St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on December 30, 1947 · Page 4
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 4

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1947
Page 4
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4A , -Tues.. Dec. 30, 1947 , ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH MAYTAG SERVICE FULL LINE OF PARTS Meter Traleeel Meahmlct We Service Otker Make Crtlsstn Appliance Co. 4421 MURAL BRIDGE fiO., CO. 6904 Atihrh4 Mevtee OnIit Wit VODAV CP CLUB VJA 0B3 QiUtf Jiitb the prtfeo ntucky Straight 1RB0N Wl Oiitribvtaa' by MTM HAUrTMANH, , I . m l M -it. i m m v IS i . 11 iin-iaa" . 11 RID. .1 V rilS HISKEY CTT" v a -yVS O It C II I D s&3co&4eocd0e- ODimciinnTJDS (DIE OH II ADS (DDBCDmnniis ODmcDnnnnDS also - 'ROSES' CARNATIONS' 'IRIS' GARDENIAS" ' VIOLETS ' to 0 MIETTTTniE'S 3801 S. GRAND MIHAI ABDICATES i IN ROMANIA, REDS DECLARE REPUBLIC Continued From rage One. officers, and citizens." It declared! the creation or "the popular ren public of Romania, the fatherland of all those who work" and said that all citizens would defend their independence. The Chamber of Deputies will continue In office until a new con stituent assembly is chosen to draft the final form of Romania's new constitution. The new presidium of state, with presidential powers, is made up of Mihail Sadoveanu, president of the Chamber of Deputies; Dr. Parhon, president of the Russian-Romanian Society; Stefan Voitev, Minister of Public Instruction; Ion Mi-culi, vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, and George Stare, first president of the Bucharest Court of Appeal. Within three days all civil servants will be required to take an HAMPTON SUPPLY SELECT ' YELLOW PINE FLOORING r'4' C and better. Lin. Ft. 6V2' ELECTRIC HEATERS ALL MAKES FAN TYPE AND OTHERS GET YOURS NOW W. H. STANLEY S069 OELMAR FO. 0225 January LINEN SAMS Include all Hems In our line. Aaliwnnllr famoux for over ." years Lines Importers Over oO Years OLIVE ST. and TAYLOR AVE. Mi I itinera LU 1 35 I E ( 1 I I ! 'I ponsiW" of every utvctne til CWm. Am, St. laak, Via. 1 ssst '. r - k m THOUSANDS OF OUR OWN GROWN ORCHIDS READY FOR YOUR ISHEW YEAir EVE D) TJB S A (E IE S GRand 9600 X oath of allegiance to the republic, Mihai twice ascended the throne of Romania the first time when he was only 6 years old. He became King: then on the abdication of his father. Carol renounced the throne rather than give up his love affair with red-haired Mme. Elena Lupescu. A regency ruled for Mihal until Carol asoended the throne again after reconsidering his abdication. During World War II, Carol fled the country after the Nazi-affil iated Iron Guard rose to power. Mihal resumed the throne, and later succeeded In overthrowing Dictator Ion Antonescu in a coup on Aug. 23, 1944. Mihai was hon ored by the Soviet - Government with the Order df Victory for this "courageous act." Carol and auburn-haired Mme, Lupescu were married last summer 1 in Brazil, when she was gravely ill. They left Rio de Janeiro in September for Lisbon, Portugal, where they have taken up residence. Story of Antonesru'ft Ouster. The story of how Mihai plotted with Communist leaders to bring about the overthrow of Antonescu and the armistice which opened the way for Russian capture of a large part of the German force in Romania was told by the young King and his mother to Associated Press Correspondent Joseph Morton. ' The plot, many times considered, came to fruition in the summer of 1944. With the German military situation deteriorating on ' the eastern front, Mihai called . Antonescu before him and demanded he make an armistice or resign. When Antonescu refused, guards arrested him and locked him in the fireproof vault where Mihai kept his stamp collection. Other Government lenders were lured into the trap and confined. German officials, alarmed, stormed into the palace but met a firm king, who told them Antonescu had resigned and that the armistice was Romania's affair. Julius Maniu, Peasant party leader who since has been sen OPEN UNTIL 9 P. M. Monday Thra FrMay AUTHORIZED WEST END FORD DEALER (Saturday a.m. ta oo Brand-New Factory Motor 239.50 Insi MacCARTHY MOTOR CO. 41 S3 DELMAR PA. 252A 24-HOUR TELEPHONE SECRETARIAL SERVICE Your call promptly mtnmmrmA - - - a.. . a in-. FLORENCE UTT ANSWIRING SIRVICi A tic your Grocer for it TODAY! TONIGHT For tho gayeit, merriest tiolideyi ever, learn the Rumba. Enroll today. Arthur Murray' expert instructors will teach you thii most popular dance in lust a few hours. Put Rumba lessons on your Christmas list as a gift to yourself and lo your future dancing partners. Don t wait the holidays era lust ahead. Visit our studio today. Studio open until MOP. f. for vitltort Arthur Murray Jli N. CE. 457 . 77 Forsyth CA. 4 MS Under Direction Kobtrl Coultm Save 25 to 50 at Nettie's! ejb! 4?3 0 FLOWER ... 