The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1930 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1930
Page 7
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1930, (AUK.) COU1UUR NEWS' (CLASSIFIED ADS •if a cents a word for first in- Mrtion snd one cent * word lor e«cb luttequtnt tnwr- tlou. No »dv*rtiatiBtnt taken 'or less thin We. Count tbt words uid S end the etwb. Phone SOB FOR SALE PAGE SEVEN NEA SERVICE e: ERNEST LYNN I FOH. SALE—(For few days only) Dr. McCall has moved to St. Louis mid lias placed his home in my hands Tor sale. Choice location and rare bargain. Let me show j it to you, II interested. O. G. Cnudlll, Oflice phone 701, residence] phone 786. 28c-tl LOOK! Bargains In Used Cars 1Q30 Model ' .Ford Roadster New Tires, 1'ainl and lop scad. Motor mechanically perfect. liuy this one and save depreciation. Only $305 1029 Model Ford Standard 1 - Coupe. Thoroughly reconditioned. Good tires, paint and uphclstcry. A real buy at $275 1026 Mode! International Truck. Good Molar, Tires, Starter, ISattcry and Generator. Just the truck to make money with 5135 Our USED CARS arc guarantee! 30 days. Make your selection am call 811—TODAY. Used Car Dept. PHILLIPS MOTQ.U CO. Authorized Ford Dialers 1'HONE 811 TODAY FOR SALE—Pair of iron dual wheels for 1929-30 Chevrolet truck. Practically new. $35.00- Paul Byrum, Piione 974. 2pka SPECIAL One 1930 New Chevrolet Coach LEE MOTOR CO. FOR SALE—Office desk and swivel chair . Cheap. P. O. Box 115, B!y- theville. . ' 4pk3 FOR RENT FOB RENT—Light . Housekeeping rooms, furnished, 700 West Walnut. .. . 26c-tf Furnished aparmcnl lor rent. Seej Jhnmle: Lsdbetter -at 1 Saunder's Store. ' 28c-tf FOR, RENT—One room with" or without beard. Mrs. C. P. i'cnd- cr, 512 North 1st St. IpkS FOR RENT—6 room cottage lurn- ishcd, rent for $35.00 month 'till first of year. Thomas Land Company. 2ck5 IlKllli TOUAV DAN IIOUIMICI1, fuiVier .New VniU ntwM^niirr man iilnl uim- n xfetmrli) lirllrr In IJollywilod, IH in I.ivi' uiih AXXI:, nim, lic-Rlnulntc att nil e\lr;i, IIIIH prti- £re*ikeil rnvldly mid U imw under rnnlrurt (u Crntiu 1 I'nllrd, one of the [nr£e«t <jl the mullcn lilclare Mildtuv. Dim formerly itnx under eon- Inii-l nl C'untlni'nlul I'letim-A, hut lio nun uruihk* In i;^'t uloui; ultL Hi* *mdl[> rxtriulvr. there and lie (• nim- fry:* lanclli£. I'AUI. COI.M):it, who urllra n dnily ciilunirr* ot movie cuininrnt fur n ulrlnK nf neuhiuiiierx, KhartK HJII'K riikiirniu-nl ullh Miii. He link Kreut (:illh In Dati'M aMllty, de- ftl'lle the Inner'* lack of alleees* m a free Innec. Jlun kntt litcomL- dlicnnrn;:ed over fhlK> naj over Hi apparently ho|>c>lri» rcenrd fur AHNC Winter* whn.*<r every *lrl> uiurard Keriux to remove ber ull tlir fnrllicr (mm him. ilnuc live» i\lllt Itvu other elrli, MnXA SilllllllSO.V nuU EVA I1AU- l.MV, Monn nnd I'.xn lure nlrng, I>U1 Mnnn work* only oeeilKtannllj nnd IU:i I,lit r«ri-|). Sh<- l» lilllcr over tblx, niid ovt-r n lr:isU- }ove evpri lenci 1 . I'lnnlly nhi- li-nvi 1 * Ili,Ll.v\vi]uil. leaving lirlilnil ;i ftrnrt-brukeM nule for Violin nud Uh'll? la .VvvT Votk Dan fcad i^rltlt-n a i»lnj- for ttie leRlltninle nlniri-. H|N ::t;cnl, nunljle to itl.