St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on March 21, 1923 · Page 2
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 2

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 21, 1923
Page 2
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','1 i i - s 1 4 I ft SOCIALIST AND LABOR GROUPS URGE LEAGUE ACTION IN RUHR Definite Move by Parliamentary Forces in Conference in Paris, to Request Brit-; ish, French, Belgian and Italian Moves to This End, Expected. U. S. INTERVENTION OR LEAGUE DECISION' After Concluding One of These Courses Is Neces-; sary, It Is Decided Question of League Aid Must Be Put Up to Parliaments. the Asovite,i ra. PARIS. March 21. A detinue' iniv hy Jabor and Socialist parliamentary groups to request t ti lirit-ish. French. Belgian and Italian' 'invrrnnifnla to place the Ruhr situation in th bunds of the Leauue of. Nation is f orcsha dow ed today fol-lowing; a conference f ii-lKat.i ; representing these political factions, in the several legislative odi--s. ' Spokesmen of the British 1 tabor- , ite ml the French, Italian ami Bel-j Ki n foci lists, deciding that it net-.; tlemenl of the nml rov ersy could oniy j he effected "through A lueri'a u in-: terveiiltoii or : decision of the i.eaRtie of Nation. " cume to the conclusion that the question of !enpiie iKKimanc shuiilit he brought i:p in ihe British llonse of Coin mon a ml in the ( hirulifrs of the other Onver'i-ments. AccordiiiK to .1. KamxHy Mac Do n-ri l.l of Creat BntHln. M. Vanderveid of P.elgium. Sikxoi' M od ie In ia ni of Italy and l"ul BoMcour of i"r;ii,ce ine delimitated to -n ri v mit the wishes of the conference. In an endeavor to piovid" their (oveintmnt with additional :nfor. niBllon n the general .itiestion. a sub-commission will make a survey of both th Itnl.r and unoccupied ;imiv.. seeking dnt: firrtig .n the w hole reparations issue. The delegate joit themselves nil 1 erord an beiievin that ''a fatal c:i-sis" in the Ruhr will te a erions blow to Kiiropes peace. The Oov-criiments i Titci este.l. they decided. ;iiuil ei politic ajir. 'so th;-t a mo. In vlvn.ll may le reached, which can he done oniy ihroiinh Anierioan intervention or n il. i-i.n "I the lsniic of Nations."" Brlli-h Xmbaondor Sa " Hold Out 1 a I (.crinanv Monl li. 'o ricli' . I ".':t I.ONlHiN". March '1. - Lord d'Ab-riion. Btitish AmiasadiM- to Berlin, returned to London sterday on what wa ofricially described a a private vlt. to inspect lii horses, watch the (irnncl National Sleeple-ha.- and attend to pe-sonal But Ihe correspondent learns li alo made a report to the KoreiKii Office emhodvini; the following thiree prdnts: Cerniany can hui.l lit several month loiiKer befme ihe Kuhr coupation I'min serious dis-th Nationalist fliaht i n-v -o strong it can prevent t'hancellor l"uiu from opening peace overtures. nd the Cerman 'Uivernment re-itard the League of Nations a being dominated by France. Shoveling loal for I'muli I'rlson orfeii by ;rtiiMiiv. 1:.'I . ESSEX, March 21 .- Kremh Min-Iesier of Public Work. M l.e Tro-juer, ha Just toured the Kuhr Inspecting the coke and coal which Is piled high around each ;erman mine. lie announced Iliee pile would be weij,ed fine after another :. already has been done at the State mine at Westervelt. To add to the French difficulties. the tlerman Government lias published .in order in the Kuhr making anyone who shovels coal for the French, or helps in moving It. an accomplice to the crime of rohherv. I in prison men t at hard labor is the penalty. Kelcbstac Member Taken as Hosing. i 1 Keleased. EPS EN". March rt - Heir Wuaat-.. member of the Heichstag. one of the , lioaiagM taken bv Hie Freix li afjei ; the killinar of