St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on October 23, 1940 · Page 11
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 11

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 23, 1940
Page 11
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.ST.LQUIS POST DISPATCH WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 1940 rST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH. PAGE 11A O V j ; 1 1 II m 1 11 H - II f r-' T T1 V IW 1 in 1 - T1 Y- " YaV n- r.NJ.M-.M wmwawwwwii.w.wwM f : " ,r. T.MWif.' wffift i iMiD'riiiWrt-i- -'1-iiiirHiW mr ,n iriiiiii-ii"m ii tiv Tft 'urn i ii rfr Ta r Vir'-iVvi n-ivm Itniivi'i ' isti -"v-iir - m f fT S -"-'-1-iririiMllir. -iv -iT -Tn 1 n 1" ni'i n "Tr'iVm'it ""ni'nrf'ivti ? "-ArJrrn -f - mv in" y ri ir c liatrf an Hollywood Gossip By John S. Truesdell 11 , Sir- V Gary Cooper. H00LYWOOD, Cal, Oct 23. Ftj'CE3 Neal haa seen the uht a dusted off bandmaster Artie Shaw The1? romance is as dead vin Tut' grrandpappy. . . . U Kay Griffl" u" fi-r bor. Brod Crawford, wiu ieu Ijt to ti parson 2ry ditin: fnena trill give the cere" uiony Tone. . . Gary Cooper and Hemintr- wt are in a hide- v war conference ;s ' !t Sun Valley xxlge, mulling a jal that will star Gry in the cln-ent version of nmintrway's new iljovel, And me ueus lonea. V Since Detroit is said to be the only city in me cniiea amies wun i bona fide John Doe, Capra may premiere his "John Doe" opus there. . . Dorothy Quackenbush, the pretty mo-doll, in addition to her new name-, Wanda McKay, has t new heart interest, Pete Freeman. . . Ry Rogers, the Portsmouth (0.) cowboy and his studio, Republic, can't get their noses in the same feed bag. . . . Jean Park-,r will marry Doug Dawson just as toon as she can parker current ipouse. . . Ruth Chatterton will hit the legit boards in a comeback effort when she opens Oct. 25 at Princeton in "Pygmalion." MEMO TO those over-anxious jossip mongers who have rumored in "affair" between Groucho Marx iid tnai pretiy young ining ne s wftn hitting the night spots with: Tes, it's true Groucho has a deep likink for this girl and probably always will have. But Mrs. Marx understands because the lovely lass U Miriam Marx, their daughter. . . La Earl, the lusty lass from Liver pool, is in that conga-clutch with Barry Trivers. . . . Hollywood is going slapstick. Hedy Lamarr Is heaving a telephone at Clark Gable in their current flicker together, while Carole Lombard is pastry-pasting Bob Montgomery's puss for scenes in their "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" comedy. . . . The Paramount j factory has big plans for Dana Dale, who graduated to the screen from the pages of Vogue. . . . Word portrait of Pat Morison and Cesar Romero The butterball and the knife. ... A San Fernando Valley kennel operator i. hypoing his sales with a sign reading: "Get a Long