-iee II, llnnllr .,'iid. || T,:,,-k (u him. mid Aune \Vlnlcr jitid I'aal Collier, wLen they rend II, nre rnlliusl- n»tli- over it. They tlilnlc It winild •nnke a Kreat rUMurc mill urui; l>nn to ravine It fur MIL- movie*. Anne deelnrc-ti (hut «hc \vould like Hulhln^ Letter tlmti lo II!EIT tlii: eljk-; K!rl uhnrnclrr. Dnu fullunx Ihi-lr ndvlee, nnd Kubnill* U tn Cnmtl UnlleiJ. xow GO ox WITH THE STOIIV CHAPTER XXXIII A N'OTIIER week slipped Ly. Paul Collier had gone to Seattle to spend his vacation. "Think o( me, my boy, on Mount Itaioler, when (lie thermometer be fiins to sizzle." He had asked Dan to wlro him It Grand United took his play, sc ho would havo an opportunity I cclehrate. Only, Paul had not fald "if": he had 'said "when." • Dan began to think Hie studio' Silence \;as unreasonable, and onc or twice he had hall angrily bee: tempted to call, believing ilia Grand .United should te told tuer were other studios Ir Hollywcot to whom he might submit his play And then one day Phillips' secri tary called liim and asked him t come over to the office. She saiil, with a smile in her voice: "It's good news, Mr. Horimer, and I'm very glad." "That's mighty nice of you," he told her, feeling that the world suddenly had ' become a ranch brighter place. "I'll bo right oven" •• : . .Phillips welcomed him. with a broad smile and a hearty handclasp. "Think we were never decide, Rorimer? Well, it wasn't my fault—notady'a fault In particular: we've hcen sort of up in the air and things have to take their turn, you know." At any rate, 1m said, Grand United wanted to buy his play. "1 think it's pretty swell, SEO. wlut's inoro'important, so doea Mr. John >n. How much'do you want lor Dan gazed nt him rather hlnnkly, and Phillips laughed nnd told him not lo look EO flabborKasled. "Sit down. 1 Just asked yon how much you wanted for It, that's nil." 'I haven't thought about that nt all," Dan replied uncertainly. "All I could think nbout was whether It would suit you. How much Is it worth to you?" Phillips named rt figure. "In that satisfactory'.' I think it's very fair luoro than you'd Ret anywhere se, probably. It's pretty high con- di'rlns svhat wo pay for most rlglnal stories, hut I llko your ay and 1 think It's worth It." "That's said. perfectly satisfactory," ipOOD. I've been wanting to ^ talk lo you about It ever nco I read It, but I've been so usy llieso last two weeks that I've cen dizzy. Your play's got a wal op, all right. You know, tho nigh look it home to read It we had ompany. Unexpected. They idu't lenvo until midnight, and uf- er they'd gone I picked It up and ort of glanced at it, expecting to Inlsh It the next day. Know what lappcned? I read It right through, t's got a great kick! I guess my ecretarx told you I was'cnthusl- istic about It. Whcrc'u you get ho idea';" Dan told him. Phillips smiled. 'Well, now that, we'vo agreed on irice, I think wo ought to havo a iltle libation," he said, and he opened a little cabinet bcsWo his tcsk and brought out a bottle nnd two glasses. lie poured one. glais full, handed t to Uorimer, filled his own, lifted it to his lips, anil there ho paused, qulry ho confessed that ho had been wnltliig to bear that rery thing said, "1 had Mooro in mind when I wrote that treatment. 