a French soldier here Sunday, baa been released. The French technical t-unston of, engineers, which ha mafuined ii headquarters here since the beginning of the Kuhr occupation, moved jesierday to f tieseldoi f . The new vffjees of the mission me directlv rros the street from the French ; general military Iieadiiuarter. thu entrancing the I'leii.h control 1 our 1'reiictt Soliliers I'alallv Injure! I in Train Collision. H E KLI N. March l -seven French eoldiei weie liijii!e). fotir -futallv. lu the crush if two tiain fjelsenkirchen. to.fav. Oklahoma (Hi N llltiK I the Aoited OKLAHOMA CITY.. Ok March n. O A Calgill. n attornev, r. - eived the Democtatic nomination for Mavor xf (ildahoma Cltv i-tf-,hy orer a field of five candid ifes. He will oppose.l n the rntmri: e,. non W. J. Johnstou. Republican , ihiidIiii. ST. LOUIS POST-OISPATCH Saloon Man Who Killed 2 Robbers, and Wife Who Aided Him in Fight MIC. AM) .MISS. WAl.TKIt S. MCHOI.S. "K-97" QUOTES FOSTER AS SAYING HE GOT PLAN FOR REVOLT IN RUSSIA Continued From Puine One. to show hy it that the Moscow In-t i national1, as governing body of communists throughout the world, committed the party in "America to definite program of force and violence in an effort to overthrow the "isting Government of the 1'nited i States. , , ' llarvcv a- an Illustration. Wa'sh cited Ambassador ;eors Harvey as a ""forcef.i; illustration" ; o? the difference between a :t..i:i Seaking for the people lie ;-.-ir -.'flit's and apeaking for iilmself. When the Ambassador speaks fn the 1'nited States, he saiil he i;.is i respect fill attention, but when he rises to speak for himself "The w t.untry howls htta lwn ." .lllilge White excluded four oC 'f1e issues of the Labor Herald : .1.- ilv hi I took the fifth uniler advisemenr. I The fifth bote on its cover a cartoon ' drawn by Minor during the railroad ' strike last summer which, the S'nto ! .maintained. va designed to violence. Militant i ri;aniat Ions. ' The 'tlieces" described in "detail i !?he strategy to be followed, by lepa I i-omm u nist organixVio'is. i: the' : countries permittinji their existence.1 ; as in England: and the method to he pursued by the illegal niKaniza- ' tiiMis In the Vnited States and other j nations where communism can evisr inly as an underground" movement '"The communist partv must develop into a militant organization' .capable of avoiduip. a fight in the: open against overwhelming forces of ! the enemy. concent ra t ed upon a ; .given point: but. on the other hand, he very concent rat .on of the enemy j must be utilized as to attack him in a ! spot where he least expects it." the; "theses and resolutions"' ay. " vonld be the greatest mistake for 'he party organization to stake ev- I rytlnnjr upon a rebellion and street lighting, or only upon a condition of severe repression i "Tlie legal communist parti i 'he capitalist countries nsuallv 'o grasp the i n-porta :ice of the before the partv to be properly s of fail task pte- pared for the armed struggle. r for 'he illeg.t! f:got in general. '"Every legal communist organization must know how to insure for itself complete preparedness for an underground existence and above all : for revolutionary outbreaks Every 1 illegal communist orga niza t ion must, on the other hand, make the fullest use of the opportunities offered b-he legal labor movement in order t o become the organizer and real lea ler of the nrrat rev-' olut huiar. masse. "By the use of force the proletariat deslovs the maihinerv of the )oiireo:se state atid establishes a proletarian dictatorship based on sov (ft pov er.') -:MM-. i "The revolutionary epoch upon which the worlil has now entered force the proletariat to resort to militant method nias action, leading to direct collision with 1 lie hour- ADVEFTISEMENT Why Have Gray Hair or Dandruff? ' h : 1 i I Ileivio M bull- and i e- ore om ihr : K . dundi utr pron-atra ( tlirni. on f er ;s : ! - hair t Ii , or f'rev er. t it.d p. en recenitarv l n 4 id e r m It tl ', V, h e I iay rli. wh'rh NOUR1SHINE Positively Not a Dye N.,mt and noyr to Ira ui tldM eo inifn ie la loo'.