The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 2, 1938
Page 3
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVJRE5 (ARK.) COURIER NEWS COMPLIMENTARY TICKET This Ticjsel Will Admit Jfr, niig ' tfts. Paul Grccmys 1CJ7 West Qh(clHs'aii])a' T=O JJIFT-T BIT!? THEATPK ^•(0 SC<H>/» ' "THE FIRST 100 YEARS" PLAPPER .PANNY By Sylvia Bits of Mostly .SKUO.V1) IMI'TIST 18th and Main W> B. in. Siniilay-suhoal. 11:03 a. m. Morning .services. T))C Rev. H. Jcj-nlgan, oi wit) conduct Hie services. 8:30 y. |n. f!. T. U' V:;iO () m. Evening services. The Rev Mr- Jeriilsaji will speak. Social Calendar MONDAY'S PVENTS ' , Business and Professional Wo-1 men's plub, having party at'Rustic i ton at 8:00 o'elojlj. Woman's Missionary Union, First • Bapijst church meeting at 2:30 p.m. at ohiirch (or business and B0?lal meeting. Executive board, Woman's A l ix: Iliary of the First 'Presbyterian church meeting at 3:30 p.m. at church. Woman's Missionary cpciety. First Metjipdfst church meeting at church at 2:30 S.t Stephen's Episcopal Guild meetjng at homo of Mrs. Oscar Jfardaway nt 2:30 p.m. pjly Cgu,np.ll of ParerjlTTeochcr Associations meeitng tit, ,.*,, ....i. in high school library preceded by -. an e.^ccutivij hoard meeting at 1:00 p.m. TUESDAY'S EVENTS Jfornirrjs session of (he Forrest City pjstrlot 'Federatio.ii of Women's ohms meeting at First Bap- tls.t cjiurcli at D o'clock. i. • :— • .T ^ftonoon fecsion ot iho Fed- 1 ' "It's sprinc, Chuck! The time for birds anMi-'ulii' If! erailon meeting at First Baptist! ors—a» p —an' RASPBAM t" " church at 1:30 p'clooh, !. : u " Federatloti meeting 'at city hall at Gcor ^ w> ' Ba 8:00 o'clopli' " prayer. BarJu>m Btaa Arts Luncheon nt Worn- ! jj ? - 11Cc? ", "^ «<«««? < an;? club at 12;oV o'cloel-. ^"^l n' I* 1 "* W '"' C ' -Mr*,'p. 8. Babccck ciKertainim" * firy _ Ne11 Pn i lcrE ? n nwl inpsl-.tubstanlinl IIOJHM m the cily . I had been olTered nnrf Ihnl the ar- W*s. Cecil Lo\vc conducted Ilic ronsempnts were complete for en- cdltnllon lollowln wlilcli M^ ,„,.,„!„,„„ „„,> ....... .. Miss tertalniiig nil delegates. Miss • < « the Tuesday BriK club | Mal ' y rrnnccs ^ llerln sallg * cl>lct "Mrs ' WC" H&Rinson hnvine' Tney wcre a«ompnnlcrt by Mrs. A. •'"'• Matrorl BhdRe^ elSfl"' WMpnta,,,,,, who presided at SSDAY'S EVENTO lhe " lnl10 »>™iehmit the pro^ EVENTS ircrning nesbibii of ihc Forrest City District Federation of Women's clubs meeting nt Woman's chib nt 9:00 o'clock. Wednesday Bridge club meeting W U Allnnorrl ford Ma-tin the . "What is the Relation between Shiiitpism mid Patriotism 111 Japan?" 'was discussed by'Mrs. I. 0. Westbrook, Jr.. and 'MISS Virginia Ladies' Of'' Gill UK. | H . Mrs. Charles Wylie having the Durham before (lie meeting ' was lily (he closed with the singing of ''Bh j Be the Tie That Binds" and ,'1'SK Day As Is the custom on elccliou day, the Mnnls Drove QJmetcry association wl)l Imve a tiie day Tuesday. . ' . • Ti-.c money derived from this project will he used lo pay a sexton's salary during (he summer months, when an'attempt to beau- wfll be mode. Slndv or ihr prh e thcTB Tilat Blntis " an(1 rc ' P ' olllluh ; pealing of the missionary benedic- lla: Forum Wtdiiescjay Contract club. TCHyRSri^T'S EVENTS