Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas on July 24, 1909 · Page 8
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Daily Arkansas Gazette from Little Rock, Arkansas · Page 8

Little Rock, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 24, 1909
Page 8
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THE ARKANSAS GAZETTE. UTTLE ROCK. SATURDAY. -JUIX-24.- 1909. Trusted Servants jLie not alwayi Just what they ahould be -Only yesterdiy Ui papers were full of local diamond robbery, committed by muti who had the run of the house, f Are your jewels and heirloom safe? Caa yoo leave home with an easy mind? fcometimes It's rather a risky th nj. trunk about oor Safe Deposit Bogc. 1H AO win rent a large box for a whole rearn "the aafett place in Arkansas " I SOUTHERN TRUST CO, TRAVELERS WIN CUT JN KOUND 10 Lurruping Larry is Back After a Month's Absence After-Season Sale 9 Manager Finn Rearranges Team and They Beat Atlanta 3 to I in Overtime Game. -Oil'?- - LJ HiJ S.cond and Center Sta. III fv 111 I V , THE STANDINGS NATIONAL LEAGUE. Clubs Played Won !-.. n Pittsburg . Chicago JVew York t'lntliuiatl J'mWdeipiila 151 I.ouls Urooklyn It, .Hon . 47 4. 4'"' V. 14 33 47. AMERICAN LEAGUE " Club Played Won I ...si 1'. I tt-.t W 3' ' I rtillad.lphia " ,v -' ;, 1 TBo'ton So "i Cleveland W i :i; 4 ! Chicago 40 4. 471 T Mew York . ... M W -' fit Ixniln S " r " .? Washington K 25 I" ." SCJTHEBN LEAGUE STANDING CI ih. FUy.d W..n 1M Aslant ... "si 7.1 - rH Nashville .. SI i!4 Mobil. . 4- 40 ..V. LITTLE Rik'K 4. 1 New c lr. M. V". I. 4. M'.n!t.m.T v. 44 (71 I'trmlncNi ri st ;i3 M .1S4 .i.i.h.5 M 5. 7.' ..71 YESTLRDAYS RESULTS Little !,., k " Vl.u.tu 1 .1" innings) NaehMII : M-hi!- " N. w ilrl.ar,.. l P.irni I 'igha m 7: M''!i!i(ils Montgomery . TODAY S GAMES I -TT I Kn. k t A : I a n t a M.ihtli hi Nashville New i'r!-Hi.s at Hi-iiili.gh tni M-nj!, at .M .nt (."-.in. i TODAY'S POSSIBILITIES. Wlr. Lose Tl A 1 1 Ait a Nairn lie .It i- It.vk N-w l 'rlenns , Montgomery Birmingham i Memphis 470 '.M M I AMEEICAN ASSOCIATION. 1 ciubs piav-d wvn i.ot p. t Milwaukee W 44 .7,42 Minneapolis . ... W 51 4n (.! l!t. Paul 1 4 ' .VK toulavllle ft. 4k 47 Columbus 4i 4i 5 Indianapolis ! 4K 47? Toledo 41 41 is: Kanaan cliv i 4. 4 4T: ! SOUTH ATLANTIC LEAGUE ' Clube PIhvp.I Won l.it Ivi iHutmta is n s o Chattanrxna IT 12 ( 7i Columbua 11 s ,'K) Varannah IS 7 4'.7 Macon 14 6 t; Columbia 17, Jrkonllle IS 5 q IV. Knoivllle i: J 11 TOURISTS ARE IN COLORADO Encounter Frightful Eoads and Aid of Teams Is Necessary. Julfsbuif Col . July 3 Th pilot f the Glldden tour, with E Ian lwla at the wheel, arrive. 1 at I 4r p m loday. after cuverlnj - iulli. fmm Kenrnev, Neb., over the worat r..aijj fHr encountered It waa fi.un.l ne-rasarv to secure teania t" help the car over th-riders. N.i arcldente nre reported a! th'iujth some delay wap occasioned In a rnr not In the context which wax atall-d In a mudhole nur 4IkhIkII.i '''lie en tenting rara continued to arrive at short Intervale GOLF ATCOUNTRY CLUB I Sj.eci.il to the Caictte. Atlanta J-i! - r.- yr. . , ar(J . , Crack-n went rkf.i iiiniiics .ic.n: i,.,Bv, 't 1 hl tit-. ' i- I'r,i v e. i . :, i i.. ,,, ! the top ..f I I . ;, 1,, , ,. tcrv !ri it,.. .,n';i r,.i'd t!:c tini! it 'UK ' l" 1 'I I -r. wa .i p)m In the n, iMlie ' hollKh i.i, I, ;,r.,w . ,1 1 i,, fl !. :' Tt.i ;-i s t, ., , i,.,,,. I 'll"lr- M 11 'll W.