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uu .1 1 mmumbw i 11 1 11 1 1 1 'I in COMRADE BUT i'd RATrifc- IT WERE SOMETHING TO FIGHT VOH V-N While Distance Would Hamper Nazi Prelate, Now Under House Arrest, Says: 'We Christians Are The Anvil, The Others Are Hammer, And The Anvil Never Yet Gave Out Supply, Says Economist and Historian i political Considerations Analyzed. By D. J. DALLIN The Chicago Daily News Port-Oispatch Special Radio. Copyright.

1941. SOMEWHERE IN EUROPE, Sept. 27. The Roman Catholio Church once again has collided head-on with the S. S.

(Hitler elite Copyright 1941. Overseas News Agency, Inc. (This Is the first of two articles making an enlightening contribution to nderstanding of the Russian-German conflict. The author is an economist historian who is a well-known authority on Russia. His book, "The guard) and the Gestapo in a conflict which may develop into a showdown in Germany.

is scheduled for early publication. foreis" It must Immediately be emphasized that the dispute involves no ITH the retirement of Soviet forces to the East, Russia loses several key industrial areas and becomes more, of an agrarian IV! church pronouncement on Nazi foreign policy or the war with Russia and England, but Is confined exclusively to internal affairs. It has and peasant country. The losses suffered by the Red army have jrtn sufficiently great to raise the question whether continued effec- the' most far-reaching Implications, however. Continued persecution of church true.

The issues involved, said the jjve resistance is possible. If so, under what conditions may the Russian army be expected to make a successful stand in the Russian letter, included the very existence Institutions forms the background. of the church. "East? Recently," the letter continued, Convents, monasteries and schools have been closed and their membership scattered, and restrictions "World War, In 1913, produced less One thing is clear: Even If the a book has been prepared in than 3 per cent of Russia's coal. P.ed army retires to the Volga or he Urals it will not be in a posi have been placed on religious festi now yields nearly 20 per cent of hundreds of thousands of copies, which expresses the opinion that vals.

The church, for a long time tion to provide equipment and sup the total. The Urals and Siberia produce at the present time nearly we Germans today must elect be relatively silent, is striking back. tween Christ and the German volk. plies for a force as large as trie Wtsent Red army, whose total is The leader is Count von Galen, 30 per cent of the total pig iron; With flaming indignation we Ger Bishop of Muenster and repre in 1913 it was less than 21 per cent. sentative of old, aristocratic The oil situation is more serious, because the loss of Baku would man Catholics deny that any such choice is necessary.

We love our German people and serve them, if Westphalian family. Whether the necessary, to death. But at the movement stems from a joint decision of German church leaders or the Individual determination of be a very severe blow. The other oil-producing area, the so-called "second Baku" between the Volga and the Urals, has not yet been same time we live and die for Christ and will remain bound to Him now and for all eternity." the bishop to accept martyrdom Olaced at seven to 10 million. I either inside Russia nor from abroad are supplies for such a force available.

On the other hand 1 is little doubt that the Ger- tans themselves will be forced. further they push eastward, fEore and more to reduce their Resent fighting force of about million because the supply from Germany has already become very tenuous in a country without highways and with developed. However, at the pres is unknown. It is believed hardly possible that he is acting without the sanction of his superiors. Bishop Galen's second twmon, ent time, and probably until next July 27, is reported to have been beautifully-worded, powerful Religious Rites Barred.

elaboration on a similar theme. An historical accident con again mentioning names which few clergymen previously had dared. tributed to make Muenster the center of the outbreak. During the -we Christians," said Bishon year, the Baku area does not seem to be threatened with German seizure. The official figures concerning the second five-year plan may be accepted with respect to the picture given of the territorial distribution of industries.

According to this source, "considerable changes in the distribution of industrial forces have taken place, and one of the most important re Thirty Years War the city was Galen, "are the anvil, the others threatened with destruction by fire but saved by a fortuitous wind. are the hammer, and the anvil never yet gave out first." wrecked railroads. From the bor-jir to Kharkov involves a distance of 350 miles for the German army, bat from Kharkov to the Baku oil fields the Wehrmacht must push en an additional' 700 miles and over the mountains of the Caucasus. Even Rostov to Baku is a The anniversary, celebrated annually with solemn religious festi His third sermon, on Aug. 3, opened one of the sorest spots in David Low copyright aU countries.

