The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1936
Page 4
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THE BLYTHEVILLE' COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO.. PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOOK, Editor H. W. HAfNES. Advertising Manager Sole National Advertising Representative's: •Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Detroit, Si Louis, Dallas. Kansas city, Memphti Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered as second class matter at the post offica at Blythevllle. Arkansas, under «ct of 'Congress. October 9. 1017. Served o? me Press SUBSCRIPTION FtATE8 By carrier In the Guy of Blytlirvtllt ISc DPI «t>efc. or 46.60 per year. In advance By mall, u'ltniti u raaiiis of 50 atnta. 13.00 peJ I'ter, Si.50 for six months, 75o for three months; ay mali In postal zones t«o to six, Inclusive, $6.50 per yeai; In zones seven and eight, tld.OO per year, payable in advance. Sore May Be Thoughts of a Failing Warrior Oho day during tlio recent HepUb- jicSh cdnvciitioj) iii Cleveland, S6n'alor \Vilii«m Vi, lioi'tih ciis'nppcnrcd from Uio crowded hotel lobbies niul was discover- to) perched nil aloiiu on a nuliny by Cldvchdid's Iftkc front, looking out over tfie rfiilrtifuj yai'd!!, tiio hnrbol 1 and the biiie reaches of fiakc Erie. The senator had strolled off alone to get a little fresh air and .quiet. Ho found both, and enjoyed ilium in solitude. Around him lounged thu assorted down-and-niitcrs who Jiinkc that imriicular stretch of waterfront their hangout. And the senator sill there and looked out at notiiinj,' in particular—an elderly 1 : statosinaii with deep lines' • iii liis face and « droop to his shouWers, coniiriuning with'himself. It might be interesting to know just what his thoughts were. For SsiiMor Borah, in his moments of Inlfospeti- tion,-'miist nave ample .food for r<!~ flection. He is closo 10 the oiitl of his career. It has been a notably cli's- tiiigiiishcd oho; and it contniiH n rather tragic morr.1 about the f'tte of thu man who makes his liyht loo lute. Senator iloi'ah speaks for what mignt rjo called the older America;' the Amei ica that di ti listed the go- jfellei and the gi.ibbei, that lived by a simple cieed of nnlique freedom and haul and sluicly seU-iolwhce, it ddnfi- denco in the ability of-the ordinary Ameiic.m to take wie of • himself unaided. But in his, caicei as spokesman for that Ameiu.i, the senator misst-il a lot of hglilh Ilo misled one in 1912, whiiii Thuo- doro Roosevelt went across the Ihml like a kniglit-i'rrant tilting agfainst piiMlege and giebd. In Ihatyenv Sen- ,tlot L'otah swallowed William Hdw- <ml Taft—swallowed him With a wry grimace, but'swallowed liiin none the less. He misled anothei in 192<1, wii..-, old Bob LaFbllelte spoke up ajjninat the ilousjc of Ha\c and took his predestined licking. Old Bob could have used Borah's holp that year; his catisr looked remarkably like (he cause tiu'iah had always espoused. Hut, Month's spear never appeared in the LaFollelte battle hne. Came 1928, and.Senator" teurah wtint down the line fot Hoover, the crowd behind Rrwci \\,is the one Korali had all Jits lif'cu-or most of it. fitit somehow Boi-ah \\'ns iii IloOvcr's cornel' all throdgh that campaign. Nor did he helj) Iniieat that cr6wd in K/32. So, at last, in 1036, the Old warhorse went out to battle . . . and found himself just a littlo too iatc. lie found thiil' Iho play hml been taken away from him by a group of middle westerners,, led by a man ivho, as a youngster, had taken the Bull JMooae bolt Which Borah had been loo care- fill to take. Tiie loiig-overdue liberalization of (lie Republican party had begin:—and Lamloi), not, Borah, wan the magic name-. It would be interesting to know just what (lie senator .thoughI, as be played hookey 1 from the'.convention to muse by tlio slioi-f of Lake Krie. —Bruce Catton. Less Politics, ill ore Merit Michigan Iwa driven another nail into the coffin of Iho spoils sy.