-.ti l(,g ', p;n ,. frm l.n ,.ii n.,t y., u .,i,v r). I ' tie. so c.i.: n..t -.akc a . i .n h .' "atrh.ir Rmitl. h:.l the nnn.'i , !e,,r' j l l. cke.1 and If h.ii not to : he,' i; , p'c- . t Carey Saves Game S.-or.p.- i atn sawd the xntf- ..r the T av-lc:. 'n it.- tenth InnipR H.. nii.l. a one-hand pick-tip of a h-i at. cm. I--irom : n hat an. I made ..... I mil itati hit. head and to on i,.1e ,,f a i'ner from li.-.vleii' (.fit with Knkpatrh-k i ii third I' r ih-r one of tl ten jnn lh chan W oul'l If I 1 1 .' t h- s.'. T" The i : i. I. t i. or. .1 in ti'iL.' .lohri- ' a w:ilU.-, third on im H. tl. 1,1 ...it, . oi Km Ih dr.oe th. pet'-t n tl for thn , a, ti The 'i'ra . eh rr il-d it on n i he ninth Hoe I, " o. i. tef. He'il wo in.-rlrVrd 1,1 ice. pd I - Casev w.i i to fhtid on Carr'" ont lit flr't I. f.l sc.cil wh--n W'richt dr-med one It, front ..' the pla'e .". iiipe Moran, evidently tti'-ki-j the nliv wmild be to flrst b:ise wai wat'll-ln-: 'hnt v'ntion TTe then flhl not make ai.v ii. . 'it. in, o the run c.. inted Win Out in Tenth hum -v. .... j.'I..m,,. . -a,-- :-. . ,,ivtj .i fA j. 5.1. "win 1 hlf k 111 t If g.TI .. . I l.-li I . I . .1 to I I.. I , .in I .e.iK .11. 1 Ih had i II:. it Vlant.i I'n ti- id In in. I went t" iiiik when Phi ore l.oji'd .a lo.e M.k ! 1 lli ii meiit hall as h. and l ma Inx t he tall .i 1 hi i l -.in ajto My wai l j. i X' w i-n inline. I Cleveland I ;;. in foclli place I.,. n o.it t..r I with Larry inlnln fn.rt tl, - I. ne :p am! i i,. -,-,.1 wrli' ,ihe Nap are now -vi'. t-d f.. 'nor no ' l,"'n ! "n.i challenge lien,. it Philadelphia and I, , - ... . ii . Kit,.n dii M. .M .ii 1 TntaN X Ual'-.l f.. W ilk. 1 hi I. n'h Itat '. .1 to. J.ii.ii- in i-ntn Matches Will Be Played Between Pick ed Teams Every Afternoon. During tlu- months of July and Auguat a team match will l held at the Country Club every Saturday afternoon Hmn J K. Knglatul .Ir and F K Christian will art as captains and will elect their teama from the mniMri pre-ent Pl,y will hegln at 5 p ni and the term Of each contest will be d-terniln-d ut hour of starting This form of play Is not only rnjoyah!". but very beneficial, and It la hoped that very member of the Huh will arrange to participate. The co-operation of everv golfer, do matter how Inexp"r1enred. Is Golf Committee I.. I l,n l.nlh the Trll'J.H W.ln it Tnl- lln." wa" walked and "Ingles hv P ,icash nnd lloey tilled the baas Casey then singled to left Held and Collins nnd Co-cruh came over with the winning runs lllgglna pitched a nice game and deserved to win. hut Johns was wild, walking sli nnd hitting two men, while being hit for six dean singles. Itnodes vs P.ngers is the m.nu for the final gnme tomorrow THF. SC ip P ATI.ANT All P. II PO A I- Ttavlees rf r. n I 3 1 n Newton ss 4 1 - " n Smijh. e 4 0 " - n Wintirs rf 4 0 a n i Jordan, 7h 4 n T - n Mo-an If t n ft 1 1 " Hohn 11. 3 ft (I 1 - Walker. Sh S " - n " Johns, p . 1 1 " " " ft x Klrkpatrlck iftiaon i.i r i i .'in. rich-IliKgim Totals ii' " ' i 11 I! II Pi I .ii. :i 10 0 14 r. i i : , 0 .. 1 .1 1 it.-. I i r.Clv tti, ; T'lK S'-i . K V. ' PIKMINtiMAM II-:.,,.... if . 1 1' - A e:. .'1. I M..1. ,.nli , ' ..linn, rf . 1 ', '..!.