The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 22, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 22, 1939
Page 5
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, JULY 22, 1939 (AljK.) C-OUKIKK NEWS USES THE WANT-AD5 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per lino for consecutive Insertions: PDC time per line I0c '1'ivo limes llcr ijue y c r daj'....08c Vlirec limes |ier line ;icr flny...Q6e W* t!>:ics per liJie ucr day 03o Monti, rate per line 60c Cards of Thanks 500 & 76o MlDlniDin cjiargc 50c Ads ordered for ihrec or six »Ji>es and ijlopjKd before expiration will be charged tor lljc number of Unies (he acid appeared and adjustment, of bill made. All Classified Advertising tojiy iiibmltted by persons rc.sldjhg pul- llde of Ihc city must be acporii- |mmcd by casl). Rales may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered lor frrciiular hisprtion-s lakes'the oiie'lime rale. No responsibility will be taken for more 'than one Incorrect insertion uf any classified ad. For Rent Mice furnished apartment, V08 W. *""'" 22-ck-!f 3 Juvnlshcd roonis. Mrs. Ted Green phone ^1'1-J. _ 22-ck-tf 2 room fiiniislicd house. Close In. Utilities furnished. 120 Uugan Bt., Mrs. Belle Wood. 22-ck-tf 6 room house. Modern conveniences. 808 Lake St. Phone 545-J. 22-pk-21 Nice largo bed room opening pn sleeiiiri'g porcli. i\irs. Einma No- Ipn, 310 w. \Valnui. 22-ck-tf Well appoinled njiil furiiished \room 'apartment. Phones 191 and 511. " 19-ck-tl Cotton office, Qrand Leader Building. Thomas Land Co. 18-ck-24 BOS STATION aUtLDING ON ASH STI?pET. possession : Sept. 100 W. Kentucky—8 rooms anil 2 ' baths. Will put in condition. Thomas Land Company ' 13-ck-24 Newly decorated 3 room apart" ment and 2 bed roonis. E. M. Eaton, 113 ChickasinvbaY ' 11-ck-tf 4 room unfurnished apartment. Miss Elise Moore. Call 227-J. 1013 W. Walnut, 11-ck-tf 3 room modern, furnished, apartment. Mrs. Henley, 1315 w: Main. 13-ck-tl Comfortable bedroom.- 1Q17 Walnut: Phone 102,-: _ , ; „.,,-, _.,15-cfc-lf-. 2 or 3 room furnished apartment. Newly decorated. 914 Hcani. 3-pk-1-3 Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Main 'and Second. P. Simon, phoni>, 161. . , 3-ck-t( Office rooms. Sudbury Building. See Graham Sudbury.' L'flf •Mimioivs For Sale Minnows nnd fishing canes. 300 E. , Main. Phone 800. G. C. Hawks. 24-ck-7-24 GnldtUh Minnows B. F. Brogdon^ 310 Dougan GOLDFfSH MINNOWS iinniiin Cor. Railroad «•, Ky. CAN YOU You would not start an ocean voyage without life preservers. Good brakes arp y n n r -'life preservers" when you drive. Safely Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection It costs nothing to KNOW the true condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FREE Inspection. Safety Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete and thorough Forcl «BC Brake Adjustment, " Including adjustment of Brafee Rods $1 35 or Cables & Hand Brake I (Replacement parts not included) Safely Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and REL1NJNG JOB rORD FASSENGER CAH.S Lisassemblc entire brake sy.sU.