The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE ' RLYTHBVILLE. (ARK:) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, DKCRMHIOR 23, Iflty) ^^J2l\ B.'fc o Mostly Personal Encasement Announced. Announcement was made today of'the engagement of Miss Peggy Fox, of Memphis, to Mr. William! J.-Driver jr., of Osceola and Wash- • in^ton, D. C. No definite date lias j beer), set for ths ceremony which : ^^^ = == wlll'.be quietly solemnized. ' Trie bride-elect, who is thedaugh-1 Mls - M - s - Stcjfcr will go to Tu ter.of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Climoiv nlf "- Mlss " for ..Christmas Fox of 306 South Cleveland avenue,' Memphis, is a member of the Jun- . . ioriLeague and.ol'tbe Girls' netll- *° n ' Harry W. Halnes, and family One of the most popular youni; lion club. '"'til after the holidays. [matrons of Ulythevillc is Mrs. Kcl- Mr. Driver graduated from Wash-! Ml '-. nn « Mrs - D - J - All;n liav^Bar Borum who la prominent In lo- ingfon and Lee University at' Lex-U*-? n ' e ' r B ll " ts Mrs. Allen's sister, j "I and state activities of the ington, Va., 'after atte'iidlkg Gu'in Mrs - E - °- E!ia»orlh jr.. anj son, I American Legion Auxiliary, >lhs Coast Military Academy, Gulfporl j Bobble, of Hot, Spiings. They will Junior High School Parent-Teach Miss:, Is.'fte sfifi'ot Representative-it? ileri! """' »»«r Ihe holidays. Mrs. Edgar Boruin a Leader in Civic and Social Affairs Tills Is (he first of a scries o: ai- tides to bu published concerning Mrs. Minnie H%es, of Hsstlnas.lcuUilaiiUlii* women of the city. Neb., will arrive today to visit hsr f arid Mrs. W. J. Driver. Ho Is wall 11 Mr-and Mrs. liivcs Allen went to known throughout this section, j Memphlsjcday for a two days visit having*Osceola'all his <llfe except when hlsY parents: Earl Halchor and children in .WashmgtoirVitii j ° r Osceola. si»nt yesterday with Mrs. Hatcher's mother, Mrs. T. J. CanDen-Thcmps:on. An outstanding social event •• crowder. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Deale. O t Little nock, will arrive today er association, tl",e Woman's club, , the First, Presbyterian church aiftl the city's social events. Devoting much of her time to work [imonx the veterans of 'the World War, Mrs. IJoruin has just completed a term as flrst vice president of the Arkansas department and is at present state legislative chairman and a member of tho 'Male executive committee. When vice president she occupied an Important place at the stale conven- theVhoUday,season at Friendship, I vls ' 1 relatives for several days. Term., was-rhe 1 weddlnrj-cf Miss' Jo ° Felscnthal Is going to Mem- Mlnrile Lee Thompson, of that city, j l )i)ls lll 's afternoon for a visit. arki.'Mr.' Roy,Shl'elds Carmen, of! The Rcv - "»<' Mrs - w < J - LcRoy this''city, \vhlci\jopk place'Sunday.' wl " s P p nd Thursday at Pnragould Ulou '» For l Smith this fall. ThVRev."Jack' Meyer sal;Tthe'ser- , where-they will attend a family ro-j A charter member of the Blythe- vlc'cvfor the tjfiuble ring ceremony.' 1 " 1 ' 011 Blvw at The wedding (pb'kjrtice fit. tin; ho:»a LeKoy's «!s'.i>r. of the bride's'molh^r; Mrs. W. M: Thompson.'.' '-** '• .' The britfe. wore, a Jgown of ivhll , , . chiffon with ' her : veil of illusion caught witn pearls at each side and she carried n. sheath of white rcsis and', valley lilies. Her only attendant, her'ilster. Miss Feriv Thompson^ waV'-'dressed In a rose satin frqck trimmed with lace "and her corsage was of pink ro«?r. Mr. James- G, i- •'. cr's best man. For the nuptif '. . • l.-ii- man Harwell i--..; I \ m You Truly," and,'Miss Katliryn Tliomp- soi','the'bride's'slsftr, played M~sn- dels»hn'^';\vedding march. Strains of (VTniifmeril aiirl Romance" \v;re heard during «ie exchanging of tliu marriage'.'Vows. : Mr. and Mrs. Saint:?! !