The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1930
Page 3
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ITUKSDAY, DKmmi'T. 2?,. in:in ; Feck Auditing Company i Establishes Office Here • • MIUflDl! Pill I LIT Aiincuncornom was made loday fi! n Hn hri i r i' k > the w ' j pci ' k A " d i»"8 com• ;UUiiJifU UJILUUU |;any of CanUliersville, now in- tinged in tin audit of the First •r i c I National bunk here, that It had -•> ,, ,-. Icrm tor southern i:<,»aiu om the business of ihe late Comptroller Acts to rrolect District of Co^ty Will I ySC'T January J. office has been established in tl'.c ' . Gicnco Hotel building, in chains OSCEOLA, Ark.—ThJ folkr.ving ; ° [ •>• T - Patmor and 3. P. Lemi.; arors have been summoned by ihe ! Mt '- Lellli is wo " known here, i herlfrs oftce to serve the civil ai- j-aving been in the cotton biisi. islon of circuit court, which v;ii:' ncss '" BSytheville for the "nvene liere on January 5. lwo S''asol>5. Tennessee pOSltOVS. i Negro Baptists Add $150 to Tuberculosis Fund The negro Ilap'.ists of Mississippi county have contributed $150 more to tlie auli-luueiculosls, fund. In addition to the 5JOO already glv:-:i Th? Joiner congregation purchased a S50 bond and members of the n~ liirdsong negro Baptist chinch pu, 1 - ' Judge George W. liarhain. couu- • ty chairman, addressed the audl- ' enccs when the money wus given. Petil jurors: n. D. Andrews', R. . ..-Jackson. J. A. Ferny ana Grave-; I Serve Sobpoenas for rov,'e,n, all of Tyronn; Q. A. Bui- ; lird and J. E. Htjgiu^lham, Jain- lr; R. it. Clnrk, Freiicnmnn'.s i;ay- | ~ ' ' I ! KNOXVILLE, Tenii.. Dec. 23. HJPJ—AII slockhulders of the ilc- -------- • Iunet Hohton-Unlon National tank' fapftm. Miii'cWpr of een assessed for il:e par vaV : - ." f OI lle of l!lc | r slo f^ ^ llie i-ompu-oii. I MatlisOR County Sheriff .cr of the currency. i Payments are due January 22, j FAYETTEVILI.E, Ark , Dec. 21 'XUk 1M1 - although deferred payments (UP)-G. L. Mnilack. who ycster- . Z9th , u;.Ralph Haney, W. r. lieall ami ! The sheriffs ollicc started to--The comptroller |..R,Cnllom, Wilson; R. A. Cart- ,day sprvinf EiiUpocnas on wilnes-1 mcnt was nee _ - -., needed •'light, A. G. Bnckey, A. W. Bow-,ses who are scheduled to appear; bank's liabilities, [n; R. E. Fletcher, Franm McCor- j in trials during the adjourned 11. A. Benrens, W. E. Hunt | Icrm of criminal court, which Is |n"d -.James Gwaltney, Oscsolai G.; slated to begin December 29!h. ; Doubt was expre^ed in some I). Thompson. Herman L. finicer. |..'p. Matlock, Vim Wood, Be:i , v . fermenter, Charles A. 3coU and I. would lie held but' the "deputy j loday when leading bankers anil :.,nillm 3 sly, Luxora; J. P. Tamp- prosecutors olfice has prepared a|lhe clearing house association ;-.s|ins,^Burdette; J T. aim Rn-: number of cases for presentation [sured them all Ihe funds ne;«ed by In four equal installments, ihe hsl day shot, and killed Slierlil John A. ! due April '12, 1931, are permitted. Phillips of Madison county, has said the assess- , been captured, according to n j to cover the | statement, made today by SherilT I j Henry Walker, Washinglon county. | | Mallcck was found by officers in | house near Hunisvllle and was overpowered. Sherilf Phillips Depositors Keasiiiml :. 23. (UP) —Worried Philadelphia bank do reject in some -wornea rnnaacipma oaiiK a;- WRS kl |, C(J u . hllc rt , ndl u warl . nilt circles . thai the adjourned term | pos (tors were considerably relieve;', | to Mailcck. it is charged. Matlock wus reported to have <ilsapi>earcd i^Clsy. West Ridge: Chas. WCD-J- , at. . Lopanto; J. T. Davidson. E. ... l?Wy and Eylvan Girdley. Etawah: ' c any bank would be available 1m-! the term. Harvey Morris, deputy circuit i'mroo mn <,,,ri r n n n o .clerk, wrote Neil! Killough of! The statement was prompted kvi 'R^mu P n i'i o ' Bas ' Wjmie. judge-elect, loday to as-1 withdrawals from Ihe Franklin , T rvL.r %\ Pomt: certain if Killough would preside Trust company afler the Bankets I-J^T"',,?; 1 ^.: . !