-i'em. The- state's'" emergency welfare rciicf commission' lias established a statewide merit pliui for its employes. This stop, follows that taken recently wh'eii Jlichiganls slate prison board was placed in the civil service category. .:0thcr state cbmmissioiifi are in lino for the smiie ''rofoi'in" insofiir as existing sfatutc.s'' permit. Alfin fiJi,;.)iortf is a distinct adviiiice- mciit in the .science of government. Ono can only hope that other states will swing; more and more toward the merit'' 1 system. Sodal'Minded Engineer Koberl i3riies''t Doherty is' pi'ei.:/- doiit of tliu Canicgie Institute of Technology, and, as'-'suoh, he certainly har- bbi-s no illusions about the social implications of liis'.'job. In fact, Mi;. IJrjiiei'ty proposes thai ' today enxfjiidurs;i'oiierally');u (might to regard and uildorsliiild tiic social ton- serjiioiic.oti of their work. Thu growth iimf dovcldi/iriniit in technology is'certain to go on ajwce, he believes, while the' social and economic structiii'it threatens to la» further and 'fin-thai''.behind. Jli'.. Dohurty has tho right idea, the whole Irajfedy-of the world depression etih'be traced in great mca- •stirc 'to the very thing that he stresses—failuru of this .world to keep up socially and economically with its mechanical progress. Kvorywhcro I go 1 um. In danger of bomt" one ectting lough will! mo. I wish to avoid these embarrassing fights ns I n'lii a fOiihcr professlorint fighter, and should bo sorry to lirrt anybody...Certain people teem Id go u round challenging men with reputations. —CEorgC Haft, ;novic star, ' •» * * 'file yowii of this gonaratton live in a cockeyed world. Tlio teacher has Jolt Iho foolrt and and world ij'ttiinding ou its head. -^Hotner P. y. dltcclor ot American Youth commission. (ASK.! cpiniiEK NEWS SIDE OUNCES By George Clark 13, 1930 _by Jean Sefvwright 1936 NEA Se ,lnc rjBCI.V HEBE TODAY , e lo a «iro ,, » <o ii.ns n lork mui 7r mr/,7 .- !iriii>rlt.far nf ;in exranlve nhdn fi ml ll'i'lS : I'l'?"" "9"«"»i"2t«i i '»» • nlllteilll In work fnr, fKCK HAHCJIIHAVlSs ^ ourtj , nrll.l, l» Iiirrrc»|«.d-In ?/ii|";55 •>«"* 1,1-r frlcnJIy ridvlcr. l*r°" shr kl .l-» HICK S;:tflI*E«, ' MAJ1K ' . r. lirr roomiil.-ito 111 nchoot. nr »'/!«'! v! 1 '! '" Arljonti, ('.MA.N, Jonit n irnndr ""'"'-/"I hft »M ho°, linnin of (hr Trnvtr* .Mi Murk (he d tn l |« IIP line* tutt tctiit\v itic rri rlffll trill mvnf r HBV IIAI.I,, Jlnd •• (fie urnnr ie ?«e'((t"S ' Vork (o - , ' »„,! i T rH,» „ iiAnnixu, j ' " ''All right. I'll tell (he bos that * e Urt't mrv to'u™ nnuS;,;;^ 1 """' ^^ ItflB "' ' e '" C h *< <">> THIS CURIOUS WORLD William Ferguson NOW VISIT THE UNITED STATES NATIONAL PARKS ANNUALLY ™£M"not tonmc/'th.r 1 ' ^""^ "*"* '" ""• " " llmt wtie " bo idea of reoreallon and educaton"™,, mTrorttrawl "TodayVe'rc re 34 separate parts, aggregating 8,541,000 acre* .1 L OU r f OUK WAY (\ '(• AS) ANTICIPATOR. IS ONE; B1CO I'D LIK.ETO KICK RJ6HT OfJ THE SMIN5 - WITH TEM NICE SHARP PENCIL'S IN YOUK POCKET THE WftST MOVE- YOU VV\KE FEE. OME, HE ALMOST SPEARS VCXJ WITH A DULL LITTLE STUB ER A PUNK. CI6AE5T, ER. BURN) YOUR. NOSE VVfTWA LIGHTER-ER-CM A CX5ZSNTHING3 By WtUiaina BEATIN VOJ TO A BILL IM A Ru^-l R'.'.