The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 24, 1934
Page 6
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E SIX Big Gun'of Weak Offense BI.YTHEVILLC!, (ARK.) COURIER NRW& Ex|.:cii Touring Training Cnmps Finds Odd As-1 Forlmenl in Cincinnati 1 11V B1I.1, Ni:A Service Spoils 1'ilitur TAMPA. Flu. Muri-h 21. -- A . r named Bob O'Farrell faei'.-.! lhi> problem in '.he major i leagues ihis y.-ar. II Is Hob's MI to manage Use Cincinnati Red-:, chronic cellar rhampi'jns. Some ol O'FniTi-ll'!, men are too r»lii. Mo p :t of Die ntlK-is aie too young. On (he whole raster, in-; only outstanding ball player imsd he'.s geitlm; atoms in yniis. loot Is Chick Haley, formerly or tin- Ctrdiimls. O'J.'nnrl] lias « pllchim; prnn- leii). an inflf-ld problem, nn niii- lield purale, and he isn't sure nbout the culrliinir. eluier. » Tint O'Furrell. with a lypicul j catcher's Icmpcramrni, Inri-x his' troubles with fortitude. "We are nowheti- near a pennant." O'Fanoll broke down and i admitted to HI'I; as we waleh- Inp Ills athletes ['olnj abmii their ec.siurr.v "What wi- will do nils year, thoiii'li. is to linlsh out ol (hat cellar. And wi-'re inilidmir for the futn.e v.ilh tin-so yuimi; fellows." Dnw.y Vance. 41-year-old llliig- er. na.ssed by. In n pc)i|K'r game was none oilier iliuu Sparky Adams, 30 or older. Larry Koiuon. n pitcher dismissed by (be Olunts years ago ns beliii; through, was vanning up. On the promises n!so were such veterans as Mark Koe- inqr. Joe Shaule. Clyde Mnnlon. ,llin Uottomley. nnd "Sheriff" Blake. It WHS' an Ironlr- touch, a up. pi'ttrcrt tlint nil the oid men In the nor)<| smMcnly JiacI appeared In Reds' uniforms. lint OTanell V.vill OIK "I Rpnre n couple of Ir.idM helped our Innr-ld. We have Unltom- ley for first ami Sla.dc. frnia the c;nnls. for short. Tony plot, from 'he Pirates, will \>? m second. 'I hlrd br.'.e Is n toump bolwoen Les Mnllon. from Toronto: Joe Morrlssey. brought up In lOT from Si. Paul; nnd Sparky Adams, also from the Cards. Of course, one of the otlir-r young infieldcrr, may oomc through for us." There arc so many Inficlders hi Die Red.",' <vi;i)|) that (here isn't enough room for a,ll ihcir names on a roster. Most of Ihcm. or course, will In: f.eut to fnnn lenms. Among the number fire Walter Holil, from Rock Island: George HOOP SHARPSHOOTER . - -B ROX Sunday - Mond MAT. & NITE—l Greek Has Won ami But Fans for More, c ornc Chick Hnd-y . . . only member of the Cinclnnali neds' outneJU i<> hll ov,-r .300 lnsl yrnr-and he hii only .302 . . . nm ,nd whom Manascr Hob O'Farrell will build his 1034 the ancient lie.nton. are Paul Derringer, and Sylvester Johnson Cardinal cii.stofr.-i; Si Johnson. Allyn Stout, Dttny Vance. John Htiikc. Viiiy Kolp. Jimmy Paltison Jini Llndsey, Al Ilnlllngsworth, and lleny t'rey. II there are some that number yon don't know we (iun'i know them either. Don lircnnan. lormet 1 Yankee prO|>crty. who won II gnmv.s while inu loni 1 for Newark last year, one of (he more likely rookies. HllchiT, who lolled In MlnneaiiolLs las", year, is Hgmrd to Imve a good chance lo slay. Ilollinnsworih, who won 15 for Hock island, also ivell likeil by Manager O'FuiTell. Lee Gilssom, from Los Malinos, Calif., who has been pitching in llie C.icrnmento Valley for a few years, has demonstralcd what appears to be effective slufi. There Is no hilling slicngth In the .catching department unless Lombard! finds that lucky bat which ho seems lo have losi la-st Wise, from Topcka; and Tom Ro- "' hlch ho scc " ls u> lmv !osl liva hello, also from Rock Island. These. yc " r ', °,'±' re " T °'," y ^ ^ Mm ' three are harelv 91 «,„< -,™ i,, ,•.,„ , £olf 1|1 1M 3- Mnnlon hll .1G1. and three are barely 21. and are in the I class that needs "seasoning." • * • Hafoy happens lo be the only firsl rale ouillclder. He Is the only t»>c of (he oulfleldlng Kcils who was ab!e to hit .300 lust year, his average being .302, barely above the figure below which outfielders are supposed ; 0 pay their way inlo Ihe park. Johnny .Moore, from Ihe Cubs; Harry Rice, from here and there: and Adam Comccasky. who hit .26-1 for the Pirates last year, are the others. A- ' young Washington chattel named Johnny GUI. formerly of Chattanooga and Cleveland is the-rookie. and if i, e can lilt he'll stay. " Some 20 persons who answer to Jack Crouch .smacked the pill lor a piiny .125. I'Our job." says O'Farrell. -is one ol building for future years. We can't expect Immediate results. It's not such an easy matter to develop u winning ball chili, We have to have patience." Patience? And how! Dooley's Shave M«y Be Bad News l«'or Uov Welch Red Recruits Ihe charge of being nix? " " elp " 1 , 1 among ihe, chorus or so. or m n ,-o ^"-Kiwic'l among the chorus of 50 or more Ren's and would-be Keels who prac tically fill the little ball park here Those fiRincd ns starters, beside POSIES FOR AL shave lends to Ihe appearance Hint is reputed by men's slyllsls lo ulve conlldence then Dm id Uoolcy. Ihe tthbkerles.s House of David vvies- ller. will give Roy Welch a .still ballto when the pair meet on Ihe mnt here Monday niRht. Dooley. ir you haven't alrcody heard about it. has trimmed, shaved nnd sandpapered thai chin which formerly was hidden by a man-size^ set or whiskers when he showed here lime.'; lust. fall. Amons: the lough bays who threw Dooley around by his whiskers was Welch. The latter was iiboiil the only one to get a victory over the sixx-dy and prayerrul David. Now David wish* eight )»unds more- tlian he did on his last apix-aiance here, promoters claim, which niighl lo put him on more ecu terms a'ltli roiieh artor Welch. Dooley with his whiskers wns one ol the mosi colorful actors ion the sinJccy circuit and pro- imeters believe he will continue (o | pack them In without. ReporU are that Dooley gel ilred of be- IHR thrown around bv adornment and got riil of it. In n preliminary match Johnny Stole, th? rough bat small per- fonner who listened to a roar ol boos and catcalls when he kickei .l-reddio Knichel of! the ring here • : tvvo weeks ago. back. Stole •returns to tak« on Ralph Smith ,«IP Jackjon, Tenn.. school marm • appears lo have some weight advantage on Johnny but. when il comes lo the sln p,, fcfc «- 0 " k h , take a tack seat lo Johnny Here are a couple of Cincinnati rookies who ManaKrr Hob O'Kirrrll fluurc.s niay make thr Rrade their first year with club—Usllc Clyde Mullnn. above »hn N lljrhtinjc for Hie third base lob. atul Don Hrcnnan, pitrhln perty of tllr -Yanks and New Jrk l;ist y«r. wbn is flissrd a hr most likely biirllni; prospect n the camp. Weroney Adds Cape To 20-Town Mat Circuit CAPR G1RARDEAU. Mo.—An- lounreineiil has been made that •egular weekly ivre«tllng shows will be presented In Cape Girardeau. •sixmsored by service Company, 40th Infantry. Missouri National Guard, and promoted by Michael V Mcroney ol Memphis. Tenn. Arrangements have been made or the matches to be staged at ed of be- H , ! ? 11C . k F!eUI " mlse nml n '= firs' his facial I Wl " U ' hcl " Sll( " r(ia l'- ^•'ch 31. -' -- ' ' Mcroney lold local guardsmen that 60 to 1M wrestlers are on 1 its books at all itmos and that at iresent he controls wrestling matches in more than 20 cities in- .-litding Canithcrsvllle. Ttio Chicago While Sov rot. Itio key to ilio city ot r6.