The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 13, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 13, 1936
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JUNE 18, l$ Bf.YTHEVILUI, (A.RJU COTI'iUTflft .PA.QF, THREB Democrat Will Mod AmidiTisioric Dociimenl Was Wrillen Not Far from Hall Where DcmocnUs Will Meet fiy Kf.A Service PHlUADEU'lllA*. — »emon-.u- gathering here June 23 for th?;.national convention will sens? uncanny echoings wheh their discussions tuni to Hi? Constitution Pol 1 It was here, HO years ajo. that the blistering IIOL slimmer o:' 1187 saw a group of . delegate:; rating over a new Constitution for the Unlled Slatos Bp'ntom locked doors in Independence Ihill. which Is mily 2C minutes' ride from tbe Convention Hall of today, wrangling delegates threshed out U>e constitution thai has been tho basic l;uv of t'ne country ever since. j This summer, as Republican! '•'• -'- recently did at clove- j |lund, iho IX-mocTiUlc delegates will rtwt that Constitution muter tlic mi- |liro.<;cope. 'Old Independence null still Islands. To delegates attending 111? •Democratic convention it will • proudly present u new paint job Ion all its white trim. That is only Ipart of I'ne sprucing-up process Ithal is giving a facial and com- Iplele betiuly Irealmenl to the hls- llorie buildings of Philadelphia at l:i cost of $42i,000. |\VI'A I'olislies City. About 4000 WPA workers are hard • at work at such diverse job.s us •widening streets approaching t'.is Ihall, polishing up historic bronze Imblets, and scrubbing the soot o! T'ears from the face and coat, ol the • bronze George Washington which |?uards thfr entrance to Independence Hall. Costs are being split' fcetween and local govern- liients. Convenlibn Hall is selling much. Ihe same sort of renovation given Ihe Cleveland hall for the Republican convention, newly varnished I'.eats. woodwork touched up. new lavatories and rcslrooms Installed. The \vork is bcln» rushed Ic liave It completed by (be lime the |}emocrats assemble. FiirUier, In case any <if Ihe |3emocralic platform-makers want lo gel right back lo the original lources. "all documents and relics lelalliig to t'iic framing and adop- lion of the Constilution now in J'hlladelphla" will be made avall- Jible- for use of liie national com- Inillee, assures Albert M. Green- lield, chairman of the local com- Inittea on arrangements. I'll Historic Kdlhijf The samtr fitnilshlnjs wliic'n saw |hft birth of 111.-; Comtllulion, the • mah'osflny desk of Ihr- president. a:ul lii' 4 h-b;K-k«i chair In which John Hancock sat when lie signed Hie Declaration of In- l.ependence with such a flourish- Ill I'nese antl many more are In Jhelr places in llie Doclaralion |:hamber of independence Hall. Around a pleasant square, u-ith- walklnj distance of the. chief lotels, stands a group of building? 1,'hlc'h recall (.lie events by which larller history was made on th lame site where the Democrats are Ibont to make a llllle more. In lirch street stands the little house 1,'here Bslsy Ross made tiie flrsl •stars and stripes" American flaj. j.The old Slate House goes back ID 1735, one of the oldest legisla- |ivc buildings in America. The r and Ihe famous Liberty Bell ••ere not added until 1753. 1 Congress Hall, built, as a county Inilding In nm. was the meeting llacc of Congress until the federal lovernment moved to Washington li 1800, and here George Was'ii- liglon was sworn in for his second |?rm as presidenl. 1 The old City Building, close by. las the first meeting place of Ihe Irpreme court, Feb. .7. 