Reprinted by arrangement with the London Evening Standard. val, was barred this year. That Jr stance of 550 miles. If German night British bombers again fired the city. The devout saw this as sults is the increased role of the Eastern regions, particularly of the internal German affairs, the killing of the insane, hopelessly ill and crippled.

This practice, which first became known in the Reich divine punishment for failure to Urals-Kuznetsk area, in the econ observe the rites. omy of the Union." In 1937, these Bishop Galen subsequently years ago. apparently has no legal foundation beyond the theories of the most extreme party elements. regions produced 15 per cent of the total electrical energy (com troops should really reach Moscow, hey will have covered 500 miles from the Russian-German border. Tet from Moscow to the eastern frontiers of "European Russia in the Urals still lie an additional 730 miles, beyond which extends the endless territory of Siberia.

The preached three powerful sermons and addressed personal protests to ana nas at least the tacit approval pared with 8 per cent in 1932) 24 per cent of the coal (17 per cent in Finland Warned in British Note She Is Regarded as Axis Member Finns to Be Dealt With as Enemy Now and "After War Unless They Cease Fighting Russians, London Says. ranking Nazis including Hitler, of Hitler. Cites Law on Murder. Only Dr. Hans Heinrich Lammers, brar will not be decided by that 20 head of the Reich Chancellery, replied, saying merely that the pro Bishop Galen cited the law 25 per cent of the territory of 1932) 5 per cent of the oil and gasoline (compared with only 1 per cent in 1932) 28 per cent of the pig iron (24 per cent In 1932); 74 per cent of the copper (57 per cent in 1932); and 15 per cent of the British Supplies Said to Be on Way to Caucasia Signs English Troops Also Are Being Sent Through Iran.

against murder and the statute test had been referred to the "com European Russia which Germany making guilty any persons know petent official" Gestapo Chief has thus far occupied, nor by the to 60 million people (nearly 30 HIGH WAGES FOR FRENCH IN NAZI ARMIES COMPARED TO AVERAGE WORKER'S PAY By DAVID M. NICHOL The Chicago Daily News-Post-Dispatch. Special Radio. Copyright 1941. BERN, Sept.

27. FRENCH volunteers serving with the German armies against Russia receive high wages in comparison with those of French workers, according to items in the French press. Gringoire, Marseille weekly, estimates that a married volunteer with eight children receives 5800 French francs a month ($116, at the nominal franc rate of 2 This Heinrich Himmler. The bishop paper (compared with 5 per cent returned to Dr. Lammers a full re ier cent of the population of the in 1932).

port on Gestapo and S. S. activities, insisting that they be called LONDON, Sept. 27 (AP). Political Complexion.

WARNING that Britain would consider Finland her enemy now to account. Eastern Russia was the section and deal with her as such after the war unless the Finns cease His first sermon on July 13 like which produced the great peasant movements of 1904-1906 and 1918- fighting Russia was published tonight by the British Foreign wise dealt with Gestapo persecu tions and mentioned the secret po Soviet Union) within tne spnere or German occupation. The problem the industrial resources of East-ra Russia is of far greater significance. New Industrial Areas. Of the four great industrial re-fions of Soviet Russia, two have a date been virtually lost: the Ukraine and Leningrad.

The, great i Moscow district which extends for 'taens of miles east and west of 1920. More than 20 years ago, dur- ing the civil war, it was here ing in advance of a crime and failing to report to the authorities. Reciting the number of persons taken away "the day before yesterday" in Westphalia, the Bishop said in effect: "I am now reporting to the competent authorities that these people have been taken away with intent to dispose of them. I am jointly guilty if I fail In this duty." Bishop Galen said the victims were determined by Irresponsible groups, a practice which might lead to untold excesses. He argued that the German people would soon distrust their own doctors, a Office.

Announcement that a note had been sent was made three days ago. LONDON, Sept. 27 (AP). lice by name. Its directness as tounded listeners.

