The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 4, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 4, 1930
Page 5
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THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 4, 1930 (AUK.) COURIER NEWS_ PAGE FTVT? 1 Hook-up For Nation Wide Program Prominent Americans Will Speak from Nine Cities in Gigantic Hookup. i )!>• NEA Service BOSTON. — Now records in the field ol broadcasting will be made liere on the evening of Thursday, September 18, when the American Legion will sponsor n Million-wide program of greater proportions tlian lias ever been attempted. This program, lasting an hour and a half, will: 1. Link nine cities in as many states frcm Maine to California as pick-up points from which prominent speakers and American Legion choruses will broadcast, with Boston as the main control point; 2. Have more than 50,000,000 listeners; 3. Be valued at more limn $100,000; 4. Feature the greatest collection of prominent speakers and artists in broadcasting history; 5. Broadcast through the greatest Network of stations ever hooked together for a single program. In Van of Annual Convention The program is to be staged in the interest of the annual national convention of the American Legion 1 to be held in Boston, October 6 to 0. It will run from 0 to 10:30 in the evening, eastern standard time. Fancuil Hall, "The Cradle of Liberty," in Boston, will be the principal broadcasting studio for the occasion and a pick-up will be made from the tower of the Old Ncrth Church. Phillips Carlln, veteran NBC announcer, will supervise the intricate switching opera- lions of the program. Outside of Boston, pick-ups will be taken from New York, Washington, Portland, Me., Jacksonville, Fin., Dallas, Tex., Chicago, San Francisco and Portland, Ore., thic record distribution of sources will involve WJhly specialized timing for the various cities so that the program will run off smoothly. Highest Officials on Air While Presicienl Hoover has not yet announced his assent to broadcast from the White House during this program, it is expected he will do so. With him on the air at the time will be Cahin CooiicJge, Alfred E. Smith, o. L. Uodenhamer. national commander of the American Legion ;Oovernor Frank Allen of Massachusetts, Mayor James M. Curley of Boston, Colonel Carroll J. Swan, president of the 1930 national convention corporation; John J. O'Connell, commander of the -• department of 'Massachuetts, American Lcgoln; the governors of -Maine, Florida, Texas, California and Oregon, and the Legion leaders of those states. The broadcast will involve all the stations on both networks of the NBC, as well as the Pacific Coast chain and some supplementary stations, the first time so vast a hookup has been attempted. It is estimated the total value of the program will be upwards ol 5100,000. One of the outstanding features nf the hour and a half will be the singing from the various source cities of large groups of Legionnaires who will broadcast the Legion songs of their own states. At the Fame time, in every city where a Iccal post is situated. Legionnaires will gather at the call of Na- Uional Commander Bodenhamer and listen In on the broadcast. Largest Radio Audience There are 17,300 local posts and units of the American Legion and its auxiliary, comprising a membership of about 1,250,000 with this assured audience, and those regular fans who will listen in at the lime, it is estimated the record for broadcast audiences will be broken with an estimated 50,000,000 listeners. The program, as tentatively arranged, follows: From Faneuil Hall, 100 Legionnaires, accompanied by a famous Legion band, singing Legion and war-time songs; famous NCO artists; speakers, former President Calvin Coolidge, Governor Frank Allen, Mayor James M. Curley, Colonel Carroll J. Swan and Commander John J. O'Connell. From New York: Former Governor Alfred E. Smith; famous KH artists; chorus o£ singing Legion natrcs. From Washington: President Herbert Hoover. Frcm Chicago: O. L. Bodenham cr, national commander of the Am crican Legion; Chicago Legion naires. Five Governors and Choruses From Portland, Oregon: Cover nor and singing Legionnaires. From Portland, Maine: Gover nor and singing Legionnaires. From San Francisco. Governo and singing Legionnaires. From Texas: Governor anri sing ing legionnaires. From Florida: Governor and sing ing Legionnaires. From Old N'orth Church: A mes sage from Legion officials. J n o'fct IWASniN'OTONl j I JACKSONVILLE! President Hoover, upper left, mid O. L. nodenhamer, national commander o[ the American Legion, lower right, the governors of six states, Mayor' Curley of Boston and other prominent men are scheduled to address 50,000,000 listeners from the nine cities shown on (he map, the evening of Thursday, September 18. Funeull Hall, Boston, shown in