The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1948 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, March 17, 1948
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VOL. XLIV—NO. 301 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ^^, ^^,7^'T^--^^^-''™'''"'"" "'' ««"'"""^~« AKO =0™,,.™., „„«,„, » T k^ Blythevllle Courier B.ytheville Daily News Mississippi Valtcv Leade BlytlievUle Herald Five Nations Sign 50-Year Pact to Oppose Invaders By Herbert U. Kinf United PITM Staff Correspondent BRUSSELS, March 17. (U.P.) - Five nations locltv Jiictl a 50-year treaty, a keystone for shoving m, Western iMirope agamst Communism, calling f OI - j 0 j m m j|jt iin , .,,.»:„.. inevent any of them should be the target of an armed attack '• *in Kurope. Lawmakers Ask Coal Strike Data Demand Presented To Miners' Boss by Labor Committee ... Mar. 1 »„„ t '' Ou5 e-Senat c Labor Commit; <!<: today demanded from John L Lewis and soft coal operators an Sen T ^ W '" lln I 8 !l0urs °f ^e 1 tl ^•' : 'l ]u ^ e which has closed most at the nation's sofd coal mines committee heretofore has re--- from interfering In cur 3W£«^ C !M now wanted to be kept fully „ ned on facts leading to the dispute and future developments ^ The committee called for a» cx- w little hope of an early end'^to M^,^ C ° al 5U ' ike «•"""> »«••» Both government and industry ourccs feared a shutdown of at east iwo weeks or longer uni Ps ., Lewis, head of the united Mine Vorkers orders a back-to-work novcment before his demand on miners pensions is settled Ball telegraphed his request for an explanation to Lewis and Ezra Van Horn, management trustee for he union welfare fund. The walkout is In its third dav nd more than 350,000 miners are "le in 14 state.';. Ball pointed out that the joint ongressionul committee had been pecifically directed to study wel- are funds. A dispute over payment f miners' pensions set off the cur- onl strike. Lewis wants the welfare fund to ay $100 a month pensions to all rs over 60 years of age who had 20 years service. The pen- oils would be financed from the •elfare fund which is raised by a vy of 10 cents a ton on all coal mined. Van Horn has refused the request. Blytheville Methodist Plan Sanctuary on Main , , ~= — -^o were Great Britain, nance, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. The treaty was the first concrete result of Foreign Secretary Ernest Bcvln's demand for a union of Western Europe. Author- ties have voiced hope of extending it from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean. Binding (he five powers to close economic cooperation, the treaty set up a continuinc consultative council for the purpose of taking quick acllon In mutual economic and defense problems. The foreign ministers of the five countries signed the treaty in the main hall of the Academy Palace. They came here for the ceremony from Paris, where they were taking |,nrt in the IC-natlon conference of the European recovery program The Anglo-Pi-eiich an,' Benelux alliance was drafted In a conference here which wound un last week. It specified that the obligations or the signatories under the Unit- - -M «.- mi- present eil Nations.Charter would be pie- ° ! lhc P««-oiwgc with the structure judiced in no way. The defense ? co »»i-ct with the West end of specifically were aligned with the " le t»vfaM educational buildhiK It charter. W-A-: Hinr-incft^i i~,i_.. . . . b - v Alliaii for 50 Years "If any of thc high contracting parties should be the object of mm! ed attack in Europe. Ihe other high contracting parties will in accordance with provisions of Ar- Church Building Plans Take Form First Methodists to Have New Sanctuary And More Classrooms Plans for construction of an aii- c rr, f "'' " le Flrst M=tl>odl.,t ri^Hn-f " B1 - vlh «'l»e are taking definite torn, and the snncumry is located on the present site — ,,..,,..,! cuuriiuoiim buildiiiK It was disclosed today by church of- * Shown above Is the arelutecfs drawlns of tiie proposed .u and tower of the First Me.hodlst Church, Seventh an, M 1, s " w .cl, will co,nple, e R church struct,),'.. 