Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas on April 26, 1911 · Page 8
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Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 8

Little Rock, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 26, 1911
Page 8
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flGX EGHT. To WS UPON AM. TfeUTiC. Tlt lo I'M 4iCNNeV 6" PLftlN'Tft VBu TM6 . fcetupitocmr C1 An Honorable History For 29 years the Exchange Bank has ministered to the wants of clients through good times and through hard times, doing its best always to render substantial and efficient service. Its reputation for solidity and progressiveness has attracted a powerful clientele. It will keep on growing bigger and stronger, under the policies which have brought it to its present position. You are invited to identify yourself with us as a depositor, and grow with us. U, S, Depositary Will move to new quarters, Masonic Temple, about May 15. BOSTON SELLS ARELLANES Californian Goes to Sacramento With Two Other Kod Sox Curverg. Boston" April 2.-A further reduction; has been made in the squad "f the Bos- I ton AmerUan League dub by the sale of three pitchers, In Arellanes. Ma honey and Hunt, to Ihe Sa ramento (Cal ) club. ' The men will siar; for the coast at once. Arellanes is a veteran, while Hunt and Mahoney have had only a single season . In major leigru baseball. ' For dress wear, this Patent M7 rvcaoiw v , A wwi III N-w - m Nations 4r.OO You'll like the new styles we're showing in SELZ FINE SHOES. You'll like the quality in them; you'll like the .romfort of fit they'll give you. And we'll like to serve you in the matter. We guarantee satisfaction. Irvine Guarantee Shoe Company : , Exclusive Shoe Store for Men and Boys. '-:Ty STATE BANK BUILDING. Hosiery. : r Nufashond Lacet. Jeff Now Understands Fully the Meaning of the Word Reciprocity TOWHWl aciH6tW I -YBO V-evP t ON T: ( I I I R.6CIPR.0CATE I f ' s , V X IT MeahS TwM V4HN Ce4M V V48..ST- K-ibKT "went ( IT I J I r -ww, i if t ill i ii i nr i i it i . -9 . 1 1 a . i r MEMPHIS BEATEN IN THE ELEVENTH Zimmerman, Atlanta's Center Fielder, Brings in Two Runs, Making Final Score, 3 to I. Memphis. April 15. Zimmerman Atlanta's center fielder, swatted the hall In the eleventh inning of one of the most closely contested games of the season on the local diamond, brought in two runs and Memphis w;is beaten, 3 to 1 The score was tied in the sixth and li was a no-run contest fruni that time until the eleventh. Score- K H K Atlanta n0(IO!OI2-4 to Memphis H I HSMOU- I ti C. Miller and W. Milier. Kmlajson and Knotts MONTGOMERY TAKES THIRD Continues Series of Victories Over Mo-Bile, Winning 1 to 2. Mobile. Ala.. April 25 --Montgomery took the third straight peJiic from Mohlle t.t-day by the score of 4 to 2. the content going 11 Innings. It being a pitchers' battle between I.ellvelt and Clarke. In the eleventh Inning I'mplre Bryan called Smith safe at second and a h'l followed, bringing in the run that heat Mobile. Score R 11 K Montgomery ... Ot 1 00 1 M H U 1 Mobile n0001100 0--2 7 5 Lellvelt and ("Jrlhbens, Clarke and Dunn CHATTANOOGA IS DEFEATED Nashville Gets 11 Bases on Balls, Winning, 4 to 3. Chsttanooga, April 2S.- Anderson gave 11 bases on balls today, but the locals could not hit him. Clayton was knocked out In the fifth Nashville did not score off Benton, but the four runs off Clayton were enough to win. Wiseman and Sen tell made phenomenal catches. Score- . FIH Chattanooga IIOIOMOO-S 2. Nashville J 0 l l 2 0 0 0-4 0 Benton and Clayton and LaJltte, Anderson and Munson. PELICANS winIn r:?uH New Orleans Defeats Birmingham by 6 to-4 Score. New Orleans, April 2R.