-. hl-i feeda ; b ua or: ri a it . ie lie h ' I nil vttatlli 11 la t.aed an.t. ihounnno of nien and a dand:uT letnover a' :I I i or i b ma ti y anked One bottl 'tinea t he prlra ia!!j- la affecttve I s:.j b leaiera, ln-1 ndi r. ( F.nderle r" l.g CO. .tlldte A I'O ph J) Wolff. Wi:aon l'ru Ce., ai aoitt. n ''. s nd j par1 n . j BAR OWNER TELLS HOW HE KILLED TWO HOLDUP MEN 4 ontiitned From Page One. head, near the neclf. and in flip. Peck had a powder package of chewing Kum P ck et s. t he right puff and In .hi: The customers in the saloon at the time of the holdup were Brown. Lester tJreathouse.' Ernest i Edward Range. Samuel Stone and fjrover Norwood. Tlie -older robber, later identified as Emerson, got 50 cents from Biown arid $7.5 from' Range. Nichols was held up in his saloon by two men Dec. 1 .1 last, and on that ocaion was i-nht.ed of $5t. I I i I Kcoise state. Muss action cu ! in . i.a t es , in armed insurrection and civil war.! ' "The communist partv will elu- j ate ami organize ihe working mass-i es for mass pt tikes and-; mass demonstrations, ami will lead them in these struggles it is through such struggles that the! working masses are prepared for the j final conflict for power. This can I be nothing else but a direct struggle! between the armed forces of the capitalist state on ihe one hand a nd the armed revo! u t ion fon-en of t he proletarian on tne other. 'ri,e communist party will keep in the foreground the idea of violent revolution tion of the capitalist for the direc-I state and the j establishment of the dictatorship of he proletariat based on soviet power." Wabli Fought I ot roxluction "Theses" Vestefiln . Appeals by 'iiiiiiiinii!t writers f.t 'armed action, not aimed phrases. 1 prai-c for the llernn I lil.) mineral and a all for buileis. not ballots" ! were also session of th The State. M or row . who fea lines of yesterday's 3 trial, with the assistance of attended t lie Coin m un - ist convention in the dune near here ' iat August and as a delegate put iiilo the record a mass of """speeches and writings of communis' in this 1 countrv. and the entire "'these and , resolutions" of the Communist Inter-j natlonaie of 1 92 1 . Walsh fought the Introduction of every piece of evidence, but ills oh- je. -lions were overruled by Judge Charles While. Morrow testified that Foster , served on the presidium, the governing body of the com m u ntst gather-ling: that he was present when Ar-i nold Losoyaky of Moscow, representing the Russian leaders, presented reports and delivered speechea. and ;that Foster attended at other aes-; si ons Morrow identified u report pre--; settled to tile convention showing membership condition in the Fifth . Disi rid - - I "hit ago w here Fost et . ac-t cording to the evidence, was a paid official of the purty. Part of the report was in code, and lie produced i what he said was (he secret code of the Communist party of Amerlc. ;and translated the coded parts. . L Smith. Assistant Attornev- Great Breakfast Dish Stewed rj'i.ins dcSiciou rnrr-K iing, ironiing food. I'ea ttcailv prcdtcc-stcd. AIo a fi ie njf nral laxative. Make it rcgu-Ur and get the best retultt. Stewed Ralaina C'ver Sun M.i.l Sred"-,. B.;."r. :,, rolj wa'er aad adj a ce of emoB or t'r.e. fla.