5t , l( ,ed more than 20 eiM- . the erection of a tluee- s tory brlrlc oducatlona. bul.rthi, ,t ,", o the bu,,dln B .| te . Ura el S. Branson ta the architect. The Rev "nc, btcwart Is pastor of the church. Two High-Ronking Senators Shun Eleventh Hour White House Parley By I.ylc C. IVIlson United Press .Staff Ci>rre.s t , ( m rt ent WASHINGTON, Plans to have his message vicw«l 80 minutes before he tfrlnf «ent Court Suspends 5-Year Sentence In Burglary Cose OSCEOLA. Ark., Mar. 17.—Dorman Pearson, charged with burgla.-y and grand larceny, wax given « 5- year suspended penitentiary scm- ence by Judge Charles Light of Paragould this morning after plead, ing guilty in the Osccoia District of Mississippi County Circuit Court in session here. Pearson was accused of breaking . ^.,.. Jvt , V.ILJ,! JIIUVIHIOILS OI Ar- "•-•••»•»•'-». til ill • • |]| tide 51 of the charter ot the Un- crn "'<-'h's board of ited Nations, afford the party so ' J - w - Adam.s. who attacked all military and other aid '"" and assistance in their power " the fourth article of the treaty said The following article provided that any such action should be reported to the UN Security council at once. The action would be termed "as soon a s the--SccurUv Council has taken measures necessary to maintain or restore in- ternalional peace and security." The treaty provided that other states must be invited to join here last December clothes valued at sic train valued at $20. and a " Its provision,; by agreement, of the contracting parlies. Responsible Quarters al the ERP conference in Paris have made it plain that efforts were being made lo draw- other countries of Western Europe into the alliance. The pact becomes effective as soon a s the ratification of all signatories is deposited in Brussels In force for 50-yeare, the treaty provides that thereafter each power would have the right to break away from it upon a year's notice. Walter Logon, News Writer, Visits Parents Jr.. j vine and now n United Press for:ms cign correspondent in Shanghai toy ] China, is visiting his parents. Mr. j and Mrs. Theodore Logan, at their e main floor of the sanctinry !-"„"' '""L-!? 1 ! >cr s°"s. with room I for an additional 115 in the balconv archive , 8 t0 Urae " S ' B ''""°o» aichitcct and member of the 1 stewards, nnd i , • • — •- »"u Is cliMrniflj) of the board's construction committee I Ihe exterior with a 05-foot tow- (er is or ecctestienl Gothic design and will be finished In brick n f, ( ; stone with stained glass windows IThe Iloor level will be only one I foot higher than the sidewalk with | the entrance to' be set back a lon°!Vail' 5ta " Ce f '°' n Ule siclewalk Plans call for the eventual Installation of ,;l,i, W s OI . carillon in in ! ;! lfl to 5 pl '. .Mr. Branson said. An nre nslray One of tile "lenders" President Arthur n. v»n- g balked. an( | senate Dcm- o jcncii Alben w. Bnridey • ere where Mr. Truman's siidilm leelslon to mccl with CoujreM Ihe capital by surprise. . .-llcan s grabbed thc ball on imUonal defence In a conference of he House stecrinir Committee s -es- lerday. Martin Announced Informal OOP ngrceiuent to vole the r.