=aile- na, Calif., n-lien they opened tiicir rrririg '.raining season tlicro, anil Al Simmons wae Biven a floral tribute In tho form of a bat and a Iran. Hero Is tho Sox slugger nnrt outfielder rtcclvln( ili» joslca from ers arc giving the price - Monday night so (her don't want to catch the fans who nave been accustomed to livln» a mi'l""^"" «"Jh* courier V They believe they can --••»«•«. to pack 'em In but want to let the customers know In ad- More than public - „ -»• * in. oiMLIUIl^ pair shops are operated United States. in the Strange Store Birds Fascinated Bird-dog SCOTTSBLUFF, Neb. (UP)-It was Just a misunderstanding on the pan or "Spike" amiable, own- erlew bird-dog when he gave chase lo cash boxes whtalng overhead in Scotlsbluff stores But the misunderstanding made Spike a nuisance. Spike, merchants complained, de- ighted to hunt the strange "bird'" In their stores. He bolted clown aisles, barking loudly, clerks found It impossible to keep him out Merchants found 11 difficult to * C ar d=llM01 " erS '" whcn Spike B P m Police were asked lo give their nici. HV I'MFI) lln/lnj JVfss- Staff <.'arrr*na]iili-iil C-'IIICAOO iUI>)—Jjnuny inuiiirt apiwin.s to havo discovered tin- •IMIIIL- to HIP pochctbook* -' American sports funs. It mau.ship. The Cliei-k Adonis liim-seli pertmin the . .S|»rl.s atliacllon of the months more than persons haw paid more !'iO,0(KI to see him wrestlv. Money hius |X)ured Into the is of the I/Indus 1 troii|)n i hli:k towns to meiro|v)lises In lually all .sncilons ol the j-'iswrliig Loiu/ds 1 "cut" ai/2.1 ei-nt. he has earned more $li5,COO and the year is yet yo-m-.-. Londos Isn't i. jieiv sen«iil<.:i. He has been «-restlin|/ t \^hi ; .ini loll, hither and yon for a itm. sideral'le number of yfcar.-i H" doe.s IIDI know hov; many boiu.s has etigageil In, hut lie "ftomcthlny ov(:r l.OOfl:-" Ik' has, apparently, made money out of wrestling-'than Ituth has out of baseball. Hi, earnings probably exceed tho."- ol any oilier dingle athlete, wiU pos-slblc exception of Jack Dnr'i- si.'y njid Cent- Ttinney. HLs record (or tin; first time months ol 1934. perhaps the mo<' "mazing in tlic history of Am.'can sports, has been compiMl while boxing promoters wept lo- calise gate receipts were (iecn-,1--- IIIB to ihe vanishing point ami bnsetall miignales told sad stories of huge Whatever may be M |d or wril . ten about wreslling, it h as r ,._ gained mucli of its former p«- : ,. lige as n : W r olfice attraction I-'iran city in city nnd -hnmh-i to hamlet gow ihis Greek >n!,' no gi/l.s whntevei-, except -. claim to a disputed "title" yet tv eryv.'liere he pries a nock o' greenbacks where the more pf""-''- misiic have suid none existed "" In three months he has traveled U.OOO miles and . defended his "Iilte" no le« tlmn 40 times. Often he wrestled four and five limrs a week, each of his boms hundred-; or miles apart. He has (lie superb showmanship ihat makes Hie turnstiles click, sweet umsi c -„ any promoter's cars. In two bouts in Chicago Loiulos drew 40.000 persons who paid uore llian $55.000. Two ---•—in IJeiroit he drew Sunday - Monday MATIN' KK & .N'l'J'K—]()(-:iflp It has that "State Fair" flavor WE'HAS'CAGEP 127 FiaD GoAt-6 A* FOR A -JOTAU OF 339 PO-mS |M 25 1-16 TeAM, RATED wax, -fe cioc BEST in TALLIED \,\\i TWA)T5 -ro rti OGERS in DAVID SLICING A HOOK i ^ . who paid $:».ooo. include-: 29.000 persons some of the Bosiou. three 8MO-v, 25 ' C °°' rcccluts 28.000; New York-, once, attendance 12,000, receipts 515.000 and it- Louis, once, attendance, 13000 receipts $17,000. | "lick Ijj, [ft gr f;s RL PASO. Tex. .