-a on Br. br n to a boil aa4 a .es- to tnrr.rr (,.r l or ho ir. S-aar tn.- iJ.itJt 1 1. r,..t rciii-v,n S-in-M-,r Needle. K.u na c,.r.t:a 75 per cent nat- l-tel I.-l-lt ,-ir. N t AT.i.i K. :,.. .hoiiU cost m.nt in.n tr.e l..Ii,;.,rif rrire.: Seadod o 7 e. Hut r,-j i 20e NeedWaa Hi ISai ,,4 pkfi Ssled or SdUu (lj 0. iVe Seeded, it. (m 1 12 0t )to !li, in tins (t 01 Sun-Maid Raisins WEDNESDAY EVENING. MATICTT 21, SECOND BANK SNORT $150,000 OSED N CHCAGO 16th Street State Bank, With Deputy Coroner Orders Po-Deposits of $560,000, in! lice Investigation, Declar Hands of Examiners and' President Under Arrest. j Hy th Anc:te J Pr. , CHICAGO, Match 21. Kour years j ;o Samuel W. Malta qjiit hi" job a a freight train brakveman ami i became president of the Sixteenth i Street State Hank -S.UOHI. - v jttrin t . i ., . . aa;o Kred W. Popp. recently found dead with a bullet hole In his head, discarded tha gray auit trf a mail carrier when he started on a financial career that carried htm to the j pieaidency of the Logan Square i Trut and Savings Bank. ! I Todav both of these institutions ! , ,- t -rr,., I dill livnru, ' : ana, savings nann ""ucense for their marriage on Mar-'i ; st.o k holders engaged in reorganiz- i i j .she said. At 11 a. m. yesterday ling the institution and mak ing- good ; Wilson left the house. sh stated. ! losses reported at $4Ki.iKM and t he 1 telling- her that he was goinr to t Sixtenth Street State Bank accounts j money from a friend to pay for th .eing subjected to the scrutiny of ' funeral, and lie did not return, the State Bank Exa.Tuiners. A Coroner's physician -'reported I The doors of the two hanks were j that an autopsy showed thn woi.wn locked within a period of two weeks! had died of septic peritonitis. whK-h ! by State- Bank Examiners, the Six- j caused Deputy Coroner Uever to .!.-'tenth Street State Bank being j clare during the inquest that it was I closed vesterdav with an estimated "i case of ati illegal operation. shortage of J150.IMMI. Deposits of j ' the latter Institution were estimated i -.t $360.nOO. While the bank examiners went through the records of the Sixteenth Street State Bank, another former railroad man. .1. M. Austin, acted as president. Maltz resigned last July ai the request o directors. RjuI lAaiis Cans- of Closing-. Maltz formed the bank about four eara ago with a group of railroad brakemen and conductors. William F. Mclaughlin. Assistant State's At- (tor nay. said Malt had cor.feased bad loans totaling between ' ma king $30,000 and $40,000. Loans on uiiesl iona ble fecund mortgages. officers said. brought j about the bank's closing. They said j Maltz used the hank's funds for his personal use. and floated bond is- sues to cover mortgages of more than actual value of the real estate. A bond ttisue of $100.0(10 floa'ed to over two pieces of pioperty o n;d hy Maltz was said by officials to h" precipitated t he - closi e.g. The rH.l estate was valued at $7.0. $3'.'ot j less than the bond Issue, and was i mortgaged for $33.0n0 when the I.ot .1! issue, gage. purporting to be a first mort- was iaaued. investigators said, i While the affairs of the bank are being checked. Maltz and J. A. Kalis. cashier of the institution, are tejh-i nically under arrest, guarded in hotel formal charges have against either. Kails. both b.:nJ room. No been made accordl-iif to officials. admitted knowledge of Maltz transactions but denied par- l ici pa tion. ' Shortage Made xl. Aa the State bank examine! s with- j "'drew their main activities from the j , Logan Square Trust and Saving iBank to the Sixteenth Street State! Hank, it was announced that prac- ; tically all the shortages in the --j count of the former institution had ! been made good. Mem beta of Popp's family advanced $120,000 realized 1 from Poppa life insurance to takei J up questionable securities Hundreds of depositors of the Six - j iteenth Street S'ate Bank tixiav pre-' j pared to fol'ow the actions of tlfse '. I of the Ixigan Svjuare Trust ami Sav-lings Hank and form an orga nl.