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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri • Page 12

St. Louis, Missouri
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Box E-224. Post-Dispatch IcM LABOR NOVICES EDGEMAKERS AND HEELWORKERS' LOCAL 30 Important himlnAU meeting Wednesday, June 17. 8 n. m. 2714 Olive every member be on hand.

GRANT SMITH. Fin. United Shoe Workers of America. (2) AGENTS WANTED AGENTS Men. with patentable idea.

wr; Randolph patent solicitor. Wash-lngton. D. C- igi PORTRAIT MEN Agent, experienced; 10O per cent commission. 81S X.

tith. (c3l PARTNERS ANTED PARTNER Wtd. To invest in a well-paying established business; answer at once. A-22, Post-Dispatch. tc3) PARTNER Wtd.

For well paying airdome: third interest, or take active, cart: price Box G-140, Post-Dispatch. nu 1 With small capital, handle your own money: 100 per cent profit and quick returns. Call Central 932. between and 10. J.

W. Mendel. PARTNER YVtd. Unencumbered. middD-aged lady or gentleman with means, to loin lady, same age, who owns ground.

In building home where they can enjoy life in their de-cllnlng years. Box N-277. Post-Dispatch, ill CANVASSERS AND SCLiCITORS CANVASSERS Sell curtains, rugs, spreads, clocks, vacuum cleaners, easy pay-mcnts. Locus st. (2i MAN Mairied.

to solicit collect; furnish bond. Box G-80, Post-Dls. must c) good (o HOLICITORS House-to-house article: money to hustlers. 81S (ith. SOLICITORS Several, for citv and call 8:15 a.

m. Monday. 402 Benoist il) SOLICITORS Either sex. nothing to sell. money every night: call after 5 o.

m. Crescent Hotel. 2Sth and Locust, room ti. A. L.

tlatau. OLICHOHS Good, wide-awake, hustling so licitors to represent us in this territory: we sell the best line of household specialties to be had. direct to the customer on the easy payment plan. C. F.

Adams M0 olive room 3u2. 4 1 SALESMEN WANTED SALESMAN Experienced in shoes. Uans- (cj Stevens Mercantile 814 Lucas. SALESMAN Experienced, with lumber or ioofiug experience preferred. Call at Ford Mfg.

13QU N. Main. (ci b.iLES.lE. Two live wire for ciiy and country; $25 to iO easily earned; call before lo and after 3. 31V Kinloch Bl.ig.

ii SALESMEN Experienced grocers' specialt to sen flavoring extracts on commission Western States. Mr. Schanz. Box 33. Colorado Springs.

Colo. (H) SAi.c,oM EN To sell gas irons on easy payment plan, no money reouired at time of order or delivery: sample furnished without cost; car tare and liberal commission. can between 8 and 10 a. ru. 1017 Olive sc.

T. W. logan. (c8i SALESMEN We want 10O. good; and wom-' en: in every town, village, city, to sell our Pol pin Remedy, Reg.

U. S. P. V. and other luO per cent profit; call or write Bubenik Ctiem.

Mfg. 1237 N. Taylor: office hours, 10 a. p. 7:30 p.

m. to 9 p. daily. (cl SALESMEN Foreign corporation opening Southern territory wants 5 high-grade specialty salesmen to handle the finest and best selling advertising proposition ever introduced direct to exclusive mercantile concerns; this is not a sine line; applicants must be educated, aggressive and clean-cut in every particular. Inquire Jefferson Hotel, Wednesday.

10 to 2. B. H. Sales Co. (c2) i hHOi.

eNu oi FIREMEN, brakemen; 5120: free signal instruction. Send age. postage. Railway Box 109, Post-Dispatch. i5u'i BE A DEaECITvE Earn 15ii to par month; travel over the world.

Write Supt. Ludwig. 642 Westover Kansas Citv. Mo. (c8i IOSTOFPTCE clerk-carrier "exams" soon, prepare now; write today for free booklet.

P-14. P'atterson Civil Service School, Rochester, N. Y. (35) TELEGRAPHING Become telegraph operators; day and evening clashes; officials. 183U Railway Exchange, over Famous-Barr's.

2) i.iARN hairaressing best season to begin; wnite students only; only scnool in St. Louis conducted by owner; catalogue free; call or write. St. Louis School of Halr-cressing. titn and Chestnut.

(3) MoTOKM EN -CONDUCTORS lnlerurbahj. earn J-0 monthly; state age; expeiienee unnecessary; qualify no: application, detaus free. Box A-200, Post-Diia'ch. (ca I 1 WANT a few men to learn to De barbers. This is worth better than $15 weekly to I teach the work free by practice.

My system gives more experience in one week than by the old method in one year. This may change your entire future. Call or write at once. A. B.

Moler. Prop. Moler Barber College. 808Vj N. Bth St.

Louis (4) LADIES Elderly or young, to learn hair-dressing and kindred trades; if you are earning less than $18 weekly, see us; we offer the highest degree of proficiency obtainable; our junior department makes rood hairdressers, and our senior department makes good hairdressers better. We plac cur graduates. Can earn while learning. Call or write Moler College. 808 N.

tith st. (4) HELP WANTED FEMALE BAG SEWERS Experienced on either cottons or burlaps; steady work. Fulton Barf and cotton Mills. B12 S. 7th st.

(cSi bOUh.iiiiLi'i.K And stenographer, to man age ofllce; opportunity to connect permanently; must invest $1000 or more. Box W-259, Post-Dispatch. (2i Colored bring references, p. m. 1Q5 Washington.

Applv after COOK References required, ster. Westmln- (c COOK White woman as plain cook; work in kitchen. 3533 Bell. general (C COOK Experienced; white woman; month, in restaurant; call at once. Bell.

$45 3533 (Cl licjiu-SbittAfult Apply today and Mon day: toilet vouiIh for nenarrmenr. Kirim' Jewish girl preferred; no experience noced-sary. Apply 2901 Barrett gt. (clj DiSH ASliEP. Windsor.

DISHWASHER For restaurant. 4919 Del- mar. CoOK Good wages. Aim' 4U54 Lindell. (ci FINISHERS Experienced on custom pants; 'i" up- can ivi od, room 3Q4.

(Zi l'ORELAU. Wanted, experienced foreladv for skirt factory. AddIv Schoenhrun Skirt Co lihl Washington, 7tb floor. (c3i GIRIj To- work in taurant. Vandeventer and Boyle.

GIRL For soda fountain. Olive. Drug store. 3601 GIRL Smart girl, who understands gro-cery business, 5S05 Delmar. GIRL Neat, white, about 15, to assist with housework; good home.

4926 Labadie. (cl GIRL Young; Piles. to help with housework. 353.1 (C GIRLS-Seyeral good giris of 16 for factory worn; per week. 200O Mu annhv.

GIKLfc Experienced, to patch bags. Louis Bag and-Burlap tip Dock. St. 'ci GIRLS -To work on floor. St.

Louis Bag and Burlap 60 Dock st. GIRLS Several, bright. for stock work; must write legible hand. Apply Bedell Co tn anq astungton. (ci GIRL.

Experienced, for tent and awnin works. Apply Acme Tent and Awning 10th and North Market. (ci LrlRL Bright young, io assist in must be ccurate at figures. Box Post-Plsratch. otf ice; K-23K.

lei) GlKLS-Experienced, to do plain sewine on power machines: also girls with experience on union special machine. Call ready for work. FTellch Suit and Skirt southwest corner 14th and Locust; take elevator to 8th HoUSEGIRL For general housework-washing; apply 3638 Cleveland. HOUSEGIRL Good. 1922 St.

Louis. for general housework. LOST AND FOUND "lost' MARE Lost, small brown mart. Sunday morning. 370O 1.A Sailo.

MESH BAG Lost; stiver; Sunday afternoon, on Hodlamont car. Please return to 4i Maple, or caii Cabany reward. (c) MESH BAG Lost. Sunday afternoon, on Union car a-oinn north; return lJOO H-bert, receive reward. MLfH hAti Lost, containing money ana receipts, on Cherokee car.

Return to Mrs. LeekT. 707 Irr.l. reward. M'jSEY-Lom, In vicinity 14th and MallincKrodt Thursday evening, reward.

UrS Title Ouarantee. MONEY Lost; 5 gold piece, in vicinity lower Oi-oe and Folsom. reward. Return 3411A Marcuh HI NO Lost; Sunday. Return to 4t'74 Magnolia.

it Crystal Is'at. ui'KKA GLASSES Lost, oua pair aiumi- num. at Forest Park. 616 S. 4th.