<J|.)_E Lowe .«.. o fEl P,«n is the ownur of a duck which i a y s cggs coll(nfrllng tic duck . — "•./.« ^ago to I from one to three y6lk.s. Tt a h In Octofcer. praiudng^cfouble^S lor a time. ||,en triple ones, then dropped back to nonnal eggs The eggs are from (wo to three limes the sfce of a normal duck ess. The shark-sucker or remon fastens j[«-lf lo souu . laiwi . ^ and rides about the sea liviin- on the remains or its's meals COMMISSIONER'S SAIK NOTICE is hereby given ilia', [he undersigned roniml.ssjoiier In , Y ,m pliance with the terms a { n dorrec -endered by the Chancery court 'or the Chicknsawba nistrir, of Mississippi County, Arkansas on lie 26th day of Pebruan- '1934 wherein R. v. Carpenter was' Plaintiff. No. 5636. and Jmi v ., NT Buckner, ct, al.. were Defc-huW vlll sell at public auction to' ihe lest, and best, bidder, for f -,sn n credit of three moni|,," nr ' he front door or the Court Ho-ise between Ihe Hours pnwribn! by aw. m the City or nivihivile Arkansas, on the Dth day or >i', r ii 934. the following real psi-,;. ,„ vit: • ° North hair of North half ( ,f Soiitheast.nuarler. and N,, r ;] m r of south half of NO-TI lialf or Southeast ouarto,-' ,\t Section Nine , 9) Tmvi j s ,,,' Pirteen (15) North. nn':'« Thirteen (13) East. GO A,-,T\ „ H rf a ' C , *'"' b ° ll!1<1 '0 *-'<*'v >aicl decree bj Uif. ^ tlll O f <-, ; ffllli 10 per ceni inlereit," November 1. 1933 THE purchaser at said MY be required to execute boi-'d approved wcurily. to fee ire payment of (he purchase ,-. a lien «in ^ retained" aid property as additional Sl l-y for the pajment of •;!'•)• money. ' my hand and u-.p of said court, on this, n,,, day of March. 193J. "• '' OAlNFs i Commissioner in C!, m.-'.-rv ' rank c. Douglas. ' ! rj 'l Ally, for Plaintiff. I Walter Ilajeu often has mailo the. remnrk dial !in ratlier would ]il;iy baseball llian j;nlC —ami h.-re's (lie, famous pro liidnlKiii!; in his second Iov« at Iho Ih-n-oic 'risers' tralnliiK camp, l.akvhiml, I-'la.'" Ho just has laki-a a husky slloe at a fast our ihi! Jiooj.^! ,. ig j l( ovcl . llic- iihilL-. with LOUISE DRESSER EVELYN VENABLE KENT TAYLOR TETCHIT and she forgot that they came from opposite ends of the social ladder, COMING OUT PARTY with ^ Frances Gene , Alison Skipv-orth, Mi 9 el Bruce Harry Green Hrwiihvay (in-vij.v wifh Oliv« Kordt-n Novelty "Broadway J{y Day" Comedy "Thundering Taxi" COURIER NEWS Don't Forget Caudill's Agency General Insurance W hen corr.ered by its encmieK Uic puff or porcupine fish swells U]> like :i toy balloon. The air ,»'hich it draws into its body in .grciU gasps acts ns n life-pre.server and forces [tie fish to the surface WRESTLING f)AVri) MOOLKY VS. ROY WELCH RALPH SAIITH VS. .IOHNNIK STOTF, ARMORY MONDAY NITE ADM.—I0e 15-28! VMMDS GUARANTEED New ™H ,?"*« Line of House Paints. *^AW^s,r*'*iE BURKE HARDWARE CO. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS One lo ii I hi- !;IK| day iit'W for !ii\v pasi-ptl by Iho 103:5 P' Slate nnd ('Dimly tuxus nn April !0th is real estalc and PENALTY will (if lad; after that date i\o KXTKNSION OF TIMK I'cnnlty may l>p ;i voided Ihp Slalo and ConiKy Inxi's hv I he (his payment da I r>. nf one-fourth ('/,) of ''^ (.nlledor is rotmired (o have (he rccripls actually written by , i, Ihe 7. rnr !'- l ' Rnn " 1 llp « S ponsil,lc for lists mailed or handed in lalor llian (he l:!th. For Ihe t-onvonicnro of tho taxpayers, (he (ax books will he Ihc HAM. OJ-- I.K.AniVlU.K nn Thursday. March 29th. and the HANK OF MANILA ,« Friday. Marrh »l th at at Clarence H. Wilson Sheriff and Collector

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