-it i- ; 1 to protect their fund. ! "I am convinced that the bank will j be able to pay off the depoaitor in j full." Herman Elenbngen. orie of the ! directors, said. "We have obtain". 1 $3 1. 00ft In collateral from Maltz iid he has promised to pay us $20. (loo ' more to cover tho amount of c'rino j paper accepted by him as president J Maltz. in a statement after bein;! luesttoned by State's attorneys. agreed in part witli KI'iiIhui'i's 1 statement. Maltz's attornev ass. i t--l' (that his diem hjid done nothii.ij ' j wrong and would make good .he' i losses for which he is liable out of his persona! fortutie of Jl'oO U J. t Ceneral of Michigan, read to the .iur.v an uiticie aaciibed to Rober' .Minor, a New Yoi k cartoonist, said i to be a member of the Central E-jeeuttve Committee of tlie Communist party, which Is alleged lo-liav- praised the Herrin mob and advised j communists to "come out of our j haze of dream clouds" and get on i working basis with these worker, who don't talk about armed mass action, but take their guns and close : : down scab mines and paralyze, the State machinery by military action. ' Minor was detained by the American army of occupation in (Germany after the armistice and later re-( leased. Another article, alleged to have been written by Thomas O Flaherty , of Chicago, alao awaiting trial hero. ( was read. It waa declared to say in 1 ; part : "Communists are not pacifit ' ,TIiey oppoae the pacifism which, merely submits to the will of tho i masters of society. They ate tp.lii- i tains. They believe in war -the! class war. They oppose the milltar- ! I Ism of capitalism which pits work-! jet against workers in fratlcidal i strife; but they aay that the cap-! Itahaf tjovernmenta can onlv be ' j overthrown bv the. sania kind of : l "rm-n rorc triat is now used by tho ; ruling- ciaaa to keep the. , class in sublecf ton." working ) Robert Minor, a fermer Ft, T,ou'- ! j an. was a cartoonist on the Post- I Dispatch from 190 to 1313. SEARCH FOR MAN WHO LEFT WOMAN - DEAD IN ing Death Was Result of Illegal Operation. Deputy Coroner Ttever today ordered the Tolice Homicide Rguad to search for Robert A. Wilson, who left a rooming house at 3S5S Wash ington boulevard, yesterday. a few-had hours after a wunau, he nours nun vo - i. , o wo. . represetuea to oe jiib up. uiru j there. W'ilson ' d!J not return to ithe liouse, the authorities were In-1 formed. j The woman, who is said to liavo ' been about. 38 year old. died nt i m. vesterdav. Th proprietor r.f ,he ro"OIulntT house. Mia. Marftia Alexander, told the police the cott- pie rented a second-floor front room (iibout a week ago They exhibited Woman Came Krom The police received Illinois. ) i telegra-. i j i from the Springfield (111.) police j iMsking for an investigation of tho 'case, declaring that the woman's or- rect name was Mrs. Nina. Young-, in I j stating she had left Springfield. where she had been employed as ) cashier in a Thotunsoii restaurant, i under peculiar circumstances. She ! was known at the rooming house as Mrs. Ertoina Wilson. H. C. Mou of Athens. 111., an 'i i-Idertaker. arrived today after the inquest had been adjourned and told reporters lie had been sent by Ihe ! woman's sister. Mrs. Arthur Hall of Sweet water. 111., to take charge .