FEARL ROSARY Lost: scapular medal attached, on Grand avenue car; reward If returned to S. Grand. (' P1C1URES Ixist. and troiiey ride tickets, Sunday evening, tn Reservoir Park. Re turn 4xi2A Evans.

PIN Lost, gold bar, initial B. Central 20 reward. Phone (21 PIN Lost, Saturday evening, between Euclid and Mcpherson, and Oelmar Theater, diamond bar pin. 4 diamonds; safety catch; lit eral reward. Phone Oelmar 45, or Forest yoil tc-'i) PoCKETROOK Lost; at Valley Park: return to Or.

Friar. Central 87i3R; reward. 312 N. Grand. RING Lost.

Sunday. King's highway; coral cameo fretting; reward. Forest M15R. tct RuSARl Lost, amber, on Goodfellow. between Von Versen and Mpie; please re-tu.

a co 572s Von Versen av. Si'lCKi'iN lst. and tie. on Virginia, between Chippewa and Meramec, Sunday night, reward. S.

Compton. (ci iMii.ivi i.s Lost, small diamond setting, on Market or Grand cars, or at Forest Park Highlands; reward. Harding. 4203 Juniata St. STRAW HAT Lost.

Milan. Sunday, insid-i initials S. with Masonic emblem. Return Sunday. Schultz.

141t Franklin; reward. SLTl' CASE Lost, small yellow, lelt on Grand car. Saturday noon. Finder please return to J. M.

Love, 37oA Sullivan av. city, ani receive reward. UMBRELLA Lost; lady's: silk: gold-plated top; initials M. Z. reward.

1636 Texas. -1 bKcLLA Lust, gold, pearl handle (initial W. L. to C. in Meramec Highlands, Sunday morning, at boat landing; liberal reward if returned to 455tlB Oak-landav.

WATCH Lost, Sunday, gold watch and fob. O'Fallon Park ball grounds; reward. 2107 N. loth. WATCH CHAIN Lost; watch chain and Interstate Association fob; liberal reward W.

S. Spencor. 4till Page. (ci WATCH Lost. Saturday: lady's, gold; initials A.

R. downtown, Olive or Taylor cars: reward. Grand 2iOt5. 4S)2S Berthol 1. WATCH Lost; gold; on Wellston, Broadway or Baden car.

Sunday: initials E. O. C. on case: liberal reward, return to 1452A Cnodfcilow. Delmar 3743R.

FOUND BAG Found: siik: Wellston car. Lost ana ound Bureau. Post-uispatch lOG found, bob tailed bull; license No. William Shaw. 107 N.

Jefferson. KING Found, on Von Versen and Academy; child's gold with ruby. Inquire for same of finder at Post-Dispatch Lost and Found Bureau. Ui FOUND BY POLICE. BOX Containing peas, found Lafayette and Grand; awaiting owner at Seventh District.

BOX Containing malted milk, found Main and Plum; awaiting owner at Central District. BAGGAGE CHECKS -Two. found ISth and Market: awaiting owner at Twelfth District. BICYCLE Found in front of 1151-Union owner at Twelfth District. PAWN TICKET Found at C.7(1 S.

Broadway; awaiting owner at above number. KEYS Yaie. found Jefferson and Chippewa; awaiting owner at Second District. KEYS Nine, found Suburban tracks and Morgan: awaiting owner at Tenth District. FOUND AT UNION STATION.


PACKAGE, PILLOW. SUIT. BOX Awaitirttr ner st hieeaee room. PLOfMENT WANTEP swtti uuulk ij iiHtt. itunceti.

publisher 's option. IGc line: minimum ones. JMALE ARCHITECUTRAL DRAFTSMAN Sit. by-experienced: Si years' experience; neat and accurate: well posted in ail branches; can furnish samples and very best of ref-erences. Box B-130.

Post Disa'cn. t2) BArvcri- second or third, hand. 144 S. Uth. Biank, iTj BARlENuiiR speaks German, English; sober, willing to do porter work: first-class references.

Box B-72. Post-Dispatch. ill Bo.l 17, would like work any kind; Deimar 3S14L. references BOY Strong. Is years old.

would like work of any kind. Box B-227, Post-Dls. (2) Bui oftice work: helping support family; aged 16; good schooling. Benton EiR. (li boiLEH experienced young colored house, dining room, yard or auto.

Rob ert. Bomont 304. 3211 Lawton; citv refs CARPE.N1EK good at any kind of work; 25c per hour. Box G-144. (2i CH.ii.i- or chef-steward wants sit.

in a hrst-class club, hotel or cafe: I ain a sober reliable white man, 34 years of age, 13 years' experience in leading kitchens; best of references. Hox B-lu. tli CHAUFFEUR Sit. by young colored, light delivery uuck; or private car Lindell 2583. CHAL b'b EL.

Sit. experienced; colored; careful driver; outside work; references. Gordon. S18 N. 23d.

,31 Lrut.r cuoa by young colored; in small hotel or country club. Ed. Low-ell, Bomont 1145. CoLLEOiuR Sit. by married man.

38 years, or work of any kind; well acquainted with city. dpi --xo. i-ost-i-nspatcn. COMPOSITOR Sit. by sober, reliable com- positor; can read proof.

Box N-176. COOK n. by experienced colored cook, fine boarding house: references. Bomont CoLPLE Sit. by middle-aged couple; would like to care for flat for summer months while parties are away; good references.

724 Garrison. ENGINEER Sit. by licensed, stationary or hoisting engineer; 25 years' experience. F. M.

Grayson. JO'S Moiilmerv st. 121 GKOCEKi CLERK with bar experi ence; German: single: best references. Box B-274. Post-Dispatch.

111 HARDWARE MAN 4 years' experience, both wholesale and retail; best refsr-ence. E. .1. 3340 A 3. Grand.

(21 HOUSEMAN for fcood city references. general housework; Box N-158, HOUSEMAN Sit. bv colored; well enced in all kinds of housework. experi-Llndell aT IN ISTS Two. experienced, looking for tool room work or aJlrouad repair work Box T-18t).

Post-Dispatch Ui MAN Wants employment of anv kind. F. (21 Daniels. 45iO Gibson. MAN Sit.

by settled colored; house, or carpenter work. 2711 A Laclede. yard MAN Sit young. 20, as clerk or salesman. Box Post-Dispatch.

MAN Sit. has two sot a. by young; as carpenter helper, years" experience. 4330 Minne- (2) high school Box N-149, (3 MAN general office work: graduate; 1 year's experience. Post-Dispatch.

MAN Sit. by middle-aged: ateady ber; would like good lob as 1an give good references, lllfl Sth and so-tor, can MAN Sit. by young, thoroughly experienced in retail business: claim adjuster, tracer, office work and system; can furnish Al ref-e: e-ices Box N-i4. Post-Dispatch ma.n tit. bv young, white.

22 years old, 6 years experience allround housework. Inside and outside work: wants place in private family, out of city. Box N-275. Post- Plspatch. (2 1 MAN Sit.

by young man who has been studying law for 3 years, wants a place In some law office, willing to work for small salary; can give good references. Address W. 1300 St. Louis East St. Louis.

Ill MECHANIC Would like to hear from a firm that wants a good sheet metal mechanic and an allround machine shop man; can take position as foreman. Box K-164. NIGHT WATCHMAN A-l reference, il. 3251 Knapp at. Of MAN Sit.

by salesman, with broad allround experience, wants to connect with live concern, 10 years with one firm, in varied managerial and selling capacities. If you want a dependable result getter. Inter-rtew me Box N-H2. PAINTER Wants nrFt-clai-a. 210 work, by nth.

contract rork; PAINTER hlgn work preferred; no bad habits: call Bomont 140. ask for painter. PAINTER Sit. by good second hand: sober" reliable; references. Ed Moore.

8233 Idaho. PAPER 1552. HANGER f5rst-cl Forest PATTERN MAKER Want work. 14. Fort-Ptsr-atrh.

Box (4i ro FIND WAS IT IN 6T. LOUIS AT NOOK? Jnne. 1BU. 1913. 1013.

191. 14 75 81 8' 15. 83- 78 S7 78 xy 90 17 88 62 92 IS 86 67 62 18 fcO 67 93 86 75 0 JUXB 15 THOBGHT. 1 As love Is the life of faith, ro with the Increase of love faith Increases. Even from man toward man, faith and love grow together.

The more we love the more we understand, and the more we trust one another. Dr. Pusey. Try a S-Tlme AO Call up tha POST-DISPATCH. Olive 6600 Central Tour credit la good If vou rent a phone.