-ni- Krcc up all brake cams~INSTAI,L , -ust. clearance-Adjust hand brake-Aii- just brake roSs-Lubricate cross shaft — Adjust pedal clearance--' Road tesl^-One additional adjustment after delivery COMPLETE, INCLUDING IABOU AND $ A 95 0 NEW BRAKE SHOES . U P H 1 1. L IPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone 810 For Sdle jLi Mjlk fed fryers. f5a((cry raised, »JR. niiss'pll, H. \V. Corner Holly and Division, " 21-pk-8-21 120 .ncrcs ofj bayou 2<i miles" of Bly|l)CVlllD. VVcll luiprqvcd. No"- icsldcnl owner. $65,00 per acre Terms. 320 acres near Blylhcvlllc. Well Imurovcd. $60.00 acre, Thomas Lanrt Co. 808 Ilpani. plghl nt Illgti Bdiool G rooiji cottage. Oivnci' moved away and says ™ll It. Price $1250 a iipres and 2 cotfasea on Ulgliway Cl North, night where I))B Ovcr- pass cpjinecls the old highway 4'liic iqcalion fpf home or for J-'JIl- liig slatlon. $2250. Teniis. ' ' t.aiul (Joni|iiiny Gold |lsh iijiniipws. Day aucl E. L. ICcllh. 416 No. (ill). !13 ]S, Kentucky. \ rooms with Ijatb. Newly papered and painted. S200 (town payment, remainder to Include principal, Interest, Insurance and taxps,' payable monthly like rent, liar 1 "!!' Morris, phcne (28 or\50(i ' 2'(-ck-7-24 My Slucco home ami 2 acres, llns 6 raoms and j>alh. Blocked hard- wqocl floors. Phone 252 or W- Paul Byritin. 23-ck-lf Cans for Jug fishing conipjeto with straps. Guaranteed won't leak. 7!-i cents each. Raymond Brooks. Sleele, Mo. . p-pia-p Notice icense FOIt VO.UR CONVENIENCE, WE ARE rREl'AI(Ep T0' ISSUE VOUR FISHING LICENSE At STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARB CO. Phone.'35 For Sale or.Trade Suburban grocery and jmvrkcl' for .sole or trad,e; Well located, established business. Write Box "P", c/o Courier News. 28-ck-tI Ice ICE-ICE 'Phone 167 JOHN BUCHANAS ICE COLO WATERMELONS Dairy .y 'pinrf service In Dairy products. Cattle free ol Bang's Disease, In best of physical condition. Cnll Mrs. Grace Lowerv. 902-J, for Halsell's Grade A Haw Milk. Cream. Country Butter, But- leniiflfc, extra or holiday orders. Inspection encouraged Riiytlrrie. ; ' HalscU'a Dairy Promised Land,, Route a Named in L. 5. U. Fraud Indictment U'AliNINO OUDKlt Alex A. Clure; Mabel Clure; l!et- lin Kcadlo; Nellie U. Clave Stmp- ktns; Alvln Siiupklns; Thcimiis Chic; Billy i-'rank Clare; &t\e Mi-llrltlc; s. L. McRiidc; i.enn Lowcry; Ucsslt!'Green; 13. T. Hud- Bi-rs; Marguerite Uodgers; I'uxil.C. RoUeevs; Udiiu Uoducrs; IMite Hoduers; Kern Kodgcrs; Franklin Rcdgors; Itulli (lodgers; llek'li Hodgcrs u ml M. li. llnlulil, are warned lo upiu'iir in Hie Chancery Court for the chh'kiisuv.'ba District- cf Mississippi County, _ AvluiHsus, within thirty days attcr the'dale 4...I.'.. 