1791. which luts the assembled Democrats in lie very s.'nadow of lha birthplace If the inslilution with which their Idmlnislralion has come recently lito such grave conflict. llany I.alcr Conflicts 1 But, Philadelphia contains no 1 Inly the deathless memories of the ||>rt* days of llie. republic, but also 'is of later party conventions Inich have frequently been iield in lie Quaker City. 1 Oddly enough, it was in the old Ifusical Fund Building that Ihe in- Iml Republican party Is first presidential lohn c. Fremont, in 1855. l County Districts fiffoi'.ls Settlement for 70 CcnIs on Dollar Thousands, o' visitors to the Dsmocrutlc niulunul convention will admire this \\,-K »r Philadelphia's f,kylin, it. :,ct\> tram tin tomicir of the Art Musetun,. Straight ahead up (he parkway iravs lhc >wcr of City Hull. To the left Is ilic Phllmlrtiiliia KaMwjs I'lind Kntlcly biiildlns and at. tin: rij-lil is John Wnnainakei'V lanvd riepiirlment store, The lower white bi'ildini! at Ihe left c.l !!:,• nuk'A.-iy Is ilu- publk library and back of it may be .icon 111? dome of ss. ivt.-r and Paul i-alhodral. . Mo.. Jm.<> IS -(.uiiKiiluialctl llrnlnaini DliHrlcl No. I, In ilic soi'llittf-ii imvt of IVmtscot I'Diiulv. near ihf null- kiln co.iinty-Arkiinsii; Bints flno.i, hus etliYled 11 I'oinpromlw ni([\fi iIK iu. wlin Its bondholders niul the. bonds ur.i nciv behiB lukon up mid paiil fat lit Hi.- n(,> of 70 cents on lhi< <l«l''i. Tln< Ueranslviiclian Kiu.iiKiiCor- |:ci1illon IIIK loaned Ihr Ol-iliici t:l Ilic nioiiey lo. p rntliln the bonds. Landowner:; lalsed i' runo'.uil equal io live prr renl l tho debt. ' Old bonds ilro'.v PIT ci'iil Inleresl, whcreiii; ihi 1 iww bond.i, which .will bi> Issiird to Iho Tiro will drnw only foi r pn- cent. Klorllnj 11. McCMrlliy. uitcriu'y for tlic district i'Sliiunlrd that landownrrc of Iho ill.'.uii'l. would suvr between JiiO.uOO am'. $05,000 as a lesult oi Ihe M'Uli'Cnent This Is tin- llrM dlstrii't In the county to complele its ivilnaiu- liiK program. Tim district did not. lllo bmiknililuy iiroceedhins, iiirordliiK to McCarthy, and hence was not ullocU'd by the recent ruling of tho supreme courl. Oiriccis of the district arc: J. W. McClillorKh. V. U. lllackwi.'ll. John A. liourcll, 11, C. Hudson and T. A. HnnKanl. all of Hteele, members of tlic board of supervisors; K. H. Hull'man. Cnrulhertv vlllo, secretary-treijiurer, and Etcrllng II. McCarthy. Ciuulhcra- vllli', attorney. A Father Once More af 96 Al 9U years of ng'c, Ocorue Isaac Hi^hes of New IJein. N C, Is sail lo be the oldest man to. bccmno a father as shown by aulhentlcnted miHllcal records.. The, aged father is pictured here holding h!.t driiitililci-, Mury Gertrude, born June 3. \Vllh him arc Mrs. Hughes 'JO, ami their n-mbiijli-dld son, rronklln Roosevelt Hughes; liorn Dec. 23, 1034. trlclty aijd waler supplies. Already] JUNRAU, Alaska. <UP) — tlob a figure of $12,600,000 is. being, who 1ms one. of the loneliest mentioned as!the Hum necessary for the. nas companies' siieclal provisions alone. •Tlio necessity or a quick "bluck- In Alaska, came to .hincau for 'ills annual visit and to get his yearly haircut. He is radio operator and weather observer on Canyon oul" of tho city will mean further lslnll(1 for the Paclllo Alaska Alr- oxpctise, for the gns •uiulo'rtnklrigH. ways. His only visitors on the is- At. prcscnt^tlio cutlina oft of sup piles • froui headquarters has no drastic eifect until Ihe• gns already lu'lhc nialns has Iwen nlisorbcd. •m u • i mi- l' 1 '^ 'educe tills inlerVal to Ihe IVlaltcasailCC and MlS- • minimum (he Insinuation of valves McNalr feasance in Office ITSDUHOH. Mayor William Juno 13 Nlssley McNalr was arrested In his office' today on , a warrant charging mnlfeft.v ance and misfeasance in office. The mayor's arrest was ordered by-mean^ of which supplies can be ctil c|iilckly Is beinif considered. Job Helps Lin Forget Brief Ohio Romance SHANGHAI. (UP)^-James K. it. by Judge lialph',11. Smith before I J »> nephew and adopted son of horn Urn mayor was taken for '"° Presidenl of ' china, whose rraienmenl. ' ' ' : Thc climaxed a rand Jury ity police which thousands of Americans! visit.:annually,. iln'j quaint house in Philadelphia was the hoiiic'of Heisy Ross, where the American flas; was fashloniid 'in. 171?! first In this historic building, Independence Hull, in Philadelpl'ia, ,!hc fathers of the republic In" 1187 framed the Constitution whicn promises lo he siveh a. vital issue in tho 13SG presldrnilarcp.