-Thc New Or-lcsns club made a gai lison finish this afternoon, scoring two runs in the ninth and winning the game from Birmingham bv the score of 3 to 4. Score- HUE Birmingham 2O010001O 4 4 New Orleans 0 0 3 0 0 0 2--S 9 4 Fleharty, Pratt and Elliott. Klawitter and Naglc. "thr city is now supplied with 1A VAPi'RA, strictly shade grown, imported cigars, new crop; never better. SELZ ROYAL BLUE No. 1T50 Colt Oxford on Ilito Model, THE ARKACAS 1 . - ' I t GIVEN AWAY-FREE 1,000 Catalogs Illustrated Showing cut and dc- cription of every-thiug io the line of Athletic Goods and prices on same Apply to J.M.MARTINARMSCO. I Wholesale Sporting Good. 108 East Markham Street, Little Rock. Ark. The city i now supplied with I. A YAIM'WA, strictly shmlc grow n, imported cigars, new crop; never iettor. Just Arrived The swellest line of suitings ever shown in Little Rock. ; WE .HANDLE PURE WOOL FABRICS ONLY. AND GUARANTEE THEM DUNDEE Woolen Mills 207 Main St. SPECIALIZING Soils to Measure UNION MADE, 'We Deliver the Goods.1 $15 Official Schedule Northeast Arkansas League CU'BH PARAOOri.n. HELENA. JONE8BOF6. BLTTHEVILLE. MnW May 4.. 5... . y . a. Jun. 19. M, a. J"" L . . ? PAR AnOt.'I.n. July 10, 11, 11 JOne . SS. ?4. August a. 4. x. Jfy . i"Z 1: 7; . August 31. Auguat 7. . . J 4. i S Kept. 1. J. . 4, 4. August 24. ZS, 34 August .1, 22, 2J b May I, . 10. May H. u- May 15. 26. Ti. June S. . 7. J"ne ,l- , HELEN A. June M, R. 28. June 15, J, 17. "Ju July 17, 18 .. July S, 7. K . Auguit 10. 1L U. July X !S. M. August 7, S, . Aug ut 28. . 39. Auf uat 1U. 12. 2t Auf ust 24. a, 2t MMMMmMMMMMwi-aMPMHM II ' . ' ' 1 I May U, II, IS. May 15x, 14. IT. May S. t, 10. May a. 30. 31. 3vm ' ,t,x- MT . tt. J0NESBORO. June 12. 13, 14. J"e . 2L July I i, 4 J"ly lx- J"1' ! July 27 2S. ,s- Ux- Auruit 10. 11. UL Auguit 14. IS. 11. Ju'y 31- Au August II. Aufust 17, IS, lSx. - September 1, 1 May 15, It, 17. . . June 8, I, 10. May i i. x. . J. June , . , Mayx. . It mT. 'i BLYTHEVILtS. '" June U. IS, 14. ft July O. 14. U. June 23 23, S4x-- . ''V 'M,SL a c July n. .. . luSlVVV , August I, t August 14, la, 11 ""h- , . i August 17, IS, IS. Septemb 4. 4. K-Indkate Sunday when clubelaiay 4rvf ta HtdeM. wUkk ntaftn aad cloae Septamber i wltb 4 49uWbadr, GA2CTTC. LTTTLE ROCK.- . - - -v r : : r- I CARDINALS LOSE BY 9 T0-4 SCORE Pittsburg Turns the Tables on St. Louis, Evans Making 1 wo Home-Run Drives Over the Fence. St l.i i!-. April -S Pitth .rg turned tne 'iiies .'ii ?T !.!:- tiln. .'f .i ' i ti k 'he i lea:. i. '.' t" 4 i amnl'z was ef-fe.Mic Kun- mad-- lv-i h :ne-ruj .I.-;-, cs ,. ei l : l Hi ! c;, : -n. S, ,,r K H IO 'itf-burg 4 .' 1 : (v 9 I S' lo :i I " 4 ; 3 j Camnlti .ti.d 'Itt- r Zi h. V.':r-go. HI is- an.i Brcs. . i in CUBS OEFiAT CINCINNATI Cnicago, With Two Runs in Eighth, Wing by 5-to 4 Score. . . i i ir inn i ti April 25 - A triple and a -nisV i'i ;i,e .ig'iili with a man on h..s.-a' . wt I i liii.ifct ' .i ore liarclv cno.ih nil. 1 win iron niciniuitl u.d.iy. i to 4 I'lii. .nn..:i ;!! .hurt i wliiij t. s-nsa-lioTal liclciiiig In Ihe visitor.''. Score H H Y. Chi. .it.. J .1 fl li 1 I ! 4 i 9 1 Cm. ;nna:i ft " 0 " u 1 1 1 1 -4 X 1 1'oxen. Brown and Archer. Ki..mnif, Keene, liurns .itui ClarU. BROOKLYN WINS CLOSE ONE Philadelphia Loses a Hotly Contested Game jy 4 to 3 Score. Brooklyn. April Brooklyn broke its losing Btreak today and at the -ame time stopped the winning career of the Phlladelphlans by taking a hotly contested game. 4 to 3 Moore's wlldness was mainly responsible for Philadelphia's defeat. Score RUB Philadelphia-. . . 1 0 0 0 0 0 7 1 Brooklyn .. . . n o o l l 0 2 x--4 & 2 Moore and I'ooln. Barker and Bergen. NEW YORK WINS BRISK ONE Matthewson's Pitching Defeats Boston by 3-to-l Score. New Vork, April 2.V -Matthewson out- pit hed Klahertv today. New York wln- nlng rn a a l.n-k'.v played game fro.n Boston score of 3 to 1 lhe Bostons. een though ' ii- mad sensationally. Score four errors. fleldeu R H K niotAOOtO-l 4 . a 0 1 0 u 1 1 x- 3 l 1 (Irafiam. Matthewson B.. iton New York . . Klahertv and and Myers The it v is now supplied with I. A VAIH'KA, strictly shade-grown, im , ported cigars, new crop; never better.! KICKED BY A MAD HORSE. i Samuel Birch if Heetown, Wis., had a most narrow escape from losing his leg, as no doctor could heal thr frightful ore that developed, bnt at last Buck-len's Arnica Salve cured it completely. It's the greatest healer of ulcers, burns, boils, eczema, soBlds, euts, corns, cold . sores, bruises and piles on earth. Try it. 25c at all drti(rgits.' WEDNESDAY. APRIL 26. i TRAD y j MAUK Buy and try the EVER-READY because the makers take the risk. -J"', BROWNS DEFEATED BI DETROIT NINE Tigers Win From St. Louis in Fierce Slugging Match by the Score of I I to 9. Detroit, April JR. In the fiercest slugging match played here this season Ie-trolt defeated St Ituls. 