The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 11, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 11, 1949
Page 10
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TEW <ARK.y COURIER NEWS MONDAY, 'APRIL 11, 1949 Gromyko Objects To Italian Bases RiMsia's UN Delegate luue* First Blast Against New Treaty LAKE SUCCESS, April 11. (AP) —Ru«»i» has charged the Western power* h»ve set up powerful military bases In Italy's pre-war colo- nie* and s*ld they were determined to hold thou territories at all costs for aggressive purposes. _ The charges were made by Rus•i&'i No. 1 deputy foreign minister, Andrei A. Gromyko, In his first major speech at the present session of the ynlted Nations assembly. Grn- myko brought the newly signed North Atlantic pact Into the Italian colonies debate Indirectly, bill he did not refer to it by name. Gromyko said: "Trie United Kingdom, United States and France seek to keep their hold on the former Italian colonies »t «ll costs with a view to using the territory for bases for aggres- »ive plans which lately found expression In forming military blocs whose speer point is directed against the Soviet Union." British Minister of State Hector McNeil quickly took the floor to reply to what he called Gromyko's "violent and undignified propaganda attack." He said "the stream of sneers, influendos, violent attacks and selected facts were directed to aug£«t that any delegation except the Soviet delegation has a wicked purpose." Gromyko spoke before the 58- rution political committee of the General Assembly, which is debating dispositions of the former Italian colonies. He said the United States and Britain had dragged out the tnlks among, the Big Four foreign ministers for three years so the problem would go to the assembly, "where they have an Insured majority of the Yotes In their pockets." Under the treaty, the disposition of the colonies had to be referred to the assembly if the Big Four failed to reach an agreement by September 1948. Ousted in Bulgaria Drop in Butter Price Not to Stop forces Asking Oleo Tax Repeal Endurance Fliers Hear Record; Hope to Stay In Air for Two Weeks TUCSON, Ariz,, April 11. (;P| — Fliers Dick Riedel and Bill Harris headed their plane tor 1U starling point., Fullerion, Calif., today with l«<i than 100 hours remaining lo break Ihe endurance flight record of 736 consecutive hours. The Iliers came here yesterdnj from F.I Paso, Tex.-They plan to finish their flight over Pullerton They hope to stay aloft for !»•• weeki slier breaking the preseii, record which was set In 1939. Their plan* U called the Snnklst Lady. Deputy Premier Tralcho Kostov, above, Bulgaria's No. 2 Communist, was ousted from his post In a growing Communist Party purge of member* who refused to lake orders train Moscow, according to an official Sona report. The announcement indicated a widening split in Communist ranks throughout southeast Europe dating from Ihe Comin- form's expulsion of Tito for "deviationist" conduct a year ago. WASHINGTON, April Senator Fuluiight of Arkansas does not think a drop In price of butler will block chutifies of any oleomar- Snrlne lux repeal bill winning' Senate approval. "The big question Is whether we can gel a vote on It." said Fulbright. adding flint, "we have Ihe voles lo pass it all right." Senator AlkcnfR-Vt) predicted yf.slcrday thai decline of butler prices will hold up Senate passage of au oleomargarine tax repeal measure, already approved by the House. Cash Funds' Suit p'i i • t\ i i • Filed in Pulaski Chancellor Considers His Qualifications Because of Opinion LITTLE EOCK, April 11. M')_ Pulaski Chancellor Guy E. Williams will decide this week whether he is qualified to lira? a lawsuit Involving (he "r;aMi muds" of state agencies and institutions. The question of Williams' qualification stems from a ruling he made last year while he was state attorney general, lie held that expenditure of the funds without ICK- Islallve appi'oprlntlon was unconstitutional. Slate Re]>. Juincs A. Gipson filed a Mill in Williams' court SaUiulny, seeking to prohibit use of cash funds without, .specific legislative authority. The cash fund.s arc revenues' received by colleges, Ihe penal system, the State Hospital ami other agencies from .sources such as fec-s, crop .sales and athletic receipts. Governor McMath lias indicated thai a special session of the legislature might be ncc-essary if the present system of using cash funds without, legislative authority is barred. The governor said the funds are vital to operation of certain Iiistilutlons. Gijison asked tlmt the suit be given an early hearing In Pulaski Chancery Court in outer that It can be Liken lo the Ark/uisas Supreme Court, before the high tribunal recesses July 4 for the summer. Senator to Ask Broadening of Atlantic Treaty CHICAGO, April 11. IIP) — Sen. Paul H. Douglas <D-1I1> said an attempt will be made to apply the North Atlantic pact to all members of the united Nations. If successful, this action presumably would hind Russia Lo terms of the treaty. Douglas, addressing the second annual convention of Americans for I3cm ratic Action, departed from his prepared manuscript to declare: "When the North Atlantic pact Is ratified by the Senate, Sen. Thomas m-Utah) and myself intend lo offer a resolution which would call upon the United Nations to write n supplementary convention to the North Atlantic pact. "Tills convcnllon. If adopted, would make it obligatory upon all nation members or the UN to RO to the aid of a country attacked by an aggressor. A nation would be declared an aggressor bv n two- thirds vote of the Security Council." DoijKlii.s said lie had no indication of any other congressional support