«palsil. as a memorial to the days when Philadelphia was described by Lincoln Steffens as "corrupt and contented." The confused and anytbing-may- happen state of Pennsylvania politics today is well illustrated i>y the fact liim the present, mayor of Philadelphia is described by Fortune magazine as "S. Davis Wilson, a former Democrat elected by Republicans in a desperate odorl lo defeat a former Republican who was running on tr.e Democratic licket." j Into Ihi.s atmosphere of early his- ' lory, later political battles, and' present political flux. Die Demo-1 crats 'have chosen to stage the jubilee that will conllrm the party's support of Franklin D. Roosevelt as its leader. Visitors to Texas Ccntcniiial: Touts In Paris Organize Union to Bar Novices PARIS. (UP) _ The raris touis 'iiave formed a union. Tipping "the winner 'of the next race" for a small fee is no nominated) longer a profession open to • all candidate ' comers. Due to the depression, there have been too many recruits in the le- eion of tipslers who horse, racing tracks in , vicinity, so tile banded together Infest the Paris and 'old-timers'' have lo keep out the undesirables. The tipslcrs plan to issue'a spe-i cial union card, without which no Hosier would b3 allowed (o "work." Racing societies are said lo be agreeable lo the project. There is even talk of forming an academy where apprentice tipsters would receive a thorough (raining In Ihe proper way to "spiel." these, youngsters being allowed' to take the place of the oldsters who die or go broke by backing Iheir own lips, "Tipping race winners and making the public buy your tips is a " I Grant was rcnominatol here by lie Republicans | n 1872 at (he Ac- liiemy of Music, and llie Commer|al Museum is part of the build- |ig where MeKlnley and the first l-oosevell were jilcked to head the ]'•• O. P. ticket In 19M. Thoug'a Ihe buildings in which lie events look place are now gone, lien. Zacl:ary Taylor was chosen lere by Ihe Whigs in 1843, and Mil- lird Fillmore by the American Par- I; in 1856. The Damocratlc Parly 1, cnooslnj Philadelphia this year l)r Ihe first lime In (is hlslory. I Pennsylvania Is an important and loublful state in the fall election |'he national convention, with all ,s publicity and ImlJa-baloo, usii- lly is regarded as giving Its party 3me advantage In that state Probably that Is the - reason. Iside from the «200,OCO offer of the Ixal citizens', committee, that led. - .. , „.._ , „„ lloyc . —- . - Ihe Democrats to choose a tradl-|had an Invasion of novices, a va- spals ' '<>P hats i" ld a P alr of P r!&m llonal Republican slrongholrt as riely of unemployed people of all Wn °™1ars, ask-'and get as much as Iheir'convention city. i kinds, and plenty of Russian nrlnc- 10 Ir »nM (70 cents) for "certaln- IVctrd Sclup in city le s and generals and former cavaln' lles " I Philadelphia. Republicanism has' officers, all fighting for llie few • long been Ihe cenler-point of Es- clients that are still left to us , S o| N cw Pea,. h uiiibt Appears Imbllcan Pennsylvania. The gro- ' we decided to keep them out," SALT LAKE CITY (UP) - A 1 icsqucly elaborate, cily hall stands The usual fee for a "sure win- drearied disease that compels man shorl-llved rojiianco vvltli an Amer- onc. day lc ' m flve-aii<l-len,-ccnl olore clerk liivesllKDllou of tiie, created headlines In Uio milled mafilslvale 1 courts. Stales and China, last year, Is n evident lo the court," ,Chinese.., government official In udge Smllh said "ilmt Urn mayor wfstc '' n Illllc r Mongolia. •-• dellbcmlely 'violating l|i(j }g,v '. iJvlny 'with •lilm |s his second ml directing and '•enticing'' ollieb) ^'"A oiie of two • sisters •Vnom he violate the liiw. U Is a.menaiju '"'. l .i' r l,"d .in 'china., before his the safely n'nd wl'lfuir iif'tlii; Airiorlcan matrimonial venture with YWa. urown of ' Colun\l)iiji, O. Younij , LIU, who was : reealleil (a china by. pri'sldeiit On 'Son and subsequently .dttorced' by \\\:i Oc- pcr- Blackout Plan to Hide London LONHON (UPl-A t London inlo ftbsoUte darkhfts rclaryMoUiid provincial eovernor, vlllln 10 mlnulcs of., a. ^rnlng pen. Pu Tso-yi lie. ,' lold° iriomls hat raiding aircraft. Imye. .crossed Hull he wauled' lo forget the past , ls , ';? rt , .