The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1949
Page 11
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MONDAY, APnn, 11, 1349 BLYTHEVTLLK (AttK.) COURIER NEWS Democrats See Victories in '50 Million Dollar Fund ^ Promised by Party Chiefs for Campaign Beauty and the-Er Strong Man HAL D eople with Feathers? Maybe, But the Birds May Not Like It By Ernml B. Vaccuro WASHINGTON, April 11. M>j — Democratic plans to capture the 1950 elections were spurred todny by the promise of a $1,000,000 war chest R>id a presidential older that (hey "must be won.' Addressing a rousing buffet din- ne:' rally ui Washington's Mayflower Hotel. President. Truman last week klwlled Democratic hopes fof another victory in next year's con- greisionitl contests. Speaking above tlie cneers of tin' men and women who arranged this year's profitable Jefferson-Jackson day dinners, tlie President declared: "I am exceedingly happy that yon have been abl? to arrange a situation wliit 1 )) will give the party a financial background with which to win in 1950, because that election must. b2 won. It Is Important. "We have a program which we expect to pill over. That program is processing succc.ssfully and satisfactorily, and after the'next session of Congress we can go to the country and say \vlial we have dona and what we hope to do and what • -we will do when we elect the congress i!i 1950." Big War Chest Promised The 81,000,000 war chest, to finance I as healthy as he looks. The contest was open to all, BOYLE'S COLUMN Hy Hal llnyle NKW YORK. April M-i/lV-Thc nst thins 1 would waul to be in his toun Is u jtlKt'im. Tills Is because the lust living liltiK In New York Ulty will prob- ibly be n plgeun. So n man who vant.s ID IK- (lie fimil erentun 1 iillve vill probably have lo grow Iculliers. Is llnil hard? Why sholrt II worry man? It h»s never troubled a ugeon. As » simple malice of survival, 1 don'l see how people really ™n afford nnicli longur to meet Iho i'iucons me more sensible limn people. IVople limy hirk housing. Pigeons never do. The mote chaotic the human rare becomes, the more war destroys Its tine hulldlrm.s. well— llic more rubulp crannies there Lire for u fastidious pigeon lo lay her eggs In. She dosr-n'l pay rout. Her house is itlw'nys on the house, You rau hire n lady to fluhl n | bull. You can bully a bear Into tight inn :i man. Yon can pay, bribe or unnoy piaclU-nlly anybody Into trying to mn.sclo down anybody corn in ttie world to hlie one flock of pigeons lo exterminate another Nock. In the tumult of their wingn braU a pattern of peace. And thoughtful people nn> sill] dying lo calclt up ivllh There me about 11.000 different speele.s nt frog nnd tond family ul tailless amphibians. POISON Shirlce Tegge of Iron River. Mich.. v.:\s acclaimed "Miss U.S.A." in Los Angeles, for having a perfectly proportioned body, and irlshti John C. Grimel of York, Pa., was mimed "Mr. U.&.A." because he Is IAP WlrcplLolo). the 1950 campaign was premised by Senalor J. Howard McGrath. Democratic nalional chairman, and William M. Doyle. Jr.. execiillve vice chairman. They lold the audience of a lltlle more than 100 lhat the party Is approaching a "pay-as-you-go" basis and that is in the midst of a financial drive which should giv? It a million dollars to "face the foe" In 1950, McG'rnth said the party should net between J280.000 and $300.000 from this year's Jefferson-Jackson day dinners which the party was called to celebrate. Wilson W. Wyatt of Louisville, former housing administrator, and Mrs. Ferle Mesta, Washington hostess .shared honors as co-chairmen. McGrath said the dinner not only celebrated victory but expressed "graliliidc to God" for bestowing on the country its present leadership. "Small Chanje" Truman Says President Truman arose to Jay I that he was "not used lo figures" f like the million dollars his party has promised, either "personally or as a Democrat." As president of the United States, he added, he considers billions, and the million dollars "are small change." On th» other hand, he went on: "I never in my life ran for office that Ihe Democrats didn't have a deficit to start, with, and wind up wiih a deficit after they got through." He said the