'N. J>,« - .' | S -jH I ' S<.. l'*,J | U-jJ I**, ' if 1'"ni I I 1*1 ' "i * AWrtl ' .1 Student Earns Way With Aid)f White Mkc Mii-h. (U[')-.("oiir t workers me pulling Metro Jr.. of nnlsdule, vc,lu< S e, p : ,yi us roi . ll!;i eduction, hl,i frali-mlly '"'"'Hun ami due:;, his clolhes. wok*. luuin, and feed, yrar ago Glenn A few breeders, a wimn B ar»gc, »«itlR year's (line Imvc produced a stock of 'l.oon hc-allhy, hungry while mice, now bclni; shipped lo Inboru- torlea Ihioiiuhout the mMlon ai Ihc rate of aoo u day. i.ltlers or three |p 15 bully mice every 10 weeks rar ago Glenn m^ mill n high «' '""I stmlonl, wumli'dns how to tin :i cdlcye «lncii(|;n without bur- J Among five men indicia! by federal grand |nry al New Or- leiihs. Ui., charged with using mails lo' swindle $75,000 In Louisiana Slate University'fur- niture deal, is Loujs C. l^c Sage, above, assistant lo president ot Standard Oil of Louisiana. Welding AND ApiTYkKNlJ WELDING liui: nni] he.'iv 1 Barksdale Mfg. Co. I'bDiie ID or Res. 10J9 Lost Male puppy. Black curs. .'J blach 5|rols on back. Reward. Cull 7C3, Personal Arouse Sluggish Mv'cr, wurk 6ft the bile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and thai sour punk feeling. Take one box 6. KIUBY'S ACTIVE UVKU I'iM,s 2Bn nl nil Khhy stores. Noliec Upholslcrlng unc! . Hefl.nishlne. M. Tomlin, 214 S. -First ti-clt-3- Waslihig, Ironing Expert washing ami Ironing. Cheap Rough dry and finish, fi ^nill!, $1.00. One day scn-lce. Willie Bell Grnen, behind City Ice Plant. v-pk-3- Business Mrn Cliccr WPA TOLEDO, O. (UP)—Business mci formed a cheering section when WPA workers neared the finish o a repair paving job on a mail thoroughfare here. They were impressed favorably with the s]ree< of the jab. «rent, to answer u cuiniiluha lllal .__ "•»''i- IHs fathor. lib mice. answer: them by Mrs. Kusc llaljihl mil S. S. Nowlln UK trustee In silc- l)il(\l this 21st il:iy of July. 1931). Hy EliralK'lh Ulytlic, Di'puly. HAUVISV MOIlBia, Clerk, "(ntd and Kvriird, Atlorneys for Phvlnlllfs. PBKCRiPTIOIIS. 1'Voaliosl Slock (.iwranU-ccI HCH( I'rice* Kirby Drug Stores I'rissiKiil Cm \i v-Mtn |.;tr c LONDON <U1'(—'t'he British government. Is eoiisMerlni; a plan tj \i\nce Elm on the .stum: [oolln^ as other dominions rcgnrdln; ;)orl.s yninted dwiihilun cltinens CMI- lering Britain. The m;vc, It mis uiniersloud, Is bcliuj urged by .Scotland Yard ».s the result of (lie Irish rcpublicim army's tcircrlst, ciun- DaiBii. —PRESCRIPTIONS- Stifu - - Ai-curuto Yotir Pjcscrlr/llon Dnigybt Fowler Drug Co. Main & rirst I'boiio Ml NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 the supply iidcniialc. a!ciW« only «oiiy \t, that he may be umiWe to (nke full Hclviut- lago of the ciliiwilloii his mice•'I'mv'o ciu-ucd for him lie ,mist keep liack of n breeding eelicdiile, cegrcgalc the fcuuilra befoio |hc blith of eacli inter, wean the Iwbles, feed and weigh Ihe inlee nml select, cniicll- for Sea Miir.iutler nt Old Vain LVNN, Mns<i (Ul>) — The valij criminal or the oldcfiWcs had no news photograpiicrs lo snap his plc- dlro f:r tjic Hrst-paBc-bul, at least one found mean!, pf gelling his likeness before tlio jiublle". Ihc Lynn historical coclely lias an oil painting of Thomas Vc<ilc, a sea' marau-' tier of (hi- early mh century. 