-f the 1 Mrs. dy. He said her name had be?n Ermiiia Young, her first his- hand having died, and that she hi.l written Mrs. Hall tliHt she was goirlcc I to St. LouIh to be married to ibtst man in t he world." Mott t l:c '.la red that Mrs. Halt had i n vest i - gated and learned that Wilson hi 1 a. wi'e and 14Tyear-old daughter in ' Peoria.. 111. Testimony t Inquest. Mrs. Alexander, the landladv. testified at the inquest that the woman complained of being 111 last Thursday, and that she recommended her t physicia n. Dr. Heine Marks of 3-0" Harper street- a member of the State Legislature. Dr. Marks told a I 'lltr Dispatch reporter today that he was woma n with a he had called Monday to treat the and found her delirious and weakness of tlie heart. As to go to .lefferson City, he suggested that Dr. W. E. Bremser of 460. En-right avenue be culled. Dr. Hremser testified that he was called Monday evening and told by Wilson that the woman had a, nervous breakdown, "a most pecti-l ar case." The physician said she was highly excited, talked incoherently and with exagrgerated reflex-movements, but without fever. Wilson, he said, told him they had been married a short while, that she was of a jealous disposition and had been i nervous since, trouble over money after her first husband died, two years ago. Policemen found In the room a . telegram from Mrs. Hall's lnisband to Wilson, directing that the body t.e embalmed and held for Mott: also copies of telegrams or messages! Wilson had intended to send to Mrs. Hall and to Theodore Arkebauer of; Middletown, 111., notifying: theru of the death. NEW BLOW AT DARWINISM Oklahoma Senate Vole to F.icluile His TfHt-liliiK. From Free Texts. Tty tl.e Aaanfiated. Praia. OKLAHOMA CITY. Ok.. March 21. Concurring- with the decision of the lower house of the Legislature, the Senate yesterday voted, 16 to 1 -. to exclude Darwjniaji te ichings from ftee textbooks furnished by tie State. ! EV.T. AUBURN MARKET SSL Thursday, and Friday Specials VEALl6c Leg of Veal, lb. 1 2c Loin of Veal, lb.. 12c Protect nur.rir b jr hatlna table me rchanaHar l.ibb' rep-- Mr- Mrl-I.lbb nrdlum red s a 1 ra e n t ttJVe viae iII Flll White genuine middle cut. I'uoid boT ... 20c aa m lllv; 40c and tnlev; 122C M trKKKKIi Fst bile aao. Kara . . IIOI I.AMI llerrtac llandf. Kara flak rontaln pirkrl; S rail . . . . 10c F.aarl SlanatMltk kr. I in ported ","'""J $1.25 llerrlaar . . I'lltMA 40 sire: noaad , ta 10c ROOM Ancient Curse Recalled by Lord Carnarvon's Illnessi I Discoverer of Tutankhamen's Tomb 111 Fromj j Insect Bite Superstitious Fear "Voodoo" for j I Those Who Disturb Pharaohs Sleep. SKM-inl fable to tlie- Iol-IiP-l j ami Now York World. illm.t. m-a V.- th. I"r T!" riiiii Pnblihini- rn . 1h. T--rk World j n.l the Post-Pisi'tcb. LONDON. March 21. leading: ' medical authorities of the British forces in Egypt are now- at Lord ; Carnarvon's bedside at Cairo, eom-! batiner the spread of the dangerous I streptococcus infection which has j settled in the cheek of the discoverer , of Tutankhamen's tomb, i Lady Carnarvon, flying" from En-' riand to his bedside, became ill near I Paris, hut. despite her condition, tn- sisted on taking; a train for Lyon.-!, ! where she honed to resume her Jour ney by airplane to Rome. The infectinK organism, w hich. un-: der a microscope, looks like a strins o' microscopic" beads the dread j streptococcus was isolated Sunday.! when Lord Carnarvon's face had swollen ominously foiliivtiiK the bite, of an insect at Assouan a week at?o. j Prof. Fletcher Barrett. associated) v.