The bishop noted the large part the church ship which always existed between The message said diplomatic re- Tiiu uerman attacic on Crimea is developing into the fullest scale assault possible down the lations between London and Hel includes 1200 francs for him that the peasant movement was ascendant. While Germany is now occupying in the West the very cities and regions which were once the cradle of the Bolshevik revolution, those areas which resisted narrow Perekop Isthmus, author had played in the historical development of Germany and accused Himmler's organizations of disrupting the national commun sinki could not return to normal until the Finnish army ceased hos itative military quarters here said tonight but they expressed the belief that the peninsula cannot be self, 1800 francs indemnity to his wife, and an additional 350 francs for each child under 16. The volunteer is also given meals and lodging. the Soviet regime during the civil war have remained unoccupied. ity (the Volksgemeinschaftun).

Quotes Pastoral Letter. tilities and evacuated aU Soviet territory beyond the old Finnish-Russian frontier of 1939. taken unless the Germans are able to wipe out the Soviet Black Sea fleet. The successes of Germany in the For about the same period, te capital itself, is in part men-tced. Untouched, however, remain the industries of the Urals and Sose new industrial centers on the Volga and in Western Siberia, which were established in very recent years.

They were built up be Continued on Next Page. West, even the loss of "Leningrad Bishop Galen drew heavily from the so-called fuldaer, or pastoral letter, dated one week earlier, in The text of the message: "So long as Finland in alliance and Kharkov, would not make it Retention of the Crimea by the Red Army was regarded as vital Le Flambeau, organ of Francois De La Roque, former head of the Croix De Feu, estimated that the average earnings of a worker in the department of ilESELHORST with Germany is carrying on an impossible, either from an economic or a strategic standpoint, to which the German bishops with to the Russian stand because in came the Soviet Government, aggressive war against and on the Britain and Finland. "Although the Finnish Government have expelled the British Minister from Helsinki, His Majesty's Government are ready to overlook this act of discourtesy and would welcome early restoration of normal diplomatic intercourse between the two countries. "But the Finnish Government will realize that for this to be possible the first essential is that Finland should terminate her war against Russia and evacuate all territories beyond her frontiers of 1939. "As soon as this has been accomplished, His Majesty's Government would be ready, for their part, to study sympathetically, any proposals for improvement of relations between Britain and Finland even though continued presence of German armies on Finnish soil German hands it would become out specific reference to the Nazis had said that forces in the Reich ihich was fearful of war even in defend that great land which would still remain unoccupied and Correze at 750 francs, out of territory of an ally of Britain, His Majesty's Government are the springboard for a power drive which he must maintain eastward toward the Caucasus and again were attacking the church.

They had hoped, said the letter. A Famous Piano Russia's great oil fields. which, even apart from Siberia, occupies an area more than half as great as the United States and seven times as large as Germany. bound to consider Finland to be a member of the Axis since it is impossible to separate the war which "that the 'crusade against Rus There were signs that Britain those years when the danger was not great, deliberately transferred end expanded industry in the eastern areas and in Siberia, giving them preference over the West. More than two years ago all eonstruction of new plants in Len might already be moving forces GRANDS rf (I i out 1..

I Finland is waging against Russia sia would mean a respite for German churches but "with great sorrow" they had found this to be un- The Russian army under these We Have Never Paid Less Than Current Dividend Rate of circumstances would naturally be into position to help Russia defend the Caucasus. An anthori-tative sources said large quantities of military supplies were moving smaller than today. On the other hand, an immeasurable increase in ingrad, Moscow, Kharkov from the general European war. "If, therefore, the Finnish Government should persist in invading purely Russian territory a situation will arise in which Britain will be forced to treat Finland as an open enemy not only whije the Germany's difficulties would fol tad three other cities was forbidden. At the same time, industrial "doubles" were being built in the t'rali and in the Volga area.

This Folding Chairs For Rent FDR VEILED PROPHET PARADE NATIONAL toward the Caucasus from the Persian Gulf. Gen. Sir Archibald P. WavelL returning: to his mili was done with those chemical, low because of the problem of supplying an army of several million men over a. 1000-mile supply line and on a 2000-mile front.