Mrs. A. Cohway cnlcrlaining Mid-Week Bridge club. Thursday Luncheon club meeting with . Mrs. Byron Morse. Mrs. G. W. Giui-lgnn imvliiR ThursiSay Arterpoon club. Ybu'ig VVmijen's I.jissionary society of tiie First Church Nazaraio 'P<'-?t:r,g : with Mrs. Jack Parker at 7:30 am. . ' "• ' Wftman'* Forclsii Missionary society of First Church, jteu-cnr, meeting at cfiurcti at S:30 o'clock. • Mrs-' j«»ies IJiil enterlainjng Pqiible peek Brills*; club " " FRIDAY'^ EVENTS :l.iUrary department or Woman's i;lub.'meeting 2.'30"'q'clock at club house. SATURDAVS RVUKTS Ghildren of Confederacy meet- tag .- with iimh' Prtddison, 2-oa o'clock. Hi\s Ne,w Men hers Mrs Jack Purfci and Miss Ola Hostins tecame ne\\ members of the Young Women s Missionary Society of tho iirst Churcli of tiie NazareriB a l a meeting of nine, members of that, group Thursday night at the home or Mrs. J. L. Tyrone Miss Jeanne Harrison '**rw»» Ham llfirrl.soji, who all ""* C?1 home U to^Mct y i ***' ^'" • Vt ' Bkly C °l l 3 re if 9tlol) I ' cl ' vices at »„,! »r W i"} l ' le "' I'^ye.'Us, Mr. I'Slst: aniiivcreary of Ihc death of Slid Mis. /«! R. UarrlEon, and. Bnracl; Benedict Spiuo.M. reclahn- fnmily. Dr. and Mrs. I,, L. Uiibpner >vciit to MemphiB today t 3 in'cel Ihelr sen, Atiio, who has h?en v^ltlnz Jib ^findparcnl.s In I^ttic Rock! W. M. Ponder aw| claiigiiter. Miss Catherine, of Passalc, N. J,. airlvcij nib afternopii to su'epd Die weekend with Mr. 'pcnUer's slslcr. rd outcast. . CHUKCH h ami Walnut Ireeti l|. 'J, KlEi)njieii8l, J'.istor -iiudijy .school 8 a. in. Morning worship 10 a. m. Ser- ntoji iheinc: "'i'jie Murvcloiu, Ef' cf piirist's S and •--•• •••-• • v.,Hvf if i>f9LVI. JULIS ( Mrs. Ray Wnrllitngton. Dud fanil)}'. OsaU,' !" 1 '*- ' I1F " WImherly re-| The Ultherru, Hour 3:31) p. in is morning from fcansjs Hear Dr. Mater, of St. Louis, over City where Mr, Wimtaly attendc:! : cciiit-to-coasi network. Try KLCN. ' 0 '' 'I Lsiltel1 nicditalious over KLCN went to Par- Wednesday :i:30 p. in. Subject of " address: "OvercsliniBlhig Physical Suffering." Midweek Lcnlen services Wed-., ncsday. 1:30 - - --- this morning to iBeml Die :m;ivi| with her parents. '• J. Flaiida, of Oscpolo, allciid- cd lo biwlnew hero'today. , lcs day. 1:30 p. m. Subject of Mr H. Q. Frlsby, Sain Wells, A. E. mo: "The Slxll'i Word from the Icnry, and Charles Penrr' attended Cress- 'It is Finished'" the general sales meeting of A. ,•3. Hear l|ie mc'sogc of the. cruci- pnrbaro and Company «|. HoWjlicd Christ for the salvation of reabody In Memphts lost night, i your soul! Miss -iniejelic f5pencer, of drecn- vllle, Miss., LS spending the -weekend with Miss Mary All:c Scay. ' Mrs. I'. E. Cooley, who has been SATUHDAV, APRIL '2, Presbylei'iitn Evangelist wssilile or Ihc umaved and 1111- broadcast each Vredii<?K!ay n i i,. |r churched as possible— these arc a. m .over KLCN. ."•'»>, the aims of our special cvangchs- vices during Ihe next 15 W F fndncnn n:» Xi Together witli our jlstcrj "' E " JOnnSOtl UlCS At Maneviile Wednesday tic serv (lays. Together with our "' Morning iv<jr.s!ii|j al 11:83 o'clock - w,,,.,, , * '" ' »" c ., , and a vccal solo. "Fear Not Ye" to Mfw jeanw Harrison. will feature the last of ., .series of messages, "Epiritual Needs i» n ll.c Lord's Prayer." v.