-ith.Co!. Charles Turner and Prs. i Frank Madden and IVmis JRoeder. J now has charge at the yick man's quarters. I : While scientists approach the problem of treating Lord Carnarvon's j one today although he passed a sat-! malady as a dangerous infection ontyj isfactory night. Word has been re-1 to be checked by the technic of medi-j ceived from Marseilles that Lady i cal experience, students of the occult i Carnarv on has abandoned her air and even staid Egyptolrtgists fear; trip and is proceeding to Egypt by ithe old superstition that misfortune steamer. RADIO SAID TO BE CAUSING j FINANCIAL LOSSES TO SINGERS! Bv (ha Associated Pre WASHINGTON. March 21 dio broadcasting- is proving troiis financially for tuany Ra ti isas- co.u - posers and singers. .1. t. Rosenthal, counsel for the American Society of Composers. Authors and Publishers. sai! today at the National Radio Conference called by the Department of Commerce, He said copyrights of his clients were being- infringed by the radio operations and that steps were in preparation for legal action to prot ect them. . Reproduction of musical compositions in the radio stations constituted public performances. Rosen- thai contended. He assured repre- sentatives of educational institutions ' and others that their musical pro g-rams would not ne aireciea .aitning. however, that the large commercial ft:stions would be asked to make la yin'iit. Let a man and ha is "and e. r Before X NATIONAL BANK o" COMMERCE ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH has come to one who disturbed the sleep of a Pharaoh. Keit I-n1mers Credulous. Even in modern Ixindon, among; men who are agnostic to every creed. are found those who dread the out-j street, who died from "-njurii"'rt come of Lord Carnarv.n"a Illness be- , ceived when struck bv an aatonin-cause of their Inexplicab'e credulity j bile driven by Stein on Aug. 11 Ue in a vo.moo mat is sou-, years o;a. Sir Ernest Budge keener of the - 'i'1"" -itioo " .101.-0 -wt.-jstetns inachine come north seum. laughed today when asked hlsjKourth street at Locust, and i'miJ opinion of the curses and in- of stopping behind a street aoinoo iiiuuoru .vti inr iiu u y i a .lepartei Pharaoh. He prof essed .- , . . - . j niniseit an apnntic. nut auueu iiiar.;g "these Morie of x hat happens if one touches certain things are cur rent all over the world. Tet. w oman t myseti aisturp a mummy in its tomb. I wouldn't mind mtnd taking some article from the . ioitio. oui as for the mummy itself I'd leave It alone." , Condition of Ixirtl Carnarvon Said to Be SHU Serious, ihe Associated Prwi. CAIKO. March 21. The condition of Lord Carnarvon, who Is suffering from blood poisoning, was still seri- REPORT MADE TO FRENCH DEPUTIES ON NAVAL TERMS By the Associated Press. PARIS. March 21. The report on I the Washington naval agreement. I drawn P(,r,er up by Charles Uuennier. re- i for the Foreign Affairs Com-! niittee in the Chamber of Deputies.! 'ami presented to the committee, to-i , day favors ratification of the agree-! intent with certain reservations but I l . i contained distinctly severe criticism I of tho policy adopted at the Wash-f ington conference bv the 1'nited, 'states. England and Japan. "France and Italy were put. from the outset, in the face of a program i which had been established without their participation and which they were not allowed to discuss, until ; the three strongest sea Powers had; reached an agreement together,"' i sa s t i report. The VoreiRn Relation ("ommittet. of the ("hamher of Deputies decided today to postpone action until Aris-lide Briaiid and lne Vivian! could, be given an opportunity to be j heard. i W m 1 aaaaaSafatfew atataafaMaTsW aaaaaW .aaaaaaBaV aa-Lafaaaa. g ai Two men atood at the neck-ti counter a f a One waa a succeaaful banker, the ether a youth. "1 think I can do better across the street, said tho