for his proposal, but remarked, "after ttic North Atlantic pact Is ratified, we should make one last effort lo eel a general treaty." Sumy rays for Itself BFF1NGHAM. III. IUP>— Fifteen or 20 rcnls worth of DDT sprayed on a (rood dairy cow during the swmnor mouths will hike her milk production us much as 15 per cent, Clinton s. Outright. £ffing)iam County farm adviser, says. Many Controls Retained Over Affairs of Germans BERLIN, April 11. tip}— The Western allies' new statute for the occupation of Germany retains strict control over a wide variety of subjects from foreign affairs lo atomic energy, it was learned here today. The occupation statute, drawn by France, the U. S. and Hie United Kingdom, exercises control over almost every phase of German life that might conceivably influence or affect "another nation. Internally, the powers agree In the statute, the Germans shall have as wide po-ver to conduct their own affairs as possible. U.S. Troops Preparing To Depart from Korea SEOUL, April 11. M'j—Authorita- tive sources said today American troops will leave Korea as soon a.s the Korean republic feels its own army is sufficiently trained. There was nothing, however, lo confirm weekend rumors mentioning laic this summer a.s the probable withdrawal time, with 4.000 infantrymen slated for transfer to Hawaii. His Home Vanishes TACOMA, Wash. I UP) -- Harry Pitcher spent a year in a local hospital. When he returned home, there wasn't any home. Pitcher told officers that someone apparently had torn down the house for the lumber or simply carted the .small stuff of|. "There wasn't a Iracc of it," he said. Warning Unheeded DETROIT, April 11. - Richard Parrlsh's mother often warned him about riding double on his bicycle with hh pal, James Darling:, 10. But it never did any (jood. Everyone knew 11-year-old Hlchard and tho boy who lived across the street were Inseparable, the devoted "huddle.-;" of Ihe Nciga Doerday, as they had always pliiyed, so they died together. A car struck their bicycle. Both wore killed almost instantly, Hollywood Continued from Page 8 Ifcs. His wife says so. Aside to pedestrians: Pioneertown, the new Hollywood for western films near palm Springs, has a law set down b.v movie star president Itus.sell Hfiyden. You can't drive your car on the main street. Il's unpavcd, will remain that way, and in only for horses and people. ciaudt'ltc's Cagey Clnudelle Colbert hns a reputation for being as good a businesswoman sis she is an actress. I asked her how she did it. "When I'm in front of the camera," she said, "I try to be n full- time actress. When I'm in the back of n ciuncra. I try to be a full- time businesswoman." i Many a producer who has j fitpcd ClandPtte across a desk I will attest to this. Radio Daily's Main Street column | gives this travelogue of a gag: A 13-year-old high school humor i editor originates a ioko. Press agent ] clips sag. .lokp appears in a Broadway column. Bennett Corf reprints M anecdote which happened to Alex Woollcott or John Barrymore. Famous toastmaster picks It up and relates it as happening on his way to the dinner. Radio gag writer swipes same for his next week's radio show. Night club comic hears It on the air and tells it at his cafe. High school teacher attending cafe hears Joke and tells it to the principal of the school. Principal remembers seeing It In school paper and drops the 13-year- old editor from paper for printing old jokes. Boy quits school and becomes A $1000-a-weck gag writer. Parents Charged With Using Extreme Measure To Stop Son's Gambling TOKYO. April 11—M>|— Tsuncza Kbinumft wouldn't stop gambling. Ills father called a family council to decide what was to be done with the 25-year-old fisherman. Three diiys ngo young Ebinuma's death was reported to Tochlgi prefecture police. Todny the father and four oilier members of (hi 1 family were"under arrest. Police said they had strangled Tminexii with bis own licit while he was taking a bath. Legislation Pending, But Action Came Too Late SACRAMENTO, Calif., April 11. (*>—A bill requiring the filling or guarding of abandoned wells and teptic tanks is halt way through the legislature. It was introduced in January by Assemblywoman Kathryn T. Niehouse, San Diego, after a Sacramento youngster was found dead in an old septic tiink into which he had tumbled. The measure has passed Ihe lower house and is now • walling a hearing before the Sen- lie's Public Health Committee. Upon learning of (he fall of Kathy Fiscus down a San,Marino well, Mrs. Nlehoitse observed: "That Is the sort of accident we »re trying to prevent." McMath to Speak •LITTLE ROCK. April 11 IAP> — Governor McMath will speak at an American Legion convention at In- dtanola. Miss.. Tuesday. 'He will address a Legion initiation meeting ! Memphis Wednesday. Read courier News Want Ads. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. FOR BRAND NEW Mobilqas ENGINE 'RADIATOR • GEARS • CHASSIS special sale! famong •kin-purifying TUSSY creamy masque «. i 1 »i y .- pVM JM , wonderful, ll,oroi«h » n . r.di.nt K lo,v. M * pr ° em " kio IrollW " ) . or W.ckh«.d,. Though if. , CT e.m- •«*«• to V** «ompl«*ion-il rime* off in cfe M »«)». F«r > MriMBiooth, dewy.frwh »km, |« Tmtrj CKMJ M,IKJI« Ihit minute. Srve WOODS DRUG STORE 221 Wtst Main Hot weather ahead .. .long, lazy summer week-ends that make the open road a mighty inviting pros{xxt. So let us take the kinks out of your car ... get it ready for high speeds and summer heat... give it new "Get-Up and Go" with: \^^^\ NEW Mobiloil WITH ITS NEW MOBILOIL FOR ENGINE to fight friction and wear... give you a cool, smooth-running engine with minimum repairs. 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