^T, EF; &EATIN 1 YOU TO 7MiH Ts'iEi PUMP, ER.TM' HP./-VV fiMD Oft A LIFT-EK (i«AT)N' VCU TO TM 1 CAEPEf BEATEN-EE,OW A DOZEN TMIN65-BUT t UKg TMEM WMO CP GUVS/ Quid, DarkiiessS, Comfort, Fresh Air FinporlaiH For Baby's 1IY llti, MORRIS ,.„„„„.„ Kilitcr. .luurilal of flic American Mcdlral Association, anil of tljr- Cda. Ihe Health Magazhlo For Iwbip.s, a& for grownups, Uir Conditions of sleep make a',great.. J "il cf difference. Everybody ws Hint two factors fnqst neC' nry for soidltl flecp—xiarXiicSS and rp c (—aro exceedingly hard Achieve hi o\if modern Units. Jw of nrliilclal light has "bd- comr m milversil, that It is cS- <»"?]>' dlfflulill lo find piacrs t« sleep In whif'h .there Is ,c'6iil'' |>Wc dsftiieis. jiyen liiiy rays 'of "I?IU may be sufiltjdut. to seh'e Af, a stimulut; to'irfaXen 3 sisspar'. 1 . H is a\t<\ moia dlfficull lo 66- |; '>^ quiet.. Wo hnVc oiio inflict csr ((ir every four or me pgopie. J !! '' .M Iwsl oiic radio for overy 1 i^intiy. 'Hits Incuns plenty 'Of In U-" liifge clllts. tlit- rattlo^oi •'trot nets and Ihr toar of •fill' i; 'il -iiul rlcvalcd traliis nil sarve '" iiuko sicrp'dilficult. even for ''»••••. ivbu can easily .-Hlnpt. • them "•ivi-;. tp dlilurbahccs. ^ t'nc ireclallsr ha-> f vcii .rccoui- ^•W!'i<fl tlin u t e of nightcaps, h '' VI - tho double purpotr .of 1 XcSp- ll! t ihe head warm ami ihultlng' 1 '" iiuUr.' • . . ft'.'- iniittir.',* on winch llu- baby '"I 1 Uioulil bi: .Jlrm. hut, .soil '^•-'iisli lo IK- , I'unifuiliibio. llic . '-.';•' iliouUl be covcix-J llshlly. • well enough (o i M - Wiinii. I ' in- doming rtiould be suffi- • :! 'iy l(»:c to iHjrmii the biib'y [l - ".vi'i; freely, but light ciioUKli (o keep Uio child from fallllig out 01 bed or {julllng iiito-trouble. 1'il- AnnouKcements- TIIE. Conner ifcws Ijas been 'authorized to maVe formal an ommccment. 01 the loilowlri? car. didates for piitillc office, subjw to (lie Oeriioaratlo primary t!« AUSust 11: for Representative in Congress^ _ !5At. B. For Frmec o. T. . , BRUCE iw UfcNVEU L. £)t/D£,EV - ' ' For Cnunly JndRc VIRGIL GREKNE S, L. 6LADISH NE1LL SEfct> For Slu-riii A ,, rt o-nlleclor HALE .TAOKKON JOE S. D1LLAHUNTY Tor County 'iTcasurcr ROLAND GREEN *»r Circuit Court C'lert HUOH CRAIG Jto Hc-Elcctlon for 2nd Term . <rt r Cotl " l y Court Clerk MISS rjAREY W66D6ORN K«r re-election for second term For btato Nciialor . tUCIEN E. COLE1IAN Jor t;(juuijr licprrscnlatlrc JVr V^. CRiVWTOIiD ••oi' C'ounly ,\s3Cisur '!. u (BILLY) GAINES Rr He-elootion to « 2nd Term TAVLOR . n»k» Cnll In nmfrj' MM, ,"'!',, «««>«. L.ilcr a £it"a. ! ' i"fn t ; 01 '"'' 1 'Pt'wtei" Oifin. H ; B .. r »Avi-ms ftii, iieri-R "tnl|^°" '" '" """'*• " Ick "H"i Ifnrrtlii.* eimiei la iei Olill :irjrl .ihB xfcn.vK l.lm Ihe Utter offering to liu,- il lc Arlzunii ranch. .\ow GO 6.V wi'nr -fiiK sronv THE UPP>£fZ t-ACE STOPS.GRoiA/i,NG AFTER. THE /Sr/7 VEAfS., BUI THE. LOWER. PORTION CONTINUES TD GROW FOR, YEARS. "•• ABOUT" • : 4-, OOO.QOO j ITtY Fix Hall glanced • thro..h. I'l.. .„•.,;•]_ foi-.his boss bad Iwcn.<•—..•• av ;;y to oiio of the min-s ;• U '>-c was in charge of the o".: -. •: :wro was no lel- t"i- from Cail L'vcrelt. Slie should Inve written by this time, even if only to.make further inquiries alniut Hr property. i-[ c ,- eco g- r.ncd in.