banker. Across the street he bought a tie at six cents less! It iiemid a petty bit of falae economy to th younger mam. Why ahould a man whoaa time was worth many dollars an hour cross the street to save six cents? "1" know what you ait thinking." said tho banker. Ha took dollar from his pocket. "Six cants aeetns little enough ta saves but hosea you over stopped to think that ona of the hardest things in tha world is maka that dollar earn six cents in a year. "T handle a dollar so that it will earn six cants In year is a profession all its own; and one that most of ua never master. "Pofaonally. 1 have given up trying to master it. I havo rosnod an easier way. "I have made a friend of my banker, I tako him my Ifrtlo saviogs as 1 would take my baby t a baby specialist. I aay to hitnt "You are the doctor. Hera is my little hundred dollars that has just boon born. Prescribe for it.. Tell ma how to caro lor it ao tha it will keep its health and ba able to work and earn ova or six dollars very year." have a good doctor. rood doaHst and likely to Hva long. to have somethtnar to live am as knar ava investing, ask your Banker. The- investment advice of our Bond Department is gratis to everyone. .m SAINT LOUIS "ns H. Swin Teuft Slipper. ?.-Ir meiit Oaused Car to Swere gi Strike Victim. I Charles H. Stein. 41. a str(rtr ! of 2708 South Eighteenth atre-t. fined $560 and sentenced to lrrj fcx ! months in the worWhouse by a,Jvj.-i In Judge Grimm s court today oa ; charge of Komlcide in connect 'with the death of Mta Laura-V , -Arnsinger, of 2527 Unlr.rtJi Albert Fraig. a cna uffe'ur. nf v1 i i...i .. . ..u . iu (liar. n m " - m v , g werv e to the leTt Side Of the TirpJi J i hound cn r anrt cr.te J '! - "im to 20 miles an hour. atrikinr-S Amainger, who had al:thte,l - - ,th car a ,u, w alked in front of . I ; the west side of Fourth atreet. i Stein testified he was drhr,. , I, .hin.I a It neL- flli I ""''nir tiii -i 1 street .a r .inrl i,.u.onf. ,t ' - ' euppe pavement, he could not atop whes traffic halted. He was forced,- h' said, to swerve to the left. th thei way being blocked, and could tjp; stop in time to prevent striking Mt Amsinger. He said he was gofri not more than 12 miles an houtV.'ai Street Car Fender Pick lj ho-- j Joseph Rosenthal. 3 -year-old or .ainan tiosentnal. 111" Rhlfcv place, was picked up and carrieif ";." feet on the fender of a Hodiamnrif " car. !n the 1000 block of Vah irfVpr,' at 8:30 a. m. today. He was jJlavl, ing in tlie street and ran In.Jfc car's path ami the motorman, If.'ti'' Classing of 5943 North Market a'trrr. dropped the fender. The ' bny slightly bruised. . Li ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH Founded bv JOSRPH PIIJT7P3 ' V lec. 11. " Published Omtv b- The Ptjltr PubliaAii -Co.. "t welfth F:oa.rd and CHtv Mr!. ' -. - (Member Audit Kureati of CtrauiVion MEMBER OF THS ASSOCIATED PHf?. The AraoiRted Press excliiili jiii.Jj4 to the i-,e Tor reDiiblication of J1 -r.rt f iwtches crertned lo it cr not o'hsrwsa t--;5 ned In thi Mr and also ihe lorl . pilbtislied herein A 11 nrhta of rei.ib , of icial dinatcbs herein aie mlmn t,, n . n v . . - . ' ' - ii ox mriiuA : l cs hi 31 AH- X ADVANCE: ' HaiiV. nit hoe t Sjndav. on ver Iai'. AirI:ou Sitntuv. one var . . tl A . - 'ft sjnlkv nnl-. one vtr - . Itemil either nv rKitat order . ai'rrH monev order or St " r teltvrd Iailr only. bv citv rrier dealer: ."Oc a. niontb; Sundav. 5e a nr-. Kntered as aeoond-c!a matter Ja!lft 1ST at th Poaioffir at St Low .JIa--under the act of March 3. 18T. " !!-. e flO. . Kinioch. Central 1 iyBweSartcri lapartmant at or. 4 a mJ ka.V ka, TI... a i1) 13 X r

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