Little Doggie. Buy a Dachshund." Director Mike Curtiz is a man of passionate, strong beliefs. "Any thing worth Hving for," he stoutly maintains, "is worth fighting for." Mike has only one objection to war. "Trouble is," he observes, "if you're shot you're dead for life HOLLYWOOD is not a place but a state . of mind through which characters march. A parade of ever-changing personalities. Let's chuck Father Time under the whiskers and look in on Hollywood just 10 short years ago. Laura La Plante, then one of the big names around Flickerville, was scheduled to make "Arizona" for Columbia. Today the same studio is about to release "Arizona" again, but Laura La Plante is just a name from the past and Jean Arthur is in the starring role. . . . Jack Pick-ford was badly bruised when his car cracked up. Jack's driving escapades were a constant worry to his sister, Mary. She warned him about fast driving, but he was killed shortly after in a motor accident. Ten years ago the myth of Garbo was in full bloom. She admitted then that she was born in 1906. The ages of movie stars then, as now, are subject to the usual discount. . . . Walter Byron and Evelyn Knapp were pictures that were plastered on the outside of fan mags. . . . Nancy Carroll was one , of the reigning stars of the day. , . Norma Shearer was then, as now, one of Metro's big stars. . . . Joan Blondell was a starlet who had to participate in wild press stunts to bring her name before the public. . . . Mae Clarke and Helen Twelvetrees were other big stars of the day. THE HOT screen-lovers of 10 years ago were Neil Hamilton and Joan Crawford. Since then Joan has worn out many another leading man. . . . Loretta Young was a leg-art babe at Warner Bros, and in a tight bathing suit no stunt was beneath her dignity to get her name in print. . . . One of the reigning movie queens of the Warner lot was Dorothy Mackaill. On the Paramount lot they were filming a picture made from the story "Lost Ecstasy." They called it "I Take This Woman." Ten years later Hedy Lamarr, whose nude caperings in a film called "Ecstasy" brought her notoriety, has made a film called "I Take This Woman." ... In the original film were a couple of struggling players, not very well known. They were a frightened young cowhand by the name of Gary Cooper, and a dizzy blonde who could dance better than she could act by the name of Carole Lombard. That was Hollywood 10 short years ago. Rain Plentiful in New Hecht Picture All of the exteriors in the Ben Hecht-Columbia Pictures production, "Angels Over Broadway," were photographed in the rain. Dealing with 10 crowded hours in the heart of New York's nightclub section, the drama stars Douglas Fairbanks Jr., with Rita Hay-worth, Thomas Mitchell and John Qualen in support. Hecht wrote the original story, then produced, directed and even acted in the film. Lee