'Hie I'Silult shows Vcatc braiidlshbi" a club above his head In a flght- In gmood Skunks piefcr to d»ell near man. CANADIAN BARD HORIZONTAL 1, 5 Pictured Canadian; poet. 10 Refrigerant. 11 Tree. 12 Brawl. 13 Parrot'fish. 15 Grazed. 16 Causes to adhere. i 9 Musical note. 10 Owed.' 20 And.. 21 Work o{ skill. 22 Constellation 2^ Bronze. 28 Nullified. 30 Fertilizer. 32 To unclose. 33 Pith of the matter. 34 Sound of inquiry. 38 Gaelic. 38 Scheme. 39 Toward. 40 Scepter. 42 He was a physician and a —:—. Answer to Previous' Puzjlc 44 To cut grass. 45 Cleansing substance. 47 Muse of poetry. 48 To repair, 49 Pretense. 51 Seeing organ. 52 Roman cloak. 53 He -j—. in the World War. 5-1 Dried grape! ••VERTICAL 2 Plant part. 3 Monk's cowl. '4 At this time. 5 Affray. 6 To stuff. 1. Bridle strap. • 8 Having wings. 9.Type measure 14 Related' by blood. 15 His most " famous poem, '.'In . Fielrfs." 16 Small armed steam vessels- 17 Depot. 19 To arrange cloth. 21 Since. 22 Publicity. 23 Form of "a." 25 Formerly. 26 Perched. 27 He gained —— alter his death. 29 To follow. 31 Eskimo houie 35 Kinger rings. 37 Made a mistake. 38 To become exhausted. 39 Indian' gateway. 41 Valley. •13 Blithe. •S4 Wise men. 4G By. 48 bov;er properly. 50 Average (alror.). 52 Palm. lily. Clyde Lewis |,n, m dry 8crv)c« Internal Hemorrhoids & Symptoms Drs. Nics & Nics Ulylhevllle, Atk . clinic 5M Main N'w Lonilcd at 1(11 Nwllt Sworn! ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON lilHViUtDS, l>ru|irlclor All Ma.03 ,,t neb,,.,, T.nmKrltrr.,, AlW ,, e Mwhlnc , ., ld J. L GUARD Optometrist Only (iriuhialc Oplome- trlsl In { WMWYNO.'EET"" 1 ° ' ' CATOt Y^ CAP-CORE. YAOUI OUR .PHAN10M, IT SEEMS MAS'TURNED OUTTO BC A,PREHISTORIC. MAN ..' SOME SORT OF SCIENTIFIC MUMBO- JUMBO fJ DOCTOR EUBERT I TH1MK I'LL CALL BRONSOH OVER AT THb BROW^OM INSTITUTION' VEBBL/II CAN SlVt MC A LlMC ON THAT BIRD SPEAKING . IHAT?WMV, OPCOURSP DOCTOR WOMMUO IS UNQUGSnoMABLV MOST R6MAR ICIST WHAT T Bcut - T0 BE THE CASE 'mtmk. w| =' VE ^vr=R ' r .a%ift -,?.. K^^^\ HANDLED- Jif'// ''/' ;.-W-,/,-n: >^_ , S,'<!f.,'/ //, HOOTS AN1> iiKK ^zsyjp't jvf"--^ WASH TUBHS 'i'lic Discover JUST WE %AIAE, lU 601V6 TO CONDUCT ' BY ROY CKAfNK C-OIU6 To CTAS' WERE,SAVW? , FUUA <ll VER ftOl I AP<l " tYC '> VVtlflKJ! uu^i int, J.M UUIMO itj Cl/NyUtjT A.PRWME IWESTICATIOW A.W060TH15U THEIR LUC l!cau IJrurnmcJ BY iMKRRJU, BLOSSEK Gee, HE / Us DOES *V NOW, eor BETTER ) WAITXU BY ACC1DEMT \TH03E CAM BET | It's TUB BEST ANOTHER KE&.- WADER I(J 1H6SJ3 - i«-M^v_ni iri incori HEKE PARTS, MISTER/

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