«.ea with the rcluclance of le "" 1J - Martin Announced Infor- two leader;-, among the law- m "' Gop ns'-oemenl to vole the Wl-inT.. ?" " le nIcct "'S. thel£! Ulrc *H.000.000,000 sought by Mr. rVtoit , obru l >ll y cancelled the T""""" for national defense' plus Pievirjw and offered the explnna- Rn «"1l»closed boost In Ah- Force tion was tlinl \'.,,,,,„.., ' "_.. aonronrlnlln,,. i "in. I! 0 ", , w «s "'at Vandenberg n nd Barkley coul,| not i, e pres( ,* nli Il€ . cause of un important meetlnr o"f the Senate Foreign Hclotions Committee of which the former is chairman. -.. .-_.,._ . .... ''or a committee nieelinjr to "ul-r;, ; ik a IVhHc llmisc conference is must unusual. Sources close ( n Vnndcnbcrir xnia he r. ranson said. A,,' n church construction , »'«'<• <"".V SO minutes before he d- t installation of ,, ra,,', n 'dressed Congress could |,a,. v c I entran n " exchnn Innovniion ii will be thc i._ from a .side entrance by the tower a " exchange" of advice nnd me-is ehm?o m !"' '" valld s to <•"<-"' the I Thpref o'-';. H was said, be .st,,vi-d thmclt in wheel chai-s. I «wny lest the imllon receive Ihe ^ Plans Include Annex | impression that he had n hand in feel wide B nd extend back 13B ° r n(1[l e'vcn H his tacll We "STIRS' -• • ipenkcr Joseph W. Martin. Jr.' : Tl be 4. feet, with Ihe auditorium proper to be 3S feet wide and n feet in length from the vestibule to the chancel. The chancel will be 26 feet deep with space for installation of a pipe organ. Thc average Inside height of thc auditorium will be about 30 feet. The present one-story stucco win* In front of the educational build- in*, which for about 20 years also has served as a sanctuary, will lie razed and a three-story wing erected. Thc pastor's s ti,rty. (he office of the church secretary and of the rc- ,hEious education director will be ii 0 ™!:? 1 _°" lhe *™»'n floor or Ihe and House Dcntocrntic Rayburn, al so had bren ji meet with tlie President. cancellation of Ihe U'liil ed to mMe appropriation*. Barkley nm[ the Republican leadership of the Senate already hml ngi-ped to postponement of tax bill debate agnlnst tlie chance that Mr Trumnn would come up trxlay willi a request for more nntloual dc- icnse money. Shortly br-fore Mr. Truiniin s|jn)-c f ve We.slern European nations steiicd a 1)n ci of untried Intm-sl., In Brussels. They me Great Britain franco, ficlBhim. and the tfettier- innds and Lnxemlioiirg. The Slnle nepnrtment. snld H fortnight R go i|, n t policy rllscus- •«ow s uer e imdcrway here to «c- cl(le what the United Stales could tip to support the Joinl action ol Ihe five nations. Secretary of stile Cieorge C. Maislinll rcccnly snld our great hope was for Western Eliro- pe.-in political union, our policy toward the live nations movement «'as discussed al last Friday's cabinet inecLlnff Soviet Expansion Condemned as 'Growing Menace' IHill "y i.yir <;. -rt I'rntii SUff Corresiwndenl II > J," " 'V'"' 1 ''''' 01 '*' 11 ' 1 '''' 1 ''' 1 ' 100 l)cr ° rc » J">»t session of the' II. UHO ,,„« Semilo. llio I'rusiilonl also called for prompt en' ' a[Tinned vide ||,e .Hlroniie.s Speake Schoof Flection To Be Conducted Saturday, Mar. 20 church school second and third classrooms on the | floors. Mississippi Count>. " "" polls Saturday members anil voters will Mr. Logan arrived In Blythevillu Monday for a two-weeks visit. Ac- j White of London. England, who is j a UP foreign correspondent in i Mr. Logan was assigned to the Shanghai bureau in 19-15 and this ; Is his first visit to his home town I since that time. and casts and gave him a suspended 90-day county farm sentence on a °' aggravated assault. He was eaT-- !