The Advocate-Messenger from Danville, Kentucky on October 2, 2005 · Page 63
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The Advocate-Messenger from Danville, Kentucky · Page 63

Danville, Kentucky
Issue Date:
Sunday, October 2, 2005
Page 63
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OCT 2 2005 Kentucky Advocate Page 11 ) 8:00 KET Kentucky Afield A BB WAVE WLEX Most Outrageous TV Moment Actors flub their lines. O Q WBKI The King of Queens Uncle Stu backs Doug's dream. f ' ; ' WHAS WTVQ Lost Michael, Sawyer and Jin wonder If their cantors are fellow survivors. A WKYT WLKY NCIS The wife and 9-year-old blind daughter of a Navy captain are kidnapped from their home. A S3 ASE City Confidential The troubled lives of the killers who murdered two Minnesota bankers. m AMC Movie "Insomnia" A guilt-ridden cop hunts a killer who knows his secret. ANPL Dog Show "Eukanuba Tournament of Champions 2005" Houston. (N) BRAVO Movie "Jurassic Park" Cloned dinosaurs run amok at an island amusement park. CNN CNN Presents DISN Movie "The Little Vampire'' An American boy be-. . friends a family of Scottish vampires. FAM Movie "Alchemy" A professor invents a computer that has emotions. FXSP-S NHL Hockey Mighty Ducks of Anaheim at Nashville Predators. From the Gaylord En- ' tertainment Center in Nashville, Tenn. (Subject to Blackout) (Live) FX Movie "Dark Blue" A corrupt detective faces a crisis of . conscience. HGTV Design Remix HIST Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got That Way "Marijuana" The history of illegal drug use. SI NICK Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Ned becomes the school mascot (N) A 05 TBN In Touch S3 TLC Moving Up Ok) owners come to see their old dwellings. (N) TNT Movie "Legally Blonde" A fashion major follows her ex-boyfriend to Harvard. USA Law a Order Special victims Unit A woman alleging to have been raped commits suicide. A O HBO Movie "Allen vs. Predator" Antarctic explorers encounter deadly extraterrestrials. MAX Movie x "Taking Uvea" An FBI profiler helps detectives search for a killer. SHOW Movie "Philadelphia" A lawyer with AIDS sues his former firm over his dismissal. HIST Hooked: Illegal Drugs : and How They Got That Way "Cocaine" Cocaine's popularity sosr&d l ctl LIFE Movie "Haunting Sarah" A child falls under the influence of her dead cousin. NICK All That Brooke Valentine. (N) A m - , SCIFI Movie "Dungeons a ' Dragons: Wrath of trie Dragon : God" An evil sorcerer steals a : magic orb. . SPIKE UFC Unleashed A TBN Hour of Power SS TLC Trading Spaces Newly-weds' homes. (N) USA Law Order: Special Victims Unit Detectives face off against a drug cartel and the DEA. A El 9:30 WAVE WLEX My Nam Is Earl Unethical sports wager. A El WBKI Will a Grace Will and Grace play rich. A El HGTVreDeslgn NICK The Amanda Show Penelope's brother meets Amanda. A El 9:35 TMC Movto "In the Army Now" A free-spirited slacker and his pal join the Army Reserve. 