AT heath, notices, first 8 line or lent. $1' tacit extra, uie lie. meniorianus. too tine UKNU Lntered Into rest on Sutv day, June 14, 1914, at p. Emma fc.

Benda tnee dearly beloved wire of Frank E. Benda and dear mother of Kdward F. Benda, our dear daughter, daugnter-in-law, sister and sister-in-law at the age of 24 years li months and Funeral from -family residence, 3L21 Arsenal street, on Wednesday, June It, 1914, at 2 p. to St. Matthew's cemetery.

HOICIIMKH Entered Into rest Sunday. June 14. 1914, at 12:15 William H- Boehmer, beloved husband of Anna Boehmer (nee Beck-mann). dear father of Estella, Arthur and Edna Boehmer, son of Minnie Boehmer and the late Herman Boehmer, and our dear brother, brother-in-law. son-in-law and uncle, at the age of 40 years 7 months and 3 dlFuncral on Wednesday.

June 17. at ii from residence, 3338 Indiana avenue, to New Bicker Cemetery. Motor. Deceased was a member or Beer Drivers and Stablemen's Reliet Association, Lemp's Belief Association, and St. Louis Camp No.

6, w. O. W. On Friday, June 12, 1014. at 8:15 p.

Gerhard Bruen-ing, dearly beloved husband of Mary Bruening (nee Schellert). dear father of Kathlaln Kottenstette (nee Bruening), Herman Bruening. Mary lleningfeld (nee Bruening), Elizabeth Mathues (nee Bruening). Joseph. Frank and Frederick Bruening, after a lingering illness, aged S3 years.

Funeral will take place Wednesday. June 17, at 9 a. from residence, 522 North Jefferson avenue, to St. Augustine's Church, thence to Cal-varv Cemetery. Relatives and friends invited.

(cl) DKPPE Entered into rest on Sunday, June 14, 1914, at 4 p. Caroline Deppe (nee Henkel), relict of Louis Deppe, and dearly beloved mother of Helen Clucas (nee Deppe), Bouts and Walter Deppe, mother-in-law of I. II. Clucas, and dear grandmother. Funeral will take place on 16.

at 9:30 a. from family- residence, 4478 Laclede avenue, to Bethany Cemetery. (c) EGESnOEHFER Entered into rest on Sunday, June 14, 1914, at 6:30 p. Rudolph Egendoerfer, beloved husband of Meta Egendoerfer (nee Bosohen). and our dear son, brother, brother-in-law and uncle, after a lingering illness, at the age of 43 years.

Funeral Wednesday, June 17. at 8:30 a. from family residence, 4156 Lotjtis avenue, to Holy Ghost thence to New Bethlehem (c2) KIMCK On Saturday, June 13, 1914, at p. Conrad Finke, aged 52 years, dearly beloved husband of Louisa Finke (nee Schuerrnann), and father of Alma and Lena Finke and Mrs. Alfred Grosse, and our dear father-in-law, grandfather, brother and brother-in-law.

Funeral Tuesday, June 16, at 2 p. from residence, 42B2A Clarence avenue, to St, Peter's Cemetery. (1) HAfKSIAXN On Monday, June 15, 1914, at 12:30 a. John H. Hack-mann, aged 35 years, dearly beloved husband of Mamie Hackmann (nee Riebley), and our dear father, brother and brother-in-law.

Funeral Wednesday, June 17, at 1:30 p. from residence. 2808 Dodier street, to Evangelical Lutheran Zlon's Church, Twenty-first and Benton streets. Relatives and friends are Invited. (2) IIII.K Entered into rest Monday, June 15, 1914.

at 9 a. Harvey A. Halle, beloved husband of Maud Haile (nee Duffy), and fathen of Harvey, Mrs. Sadie Locy, James, Laura and Roy Haile. and our dear brother and brother-in-law.

Funeral from family residence, 3690 Ijiclede avenue, on Wednesday, June 17. at 8:30 a. to St. Francis Xavl-er's Church, thence to Calvary Cemetery. Deceased was a member of Terminal Camp No.

234. W. O. and T. A.

Steamfitters' Union, Local No 662. (C2) HK1DEMAN Entered into rest Saturday, June 13. 1914, Elizabeth Heideman, beloved wife of John H. Heideman, dear mother of Minnie I'elts (nee Heideman). Edna Feuerer nee Heideman), Harry and Laverne Heideman, and dear daughter of Mrs.

Christina Talleur, dear sister of Frederick Talleur, In her fifty-first year. Funeral from funeral chapel of William Ambruster, 4234 Manchester avenue, Tuesday. June 16, at 2 p. m. Motor.

Deceased was a member of IWty Ross Council No. 7, Daughters of America, (C) HI XT Entered into rest on Sundav, June 14. 1914. at 2 p. m.

William Hunt, beloved husband of Julia Hunt (nee Fahne dear father of William I Ella and Frank Hunt, and our dear brother, brother-in-law, uncle and grandfather, at the age of 61 years 6 months and 9 day. Funeral on Wednesday, June 17, at from residence. 3524 South Jefferson avenue, to New St. Marcus Motor. Deceased was a member of Compton Hill Council No 55, Arcanum.

(c2) On Sunday. June 14. 1914. at "2:15 p. William H.

UnKe, he-ved son of Anna Collins (nee Ed-mls), our dear brother and broth-'n-law, after a short Illness, at the i of 3 years 7 months and IS days unriai lurniltl.t, June in. at 2 from family residence. i'R0) 'nrth Fourteenth street. ic l.RVIS On Sunday. June 14.

1914 at 10 p. Matilda Lev-is, dear sister of Mrs. Martin Trepp and Max Levis. Funeral on Tuesday. Jun- 16, at 9 30 a.

m. from residence of Mrs. Martin Trepp, 4134 McPherson. Interment prl-v- (c) 5'rtARTHT On Sunday. Jure 14 1914.

at 1:15 a. Margaret McCarthv dearly beloved daughter of Thomas arid Henrietta McCarthy (nee Bergman) and f-ur dear sister, aged 6 years 11 months i days. Funeral will taka plac on Tuesday, June 13, at 8:30 a. m. from family resi-drnce, 4V.SC Allemanla avenue, to SS Peter and Paul's Cemeterv.

Friends and rrlatlves Invited to attend. "AHEH On Saturday. June 13. 1914. at.

5:15 p. Lawrence M. Maher, beloved husband of Catherine Moran Maher. beloved 0n of Martin Maher and tha late Mary Maher (nee Rvanl, of Jmes, John. Thomas and Ella Maher, Mrs.

G. A. Dooley and the it Joseph Maher. Funeral Tuesday. June 1.

at :30 a from residence. 3678 Finney t0r- Church, tt enea to Calvary Cemetery. (C) 12 BUSINESS FOR SALE DRUG STORI3 For sale: best located ar4 beet paying- in city: central; big comer; good lease. Box B-2T3. GROCERY Small: at a bargain.

21 S. lis? GROCERY AND MARKET Doing good oTT ln huslMu- no mmntlllAn 1 1 it ilton. -lil nuitli pear cnion station; good traa-Blent trade; latest improvement. Call address 1714 Chestnut St. ICE CREAM PARLOR Confectionery" gars and watermelons: the onlv watermelon garden In the world; across the stret-from the Brown- baseball park.

3oot Grand av. LUN CH ROOM For sale, on account of 5QS Paxry. MARKET And grocery ttore; good stand" 821 Clarendon. i- a i A X'T 3(18 Cheatnut IS RiS i A URANT For sale. U5 rlnr-e for muck sale; terms.

RESTAURANT And lunchroom: on Broadway: must ell this week. Phona Sldnwy 2844W. RESTAURANT For saie. with larg lr. Ing room: cheap; good place for maa and wife.

709 X. Compton av. jlt HoUSE Cheap, reason, leavir city Qllve; ROOMING AND BOARDING HOUSE FuT good no agents, ForeM l'Xmty' ROOMING HOUSE 12 rooms; easy term; fine location. 3416 Washington. SAIyOON" Cheap; good business.

Box G-26H" TAILOR ill iP Good stand; mini be at once g'T9 l.afavette. rj TJIUiR SKOP 1-or sale, well estabiim In a good location, at very reasonable Solid aoate. 10c lins. exceot automatriltt. licudes.

boats, cameras, launches, mqtor-iwles. store and offic fixtures. 15c Uns; n. 2 linrs ii FOR SALE A BEAUTIFUL wedding or graduation 1ft; a fine watch or genuine tViamona; spiendil bargains. Loftis Bros C.V..

The Natiunal Credit Jewelers, 2d floor, fttfi X. 6th. (c2i FERNS For sale; selling out Terns, retail and wholes tie pricey 232S Hebert st NEW city map, Just out. shoving rout uf every car line: every street indexed and Cumbered; prepaid. 25c.