-hich will also I fcc KvansrllslJc m emphasis. I "'? •im.- visitinj uvansclist for tlj f wvhal intellu, in tills church . Mcntrcat, t- _ _, duel nn evangelistic meeting at"tiie will fe.tBp.-a sermon entitled. <, "ChiJit.-Eyerylliinf, Everywhere," , r! , In,, fi',,1 ' r ", c V' , for " w ' ly «'•'"««. who Wednesday at Maneville, '., , J ° lllls0) \, l:cc « mc " "J , . P ," ,l uyc1r - 0url " B ?"'," 1 , }< " u '? he llved '" c 'i 0 ' 0 '' 0 "? w « 11 to '" I925 ' , w ' lc » ^ l » ls 0 ""^ wtth "ewburgcr Collo)1 ""''IW'y, bill lllc Anderson Cla.v- . Cotl °" ™'"J>°»y. &re Ol Hie opinion U>at < ™'' c ""<°'' of , lgh , n , UI! . UMH, JIM miiiiBi'jisiic nicciniy fu tlie ^mx^u-m x is me si First Presbyterian ch)irch here hs- " Ic Lesson-Sermon -which „,„ .,>. Sinning April :i and continuing lca(l in all Churches of Christ, will be ^enlist, on Sunday; April 3, 1038. services Tl ' c Ci °Wpn Text is "The worl;i l:s (ho Rev, O. F. Bell, D .D..'!' ... of Monlrent. N. C. Wo cordially invite tiie fjencral public lo enjoy these .services. Sunday church school at 9:45 a.m. ar.d Pioneers' Vesjieis at «:-15 p.m. Burin; Uio week, services will hc^ hetd at 10:00 a.m. daily and 1:CO p.m. each night. The • day There arc more titan 40000 <iii'- «rvices will be hold rigidly to Vj fc-rcnt ways of sealing eight per- nilmites In length. ' ^sons at a tnble set for eight. CHRISTIAN SC'IKNC'E Sfc'KVICES 708 W. Main UNREALITY is (he subject of through April 17. There dally morning and evening .. at 10:00 a. in. and 1:30 p. m. Passcth away, and the hist thcre- . -,.-^ r CiUJltCll H. l.j'iin Wiidc. 1'aslor Cur Sunday school mcels at S. K. Garrctt. superliHciui- ai iu:wj a. in. and 1:30 p. m. Viisscin away, and the hist there- 'Iht- liev. Mr. Bell until recently of: l> " 1 he Dial doelh the will of was pastor of several imporlnnl Go(i abided! forever:' (l John Presbyterian churches, the last of 2 - 1 '"which wus Crescent Hill in Louis- A »>o«S the citations which com•'" Ky. Since that time he has pl ' lsc lhe Lesson-Sermon Is Iho work an;l lias tol . lowil 'B from the Bible: vlllc done u ^ had many successful inocTi'ii'es'Tii .i'.™ 101 ' 1 ' tllc days-come, 1 thai.all Eevenil stales. He will arrive here is '" • " ! '" e house, and tiiat Monday night for his first service. ;vMch th >' fathers liave laid.up —"—• : — i m s ' orc unto this day,- shall- be „.„,.;„„ „. „ ,„ , , carried into Babylon: nothfne ^«\\ culling at ,:30 o clock. No morn- k= left, salth l!ie LORD " Mlir cfiy-l'i^f. nir-n.,,, ( f I ,._•__ i • - •"***' \tii- L'\Jl\tJ. ing service exce|,l w.nj. . -- r . —.. uyuqvj, ,T.JU JIUi> ULIU Will (he eucHl of her son, the, Rev. W. o'-lc-l P. Cooley. and family of. jomcr, ent, " " ~" "" ' i '- the chiirc!; ana" tliKc cxp^.^'l' Thc L . wnn „„ ' . . , , fo ( - several days, arrived home yes- Preaching at 10:55 o'clock by l"K "o preference as well as the } the foltowin* r°CP> fri" ? !.s accompanied by the Rev. Otis Andrews, evangelist. !>^hc in general most cordially Christian S-irace tcxtbiok "'ii id son, David; who tlartiii!. the Prn-Ea.ilci- i-i>vivnl n-.itcd. Herj-t-scairhim- i>io<- n ',^« -,..,1 ,, ... tL * L ° a0 *: bci- ,' •—••>••"' unjij, ui l 1% ttl 11U111 ^,' •• * V'"- nlJS f'CLOMUJftHli.!! ,|j nm i\u /, ijiJ.