..<)o Doivn Styled in oiodern molil, set wilh o bril- liont diomood. thn lovely 14k yellow gold engagement ring is an exceptional value EnsvTcrms— Ycnr to IMy 3-Diamond Ring " Evef popular fishtail design in 14k yellow gold. 2 glowing side diamonds glorily the tarae ccnt-r Diamond. r /p<- Y'our Crpdlt- -Pay 75c Wr-Hiy THE EASIER TERMS 5-Diamond Beauty M25" I'ay 1 2.50 Down Blazing, blue-while center diamond enhanced by 4 shimmering side diamond) in o setting ol serene simplicity. 0(»cn an Account ON THESE BEAUTIFUL DIAMONDS CREDIT IS FREE! DREIFtS Mnr.l llrnirns- . . . \ lli^mtmH.s ,T M\l\ ST. EN AN ACCOUNT N ° Interest or Carry-fog er- nce., within our party at .this particular lime. For th| R ,,,, ( | , ltn( ,,. reasons I cannot join with you in calling the conference suutics'tcd in your telegram." Elizabeth Expecting LONDON. March 17. (Ul'l—Prin- :css EJi/.abeth Is eX|»clln K n baby- In October, a source close lo Buek- linm Pnlncc suld today. CITY CLEANING ESSENTIAL TO SPRING BRIGHT GROOMING Ntiwhoixi will ycni find sin-li iHiiiisltikinjf dive in (|R» i-IPiminjr of your u'Jirdrol/c ,i s Unit of City rli'imoi-s. \Vo ,, ss i m ! your licst clotninjf lini R woiir iind K ot>i| looks with liuUvidimlixiMl i-iuv ,,f ouch Rumionl., N<> nisliinjt llmmuli dm ck'iiniiiK in-oi-ows lo nii'i'i ;i r.'i'liiin |i mi . limit, wo lulfc tlm linio lo (I,, (I,,. j,,|, ,-lnhl. As.stii-0 your s|irm K vvav,|n,b c . { ,( |,,.|,, K K \tfm K arijrlil. n,:liu-wit|i cerlificd City SUITS AND PLAIN DRfSSFS 90?! • HAT BLOCKING ALTERATIONS City Cleaners Pickup and Delivery Service Anywhere 414 Easf Main Street Phon. 3197 THREE LINES OF THE 1848 OLDS MO BILE o r r E R HVDRA-MATIClS DRIVE 'H>.- SMAII'I' clioireis Iliu ncir OMsmolilc . . . >nrf l<">k»lMtarir',frtl 1 ,>io-.ilollrr!l.:H moilrls! 10 hodr l>|nw! 1! cn.siin:*! Ami c.rry ,mje OUmiMIe it ai-ailalihuilk CM H)-Jra..\tntic Drift'! This is Iho iirij-inal ">u,.,1,11,1,, ,,o.,liiri" ilrivr —Ilie Gcncr.l M " 'irivo Ilial «ivrs yrnl "Wliirlamy" .clionl n-imiicm.l): l "'""^' ; "-'' T "'. l "|'" l ' l " :;l " |l '""' ! "" i ""•!''• In ll,r lower |.iia: ,!,.--,>. li>r < III il's n-.illy l wr >" ll ""-'"icc«nililf|ieTuliil>iliiv-r»'o'rtlijTiiiinin« r ' '.'"•* """"•• Olll - ln '• " n <-'-» •""'•"I 'V-M,,. ,,|.i,r," n.i, ,,.„ i, ,1,, I.,!-!,, s,. lr ui,,i '"«« f»r "« rmurainic Ij'l.liniobile "98V* i»r«, r.vjfrly ,i\vai(,-,J nr\v l,y fi.ili.T, I>vn;nnir 'Dl'l-innlnlr iviihMi- fi ln«nr, Milpr, roinninr — allnrils grr.Ui-r \ iii- plcle lints, llii "IX)" .mil Ihc "70" for YOUR OLDSMOBILE DEALER 1 urn in yoar rcTap ,., to turn info To ktip turnout V LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. 307 E. Main Phone 519

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