Foster. 410 Wadii-incton av cm Ci i- uQLik -vW BEDROOM SET For sale, nne. irt-si wardrobes, chiffoniers, sldetHiards and leather-seat dining chairs, rugs. ciVaap; r.o dea ets. leaving city.

29i'4 Easiou. La. iKuuil Stl For saie. line. ar.J felt mattress, gents' wardrobe.

aKk ner, chitfonier, new velvet rug. Kitchen tine gas range, clock, oil shade; leang cliy: no dealers. 4 S. Ewlng. LEDS Beautiful brass; Axuunsier ru.

ilaienetie, bookcase, library taole. player-piano, parlor suite, rcckers. die f-strs. hi ion. ere, chilforobe, btill'et.

cnina cabinoL exiension table, chairs, pointings, arapr- j. cheap. 4162 Mcl'herson av. (if UE1S Almost new. beautiful brass and Vernis-Martin beds, dressers, ctiiitonlers, dressing table, chifforobe, leather davenetle.

beaulilul rugs, fine player-piano, library table, handsome genuine leather mahogany parlor suite, rockers, elegant dining furniture, sell separately; a chance to pet some heautiiul furniture cheap; call immediately; house for sale. 4213 asiiington. i'i iAiA tuttli to! sale. eiesn( c. rnalioginy bookcase, reasonable.

41--1 Arsenal. Cul'CH For sale: leather; dining bullet; good us new; cheap. Pncrne ic I- liN 11 L'KE For sale for storage ti ann, I lie' lres-seis. 2 5t): ir-n beds T. ttiuM.1.

2'il Franklin i 1 ri.VI 11'IiE For sale dining roonl and two rugs; price reasonable; call Lin deli I KM'I'L'RE 1 4o sideboard buffet. 1 i.Wi Brussels rug. $12; 1 $30 davenp'itj 1 15 bed complete, 10. 2017 S. Jeifeison.

i2f FuRNliUKE Foi' sale, paitor Uililittb ieii.i. bedroom and rugs, Spunish leather 1 etrlge: ators. Bissei's Bweepers: vc-ry-thing the bet and latest; uted only a months; no oiler refused. Call at one. 4il4 U-'iiar bl 14 GAS RANGE For sale.

Garland; party lea- ing city. 4451A Anderson GAS RANGE For sale; Quick Meal; guci as new; cheap. 1111 S. Newstad OAS RANGES For sale, for spot cash, 50 to select from; $2 and up; also all kinds of household goods. Oliver Hajst Auction 2(Ki7 to 2Q11 Morgan St.

CcSM; huLnEhtiUi FURNITURE For sale: books, at a sacrifice; call quick. J11! Dillon. HOUSEHOLD GOODS For sale; at greail reduced prices; in fact, we ar offering: goods at price we know will not be duplicated again for a long time, what Is our loss is somebody' gain; bedroom suites, consisting of dresser, chiffonier and bedsievl. all iron springs. good moss mattress.

$3. 6-piece parlor suit, 2(1; centsf table. 85c; Brussels room rug. $ri i0; llhrx-ry suit of 3 pieces, table, chair and rockor, Morris chairs. $4 15; comfort cbsir and rockers.

$3.6. combination bookcase and desk. $7.75: davenports, oak, mahogany or tarly English. upright folding beds. is40.

French plate mirror. mantie folding beds. $3.25, 4-burner gaa range. Hi: 3 loom complete, $5 per montn. The vVhif Front Economy Store, walKer rurnnum s.

e. cor. 12th and Walnut sts. r5i ICEBOX For sale: small: cheap. 3519 Ca OVERSTOCKED in ua ranges and refrigerator, bras beds.

ruga, table, a long a they last, here' your to buv a bargain. 2132 Franklin av. (cH OVERSTOCKED In gas ranges; compit, connected: guaranteed perfect; deliver! C. O. D.

to all part of city. 30 days' tnur; if not suited, money refunded: bargains. 2luJ Franklin av. (51 RUGS Almost new. handxome Axminater and velvet rugs; 'also household good.

cheap: Immediately. 4213 Washington, RUGS, carpet, linoleum nw anil fiigm. used; bargains for everybody. Globe Carpet Cleaning 2o24 Olive. Central Bomont 852.

(51 WARDROBE For sale; sideboard, closet, 6 dining room chairs; must be sold this week; closing my home. Call 5212 Ray- mond. OUR Plan makes it eaay to nav nice tatil silverware; bargain in dlmonda r. I watche. Loftl Bros.

Sc th Credit Jewelers, 2d floor. 3(W 61 h. FOR SALE Kew and Slightly-used Eurniture Also a large lot roller-top desks greatly reduced prices; we pay no rent and that means a great saving to you; before buyinf call and see and be convinced. EDW. A.

LAXGAN FURNITURE 2H Morgan cli "ousehold Goods lor Sale. Wa are In the low rent district and thl means a saving to you. We have tarns variety of slightly used furniture which wnl MISCELLAiilEOUS WANTS CASH REGISTER Wtd National. Fhoni Tylar 515; Central nil. CLOIHINg PxiO men auits.

overcoj. and ladles' dresses, for shipments; pa $15 suit. Del. 865. For.

767. J. Gaiber. 4-' Page. lci CLOTHING Wtd.

Highest price paid cajit-off overcoat, auit. pan's. or call at atorn. Yatkemaa. 23uW Market: C- tral 74 Bomont 1954 IC CLOTHING Cast-off.

bought, men' suit. 5 up. ladles' suits and dresses your price. OUv 82SW. Central W398L 1407 Riddle t.

'-2- C'ROCHET LACE For aale; and Inser'ion. for curtains; must be aeen to be appr'Ci- ated. 3f72 Wyoming i- DRESS MAKER FORM For sale; on tn; site 42. 3972 'SI CAST-OFF CLOTHING Wtd. Will tn hla-hest prlca.

Xesaenfeld. 2824, Phone Bomont 3021 or call at store Zt ANIMALS WANTED DEAD ANIMALS Wtd $1 for a horse row. Phona a 1 once. ColfaT 1m2. irf FOR SALE D0O9 For sals thoroughbred Newfounl-lnd Hugo Jerealaw.

Neoellton La (11 DOG For sale. male. Scotch coilie, tror-oughbred: $25. 81S1 Wetmsnter. Cabanr 417.

Delmar 811. BUILDING MAIERIAU ROOFING HATDEN PLATE CO Scion LOCUST. 6LA1E AND TILE ROOF rKPAIRlNG tc FOR'SvALE 1 mi WANTED V. I i wli: call and give It a fair inspection. vYtu arrange with you-with atisiactory irm if you have any furniture to exchange, ring Olive 4579 or Central 6227R- RHfrleraior.

4-hole gas range. cooking sto-. 11.95; range. kitchen cabinets. and sideboard, worth $30.

now st buffets. $13.50. in any finish; dinln room extension table. $8.45. in ny nnlri.

chair. 75c; square dining tables. coin closst. Iron beds. $2 45; springs.

-'-mattresses. rug. 9x12. 5.b5. and host of other Items equally low In WALKER-ARMSTRONG HoUSE FURN.

vCY. Qpp Public Library. 13Q6 ELP WANTED FEMALE HOUSEGIRL For housework cooking; no washing; good and Pla' wages. 41d2 Cleveland av. rL, i housework; cook Inc.

no laundry; iamiu Apartment, 3ul Lindell HOUSEKEEPER Sit. by elderly iaiy; for widower. Peck. HOUSEKEEPER With husband. chil-rent dren; tn rnrm Tor rOOmiUK free.

71" X. Garrison. HOUSEMAID Experienced; German pre-1) ferred. 6Q vajideventer pi. 1 with HOUSEWOMAN Middle-agea.

10 -V housework and child; reiermw HOUSE VS OMAN Honest, reliaoie general housework; email Utah pi. 1. general housework; with plain ramity. no imusewuii, ti, lV wash i nj ling; wages Jib; reierencea i G-Z6 i. JOB PRESa p'EEDEri.

Not 2d JOB PRESS FEEDERS Experienced. Stein- wender fe Stoffregen. pruduti LACER Experienced: and carton marKer erthimer-facnwartz onoe Papin. in nmto RtnrA a bALll A OUI1K lO saleslady and some clerical work; must speak German. lt07 S.

Broadway. tci LAUNDRESS Apply at once. 522U Von Vpr-vn (C.I Li -White, experienced. 4490 clede a v. LA UNDRESS Must be first-class, place.