Garmes whose camera work on "Shanghai Express" won him the Academy Award for 1932, assisted Hecht with directorial duties and headed up the large battery of cameras. WWIIHkffllM' TIIIIIMII' "Hill I lymn TOWN HALL Openlnt Wedneiday. October 30, 8:15 P. M. Preientt Stanley High, Noted Writer & Lecturer Sub: "THE 1940 ELECTION, THEN WHAT?" Among ten noted speaker on the Town Hall Series are John T. Flynn. Chinning Pollock, Julien Bryan, Carey MoWilliams, Preston Bradley. Auspices YMCA. Call CE. 1350 for folders or information on season and single admissions. Once a Cop, Always A Cop, in Pictures Fred Kelsey, whose specialty in motion pictures is playing dumb cops, is celebrating his thirty-first year as a film actor. Featured currently in "Alias the Lone Wolf," the popular comic has a strong supporting role to Warren William. Kelsey started acting in pictures 4th Annual ANTIQUE and HOBBY "ton EXPOSITION 9.5 October 22-27, Incl. " . II A. M t II P 11 ninv KINGS-WAY HOTEL Plus T PHOTOPLAY THEATERS PHOTOPLAY THEATERS Z MUNI OPERA HITS! JN;.,.EMd.dc,Dona,d 'ROSE-MABIE' 'GREAT WALTZ' MMaVHHSBMilBHMHMaWaMMi K (1171 Of I TILL ! DOORS OPEN 11:30 A. M. I!staRTS TOMORROW Three's too Many on a HONEYMOON! fit n.i WHAT Bmbaratung Momtrfs ! NOW DIRECT AIR SERVICE ' TO FLORIDA via EASTERN Evansville 1 hr. Birmingham 4 hrs. Nashville 2V hrs. Jacksonville 6 hrs. Atlanta 3i hrs. Orlando 7V hrs. Miami 83i hrs. Ofrecf connections of Miami for Centra and! South America. The Great Silver fleet features Flight-Steward service; snack-bar service at all hours. Delicious, full-course complimentary meals served st regular mealtimes. FOR RESERVATlONSi Phone Winfield 2560, your local Eastern Air Lines Ticket Office, your hotel transpor. tation desk, or the following Eastern Air Lines Travel Agents who will be pleased to assist you; V "jrT it Tr" l . rZ J0j'. j immm ..iSsM- - j AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS AMUSEMENTS I I i 1 leodln Ihrilrr f ft IihiIi I - - . 1 I AUTO SHOW TRAVEL AGENTS. American Express Co. Ask Mr. Foster Service Burkett Tour Co. Cassilly Travel Service Heller SC Grossman Kirkland Travel Bureau Mart Travel Bureau Maryland Travel Bureau Pentland Travel Bureau Rudolph Travel Bureau ARENA 5700 OAKLAND SUNDAY. OCTOBER 20 to 26th. Inclusive DOORS OPEN 11 A. M. TO 11 P. M. DAILY ADMISSION 30c (Tax liiclad.d) r Cor. Motor loots Tractor. House Trailer "or Trucks Airplane Airplane Engines Aeeessorie. Oil Iwnier. and Stoker Overhead Garage Doors tke "Old Timer." exhibit Model, front 7I6 and After QPFHA niiiTn r ST. LOUIS ?0Y CHOPPER In uVi"'' with c" 100 T. e St"lent Prince" JON GHT-8:15 P. M. rt " Municipal Auditorium ini;ritt this l m a ax . m m. it Make sure not to miss today's business opportunities. Bead the Business For Sale Ads in the Want Pages of the Post-Dispatch. S2.80 $2.24 - WEEK w.riri . jcvr 11 1 is ' ONLY MATINEE TODAY at 2:30. 