The Courier News from ,  on March 17, 1948 · Page 2
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The Courier News from , · Page 2

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Wednesday, March 17, 1948
Page 2
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*AGE TWO Price Supports Sliding Seal* Plan ; For Parity Slated ; For Public Hearing . WASHINGTON,''MM. 17. <UP)_ Farm state Congressmen yestcreJas studied a new proposal for dcter- nimlng.when the government should spend money to support sacglii! pnc« pf far,,, products The new "sliding .cMe" for sup«n' PI f iat ' r0m M to »° J*r the Senate Monday. ]( W8 s part of n long-range Afrteulture bill prepared by^a seven-rvan agriculture subcommittee. r -. ..'.: •Sen. oeorge 'D: Alkcn,' H, Vt chairman of th c subcommittee, sold the group agreed on "principles" but not on all details of the bill The parity and support provisions especially, he said'.- are slntcd for full discussion at jnibllo hearings The measure provides two methods of determining parity. The Secretary of Agriculture would be directed to ii» whichever results In the higher price. • One Is the olrt purity formula. Under tills method, parity Is roughly the price a fnrmer would hnve to gel for his crop to equal his purchasing power In thc 1909-19H base period. Under [he second method, (he average price of n farm product In the latest 10-year period would be an Important factor In determining parity. tabor fosts Ignored Neither formula takes farm labor costs into account but Aiken said It was "entirely possible" the full Agriculture Committee may put them In. Once the parity price of a commodity Is determined, the bill dl- dects the Agriculture Department through loans or purchases to support the current price At from GO WEDNESDAY. MARCH 17, 1943 AAA Hits Liquor Sale at Gas Stations Housewirct Fact Kist s tire Dermitletl to sell hu f be, or beer ,„ wln . upply. Then It would figure out a upply pcrcenliific" — representing ie ratio of tlie total supply of Hie ormal supply. If there were prospects of a short- Re, for example, the supply per- ntaBe would be low. In event the wrccntHge were 70, the support price would be !)0 per cent of parity. But if the supply percentage were more than 130. tlie support price would be 60 per cent of par- Chiefs of Staff Set Up National Defense Plan was treated at a local hospital for injuries. Officers shot the crazed aninini alter he collapsed behind a downtown store. Mrs. Maude Hawkins, 52, and Mr?< Bessie SnJdfr, 33, were licld in city' Jail under bond of $500 each. Police Cluef j. c, Elliott .said they gave" no explanation of thc act. Solocitor o. P. Mason, Jr., called " Supporters of the bill jald It , would tfnri to encourage produc- I tlon of needed crops and illscour- lcllse - iige overproduction and Ihus help .stabilize the agricultural economy. Aiken ,iaid public hesrlngs ivould to 90 per cent of parity, depending I - '• ~ iit - ni ~ on the supply. • '• i " c hcltl ln R few weeks, "after In- 1 At the start o! the marketing I lel ' csted Parties have a chniicc to j'car for each commodity, the de- j 'mnlllaiize themselves with thc leg- partmcnt would estimate thc lotal i'"'"'"" " supply and determine the normal I - i ' 5 ' allon Read Courier News Want Adi WASHINGTON. Match 10. (UP) —Defense Secretary James Porrcs- ooiociior o. p. Mason Jr calle of ,?"" haveTV 1 ^ 01 ' 11 chle:s ihf case " one 0[ the ™«t'«hoSk oi staff have Cached "general ac- nig" he had handled. He said * cruelty lo animals conviction carried a sentence from 30 days to two CHICAGO. March 1«. American housewives will face higher prices and .sharp cut in supplies if the nationwide meat strike con- UIIIIM any length of time, experts predicted yesterday. Wholesale meat prices jumped a« much as W.OO In New York and Chicago Monday and they were expected to be forced «ven higher by a prolonged strike. ^ U. s. Department of Agriculture officials reported that a two-weeks' •supply of meat Is "in channels" and (hat it would be two weeks to a month before a shortage would be i tclt by the U. s. housewife i Agriculture Department head, ] urged housewives la buy poultry I eggs and other meat substitutes to prevent spirallng prices. They foresaw disastroas results if a run on butcher shops and meat dealer^ Truman Transfers Snips Back to the Italians WASHINGTON, March, n (UP, -President Truman yesterday transferred 29 passenger and cargo ships to Italy by executive order At the same time, he expressed confidence that Italian people will succeed In their goa) of democracy fourteen of thc ships originally were Italian vessels seized by II is country during the war. The other go GREYHOUND 4*td, Save ... ffay, e - ve n a few cent, buys . lot of Greyhound travel miles. Greyhound really s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s your dol lar ,n providing low-cost, dependable transportation in modern Super Coaches-famed for comfort and operating on convenient, well-timed schedules to almost anywhere in America. GREYHOUND BUS STATION 109 North Mh si. Phone J.141 GREYHOUND FARCS ore money-savers Memphis .. 1.55 i>(. Louis .. 4.35 t.ililc Km-k 3.85 .Vashvllie .. 4.20 ChiraRo ... 8.40 Tax K.vtia 2.80 7.85 C.9.-> 7.60 15. IS GREYHOUND *ji*i i. i cnuucu Kt -icrai ac- j cord" on plans for the nation's de- Porrestnl and the Joint chiefs of staff met at Key West, Pla. last weekend. "Ocucral accord was reached . . •>'in a number of basic decisions affecting th e assigned function!, duties and responsibilities of thc hree .services were reached during the meetings," Forre.stal snici in n statement. Ht> snld the Joint chiefs discussed their disagreements over "who docs what with what weapon," under thc unification net. He said uicy reached major decisions right down the line. "The substance of decision* will be made public when they have been formalized . . . and approved by the President," Forrestal said Porrestal said he reported orally lo Mr. Truman last niglit on ttv3 Florida conference. Informed defense, mutters said Lhe entire attitude of the military :o«-nrci the changing defense picture is being kept secret until af- ler President Truman adtlre.ssc's Congress today on the foreign situation. Other defense sources said the Army is considering the possibility of nsiting Congress to revive the <hiift. The proposal reportedly would involve drafting only those 1» and 25 who did not serve in World War II. Fewer Strawberries To Be Grown This Year FAYETTEVILLE. Ark.. Mar. 17. (UP> —rno crop reporting service lortay predicted a strawberry harvest for Arkansas In 1948 of lo 400 acres—a reduction of five per cent from the 11,000 acres harvested «Rl year. Many old and new strawberry beds, the service said, were dam- 8«d by drought and heat during he Summer and early Pall last ear. some fields 'were killed, but he iTsult was spotted stands In iiany fields rntltcr than a, sharp reduction in ncrcuge. "A severe Winter held plants back n all areas of the state and should make them less susceptible to damage from Spring freezes." the reporting service salt',. The estimated 1918 harvest Is 15 icr cent below the 1337-10 10-year average of 12.200 acres. Two Women Arrested for Setting Dog Afire GASTONIA, i\ T . C.. March 17. (UP| —Two women were held in Jail today on charges of soaking; a Ger- rmn shepherd dog with a bleach solution and setting him ulirc. Residents saw the bnrnlni; ilo^ careen down the .street his l»dy a ;heot of llame. 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