The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 23, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 23, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS Tlllil TV1\1I^J A N't* V KWd 1 * A DTTO f\K> MfMJ'PDC'Aa*!' * tau- A MO « rt kvm .-mt ..•...« . „,.. . ^^*^r DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOHTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION V01,, XXVII—NO. 2:!0 BlyUicvllle Courier, Dlytheville Herald, Blythevllle Dally NC'vs, Mississippi Valley leader. niATlIKVH.LK, ARKANSAS, TUKSDAY, DRCKMISKK 2;!, 1030 Judge Who. Ruled Dry Law Void Is Wealthy, Youthful scon mm SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS 111 JAIL In Quarrel Over Child MEMPHIS, Dre. 23. (UP)—A prolonged quarrel bstween a World KeniKill Firemen Prepare Toys lor Children ol' Poor Fail to Make Bond. KENNETT. Mo., Dec. 23.-Moro Hum five hundred toys have been i Prepared by the Kennel) fire de- War veteran and his estranged Il'-'rtmenl for children of nerdy ; and Foi'lTlCr Cashier Admitted wl(e ' wllom llc Ollllt ' remarried, over | ll|I slltute families of this city. A I) J D r • ! Ule cllsto<| y of tncir 7-year-old .son, lSll "'ey of the city has revealed Hint tO bond DUt LompaniOllS. ended today with the fatal stioot-I !llerc «re nearly three hundred - - - -- ing of Mrs. Jessie Knowlton. 28, by ' f! >»"ll" who will not bo nb!o to Hex Knowlton. who surrendered io-' :aj ' lo >' s nm ' other Christmas gifls police immediately a f t e r w a rd : ror I'm children who have had A. E. Scott, former cashier of, Knowlton formerly resided in Sue- t!lom heretofore. Accompanying the the r;rst National bank, was with C ess, Ark., his wife In Osceola, Ark. i to >' s wl » be bags containing nuts, j fruits and candy which will be gi»- rn to boys and girls who Imve been ;i'>ltl dial old SanUi Clans will pass jltiem by this year. On Wednesday night the Patron Saint of all children will mount thc Inige- red fire truck, bedecked In appropriate colors and costume, and travel to every home in I h c ••ly housing a boy or girl In need presents, gift his family in Memphis today, free on $2,000 bond [H'nclSng action by a federal grand jury in connection with the $50,000 bank shortage Ui which ho has -admitted complicity. ii. B. Thomas, assistant cashier, and J. E. Hhipman, bookkeeper, i facing similar charges, remained in jail at Joncsboro pending the result of efforts to provide bond ot 51,000 each. Scott obtained his liberty last night on a surely bond, secured by Indemnifying bonds signed by two uncles. Whether shipman and Thomas will be make ' is uncertain, according to Max B n f IT n , i ;° : assistance for Yulctide I OllCC Uncover Llaborate ' Ilie mnlerlul value of each A m |. i • /--i • i W 'U be little rtmnuscade in Lhicago iwp aiive m Apartment. , will be little but each will serve to the hearts of the poor CHICAGO. j boys and girls the spirit o( the oc- i raslon and prevent a lire-mature !tevclatl <"> of 'lie mythical existence -1 of (llc bcwlilsfcereil A striking sketch of Judge William Clark of Vcw Jersey, whose recent derision rcRardinj the Kfelif wnth Amendment has attracted nationwide attention, drawn b>- George Clark, NBA stafl artist. Chief Worry Is He Hasn't Done His Christmas Shopping il believed lo liave been frighte.ii.edi away by police activity in the.! neighborhood following the wound-'' Guilty Fleas Expected Bang bullets a few hours before. Bond for the three men was fix- ' A man and woman fled from the ed by E. I,. Wcstbrook, Jr., United i apartment less thnn flve minutes States court commissioner at: u efore police arrived. They were [ Joiitsboro. before whom they were '•-""•-• •- •-- • -...,.. arraigned following the serving of federal . warrants Saturday night. ______ D ____ ____ ...„_ All are _ charged with embezzle- ! '"8 of Mrs. Henrietta Quthrie. 54, incut arid falsification of bank- 31 "' E- W. Slone, 35, by stray shots records, offenses carrying poniten- fr ° !1 > a passing automobile. tlary sentences of from one to twenty years. Scott and Shipman have signed statements admitting their guilt, i but Thomas, implicated by thei others, has maintained his Innocence. While Scott and Shipman have admitted embezzlement of several thousand dollars each, and j falsification of the records to con- cllv. By GENE COIIN NBA Service Writer I expects him to be when he rises from his seat on the bench. NEWARK, N. J.