11 to 9, today, thereby taking the third straight game of the series. Score RUE St liiils 2 2 1 1 0 3 tV- 9 12 1 Ieirolt 1 0 0 1 0 1 l -11 11 4 Ijoke. Mitchell and Clarke, Covington, WilKtt. Caet and 8tanafc'e. WHITE SOX FINALLY WIN Cuicago Ties Cleveland for Fifth Place by 6 to 2 Score. Chi. ago, April iV- Chicago tied Cleveland for fifth pla i-e In the pennant race by winning the final game of the serl'-a. It to 2, today. Scot - RUE Chicago t 1 0 1 3 9 - 3 Clm-eland 44iMiiH-! 4 1 Young and Sullivan. Kalkeiiliei g. Blan ding and lnd. BOSTON DEFEATS NEW YORK Yankees Axe Defeated, 5 to 3 Gets Home Run. Speaker Boston. April 2S Boaton won the opening game of the .-eaon ith New York tiMiay. VS'arhop finished the g.mie for the visitors. Woods pit. lung n:ul opejk- t s home run were the feature Score- R II E Boston 0O32i'x-i 5 1 New York 1 i " 0 1 1 1 it 3 7 2 Wood and Carrlgan. v i. lo r, Warhop and Blair. WASHINGTON IS SWAMPED Philadelphia, Against Poor Pitchers, Runs Up 11 to 2 Score. Phlhtdelphla. April 2S -Philadelphia defeated Washington today. 11 to 2. All rtMW , awaf toe. 8ao epeai May 1 1911 Particular Young Men who desire to be fashionably attired at all times, ask for Kaufman OS"ij!lS1Ii!S CampusTogs They're stylish, perfect fitting, well tailored clothes, that show your "personality." And we guarantee that they will retain their stylishness and keep their shapely appearance as long as worn. o (77) Priced Iron, $15 tO $3Q 00 IKE STIEL, 112 Main the visitor's pttchera were ineffective. The pennant, which Philadelphia won last season, whs unfurled for the first time, in the presents of a large rmwil. Score-- R M E Washington OO?0flfl ': 3 Philadelphia . . IM!Hllx -11 IS 1 Hughe. Gray. Sherry. Street and Aln- smith: CiKinihs and liirp. PREPARE PARK FOR MEET Fence at West End Will Be Moved Back to Sixteenth Street. Work began yemerlny at YVc t End pa'k on the moving of the fence preparatory to the athkt..' me, -t to be held at CSaT tr VJr .Mr w 1 mmm t earn hah rr t" CUPTNlMIUtttt 4PtAS KAUfDJAN 4VWM Ui park next Friday and Saturday. The fenc. according to announcement, will be moved temporarily back to the 81x-ternlti street property line, but will k moved back to lta preaent looatlen Im. mediately after the meet The money for the work of grading the track and arranging for the meet It belog furnished by the Athletlo Committee of to Boaid of Trade, of which T. P. Murrey la chairman. According to Superintendent of Pubfl Works Henry levlnson the work wtll be complete In time for the meet and th pwk will be In ftrat-clasa ooniHIon for the event. FIRE rNSTJRAJTCE. Arnold, Haines & Co., 117 Louisiana St --ready for icrvicc clothei that are the exception It is easy to claim the bert, the exception, but if too see it, try it, yon can 't help but acknowledge all of it. and Little Rock's particular dresser an some day gointf to try the kind we sell. We know there's no better clothea made anywhere aid we 're going to keep telling them about it, every day io. the year, until we persuade all to try our kind. Our clothes are eut from the selfsame fabric' and ia the selfsame styles that the "upper set" tailor cuts them, bnt we eut just half from his priee. Inner parts as super, quality as outer parts. Lots of extras in fashion and finish that lend extra ityla and extra wear. An exceptional assortment it $25.00 Others at 15 to $35

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