56e to $2.24 Niahts. :30 Se. $1.12. $1.68. S2.24, Mat. Saturday. 56c. $1.12. $i.ea. GOOD SEATS AVAILABLE HERMAN SHUMUN TALLULAH BANKHEAD IIILIAN HEUMAhTS Dramatic Trksmph with FRANK CONROY ana a rfisrinaoishea c 2 WEEKS BEG. MOK. NIGHT, OCT. 28 Incl. Sue.. Nov. 3 SEATS NOW os , NIGHTS 56e. $1.12. $1 S3 $2.24 A $2.80 WED. MAT. SAT. MAT. 56c. $1.12. $1.68. $2.24 liiK r23 TH AHS YOBK CHICAGO LAUGH HIT Sy MOSS HAKTmU GEO. S KAUFMAN. THE Mri WHO CAME TO DiriHEiffi O CLIFTON WEBB I Anvthinr of value may be sold through the Post-Dispatch for sale columns. I 'V GINGER ROGERS RONALD C0LMAM Jj4C&y FARTHERS Yankee Doodle Grandees jAj And Singing Senoritasl cj sing ana sway rne :ri uin American vvayi J . 11, sr BIT7 nDnTurDt the nil l onuinLn THE ANDREWS SISTERS with Consfonee Mooro; LAST DAY LAURENCE OLIVIER GREER G ARSON 'PRIDE AND PREJUDICE' -' CAROLE LANOIS in 'TURNABOUT' IFREE PARKING! Manchester Ro 2 Miles West of Lindbergh psoitis A 111 1 Vm Ua JT'Ti AX KiLkU " 1 KaT.K f" I UAVt v iCC nr I mill-'T ADULTS ONLY! "MUST 'SEE:.. in New York at the Rtnnfnr w,it- Reliance studios in lflOfl t-t. XX7fa Of playing dumb cop roles then, too. VALLCT MRI OH NHSMWAV fcT i.La sjo. mH.vutT iti PHOTOPLAY THEATERS MOM. THRU FRI. . . NITES 40c ww iwa si. Hits! 2S ta 2 a. a. MYRNA LOY MELYYN DOUGLAS 7JP PMG&l LEFT HAND' MtWONO W ALBUM LEE BOWMAN BOm SMNMLLE ftUX BRESSART PLUS 8EC0NO BIG FEATURE Ksnnstn Roberts' Adrantura Romaneat CAPTAIN CAUTION" Victor MATURE Louise PLATT COMING TUUDtniv nrr 11.1 Chalii CHAPLIN in "THE CREST DICUIOR" UPTOWN I 6:30 49 S8 DELMAR STARTS 7:00 STARTS TOMORROW 7, 7 yftSl Latt Day Hurry! Hurry! Season Ends Sun. 'SNOW WHITE AND 7 DWARFS' PLrS DISNEY HIT REV IE t FRI 'TH'Jfet f 'I Want a Dick POWELL Diworca' Betty CRAILE Doe AMECHE 'Down Argentina Way' -CHARLES LAUGHTON ON STAGE AND SCREEN! FX STARTS TODAY! I POO" OPEN 12 NOON SHOW STARTS 12:30 P. M. MARY :i 'S HEART BELONGED TO DADDY ... J?! BUT NOW IT BELONGS TO . . . telltG ! BIHG CROSBY! MARY MARTIN! L - -K BASIL RATHBOHE! i ae el ff ft ft m m a iffi-iriwi ei JW5. u H iri a. m ta t . I B TODAY'S PHOTO PLAY INDEX , starting Beantifol Rita Rrd nanu bOmpiOn Rnaimlware. 2 Showa. Open r 313 rark Mm. Gargan, 'Iale of rRtinv.' 3 MMnnirrri. 5:30. Plus 2 Big Features. alley Park, Mo. Wyoming Outlaws.' Barg. 30e and 15e 'A BRIVELE DER MAM EN' Phil Reagan, 'FLIGHT INTO MIDNIGHT. FAIRY 0640 Eastoa TOMORROW 2 BIG HITS AND BACK TO OUR REGULAR PRICES ADULTS 35c CHILDREN 10c PLUS tax who ever S barged in i v ;" ' 4 V J 1? NOWONDER HE T 'ft 1 STAYED F0R ''pffer j BREAKFAST V&f'i1 IT'S A t SCREA M! o. HI.WAV I'Crooked Road,' Edmund " I -owe. 'Zanzibar,' James juo r. nor. cralg, Ila Lane. 