-ln a small, al- ( There is a Jimmv Walkeresque . most o'jswrc courtroom, some twen-! cut to his clothes, 'somehow one ty floors up in a skyscraper build- : does not cxpact a United States mg, the most discussed judge in! federal'judge to be wearing trous- America was worried more about i ers that pleat at the "belt Yet t -jiia .anauii-rcJe-of- Santa-• Claut once ie- strut* across the floor' han about th ? result of his revo-1 hands in pockets, the pleats b»- huionary prohibition decision. ] come apparent For Federal Judge William Clark, youngest of the United States judges, has spent from forty to sixty days writing his already fa-! His home is Princeton, but he is a loyal Harvard man. Judge Clark was one of thrcc 1 a shortage of 837,800, they have consistently denied knowledge of what became of the major part of the $50,000 which bank records Indicate is missing. All three have been bound over to the grand jury. Scott and Shipman, it is understood, are ready to plead guilty. What course Thomas' win follow is unknown. No New Discrepancies Confidence ol officers of the First National that the shortage will not exceed the $50.000 indl- ME OFFICERS HOSTED Solicitor, Authorize $15,000,000 Note Issue LITTLE ROCK, Dec. 23. (UP) — The stale highway nole board meeting, here today amhoriwul the Accountant, aild slnto treasurer to accept bids on a I7~~,, 'r C i A S15.000.000 Issue of short term incentive Secretary Are highway note.? which win be ot- Dismisscd. (ered for sale January 15. WASHINGTON. Dec. 23. (UP) — A sudden shakeup look place 10- day In (he organization of Hie newly named federal power commission. Charles P. Russell, solicitor. William King, chief nccoimlnut, nml F. E. Uonncr. executive secreltuy of the commission, ceased thclt connection with Hie organtz:UUm. The commission's formal', announcement. Issued this afternoon, said all three were dismissed, lion- ner previously had announced he had resigned, although King anrt Russell described their departure ns a , The dismissals, c/Iectlve Immediately, were at the. Instance of the newly apixrinlcd commissioners. Bonner had been under fire for a month by progressive senators and others who have accused him of using his olTlclnl position to serve tlie Interests of large power companies. Deputies Uncover Still In River Bottoms Monday Leaders for Effort Oust Nebraskan. inheriting a vast fortune. mous verdict which, if upheld, would nullify the Eighteenth I™..""""" Amendment. And having given s; """I 0 "*. ' . . much time and energy to wrestline studl °Vs life. The history, as well young and, despite his a quiet. with an erudite paper, which trav" Pled from Rousseau to Freud, thc judge recalled that there were but a few days left before Christmas. And after all, in addition to being a profound young jurist, he is als? a father. Has Throe Children And again, in addition io being ' m historv author of a revolutionary legal document, which, at the age of W, may as practice of law, engaged his interest in college and he has gone more deeply into the subject than hundreds of his elders. Amusingly enough, his appointment U> the federal bsnch by President Cool'dge was encouraged by | the Anti-Saloon League. Yet he ' wrote one of thc wettest decisions make him a place in legal history, he has the reputation of a family mar.. He is, as a mnttcr of fact a family man—father ot three children, the oldest of whom is 16. But whether the Supreme Court says "yes" or "no" to his findings. Judge Clark is convinced thai only There is, in his appearance, at least, a contrast of the young man under forty, and the man who realises and accepts the dignity of his role. For while his trousers may be high waisted and pleated, his collar is of the best judicial variety —high, and of an outgrown vin- i convention of the people—a con-' ia sa. This, however. protru;'»3s stitutional convention—would clear. above hts J utllcial gown, up the many perplexities. , Judge Clark is a Jersey native. "Conventions chosen by thDJHis birthplace is Newark. He he- people arc far more certain to rep-' came a member of the New Jersey rrs->nl public opinion than legisla-' bar fourteen years ago. A year lat- tures." is r,;s stand. "Thc law can ! er. 1917, he went to war, and. at be enforced only when thc people i ll 'e ?nd. himself with the support it." And. off or on the bench. Jndg: rank of captain. Returning, he took up the pra"- Car, to Officers. •court this morning The yumi ' auto late last night. ... j «"i'j iaiu itiit illKlll. by the general ledger ap- victory was fined sin Cnr u ™ $ ne nr ,n c - peared justified today on the basis j turbing hc ™S50for carrying « <*° brought commendation toot roress made u t . ot progress made up to aate In o progress mae up to aate In a pls . OI and $lw t transporting da y from R«P- Will Wood, Indiana. the audit which is now underway. | ,i qucr . alSP ° n ' nB ; chairman of the Republican con- A steady stre: been visiting and today to verify their accounts, and as yet no discrepancy of any kind in the individual account records has been uncovered. of depositors has' According to evidence presented' gressional campaign committee, bank yesterday | victory drove here from Kciser to' Wood voiced his sentiments after talk with his wife, who was staying a call on President Hoover. Chair- at the h:me of her mother, Mrs. man Fess oi the Republican na- ChUes. . . flonal committee told United Press "o is alleged to havs carried! today he knew nothing of Lucas' Members of Sherlll W. w. Slmv- ! er's force uncovered a liquor dis- Hlllery of 250 gallons daily capacity i In Hie Mississippi river botlom .,,,,. . Hands, several miles, southeast of | WlllS r raise From Paitv Osccola yesterday afternoon. 3 I T«-o men, said to have been tak- to en Into custody at tlic site of the still, were placed In Jail at Osce- oln. Tlielr Identity was not known to officers of thc local olnce who assisted in the raid. A Quantity of sugar, mash and liquor was found by the officers. The distill was destroyed. Italian Planes Reach West Coast of Africa HOME, Dec. 23. (UP)—An official announcement today said the Italian seaplanes tn route-to-Bciith America had arrived at Villa Cls- neros on the west African const at 5 p. m,, Rome lime, after a night from Kenltra. CASA BLANCA, Morocco, Dec. 23, CUP) — One of twelve Italian seaplanes en route to south America left the squadron during the night from Kenilra tc Villa CIs- neros today and returned to Kan- Itra. Carburetor trouble was blamed. A radio message reported all WASHINGTON, Dec. 23, (UP)— Robert H. Lucas; executive director of .the Republican national committee, Is .determined to con- linue his efforls to oust Senator George W. Norrls of Nebraska from the party ranks, it was learned to- j day. i Lucas had been revealed as the Btiiler' Victory of Reiser was' prosecutor ol tt heretofore secret meted out fines totaling SIM bv i !l am P alEn ° Bnlnsl thc velcrau Ne " Jlidgd w. D. Gravctte In noii<-«? r ^ kan '. a campaign -.that- was , b > r P art l r The cxecu- yumi Keiser man's domestic troubles re-i tlye di f ector ' s attempt to read Nor- sulted in a reckless race with R, °, llt of the pnrt >' has brought police car with his 18 month old ' caminen datory telegrams from na- baby lying on the front seat of his, lonal coimnifteemen and other party leaders throughout the conn- ,T,L . •" *'">-5i-.i LW imic: uiuiicu* ivnoj ne Kin*t lluunnE 01 Lillcfis rhe program of directors of the liquor and a pistol into the house ' campaign against Norrls disclosed isttuton calls for making formal and to have made threats to kill by the Nye' investigating eommit- oplicalion for authority. to re-1 his wife and her mother. Victory: tee. tile comple-1 denied the threats and possession! "I luicw nothing about It" Fess Date of re- of the liquor. Raymond Bomar and said. "I had not even an inference Oscar Elliott, city policemen, were • of the matter." in: •appl open die bank tlon of the audit, has not been set. Confidence of directors and stock- MIDST Plan Organization to Support Change Constitution. in Stale LITTLE HOCK, Dec. 23. (UP>A movement to Introduce an amendment to the constitution of Arkansas permitting cities of the irst and second class to raise mil- age tax for operating expenses lias been Instituted by mayors of six Arkansas cities. Mayors of Smackover. Hot Springs Mnrlnnna, Joncsboro and Stiittgnrt, and the innyor-clect of El Dorado, arc sponsoring (he move. A meeting of the mayors-will be held r week preccedini; the owning of Hie legislature January 12. . At present elites are limited lo a live mill general lax. Delivery of Wood Is Quickest Way to Obtain Relief, Chairman Points Out. The best and quickest way for. a farmer whose family Is In need el food (o obtain relief la to cut a cord of four-foot wood and bring it to the Qoodfellows woodyard on West Main street, C. A.,.