At the same time, the Soviet Government, while preserving an tary command in India from conferences in London, arrived in All -L- I.i.mJ A 418 N. 4th ST. CE. metallurgical and war Industries might render impossible at first restoration of full diplomatic relations and resumption of overseas trade on the same basis as existed so long as Finland was still neutral." war lasts but also when peace cpmes to be made. "His Majesty's Government would greatly regret such a development in view of the friend hich were of the greatest import Iran today to confer with Soviet authorities on defense of Caucasus.

ance and whose loss during a conflict might have had a particularly disastrous effect. In the east- The aid Britain already is Russia was expected to be $5,000.00 by Federal S. and L. Insurance Corporation Why mo save wit CLAYTON FEDERAL SAYINGS AND LOAN ASS'N. 5 South Meramee Clayton Me.

Call rMrkvlew I4 for Particulars At last! An effortless way to IHDUCE end STAY SLENDER ra and far eastern regions met summarized by Prime Minister Churchill soon before the House army retiring to the East, and perhaps transferring the capital to Kazan, would be faced with entirely new problems. The great shake-up which would follow from such a development in the war might cause many things to crumbie, which years of tradition and of allurgy was particularly stressed, hile in Middle Asia, the accent of Commons. as on textiles. The aviation in Nazi Difficulties. Electrically Operated EXERCYCLE iustry was concentrated around Moscow, but in 1939 four factories Russian soil has curtailed operations, a British source said.

He added that from Leningrad south "there certainly was no reason to expect that winter would hamper operations" and said that in fact operations would be easier in some swampy areas when the ground was frozen. G. U. S. PAT.

OFF. BRITISH PLANE CRASHES IN IRELAND, THREE KILLED BELFAST, Northern Ireland, Sept. 27 (AP). A British airplane crashed today near Dundalk, Eire, killing all three occupants, one of whom wore civilian clothes. British sources said that despite the intensity of the Nazi attempt severe political climate have kept re already in existence further '-st, and since then that industry alive.

Under such conditions, the to storm into the Crimea, cramped Independence has come to some families through the wise purchase of home property. The real estate offers in the real estate columns of the Post-Dispatch afford selections in growing sections of the city and suburbs. Removes on serious cows Stimulate Stands. quarters in the five-mile-wide isth been pushed with particular element of the popular will would acquire greater Importance than of headache. mus prevented the use of more ttrgy.

Several automobile and the forces of inertia and compul than about three assault divisions. This source said Russia's danger seemed to be from the fcotor assembly plants were con-r-ructed in Siberia and in the Far sion. While uncontrolled rebellion German drive through the Ukraine Makes chest does not seem likely in the immedi East. In this construction, purely ate future, the feelings of the expansion conomic grounds were not deci- people have a thousand other chan mora complete. and location was not deter Reduces watstiin.

Promote digestive secretion. nets through which to manifest mined by proximity to raw mate- yw, but rather by political and themselves. Lines of Civil Strife. toward Kharkov. On the outskirts of Leningrad, he said, fighting "has developed into one of those melees where opposing forces are so mixed that there are no distinguishable lines, but our best information seems to show the Russians are better than holding their own." BUY NOW! Take advantage of these ex-ceptional Piano values while they are still available.

Strengthens -rategic considerations. abdominal muscle. Ai to Coal and Oil. Very little reaches us concerning the state of popular feeling Inside As far as the problem of coal Is fighting Russia, but in a country Stimulate activity of the colon. 'Micerned, the Kuznetsk region in S'beria, which on the eve of the Continued on Next Page.

This was said to be only a "flea bite" compared to other fronts where scores of divisions were hurled into action by each side. A Russian informant said any German attempt to land troops by sea on the Crimea would be "very risky business" unless Germany could get into the Black Sea a stronger naval force than the Russian Black Sea fleet. This source speculated that such a move might start with an Axis attempt to seize the Turkish-guarded through which German and Italian warships might move into the Black Sea. Arctic Fighting Easing Up. On the Arctic front the approach of winter and Increasing apathy of Finnish armies now fighting on Stimulate 3 afitoin liver activity, Aids OW 3Uk Stimulate Interpreting the War News THE RUSSIAN STAND BEFORE KHARKOV nnua Training Defense Nurses' Aids.