'STAGE TO CHINO,' Georne O'Brien. Ivsnhnn iBarealn Nite. Faye, D. p. tkT. 3239 Ivanhoe lander's R.rtimi Band G. Dickson, 'Tear Gas Squad.' News, fart'n. Kino Raa F rankle Darro, 'On the """S W Snot.' Helen Vinson, 17iO N. Jefferson I'Enemy Agent.' Short, Kirk wood 'Qneen of the Yukon,' C. Bickford, Irene Rich. Klrkwood, Mo. 'Gambling on the High Seas,' V. Morris, J. ynian. Cartoon. Mews Lexington kay francis 34oa n. rnion RANDOLPH SCOTT uuru tuc nniTnuc enno MARTHA RAY ALLAN JONES 'BOYS FROM SYRACUSE' LnnPWOOll ininnerware. n a i V q , . A Bill RawjI " Hidden Gold.' R. Arten, iJa.DnjMwa;i.,nm wheels Macklind 6416 Arsenal Zorina. I Was an Adven turess.' O'Hara, 'Bill of Di vorcement.' 'America Youth' Marquette 1806 Franklin 'To In the Air,' Franke Darro. 'Men Withont Souls, B. MacLane. Enamelware. Maryland I860 S. 13th of Academy Creamer. 'All This and Heaven. Too.' C Bover R. Davis. Plus 'Cavalcade Awards.' McNAIR 10e 20e. 3 Features. G. Brent, 'Man Who Talked Too 2100 Pestalorrl Much.' 'Locky Cisco Kid. 'Fugitive From Justice. Cartoon. ! SHENANDOAH James fllison. anne E antnHnuuM1 8HIRLEY, "ANNE OF K 2227 S. Broadway I WINDY POPLARS.' DENNIS MORGAN In 'RIVER'S END.' DINNER WARE. OSAGE Klrkwood. Mo. 'Frank Craven, 'Our Town.' Baby Sandy, 'Sandy is Lady.' Cartoon. News. THE BUMSTEADS IN THEIR NEWEST COMEDY RIOT! Penny SINGLETON Arthur Larry LAKI IIMMS DAISY la BLQnDIE t HRS SERUROT TROUBLE LAST DAY GuuTiunuLEERiLuiUii PLUS 'CRIME DOES NOT PAY' STORY Park Free Esquire-Norside-Varsity fH DIC ILAl'RENCE OLIVIER. UAJIntl GREER CARSON IN Webster Groves 'PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.' ADOLPH MENJOC, CAROL LANDIS IN 'Tl'RN ABOCT.' P A I RSJ 1 20c. George Brent, Vlr- e a-l. I-ii it imiv wif f i 3010 Union I TALKED TOO MUCH.' Charles Coburn, THE CAPTAIN IS A LADY.' Paramount! Melodic Smash with Oseor SHAW Lillian CORNELL Chorley CRAPtWIN CA&NEV Ymim 2 T.HRILLINQ H'jj 1 IJi F -s. 1 The St ranee st Drama Ever Filmed! lllll.l,ll-yrr i St.! Their fabulous romance on a New York night could easily be yours! T7 m iii Plymouth 1175 Hamilton 1 2 Shows, 6:30 & 9. 'Lone Wolf Meets a Lady,' and Girl In 313.' Princess 2841 1'estaloMl Hot Ovenware. 3eo. Brent, 'ADVENTURE IN DIAMONDS.' Joe E. Brown, '$1000 A TOUCHDOWN.' RIVOLI 6th Near Olive Bob Hope, 'Ghost Breakers.' Dead End Kids, 'Call a Messenger. U-CITY 6324 Bartmer 15c. 'GAMBLING ON THE HIGH SEAS' and 'COWBOY FROM BROOKLYN.' WFRfCTFR Billle Lee. 'Biscuit or,' E. G. Robinson, 'Con- naaiey x Clinton Ifesslon of a Nazi Spy.' VYELLSTON william powell sis.i.1.0 i wii MYRNA LOY 6226Easton i IflVE YOU AGAIN Lana Turner, WE WHO ARE YOUNG. AVALON XINGSHIGHWAY CHIPPEWA LAST DAY! OPEN 6:30 START 7 GREER GARSON-LAURENCE OLIVIER DDinc Kurt DDCinnincf : I IllUfci MUM I iia.waiwaa adolphe .TiiDiJ nnniiT' MENJOU I MI1IIMUW I STARTS TOMORROW GINGER l RONALD ROGERS t COLMAN COLUMBIA 'LUCKY PARTNERS' RITZ BROS.