- Cunningham, general chairman odthe Qoodfel- .lows organ teat Ion, ^ecVetl-talFvy, : Swamped under hundreds of applications, the relict organlzatbn is unable In' nanny cases to make immediate investigation, of all applications for help, but wood, in any quantity, will be accepted at SI per cord. The woodyard, at which men with families In need are glv- INTHIS Farm Agenls Will Receive Applications for Federal Crop Loans. WASHINGTON, Dec. 23. (UP) — Democratic Floor Leader John N. Garner, Texas, nerved notice today he would vigorously oppose any at- empt of Republican leaders to re- luce Ihe 845,600,000 authorized for Irouth relief. .J.. E. McKell of Little Rock, district agricultural extension p.gcnt for Northeast Arkansas, Is in the county today conferring with county agents S. D. Carpenter ot Osceola and J. E. CM-/, of Blythcvllte relative lo the set-up which will be. effected In this mid other counties 'iisldc the next few weeks to act upon application for crop loans under the provision of thc S45.000.00D drouth relief bill passed, by congress last week. Mr. McKell spent yesterday In. Memphis where. In company with,' other district agents .of Ihe trl . stales, IKS was In conference \yith i J. Phil Campbell, director of agriculture In Georgia and special employee of the federal farm board. In charge of preliminary arrangements for disbursing Ihe dronch relief loan, funds made available through passage of the act. Will Function Through Ajcnls Mr. Campbell's association' wilh | the farm board in Ihls capacity was t solicited bxause of his familiarity "1 wllh the handling and disbursing •] of loans under similar relief legls- [ latlon passed In 1928 and 1929 to .•{ relieve stricken conditions 'in.'J Georgia and other territory whicli suffered during those years. The proposed set up or plan ot organization, according to Mr. McKell, will function through the. agricultural extension service of the respective suites within the drouth area, In co-operation with- Iwal ••'• business men, organized into community and county centra! committees. Applications will -Is i-.-nmde through live- county agents .first to'.., community then to the county ceii-,^ ral committees, and passed lor .filial^ approval to area or district committees which will be ;establislied ill populated LiMiljr.?—^f_ - h'j l< '*'^;ij]^ stricken '-'are'iO (vhlcli covers "all or~~! parts of sixteen states. - :.'-.-; Espect Good Allotment. In Just what proportion the total •-,• appropriation will be distributed • over the stricken area, has not yet 'f been determined, but if based ou .; thc degree of suffering occasioned -. Congressman, 75, Will called to the house imd Victory, well with thc rest of the squadron, (tnlned for the wood were there any other market for It,' 1 Mr. Cunningham believes that farmers will find It to their advantage to dispose of Take Bride nf 32 Years ' n « lr wood Ihere. The wood can h: sold at the woodyard and another cord cut. in the time It would take " from i;o " sc to llous:? - cn employment cutting the four- by the drouth, Arkansas, which Is foot wood into stove lengths, Is In •• Immediate need of 100 'cords of wood. While the price offered may be slightly less than could'be ob- WASHINGTON, fiep. Charles B. Timberlnke7 "«. Colorado Republican, will be rrled this evening to " Mrs. la Elliott, 32, widow. The ip!e obtained a lictnse yestcr- last week that they would accept driving off with the baby. The tiade certificates secured by Christ-! Police officers were again called! r.ias savings accounts at 100 cents' °" { I searched fnr Victory driving en the dollar has received -only a' ollt < on Highway 61. They were limited response. Of more than Joined by Eric Bollard, deputy S4.0GO . in Christmas savings dc- ' * ?r " f . and discovered Victory posits only a littla over SIOO had ! driving south on the highway. The been converted into trade certi.l-! pffic ers took out after the young ca'es this morning, indicating that< mtm ant! a wild *"sc through a majority of the depositors mt Lllxor:1 ' Osccrla and Kelser fol- ouly have no immediate need for! ' av?d before Victory" was finally the money but are satisfied as to! ttll!en lllt ° cllstotl y nl Lepanto. Of- Its safety. . f!r-;rs refrained from forcing Vic- philanthropic interests. For: But all the time Judge Clark was the slender, slow-paced young judge! a scholar—more than a mere law- niniself. .merely hints at the un-!yer. Savants have pointed to his usual personality behind the S3- recent decision as a model of eru- vere robes which dignify his sta- dition. whatever Its final conss- Iqiiences. His citations involved mt Smartly Tailored I only thc usual authorities, but a Just behind -these robes, for in-' dozen and one historians, essay- stance, is a smartly tailored and lsts and economists. youthfully cut two-buttoned