> Jiiiui~u\Vb t U Vil Il'^Cllbl. Mrs.;cooley nnd son, David, who £lailing the p'r'crEaster revival. Jlslted Mr. ami Mrs. Cooley and ffirvlce; eaeli day throughout the her. own parents. Mr. nnd Mrs. M, week al 1C o'clock in the morning r. Moon and family. They return- and 1:30 in (lie evening. Special ed wclay. - .1 music by the choir al ea:li service Glen 'Smith, cf C.ijiulen Ark l-Siinriay. arrived last. ni ? ht to l:o'the giiest if Miss Irene end. over Ilic wec'li I 1'THST BAl'TU'T ... __ V <,\nlmlt anil L'ighlh 'I-- Kcv; Alfred Cnryenier, pastor . I SUM a.m. Sunday school. Revil viil services bjgin this inoniin;; U \l LI > 'i» i T i r " r ( "'° lvecks - Music—"Chrislian rge Nobles Reelection ll)e -M° m Breaks", choir. ' ' i C:30' p.m. training unions. Dr. Crawford M. Noble of Jones-' V '. , E ; Boslo . n w ' 11 prcacii i\t the tore, orcsidcnt of the Infernation-! '""' ' nl Hotel Grppiers, vyas Arkansas Hotel Greetcrs ence.and Health with .Key' to .'the ^n,rr, c f..,.,, Ii -a • , ., .. •"" "eilllll Wltll.KCV tO It" Mges fiom tiie Kool: of Truth a:-d Ecripl V res." by Mn,y Bnte Eddv" , s ttni n! ; that you'll rn-1 "If. goodi c> s end sBiriUh iu t -' •py »pi!biB TUUvwill bo a horns-'real, evil and , L™ c m force nice inc. O::>- mixutn.- ...,,i ™~i . ._ "-..tjuimj ,irt 1111 SIMPSON'S STATK LINK TAVERN Sunday, April ;t, • 1935 .- SlrrcJwnts' lunch Jjo Choice of Meats: Koasl Loir of l.anih thicken & Noodles Tavern t'liili Sfrak iiicatlcrt I'ork Chops Chiih-c of Vegetables: Potatoes l-'rnith Fried I'oialors Kiigluli Peas Whole Kernel Corn C'lioirr nf Salad: Sjiccd Tomatoes Kauana Kalart l.etlucc X- Olives CJiyirc.of Drssert; Ho M;idc I'ics: . Ambrosia Ice Cream C'cfi'u- - .. Tea ' Milk Hoi Ki'lls butter < force maHisic. Oi;v ministei- ant! real'and ca. bn I. goo e.olitimiic- of ^ S^i^tryt Sej ^^'^^^^ IVIII plilfi lh^( 1-01, *>n>Mn n I "^ ' you clad that you came our way. i CHURCH OF CHRIST 10:00 a. m. Sunday school nnd commimion at (he court house. 2:30 |). m. Broadcast over KL John Briii, of Dell, will speak. Have Slcak Fry Approxlmalely 30 vlsilors nnd members cf (he Young People's Department of the First Methodist Churcli, of \yhich Mrs. L. L. Hn- bfncr i».s]ibnsor! : : 'attended the steak fry given 'til the home tyf Miss Miriam Smith on Highway Dl last, nighl. The guests played lemils until 0:30 o'clock, and then coital steaks over nn outdoor pit. EiUcilain \Villi Lunclicoii and Bri<lge Thc red.and \vhit6 color sciieiue used In the dining room of tht HOT tel Noble when Mrs. !•'. L. Engler and Mrs, o. D. Pollock, jr., entertained 24 or their friends at lunch- yesterday was emphasized by --•Is of tulips and splrca. in'inj the three course lunch, the guests played bridge In the R:se Ropm of the Hotel. This >vns profiiofly .Irearatcd ivHh E.istar lilies and blue'irises." ' FIJiST rRESIIVTERIAN CHURC'll. rougiioul the inceting. The second lira scries of din chorus choir led b\ Evening worship at 7:30 o'clock piicst speakers, Miirciis Evrnrd and nil parLs uf the slate. Crawford discussed the a prayer by Mrs. Noble peculiar, Mrs.. Parker read and rtiscussetl the 32nd Psalm during ihe rievotionai period. Airs. L. " "European SiUiatjIon." Ihfr collage «-us decorated wllh spring ijoyvei-s \yitli a bouquet of iilses^ forming Hie cenicrplecc of the' ti\bic'. '. • Joe Buriieltc, president .of (he Frllpvvs Eornm. liitroducetl Mr. Evrnrd, \viio told of "fJondilipiis Now Exfcting hi Europe" aiitl Mr. Crnvvlprd, vylio discussed the "Ip" "B of the European Situation ,, Militarism in Tills Country. 