-AN DREWS SISTERS 'ARGENTINE NIGHTS' 5257 SOUTHWEST 'DEAD END' KIDS YOU'RE NOT SO TOUGH' ?Ze' 'POP ALWAYS PAYS': ROXY 5500 LANSDOWNE ,pi,haf4 Arlen. Andy Devlne, 'Black Diamonds,' and 'POr aLnaia ; SIXTH & HICKORY J Gene Autrv, 'G Al t HO mkihaiil, i mnA top CAPTAIN IS A LADY.' i :WHITEWAY BEVERLY Olive St Parkins GEM Linda Darnell, John Payne, 'STAR DUST' Richard Greene, Zorina. 'I Was an Adventuress.' Cartoon. Gem, Banquet Dinnerware. Beverly, -Poppy Dinnerware. nilFDI aim Overland. uicni-Hnu mo. Silverware. Robt. Yonng. Helen Gilbert, 'Florlan.' Leon Errol. Dennis O'Keefe. 'Pop Always Pays.' Cartoon. DAKOTA 4557 Virginia John Payne, Brenda Joyce. Walter Brennan. 'Maryland.' Florence Klce, Kent Taylor, 'Girl in 313.' MELBA MICHIGAN Grand and Miami 7224 Michigan Wm. Powell, Myrna Loy, Lana Turner, John Shelton, M LOVE YOU AGAIN1 'WE WHO ARE YOUNG' Plain CD CI I A Cherokee I Jon Hall, 'South of Pago Pago.' C. Coburn, Billle Burke, birsUCnCLLA Iowa I 'The Captain Is A Lady. - VIRGINIA 8117 Coloredware. Jon Hall. 'South of Pago Pago.' Roger Virginia Pryor, 'Fugitive From Justice.' LEMAY 318 Lemay Ferry Bette Davis, Chas. Boyer, 'All This and Heaven Too.' Plus 'Down to Dalmalia.' Gift Coupon or Glassware. Starts 6:45. STUDIO 6227 Nat. Bridge True Blue Enamelware. Roland Young, 'Private Affairs.' Frank Craven, 'Our Town.' SAVOY Ferguson, Mo. I Enamelware or Wonder Books. Linda Darnell, 'STAR I DUST.' Zorina, Richard Green, 1 Was an Adventuress.' MELVIN 2912 Chippewa SOUTHWAY 9738 S. Broadway Saucer. Rosemary Lane, 'Ladles Must Live,' Marcea Mae Jones, 'Tomboy. Rltt Enamelware or Dinnerware. vicior macuigien, 'STAND IP AND FIGHT.' Geo. O'Brien, 'Prairie Law.' O'FALLON BADEN ASHLAND PAULINE SSS. 4026 W. Florissant 8201 N. Broadway 3520 N. Newstead Weaver Bros. & Elvlry, 'GRAND OLD OPRY Richard Arlen, Andy Devine, 'Black Diamonds' ZSES-oX? Enamelwara or What Nots Pauline Only Glassware Coupon. Redeemed BREMEN ITmet SALISBURY fury ANNE SHIRLEY 'Anne of Windy Poplars' 'BABIES FOR SALE (Enamelware) MlttMfi?. rTssel'l no lime tor uomeay: James STEWART Open l.uo Starts 12:30 TYRONE POWER "BRIGHAM YOUNG FRONTIERSMAN!" Shown Last Time Nightly t sat "l ji l aS 0pn JO Start MeaCal Frea mErrolFlynn PREVUE TONITE!BaaiT Brenda MARSHALL Come t 6:40 P. M.. See "l Claude RAINS Complete Showing 'Cherokee jj Uauae ftAlild Strip' and 'I'm Still Alive' ) Doaaid CRISP Flora ROBSON PLUS PREVUE . y AU-HALB SEA HAWK' 9:20 P.M. , S tL.. '" - mz:z':i:"..:mpius 2nd wtiii':mr vsz.tss MISCHA NAN SSpe v mi'X AUER GRET T )CtYHrW P - W WALLY VERNON iIIfJ EDGAR KENNEDY I 111 Ii f i A ALLEN JENKINS I Pidgi MZAA HtL : no Swing-Full . . . Laugh-Full . . . Fun Fe.t!! ' of LAST DAY! 'CHEROKEE STRIP?' & 'I'M STILL ALIVEI'I tft III-POINTE tnoi McT. Al ISLAND Rosalind Brian Virginia RUSSELL AHERNE BRUCE SUKOEU!. 'HIRED WIFE' SHADY-OAK John GARFIELD Pat O'BRIEN t VM? 