• charged with assault with in- vKt to kill. In court yesterday afternoon, a defense attorneys petition to commit Anthony Thomas. Negro charged with murder, to the State Hospital for Nervous Diseases for examination and observation was granlcd. Thomas is accused of killing William Duckworth. NCTO Au-r 2, 1G47. ' "' After deliberation of 30 minutes, a jury ye.slcrday found Herbcrl naymolld Lane not guilty of a. charge of rape. He had been accus- j . Alf «d Mclvin Caldwell. 98'. uic< ed ot criminally assaulting an Os- i '" llis home here yesterday after ccola girl. < noon at S o'clock. Trial for Wesley English, charged ' "" " ' ' with assault with intent to kill, is tion more than 50 years ago. He was widely known for his reminiscing of the Civil War and the Rc| construction period which follow- The ground floor space In the : educational building i low , ls( , ( | by i the nursery, kindergarten and prl- i mnry departments will bc converted into rccrealion quarters for the young people of the church and a . . kl ' cllen - Classrooms win be provided on Ihe second floor where thc auditorium now Is located and the third floor will continue lo be used for classrooms. To Ilm-c Estimates Soon Additional classroom spare will l )e Dud Cason Leoion Post Tops Quota For New Members The 1!)48 member.-.hip campaign of lhc Dud Carson Post 2-1 nf (he. American Lesion has exceeded lls Vets Quarters To Be Improved U.S. Agency Okays Improvements at Blytheville Air Base Mnyor K. n. Jnckson .suld lod-iy Hint [itilliflrlir.nliun has licen received from the Federal Public Housing Administration for Ihe expenditure of S5.COS for rc-wlrlii B of units nt the Veil-runs Housing QIIIMI™ lit the nlr Thc mnyor, rj||y Atloriier" IViry WrlRlit nnd Airport Miumiicr Krn- •-.,....», .n t est IlnlscU rcltii'nccl .vc.-itcrdiiy from sk'crliiK con Fort Worth. Terns, where they ulso force shouh conferred with offitirils of the Clvl " Aeruuniiiics Adnilnlslrnlion mid til" Wnr A.wts Administration. Hewlring of tin,- tiir base housing units will Increase the rapacity nf electric service furnished each niHirtmcnl uncl will pave ihe way lor Installation O | Indlvidunl meter-. Tin; Idler Irom the r-'I'HA uu- thorli'.lnB the rc-wli-ing, suiil lh|. rcvamplni' ol electric .service cou- tmnplalud Installation of rnclcls ay Die .utility furnishing Ihe power imil the subsequent contrnctliijj with In- dlvldunl tenants for the .service. Cmls Nun' I'ni-rnlcd No plans lor installation ol the mcilm luivo been nuulc us the re- wlih.j;must lie done lirst, the mayor snld. tie-wiring or the iml't.s would In- done hy Ark-Mo Power Co..'which furnishes current to ttrj project. At present, the ovcrnll cost ul electric service lo thc housing project Is pro-rated iimiHiK tenants nc- cordliii! to the size of the apart- rnirnt each occupies. Occupants of |he lunj.sinj/ njiV.i were nolillrd curlier this week thin, a recent stiucinem for current ii.ied by the project mis In excess of [binomial nuiouiil nutl thiit It was bc- llevcd this was caused by use of healers, hoi, plntcs, electric ranges nnd sinilliii- appliances termed "un- DiHhulliK tlinl Kussln mill li,r MilrllllfM sock to "sullJlijjaU-" Ku- riipc. Mr. Trillium trimly wurllal Unit: "Wn nuisl IK- iirr]un-d ill pay Hie prim i,f penir, iir u.VMlrrrlly «« shull |iuy Hie prlc-r uf w»r." Mr. Truman. In his stconjtcst puli- »i: condi-mniitton of Russia, wild- 'Since Ihe clrac of hostilities, the -Soviet, Union mid lu nuciils have destroyed the InitciU'iidcnce nnd ilcinoernllu chnrncli-r of n whole series of mil Ions In Kiislern nnd Outral Kin-ope. "It W this rnlhli'ss course of uc- [lon. and the clear tU'slsn to extend II