fund raising meant something to him because "if you had been in my financial condition all your life, you would more than appreclale it." Then, turning solemn, he said he liked to look into the faces of Democrats who are interested "in the welfare or the people as people— who are not interesled in representing special inlerests In government." Increased Allowance For Expenses Sought For Vets' Programs LITTLE ROCK. April 11. uVi — Arkansas -schools wilh veteran training programs want a 15 per cent allowance, for administrative expense. And (bey plan lo cite actual operating costs to -suplJOit the request. ! The cast survey plan was launched at a meeting of State Department of Education and Veterans Administration officials with 100 superintendents of schools having veterans training programs. Since a flat per student, payment for administrative expense was halted, the program in Arkansas has operating under a temporary arrangement making five per cent of Instruction cost iinmediate- II Slipped His Mind SPOKANE. Wash. (UP)—Spokane pobce shotted n ca;' that hfid been icixiiled stolen, parked In front of a dowtilown apartment building They called the man who luuV reported it stolen. "Oh, my goort- nc.^s!" exclaimed the woman who [Uwsvered the phone, "He recovered the car yesterday and parked il In front last night. 1 guess he forgot to tell you about it." OAK or SUMAC S(opi* l 'liiug,<lry u|l lcrmiiiicklv,safely. "'IVY-DRY !y available loi administration. By the actual cost survey, l school men hope to qualify for the lull 15 ]K>: cent administrative expense allowance which the Veterans Adinijn.stri:Uon can authorize. Stale Education Commissioner A, B. Bond< said when the casts are del'n mined, n committee of superintendents will negotiate a new contract with the Veterans Administration. nnd strains of Mnulmtlnn Hie"! l>lst> - ""' ""'"" |M> ' 1 L ' llo "K h | >0 I'- wllhout plantliiK a few feather hero and I here cast and of the nnnplts. It Isn't Ihul wings will make Iheiu aiujcls. It is jost thai they need feathers now lo set around. A broken electric circuit Imlls (he snbwiiys. sleet slops the buses. A labor dispute lira up the tnxis. In cmei'Bencles like these, how cun New Yorkers go to business except by growing feathers nnd [lap- phis HOT arms? After all, (hey lost the ability to wiilk long a«o. ISul with feathers they can wiggle llielr wtiifjs nnd fly where you want to. Anybody who cnn't nrow tcnthers will just have (o fall by the way. Sooner or laler a man without feathers will be as rare here as a sparrow with Inr. And it will be all to the good. A sporting motorist would certnlnly rnlher aim nt a feathery pedestrian than the present type, uneasy In springy wool suit. And look at the money n mpn could savel What woman, when sprouting feathers wn.s fashionable, would deck herself In outworn mink? None at all. All their pin money! would go In sowing pin fculllers here nnd there abaft their busllcs. The biff problem is Hint I* people survive, what can Ihe pigeons do? survive, whot can the pigeons do? Live like people/? Will they lenrn lo peck out a stenk and throw R :m the pavement Tor humans Just as people now loss popcorn for pigeons? Certainly no pigeon with a sense of dignity (s going lo sloop to competing with human beings. If humnns grow feathers and fly, the pigeons are going to douse themselves with hair Ionic and learn how to walk—pe.ople.-loed, as the Broadway joke goes. lint pigeons don't look on life nil feathers and fun. They nrc here to stay, (hough the concrete skyscrapers fnll. and the sleel lowers of Wall Slieel bend tn earth RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Tjpw Kxcept C»n«r) DRS. NIES t, NIES Clink 514 M.ln. Hlythcrllte. Ark. Pbm Say it ... . With The Flower Shop Glcnco* Hotel Bldg. Phon* 4491 or 1747 \ t-e Aclm. Arthur \V. ITmUovtl, n jovt 1 , wits mimed Die DOW < imaiifk'r-in-cMc( of the (I. S, 1 cine Kleel ami liljjh commfo- s HIT of Hie I'tH'lhc Isliuuls, sue- i dint! Ailm. D«wlU ClhiUm K nsny, who ru tired. Km! foul w 1 liavu (all rank of atlmlial. BABY CHICKS Hciillliy, Sturdy • liny I he Bosl' • Master Mix Feed Nnne Finur Lewis Poultry 41!) Rust Main I'lione SS17 RADIO REPAIR 1 and ;-l>,<T Scrvicr <>n Anj Muhr or Model Reliable Workmanship Phone 2642 \Vc C'nll I'"or and Deliver Fred Callihan Kleclricul Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Snles Service 106 So. 1st. St. THE GRAMS COMPANY [\\ vi roi\> osrtoi\ Phone 521 Phone 30751 II Pups AM Male CHICAGO (UP)—Odds were one in a million for Its happening but It did happen to Diichf?