The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 24, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, MARCH 24, 1934 BLYTHBV1LIJ. (AML)' OOUMU KIWI PAGE FIVE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per line ror consecutive Insertions; (Five average words to a UB*> Olio time per line .......... J9c Tw> times per line per day . Three times per lln» per day . 61x Umes per Une per day . Month tats per line Minimum cttirge 50o TWO nicely fiirnlslicd rooms. CHKAP. SH Hearn St. iMpk:!:! 08c 06c 05c 60o Ads ordered l<>" tnrcc or six times and stopped be/ore cxplra- t'ou will be charges (or the number oJ times Lh« ad appeared ana adjustment ot bill made. AH Classified Advertising copy submitted by persons residing outside of the city oust, be accompanied by cash. Rates may be computed Irani above table. 2 s'.ory modem lions* on Division, just north ot catholic church, old, Evrard & Henderson. pho:ic 882. • BEDROOM lor 1 or 3 gentlemen, 801 W. Walnut St. Call 451. 6-ck-tf Ho responsibility will tic tUKe roi 1 more Uiao one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Advertising ordeicd tor uresu- iir insertions uk*- the one time rate. BUSINESS DIRECTORY L. G. MOSS, Undertaker Auioulance service Pfioric 'id WEAR-EVER aluminum is better and costs no more. Sola exclusively at Hubbard Hardware Co. Repair Furniture Now You can save money by having hmiiturc upholstered now as materials arc cheaper. We make tlie- old new again. Free estimates Complete line samples. Work guaranteed'. Jenkins & Son, 713 Chickasawba 28c-k3-27 We specialize in Floor Sweep Special kinds for special floors Hubbard Hardware Co. lac w-1 Free figure diagnosis in your home Mrs, J. J. Davis, Fhocc 421 Spencer Corsetierc 26c k3- EXPERT Type writer and Addinf Machine Repairing. U. S. Biaok- coshlp, 116 E. Rine. Call 103-J FOR SALE Yellow singers, full grown CANARIES. Mrs. Joe McFall. a09 LaKc 23c-k2b BARNED cured alfalfa hay $20 per ton; few tons half njid haU cotton seed. E. V. Hill n-pk-24 For Sale CHEAP: New Vitality navy blue PUMPS, 7 AA. Cal SOU. ONE BARBER CHAIR CHEAP Mrs. M. W. Lee, Joiner, Ark. 14p k4-13 I Oliver row crop tractor, one •! row planter, one 4 low cultivator one 16" by 20 disc harrow, one 3 row buster with marker. All flrst class condition. Oay and Billings, Inc. Cc K4-6 TWO good mules, jirlced reason able. H. A. Smith. 510 W. Main 2o kU REAL ESTATE For Sale: 111 East Davis-, an requisite home; nothing prettier in Blythevillc. Will sell on terms at 6ft. Call our office for appointment THOMAS LAND COMPANY, sole agents. clZ-ti For Trade: City property lor farm LAND: Mrs. Ed Hardm. POULTllY & EGGS Fresh cjgs daily. R. I. Red setting eggs. Pickard Store. 1044 Chkki- snwba. gp k4-10 BAUY'CHICKvS All Varieties. Custom hatching solicited. Set each Tuesday, hatch each Wednesday. MARILYN HATCHERY Hatchery Code Cer. No. 86 AUTOMOTIVE 475 Sfibcrling Tires & Tubes, Replacement parts and accessories of all kinds for anj nuke of car. Automotive Dent, Hubbard Hdw Co. Ic k Auto Glass All Kinds Installed '/ho Ark-Mo Lumber Co. lOc k4-10 LOST From E. M. McDonald* Thurtdaj night going MB. 3 |>; ; , C |; horse MULES, wclghim; about ItNJd Its racli. 