Delmar 322J. 53-0 Maple. steady (CI LAUNDRESS Must be good ironer. Tuesday. 5235 Cates.

Forest 5803. La ui call Chouteau car. 49t4 Botanical; take icll LAUNDRESS Two days, steady, all around; come prepared for work. year 5203 ernon. NURSE GIRL 1107 S.

7th St. NLRbEOIKL And to housework. 3(5 Flora assist bl. with light NURE Experienced wniie child. 2 year; best references.

i9o Rerun, first floor. west. OPERA luHa lnorougniy experienced on children dresses. Jungman-Landecker Co. tth floor.

923 Washington. cl OPERATORS Experienced, on house dresses and aprons. Apply American Petticoat 615 N. 9th. 4th floor.

jci Experienced, on Singer sieev-fng machine on men's gowns: steady work guaranteed to good operators. Mohr Gar-iiK-nt 8dl ashington. (c) OPERA ioKS Experienced. on Wilcox "fc Gibbs power machines, to iiake men's gowns; must be neat worker. Mohr Gar- ruent 801 Washington, (cl OPERATORS' -Experienced on housedresses come prepared to work: steady employment at highest wages.

Buckley Shirt 2HQ-10 S. Jefferson. c2i OPERATOR Experienced on ladies' muslin underwear also union special operators. R. LOWEaNBAUM lUFG.

1813 Olive. (c2) PREHSERS Experienced, on wom-n's gowns; applv today. Mohr Garment 801 Washington. ici bCKl'll WOMEN Experienced. N.

6th. 2d floor. Apply 715 id sivirti Must be experienced highest prices paid; steadv work. Hiracii-field sl irt Co. ii(i5 Washington.

ic2i STENOGRAPHER Experienced; electrical good opportunity tor advancement; olivei machines. Box K-221. Post-Dispatch. (cl 1 AOUHAI HER-i- irst-class. lady, 22 to 25 years of age.

at good salary for permanent position, one who has eood. full soprano voice of solo quality, reads music well and win clo regular choir work on separate bai-ary from church, under exceptionally capable director. Applicant must be pleasing in appearance, congenial and preferably Methodist: naturally nood health a prime requis-ite. Address Box 272, Sherman, Tex. WAITRESSES Two.

and Florissant. Allen's Cafe, Grand Al X. ti ESS Taylor. experience necessary. 1048 WA 1 TR ESS experienced.

12'16 oi've St. arm. Olive 4158. WAITRESS At rant, Grand. New Grand Restaj- WAITRESS Experienced; Olive.

$7 weekly. 32u-l WAITRESSES Must have experience. ply 503 X. 18th. A WOM A At 2735 Shenandoah.

WOMAN Y'oung; for pantry work. Jewish Hospital. 5415 Delmir. (c) WOMEN German. 6363 Berlin.

to do house cleaning YoUNG LADIES IS to 25 years of age for special advertising work: salary and com mission; must travel start, in St. Loui first. Box X-150. COLORED GIRL Steady, light factory vorH. with good pay: cool workrooms: gpnly 2 i( Commercial.

2i EYE LETTER And duplex machine: girls to paste stays. buttonhole operator. hand folders and iuskin machine folders. Hamil ton-Brown American Lady Shoe 21st and Locust. (c'i LAUNDRY HELP WANTED BODY IRONER Aalco Laundry.

it. 3700 OIlv MACHINE HANDS Experienced; also starchers and shirt finishers. South Side Laundry, 1412-14 S. Broadway. ici MARKERS First-class, on Bhirt C.

Miller. 2747 McRee. work. (C) MARKER And assorter; man. thoroughly reliable: one able to handle $450 work; best wages.

Box K-100. (c31 MARKER And assorter; also body ironer and machine girls. Munger Laundry. 2310 shlngton. MARKER And assorter; man; high-grade.

correct habits; able to make and assort $50O bundle work; good wages. Box K-lfiO. Post-Dispatch. (r2 SHIRT MARKER Shirt lister. feeders.

folders on mangle. Grand Laundry. 3044 Lawton. STARCH Eft Experienced. Martin.

Holloran A- Kltius Laundry 1517 Park (cl SALESLADIES WANTED SALESLADY Experienced, in dry goods and gents' furnishings: references required; good wages; state age and experience. Box G-121. Post-Dispatch. (c) Solid aoate. 10c line, minimum 20c.

BUSINESS CHANCES BUSINESS CHANCE Bakers, attentlonl will sell movable bake ovens, guaranteed satisfaction: terms to suit. Writ for catalogue. Middleby-Marshall Oven Mfg. Co 6(i3-07 S. 6th St.

Louis, Mo. c8) CHANCE to. buy half Interest In best paying proposition In city; my book will show you; everything ciean, honest, dignified -8TC0O necessary to swing thl. Box X-159. i Maui, aoo.uoo in live years itn a ama.

mall order businesa; began with $5 ten! for free booklet; tell how. Heacock. Bo 726. Lockport, Y. (c8 MOHO.N PICiURE house snares; a limited amount of 3 per cent cumulative preferred shares, bonus of common, location city; investment should yield 25 to lA) per Box E-2 i.

I'osi-uispatch. icli WANTED An lda. who can think or some simpl thing to patent? Protect your idea, they may bring you wealth: write for "Needed Inventions" and "How to Get Your Patent and Your Money." Randolph Jt patent attorneys. VVahlngton. (8 BUSINESS rOK SALE AIRDOME For sale: well paving; seating capacity.

800; lease, cheap rent; will stand strict investigation; price $S00 after 7 box G-141. Post-Dispatch. bAnbtn t-HOP And pool room; will cheap. 23Q1 Warren st. sell (4i BAiiijcR For sa.e; two chaira In East St.

Louis; rare chance; will give appiy r.ast Dt. acquis Barbers' bu jp- piy o. J21 BARBER SHOP Two chair; good businesa-De Soto, Mo; $275. $75 down, balance monthly payments: reasons for aelllng. going west M.

F. Herrington. De Soto Mo (ri BOARDING HOUSE Large; or family ho-tel; good proposition for restaurant man; central west write owner. Box K-223, Post-Dispatch 12I BUSiNESS A fine paying businea making 4n per month, iinxi: atrw-v- w. bargain In city: kelllng on account death- be glad to show anyone.

Box B-201. Post-Dls 12 1 CANDY AND TOBACCO STORE Opposite school; cummer term opened; money-maker 1H7 Franklin. CASH GROCERY And market; established trade and doing good buatneas; will sell reasonable for cash. Call Bomont 77ft fit CONFECTION ER For aala. laundry and news branch.

2789 Clark. CONFECTIONERY For sJ; doing Jood business, must sell; other business Rot -172, Post-Dispatch. ,3, DRUG STORE For sala; will invoice $100: no dead stock; In (-rowing town-no opposition: good reason for selling li minutes' ride to city. Overland Pharmacy Overland. Mo.

DRUG BluRE Firat-claaa transfer flrat-claaa location, first-class surroundings' frt-clas clean stork. atabltahed trade! corner. If you something good, answer HI A if IS -S tela. HELP WANTED MALE BARBER Good; steady; $13 guaranteed. 133J N.

Garrison. BOY For meat delivery wagon; call 6 p. m. 604 Gravois. BOY 16 years -old.

for general store work. A. P. Goehler 712 High st- BOY good; neat: colored; errand or of-fice boy. Bomont 1256.

2iX7A Laclede. BOY To work in grocery and market. 3442 Linden. BOY 16 year old, in stockroom. 601 First BOY 16.

F. C. 1404Hogan: Riddle Bro. Basket Co. BOY For drug store: 1 or 2 years' experience.

South St, Louis. Box K-1S8. Pos'-Dispatch. (11 BOY Over 16 years of age, to make seil useful in neckwear factory; apply lath and Lucas tnlrd floor. Ferguson-McKlnney.

BOY' Who has some experience in drug store preferred. Bayard auid Suburban tracks. BUYS Fie hright boys, from 14 to 10 years oid. easy work; good pay; call Tuesday morning. 522 N.

Grand. CALc.NDAK MAN ltn pracupal experience. who tnoroughiy understand how rr run on automobile and inner tube stock; per manent position; state salary wanted to start. Box K-lbD. (c4) CARPE-sfER 30c per hour; mention age.

Box Post-Diepatch. CARPENTER Experienced on inside shop work. Wagner Electric Mfg. 2ol7 Lo (C) t.rt.i-: v.Attic. tor neavy Iieigni car repairs; always had steadv work: full time: no trouble; state full experience in application.

Ottawa Car Works. Kan. (cSi CAHrhMEkS Open shop job; wages 30c per hour; transportation furnished on C. A. lines.

