The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1930 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1930
Page 6
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•-PAGE SIX Til.YTMRVIU.K, fAfiK.) (ViHIfTRN THURSDAY, SKPTEMRRH 4, 1930 Midshipmen IloavoHo to Football New Yorker Split with Bos- loti; Macks Drawing! Away From Senators. . ! NEW V'bRK.—The Pittsburgh 1'i- | .-ales' proved a stumbling: block hi .He palh of Hie pennant se^kin^ ] Ohicago Cubs yesterday Leatiii? VM . .Jruins but the Clams wasted r ; •.ood opportunity by dividing ( • ::oublc header with tlic Braves. T.'.e 1 jiants moved up'a half b'^mc or. • he Cubs fis a result o[ the con- i -3StS. ' ' The Athletics won as the Sens-1 iDrs lost and the Ainerlcp.n league .untiiig appeared definitely cinch- .j for trie'Mackmen. A six run rally In t^s si::th iu- Ine sent- the Bucs ahead of the 'Oubs. The Burs batted nround in .\e big Inning and won handily al- lough the Cubs threatened by -Varting out \vith a 5 to 2 lend. . ;ack Wilson failed to get a ruin• but hit three singles. The Bucs . ;ed three pitchers to win. Giants Miss Chaiu-c The New York Giants slipped up . .1 another chance 13 do sonic . mHliy gaining on Hie Cubs by Jl- .ding'witlrthe Boston Braves. Ths ::raves waltzed out hi front In t.ia • :con<l game 11 to 7 utter the Gi- nts had won.the first 5 to 3. MU• icll was the winning pilchei 1 of tin •rst game while Cunningham go: .•edit for .the second. Bill Terry 6°! . iree blngles in the first same but vent scoreless in the second. The Athletics were sis nnd a half jines ahead of Hie second place .ats in the American league chasr esteiday nfler the Nats lost nnd ;Lie Macks won. Th2 Athletics'roil- 3 victory on the pitching ol John 'icus Qulnii, the vetevan, ond on ;lie hitting of recruit outfielder \loore who hit a hoiuer and doti- 'iled with the bases loaded.- The .core of the Macks victory over Jos'.on was 11 to .4. The Yankees finally beat the Senators 10 to 7 to gain th;ir fourth •Lciovy over the Washington'lean: ,n 19 games this season. Dickey vith a homer and two triples, led -.he Yankee batting attack. .Tl« Yanks got to Sad'Sam Jones earlv uid dcove him from the mound .Veils was the 'winning; linrler. PITCHERS SET 1 BRUSHIIS ' G up SPORTS By Laufer The call to arms, legs, headgears a:;d shouSdtr ]>ids lios so;ir.d«l in various fcotball sections of Hie century, and particularly at Unclr Sam's Naval Academy in Annapolis 'IT.? above photo chows A small group ol the 280 candidates who aspiic o play foiball fc T tlic Navy this fall. It Is a tug o'\var—in reverse. Meredith Family of Tackles Send Brother John to Pitt nm YOU-KNOW THAT— j During ihc last big drive of the Cardinals, Frankie . Prlsch .vas laid up with lumbago and Chick Hafey suffered o cracked rib ... A deal is raid to be under way whereby Rogers Hornsby will leave the Cubs . . . The Sunday baseball bill in Pennsylvania would be a blow to the Brooklyn ball team . . . A Chicago golf club Is experimenting with night golf, using a ball . . . Leading bouts that ended in fouls have cost the boxing fans $1,250.000 this year . . . and there's still the Sharkey-Campolo affair ahead . . . The Chinese play football, if ycu must fenow, and one of their test amateur football teams ab:ut to tour the world. . Leaders Get But! lliree Mils and Pelicans j Limited to Same Amount ] ATLANTA, Ga. —The M'.'inphls | Chick: are s'ill Just i; It-am -in"-'- I '4\W4 for the pennant. Carlos Mccrc. Lookout twlrlcr, let the M:-mphLans down with three bin- ;. •jli-s yosterdiiy and the Ixjokmui; • von a hurling duel :i to 2. with Kit I .Yi;;y < n the losing end. j Tiie Pro'.hro aggregation i:; near enough to (he pennant to pack' «iips lor nn iivasion of Texas in | iliy pest season series however and j the hu:ra!r: are scheduled to begin :.'on-unle;s-bnt anything 1 can hap-1 !M-n in baseball. ; The New Orleans Pelicans failed • [o Sain on tl e Chicks however as i Uuniiy Ilearn, Atlanta ace, limited i the IJirds to three hits and no runsj in u tight pitching duel, score 1 I Lo 0. Johnson and Lcc pitched i ;jcod ball for New Orleans but their, ninths failed to .sc:re any inns ior' them. 'fhe Baron? gained ground on the licans by winning over the lowly Mobile Bears, 10 to 4 and 9 to 0. urdy and Hasty crashed homers )i- thJ Barons. 'I ic Little nock Travelers v:w over the Nashville Vols" 1 to 1 due to some excellent pitching on-thr part of Bill Hughes nnd the opportune hitting of his mates. | Hughes limited the Vols to Hirer '• hits. < Garnet Today .Southern League Chattanooga at Memphis. Athuiin at Birmingham. Mobile at New Orleans. Nashville ut Little Roek. OF TR£ WUl&WSS BREWERS ..