•'. Norrls were visitors in JuiesbDio lust, night as giicsti ol Mr. and Mrs. Dick Lyons who entertained in special home of Mr. j.vlllc unit, organized In 1920, she ' has served as president, vlca president and secrxiary of the (jroup which has made unmcasurabl2 strides In Its activities. This year . .._. she is chairman of unit activities compliment to Mr. and Mrs. Frank;and membership chairman. Y. Love, formerly of Joncsboro andj.- While, presldtnl of the Bela Chi nrw of Ad.i, Okla. | Sunday school class of the First Mrs. Nina Robinson Is" reluming! Presbyterian church for two years to her horn? in Marlanna today af-1 nie membership has more 'than ter several clays visit here having come for the timernl of Edwin Hob-1 , In-scn who died Friday. Mrs. Rob- j OSCCOia LollCtfC i!i-on and son, Allen Robinson, llv-! ... . _ D ed here fijveral years. Eugene Still, of Plymouth. N. C., who was (ho guest of Mr. and Mrs. Slucleiils Return for the Holidays OSCEOLA, Ark.—The past wesk- C. S. Stevens for several days, ha', gene to Scnatobln, Miss., to visit; relatlv?s until Saturday when he! iv. ill join Mrs. Still, In McniphK j e*d brought home from vaiious ; j .iiul tlis.v will return home. Mrs. I colleges .mil miivci titles pnittlcal- ! C.. S. Stevens and daughter, Mlssi ly nil Osceola students who are ."Si- ?pa-.Mrs..jCarmeii.aro now | Mary Ellen, Miss Muvsiu'Cl'aHny for the term. Some are her: at},name>lu tills-city where the I wjlner. will accompany Mrs. Still to: for just the week of • the' holiihy bricJelgrooin Is manager of Bowers' store,'th'e' : s6h-of Mr,-and Mrs:' Samuel •, Car men of Friend- Memphis. c She has bean here [or{season and others have a vacation! '' '' doubled unlll the group is -now foremcst In attendance and active | interest among classes of. this co:i- I BreeaUon. I Mrs. Borum frctiuently appears : on programs presented by various I j organizations oi Hie church. ' ) ' Besides her numerous club ''and church activities she is outstanding In social allalrs. among which are ! the weekly parties of the Tucsria Luncheon club. Acling Rabbi Receiv^sj Gift from Congregation | extending until the first of the n; Mrs. Ida Stevens will go to Drew,! yetir. shfp;. After attending school there i Mhs., Saturday for an, extended j The number includes Misses Ag-' he].-T»as a student at Freed-Harde-' 1 ••'-" - •--- J —•— - •--- mah^'college. '. ' ^JrE. Carmen received her later education! at. West .Tennessee Sute Teachers college.-- - .'.-•• visit with her daughter. Judge.'Ooorge. W. Barlmm Richard Jlodcl, acting. . rabb! otil the Temple Israel, was presented all wrist watch by the congregation ] I ist Women. . Tic teio, members, and one .visitor of'tlie ^ecbA4 u BiiplUl' tliurch 1 Wo'-' Missionary society met with '''~ [lies'Ward. Evnlyn Emerscn Uarlton nni1 tne Jf> «' lsl1 Ladies Aid socltty, - •---'- ' al the Cannkuh program Sunday iindjToinpklns, Ell/ubeth Doyle. Sheriff W. .W. Shaver will return! wcathcrsuy and Mackle Siniih, who tomrrrow. from a orlef business tilp urc aitcuding Ihe district agrlcul- to LltllE'Rock:> - - tural Wlrt mechanical college at Mrs L s. Flrlscoeand daughter. | joncsboro; Joe Rhodes Jr., who Is Miss Lillian, arc spending today in. „ fleslmlllll nn(1 Jchn Kelscr who Wilson. Mrs. has m^u's Missionary society met with • has arrfvert Mrfi?j Leslie fflo^fe,'!'ft'~tflliday after- ' father, R. H. ' ' ' , nob'n: JoK'a- pro-am on "The In fluerice of-.a '^CiiHstian Life." Mr?. Clyde Hlis'ivas leader. Mesdarhes 'W.-'-M./'Blnylock ami E.-iS. Newsom odered prayers and these making. talks. were: Mesdam;s B.'