« the adjourned term, If the - ~ ' Ja Kc'. judge-elect agrees to preside he B - Wil- I \vill serve two days as acting •m; James Driver, Herbert Brvonl. . judge before taking (he V. S. Battle, Osceola; Willie How- Ird, Luxora. nicdintely to meet anv situation. : vhunes Harris, Author of "After the Ball," Dies oflice on Jan. 1st. oath *.i,.,t vfiKij"". 1 »***,. n.v. ^,,1,^1^1 NEW YORK Dec '23 Trust company had been taken over j charlcs K H '. , t [ by the s ate banking department. I wrolc ,. Af , cr t ,, c ' ^.. The size of the Franklin Trust I of withdrawals was "unwarranted," i clearing house officials said. r . ,, ,, , Cardwell Masonic Lodge Cooter New* Notes i I W .»,H. «„... HK- j Henry. Caldwell and Mrs. Morgan I'ere married la^t week. Mrs. Caldr E'ell will be remembered as llis liother of Ihe young man who was: llcw Installs New OHicers CARDWELL, Mo.— Card we I! New York Bank Closes NEW YORK, Dec. 23. (UP) — Stale Superlniendent of Banks Brcderlck announced loday he had taken over the Chelsea Hank and 2 . 31 .'A. F. and M.. installed! |T™s.l. company, IJlied and thrown from a truck leveral months ago. Mr. CaldwcH officers for the coming year Friday evening, December 19lh. Officers are: a former officer of Ihis section W. H. Lockard, worshipful mas- rut Ws home is now near Huff-jter; H. D. Meadows, senior war- Ji^n, Ark. : den; J. A. White, junior warden[Miss Josephine Holly and broth-'P. A. Fitzgerald, secrelary; i; J Jr. ; Jerry, have returned home , Bishop, treasurer; o. D. Hall, sen- Iran" having spent several weeks jior deacon: c. E. Summitt junior Imong relatives in Oklahoma. ! deacon; Charles Johnson,' senior I Edd HodiM spent Friday and Fri- ; steward; J. M. Anderson, junior lay night in Caruthersville, among steward; William Sickman chap- 'ain; W. R. stanfill. marshall' R |riends. Cloud Garner of the Steele. E . "bardeii"tyler' J.elghborhocd spenl Sunday after-! ' l.oop in this community; Claud hadi 1,'usl relumed home from having ^eram, sec., and R. J. Bishop. », . . . Ju '- L ockard, W. M.; p. A. front a two-weeks visit, among re ! ; treasurer, were re-elected, having |ilives In Cliffon, Tcnn. J. M. Wright, of the Wright l held their- offices last year. lleat Market, made a business trip Memphis, Saturday. J The Christmas program, includ- 1.15 .a Christmas 'iree, to be givjni |y tlie Baptist Sunday school, Wizd- ' licsday evening, is splendid in every Jletuil. Mrs. L. E. Cooper is spon- ?ri:ig the entertainment. Albert Woodard, of Steele. spent fj'laturday afternoon in Cooler. Several basketball tans of this i attended the. Copter- Holland j until-helpers' entered lames, recently played at Holland. I Mcnday morlllng , 0 op Store Near White Oak Looted by Thieves Sunday KENNETT, Mo. — The general slcre of J. F. Mellaney at White Oak, nii-j? miles north of here on Highway 25 was entered by thieves Sunday niglu and merchandise lo the value of one hundred dollars taken. The act. was not discovered the '. store- The uislitulion, according to lal- esl figures, had gross deposits of 516,323,000 on December 20 last. NEW YORK. Dec. 23 IUP>— | mail who i one of I the men famous ballads of the' nlucllcs. died last night at Ihe I aje of CD. lie had been ill for | tince weeks. Ex-Tree Sitter Held On Bootlegging Count! AJmirer Shoots Teacher in Detroit'Classroom DETHOIT.'.Mich., Dec. 23. (UP) —Mrs. = Faiinie Brown, 44, s:hcol teacher, was shot and seriously wounded in her classroom at Hutchins .Intermediate school today. She told officers her assailant was EAST ST. LOUIS, III., Dec. 23. (UP)—Adam Barron. 