I" the I'cnmlnltiit free nations of l'.urope, Una |, n vK i.roiitilit M bont Ihe crltlcul situation In Kuiopi' today " An hour In-fore Mr. Trumnn spoke UK; lliiusi- llepiihllcnu leadership rc- ll-s delmnlmitlon to p ra . United stales with the nil- frnri- l» the world." ' Joseph w. Miiilln Jr Arkansas Ready For Draft Action Governor Lancy Sanctions Move For Preparedness By Rob Brown llnllrrt IT™ sUf! Corespondent' M1TLE ROCK. Ark., March 17. (U.P,> _ A fighting Southerner dropped hit* nntftnonlstlc attiluda toward ['resident Harry Truman loni! ciioiiKh today to place a ten-. tatlve stamp of approval on tl» Chief Executive's message to CoK- UreSS. fir-slonsly on record as favoring e House ( Hint the sU'eriiiK coinmlttpe force should he iilvcn more money than was risked for 11." in his speech, Mr. Truman mnde no n h eel reference lo the Air force. »nt hi.- snld tin- unlled states "must l«! ri'inly t,. lake every wise mid necessary step" to secure pence nnd prevent war. This, he snld. "will r«,,,|,-e nn adequate nnd balanced inlltlarv "Irirnijih." M'. Trmiiini acknowledged Unit there l.s s ,m, K r |.,k Involved In uc- tion—there ulwiiys Is." ''l-lnl there Is far mo ,. c rlsk m failure lo ncl," he said. upon llussl;, niit i«xi Ihiis far t,, n si' lly In tlif "II Is rhli-lly lliat urn- nnMon f " si ' <l '« «'-u i Irliinu- for fall- t'hlcvr pence mid win 1,1. <hu: tti the fuel has nut only rc- .. . — ''* I" Hir rslah- Jlsl "'"' ' a Jusl »,,,| honorable lieni-e, lint—,-vci, ,v, s »,.(. IVcly Sllllclll III (IM-Vftll II." Then he luld down lhis hill o f PartlculnrsiiKiilnst Die Soviet Union- II liiis "persistently l B ,,ored nnd vlolriled iiBm-menls which "could luive furnished the bn.sls for n just pence." ' It hns "iierslstently olistniclcd the work of the United Nations by con- stunt abuse ol the velo." It hns destroyed the l.ulcpcnd- ICC mill (leinnr-!-nHi> ,.1... ~ _ _, 1( ....„, „„.. u^,, the Items mentione man Hi-e ncc-essury Retired Farmer, A.M. Caldwell, Dies ot Age of 98 ballols in other 15 15 i disl •„ ' "> ' ~»" candidates from only b.-ili WdiV- Iricts fili-t) petttloiiK. sciiool" Maycs ' collllt .'' suix.rvi.soi- of district rHy Fire >-....j.i> \jtnn SJ'.H (,- V. Ill T)e f -* l - tn-llllll -iCnOf provided in new quarters tack of I bc v °'cd on and It i i lie chancel in thc new auditorium. | lh « mn.vimimi levy lu order lo have adequate space I cd '" all diitrlcls Lake School. Yarbro Schno'l Hall, the Goodyear store, and = tatu m No. 2 on West Main. The IB-mil) school tax also will is exjirclcd that Post's weekly meeting In ihe LCK- ton Hut last night. In n report lo members nf Ihe Post Mr. Jcffcrles slated Mint lo date a tolal of USO nu-mbi'rshlps have been sold. The Post's oiiotn was 1.314. Accordliirsl:,, the notici- .stiilwl iniynienls are bcine adjusted lo cov. er electricity used lu excess of tin. allowed mr.ximuni. However, because there are no Individual jnct- ers on Ihe mills. Ihe excess char^ had Ui bc pro-rnlcrl nmoiiK IJin tenants. A number ol the lenunts hnvc objected to ilil.s mcllmd of col- iectins the cost o[ Ihe excess cui- ICJlt. Thc uolice said this pmctii-e bc- cnnic effective Mm. 15. ! K. A. IJice. ma linger of the Imm| In;: project, and CJ.M-ar l-'eiidlcr prci- ; Jrct altorm-y. v.cic in Little'HOCK loilay id conler with the Public d by Mr. Tru, i In the light of lulcrimtlonal conditions, i think everyotie should support them " The President culled for » tem- iwrsry revival of thc rlrutt, prompt enactment of mih'ersnl mllH»i'» Iriilnlng and pnvmBc of the European recovery program. "I have nlway.i favored *. position of preparedness, regardless of wtmt