4 GARDEN Z: 324 JlS BACK!L 4 6T)J(D tenced to life Imprisonment on a charge of high treason by the Communists, was called to head a new government and the armi stice was announced by radio. The Germans opened an artil lery and air bombardment of Bucharest, with the Royal Palace as their particular target, but Mihai and Queen Helen escaped by automobile through German lines in the early morning hours. One week after Antonescu's arrest the coup was a success. News of mihai's romance with oiond I'rlncess Anne first came from a Danish court source. He said the announcement in Copenhagen awaited only the permission of King Frederick. Mihai and 24-year-old Anne flew to Switzerland from London after attending the wedding of Princess Elizabeth. On his arrival in Lausanne, Mihai was silent on wedding plans, but his secretary saidf"We have to wait for an announcement from the Government." The King was reported to have put the matter before the leftist Cabinet. Way Cleared for Full Sovietiza-tlon, U. S. Officials Say. WASHINGTON, Dec. 30 (AP)-King Mihai's abdication was viewed by American diplomatic authorities today as removing the last brakes on complete absorption of Romania Into the Soviet sphere. The King's formal consent was required to put into effect major decisions of the Government which has been solidly Communist for only a few weeks. This had the effect, officials said, of causing Romania to lag somewhat behind Russia's other satellites in the process of Sovietization. Mihai's departure may be followed by a speedup in the process although it is already far advanced. The key posts in the Romanian Cabinet were taken over by Communists last month with a woman, Anna Pauker, becoming Foreign Minister. In London, a British Foreign Office spokesman said news of the abdication came as a "complete surprise." Diplomatic circles said Mihal returned to his country after the wedding of Princess Elizabeth on the express advice of Winston Churchill. It was rumored that he also consulted Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevln on whether he should go back. Churchill is said to have told Mihai that "above all things a king must be courageous.' Mihai was the last reigning monarch in countries of eastern Europe which Russia dominates. The kings of Albania (Zog), Bulgaria (Simeon II) and Yugoslavia (Peter) previously had lost their thrones iVi upheavals connected with the war. The abdication left King Paut of Greece the only employed king in the Balkans or southern Europe. 1 Minat tiohenzollern-Sigmaringen jwas born Oct 25, 1921. He was educated at home, and was the first king of his line to be so thoroughly Romanian. Carol had him schooled in Bucharest with 12 commoners picked from all walks of life and from all regions of the country. Mihal was deeply Interested In aviation, and during the war he .professed gre&f admiration for American bombing planes and pilots. ! After Carol's 1940 abdication. Mihai's mother. Queen Helen, returned to the country from a long residence in Italy. She had divorced Carol in 1928. The boy, although he loved his mother deeply, had an abiding affection for his father, and he wept bitterly when Carol fled. Mihal cried out then that he did not want to be king again. Mihal, last of the rulers of the House of Hohenzollern, was the darling of the Romanian peasants. Despite his popularity, however, he did not get along well with the Communists, whose power has become stead'ily greater in his country. GREEKS IN ALL-OUT EFFORT TO BREAK ' SIEGE OK) KONITSA Continued From Page One. troops were struggling to force Markos's men from high ground near the strategic Bourazanl bridge, controlling communications between Konitsa and Albania. Another focal point of the fighting was the Vigla heights southwest of Konitsa, Victory in either area would reopen a way to the besieged town. Reports from Ioannina said the Greek ermy had captured the Grambala, Mesovini and Tsouka heights between that city and Konitsa, and had" moved into a number of villages south of the Bourazanl bridge. They told of strong guerrilla attacks yesterday against Konitsa from the north, west and south, and said that in bayonet fighting several heights were captured and lost repeatedly. Other dispatches said Greek army forces operating in the Viose river valley between Konitsa and the Albanian border, 10 miles northwest, had captured several new heights in an advance on the Bourazanl bridge. Unofficial sources said the British had decided to keep their 5000 men in Greece indefinitely. A Greek army spokesman said American military experts would be advising the Greek army in the field within a few weeks. ONE MILLION CALCULATIONS NEEDED FOR MARSHALL PLAN NEW YORK," Dec. 30 (UP) The United States State Department haa turned over the statistical work involved in mapping out the Marshall plan to other Government departments because it was unab? to cope with the task according to Assistant Secretary of State Willard L. Thorp. Thorp told the American Statistical Association last night that the census division of the Bureau nt I nhnr Rtntisfira nnd the De- partment of National Defense had"f' been called in to aid the btate De- pariment in maKing ine i,unj,nni calculations necessary to compute four yenrs of European recovery. Reports $4S0 Tavern Burglary. 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