&s of Tu- dette, a Dalmation. Duchess had 11 male pupa In a single litter. There wouldn't, have been anything un- u«u»l about the mas« birth if there had beer, n couple of lemalea nilxcrt in. Read Courier News Want Arts. RCA ictor Records 1—All Rljilit. Louie, Drop Thai Gun: Louis Trims 2—A Dreamer With n Tcnnj" BUI Lawrence 3—You, You. You Arc the One The Three Suns 4—Elmer »nd the Bear Phil Harrii 3 —Easier Parade Sammy Kaye 6—Blue Khumba I.arry Green 7—So in Love Tommy Dnrsrj 8—Galway Bay T)cnms Day 9—Pin Slripcd Pants Tex Bcnehe 10—I Wish Somehorty Carrd Knough lo Cry—Erskine Hawkins II—The Bells ill Her KarrinRs Tony Martin 12—A Bluebird Singing In My Heart—Larry Green Adams Appliance Co. Inc. J. V.. ADAMS. Mer. !OG-08 \V Main I'hone J07J Bright sun shining —new greenery showing — soft breezes calling you onto the highway — this is the season that Buick of yours was made for! This is the time when you'll want to hear the sweet hum of its eager power, feel the la/.y comfort of its easy stride, gel the springtime feel of its thrilling action. And you can have all that—with just a little attention to some simple things to shake the winter out of its bones. For instance —the rusty sludge that has accumulated in your radiator should he cleaned out. Transmission and rear end may he low on lubrication, and should be checked. Crankcase oil should be changed lo a summer grade. The underside of your car has taken a lot of splashing on wet roads. Some o( the chassis grease has been washed out, some of il fouled with mud and grit. So it's time to drain out the dregs of winter. Time for a h'tde of the knowing, loving care every Ruick gets at the hands of our Buick-traincd men, armed wilh Buick-dcvcloped tools, Huick- cslablishcd methods, Buick-cnginccrcd parts. It doesn't lake long, doesn't cost much. But it goes a long way toward making old Buicks step out again like lively spring colls. How about stopping in —this week — to see about a spring rcjuvenalion (or your faithful Buick? Check your car— Check accidents! Driving is twice tho fun when you hove complet* confidence in your cor — whan you know thai tires, brakes/steering,ligbti and the like won'l let you c^own. Allogether, there are 10 points to b« checked for safely on any cor. Bring your Buick in to gi for a thorough going-over before setting off on your spring safaris. We'll take Ihe worry and fuss off your hands — *o you can be carefree of the wheel. Buick * f7—\ * 1 ff r ,•* '* *t Buicks Langston-Wroten Co. GENTLEMEN: To liar* i >ult llul really 111., I* m<-n»ur«rf b? a Ullw. Nnr ilinnlllE nil Iho Intuit M)Hiij and lummcr ImporUd »4 4»- mr>|lo wuoleni. Drop down lo our ihop an; day •! UM ' GEORGE L. MUIR "Rlylficvlllc's Only Tailor" 109 Railroad CAMERAS FOR RENT I'lii,Mi or Uo\ Type CM HUTU*. Aim • complit* stork ol' Flush bulbs in all sl/.e.r Barney's Drug Store 20<)<i West Main 'hont 3647 KEROSENE AND FUEL OIL Phone 2089 Phona 4141 G. O. POETZ Railroad at Cherry and complete BUILDING SERVICE AND SUPPLIES Builders Supply Co., inc W. II. Peas* .1. Wilson Henry • South Iliway 61 1'hone 2434 BABY CHICKS .|A Quality • Onlcr Yours Now • L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Cherry &. Hnllrnail. I'hunc 4493 FOR SALE ConcTile cnlTtrU, U taeh' to U Inch, plain or rMnfureedL »ta» Buildln» Block* cheaper than lumber For term, ehkketi houses, pump home*, (£&••! hnuses, tool shed*. We dettnr. Call ui for trie wUmiU . . ' phone 691. i OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. • MEAT CURING • STORAGE • FOOD LOCKERS • PROCESSING FOR HOME FREEZERS BLAYLOCK'S lligliwiiy 61 North — Thone 3172 Baby Chicks • Custom Hatching • Eggs Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for Service FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK • (Phone 364-6 avd2~^

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