1 ; Ke also some interes(ln«i information ' rpfiflrdlng Ihc present strenelh or the United states army. In conclusion, Miss Effle Lee Terrell, sponsor of the group, made a brief.tnlk. W an » A»f ra ,i; vo " dnl AUraCtlVe . In the games', Mrs. o. Modlugcr I Tn Greet was high and Mrs. E. R. Mason, 1 U - el se:c:id high. Mrs. jforlliiger rc- ceiv?:i luind embroidered ^ -pillow slips, and Mrs. Mason, madeira linen guest towels. Dr. Eina Mies .vas given a luncheon set for low Wonirn " 0nlCn Have Class Meeting Splrea mid irises were used in the home of Mrs. Wyait Henley svlicn slie and Mrs. T. J.< Crowder Q. Tyrone, superintendent of siuui. mini ^m uuu nirs. -j-. j.'cjrovvder discussed the sixth chapter of the I entertained 15 members or the study book "The Challenge of LadiJs 1 Bible class of the First nMn "'' "™"" offered by Methodist church ;md one guest Miss Delln Meredith, last night following the hUDiMss session, Mr::. J. G. 8u:lbury was the win-' _._-... , w . „.. ^ t , oltl (; St hunt of (lie con(es( game \vliich was and dinnc-r Easter Sunday »t ihc | played. She was presented candied . Prayer .. ISrs. Jack Parker. Plan Easier Hunt. for an Easter c hcrno of Mrs. O.' A. Dunnven. of Gteelc. were made yesterday afternoon when H member; and Ivyo visitors 9f the Woman's Foreign Missionary society of the First Church of the Nazarenc met •at the church. 'Ihe visitors wore ' ' '" . Mrs. '.Opal Hicks' '"and- Mrs. Tyrone. . The devotional from (ho Bob Mill Easter eggs for her prize. The ap- prcaeliing rabbit d phaslz«t by the ^ SB;> which appeared on the dessert plate of angel food cake, and pineapple whip which vvas served. * * * Daughter llnrii chapter cf Ephciians was led by Mrs. Roy Qaincs. 'Fhe group wns dismissed with a prayer by Mrs. Mildred ."<Iayo. . ' • * « Have. Annual Men's Night The Missionary Study group of A ita.nglilcr wa:, bum 1 0 M, .vmi Mrs. Gerald T. Archer this morning at liicir lumir. 101 East Kentucky. li'e baby, who wnghed It) 1 -. pounds at birth, has bscn named Betty Lora. , _. . ... , --—,. u .-«^ V M j Delegates Chosen the. First Christian ' cterrti' held • At a meeting of the Woman'.-; their nnnual "men's night" affair .ilub yesterday afUrnnon M rs c >Vnen they . served dinner to the E. digger, sr.. oldest club member men of the church at the Chr'lsr '"• S'*»ts or membership and Han hall Thursday night. ~ ~ "' Sprays pt'.spirea dw.n the center of the- tables and bowls' of irises phced at Intervals ou\tlic. i-'Jb!f and all around' llu: hau' wore thr floral tiecoratioris. . ..^..vnnj. m ^. j. u The Atlidi Ciordon uroup o! the to" 1 * nnd iMrs. KusEcIl' Fan- Mtsioi)!tr.v yii.'dy was in criai^c o! 