WASHINGTON, Sept. 27 (AP). F. H. LaGuardia, Civilian Defense Director, said today that 85 hospitals had initiated training of volunteer nurses' aids.

The American Red Cross and the Office of Civilian Defense are attempting to train 100,000 nurses' aids to meet needs of military establishments and war Industries. gall-bladder Reduces thighs, buttocks Promote ARTIST PIANOS of the Impending stroke on the By KIRKE L. SIMPSON circulation. Of the Kiev front long before it came. It took time for the Germans, with long and difficult communications HE astonishing thing about Germany's swift conquest of lines, to assemble sufficient forces for the drive about Kiev.

YOUR CARBON HEARING" AID REBUILT for Including resd jutting and clean- Inq. Cords extra fiar4a Tractors. Serin, klers. Hard i 8rayers. Tore Mtw.rt.

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after normal weicht la reached, using EXERCYCLE will Accoyov slender. It is no bigger than an armchair. Fita right into your bedroom and ia always raady to use. It coete no more than one course et a health club, yet it ia yours to keep and the whole family can wee It. Tine "aymeafs 4vaf'asf- Open fvesfsgs They had to have not only the powerful shock troop units built rerrHinra, seeds.

about panzer technique to break 1 jv Uud Aids far Sale. SI0 Us i OVIHJ I UMoara .211 No. 7th. Suite CE. 4112.

snnsssssssw sjsspssssrsssssnsnF TrPC4t VALUES Baldwin Grand Xegu'arfy $H50 SALE PRICE Baldwin Grand fteaafarfy SHOO SALE PRICE Hamilton Grand Now. RogaloHy S60 Howard Grand Reoulory J545 SALE PRICE Acrosonic Spinet Hmqulmrtf 1395 SALE PRICE $885 TO J540 $449 s319 COUPON NOW. "ev just more than a week that within that brief time Ja despite unquestionably heavy the Russians have rallied Kf actively. ichithin those few days they have iv ve a new defense setup near- 200 miles eastward of their for-w Dnieper front about Kiev. are is ample Nazi testimony that ran front wel1 implemented with i and tanks as well as men.

nd it has balked at Jeast tem-wrarily Kazi efforts to pinch off rkov, last large Ukrainian city ept Odessa still in Russian anas, it i3 ciear that tbe Nazi "SO Command ho1 AirnooTs tn PUT PEP In Your Car r. d. Harold bauek "TTio Baldwin ias no Superior" i si Exercycle Co. of Missouri WITH A through Russian lines on both sides of Kiev in a converging sweep that leaped 125 miles east of the city to a junction, but close-up masses of Infantry for the followup. The panzer units were to plunge ahead and hoped to engulf Kharkov.

But assembling so vast a force as the Germans required took time and needed secrecy. The Russians knew what was coming. Following Nazi seizure of Chernigov on the Desna above Kiev and Kremenchug east of the Dnieper, part of the Russian reserves east of Kiev were withdrawn, it now seems probable, even before the Nazis struck. It Is also clear that eSW- 1 KsT UliUUILT MOTOR 6373 Clayton Road (at De Man) St. Louis, Mo.

lease nrnd me yoor Illustrated brorbore telling about tbe Exereyde, Name Please Print) WITH A Com la end Your Motor 3 Rebuilt NOT OVERHAULED All Guaranteed Liberal Trada-ln Convenient Tmrmt Small Carrying Char BALDWIN PIANOS 916 OLIVE ST. OPEN EVENINGS Addrean FORD V-8 MOTORS I- wldespreading pincers arms und Kharkov from the north uth quickly as it did about HKLEN TRAUBKL "Magnificent Clarity and TanaJ Color" Small Installation and earrylnt State City eh eras. No can Down, ui i ia.H.e irom me rear. I. (XGlflnotlnn n.nk I.

4Vnt Sat. Evenlnsa Until P. at. Continued on Next Page. sian leadership was well aware.

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