9:45 HBO Movie "The Replacement Killers" An Asian hit man and a forger flee a drug lord's henchmen. MAX MAX fen Set: Domino Keira Knightley stars. El TMC Movie "Son-m-Law"A .;'', coed brings her surf-minded pal home to the farm. 8:30 KET Kentucky Life K) WAVE WLEX My Name Is Earl Crook tries to change the past. a :m WBKI The King of Queens Car-rie is away, so Doug plays. A . BO HGTV Small Space, Big Style Cottage; apartment. NICK Drake a Josh A 6-year-old argument. (N) A 22 9:00 KET Nature Expeditions to the Central African Republic, Guatemala and Cambodia. A (Part 3 of 3) El (DVS) WAVE WLEX My Name Is Earl Earl decides to quit smoking. A , OS WBKI Will a Grace Grace's intern emulates Karen. A El WHAS WTVQ Invasion A mysterious force knocks Jesse unconscious. A SO WKYT WLKY CSI: Crime Scene Investigation The remains of a young boy starved to death are found A EJ (DVS) A&E Cold Case Files DNA tests identify a murder victim in Canada. CSJ CNN Larry King Live DSC Rasputin: Marked for Murder Russian mystic Grigori Rasputin is assassinated. (N) HGTV Designer Finals (N) SATURDAY EVENING WSirv1k OCTOBER 8, 2005 KET Tin Lawrence Weft Show "History of Antiques Roadshow The Red Green Kentucky Afield A Kentucky Lift SI Nature Expeditions to the Central African Re- Leonardo's Dream Machines Leonardo da Leonardo i Oram Machines Leonardo da LayrerceWelkMusiaFarity (N) FYI A SO Show "Stay Tunea S public, Gualemala and Cambodia. Vinci's crossbow and a glider. (N) SI Vinci's crossbow and glider. (N) S wave j N" NBC Nightly Newt Star Tretc Enterpriei -Cold Station 12" A Most Outrageout TV My Name It Eiri Pi- My Nama It Earl iMy Namt It Earl A Law Order SrjecialVktfrrr Unit Amur- Newt SI . . ISaturoay Nkjht Uv B) m - MomentjBl lofAH 1 "Quit Smoking SI 3 . ; dered teenage prostitute with HIV. A Bl (N) A SI Mfaifij Related The Sore sisters team that their la- That 70s Show The That 70t Show The King of Queens Th Kino of Queens Will Grace "Girl Will 1 Grtct A Ultimate Poker Challenge (N) Ohio Valley WrettUng ,ww Iherplans to many his girlfriend. A PitTAS) "Punk Chick SI "Hero Worship" A ScreWDnver l,Trouble A Bl I I ' I " - jurufw MLB Bassos American League Division Se- MLB Postgarnt (Live) MLB Baseball National League Division SGarne 3 -Teams to 6 A iNewt 11 iMadTV A H riesGame3-TeaiwtoBeAnrwunced. AH - . . - ' - ; . . ' ' . ' ' rou. MLB Baseball American League Division Se- MLB Postgarnt (Live) MLBEtasabaHNIalionalLeaoueDivisk ' , . . Everybody Loves I Mad TV Nicole Richie takes pari in the comic nes Game 3 - Teams to Be Announced. AJffl - - Rtymond A SI sketches. A SI 4:30) Collegt Football North Carolina at Errtsrtalnmsnt Tonight (N) A SI iLottMer, Sawyer arxl Jin wonder liter IktvasionTatersrArrrsterouslorce ICommanOsr in Chief first Choice' A SI Newt SI 1035) CSI: Crime Louisville. (Live) captors are tetlow survivors. A SI knocks Jesse unconscious. A SI Scent Investigation wro-Tr (3:30) (lieceFootbal Georgia at Ten- Wheel of Fortune iJeootrdyl SI NCIS "See No Evf A 31 CSI: Crime Scent Irrvettigaoon "No Hu- 48 Hours Mystery A wife and mother is Newt -3D) Sports Spec- nessee. (Live) SS "Hot! Hot! Hot!" mans Invorveo" A SI (DVS) round murdered after an office parly. (N) trum mFt,. Newt m INBC Nkjhtly Newt "Eitrt(N) A IB MjtOutrgecTVMy Namelt Ear1"Pi- My Nam It Earl I My Nam It Earl A Law a Order Special Victim Unit Amur- NtwsS! Saturday Night Livt " 111 MomerittSJ tor A Bl "Quit Smoking SI - B1 dered teenage prostitute with HIV. A Bl - (N)AS1 M (3:30) College Football Georgia at Ten- Wheal of Fortune iJsoptrdy! 