sketch, wilt be the cenlral control studio (o which all these cities will b= linked, ns map shows, and from which the program will be relayed through New York to a record number, of stations. Souvenirs of An dree Flighl Mother of Two Is Nominated MYSTKHY SOI.Vlil) UEAVEH DAM, Wls. tUl 1 )- The Mystery of the famous "breakfas'. •nil Ihlof" hns been solved here, jut olllcliils were without power to nosecute the "thieves." Louis Kop- illn, who was an early riser nc- ccmplislicil what authorities had been nimble to do for days when .ic discovered n squlrre k'sninliii! ne discovered n squirrel escaping .it a residence here. < iMOTOKISTS KS MAJORITY MKHCF.U. Cal., (UP)—Statistics here prove thai In these days ol candidate* electioneering, the man who wins iho motorists' wound to win. in fact. vote Ls 1C any Merced county candidate gets'- just half ns many voles as there are automobiles registered In.' this county, lie will win. Automobile and electors' registrations show there are 14,582 automobiles In this county olid only 11.637 voters. It 'radical Nurse Tells How Konjnla Relieved Stubborn Stomach and Kid- ney Troubles ^ - j TPufiiow cwi if-iPE-irwr *AU IfffftIR II1.JLOVE."-- Demanding just representation tot women, Mrs.-Virginia-Massey Boone,- above, of. Charleston, W. Va., mother • of lv:r> children, de- feated''10 candidates" recently .to win Hie Republican nomination . WHEN' Score o{ Earth Shocks Fail to Damage France PARIS. (UP)—in two Trench has experienced 19 years, earth- tiio state, Icgislalurp Kaiiawlia county. These mementos of the ill-fated expedition of Major Salomon Auguslc Andree (inset) and his daring Swedish co-explorers whose bodies were discovered recently, 33 years after they vanished during an attempt to fly over the top of the earth in a free balloon, new rest in the museum of Baker University, Baldwin City, Kan. Tile souvenirs were presented to the university by Evelyn B. Baldwin, U. S. meterologist, now 02 who was to have accompanied Andrec, but who escaped She explorers' fate because he arrived at the starling base at Spitzbcrgcn teo late. The mementos, taken by Baldwin from the shed which housed the balloon, include fabric from which the big bag was made, sandbags, felt-lined straw shoes, a part of the rope which held (ho balloon to earth, a sign (written in four languages) which rays "Smoking Not Allowed," and a small package containing carrier pigeon food of wheat, barley and small pecs, still in good condition. Gilbert Crockett, Baldwin City youth, is standing beside the souvenirs. CORTLAND. N. Y., (UP)—Stan- Icy M. Vosslcr. 19-year old high school graduate of the. class of 1329, made his first solo night after only l\\o hours and 25 minutes of instruction recently. The boy lives with his widowc'd mother five miles north of here. He earned mcney for the course by working as a farm hand. His mother plans BY ISRAEL KLEIN Science Editor, NK.A Service On the return from a long trip he car needs a general cleaning nd overhauling. The road is none too kind to any utomouile, especially after scver- 1 days of constant touring with- ut a minute's attention. The body queaks, the chassis frame is loose, he. engine is noisy and the car it- elf is full of dust and grime. It is therefore good practice not cnly to have the body cleaned, but o check over all running parts, o tighten up all body and chassis bolts and see that all joints arc weil greased. • * s Dust gets into the cracks and openings of the automobile and accumulates to a startling degree on any sort of journey. The dry dirt roads we meet on almost any long trip throw up great quantities of thin dust that creeps into the crankcase, ino the transmission housing and into the carburetor. This dust must be cleaned out The oil in the crankcasc should IK changed and before new oil is put in a quart nf thin fresh oil shoulc be used to flush it out. New heavy oil or grease Mioul< be put into the transmission ami rear housing, especially if the cai hps been run a few thousand miles without a change. To be sure of a thorough cleans Ing. the engine also should bi washed with gasoline or kerosene ng system. These chunks og up the radiator. The whol ystcm, therefore, should be drnm- d and flushed several times before resh water is put in. After the cleaning, the chassis oints should be greased thoroughly nd tiie springs should not be ovcr- ookcd. The body, too, needs tightening to ecp the car in good miming con- .itton for the rest of the year. jro'ni Innate shocks, but none caused dtnii- :>!agc. The shocks, according to u report made to the Academy of . •'[Sciences, were recorded in 1D2S n \'B !H land 1929. there beinu nine move- icnts last year. Nearly nil the quakes were recorded in the clghborhood of the Pyrenees. (ing's Gateman at Hyde Park Corner to Retire, drive. In ctoing so it is advisnbli to cover the front of