« 1 American League Cleveland at Chicago. St. Louis al Detroit. Boston at Philadelphia. Washington at New York. National League' New York at Boston. Chicago at Pittsburgh'. Cincinnati at St. Louis. Only games scheduled. WE GIVE You The A's Regular Pltc-lier A sports page is not complete these days without a box score In which appears the name of Crc"n?e Enrnshaw. for George is the Athletics' regular pitcher tills year. You pick up the paper and see the name and wonder, "Didn't Earn- sha\v pitch yesterday, too?" Yes, it happens he did. And the day before that he probably only twirled seven or eight innings in a relief role. One day, during a recent series with Detroit, Earnshaw was knocked out of the box. The next day he came back again ond set the Tigers on their ears. The theory seems to be, "try, try again." Manager Connie Mack, strange to say,'- has been hard-pressed for pitching recently. Walberg is undependable. He can turn in us good a game or as bffd a game as any .twirler in the Trolley League. "GroveMs .great, but he has to be rested. When he pitches too often, blisters form on his pitching fingers. So Mack has called on Earnshaw, and George has responded with much vim and vigor. Fridays. Saturdays, Tuesdays. Wednesdays and Thursdays have become his regular starting days. On Sundays and Mondays he rests up with a couple of innings of relief work, pulling games out of the fire that other twlrlers have put there. Yet some people work for a living! ... Here Comes Hack With injuries afflicting the Cubs' pitching staff during the heat of the final pennant rusrr, Louis Robert Wilson is helping along wonderfully. The little old piano-legged vehicle in center field has become the burden bearer of the Bruin en- The Wrrt Virginia Merediths pn In for fcrtlmll in a biff way anJ jrll-aMifely, i :h;y have a tentlcncy to star :tt ilic Irfl tackle pcsitinn Jchn Mfieilitli, left, promises to lie a !.l:ir licrfurmci 1 at the University of rilUhuifili. His brother, KIRS, IICTIT rltfht, was captain and left tackle at AVc?l, Virginia, wliili- anulhrr brclhc-r. Marion lower right, played tackle anil wa- ra];(atn of thr Marshall (,'ullcs.' eleven. Memphis New Orleans Btiminghnm Atlanta . Chattunooga C5 Little ncek 74 Nashville GO FAIRMONT, W. Va.—Dr. Jock' Sutherland, the "Big Scot" dawr In Pittsburgh, landed him for 111 Pitt Panthers—mid Jocko Is happi- o get Mm. He's just another great- left tackle from the Brady Meredith family of Fairmont. He is John tPanneri Meredith, captain of East ralr- nioiit's prep griddcrs in 1327 nut n star for two seasons at nellc- fonte Acadehiy. Lelt tackles in the Meredith family have teen quite the rage Brother Russell back in 1910 wa- teft tackle at ralrmoiit High. Ti went to West Viiginia and cip tained t'ne undefeated Mountain cers In 1922. That team, tutored b : the rotund Dr. Spears, played : post season gania on tlis coast. Brother Marlon (Cy) Meredit cildn't get the benefits of fcottai: training In high school. He ha< not played a game until he packc;' his traveling bag oft to Marsha' College In 1924. where Brother Rus- Stagg. who voiced this view nbou' Lhc University of Chicago, mnnber, no later than last fall. Something will have to be done about it. Maybe the Tom Thumb architects can work it out. took over the coaching dutlr Co.ich Meredith found a place to: Cy nl left tnrkle In [he firs! gamr He siaye:! r'.ghl there during tour seasons an;l was captain in l,'.s fin al year. Three other brothers. Harper Arch nnd, Hugh, played high schoa' fcotball but only Harper went 01 lo college, where lie nave up the Sam?, lit was ihe smallest of tlie clan and played center. The ot:'.ei two brothers were guards. * In spite of Cnrncsjie Foundntlo dlscloscments, representatives o Carnegie Tech and Plu raadeinan' trips between Pittsburgh and Faiv mont this summer lo bid fo t'lolher John. Pitl is said lo liav 'eld an edge right from the start principally because John wants t become a dentist « .-.en footbali day aie ended and the dental schoo M, Pill looked bcs', to him. Dr.. Sutherland lookb UII.T >.oung Meredith as one of his great si line prospects in years. AXI) HltOUGHT HIM HACK HE: Have any of your family connections ever been traced? SHE: Yes. Ihey Irnccd an uncle of mine lo South America one;.