-, mother's erratic hiind- Vritihg oir tiiie &( tlii; envelopes und opened.'it, more from a sense nf duly .than pleasure. So (he new des gncr had done ome splendid work for Ihe fash ion show Alidame I i^etfo wiote Of couise 1 Invent pialsed her foi thp moment jou <=how them (hit their work is. t ood they de mand a r use 01 go to some rivil firm. Rex wnnltlcd 1 is toi6head Whv thd his mothei ict like lh^t' Then >s ht ic id the ue\l paiag-iph, lie suddenly gnspcd, What a dumbbell l\ c been Gail J> v - h ielt uj the mmc ot (hut d" II" «laiu ncl it f[, c mo i iiing pi t>ei clulalLd a few lettei .mil (lien clnlded he would i do out to the fiinUio Angela But TJ he- fook up (lie rcconci Iho telephone opculoi ml Fovv \ oik i^ calling you. Hex giojned urn irdh >1 id the ;uminons c'omo, he Svbndcred. But " gave no inkling of, his Ihoughfi ns he -in wcied Vf; Re\ Hill Ji lill ms, [01 thieo minute he listened Tneu wit'i a mutlcud curse ho laid (lie ictener m its cradle HJS mders were to fl> lo New Yorl a' once <md ttj ind cinch tho deal 7 « * TTHFUE vtas no special \v61come a\^ltlng him nh*n Rex Hall r ' ' ! 1 r r>v ier s apartment Madame Lfzette knew loo wjll that her son'disliked his Work and shd lived Hi a continual state of di-eact thai he Would give up-His Job and be hahgliig around home oheo more. "What a surprisel" she ex.-aimed as'.-she opened fhc door and faced him. - "What's 'brought you here, Sex?" ''Oh, I've got 10 closo a deal for the company." "What do y-ou mean?" Madame's heady bro*ri eyes were instantly alert, "I think your new designer is the owner of this land—' "You riieah Gall Ev'dretl?" 'Yes. Her rarieli Jias sOihe valuable ores—may be ivorth tnil- lip'na bill Travel Is Offering her $10,000 cash for a quick sale. Of course she doesn't know Travers is Behind the deal and she mustn't know if; Why-chat's up}" Suddenly Mad'arh'c burst into uncontrollable sobs. "Ob, Re.v, Rext Ydu'll never forgive me. i fired her!" "Fired her! Why?" exclaimed Rex incredulously. "Come, sit iftwn and let's get this thing straight." "So," he said as she finished her recital, "you've.dished yourself all round. Fired the girl who might have brought you new customers, and lost your backing because Cal Travers has started to lighten up the purse strings after you've simply bled his, wife and he's shown her what a sucker shes been. Where is Ihis girl now' ' f don I kno\\ Misb Carolie mjy Inve hci home iddrcss." ^/ELL Otil ' began Natalie as they «al on i pi,k bench, glad of Ihe little faiccze that fluttered imong Ihe blossom covered lipcs 'now that joun. =0 rich, I don t suppose you 11 bother about >oui old friends anj moic But b^'orp oui paths separate 1 have something lo confe s- 'Wbat tin jou mean 7 Gail ked fngcl 1} vviucUy J^aiahc told of her iii- terview wilh Mis Barton Siic toUl )oo how «hp had gone fo iii " Bai Ion •; residence l few louis befoic intl hid found lhai she was no dr-votcd daiigbtn, lak- ing taie ot an invalid father, but held o responsible po ifion in the" Tnvers Mining me] Development company 'Well (l,ji uleait up ^nullief point Natalie Mi Harding was oUile light ft hen he said the Travers company H j back of thai offer Of cour e my uncle i letter confirmed it. loo. 1 But Nafilie Mrs Datrloii gave me Sao foi the information I gave here. Here it ip "Oh, Natalie, put It in yf- handbag aiid don't think any m;! About it. Come on, Jet's go ho}/ Rosemary Bald she might call i tonight." . . I] '4*4 •; AS they started back lo the clJ! | house Natalie asked, . does Derek say about voui- j'i lune?" " ., "I haven't seen him or he ; ' from him foV days." j. "You haven't given him i: have you?" ;; "It looks as though he's gij me up." j 'i don't believe it. He's cr! aboul you. Maybe he's awfV' I busy on his portraits." [, "Not too biisy to take Lilcv . Travers for a walk down the ? v \ iiuo and buy her orchids!" ;!• "What? \Vho told you lllai,'' "I saw it. That atlenioo-. walked over to meet you at {'•• oflice I saw them together. ',', well, t don't have to stay in I- York now. i' r; j going to go du'il ' . Arizona and get acciuainted that Uricle of mine." Tl They were silent as lliey \vW" toward tho clubhouse. 