1 was lioiilng you'd tee It." Thcro wns a muted sound ou Phillips' desk, and ho picked up ho receiver anil spoke with bis sec- clary. I\Q rose, Ihen. "Ilc'fl hi, torhner; let's go." Mr. Jolmsou was very ngreeablo. le Bald, after slinking hands warm* y ami ottering Rorlmcr a chair: Tvo been Inquiring about you. I'hcro's £omo great stuft In thai ilay of yours; I liko It very much. i understand you wero over nl Continental (or n while. You were under contract there, weren't you!" "Yes. 1 was." "Why (lid you leave? Mind my asking? Did-they fall to exercise their option?" Ilo added, smiling; You sec, I want to find out all about you." Dan iicsilaled. "It wasn't exact ly Hint," bo said. "Since you nak me, I'll havo to confess that 1 didn't get along very well will! Adamson over there, 1 thought he was Intolerable. I tore up my con tract nil He n whllo ago, nnd when they reorganized, Adamsou Ilrcd me." Ho grinned Ihen, recalling his last interview with Adamson. "Ho said 1 was dead timber," bo toll Mr. Johnson. Phillips uoililcil, nnd he suddenly [bought ot something. "Uy lh« way Itnrlmer, you (old mo It wo took your play you'd lell mo wlijr you wi'ro to keen to Bell It to Grand United." Ho Inuglied. "1 FOR RENT— 2'rcoms furnished for light housekeeping, 625 Walnut i Phone 521, Mrs. S. P. Cavender. I WANTED—Bcarders in steam heat- 2cksl «d home. 201 Lake St. Call "Happy days," he said. And when.he had set his'glass down he spoke through tho inter- offico phone to Ills secretary and asked her to find out If Mr. Johnson was busy. "Tho boss wants to see you," he told Rorimer. "Now that he'B sold, he's sold hard. He's been aaliiug a lot of questions about you nnd some of them I couldn't answ&r. You'll have to talk to him. Just between he two of us, he's pretty much ntercsted in you. It he makes ou any kind ot proposition 1 hope •ou'll think it over, Rorimer." nan Sodded and murmured sonic- hing. Everything, he reflected, camo In bunches. Not only had Grand United bought his play, but low Phillips talked as if they meant to offer him a joh. And ho thought of Paul Collier ..up In Seat tie. That would bo something to wire Paul, all right, it Johnson'was going to make him an offer. While they waited tor his secretary to report, Phillips confided that "Traitor" would make a great story for Lester Moore. "We've been looking for a story tor Moore, sod tint is made, to order." Dan could cot repress a jmile at thla. and at the other's look of In- Tho Grand United executive thought Hint was very funny, see. Well, wo might bo willlnc sometime lo tnko a chance on som dead timber. That's great dlalogu in that play ot yours; good, aulhen tic stuff. You wero a uew&papc man, weren't you?" "Yes, sir." "1 don't think you'd find us ver unreasonablo around here." John son siild. "Do you, Phillips?" And Phillips smiled. "Thcr aren't any Adamsons over here, he said. "1 know him, Rorimer. "Wo thought It would be n goo Idea," Mr. Johnson resumed, you did the scenario for us; we'd like to have you around t help out on It when proiluctlo OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aherif- 1 \..-'v "~-i.\ ''• starts. There'll bo changes, ot course, heie ami tliere. You know all about that, though." "I'll be ticked to death," Dan assured him. "And 1 know you've EOt to please your director and your actors, so 1 understand perfectly about the changes. 