— Faun. Vienna. .455 .521 :42G bile 38 104 .26 xSlamlhiBs of yesterday, American League W. Philadelphia DO Washington 82 New York ...: 15 Jleveiaml 72 Detroit G4 SI. Louis 53 Chicago 51 Boston .44 National l.eajue W. 'Jhicauo New York St. Louis Brooklyn Pittsburgh B:slon Cinciimau Philadelphia KNOWS THE UOl'ES MISTRESS (hiring maul): Are you an educated woman? . APPLICANT: Wei!, ma'am. I Wiis muid in a college boy's fra ^iTnltv house for three years.— Pole-Mele, Paris. FRANK: I was so sorry to hee. 1 of the death of your wife. She was a good woman. FRIEND: She was that, al! right She always hit me with the sol- end of Hie broom.—Answers. 4*«M)-21 TIRE &? ut * °" e °^ *** e man 7 comparison*]! 'J.W* can thoK you at our itorej More Size More Weight More Files at Tread More Rubber Volume Most Miles per Iftollar OI;R TIRE 4.75 m. 16.8O lu. .5f>8 in ^9 plies ' 165 cu. Lu. 96.35 *MAiL ORDER TIRE 4.72 i,,. 15 (ift l>. .55ft in 5 plica M«*O cu. ill. ftft f!5 6 P.I .581 .565 .551 j -.549 | .523: .459' .420 .428 ! i 'SA FUNNY GAME ! "I'm surprised at you. losing you ; temper at bridge!" ! "My dear girl, that was all 11 haci left to lose."—The Humorist. ! TVhen Wishing Won't CLASS1HID Will/ We beat all others svith Greater Tire Values W E HAVE joined witH Firestone lo coop- erulc, nnH take advantage of Ilic luw prices of rubber and cotton-—cnt manufacturing coslb, sales and distributing coat, aotl wilh smaller prufits per lire we give you their new line of i)uu[ily tires at Ihejc low priced* Firestone- lias taken the mystery out of tire buying :iml has furnished ui with aclunl sections not «nly of Firestone tire* but of otliere. Come in and examine them for yourself. Firestone not only cooperates »!lh dealer* Lul cooperates with workmen. Every one of tlic 15,001! wur'smcn in tjie sreat Firestone factories is n atorkholder in ihc company. They back Ine quality of iheir product willi their savings. We back it 'with our unlimited guarantee. We have a department store of sen-ice fop the molorUt, and Bell the complete Firc&toue line of Tires, Tubes, Baneried, Brake Lining, Kims and AceeiworiL-a. Al;o Caroline, Oil* and Lubrication. We can &ave you money and serve you heller. , , People who have seen Pop's teams in recent years will find it hard to Chancery Court, Chlckasawoa Dls- ~ understand ho\v so many six-fooi- Lhree 200-pounders can be so intelligent. Maybe slrcng mliirti ami t!rcug backs go togclher. afler all. semble. He carries the hod and all the other members of the team do the work. • Now he has come to threaten the supremacy of the Bambino. Every, year, of course, somebody comes along to menace the leadership of the Great Man. but Hack looks as though he's going to make it stick. The Mighty One has fallen into a slump, and where a couple of weeks ago it appeared that surely he would crack his mark of 60, hell have to step right along if he hopes to finish the season even up with Mrs. Wilson's boy. Pop Pops Off • Pop Warner, Stanford's great coach, has found something else the matter. He took time off while running the Northwestern Coaching, School recently to offer gloomy views on the future ol athletics al Stanford. It seems that Stanford's entrance requirements are high. You can't get into the school merely on the merits of your game of thrce- cushion billiards 1 . Fop thlriks.smpll entering classes and high requirements may reduce i available . material for the teams particularly the football teams, it 1 sounds as though Pop has been' talking things over with Alonzo A. >xyphann MIND THE "PAQEN115 VU^o MIND AND ITS TH&E FROM THE ^STATION- irlct. Mississippi County. Arkansas Fast Arkansas Lumber Co.. Plaintiff vs NO. 4768 Eliza .Bryant, Hunter, Bryant, and Frank Flagg. Defendant. The defendant. Frank Flagg. is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the cross complaint cf the defendant. Eliza Bryanl. Dated Axig. 21. 1030. \V. \V. HOLLIPETER. Clerk. By Elizabeth Blythe. D. C. >Ncill R«d, Atty Ad Litem • Aug. 21-28. Sept. 4-11. In the Chancery Cour! of t'.ie Chiekasawba District of Mississippi County, Arkansas Mississippi County Building A: Loan Association of Blythevtllc, Ark.. Plaintiff. vs. No. 4709 Tress McBride. i?t als. Defendants The miner defendant. Mary Am McUride, is warned to appear ir Ibis court within thirty days and 'answer the complaint of ;hc plain tiff. Mississippi County Bulldm; .S Loan Asscclation of Blythcvllle ' Arkansas. I Witness my hand, as clerk o 'said court, and the seal thereof ion this, tie 21st day of Augusi 11930. W. W. HOLLIPETER. Clork. By Harvey Morris D. C. 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