51 " NCIS "See No Evil" A Bl CSI: Crime Scent Investigation "No Hu- 48 Hour Mystery A wile and mother is Newt - Access Hollywood nessee. (Live) Bl "Hot! Hoti Hot! mans Involved' A B! (DVS) found murdered alter an office party. (N) (N)H wtvo-j (4:30) PGA Gr WGC American Express Newt 31 Seinfeld "The Steer Lost Michael, Sawyer and Jin wonder if (heir krvaskxilrValeisheif AfrrrBterkiustorce Commander In Chief "First Choice' A SI NewtH . (35) Alias "Parity" A Charriionship-Third Round, (live) A Bl captors are How survivors. A Bl Iknocks Jesse unconscious. A SI - - ' . 3D . - ggpg.CT Collegt Football Houston at Tulane. From Lafayette, La. (Live) Gartner: Mark Lowry Goes to Hollywood Superttart ol Coun- Victcgi Chrittian AaE rrwtstigattvteporttedKtetak Confidentia7l "nCotdCastFileaa"-American Justict The Corcoran Eight" American Justice: Blood Brother AMC KAS BMRim't.DiwUDo&ki&i&zr&KZ Tnorfma" (2003 Al Pacro. A ! "Nare" (200Z Crkne Drama) RayUotta. ff B ANPL Animal Copt San Francisco B! lAnlmal Copt San Frtncico Bl IDog Show "Eukanuba Tournament of Champions 2005" Houston. (N) Dog Show: Tournament of Championt BET 106 Park: BETt Top 10 Uvt ColkFooaaHTuskepeMorehcuse Classic -Morehouse vs. T "Disorderliet (1M7) BRAVO Great Thing About Being- "Queer" Bl iGrtat Thlngt About Being-Jin Your 30s t 'Jurassic Park" (1993) Sam Nea, Laura Pern. Cloned rlnosaurs run amok al an island amusement park. 'PG-U Bl , Jurassic Park" (1993) PG-13" CNN CNN Uvt Saturday On the Story S CNN Present I Larry King Live CNN Saturday Night CNN Present DISN Naturally Sadie Life With Derek i ZecktCody iThat't So Raven "Tr Utti Vampire' 12000, Fant ZackaCody 1 Naturally Sadie PhM et th Future iThat't So Raven DSC Killer Ant Bl IDinyJob "Ostrich Farmer" llvan the Terrible: Marked for Murder (N) I Rasputin: Marked for Murder (N) IStalin: Marked for Murder (N) iSupermu The SHU" A ESPN (4:30) College Football Iowa at Purdue. (Live IB l(:45) CoHege Football Ohio State at Peru State. (UvelB! I(:45) SporttCenttr (Live) Bl ESPN2 Horw Racing Colleq Football LSD at Vanderbi. (Live) S ISoccer 2006 Work) Cup Qualifier - Untied States at Costa Rica. (Same-day Tape) S FAM FuITHous A Bl I Full House A 3. FuhHouAB: IFuH House A S 'Alcry"(20,Rrjrnarcerr)TOT Whose Line? IWhoteUne? iHomtVideot Homt Video FXSP-C (3:30) Collegt Football Arizona at USC. College Football Texas MM at Colorado. (Live) (:15) Cc4tege FootbaH Oregon at Arizona State. lUve) FXSP-S (3-30) Collegt Football Arizona at USC. IChris Myer iPredatort Tonight I NHL Hockey Mighty Ducks of Anaheim at Nashvilte Prectetors. (Sufyect to IColteqe Football Oreoon at Arizona State. FX (5:00) Tear of the Sun' (2003, Action) Bruce Willis, Monica Ifetai tork Srue" 120 Crro Drarraj Kurt Russell Over There "Orphans" The Shield HGTV Debbie Travii' Facelift A Get Color iDesiqnontDime Design Remi SmaH Space Designer Fintt (N) IreDesign Design on i Dime Design on t Dime CHy Gardener iTrading Up IN) HIST (5:00) Breaking Vega Modem Marvelt "Poison" Hooked: Illegal