Westir-ghouse. Church. Kerr Blooiiiington, III. (c8) CHAUFFEUR Sit. by Southern colored man: 5 years experience: reforna 11 Bomont 1317.

CHALFFEUR White; for small touring car; give references and salary expected. Box G-26S, Post-Dispatch. COMPOSITOR Experienced young man; (c) steady napits. ai4 N. 3d.

LUiVli iUK Sober, reliable; 6teady employment to riaht party. Cell 211i Frank- lin Rush Printing Say man BIdg. tell C00K Second; at Nelson's. 5Q3 N. 18th.

(C) Cook first-class; boardinu houe. Lindell 2992. C00K Man and wife, to work in country: woman must be good cook and baker; man to help in kitchen and general work: salary and permanent place; call Wednesday. oetween 1 and ciock. Justice or the I'eace office, 1007 Chestnut.

(c2) DRIVERS men drive wagon; also two jieipers. xo -x. 3d. DRUG CLERK Single. registered; steady posiuon: no fountain: German-sDeakins preferred.

8QO Hickory et. (31 ENGINEER Licensed: for night work; must do own tiring, steady employment; good wages. Apply Hydraulic Press Brick Machine Shop. King's highway and McRee. (c) lKUA.VD BOY' Colored.

Kissack Seaman, 3CS-9 Victoria Bidg. icj FURNITURE FINISHERS Apply Hotel Jef- ierson, iztn ana locust. tct GARDENER Experienced, to care for cows. cnickens. lawn, Clayton district; ap- ply G.

G. Powell, i-24 Olive St. GROCERY CLERK Experienced; 20U1 N. 9th. German pi e-ferred.

HELPER Blacksmith; Ashland. Marcus and Euclid; at quarry. between (c) iltbFt.K In paint factory; one nanay around machinery; state wages, etc. Box N-151, Horse cullai; iTtBU and stitch- ERS. Simmons Saddlery 314 tth.

HOUSEMAN For private place; call between 1 and 2 or a and o. 144U N. 9ui. tc JAM'iOK Colored, married, no children; experienced -for aniail aaprtmc-nt: per month and rooms. Box N-71, JOB PKEoS FEEDER- -Moriang Printing (ci 322 S.

4th. JOB PRESS FEEDER Superior press. Easton. JOB PRESS FEEDER Experienced. Apply stemwender-StolfreKen.

Broad ay and Clark, 'ci HOUSEMAN- -Experienced in cleaiu.ig. 354i 1 (ci Grand. MAN To tend to horse and do housework. 1340 St. Ane.

MAN On small farm: board. 424--A Olive. ight work, $15 and tc) MAN Middle-ased. German, as janitor for fi ottrt'i; ent phone Forest 32U1. (0 MAN Young.

Call Kendall Hotel. Boyle mid Linucii MAN Old; to work around house; small wages, but good home. 1725 Mississippi MAN Middle-aged; Howard. to drive city team. 2701 MAN Y'oung.

perience on Mulianphy. to feed job press, with ex-color work preferred. 2U0O MAN In secondhand furniture store, that knows how to buy and sell; no others need apply. 3U16 Easton. MAN -Young, for reclamation desk in whole- iie uroceiv: must nave experience; no other need apply.

Box A-20. (cj MAN Young, to drive tituuebaker car; self- starter: must understand thoroughly and come with good recommendations. 410 6th et. MARBLE LETTER ERS For cutting inscription on marble' monuments. 1429 fct.

Louis. MEA iC I'll ii hl-ciass. 4755 Cook. (CJ MEA1CU i'i'ER-4th St. -Single, young man.

742 S. IIEATCI'TTERS For counter work; steady. Consumers' Grocer and Meat 0th and Market. tc) MEN li young men capable of filling out Room 4i Benoist Bldg. (li reportr.

MEN To woik around stock room. fct. Louis Bag Burlap tiO Dock. tel MEN Experienced accident insurance; room 1112 Central XatiCnal Bank call 9 to 10 Monday. IXi MEN To travel; salary or commission; write or call.

G. A. Courtois. 918 Tyler, St. Louis.

Mo. MEN lo wreck freigni cars, also laborers and yardmen. Apply Geo. W. Jenuings, 13th and State Madison, lit.

MOLDER HAND And hardwood finisner. Western Screen and Door 1911-13 Pine. (ci MOVING MAN An experienced, white. Apply Lungstras Dyeing and Cleaning 13A Park. (ell PAIN IE run shop.

-Allround, wagon and auto; Box N-76, Post-Dispatch. PAPER HANGERS -Two. good; at once. apply 345 Cass. PAPER HANGER And painter; at once; bring tools; open shop.

1054 Hamilton. PAPER HANGERS-N. Sarah. -And pasteboy. 2S10A PAPER HANGER Nonunion.

6340 Odell. plain one-edge work. IOc: all conveniences furnished. I i.i. JU.bit--l'wo nomiiiuii.

4142 Biaine. PLUMBER At 324 S. Broadway. PLUMBER Three years' experience. Graham Plumbing and Heating Moo Academy.

PORTER $10 per week and meais. Deck Bar and Cafe. 112 N. Bth st. PORTER Neat colored boy.

In tailor shop. Driemeyer. N. 7th. (el PORTER Colored boy.

over 17. to do porter work in drug store from 7 a. m. to 12 m. 1301 N.

Taylor; references. PORiER M'ltrled man; for printing office: with printing shop and clean-up experience; permanent work. Call 2119 Franklin Sayman Bldg. (c) POT tel, WASHER Colored; apply Usona Ho-King's highway and Waterman. (O PRESS FEEDERS To make ready and feed Gordon and Universal presses.

Stephens Lit ho. and Eng. 420 N. 2d. PRESS FEEDER Young man.

to feed job press; bring references. Peters Shoe 13th and Washington. 4th floor. tc) PRESS FEEDERS Pony or cylinder; union or nonunion; apply at once. Samuel F.

Myerson Printing 3d and Chestnut, tc) iREfc.s B'EELiER For cylinder and Job presses; open shop: steady employment; tooer, reliable men only. Call 2119 Franklin tr'ayman Bldg. (cl PRESSMAN Cylinder and job. Cap-Keystone Prmtm 1002 S. Vandeventer.

(c PRESSMEN 4-cy Under, for oag factory work; factory In Central Illinois: state age. experience and salary expected. Apply Box 1011. Peoria, lii. (cl PRESSER Experienced on machine.

St. Louis Pressing. Dyeing and Cleaning 8691 Olive, (c) SASH MEN Few good sash and door men. for out of town; good wages and expenses: no Box X-103, Poet-Dispatch. (2 1 SHOVELERS 15: 17c per hour; and 10 teams: Monday morning, 12th and Victor; Ahrens.

(cl) STAIR BUILDER A-l: apply 4973 Easton. Steffan Wood Work Co. TAILOR Allround. 2737 Chippewa. TEAMS 10.

good job; best Co. Union and Garfield. wages. Holmes TEAMS Three: one month work. Ogle.

Union and Borcher. Wm. beds: alley. 7th and Car- McMahon. TE AMS Virginia Abeln.

and Winnebago. Henry TEAMS Wtd. To haul building rock and macadam at the Big Bend quarry. Wall t. and Luda Maplewood.

(cl) WAGON BLACKSMITH HELPER- -Flrt- Main. class; no other need apply, auv-ii WAGON BLACKSMITH HELPERS Experi- enced 1439 lritn. c) WAITER Young man. in restaurant: must be neat nd qulcx. 3itq Broadway.

WALLPAPER PASTER Experienced. Harke. 101 St. Loul 'Si WIREMAKER Allround. J.

B. Klein Iron and Foundry. 118 North Francis. Oklaho-m City. Ok.

(c3 WOODWOR Carriage Dlschert. S15 Wash. and wagon. MAN For toolroom. Modern Auto Repair 401 Olive c) MAN Neat-appearing.

Apply Missouri. Meyer. tc) SITUATIONS WANTEI -MALE PRE3SER man: experienced on men's oJotrilng; references. Sara Eaaley. 2704 Pine.

SALESMAN Sit. as traveling; prefer staple line In Southeast Missouri: best of references furnished. Box li)8. Lutesvllle, Mo. one who ha acquired general knowledge of different lines -of business in order to place high-grade specialty with business interests, wishes to quit road, and locate in this city; record of reliability.