4 ycnis o:d. Howard. 24pk28 FEKDS We specialize hi seed cnru. Farmers Cash Feed and Seed Co. rhone >27. 13 k< For Sale: CORN delivered to you W. T. Klley, New Madrid, Mo. 21-pic-4-1!) BATTERIES New Ford Batteries KenUi - Rech«r?injr - Repairing '77 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 25c lcS-28 I OR KEN1 UNFURNISHED 4 room ;il>3«- ment, bath. Phone ytf; night 55. VKfeklt THRKE room furnished miurtmeiu with biuh. Mi-s. IXKie Mick 110 w. Ash, n-ck-tf PURNISHED bedroom, 1017 W Walnut Mrs. Ed Hardln niter s P. M. lc ktl ROOM & BOAKD ROOMS or room and board or meals. Good meal, elenn rooms rates low. Close In. Mrs. Loflin 421 S. Second. 8-ck-4-a WANTED TO RENT UNFURNISHED Thrce-roon: apartment with bath. Close in Call 306. POSITION WANTED WHITE MAN with family want" to rent or sharecrop. Good worker. "A" Courier News. 19-pk-22 .3 New Radio Stations To Aid Soviet Contacts MOSCOW (Ul'l-To ciuoct uetireen iirbini ccntero md reinole regions, the Soviet Union plans to build 13 new radio l.iliojis this year. The Commls- arlal of Educiillou has bren or- lc;-ecl to speed their construction. Moo! of llic stations will bi; placed in Hie -Fur Ku'sl and In Ihu southwestern parts of lha Soviet I'Jilon, Tnrtjlkuiflti. Tiirkiii|nlstim imcl Uzbekistan. Tivolve nf the la stiillons wifi-i! to Imvi' Iwen built In 19'JU. bin il;clr ooiisaiicllon mis delayed. Alore tlmn 1,000,000 parioiis arc employed in motor vehicle maim f:ieturlnt r unit ullled line ill this country. Angora Cat Thrive* «n Diet of Wool iUl'>—A «-lnlt) An- b'wu ciii with 11 moth-llki; uppetllo l'ui!> become u scourge to the rcsl- cli'nis of the Isliiiiuiil Milmrb ol The feline, which itu.s one given mid OIK? blm? eye, has (k'tvlopctl » ,„—.. for wool. It cat* mmc holes In jerseys and berets, gently Hiwwtnij mid swallowing- (he wool. Driven out by Its owner, the cat has been vUltlnu nil tho neluhbm- ln« houses, In sdirdi of \\oolens. fn obedience to the will of Us founder, Glnircl Colk-uc, In I'lillu- .admits only i>oor orphans. Turkey Opens Her U J i fftodel »»<1. electric .llgia arc bains in- d. All prlioncrs wl!i- tie com- il lo work m:d muhc use or - I till! UlllhS. A11IUANOP1.E (UP) - A bar- 1 Until now. T«rk!.ili prisons Jmvc rack,. hu» Jiw iH-cn _traiis,lorni«f line pri Into Tin-key's modem inn on somewhat primitive .. . *'"" i, , , , " rc-rers H voiilnliui ivoiksliops, hniiis iU xl nvliwc llw we Mmnno cells. Conluil Uniting ,md CVMI 1'ctly tlilc-viv; were murderers In largo mixed rooms, ublo to cam lo' ' OUR BCiAilDiNG HOUSE TIIK KN1) W roO/V'S STOHY! liy Hamtia ^ I KNEW Til' J\G WftG UP-I'D MftFTftlsoi HOW I HATGO TO, YOU'LL NEYER KNOW •' AN' SO,WITH ft HCAW WEftOT.OUT I-EF.T 'so IIGUT i ABANDONED DINMY AN' TOOK TO FLIGHT'— ' .-. ./ EXPERIENCED stciiogrnplicr mid' general office worker wants liosltlon. Available April 1. Excellent recommendations. Call 484. WANTED TO BUY We Pay $3 ixr ton for Scrap Iron. Also buy hiacs, brass, copper, lead, etc. Wolf Arian, Plione no. 128 E. Main. 2C-ck-3-2a Want, to buy all kinds Used House hold Goods, Stoves. Highest. Cssh prices. Lcighton's Second Hand Store. 