'hoicn as allriiiatcs t-hc program o('vihlch Mis J. ,{ Mrs,. E. M. Terry, ho'-i Bryant n,is leader. Followin,; ( ,i- ac c cll » ln rian. reported thai tli c «ii!oh was offered by the Rev. Ol 'Hythcville had bst'n mo--f Ocprpc \V. Patlerson, pastor of p; ™- s In ofTK-jiip (licit hom Ihc' church, Mis John C. McUaucy ll:c M delegates from the 29 \\l*lrfttll(>^ Ilin oimtt c- . ill I tl(* Htcl riot eu« ..- i~t ii' The people of Blythevillc were Jskirt lo clean their yards Monday and lo cooperate In the cleantng of nearby \i\cant lots, in a public statement teued today by (lie tiarden club, vvhich is making: an elicit to tmye Blytheville especially attractive Tuesday nnd Wednesday, when the Forrest City District Federation of Women's chits meets here. Owners of vacant lots were ask- al to, clear (licin of (rash and it was urged that no trush )>r thrown on the streets. "When Ihc visitors »re taken for a lottr over (lie city Tuesday • —• •- - i— - aftcrr.ooi), v,r wniil them lo linilr lcs l' ilnl - Memphis. ' also endorsed. Sirs. Noble for membership 6n Ihc national board of governors of lhe auxiliary nf which siie is now president. The Nobles ivlil Ijc'aiiiaiig those considered for lhe posls at the •'atlonal convcnUo'ji lo ix held at Atlantic City In 'Jmie tit \vhu-h lime I heir terms in office will expire. Employes of Mr. Noble's hotels here and iii Jonesboro who attended lhe Hoi Springs mccUtrj were Mr. and Mrs. Jcssee Still of Blyllicvlllu. Mr. and Mrs. Le- i'oj- Jones ami Albert, Bii-klicari of Joncsboro. Mrs. mill is president cf (he state auxiliary ami Mr. Btrkhcad is st-.itp srcretniT of the Greet eis. it was the consensus of Oir Hot furinjs meeting thai a second term ar, interim liona) president! would a(ror<! Mr. Noble o]i|ior(uii- Hy to complete his 'program of work hi cmmrclion with the organization. At the Hospitals T. U. Voiibibber underwent ( incrgcncy operation for appendicitis last night nt. the UJvthcvillc hospital. A son WHS born to Mr. nml Mis. W. O. Anderson yesterday al the an hospital. The baby, wiio weighs six and a Imlf pounds, has been named yolllc Edward. Aliss b'isie Brriilcp Wilkcy. of Marie, is a palleiU al at, Joseph's :r prize The an- Bll'lhevlllc at its best." R. l-'.i ^ Irs - ''' r a«k Youcey, of by was also cm- Klr rliner. president ot the Garden [""f ^en adinitted lo lln chocolate' cgB— 7 - llbk sai " todli !'- '» enlisttiig i:o-! 1>nls sl Joseph's hospilal Iho dcwcrt plate "'- raliou »' ^ l"'°J«l- ! * ' "', t ' l »- °L™' '? Youcey, of Osceoln. adinitled lo Ihc Mem- V)KNNA i UP)—A burglar ivlio broke inlo a house here and was mauled by a \valchdcg has been mvardert damages against ihe dos's wnc-rs. The burglar biouRhl Mill allei- ieiylng a jail term, and won t because ot a law which xiys all dangcroiL 1 ; clogs must i)C miir.-lecl. al Ihc Memphis Methodist hoj-pilai. in -oinc states, Oracle A CIJBS i,u'c ihc best eggs, wlille in other's they arc second grade. In (he sliilc II, ijcjis.lcy, p:islnr" £.-'lfl -a.m. Sunday ichopl. Nohlc McCullar. i>ii]:erintciidenl. 