17, who sat in a tree for 02 days during Inst • summer's epidemic in lhal sport, was arrested loday with his stcp- ! father on bootlegging charges. U. S. Will Receive Bids for Stone from Arkansas LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 23. (UP) — Bids for field stone from Arkansas to be user! In government flood con- Charles Christopher, 58, who she , trt>1 wort: a! °ng the Mississippi and other streams will be received by llie dis'.ricl, engineer, Lt. Col f. 'D. said had been attentive to her for years although she repulsed his advances. Only a feu 1 teachers were in the school and no pupils had yet assembled at the time ol the shoot- ng. - Wilby. at ^Icmphis, December 26. it was learned here today. : Mr. and Mrs. Amos Hatley and, ne _,, lamlly spent Sunday at Number, munm'^^ i,ad l.'ine. Ark., with reluiives. l.Mr. and Mrs. Claud Woods were •hopping in Sleele, Saturday. 1 'Th'e Glad Girls class of the local id thai Ihe literally crashed the rear d'or from ils hinges in an effort to gain entrance. A truck was apparently used to remove the llaptist Sunday school, sell refresh- liinls to the public on Saturdays. t " 'Mr. and Mrs. A Shine and fam- [ goods which consisted of wearing apparel and groceries. Officers here who were notified •/'have returned home from hav- j f rc searching for clues that might lig. spent several days in Drew, Illss., with Mrs. Shine's sister, Mrs. [•red Hanson, formerly of Cooler. Schools of Cooler consolidated I islrlci Number 5, will close Tues- i by-evening for Ihe week, respocl- lig the holidays, but will resume i Vork Monday morning. i [ .Wal£ Kirk, of near Huffman. I . spent the weekend here, with j ' 1:1' ' ead to an arrest have nittle hope ol recoverhig the loot or ap- piihending (he culprits. Coast Guard Boat Seeks Missing Fishing Craft ' f rGm here tOday '° 5earcil the Pa- boat Effencce. e four men . , carried Caplain (|f TN-ter, spent Saturday here. : Jack Belcher, Jack Long, and two " i seamen, all of R«londo. The toat j le(t nere Wednesday with provisions for three days and was sched- |ndEnos Nmnbee.r c - " . l-ere vfeiting in this section, Satur-; 0 ™ r< "^ »> l»rt- h lay ' aboard. V.Buford Cov:an and Jack Wallace,! T1 « effencee P P. Byrd, of Tyler, spent Sat- rdav at Cooler. ' i-J. E. Chambers and J. M. Wright V nrn ~ a( . DU1HS at Driver Grove Burma Natives Battle; T RANGOON", c . . o Sent tO Scene BURMA, Dec. i Thomas Gaines was the guest of 1 Clifford Gaines last week. The Driver Grove Sunday school 23 '< will have a Christmas program and (UP) — Troops and police were or- ; tree Wednesday night. Everyone Is dercd lo the Thattawaddi dislrict : invited. of Upper Burma loday to fighting between natives of villages. - halt two Huffman News Mrs. Maltie Cassiday spent. Tuesday night wilh Mr. and Mrs. J. A, Cassiday. 'Hulon Holmes of Frenchman here Mr. and Mrs. Zeb Gaines of Reece will move to this community, sooii. . ' • Roy Hall spent Friday night with Charles Springer. Charles and Russell Springer were guests of Charles and Troy Bigham Saturday night. . Roy Hall visited relatives in Cal- friends an drelatives. Willie Perry of Blytheville i visited Mrs. Emma.Perry Friday. Mrs. Matlie Cassiday spenl Wednesday and Thursday with Mrs H McKay. Preston Perry was the guest of Miss Mildred" Ray Thursday night. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Adkisson and t\vo sons, Jack and Perry L?e, were Sunday guests of Mrs. Victoria Neely.' Sister Birkeit filled her appoint- preach at Driver Grove schoolhouse Sunday. Mrs. Ella Delaney was a dinner guest of Mrs. Maude Springer Sal- urday. Charles Bigham spent Sunday nighl with Henry Gaines of Reece. Hayc Hillhotise spent the weekend in Lone Oak. ' Mrs. Berthn Brock was the guest jinde n business trip to Denton, "led 'o return Friday. llo.. recently. ' IJ'Mrs. W. C. Clark, recently visited Ir. and Mrs. Otis Clark on Oak Judge. ', • Paul B. Carothcrs, for roveral' CARDWELL. Mo.