'FLOWING GOLD' Henry Jackie Henry FONDA COOPER HULL Gene TIERNEY S aSfflyffiS 'Return of Frank James m W&EZ4 m Park ( In Glorious Technicolor! Park Frea JudyCanova 'QRA T TPnRR AlN' Alan Mowbray wmm . si . J A LIBERT l Cn t 5 . nnuiproA 4.1.-1 . Y'ununwj0li(, ic nin'l Irene Dunne-Cary Grant. 'AWFUL TRUTH' Ronald Colman, 'LOST HORIZON' Errol Flynn-Ros. Russell, 'FOUR'S A CROWD' Warren WHIiam, 'LONE WOLF MEETS A LADY' CAPITOLS 15c It JL0L07DBHoNLrNT 'Man I Married' MIKADO -5S. 20c IV LLLr.AByAwLARD 'Dance, Girl, Dance Barton MacLane, 'MEN WITHOUT SOULS' Edm. Lowe, Irene Hervey, 'CROOKED ROAD PI flRKCANT Grand A I Jean Hersholt, 'Dr. Christian Meets the Women. rUUIllOJH" I Florissant ( 'Tom Brown's School Days,' Sir Ced'ic Hardwiclce Glrnn Ford Rochelle Hudson Jefferson A Gravois ROBIN S479 Ftobla 'Ladles Must LlTe, W. Morris, Rosemary Lane. 'Walton Westward,' C. Morris. Glassware Coupons Redeemed. 6461 Park Gravois Frea QUEENS 4 T 00 Ma.flrt 'I Was an Adventuress,' Richard Greene, Zorina. Men Without Souls,' J. Litel, R. Hudson. Enamelware. KINGSLAKD LAFAYETTE Lloyd NOLAN Lynn BARI 'PIER 13' I I Johnny Downs, Rulh Terry, 'Sing, Dance, Plenty Hoi' Ralph Bellamy, '0UEEN OF THE MOB' TOM BROWN'S SCHOOL DAYS,' Billy Halop JANET 6900 W. Florissant Zorina, Richard Greene, 'I Wa an Adventuress.' Glenn Ford, Rochelle Hudson, 'Babies for Sale.' CIRCLE 4470 Easton Anne Shirley, Edward Ellis, 'A Man to Remember.' Harry Carey. 'LAW WEST OF TOMBSTONE.' a miii f-1 6039 N. J. Stewart, i. Arthur, 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.' 1U W C t-la Broadway I J. King, J. Marsh. 'Blame It on Love. Enam. with Coupon. BRIDGE 4889 Nat. Bridge R. Cummlns-s, N. Kelley, 'Private Affairs.' L. Errol, D. O'Keefe, 'Fop Always Fays.' Iris Eta-sbeD. Dinnerware. UnDMkUnV T324 Natl. Uohn Payne, Brenda Joyce, Walter Brennan, 1 nUnmAnUI Brldge I and 'SANDY is a lad v. MARYLAND,' APOLLOlSc! Da Balivlero at Watennaa Greta Garbo, ft I y ATCU kf A STARTS Metvyn Dna.laa, nlnUIUrlrXA :49 MERI.E ORERON, OVER THE MOON.' xy GRAVOIS r X- MIFCITT Vandeventar r" r I Errol Flynn, Joan Blondell, 'Perfect Specimen' & lYlArrll I .t St. Louis ljC Bing Crosby-Mary Carlisle. 'DR. RHYTHM' 9 5 MIUPUCCTCD 4247 r?M I Bruce Cabot. 'My Son Is Guilty' mANbrlCO I Cri Mancherter 5L i 'Manhattan Heartbeat,' J Davis V.Gillmore UICI CUnnn 7I70 Manchester I Morrii-Bickford, 'Girl From God's Country fflArLCliUUU PARK FREE J. Downs, R. Terry, 'Sing, Dance, Plenty Hot DAfiEAMT ICrl F,ed Astaira, Ginger Rogers, 'CAREFREE' rMUt-Mfl I Delwar A Ja (Wallace Beery, Barbara Stanwyck, 'Message to Garcia' DIPUMnUn Cl",0n t Co I Power-Faye-Jolson, 'Rose Washington Square' niUniYlUnil Bia Bend JV I Gable Lombard, 'No Man of Her Own' SHAW 15c Kent Taylor, Florence Rice, 'GIRL IN 313' J. Ellison, L. Bail, 'YOU CAN'T FOOL YOUR WIFE' V A I C 3700 HUt Minnesota 20C Cary Grant, 'BRINGING UP BABY' Judy Garland, 'LISTEN DARLING'

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