Tyrone Daily Herald from Tyrone, Pennsylvania on July 7, 1986 · Page 6
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Tyrone Daily Herald from Tyrone, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Tyrone, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, July 7, 1986
Page 6
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Page Six f yrtne Dally Herald, M«nday, July 7,1986 •LONDII excuse MB\ ON?.,.BUT I'M HURflY MD FROM-mm 19 THI coNcwrr Television Schedule WrAT WPXI . WTAE WTB8 WJAC WTAJ "A Mttaburah, M Pfflttunh, PA Affimta, OA PA* 1 1:MPM • Mar* MMn • • d) taat of Carton in WOR WNEP WOPC CNN i r A New Verti, NY WMkat-Barra, PA Altaona, PA ___ ^ Cwto NBW§ Nfwffc MONDAY 7/7/86 • • AM Nam • 39M*num,p.i.(R). t (D AuMn CNy Umttt r«0. ^0 wporta Tonl0nt 12:OOAM O MOVIE; -ma m- Tran- DONALD DUCK 5:OOAM (D Sporta Havlaw 10:00 AM JDMOVIE: 'Oraat Dfly In HM MomfnQ 12:OOPM O OoodwM Oamaa w'UUr M CR? TtM FHfHaVtOfMV (D • O O In ^•9 QOOtfWIn QMIMC 0 HangM' in O CMMrtn Caught In tnt Creaaflra O Down to Earth O CD MacNaH-Lanrar Nawah- our O Hart to Hart HENRY eo BEETLE BAILEY 6:30PM i O O (D NBC Nighty Nawa 0 Ounamoka 0 99 CBS Evening Nawa 0 ABC Nawa 0 SnowMt Today 7:OOPM00Mgat O Entartalnmam Tonight O 0 S3) ABC Nawa O (D Whaaj of Portuna r Nawlywad Oama 12:30AM 0 oana Scott • O (D Lata Night wm> OavMTattarman In Stsreo. vP Marv Qrtfnn 1fc4pAM 039 MOVIE: -on. 1:OOAMO>Nawa QD Creaaflra 1:30AM»BstarTrak O CD MOVIE: Tanganyika' because he didn't have anything better to do, Manning owns its own cable system and 485 out of 689 households are hooked up. Gerald Beck, manager of Manning Municipal Cable, said, "Other towns would like to have something like this but they don't have the talent Dave's got." Kusel and his helpers offer up such fare as local ballgames, a 15-year high school class reunion, a children's pig catch and a quiz show called "Guess Who," where pictures of oldtimers in their younger days are shown and viewers are invited to match them with a name. One of Kusel's favorite projects is a sort of oral history of the Manning area, in which he interviews elderly residents. "Our communities are in trouble and I think this is one way of helping," Kusel says. But Kusel says he won't do weddings anymore because of the hassles with ministers, brides and family members. "To heck with it," he says. Updafa 2:OOAM 0 (39 CBS Nawa MOVIE: 'Two Rode To- SWINGS BONDS 2:30AM 0 Comady Tontgrrt « AjMa«4a> I AB^^kia^bA •porn unvnvBjni 3:OOAM 0 Braak tha Bank O CD Mighty luatoaaa Haport tloaOMPyramW 7:30PM 0 HangfcV In ~~\ 80,000 OoNar Jackpot Bingo O 11® 3911,000,000 Chance . HUT, TWO, THREE, FOUR. WHY IS THE HUT, TWO, THREE, FOUR... HE 6M6 HE BOESMT WAMT "TO BE JUST ANOTHER PE5X-00UHP 0EMERAL HERE COUNTING CAPENCE OH OUR HIKE?