320 E. Main. I0pk4-10 Western U, S. Escaped Gypsy Moths Thro' Wind WASHINGTON. D. C. I UP)—11 the wind had been blowing from the East, instead ot from Uic West mid Nbrtlitrest when Now England was inre.sted with the dc- slmclive KS'psy-molh, the central jfarl- of the country would more than likely have brai part of a very large area to receive these pests. Federal entomologists Have rtLs- crivercd that the mimilc' (Irst- slagc larvae ot tlic cypsy-raolh Heat in the air currents at an altitude of li.OOO feet above the earth. Esthonia. which is as larer as Lhc combined areas of Massachusetts, Rhode Island. Connecticut, and half of New Hampshire, contains 1500 lakes. Kin of Belmonts To Wed in Spring 'Mi HIT SWiWG A I.CFT THAT tutllSTUITO BV, NOT SO FAR l-TJOM MV RIGHT F.^E / HE OPENEf) UP HIS MOUTH'TO SHOUT AN' THEN I UP W LWD 'IM OUT ' ' ) TIMETW' /\ MOLt S01NG TO TYKE AM HAWs/FLJL "^ WINVXAM TLOWllT? LOT 01= TH&61N6 TO TUNWEL ( TH' J 17- WLtS OVA.U I T5UC, ANOTHER \ TO THKT ^ THAT SECTION •pERlOt) 01 DOLLARS WORTH OF GOLD ANJD SILVER WAS MINED IN -THINK OF VT 1 60L.TO Mi.ME ,"TV\E. LITTLE PV\OEB£", \S 72. MILES EAST OF TH HOL&,TO TILL U ISNT IT9 'OR OAV'j I WftNDEnED OVER TH' LMD, "ROUGH SWAMP AH' JUNGLE ftM' DF.SERT ' LITTLE I'VE EATEN , I'M TELLIN' vou, '.S.VING >3 FIND WV WAV TO fAOO — , I'VE DONE WY BEST BUT'IT WASN'T AM' Til' LOSS OF WAS PRF.TTV 10'JGU ~ W)T,SOMEHOW, I CftN'T llELP BUT FEEl, THAT WTE'S GONNA GWE US A BRAND WELL- GEE, FOOW- YOU DID VC>JR BUST, I GUESS- BOOTS AND HKK BUDIJEES By RI6HT 1 . ff TAKES you .HOPWOOD BOV, B.OT GO , ROMAWIC. VOLJ WASH TUBBS THK MYSTERIOUS MISS By Cran THAT'S POONBK. ISTHflTSHff HAS A REASON FOR WANTING TO BE ' WELL, WELL, ROMEt/l I SEE TMBT THE HAKMIH& MISG LftNE OifJN'T CftOF VDUR COMPANV. Q KE HGR.tlP ON -tH(\T HILL? THEY SJVY SHE IP THEBE TWICE A CAY - ALL ALONE — AWO JUST VEH.tHE GIMME TH' HIOH HAT. to HKK WITH 'ER! PEOB'LN SHE GOEB UP THERE SO SHE CAM 5TKK HER NOSE UP A LITTLE NIOKER. CLOSED KOK THE DAY! -{6S.MP>M l . > SOUO IT To Ult-ll / IS fW ^.'JS S IsJ «6REL eon sotit TOOTH .MO use <»SKIM' (N ROUT KMoa) O\ D, Oft MOT - TOOTH w(\» A TUBf. OF SOLO t<c G-LUE I. .ES AKI) HIS FRIENDS SCU'H'LE WASTES NO 1 TIME! Ona ol the earliest ot N ew t« y A" S rlng l)rl<!es la to ba Ml»3 Cecilia Helmoiit (above) great grauddaugliter of tlio Hrst August Belmont. Sbe Is to wed G»rdn« Lotbroj Uw!s Jr. ol THATS FW? AJJ OIL D58a!CK....OL.' MAN SCUTTLE 1& CUBE RQ IIN'O OW MAKIH' A FORTUNE FROM Nurrrs PLACE.' AND, JUST THIHK, U IF NUTTYS KoDiER HAD BEEN ABLE T& PAISE OWLY FIFTY C-OLLARS, SHE COULDA kEPTTHIS PLACE AW MADE A LOT MORE DOUGH IMAM SHE GOT? : COULDN'T JYOL« POP ] GEE.Nof POP I HAVE I SAYS ITS ALL I LOANEf? I HE CAN Do H£R THE C TO MAkE ENDS MONEY ) MEET, AS TOR THE X IT IS UE'3 BEffM AFTER HIS BOSS-TD GIVE HIM A RAISI7, Fb» MONTHS... Til' LAST TIME POP ASk-ED FOR ONE.TUE BOSS TOLD HIM THAT AFTER HC PAK> A.LU HIS HELP, HE DIDNT WAVE AWV HOMEV LEFT FOR. HIMSELF. AND THE? BOSS SAID ~X\;''i ' MrCOOSSY. I'VE GOT ENO-.WK ^'-' /,LV.'AY3 FOR A RAISE... AND IF YOU ^X DONT CuriT OUT, tiL. MAKE ^itr^rSS Y0 ° A PARTN2R.'.' ^—< VJE'RS WTERESTEO W KNOWING HOW SCUTTtE'S OIL WELL IS GOIMG TO COM3 OUT ! HlMS ' WILL, TSLL!

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