° r -Hie. .huge and to. concentrate oh -patriotic he coast sohcmn which the' government is developing to protect.-the'm'ctrop' oils In time of war. • - .•'•' All London's, utility '• comimnlca . service. The you tb. 'who was a student at Ohio .aiatc University :o,C ilio'tliri'c of hi-, Amcrlcair mafrlinje, Is said land come by airplane about every three months. llcart Conner News umssllled Ads. MIMKOClKAPniNO BUSINESti & POLIT1CAI LETTERS A SPECIALTY : Work ncal, cheap fi quick • Veterans Service Work ' All Kinds Blank Forilm Curtis J. Little Hale Blilj. HOT COFFEE SliRVKI) WHERE IT'S COOI, Have your mid-morning cup In the AIR CONDITIONED ... Cbllcc Shop at HOTEL NOBLE Drs. Wert & Wcrl Oi'TdMI'TRFSTS Over Joe 79.1.1 ds' stort "WE MAKE 'EM SKE" PIlOHC B<0 ACKTVI.KN'E ' WELDING AT DEST PRICES PROMPT SERVIOF Barksdale Mfg. Co. -waler, gas and eleclrlclly-iare'lo' to'have been <usinlssc(l" from Un co-opcralc with authorities In this sen's, family . as'a result The scheme. Tlic Mctroixilltan: Water President belnir '. childless had Board, five London BUS companies adopted 'his nephew (is his legal and about 40 electricity coriipahles, hrlr. In accordance' with with the help of the local unite!-, custom. Yoim K Lin after liis dU- lies conccnied, have received In- missal obtained the Bovernmenl stnicllons to assist the Air Raid post In Suiyuan. He attempted to Precaution Department of (he conceal his Ulentlly, but was roc- onie Ofllce. j ognlzcd by former nssoclnlc-t and Plans arc being made for dupll- 1 oliiers who had seen his pholo- cale BBS mains, and auxiliary clcc- graph In Chinese newspapers PHONE ID A Complete Line of Tnbw ind farli HURBARD TIRE £ MATTKUY CO PHONK VI lereptD AGE can keep up with YOUTH Hot Springs Natior- 1 —^" l - - • Arkansas* The splendor of the speclacrlar Texas Centennial Exposition at Dallas Is evident in this night view of Ihe Esplanade of States, ablaze with myriad lights and crowned by a tiara of rolnlln. searchlights that arc visible for miles. Tlic spray of fountains and the esplanade pool multiply the display's beauty. fine art/saVd" M7 Poiow-iczrpresr-' >ler '' ls 1 or 2 francs (7 cents or 1 j to deslroy peach trees to prevent i are engaged in sorcery lorii,™ from the «200,OCO offer of the dent of the new union. "Not every- cents) . *»* the uppsr strata in the i Its spread has appeared In Utah, telling, and similar oceuoatlrmc « ^f" s :'~ nim . IUee ' tlint 1«> !"»«*«*>. It a'«l lately we have J«°>\ f«"o«» »*?..««/.««? J*"" ^' ?•»'*. «tate. commls- • i, estimated that one h, everv'IM Eioner of agricullurc, said recently. Plant pathologlsts are hclplc.'s to fight it. liiim.intans ence K. practices "occult sci- „ . . __, Kas. (UP) — Anylhlnz Rumanians Praclicc Sorcery : concerning tile Riley High School BUCHAREST (UP)-Latest sta- senior class Is ru!=d S listlcs on witchcraft In Rumania There- are five members of the show that at least 150,000 persons class, all girls. HERE'S t l*rpri»« in ftor* for Hotel Majestic ^u(iH t|il» y^»r. A brand new lorlje on betntltnl Lika Hnailton is awaiting yOUr arrival. Here you may swim, Bin, bolt an Jen- joy the water and wdodlirtrl par»dise of the £roat National fftk. Special summer rates at the luiurioiU Hotel Majestic offer you the Jresttit vaca- ticn of your life. Rett, bithe^ and play your way to V/riitfer Dtxnpii H. GRADY1V1ANNING/PRF.S, BRUCE E, WALLACE, MGR.

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