sack si"t. Hi s approach is not exactly judicial. for his voice has much of youth's timber In it Jersey, having jdiscovcred Judge Clark's many faceted mind, is not overlooking him politically. Hereabouts, you'll hear more than S;i« Seek "Hoax Bride" Missing from Asylum tory into a ditch., they said, because: •' they did not wish t& endanger the '. life of the infant. , jail here. WORCESTER, MASS.. Dec. 23 C piho shrdl cmfwyp vbgkflj xzfl (UP)—More than 24 hours after. Clyde King won an acoulttnl on her dramatic escape from an in- i a charge of disturbing the peace sane asylum, Mrs. Barbara BufTum ! although he drew n reprimand Brsmwcll. "hoax wedding bride", • from the court, was still at large today. The young woma day from Worcester The young woman fled ycster-; p- i i Ci suite hospital »ve Laborers Step m Judge Clark is sensitive, slender : one commentary that he is cons'.d- and suggestive of the resiles; I ered S°°d material for a future rcholnr. in his Princeton home h a library of many thousand volumes, encompassing a score of subjects. governorship campaign. And whatever a higher court's attitude, he is very likc'y to be a i where she had been placed under | T.-iin'<; Pith Arp KilW observation following the disclosure 1I31n S ratll> Hfe *" that "Sir William Harold Brain-. „.„.-„„„ ,TT~ well, of his majesty's navy," whom' SANFORD, N. J., she married In Oxford, December F ! ve a " rcr , s *'T 15, was in reality a humble ship's;" ' rVrlf nhnorH Ilin ^r^,.-ni n «i_ , a clerk aboard thc Mauretanla. . when they stepped oft the track to allow a Philadelphia to New Ycrk express train to pass and were. While his present decision has' rcca!ls 'hat he has spent more awakened the most widespread In-, j than a month on his decision anl terest, friends point to his action hasn't bought a "dam thing" for in the radium cases as one of thc ' judge's most prideful Jobs. A number of workers in a watch fac- -, „ „ _, . _ tory had been doomed to death bOOOiellOWS FUnd Gets through radium burns, suffered ivnllc putting a radium mixture on the watch dials. Adjustment of the matter was a problem for a modern Solomon. Yet Clark complished It Christmas. struck by a commuter train on another track. His interests arc Innumer-! nominee at the next election. Plan European Trip MeanwhUf. however,' the Judge { -i nnn D . ' . The men were working on tracks I0r 1,UUU KOtariaVIS i-rcently etaaM.i to eliminate n grade crossing. A. foreman blew a NEW YORK. Dec. 23 (UP) — ' whistle when he saw the express Mcmb:rs of thc transportation approaching and the lab-rers drop- This you:i£ man, who might be Lions Christmas Gifts Instead of exchanging gifts, as ac-;has been thc custom at the meeting nearest Christmas in former committee of Rotary International' ped their tools and stepped to an: iiave made steamship bookings for. other track. Thc noise of Ihe ex 1,000 Rolarlans and their families -press train drowned out Us warn(for the 1931 world convention in ing and the comniutor train plowed ' Vienna next year. years, Blytheville Lions today made hit-) tl-e men "Meanest Man" Steals \ Unidentified Aviator Christmas Tree Lights! Killed in Indiana Crash taken for a collegian witlmt kU cwh contributions to the GoMfel-. GLOBE ARIZ Dec 23 ^•. issa "?y halrKl - A sl^t bsa;l<ws fund. Tns vvorl< j- s meanest man 1 spot protrudes a few Inches b-.;yond I The club was entertained with vc- hls forehead. His face is more an- cal selections by Griffin Echols. \vhi Ruhr than'generally pictured. Anl he is several Inches taller than one was r.ccompanied at the piano by- Mrs. Echok; Ited Globe, 23. (l was todsy when his plane crashed ten 'u C ,.. br , lghtl >' calorcd miles northeast of here and was do-1 eleclrlc lljht bulbs from the com intimity Christmas Irec. I stroyed by fire. The pilot's body was bnrnsd beyond recognition. Be A Goodfcllow! This message is addressed to those dtizpns of Bly- llieville and vicinity who, no matter how their fortunes may have been affected by drouth, imluslritil depression, or b;ink suspensions, are eating three square meals' every day and enjoying the comforts of a warm home and adequate clothing. A good many hundreds of your neighbors—fellow beings dwelling in this community—have neither food nor fuel. Before the winter is over their numbers will be greatly increased. You, Mr. and .Mrs. Comfortable Citizen, will bo more comfortable if you know that you are doing your share to prevent any man, woman or child in this community from going without the bare necessities of