ll lakes," Uney snld. "That Is the only liiiiKUtige (lint Russia under- Klnmls." Arkidisns' chief executive, w ho na-i .bitterly. oppos«d • President-Tru- ninn's re-rioiulnntloii and his civil rlRlils proixxsals. ,«|d -mere Is notlilng Unit would prevent me from going uion B on (his type of an International program." Meanwhile, col. Patrick C. Harris "f Ihe Selective Service Division of thc Arkansas National Guard said' Plans for Immediate resumption of I he selective service system In the " ale lire practically complete Emphasl/lng Hint the plans could not be carried out without new leKlslnllon by Congress, Col. Harris said Hint thc plan calls for reviving the »4 orlslnnl draft boards snd creating one appeal board Instead of the llirce used before. Another change In plans, he said would cnll for registration at the schools of the state Instead at twoiitrh election 'machinery us in Hnrrls ncldeci llmt while all beard members have not been contacted, many have Indicated a willingness to serve again If necessary. Vacancies on the board, he said, would probably be filled with young vet- ernns of World War II. Final reports from the Post's Iw , ! L°" a ? l " K "" [ " v>ith Ult ' 1>llbl ' c embcrsh „ drive teaVm the Reds 1 " Commis.sion members on lhc nd the Allies. I.eard last ni "^ "' C ' U " C " 1 IU ! "° hmisl " 8 iml1 - 5 ' and thc Blues, heard Inst nlRht. the Reds thc lead with a totnl 158 memberships sold by team ., . .HH...H.I;>;*, V,. . -- - . L j.-, t'AlJn ine ciKinccI in the new auditorium. | thi.^mn.vimimi levy will be approv- I — -•' "•""'» it has br-en i tllc n l«es' 80. Members ot'thc Red -• UIUM iu uave adequate space I uu ln a" dlwrlcls as lor lhc new sanctuary, the church J»' »'c l>n.\t. Adoption of Ihr lull has purchased the lot West of the I8 -'"i" lew I, nccewrv before parsonage from th c w li Wlllhms ' " -'-•--- s " ccc '" a ^ ""ore Estnte but will use oiiiy s | x f cc t of i u* iiiciiiocrsmps members during the campaign, lo -•" H'-tT "lllv ,MA I tins lot for building purposes The Williams residence will b Mr. Caldwell. a retired farmer, was born in Greenville, s. C. on scheduled lor tomorrow. Biythevif/e Morn Dies (n Paragould Hospital Funeral services for Oscar Till- i L "' man, of Blytheville. 67, who died I Hc is 5 "™''vcrt by his wife, Mr.i. yesterday morning in a Paragould i Llzi(c Caldwell. a son. Henry Cald- hospital following a stroke were - v c11 ° ; L'tlle Rock; four daughters, conducted at 2:00 p.m. today at the- Sarah Dunn and Mrs. Charles Cobb Funeral Home Chapel by thc i bolh of Blytheville, Mrs. Fan- Hcv. Lester D. Sliubhar. pastor ot : mc Ca - dwe11 ol Chattanooga, Tenn., thc First Christian Church Burial In Mrs ' clarcllcc LeathDrwowl. was in Elmwood Cemetery • uc " tor Harbor, Mich.; two brotn- Mr. Tillman. who was a carncn- ?; s ' css Ca 'tl«Pll of Gunlerville, intact for use by Mrs Williams long a s she desires to occupy property. It was explained. Mr. Adams s aid that the ic left a tiki rid may receive" teac'i nry aid from the slate Polls will open at s p.m. : ,nd rfove at S:m. Regular polling places will bc used in other districts '.i i . "* "iJJti tll^Vl the I "ic county. Mr. Maycs said Any three school hoard members i>.o,ieuy it was explained. I Any three school hoard members Mr. Adams s aid that the con- ! '"«>' act a s election jud B e, TVTt) smic ,„„ committee and Mr. Bran-, However, he said, it' I, mwL r,,: Tillman. who was a carpcn- '. was born in Walnut Ridge and «i to Mississippi County abou' years ago. His wife was the late Mrs. Oscar Tillman. Hc is survived by two sisters Mrs I'urncr Simpson of Houston. Texas md Mrs. Dolly vagley of Ala., and Rube Caldwell of Orccn- ville, K. c. Funeral services are incomplete out probabi.v will be conducted lo- morrow. Holt Funeral Home is in charge. plans and specifications J. L. Guard and B. A'. Lynch.'The and Harvey Morris^'chalrnJan''^ the board of stewards, are e.