Box N-2. Poet-Dis. (1 SALESMAN as selling engineer or to take charge of special work where ability counts; by practical mechanic, draftsman and mechanical engineer; have handled plants up to Sou men as general superintendent and sold engines and heavy transmission machinery to all classes of trade: can handle large propositions: nothing but high grade position wanted: will go any place; 36 years old; 20 years In business. Box J-1S5, (2i SALESMAN Sit. by high-grade upecialty; experienced in dealing with banking institutions, as well as all others of the larger business interests; one who can readily adapt himself to conditions; age 35.

and with referenches that are unquestionable I am not interested in schemes or fly-foy-nlght propositions. Box B-219, -D. i2; SALESMAN 10 years' experience in United States and Canada; of good selling ability, open lor engagement at once; can show re-suits, best references. Box T-3H. SI 1 CATION Wtd.

Bookkeeper, cashier or collector; 14 years' experience; 32 years old; neat penman; Al city reference. Box Post-Dispatch. r2i STENOGRAPHER Sit. by youmi man, experienced In office: understands iookkeeping reasonable. Lindell 404R.

(2) TAILOR Filter or manager on ladies' garments; looking for position; willing to go out of city; good references and security if necessarv. Box T-PS7, Post-Dispatch. ill WATCHMAN Wants position. Box N-147, 4i Post-Dirpa ten. aiiurtllONo WAi 1 COOK Sit.

by first-class Southern colored woman is. S. Busii. 2ti07A Walnut. COOK Good.

housework; 1640K. nonest, young woman: light go home nights. Boruont Wants dressmaking by the day. Delmar 3549J. (4o) DRESSMAKER first-class; on fancy-gowns and ladies tailoring; go out by day.

Coifax tit.5 or write 222U Vera. G1KL-fice. -Sit. by neat, colored, in hotel or of- Mary llliams. Bomont GIRL, Reliable, colored, wants work by dty or week.

Olive 270. the GIRLS Sits, by two nice, neat colored gills to do chambermaid work. ra lOu 1 GIRL- Would like to have sit. evenings. N-75.

Post-Dispatch. Box (21 GIRL neat colored. wishes to do light housework or nurse. Call 433S Fair fax. GIRL 17; for housework or nursegirl; willing to travel.

Catnerine Ellebracht. 4rU3 Lawton. GIRL neat colored: wants sewing bv ciay; work guaranteed. Phone Bomont W14 plrif. cO EK-N Ksd Hlgtily educated laay.

wishes sit. as governess or companion; highest references; will travel 'or small salary. Box T-2'i-5. Post-Dispatch io iloL SLG1RL Sit. housework more for gooa me than big wages.

213DA Oregon. HOL'SEGIKL colored; with first-class references. for houseworK Bomont HOL'sEOlE Sit. Lindoil 24o6. by colored; houseworK.

HOL SEGlfiij housework or cooking; small family; neat colored girl. Maude, Bo- mont 2yi. HgUSEOIRI, Sit. by neat, colored; for general housework; references. Annie Smiib.

712 N. lv.h. HOUSEG1RL- for general rear. -German girl wishes position housework. 1S7U S.

11th. in HoUSEGIRL 15: light housework or nursegui; go home nignts. 3127 S. Broad- ay. HUL'SEMAID speaks only German and French.

Address Christ, 4028 N. 11th, rear. (3 HuUSEWOMAN colored; housework, in small family. Olive Mrs. Hoi 'SEW OMAN-1437.

-Sit. 'by colored. Bomont HOUSE WOMAN White, for general houso-work. Apply 3512 Market. ici LAOY Sit.

by young. eral office work; 341J-L. isnes position Deimar L--VDY Sit. by youns. in doctor's office; permanent or substituting while girl takes vacation; experienced.

Box G-73. LADY' Young, would like sit. in doctor's office or housework; go home nights. Phone Lindell LAUNDRESS to go out by day. Tues- qay and Wednesday.

line. 411'J Finney. LAUNDRESS washing by the Mrs. M. B.

Berry. ly2'J Market. week. LAUNDRESS small bundles to brinj first-class work. Ella.

Lindell 1142. LAL'N'DKEria Sit. for -the first four days. oueie Koufidtree. Bo-nont 3i'20.

LAUNDRESS; mont. colored: out by day. Bo- LAUNDRESS- colored: Tuesday Wednesday. Lilian. Bomont 13M.

md LAUNDRESS experienced; Bom ont 264P. colored. out rest of week. LAUNDRESS to go out or bundles; phone Lindell 4325 Cozens. LAUNDRESS German lady wants washing to take home.

1423 S. 18th. dies home. first-class; Bomont 2347R. to take bun- LA UN DRESS Sit.

by experienced white. Wednesday, Thursday. Bomont 1745W. LAUNDRESS Sit. by first-class colored, two days.

Bomont 1717. La OUES wants bundles to bring home or days out. Lindell 210W. LAi. 'N oKESs oil.

colored; week. Bomont first 3 days in L.ALA UKfcSll Sit. mont 571. colored, or cleajilng. Bo- LAU.N'DRESS Colored, wants Monday.

Tues- day, ednesday or any day. Lindell 373Q. LAUNDRESS- -Bit. bv first-ciass colored, out Bomont 1344. by the day.

LAUNDRESS Sit. by first-clase. for Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday. Bomont 1115.

LAUNDRESS sit. by flrst-class. Monday and Tuesday to bring home, or so out: best references Bomont 2412. LAUNDRESS first-class: bundles to bring home or go out; references. Lindell 493.

LAUNDRESS Sit. by colored. Tuesday and Wednesday out. or bundles to take home; good Jroner. Lindell 2145L LAUNDRESS Wishes Wednesday and Friday.

Mrs. Sullivan, colored. work Tuesday. Call Bomont 07U. LAUNDRESS Sit.

i- bv strictly first-class; small tiundles to take home. Lindell 8141 W. 3) LAUNDRESS Sit. by colored; Tuesday. Wednesday and Thursday; bundles to brlnj home.

Bomont 1219. Betty. LAUNDRESS Sit. by white; first-class work; ladies' bundles to bring home. Lindell 57S2.

LAUNDRESS reliable; ooloret; Wednesday. Thursday and Friday. Call Rachel. Olive 473. LAUNDRESS Sit.

washing to take home; by 'first-class; best references. Lindell 4810W. LAUNDRESS Wants bundles to bring home, or phone Delmar 3572X. Martha Singleton. LAUNDRESS bit.

by wants bundles to bring home: large yard, strictly first-class- work. Cabany 551Q. LAUNDRESS Sit. by widow, white; wants bundles to take home: large sunny yard; goo4 irouer; am honest and need work. Born on tT3.

(4 MALu silt, by Southern colored woman, majd or plain cook. 3229 Meader. as MAID Sit. by first-class; house and dining room; city references. 6200 Waterman 0th floor east.

Forest 924. NURSEGIRL To go away for summer Catholic family. Box N-Sf. p. D.

with SEAMSTRESS Wishes sewing to" do" home. Bomont 8115. STKNi iGRAPHE-t Experienced: desires position. Box T-210. 2 WAITRESS for dinner hour; or cash-lflJ- experienced.

3103 Lucas. Bomont WOMAN Sit. bv middle-aged; wants a good home In small family; call 2340 Russell OMAN ants work go out by day. 3940 Llnroln basement. WOMAN Young, colored, would like three days' cleaning.

Bomont 1724 W. A.OMAN it. by youns-. with 4-vear-oid girl housekeeper or general housework- refe-- ences; no triflers. Mrs.

4011 Cook. Il WOMAN middle-aged: Tin a smali'fam-lly: would assist In the care of children Box N-14S. Post-Dispatch. woman wishes position to care for invalid or light housework: good home wages. 3B20 Uth write.

Grand I i J. LP ANTED oiid aoare iOc line, exceot Men it tales-man. cam assert, solicitors, mail orders lie line, minimum, lines MALE BAKER Good third hand. 1008 N. Compton.

BAKER Good third hand: applv at once Friegel's Bakery. 1051 Hodi a mo BAKER Third hand. Ashland and Vande-venter. BAKER Second hand: must be sober H. Dorratu TaylorviHe.

vv. tcS) DEATHS MISC'HO Entered into rest on Saturday. June 13. 1914. at 9:40 a.

Luella Mischo (nee Phelps), beloved wife of Louis S. Mischo. daughter of Mrs. Cassia Nelson, and our dear Funeral will take place from the family residence, 1624 Glasgow avenue, on Tuesday, June 16, at 9:30 a. to Christ Church Cathedral.

Funeral private. Motor. (c PEXA Entered into rest on Saturday, June 13, 1914, at 5:50 p. Mary Pexa (nee Sedlacek). aged 1 years 10 months and 5 days, beloved mother of Mrs.