- : .A. Morris, Leslie Moore, J. H. Parks, W. A. Klines Richards. and J. W. of Flint, Mich., to be with her i of Lnxorn, who Is'frlt.lcnlly ill at' the Biytheville doing p«st .veraity of rnduate work at tin: rkiuisas; Mlss'lPriin- i cl '" lcs ' "°' :DBsl ' liospltal, following an automobile accident a \yeck ago. . • Mrs.. Louis .'Spann ami daughter. : _... . -j- h . . . nnd Hal i University, Memphis; Carl Young Ilt'iiry Patlcrsmi, Washlnslon night The gift wns. in apprec'laliou of his-services In the past year: 1 William Barowsky, president of; the-T«mplc, made the presentation. Lake Street Church Will Have Christmas Tree • < ;i_i :'.•" ' '" V "' The Lake" Sticct ' 'Methodist chm-cli V.-111 hnvc a .Chrlstm.ii trse nnd program Wednesday evening, j f:3C o'clock, at the ch'urch I'rfesljjtcrians 'Have Party the- ^VomAri's tm'iiins to their home in Mutton to ". T e x -: Morris -Nichols, Uiilvcr- ! Valley. Mo... today alter a visit «itir sll 5' o( Tennessee D:iilnl college, j Mr.--rand Mrs. O. AL Morgan ioi'. M _ c m P h ' s; Military Harwell, ! ThV'ad'uirine"mbei-s" I 'or thr- v\r« I Mr.'and Mrs. C. L. Winston, of. Miss Vivian Pilrley. Western Col-j lie aamt. inemwis of the First, S; ,. |}VjiilJ . sp[ . nt n , e vvccl . entl W | t |,!l ci 5c for Women, Oxford, Ohio; 1 •av Init n ! Mr antl Mls - Wi J ' Klir ' x ' ' ^ Iisscs Lucille Welch and Louise j iU Wv.iJ ,,i»Kl Mrs. Allen Walton went to Mem-i Jones. Uaptlst college, Joncsboro; pill:; thl:i aftcrno'jn wl'.i'ie she will' Ely Driver jr., Mississippi Heiyiits spend Chris'.mas with licr daughter Academy, nine Monnt^tn, Miss.; C. j Mrs. Berry B. Brooks jr., nnd Mr. n. Young and E. L. Taliafero, Van- I Urcoks. . ! <)erbilt Uuiveislty. Nashville, Tcnn.; | Mrs. Hugh Driscoll is returning j Miss Virginia Smith, M. S. C. W., I to her licme in Memphis this after-! columbus. Miss.; Mljs Catherine i IKOI-. aftjr a short stay licrc as' n,ig|, C y, Central college, Comvay, j Ihe guest of Ihe A. C. Hull family.! Ar k. I Mrs. Jack B. Shaffer, who accom- • Rend Courier News want nds. the;.Rev.E'ffnd%r's.- Mrirah" M.-'Cnl- laway as henorcd guests. A"-largc Christmas tree, polled plants and winter .flowers decorated-tile social 'raonis where unique^ games were enjoyed. Mr. Callaway acted as muster of ceremonies for "'the'trip on the train" story and other amusements including..^ "mbvje" written and enncted under t.rWdlrectipn gf : MVs. James H. : Brooks. Affe th* serving of delicious refreshments, J. Nick Thoriias pre- Ecrited the'gifts. which adorned the remain through 1 ^SSS panicd her, the holidays. j O. M. Morgan, who was injured! in an autoinobilo accident, live! weeks ago, it improving. ' Mr. and Mrs. Ejiron Bartholomew! -^ .... and two sons, of Memphis, will nr-j tree,-to.Uje!|guests of honor as in- rive tomorrow t» spend the rest of dividual remembrances 'from t hoi the week with Mrs. B:\rtholofew's congregation. .;_. . .-_. . '.rmcnls. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Lang-i ' "' • j don. I Has Slumber Parly Mr. and Mrs. Tom L. Jones, of; Miss Ejrnlce. Hanvell, of Central! Lltt'.j Rock, ivil arrive today for college at -.Conway who is spending the-.holidays with her parents, the several dnys visit with Mrs. Jones'j parents. Mr. und Mrs. L. O. Craf-1 ton, and family T. J. Crowder. of St. Lonis will Rev. and Mrs. Alfred S. Harwell, was the "guest of honor at a slum- berr'party given by Miss Virginia; arrive Wednesday to spciul tlie res: Crafton last evening. it- -"| 0 f t i, c u . ce ii w i t u his family. Refreshments of candies, sand-i Mrs. Victor Orlom, o( Mempliis. wiches and hot chocolate were serv-1 j s the cucsl of, Mr. and Mrs. J. ll. cd. at midnight and n delicious | Roberts and family. breakfast menu refreshed the l>Sf-i Mr. and Mrs. Spurseon Palter-1 ™ Clg • t<Kia: '"' ison, of Birmingham. Ala., -arrived |^ The guests, besides Miss Harwell,! VC sln-.