\-offl- cio members and Jesse Taylor Is legal advisor for the committee. learn will be the guests of thc Blues at a dinner lo be given at llic Fun next Tuesday night. All veterans | will be Invited to attend the dinner, j iMtfK Kill Hcccivi'd City ollicial.-i reported that they ie:clvcd a lull for Sl.8.10 covcrim; 14 class use of current at the hollv lux prolocl. The nolice of readjustment ol chaiRe.s by Ihn- Vcler- am Quarters Cnmmiti.ce stau-d that "Lne must recent Klatc-mcnt /or Members of the post voted full sup port to the training program, Visitors and new members prcs H . I riiirti-i i . ll ls mm! * 'or visitors and new members nrcs- aM e A I'o/flaw" 1S cl « lin » J""""- cl)l " l >** "Wit's meeting Includ- alld ex-I A ion law requires that a copyied. Sst. Charles ElVln. NnH~,ni or the Weather Heater Overheats New York Cotton to the : Mar. irst nn x» - ' ' vhen , "t' Carly lhis morning *hen an oil healer became Ovc r- icated. Ko damage resulted , July open 3427 3350 3C87 30'J3 3009 high 3^44 3375 3)24 3070 3048 1:30 low p.m. 3396 3406 3320 3338 3073 3091 3020 ao:t! 3000 3003 Minimum this morning—40 Maximum yesterday—62. Sunset today -6:09. Sunrise tomorrow—C.07 Precipitation, 24 hours lo 7 a m today—none. Tolal since Jan. 1 — M.IU Menu temperature irnid'wav tween high and low)—51. Normal mean (or March—512 This Daie Last Year Minimum this morning—28 _Prcelp,t a ,ion. Jan. , to this da, —• -•"- "un-i lllCltUHU ba lot box. he said. Duplicate will suffice In the case of two clerks, he said. C. J. Lowrancc of Driver and C «. -Segravcs of Osceola arc the candidates for posts on Ihe Coun' or Education. They arc for the two vacancies. Sergeant Smil Damon, nl ihe elmritiy is lar in rxci-ss of he nur- ISIylhevillc National Guard unit, Imal amount." The coinmittee ai- spokc briefly on Ihe training pros:- irihuled thus lo the extensive use 'if ram being carried on by the unit, t elcclrl,:al appliance by Die u-nanis. AcL-ording to the notice, written f consent of ihe m.-innger must .ic j obtained before a tenant can use thc appliances termed "tiiiaiulioria.'d." Thc £5.000 authorized by Ihe FPHA lo bc spenl for rc-wirln.: will come from Ihr net income -f al»ut S1S.COO realized [rom the housing project (hirlnt: its first year of operation. Mayor Jackson said. Sucli proni.s from the project, under FPHA control and operated ior tlie cny by lhc American Le- ftion. an: to lie used for niaiute- 1?^?™.," I>I»SU.K mills, such expenditure-;, influence ,,„„,.,,,.,, ,,,,,„„,, .. 1()|)nn ,,, of „,.. FPHA, Major Jackson said. While in Fort Worth, the city of- licials also met with CAA and nice and dcmncrnllc character of wliole series of nations In Kaslern "nd Cenli-iil Kin-ope. It Is responsible for "the critical situation In Europe today." Mr. Truman said pressure now Is "Mil* brought („ |^ :1 r" on I-inland "In (he of the cn- llrc .Sranilliiavlan iienliuula"- Orrc "'., is "miller dirrcl mllllary allarh fnim CnmmunM-siippi.rl- r<l rrlirls, mid "a ilrtcrmlneit and iiBi-re.s.slvr effort Is licinc nl-idr In 1 Srn l'ltlCI-,\KKnNI-;,s.s mi Pair n State Police Check Autos to Provide Highway Safety in Blythevllle today announced that, -,«.