life. the coupon below bring you peace of mind in this tune of difficulties. Pill it out as your means permit, and mail it with a check for your initial contribution to Fred Warren, treasurer of the Goodfellow-, at the Farmers Bank and Trust Company. he points out. Farmers who have no woctl ol their own to cut can obtain Information at the woodyard of tracts on whicli llwy will be permitted to cut. Substantial contributions of groceries from the local Plggly-Wlggly and Bowers stores, units of the Kroger Grocery and Baking com- gmcrally conceded to have been, harder hit than any of the other states, will receive a large 'proper- . lion of the fund, and Northeast Ar- kansas'a thc major part of lhal apportionment. . . Under provisions of the act, loans : will re available only to farmers, who have lost all security for financial aid from other recognized > sources, and first ' crep mortgages : wll be remilrcd us security for the • federal loans. Regular Outlook meetings, which have been held annually by the, extension division in every county . in the state for a number of years, will be instituted earlier in the season this year, beginning on January fi. and being completed 'by the first of Fcbnmry.Mr. McKell says. With;. po~r prospects for a cotton market, next fall, the ger^ral recommenda-. pany chain, have been received by Ihe Goodtellows; These stores contributed fid pounds of salt pork. 100 pounds of red potatoes. 25 ixmnds of coffee, 100 pounds of field peas, and 24 cans of chi;m salmon. • The organization has immediate use for groceries of any kind and ] almost any quantity, and for certain items of clothing, notably warm underwear for children, men's Tlw resic'jnce cf Tom Neal Simp- shoes, and bericlothlng. j ^n and family, 1010 Chlckasawba. Another pressln» need is for I Avenue,, v.-as damaged considerably workers to help at the Red Cress I b - v rm carl >' thls morl!In S- office and In the various supply | Simpson, who was alone tlon made at the Outlook meetings will be for calculated to make Arkansas farms as nearly self-supporting as possible. Simpso -j Home. Damaged by Fire This Morning o at the Java Volcano's Death Enroll m: as a member of the RIythevillu Gooillcllows Club. To support its work I will give each week: the first of ertch month. Phone No Sign Here Address Pledges are for the period of the cmerpnicy, which apparently will be at least until next March or April. If you are not in a position to make a weekly or monthly pledge simply send whatever cash contribution you arc able to make now. N. B.—The best help is to put a man lo work. If you can furnish a job, if only for an hour or two, call Phone No. 208 and a good man will be supplied at once. to fight the blaze when a hcse line joint broke. Most of the actual fire diunaj-2 T H M 11. inn '• 'o '*)= house was confined to the 1011 ITIOIHUS 10 lUO; r oof and ro'f supports but house- i ! hold furniture was damaged by ! AMSTERDAM. Dec. 23 (UP)— smoke and water. • Molten lava frcm the volcano j The reiictcnc:? Is the property of Merapl in Java continued to claim' Mrs. C. W. Hogan of Little Rock, .human lives and dciaslale villages' fcrmer resident if this city. Thc and lands today, reports here said, dwelling Is partially covered by in- A stream of lava has advanced surnnce it is understood. ': more than six miles since Mon- i 'day, ' repoits said. The latest; JACKSON, MISS.. (UP) — j death toll stands at over 700 with 1 Teddy, kin? of thc lions in the •many persons missing and nmn-:Jackson zoo. recently turned flre: croub villages destroyed. i man saving -Us flowing mana by ! Thc entire district around. rolling ou the floor o( his cage. I Srocnlceng \<^ rc-porte-i afire ' The fire was started by a lighted, today. Many refugees went mad ', clsarctte. from their terrible experiences, re- : porls said. • WEATHER Marble Company Head 1 ARKANSAS - Fair tcnight r.nd M._,. j IT c C i ! Wednesday, not much change in Named U, 0. Senator, temperature. MONTPELJER, Vt., Dec. 23 (UP) • According to the official weather —Frank C. Partridge, president of observer, Charles Philips, the min- the Vermont Marble company, was Imum temperature here yeitcrdiy appoint,*! by Gov. John E. Weeks wa s 29 degrees and ths maximum t:dny to fill the temporary vacati- 42 dgrees; clear. On the sime day cy caused by the recent death of a yeir ago the minimum tcmp;ra- United Stales .Senator Frank Lcs- ture was 16 degress and the U-r Greei;o. ' ' ,muin 35 degrees; clsr.r.

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