Drugs iand How They Got" Hooked: Hlecal Dyugt tnd How They Got Hooked: Illegal Drugs and How They Got Hooked: Bteqal Dugt trd How TTiey Got LIFE (5:00) "Befort Ht Wakw" (19931 1 'Black andBlut" (19991 1 Mastetson, ArJhony LaPagria. "Haunting Sarah" (2005, Suspense) Kim Raver, Audrey Dwyer, Rick Roberts. Deadly Relation" (1993) NICK Nicktoon TV A Nicktooni i TV A Ftirty Oddperentt SponoeBob jNed's School " iDrtkt k Josh (N) A AN That (N) A Th Amanda Show Jeff Forworthy Jeff Foxworthy Jefl Forrortriy Jefl Fotwortrry SCIFI (5 00j "Dragon Fig'-ter (2JC2) "Dragon Storm 2X4, Fantasy) John Rhys-Daves, Manvel CauBeid. 'Dungeon! Dragon: Wrath of th Dragon God" (20051 Bruce Payne. An evil sorcerer Seals t magic orb. IKultht Conqueror SPIKE (5:50) "Tremor" (19-3) "Wakt of Death' (2004, Action) Jean-Claude Van" Dafnme, Simon Yam. A UFC Unleashed A . iTht Ummstt Fighter A TNA iMPACT! (N) A TBN (5:00) Praise the Lord Tht Coral Ridge Hour mTouch 1 Hour of Power IBilly Grahtm Classic Crusades Drtvt Thru History Tnvtl th Road TBS (4-00) College Football Teams to Be Anriourced. -. IColleqe Footbal Teams to Be Announced " College Football Teams to Be Announced TLC While You Wert Out (N) Adtm Carolla Project iMovfrq Up "Vietnam Ic Chaka Khan" (N1 ITrading Space (N) IProperty Ladder - IMovmq Up "Viemamto Chaka Khan" TNT "M:ss Cyy-'v-y (2000. Conejyj Saa Sjfeck. Mehael Caine. (DVS) t "Ugaily Blonde" (20)1, ConeJii Reese Wifterspoon, Uike Wilson. te legally Blonde (2001, Gomsdy) Reese Wtiersaoon, Luke Wilson. USA ' Ff Fuwn" .?'" ILw a Qrriw Criming Wwif Prnn" A ILw a Oner Sntfiill Viftims Unit T lLaw Order Sneciel Vidfmt U"H Tog llaw & Qror Special Victiros Unit T ILaw Qrow Criwinel Irtent "Gr" T Hours Mystery" Saturday on (:15) Rom "Egera' Mar Amonyruns Rome wnwe Caesar pursues rprnpgy Ortando Btoom. Premere. Actniies leads "BuiWoroof Monit' (20C3 Achont tehowYjr-fj! iTV. A PG-'J 10) "Mv 6l Friend's WtOdmg" 1997 JuM Raers. 'PG-U "48 See a dnjg kytfs frYfr&. "Troy" 12004 ActW' Brad PC Enc Ban tjree Krces r the irqan yvar. tin 1 (05)Brb (iTV) A Barbtrthop Barbershop (iTV) A Now" (WtPaulv Shore. LonPer Akee- pa pffrwAtny Reserve. 'Pu JL , Susan Spencer reports in CBS. , latnan. Antarctic explorers (:45) "The Replacement Kitwrs' (lth8i Chow Yun-fat. An "Alien vs. Preostor" (2x4) Sanaa encoirter o.y e'rroc-mais pg-13' t Takmo Live" (2004. Suswroei tear tvoKj -y. ;.- tv 9 H"ei A Damon Wsvans. Dawd Aian Gnef, Room GivenS- (20C.JS Jack Ncftolsoa A l:45) MAX on Set Roll Bounce A X Sw-a BjS-.x. A ionety 1:45) SHO Me First i(:15) "filtnkman" MH. Comefly HBO i5.30 "Sorwthmg'i Gotta Give" MAX 'While You Were SeoiftO SHOW , lAsian hi! man and a Joiie. An FBI oro- t:45) MAX on Set R i 'bommo (:35) Hi the Army Jj. .spined siaOiaf and hjs tcoer "P"'if!ite!?,-ia" (1993 Dramas Tom H3s. Denjei Wasrnnn, Jason Robards. iTV. A Iswver w . 3 sts his foer trnn over tvs r?a! A 'PG-13' v "SorHtvLiw" 1 1 i3i Pauiy Siors -Ve. A coerj bmas her Crfl "liimie (1 3i7. Honor) Ma Sorvno. jMnry Nortoam, Josh Brokn. A deaJy d af read nrre As havoc or, tew York. A fi m. new TMC surl-moaed pa home to the iaTn. A 3-13

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