-The mcdel A I ears a prominent Farmer of lhis: Fcrd ssdan ^longing to a Mr lection, has begun moving to the; Eeckman, who lives m the cast _ Ipper Lake Farm. Mr. Carothers, ! P art of Cardwell on highway 25, [| I-hard worker himself, has made a burned Friday morning about le:i i ' ICES by farming. i o'clock. He had driven the car n "~ jthe extreme southeast part of town ! and had parked the car in front To serve cities and Industrie. 1 : • of a house. A short time later the Itong the New England coast, the (car was discovered burning. It is lirmer shipping board steamer "Ja- : believed that llic flrc was caused hna" is being converted Into a : by a shorl due .to defective wiring. Icating electric-power plant. I The car was a total loss. Louie Walker who is a student at | 0 f Mrs. H. D. Shaneyfelt Sunday- Mississippi A", and M. college is • '' spending the Christmas holidays; Read Courier News Want with his parents here. W. W. Pepper is. in Little Rock this week attending to business. Mrs. Pepper Is expected to join him the 15th of January. Jewel and Catherine Baiter of Is a <, oclor . s prescription for Chicpt Ridge visited the Cassiday rvij,, „„! TJ i . family Sunday. LoJQs and Headaches Joe Cassiday and Miss Jewel', 'T IS THE .MOST SPEEDY Baker were Sunday dinner guests i HEMEDV KNOWN. of Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Harrison, j GCG ALSO IN TABLETS = OWN YOUR HOME If you arc paying 520.00 per month rent for ihe home you live in, at the end of ten years, you will have paid out $2400.1)0, and will have nothing but a large bitch of rent receipts to show for your money, but if you deal wilh me, at the end of that time, you will be the owner of the home in which you live. That's the difference. I liave more than Iwcnty.five houses in Blytheville from which you ran make a selection. If interested, sec me. C. J. Evrard ANNOUNCEMENT We have pui'chaswl the C. Mills Auditing Co., aiul are now ready to take care of all work in this field. Audits—Investigations Systems—Reports Bookless Bookkeeping We Socialize as Tax Counsellors. W. J. PECK AUDITING CO. J. T. Patmor J. F. Lent! Ulythcvillc, Arkansas. Phone 52 119 Second St. Kentucky Small E£g §5.75 Kentucky Lump S6.25 Zei£lci - - §7.50 Empire - - §9.75 Montavallo Genuine 12.00 BROWNE & BILLINGS Phone 76 New Blytheville Feed & Coal Co. Phone 196 PAOK TIIKK.I. "You Won't (,'<>.! /it! KVKUY DAY IN TIM-; WKKK FRUIT Special 2 Pound Cake 85c 3 Pound Cake $1.35 CANDY f> I.lis. Thin SMI In Tin liox RAISINS SwUess CHOCOLATES lOc RABINS Sl-Mll'tl MNCE MEAT li li C Package 12c 10-LI). 52c Nice Assortment of 12 Different i'inds. Ib. 19c 2-l-I.h. Slid; 55c PEACHES JELLO Table. No. 21/2 Can Eitch 17c All Kluvors KIDNEY BEANS MILK Cnn 10c Kaglo liriind C';tn 20c LIMA BEANS SOS No. 2 Can lie Mixed, pound . . . . 25c Walnuts, Large California, Ib, 29c Pecans, Large Thin Shell, Ib. 49c Filberts, Ib. 25c Brazil, Ib. 22c Almonds, Ib. 20c BUTTER Ui'st Creamery i'nunil CRACKERS OYSTERS 2-J,I>. liox GRAPES. Pound CRANBERRIES , Pound 12*c GRANGES Larjfe Dozen 21c GRAPE FRUIT Each MUSTARD GREENS Pound •MAYONNAISE Tic Qu;irl OlEO Pound Give'to the Goodfellows Fund APPLES COFFEE MUSTARD Dtlicious ff'L _ J'mind *?C ; Berkeley liieml ^K*» i'ound <Vs9*5C# n , t^r Q;:;irl nl<i2?«tf VANILLA WAFERS FIG EARS BANANAS Pound Pound Pound 25c 15c 6c Fancy Full Dressed Wheat Fed OYSTERS Pint BEEF ROAST Pound UAMC Bvcv-fiood. Whole or Half imiuo i» (umd l E?3 rif i«> v Sc 'lr ]<ui! V fMSSEEEb 1 SPARE RIBS j NECK BONES ] PORK LIVER I'ound llC Pound /2C Pound 12fC Whole Pound 125c BEEF LIVER Pound BRAINS Fresh Perk Pound LAMBS Hindquarler—15c. Forcquarter, Pound 15c I PIG FEET c BACON Pickled Halves 4 41 _ 3 For 1UC Sliced Pound 29c Pound 8ic

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