- 0 Sanford and Son O (D M'A'S'H O CD WMd, WHd World of Ar* mala 0 MWton Coder Chance of a Lifetime 0 Naw Croaawtta 0 33) War of tha Stare 0Croaeflre 8:OOPM O MOVIE: *«aaa Menagerie' O O CD Valeria (R) In Stereo. O CD CD 93) Major League BMebaH: Taama to be Announced O OpodwMt Oamea Scarecrow and Mra. 3:30AM 0 d) Tha Utrtouehabiaa 4:OOAM0 CNN Nawa 0Loatmspaca 0JoaFrankHn«how 0 Larry King Ovtmtgrrt 4:30AM 0 C£) Mora P-aat Pao- pto --- Iowa (armer turns TV mogul MANNING, Iowa (UPI) - A children's pig catch or a high school reunion are hardly network television fare, but one Iowa farmer is keeping his neighbors glued to their sets with just such programming. Dave Kusel, 29, is the man behind the scenes of what residents call "Dave TV," a local access cable channel that he claims to have set up --- Extra! Man bites dog -IS'^of'em NEW YORK (UPI) - After downing 15^ hot dogs in 10 minutes to win the 70th annual contest at Nathan's Famous in Coney Island, Mark Heller said he felt wonderful but would skip dinner. His jaws churning away in 93degree heat, the 27-year-old man from Manhattan tried but failed to beat the world's record of 17 dogs consumed in 1978 by Walter Paul of Coney Island. "1 feel great - at least my wife doesn't have to cook tonight," said Heller, a 240pound producer of TV commercials. Heller, who won a plaque and a year's supply of hot dogs for out- munching 23 contestants, said he decided to enter the contest two years ago because a woman from West Germany had won it. "I said, 'If a West German who has never eaten a hot dog in her life can win it, so can I '" LAFF-A-DAY I CD Hlvar Joumaya (CC) (R). BARNEY GOOGLE and SNUFFY SMITH BOWSV »uowsy soys *--K ^r • ^w •»• • ^ V • * • • Wl ^ mWS GOT TO GIT ON MTH HER CHURNIN* 0PrlmaNawa 8:30PM 0 O (£) Amazing Storiaa (R) In Stereo. O Family Faud 0 39 Kata « AWa (R). •B CD American M Katharine Anna Portar (CO) O MOVIE: '1776" 0 Larry King Uva 9.-30PM O 39 Newhart (CC) IftOOPM ftttttm* CQnfOfi ! (31 Cagnay * Laeay (CC) BRINGING UP FATHER INN Nighttime . \"/' . O CD AHva from Off Canlar In Stereo. (B CNN Evening New* 10:30PM O m Search of... 0 3) Soundlhga 11:OOPM O Comady Tonight O990 O CD Tripod. 0Moneyllne BRICK BRADFORD THAT I TAK'g MEAN THI$ Jiist oretend I'm your hairdresser." by THOMAS JOSEPH R of Not/ ROBERT GOLDMAN WHILE A STUDENT AT THE CHICAGO, ILL, COLLEGE Of OSTEOPATHIC MEDICINE, OW MAY 17,1985, COMPLETED 321 CONSECUTIVE HANDSTAND PUSHUPS AND 211 STRAIGHT OVERHEAD, ONE-ARM PUSHUPS / Submitted bs Tom Hiqqins. S3nt>iea,o, CA. THE HUMAN JAW CAN EXERT A FORCE Of UP TO AGO LBS. BUT THE SOFT AMERICAN DIET REQUIRES ONLY THREE POOMDS LAUGH TIME ACROSS 1 Quote 8 "Hold it, sailor!" 10 Venerate 12 Greek letter 18 Nickname for Wash., D.C. 18 Highest note l«Bver (poet) 17 Be bound 18 Insipid 20 Nureyev*s art M Peck In "Moby Dick" 27 Alaskan native 28Fla.reaort center 29 Oldest member 80"-, my children, 81 Lachrymose 88 Arrival time (abbr.) 8* Rome's — Veneto 87 In addition 40 Noncom 48 Goose genus 44 Decree 45 Minuscule 4« Bread spread DOWN 1 Bistro 2 False god 3 Galba's 4 Work unit 5 Bedeck 6 Ex-G.1. 7 Choir voice 8 Put away, as cargo 9 Docile 11 Small hole for a lace 24 Cocked 14 Pulsate 18 Curt 19 Blondie's 20Naa asty 21 Pub favorite 22 Grazing ground 38 Coup d'— or top 34 Hue 25 Soul (Fr.) 35 Cathedra] 2«Storuig Dp ^rt earal box 37 Follow 28 French jet 38 Formerly 30 Feral 39 Preminger abode 41 D.C. group 32 All and 42 Tokyo's sundry old name RIP KIRBY AXYDLBAAXR •LONGFELLOW expert.' MSVPWBN. _

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