«...., a drive was under way lo hal' mo-i " nd l >r>r "amenlary procedure con tori.sLs driving cars 'will, no lall ' ' " IlKhis and defective brakes. The drive also places emphasis on speeders, ilicy said. Future Farmers In Mississippi County to Meet ^ Approximately 100 members of Future Farmers of America groups from nine Mississippi County towns arc cxpeclcd to attend a federa- iion niccllng tomorrow at the Wilson Tllgh School. The meeting will gel under way at 10:30 a.m. with public sneaking tests. Winners of these contest* will represent Ihe Delia Federation, composed of thc nine groups, ' at a Northeast Arkansas district In Joncsboro April 2-3. Instead of merely "tuning warn- j meeting _„. mis lo drivers cars have no ' A dairy judging contest will be 'nil lights, the officers are now '"''d In Ihe afternoon Rivlni: (hciii tickets. • In addition to the host group at A number of drivers have been Wilson, FFA boys from Blytheville arrested recently for violation of Dell. Manila. Monette Uixora Kei- ine slntc speed laws which call for scr. Dycss and Shawnee school's will n maximum speed of 55 miles per be present, representing their voca Lour for amomobiles and so miles (lonal aBrlcultnre departmeull C. L. Wllkcraon of Blytheville. for Court tills morning on charccs o driving while under the of intoxicating liquors. Wilkcrson was arrested Tuc.sday by Slate Police. George Donaldson, Blythevillc an hour for said. The officers pointed to nn Increase of about 30 traffic maliKcs to date lhis year over the.'number during the same pr-doit last yAr. State Policemen stationed here are A. K. Chionister. C. E. Mont Roineiy nnd T. E. smallr-y. i (lonal agriculture departments. E. thc stale Police ; D. Bcall Is ,the vocational agriculture instructor at Wilson. York STOCKS: 1 In Craighead County Jake Hice, 22. ot Manila, is be- iiiK held in thc Craighead County jail in Jone.sboro on charges of false pretense- following his arrest Osceo/a Mayor fnters Hospital for Check-up the alleged sale of Mayor Ben p. Butler of O.^cola ; entered lhc Methodist Hospital in lie-j Memphis today for a physical! check-up, It was announced today Mrs. Ben F. Duller Jr., daughter- in-law of Mayor Butler, stated tlvs morning that Mayor Butler had been ill and had entered the hospital (04- i routine check. was ordered to await Circuit Court arlion. Bond was .set at S3SO. Donaldson is charged with the theft of an automobile tire He arrested by sheriffs' deputies. Soybeans (Prices f. n. b. open high' properly auen in two grants. T|. r . air b.ise is currrll'.ly being operated under an interim permit. Tug Boat Blast Kills 3 HOUSTON, Tex.. March 17. lUPi —Three men were reported tilled . .. 3U ,, „, 3 « tills morning in tug Iwai ncl m tin of ai yesterday for Ihrce niortr f , «.,..*., Rice was arrested in Manila otter a letitslhl.v search had led officers j lo Tulsa. Okla., and Kansas Cily [ Mo. He (s alleged lo have sold the i cars lo Joncshoro dealers. A Blythe- Mile finance firm held an S840 mm i gage on each of the three cais | Craighead County officers reported. Deputy Sheriff c. D. Wilson of Jone.sboro quoted Rice as saying that he kept the finance company payments up on all of ' 2 p.m A T <k T ! Anier Tobacco ;' Anaconda Copper I Beth steel I Chrysler ", i Gen Electric Gen Motors ,..'.'.'.'.. Montgomery Ward N Y Central ....'.'.'. Inl Harvester North Am Aviation !! Republic Steel Socony Vacuum Sturiebaker Standard -.f N J .'."' HS 59 3-4 31 1-4 31 1-8 54 1-8 32 1-2 51 \-A 48 1-g 13 63 1-8 12 23 7-g 15 3-8 16 S-« 3« 7-* Maid of Cotton in Paris PARIS. Mar. 17. (UPI—.\fatilde Lou Nail, the 1948 Maid of Cotton of New Orleans, arrived in Pirls today to start a two-week tour ot . Europe. She flew here on " | plane with Edith French ch*uteus«.

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