-1nv for -\ visit wif.i rrtativea '. ffi were: Mistes Georgia and Anniej' Mr . n ; ld Mra . J. H. Roberts ard;K.' Loe, Helen Hardin, Delia Piirtle.:^,, ,,.,11 „„ i n Cairo Thin-Mnv n S^ Elmyra Caldwell.and Madge Haw- i^Vr^mas rtSi r^"ih"l | ^ ... . -. „ . ... ...-(...Thomas W. ilillcr. of Hatlics-1 Flowers for Gifts»50c to $3.50 lilooining plmils, such n.s Poin- .-iettins, Cyciiimcn, Christ mas Begonia, K o s o s, Canuitiuns, CalEiululas, SiiKiulrH^ons. Novel- tics in {lower arrangements and baskets. . HEATOiYS HOME 'OF FLOWERS Missionary Sods of. the Yarbro burg, Miss., was here today .jnroulc ' V Methodist church I c;i a school of aviation here Uvo ago. He was the guest of Mr. 1 tar of Ccrir.thians. ' Mrs ' M!!1 '~ r ' er by Mrs. B. / Mrs. W. R. Me Centres" iri K<=the »hlldren. hy Mrs. C. 1 ' ,, T> ., „ ,. _; Mrs. R. d. Bennett and sr,;i. i JJ? 'r.ii!i;ct:d jr.. \v:!l fn (-y Mcmj)his|> . . . ....{tomorrow for Christinas. ii in'the social hour dainty refresh" 1 ThrCC-Year-Old Boy i | menU were served. ; Pneumonia Viclini i J& ' - : r.. . i j fif! Pupils Gifts to Deli Teacher Taken f)y Thief This story should t:,? headed -The meanest man in town." Mrs. :::••• vin^Lane left a large numbc.- ot Christmas gifts and 5:me clothes in r, car in front of the home of her father, J. p. Booker, at Dogwood, last night;. They w?re stolen along \vitir. several quarts cf milk and (•r'cain from- Mr.. Booker^ porch. Th» gifts : had betn given Mrs. Ijsne by students of the Dell school. Billle Jciif!, t'.irce year old Jon ' icf Mr. and Mrs. Troy Jones, dud , |of pneumonia nr the lamily home i I In the 17CO block en West Ash ; street at 8 o'clock this mornir.g. | ! Funeral services will be held lo- , imorron- alterncon at 2 o'clock at ' I the lamily home with the Rcv. ' ' Williams of Gosnell officiatlnB. 'Interment will be made at Maple : Drove ccmclcry. Funeral plans arc • In chsrse of the Coub Uudertak- | jins compar.y.' .." } i 'Tne deceased Is sinvlvcd only Christmas More Enjoyable by Bringing the Family to the HOTEL NOBLE | for a Good Old ^ Fashioned Christmas Dinner g; j§i Sewed 12 lo 2 and 6 to 8 p. m . jf i I his pr.i'cn'.s. RGAI For Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Monday Cranberries, Extra Fancy, Fancy Head 7ic COCOANUTS Large Size 7'/ 2 c Medium Size 5c APPLES Rome Beauty Pound 6c CELERY California Stalk APPLES Ark. Black Pound APPLES Fancy Delicious Pound 100 Size Dozen 150 Size Dozen 200 Size Dozen PEARS Fancy HoweJl ••*-*'*' Pound lOc UNIONS Red, White or Spanish Pound 3c CARROTS or BEETS Bunch 7lc GRAPES Kancy Emperors 'Pound CAULIFLOWER Snow Ball Pound GREEN BEANS Tender Pound •jc&a , Van Camp Ho. 2' Can EGGS Guaranteed Bo/.cn OYSTERS ', Nigger'Head Can .PEACHES Sunny'Smile . No. 2'/i Can BUTTER CHUM SALMON APRICOTS Tiny Tad No. 2 Can MEAL 2'4-Lb. Sack 55 c CANS Blylheyille <\ f%X ~ No. 2 Can 1UC TOTE PIGS TOMATOES CANDY No. 2 Can 3 Cans Chocolate, Cunr Drops or Mixed Pound ' 27c SNOW DRIFT' 3-U. Bucket 53c NIITVI Hra ' zil s- 1.1). 22c; Walnuts, 1J). 29c ilU lOiAlmonds. Lb. 19c; Lgc. Pccaria, U>. JELLO Assorted Flavors 3 Packages Sugar In Cloth Bags 10 Pound Limit PINTO BEANS Pound 5c RICE Fancy Ulue IJose Pound BEEF ROAST Fancy Thick Rib Pound 15c VEALROAST Anv Cut Pound 17iC' I AMR Genuine Spnnff. Leg—U). 30c LrtlUD Shoulder—Pound I;il)l)VS. I'UII Of lirnndy. Pound •C. Very Fancy OYSTERS 1{!lltimore " Mr;l S 1 39c Shoultlcr. Fre.'sh, Whole "tAi^. I'oimcl JL*fr2U Fresh Picked. Full Dressed "ara Kiich a ^ DUCKS ' Fresh Picked. Full Dressed. \ \, Ke ., S1.50. Extra, Ea. Ever-Good Sugar Cured

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