The Republic from Columbus, Indiana on June 24, 1961 · Page 16
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The Republic from Columbus, Indiana · Page 16

Columbus, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 24, 1961
Page 16
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WAYNE AND SHUSTER DEBUT SUNDAY Live and Lively Summer TV Show The Evening Republican COLUMBUS, INDIANA, SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 1961 U.S. to Examine A Family Doctor NEW YORK - Millions of Americans are going to be spending an hour with a family doctor one night next week. But he is not going to examine them; they're going to examine him. And at the end of the turnabout hour they'll know him as well as they know their own family physician even better. He is the subject of a television program, "Dr. B," to be broadcast coast-to-coast on the NBC-TV Network Tuesday from 9 to 10 p.m. CDT. It will be presented as a special event from the American Medical Association's annual meeting in New York City with Burgess Meredith as host. This real-life story was filmed wholly on location in Flemington, N. J., where cameras followed the very real Dr. B his name will not be used through a busy day in his office, on house calls, on hospital rounds, and at home. After their examination of this-family doctor, viewers are likely to feel the urge to counsel: "Doctor, slow down!" "But neither sickness nor I keep regular working hours," Dr. B says with the trace of a smile. "I travel to see my patients at any time. Sometimes a patient will tell me I m working too hard. ilSii; s mm, v w 'V ' r I'i If ... ..; V DR. JAMES T. COOK So I say, 'Okay, next time you call, I won't come'." He admits, though, that a difficulty lately is "more and more" the problem of time. "In this fast-moving 20th Century, with its accelerated progress in medicine, my job is getting more difficult all the time," says Dr. B. "Not enough time for my patients, and (Continued on Page 3.) SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 1961 HOLLYWOOD Television comedy gets a seasonal up-grading this summer when Canadian comics Johnny Wayne and Frank Shuster debut in their own television series, "Holiday Lodge." Wayne and Shuster have been hailed by critics for their fresh and unusual comedy showcased in the U.S.A. on the Ed Sullivan Show, but beginning Sunday the public will have a first opportunity to see the comedians on a regular basis,, Sundays, 9:30-10 p.m. over the CBS-TV Network. They have been Canada's favorite TV stars for many years. The team inherits Jack Benny's time slot for the hot weather months and will televise under the same sponsorship. In the new series, Wayne and Shuster play a pair of social directors at a resort hotel aptly entitled, 'Holiday Lodge." Situations involving the hotel staff and constant flow of new guests will provide a springboard for their humorous forays. In Business 20 Years , Although relatively young men, Wayne and Shuster have been polishing their art almost 20 years. Their professional relationship dates to 1940, when as 14-year old Boy Scouts in Toronto, Canada, , they, wrote and starred in their fifst sketch. It was a smash. The troop netted $40 for its treasury. And although the sketch lacked the characteristic polish of their late work, Johnny and Frank were and still are proud of it. Since that time, the team of Wayne and Shuster has enriched thi annals of humorous satire with such routines as their "Lost Comic-book Week End," "I Was a TV Addict," "The Brown Pumpernickel," "The Shakespearian Baseball Game" and "Frontier Psychaiatrist." In1 the "Shakespearian Baseball Game" the team tried to show that the language of Shakespeare "is comprehensible if people think." It was so successful that numerous university English departments wrote them for the script and still use it in the class- (Continued on Page 2) ' 3 I - ' '"t .'ifax w. .',.!.!. lis "V: ' V - KMTMMMiiOTiiiiiiiiifir,'iiiiiiiffiiiniir'i'fiiriiMir " r,J"-"iMt TWO GUYS AND A GIRL Johnny Wayne, botram, and Frank Shuster are assisted by Maureen Arthur in 'Holiday Lodge,' premiering at 8:30 o'clock Sunday night on CBS. MONDAY, JUNE 26, 1961 Ml. Uberty " Cadlc Tnacle I'arents-School Sacred UcarT Three HIookls K'garten CollcK Hay When Mhi-rIo Anicr. at Work pi,rif,in 9,1 Church 9'!" Jack Tlay Hunch Debbie lraU This 18 if0 U' fnduHtr" I'a'ade Glamour "Chrutophera hU-ek.-n, Lamp Unto Keot .W lllway l'atrol Camouflage l'rice Is Hlght Lucy Faith Today Space Liberty Look, Up. Live QJa Play Hunch About Faces Concentration Video Village rixon western Th. Thl. Is Ufe Camera 3 j Frlce Jh IUKM ! Uall Worm Truth Or- Kxpoaure I,ooK in,? Around Christophers Sunday Fix Ja Concentration ,lltiy W(r(1 Bob Cummlng. Could Be You Hurprlse Fkg. ; v.tQt' fix lOO Truth Or Theater 60-50 Club Noontima Love of Life Oral Roberts Real Estate iJig t ix -tlB KlantLlfe Code 3 ZVSXgF Faith Frontier BMoball 12, Could Be You Ding Pong . . Tiahali Gospel Chrlal "S .Hn.. Jan Murray News S F.-St.lx.uis mh Sen. 8peak. Matinee Number Please Loretta Young A. World Turtoi Art Llnkletter ,4a , - .. .. ,,,,. " too Day In Court Dr. Malone Face Facts Movie Hollyw'd Finest " i30 Loretta Young I. U. Seven Keys These Fioots House Party 45 ' Health Pennies iOO Dr. Malon) Crossfire Queen for Day Daddy Millionaire Matinee Cross Exam "lloctoV' I. U. " 31 These Root. DoYouTru.tT Hollywood Verdfct Yours ; ; Bridge Hour Close-Up Your City iOO Daddy Chatter Bugs Amer. Uandafd Movies StHtornf NBC News Brief Session 4 i0 Hollywood Popeye Edge of Night t43 . - I ' "Meet Press Holiday Funnies Meet Press Accent "loo Francis Farmer ' Karly Show Chet Huntley Baptist Temple Rocky's Friends Topper ' Amateur Hour fr-ag Rln Tin Tin Deputy Paw, . " weather. New. Brave Kagie Trackdown Churchill Big Pix - Huffle. NewT n,?c News Almanac Report . n. ,,,,,,,,. 20thCentury ' h i30 Dick Tracy Huckleberry Walt Disney News Concert Hall Ivanhoe Walt Disney lintstones zumeniuiy yww NBC News Doug Edward. ; : rTTTT" Nat l Velvet Lassie rt0 News Adventure Wilbur. Mr. Ed Lock Up Shirley Temple Contrast City Nan velvet ,asi Weather ---(.! Maverick . Tab Hunter Dennis, Menace I iSO American. Annapolis Cheyenne Wells Fargo To Tell Truth 45 ' . r 777 uiiiv,, ,on Wrestling Whisper Smith Pete atnd Gladys " Nafl Velvet Closed Doors Dinah bhcre hd Sullivan oo vvresuint, . T R .-iO Wells Fargo " SurfsldeSix Concentration Bring Up Buddy Tab Hunter Mike Wallace The Lawman Q',45 wensrargo . ;..:... "Chevy Show Grant Th. The Rebel Loretta Young O.K. Theatre K Whisper. Smith Citizen Soldier , B. Stanwyck Danny Thoma. Asphalt Jungle Interpol. Call'g Holiday Lodge Concentration Jim Bowie Taradlse 1 Andy Griffith t45 - -. "Loretta Young Wyatt Earp Candid Camera B. Stanwyck Adventure Manhunt HWesey Your Life Dr. Christian Around World News Whats My Line Coro 9 Frank Edwards Pester Gunn News , Brenner Sports 1 " " . ... kt ...J"" Hna News Weather Wrestling Rig 3 Jack Paar New., Weather Weather Jazz Festival Final Sun. Night Th. New, 9 News. Weather k Late Show. eWer Theatre Golf Late Show 1 1 1 jack Paar . cfrlllc'. Choice . f 4S

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