'fill Natalie said, "Gail, if it'/all]!] with Derek and you, why you marry Dick Searles?" Gail smiled, but as (hey cro- ' Hie' ihreshold of the clubhouse; fell there was something to vv Naf.ih'e had said. Married lo I! she would know security. Tt •' ecstasy to be with Derek, aiidU| must there be heartbreak, tool: | . "Ob, there's Mrs. Morton!"' claimed Gall, as she saw an oi;i dressed woman wilh unusual t ?.| eyes turn away from the "Oh, Cail Everett, I'm so gla'H sen you," Mrs. Morton «r; " the girl's hand. "Who is friend?" She favored Na 4 >l with a kindly smiic ns Gail in duced them. ? "Well, Miss Preston. [ hope'f I see you some other lime," '•• Morion said, "but I want to ) to Miss Everett r.n business f-'. few moments." ''', "ScTlain.iV." Natalie left (;j and went on (o her room, j: "I suppose you know what' I 'b-.'.siness 1 is?" Mrs. Morton ]•' tinned. "What have you don H , Derek? My grandchild's rwr jj is not going well at allj and ! cross as o bear. V/hat iiavc to say foi 1 yourself?" |>j Mrs.'Morton (alk'ed fa'pidlj J several mii'iutcs. Thtn; as she • she said to Gail; "Eat humble ] -rdo anything '.but don't let ,, Vussy'make a fool'of Derek jj [reaves for another day!" (To Be Continued) lows usually aie uiuicces'.aij for small babies. If the buuy's feet licdamo cold, f it is not warm eftoisgh, if there Is liio much clothing, or If there is lack of fresh nir-in thei bedroom, the baby's-sleep win be disturbed. Most know thai :aole.5 Diighl/tp'.lin'vp fresh air, but few of them know Just liow" inucll ficsli nir the baby should have'; and for (hut mnKer, ma";- have no Idea of what constitute' fresh jiir. | Babies ought to'-ce put, outdoors j 'o sleep at. as early ns two weeks' f nue, It barn in' the siuiimcr mouths; If born in Die winter indhtlis, they should be taken out-. ' nt six weeks of age. Since it is difficuU for people living In modem' city .apartments to liiit lhE':baby bittslds, the best .li&tftulo (s'.to put' hlbi, dressed .15 if ho we're going but, in his •irriaB'i in front, of (in open win- tluw. then • tivo door Of tha fodiii nculd 'os bioseo" ;o prevent a direct Uteiwi-ot draft frb'lu IMov.-ing fib Baby's head. If the Weather Is, . very cold. UiURCU EXCUSES G. W. Barilarff . The writer of this rolmiin riceiitly heard a inan say I bad not been in church for years; sa|tl he could Me-no' of his going as. he was. a flutter Christian than half of who attended every Sunday. Mow, what' do you think of ATTEND CHURCH SUNDAY l'; Commit some cold cream may bd on. HIE fate of the Mby'before Ib K taken' otitsldC. to prevent cliap- pi»g. There' Is Hint to. uc' gailiect If tho baby |s put, outdoors, swa'd- dlcd ill lica\7 cldttiiiig. aiid iW face covered with a Veil. A veil over the baby's lace kecjB out the bciidJlcIal • rays of light nnd .keeps in tho moisture from breathing. Under tuch c6ndltion5, tlio child.soon bscomes daiiiji and iincomforlabio. Among oilier ciuiies of disorder- bj' ftdcnolds. infection or Obvioiisiy, these cihdltions Jil •prevail, a child from sleepine'/ uerUiiiity should be called t(':"l prompt attention of 11 docto,'i b Licenses triilse *'• L03 ANGELES. (UP)^Mi)!? h-as coiifldafed « serloiis sti'rl Los Angeles Coimty Jn !935. :[ \ of ,20,000 K>iiples applying f',ll I censes during BID year, l,2' j nol return to get Ifrcm. OUR BOARDING .HOUSE With Majo F EGAD/ A MAKJ OP MY SEklATO"RfAL BgARlWG/ j,f SUBJECTED TO THE ICV STARES 0^ PASSIMcS •SPnT-r- I SMALL APPUV <36WIUS TO A MORE *Kuj< t .>tj> - . • ',

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