11:110 a.m. Morning worship. Sci 1 - mon subject, "Love's Keif-Denial." j 1:lfi |).iji. N. Y. P. H. ' 7:45 p.m. Evening .service. Sor- mcn sutjecl, "The Gateway lo Happiness." We extend a cordial welcome to ;ill who will worship with us. I..VKK STHEET (;(>(i[{U similar to kind used for (li-ink-jftg- water. AliiS. .SAAllJBI, F. i\(MU(IS Courier News Groceries At A Savings Shop and Save Here We pay Highest 1'i'iccs on Poulli-y'at ;i]j Times. Ailinlssioi, always JDt, & 2Gc I Matinees Salurdaj >t binidaj Onh Way Only Pe^berry COFFEE Always Fresh Buy a Package Today .Everything fo'jf', your, „., tfiinmcnt. and • comfort. Admission Matinee 10c * ; Adniission Ni^ht 16c & 3E 0 Watch Society Page . Of Courier New§ For Free Show Guests I-'. J1. Sweet, Pastdr H:45 a.m. Sunday school. 1C-M5 a.m. Morning worship, C:3U p.m. Young People's meet-i ing. 7:3U p.m. livening worship. Wednesday night, at 7:30 o'tloek there \vill be mid-week prnyerl meeting. Monday afternoon "nt 2::-0 o'cloek. Woman's Missloiuirv sci-lcly will meet at the church.' Dr. Eugene W. Potter, presiding elder of (he Jonesboro district, will Pioach at the Sunday night, services , and hold the .second c|iiai (criy i conlerci:ce. We cordially invite you lo hear this inspiruttonal speaker. SATURDAY Read Courier News Want Ads FOR Kfc'NT ; fiiruishcd robraa. 'i u^Uiir;,. Ilrarn. , 2-pk-5-2 u rs E. F. Blomeyer, president of (lie I hostess club, were rlccied delegates! to the. conveiUion of .the Fo"rre'-t' City Mewtion of Women's clubs, which v.ilJ br held r:tiv 1'ueortas-' j nnd .\Vrdncf day. Mrs. J. D Baiks- 1 Ihc . Miss 'Laura .Haie, who attends Mississippi State College for Women at Columbus, Miss,.'ana is here for lv;r spring vacation, read "Xto. Jfeivjywed Buys a Qo>vn"| W\J V), te f ta the' program,' Sic rea.1. Guy at'J^upa,^ai'it's'"The Neck- I«c6." Pjtccding a rcs'rxmslye reading led by the Rev, Mr. I'aUerson, j ' in .(he district. She said that the KJ) H. COOK Announces Removal oh His Ofllco From Hale' Hlclf. I 0 Ingrain Bids., 106 S. First st v\ "New-rijifs Jtecii. Hint nu\v / ;<ijli£{iruiicu. longer if llicy itix' ilry-c I c a » c <l o)'t«n. '.s why- 1 -.solid -iiiinc (o rincviLLK }',Au.\DUY'S (') Tlicy do n Kranti job.'' IAI/NMY A(,'AJN THIS YEAR Vt'K \VILL HE I'OU AUTO SKAT CO with Jolin Haiixmoie ,ut<l Louise (\njybcll : - l/o\ Kcn-s S: Comedy TTKKNS STYLES -A- NEW PRICKS Monday - Tuesday ncv t)f sc:\l covciss i\ v art out ovir prcsrnl slock at osl prices. Worship, commun- ' miijt cuiriji'- SPRING imam • b V. »f&m .» »ji*ii! mm. H ttuiu (ill 5:00. p.m. Admissinn :ifl pr S. p.m. ic Sunday - Monday "" YOUR FAVORITE DINNER SUNDAY? BARNES ALAN .DIHCH*«T Is il fowl, (is)i or ;i Ijijr, juie- j?lc:tU? Wluitevuv you like you're almost stnv (o iiiul it i>ii oiiv menu lonioiTow. 'aramoimt \cns -and- s CHILD li E N TICKETS FOfl SALEi Sunday Matiicc and lee •& 36c 10,, & , 6c llllS'l' CHRISTIAN CllUKCH Main :il Sixth «if(irjr U'. Tatlcrson, Jliiiister , 9:45 a.m.. Bible school, W. O. ' Gucrin, sunerhiteiideiu. 11:00 z ion and preachhi!; ..., ^ Must LvangcliM' 1 will be ill nion theme. C:JO p.m.. Youth Council meet-, ii'JF al Ihc cliin-i-li. ! 7:30 p.m., \vor.slii|: and preach-' Inir.. '"Ihc rincc or I'ruyer in Evaiigclism" will be llv; theme of 1 Ihc .sermon. ' Cur meclhi7 hepins Sunday Kv-i cry u;rml),-r ui o,.- church is IT- i qurstcrt and ^igcil to attend as i of Vermont. Grade A rggs sign'ify i regularly as possible. Sri vices nici! that, I hey arc of the fourlh grade.

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