Mary X'avlek (nee Pexa), Mrs. Catherine Altman (nee Pexa). Mrs. Anna Melkes (nee Pexa). William and Charles Pexa.

and our dear mother-in-law, grandmother and great -grandmother. Funeral Tuesday, June 16, at 2 p. from residence of son, Charles Pexa, 2615 South Twelfth street, to New Picker Cemetery. (c) KILLING Entered into rest on Saturday, June 13, 1914. at 11:20 p.

Julia Rilling (nee, in her sixty-sfoond year, beloved wife of David Rilling" dear mother of Louis and Julius Rilling, sister of Mrs. Mary Summers and Mrs. Charlotte Perano. Funeral Tuesday, June 16, at 8 a. from Hetlage's funeral rooms, 907 Chouteau avenue, to CathedrV Church, thence to Calvary Cemetery.

Motor funeral. Interment private. Brooklyn (N. and Hoboken N. papers please copy.

(c) ROmsov Entered into rest on Sunday, June 14, 1014, at 7:30 a. John Firth Robison. husband of. Lulie Spencer Rotjison, son of Mrs. Mary F.

Robison and brother of Rev. William F. Robison, S. and Mrs. H.

Clav Creve-ling. Funeral from Cathedral Chapel. Tuesday, June 16, at 9 a. m. Please omit flowers.

Interment private. TIIIEI.E Entered into rest on Sunday, June 14. 1914. at 5:25 a. Frank A.

Thiele, beloved husband of Josephine Thiele (nee Henry), father of Reuben Thiele, brother of Elizabeth Thiele, Mrs. W. H. Phelps (nee Thiele) and Oscar R. Thiele.

Funeral from residence. 2631 Park avenue, Tuesday, 16, at 2:30 p. to New St. Marcus' Cemetery. Motor.

-LYS DR. REILLY. OPTOMETRIST 23 years' experience: 18 years In St. Louis, confined to testinc eyes and fitting glaesea. Four skilled assistants.

REILLY OPTICAL 615 Locust 1 phcto: Solid aoate. 15c line; minimum I litiet MAPLE AIRDOME, King's highway on Pape, Monday and Tuesday: James O'Neill In "Count of Monte Cristo." by Daniel Frogman's famous Players' Company, in five resist best rur viturr. niu-hri-'. fc2 THE PLAZA Clara and Etzel; Monday, first picture of the new Alice Joyce series. "Nina of the Theater;" Wednesday, the final pk-ture of "The Adventures of Kathlyn;" Thursday.

"The Perils of Pauline." Xo. 4 (c) Folia, anate. 15c line: minimum lines Full imounts must accompany orders by mail PERSONAL PERSONAL A. B. Your letter about stamps received.

Send me your name and address. Reward and confidential. Box B-192, Post-Dispatch. (2) PERSONAL Wanted, names of parties who witnessed the accident where man was run over by automobile on northwest corner Sth and Market, Mav 23. 1IH4.

about 4 p. m. fi442 Mvrtle Wellston or Cabanv IhiisuNAL Will gentleman who witnessed the accident on olive car. at 10th and Olive. Saturday morning.

June 13. and assisted gentleman to platform, please send his name and address to olio page 01., or call Forest 12i2. let CREDIT 10 honest people; best value lor your money in diamonds, watches, jewelry, silverware. Loftis Bros. the National Credit Jewelers.

2d floor. SOS N. fith st. lcl ADOPTION FOR ADOPTION A beautiful tra-by girl of splendid parentage. Box Mi FOR ADOPTION-p.

Tuesday. -Bain- boy; inquire 4016A Chouteau. at 2 FOR ADOPTION Wanted, a childless family to adont a prettv baby of excellent narentie-i. Box B-in2. (II ADOPTION Two line, healthy babv boys and a girl.

Palm's Maternltv Sanitarium. 1417 St. I.nnlK av East St l.ouis. 111. 14'- SPECIAL NOTICES KOTiri! TO TTTK PUBT.TC That th rmrt nershlp heretofore existing between f.

D. de Rauko and W. McDowell, under the name of De Rauko Decorating no longer exists. JOSEPH D. DB RAUKO.

June 1014. (3) Lost articles sometimes are never found; often they are stolen with no chance of recovery, but when picked up by hon -est persons they will get back to the owner if advertised in this column. LOST BABY'S COAT Lost: white: De Balivlere and Delmar. E. Gatheman.

3113 Caroline. BADGE Lost. United Railway track badge No. Return to office and receive reward. BRACEI.ET-on Dodier.

Lost: child's, Sunday evening. Return 251CA Dodier; reward. (ci BRACELET Lost: gold; Klwner's. St. Charles car or Hamilton Airdome.

Liberal reward if returned to 40i0 Sullivan. Victor 1 bkLKA 11 lust, odd brooch, with ruby 1.1 center, surrounded by four, pearls; ro-ward 4223 Castleman. CUFF BUTTON Lost, one link, with small diamond; reward If returned 10 2o33 Franklin cl DOO Lost; Boston brindlo; female; 4 whi ffft: liberal reward. L'ndiMl 24S. 1 1 LOG Lost, small Y'orkfnire lei rier, lir-ease No.

li.2--4. Return 444.1 Labalie. reward D' Mi Lost brown, wtth black face; return 171? Cora, reward. DOG Lost, black terrier: trimmed close except right hind reward. Virgil Dunn.

21 3 Soto. r0 Lost white poodle clipped close: reward of $5. Return to L. WlVke. care Sam Hass T.

H. lth and Pinf sts. 131 HAND BAG Lost, and 320O Market. cive reward between Union Station Return 2365 Adams; re- HAND RAT lKt Sunday; mesh, containing handkerchief and change; Cote or Fa st on. Phone Forest HOUSE Iior, Lost: brown: long hair; ward return to ftp Red Bud.

re- JACKET Iyoet lady's: finder will return to T. F. 131H 14'h (ci KEYS Lost, on small ring, downtown. $1 paid finder if left at 2H International Life BUf 'h and Chestnut. lcl IvEVs Lost.

Sunday noon. nar Sklnker rd and Itnlverslty cr. Address asn LAMP Lost ih: reward. auto tall lamp; gunmetal fln-at Mercantile Club IJCENSK Saturday night, ward. nolor evele ll-ene No.

4ii Return to 2M7 Oriole; re- LO 'K KT Lost, Sundav afternoon, in or near Fairground Park, monogram T. J. reward T. J. Pteln.

2101 A Palm MA RE Strayed or stolen. Sunday a. between 1 and 2 o'clock, small bay mare; white spot on forehead, 2 rr fet white; branded above front leg; newlv shod Saturday; $25 reward for recovery. Heve Charle 2 miles east of PattonviKe. Mo.

c3) PERSONAL LOST a lad FO-0HD tiaate 1'ic Itne riifuiiiurn Z0c 1 I 1 i 4 ill i 1 1 1 HOUSEGIBI General work 3 in" family jo washing; $25. 127T Hamilton. Cabany HOUSEGIRL General housework, small family. 1440 S. ISth.

HOUSEGIRL Good, for general housework no laundry. 4257 West Pine bl. HOUSEGIRIj Or woman, to do housework 2655A Nebraska. no latmdry; call Cabany 755. HOUSEGIRL Girl for general housework.

5-sii Page HoL'SEGIRL Experienced; no laundry 25 Armiv 52H0 Manle. HOUSEiilRL For housework; family of no washing. -V25 Horton pi. (Ci HOUSEGrRL White: for general houseworks small family. 4554 Washington.

HOUSEGIRL Experienced. for a-eneril bjuui smaii ramiiy; good wage- no washing. 3958 Areenal. ic, HOUSEGIRL For general housework and cooking; np laundry; three In family: cal! peiore ciotn 41 Washington. HOUSEGIRL White: for general housework: amall family, no outalde or laundry work Forest 225Q.

5739 Cabanne. HOUSFxilRL, Neat, experienced. German, to do general housework- no laundry; must be good plain cook. P3rt3 Berlin. HOUSEGIRL For general houaework.

5 -room apartment; 2 in family. Apply 5533 Ca-barme HOUSEGIRL Neat, clean, white, for gener-al housework; light cooking; no laundrv work. 12f3 Amhurs; Cabar.y 5031 HOI'S EG IRL For general housework. no laundry. 5549 Berlin.

Apartment. 3d floor wesu PRINTER Allround. of la years' experience, desires a position in good shop bv Jun 15. married and Sirictly sober; state 11 in first letter. Cha.

Alexander. Walnut Ridge. Ark. ti) gut rewartfed 481 101 tv-ao, ost-i-uspatcD.

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