1'vo made plenty ot script changes right on the sets at Continental." Mr. Johnson looked ralher pleased. "Phillips will find an office for you to work in. I'm rather hoping you'll want to stay; I think we can use you. When you've finished the scenario, come iu and see mo. and we may have a contract to offer you." ' He rested a hand on the manuscript that lay before him on the dtsk. "I think Lester Mcoro will he tickled with this story," he told you I had a tcirllile curios tty. What was tho reason?" Horitnr-r smiled, and hcsllaicil nwkuiirilly. lie taid, "That's EO! I did say Unit, didn't I!" ant) turned d. 1 Mr. Johnson looked Ino.ulrluKl)' om one i,-, i| 1e oilier. "Whfil'a nil is?" IK- askcil. • • • JOVi' or never, Dan tliougbt. "I'll tell you." he said. "Ilemcmbfi, r. I'lillliiis. ihnt I told you 1 bad eslcr Mooro tu mlud for tin- iiart .Michael! Well, I bad immcono i mind (or Iho part ot Jenny, too. laybc if 1 was rigbt once." Lo rl with n weak win. "I K right again. You nerci an tell." "Stranger things havo happcncil, guess," Phillips admitted chcrr- ully. "Who was It? It wasn't ard lo siiol Moore, heeanse Hial'sT he kind of stuff he eats up; but—" "I doubt it yon could giic^s." Dan looked n;ioloKClically at Mr, [ohnssn. "Sl:o's pretty new," bn isplaineil, "but she's under contract icrc. She's Anno \Vlnter." And Johnson frowned. "Anna Inlcr? But she's nn ingenue lypo. rbls Is pretty heavy stuft for bcr, sn't It?" llo turned to Phillips for eorroboraiioa, and Plilllips uod- led lib head In agreement. "Her spot Is musical comedy or revues. Sbc's got. a peach of a voice." "I think," Dan said, "you'll fiml that Anno Winter can do just about anything you ask her to do." Johnson's eyes twinkled. "You do? That's a pretty large order. Isn't It?" know it,'but she pluycri dr.i- m'nUc roles Iu the stage, you know, and that's her real ambition. Hut she's never had a chanco lo show what she conhl do. She never had any idea of singing or dancing In ficlilres when sho carae to Holly- ivooil, hut that's what they spoiled ler for. -.-< •"I sue:-s," ho continued 'earnests', "lhal's onc ot the fiiiiny tilings Mo, WlE VQU-THIS;FAR Voa T t.L -fccrfH ORDE-AL WEEK.' RADIO Tbfdl6KT r I TORQO-T CAM SWITCH \r -TO : &Rc.wi_ iMi-fAtiorUs WOULD Be IF r UMflL 1,/irt I WAS 1 -To. OWE A -" AMP I-T j I WILU ^& IMPOSSIBLE ) BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES I FIRST CALL! By Martin said to Phillips, "llo just got back in tO'.s'Ei this morninK, ami L \vns laikl^K with 111 in n little while aso. lie's comins over later ou to read If : -• '.v ihout the motion piclmc Intslncs Mr. Jolinson; lllile ncclrloninl things got people started on 1 on un entirely different track sometimes. Anno Winter never had R vocal lesson in her life, nnil yet it was her voice, more than'any[hi[i£ else, Hint caused you to Kivc lior a con- trad. She can sing, all right, but sii'e can act. loo." The _ twinkle liail not letl Mr. Johnson's eyes. "la she a friend ot.yours?" ]:Q aekcd. "You ECCIEI lo be pleading her cause rather well. fii fact. I'd Eny you were pretty enthusiastic." "She is, yes." Dan smileil. said boldly, "Anil 1 am." Mir; lini! been prepared to encounter aoino annoyance on [be part o( the studio executive; Johnson's plencai tlcisni troubled him not at a (To Be Continued) FOR RENT- Steamheated 3-room' furnished apartment, 603 W.I Main, rhonc 642. * 3ck61 1443. 4pk8 LOST AND FOUND FOR RENT—Nice in. 100 Dougan- bedroom, close | LOST—Tv:o mare mules, one gray New Orleans Cotton FOR RENT—One of Shane Apartments on Wc=t Main street. Telephone 197 'and 571. 3ckl5 Oct. 3pk9 • onc mcusc color. Finder" bring I DEC. to Bearden Store, on highway 61, Jan. and receiv.: reward. 