the engine especially the electrical system, will an oilcloth or rubber coal to pre vent water spraying over it am rendering it ineffective. If the car has gone over Ion; mountain roads, the brakes need ireful adjustment, and p:rhaps fining. Another mountain climbing att- r-effect is Ihc softening of thu esc couplings in the water coolly system from ovciheating of the ngine. These should be checked vcr and. if they are cracked or how considerable wear, should be cplaced with new couplings. Overheating also takes large hunks of rubber from these conp- ings and stirs them into the cool- LONDON. (UP)—Another famou: ondon institution hns passed with .he retirement of William Yclhcr- ick, the King's gateman at Hydo 'ark corner. Petherick, whose magnificent :reen livery and top hat, i tnoun to countless thousands tourists, will return to his native Cornwall to operate a chicken farm. No successor will be appointed and there will remain onlj one more gateman to carry on the tradition instituted during the reign of Queen Anne. The big earthquake which recked he Naples region n few months ;o was strongly recorded on in- truments here, but was net acu- lly felt in France, even along the Uvbra coastline- MKS. ELLIE MADDUX "My slomach iiiul kidneys caused me much distress and misery fur two years," said Mrs. Ellie Maddox, Ola, Ark., near Little Hock. "Gas formed afler mcaU and 1 bloated so terribly thnl the pressuie eau.scd ' severe, heart pal- pilaiiuH. My kidneys \vcic \vcnk ind bladder nations were irregular, t was easily cxdlcd and my nerves were on crtec Ihc better part of Ihc lime. I wns rapidly losing strength, weight and energy. "I found (be ripht medicine when I took Kiinjohi. My digestion Improved before I had finished the llrsl bctlc. In five wcolts Kuujol.i had cleansed by entire sysivm and my .General health had been Improved Immensely. My nerves me se'.ttad nnd I sleep well nt night. I have yarned Fix pounds In weight. Konjola Is Hie best medicine I have ever used. The experience of Mrs. Mnddux Is not e.xceplicnal in nny seme. The files of Konjola are filled with the record of such experiences. H Is recommended that Konjola be given a trial over n six to eight week period in order la nltain Ihci bfst results. IConJola Is Eo!d In Tilythevllle, Ark., at Kirby nnig Stores nnd hy all the best drupgists in all towns throughout this entire section.—Adv. rilOJI 31I1.K TO COI.l) OUSTER, S. D., (UP)—The farm hat supplied Calvin Coolldge with nllk during his stay in the Black Hills now supplies his owner with gold dnst. So profitable has Henry Saver found placer mining he has turned the dairy farm over to his son and is devoting his lime to panning out the yellow sands. Head Courier News "Want Ada. Best treated without dosing—Just rub on b^iCHS W VAPORUB OVER x t? MIILION JARS USED YEARLY or under sleam pressure. Sometimes mud, thrown bac from bumping through wet roads clogs up the air vents o'. the radi ator, reducing its ccoling efficient} to go aloft with him when he has The radiator, therefore, should be had a little more experience, [washed thoroughly after a long We me 11 our COURTEOUS S.filtVICE THE cheerfulness with which the Ford car re(ponds to exacting demands is,equalled right licrc in the attitude of oiir workmen. Your problems arc in ail c their problems — then Solved wilh the speed and precision expected of Ford experts. Drive in for service that saves time, money and worry. Most modern specialized equipment. Genuine Ford parts nnd flat-rale charges. 1'cri- odic inspection, greasing, accessories, painting, washing and polishing. Phillips Motor Co. Hlylheville, Ark. PARTS • H.AT RATES FOR REPAIRS The Event Everybody has been waiting for KOHN'S FIRE SALE At Hayti, Mo. Starts Thursday, Sept. 11, at 9 a. m. The most sensational sale in years-Your Dimes doing the work of Dollars. MOST OP THK GOODS WEUI3 UNHARMED —AND ONLY A F10W SLIGHTLY DAM-'. | AG10D TO BE SOLD AT GIVE . AWAY PRICES—TELL YOUU FRIENDS! Watch for our big E CP wale Weather This is Ihu I'mi'sl, slroiiRcsl, hsimlsomcst lire the world's Invest rubber company i;in Iniiki roKitrilloss nf cost. II is something almost extravagantly good; it offers a supcr-margin of sufciy, comfort :iml iii'otection over more miles Mian any other tire. Originated by Goad)ear, it has been imitated but never equaled. In looks, itntl in ;tctirm, it is Ihc highest expression money can buy of lhat incomparable iiuality ^Yhicll has ma:le "more people ride on Goodyear Tires lhan on any other kind!" 30x500 31x500 Regular Price Regular 1'rieu Regular Price Regular Price S20.55 $21.45 $23.40 $24.20 •Washing and Gfcasing^l.SO/J'cxacq Petroleum Products Phone 71.1 Road Service Sale Price Sale Price Salt- Price Sale Price S13.60 $14.10 S15.40 §15.95 Corner 5lh and Main STATION C. L. Bennett, Mgi:

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