3pko 1 Mar. May FOR RENT—Front bedroom adjoining" bath. Private home. E'hone- 479-W. 4ckO WANTED WANTED — Family Washed and ironed tent while woman. 704 S. Lake St. Washings, by compe- Mrs. Brown, 17c!r-tf WANTED BOARDERS — F 0 u teachers or young men in lurnace heated home,. 1108 W. -Main, Call 226. 2ckO. PEH3ONAL NEW OHLEANS, Sept. 4. (UD — Cotton closed steady. Open High lav; Close 1120 1127 1110 111 1 ? 1140 1148 1126 1135 147 1153- 113G 11430 1161 1168 1IGO 1160 1116 118C Il'i3 117C July .... 1191 1151 1190 1190 Snots closed steady at 1103 p,u 4. FORTUNATE "I never though I'd pull through. First I got 'angina pcctoris. fof- KINDERGARTEN SCHOOL — Mrs. Lucilc Thomas Smith will open her Kindergarlcn at 1109 W. Main on Sept. 15 with a limited number of children. You will be delighted with the training your child will receive. Call 226. ZckD. Blylheville Upholstery and Repair Shop now locai.xl 117 S First St., next dcor to Will Carney's. J. II. Jenkins. Manager, Phone 409. 4ckll We offer the best auto repair service in town A. II. JENKINS Phone 279—818 In rickujck Bus Riiildin j Pr.nta Arenir.s in southern Chile i is known as Ihc most southern I city in the. world because it is farther south thaii any other settlement deserving to be designated as a city. ' fl was lunching with an English vis Itor when the Scot, in turning on his pockets, produced a dental plat "Bless my soul!" said the Eng lishman. "Why do you carry that? "It belongs to the wile," explain t'ed by arteriosclerosis. Just as 1 was recovering Irom these, 1 got tuberculosis and aphasia." "Good heavens, yon don't Jook cd the Scot. "Ye see, the sill much the worse for it." "I wasn't ill. you idiot! I was in a spelling contest."—Tit-Bits. w'.imman lias contracted the hab ot eating between meats." — Til Bils. AND, STIM, AN'OTIIKU | William Shakespeare was the so A business man f rorn Aberdeen I of a wood stapler. 6W UKfcSOKfc '. WOWOKA ov-c »<> w ? m'o tp Ot <50KV ? WB MOST cw p. FRECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS ON FARIJEK'S TRAIL! By Blossct V. R. WASHAM— Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on-carload lots. Local Phono 851 Memphis Phone 3-9315 WERT HB Makes 'Em Set Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing in Income Tax, Bookkeeping S5"slcms Phone 52 Ingram Bldg. Blythevllle, Ark Closing Stock P'ices A. T. cc T 21210 Aviation C Chrysler 28 Cities Service 29 Cccn Cola 177'.', Fox 50 3-8 General Electric TO 3-4 General Motors 44 3-8 Grigsby Grunow 137-8 I. T. & T 41 1-8 Montgomery Ward 35 Packard 12 3-4 Radio 39", Simmons 251-8 United Gas 35 3-8 U. S. Steel lOT.i New York Cotton NEW YORK. Eopt. 4. (UP) — Cotton closed steady. Open HiRh Low Close Oct. old 1141 1150 1123 1139 Oct. new 1118 1128 1107 1117 Dec. old 1155 1165 1145 1157 Dec. new 1140 1146 1125 113G Jan, old 11C4 1174 1)04 1169 Jan. new 1148 1132 1138 1146 Mar 1167 1171 1151 1161 May .... 1183 11SO 1183 117D July .... 1198 1201 1185 Il93 Spots closed steady at 1145, up 5. O SCAB'S OMCL.E CLEM IS OUT To RMD OfJE AMD MAM IS FAE.BAR '5'A DSAO "THW FAC&AR DoGSHT 1/tJOvjJ TUIS COUMTQY BETTED THAN i Do AS-1 wesr op \M1TH SOKK6BODV I'lil- AMD 6O APT6R TMiS FR6C)^L£S IH DEAD EAEMEST---H6'S STOW BUNG IN N-V ROAD TO ivie Btnutev BIRDS °f- A FEMVI62. FLOC'/. TO MOiM'JV UU \ HC. ) IN, SOHR. N . GUNN ) \ CKN SCE. HE.T!? / —^ i^*^ SOME BABY! By Cowu

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