- , . I'iiK'l. Hi ' i I'.. "I. c o mm Hi I E.)W$LfMlHE 61 COS -1 ilkH :i n, i ImissisTi a 8 JLeJtf 9 1 ArJk ri W8a' Big Feature Here Today Unapproachable, After-Season Values in Suits at $10.45 Savings of one-half in some of these Suits, of almost one-half on others and at least one-third saved by you on any Suit now at this price. A large array of patterns for your choosing, embracing the season's newest models and fabrics. You will feel amply rewarded if you avail yourself of this offer today, and select a Suit al $10.45 $2 Negligee Shirts. $1,29 85c Negligee Shirts 49 C $1.50 Negligee Shirts 9BC B. V- D. Underwear. . . 45q 35c Fancy Socks g'fj hill fell 111 1 I " I 4 1 1 0 11 1 .Van! i Little i:. Itaies : IN'MNHS i H a n o ft a ft ft i 0 0 a a 0 a a i 'J ; SIM M V KV H .iu ' iff .l.dius of M'!-4n 3 Siio.k 'f.i Hi Johns 'I h Hlgglns n,.e-ll,f. H Smltl ki'kpa'tl.k S'olin llase .Pns Moran S.n-t ifl HUB .Morale HlKKHls. I'iihiI- pontile Plays W-tght t" P-rri . Havless tu X. ton: T1ch to Petri- to Ca!- to Chs-v lilt b- Plt.-her ll Johns iWilgJit Per-r) 'Pirn- of ('..Hue 1 0 l"niirc Moran PELICANS 4. BARONS 2 Birmingham Is Unable to Hit Prultt After He Gets Started. ' la.et'e Ju'r L'.t Hlrn.;nc(a' s..(ln! o 'I p-rni -in ia ' I, I I., t.ik. ih.- advantage of Printt s wil I !,ex his .if:-!!""! and of tile oppott! rntle lhat iv.ir nninciinis in the e.iep,' part of tl... k.i h r. Touiinl the .lip.-iisloi-of the di;ii ne h. . triv ineihle. hi sp t halt workiiiK rn i ltlrmiiigli.il.) thr - Extensive improvements now bein made in our Men's Department in no way interfere with business. Although the new fixtures take up considerable space while being installed, there is still plenty of unoccupied room to serve you. Today our great Semi-Annual Sale of Odd Pants Deserves your first consideration for two reasons: It's the time of year when the Pants you bought with that Spring Suit are about "all in" and a new pair will make your suit give double service Then, too, this is the time of year when we haven't very much use for our coats; all we need is a pair of Pants and a Belt. The entire stock is divided into thre big lots, so you won't get overheatsd looking them over. Good advice buy today. Men's 2.50 and J3 Pants Men's $3.50 and 54 Pants now Men'f 15 and 1.95 2.95 i i 12 ana o j eL 15.50 Pants at O.iD pa K F! II Pi 1 A K 4 1 I I A il 1 1 . : a ' " -' 1 1 1 1 I 1 "1 I ., ft I A 'i o i in a a j " ft ft ,l n I ' ft ft 1 -. ' ,1 v I '' - :'7 n j : i' r;th Ml H II I'D K 4 ft .i o a I 1 A ft " 1 'i 1 0 1 4 ft i : fi o i 4 : i it 0 ii ' ; " l 4 t ! t " ' : i ' 3 0 -. S ft i I " ft ft 0 ft j " 4 7 :-7 ii i ; RAKERS OF Sl,k Npckwpar i yjoa . ml r Aim i JT Scrivens Elastic Seam Drawers 49c - . ..' . - , in Pohl .11 T..I, ils T t, tie, for I'll-' N KW i ip.l.KA N(4 W'eif,. r t f it. .he :il H''eNto.Hi If Mill , f I Mel Ih ; i- i :h ' , !.s;i , 1. I ". V. . I'M,! I ;, To'hI- P.V INN IN ;s ' n- . i 'e.u.s . ft ,'. ; , a o ft I 'ttrTlnghar-i ft il ft ft ft 0 1 - Kt'srMAnv. Two ri.is- Hit Hill Three-Base Hit-' ' iw..i 111 Sa, rltlce ,t- Matthews :,ont. Hi.wn Stolen r... - Rauh. i.ii l.ln.hav Halle- Pru.ti flnses on '.lis nff Flehnrt.i J. off Prutl f. StriicM '1,1 P.v Flel.irtv :', by Ptultt fi Double '.ivs !c,..,,n; I,. IVxter I,ln,i"av to De. ont 'o -tte. I'etnont to I..;,ilav Time I liame . '.I I iiplr i 'a' :e n'-r MEMPHIS 5. MONTGOMERY 2 i .4 li nv Na-hvil Mobile 2 S ifras 3 :v o 4 INXINCS a ft a ft i) ft ft o , a it ii Si M M A K V Kt-ii. k if 't ,P.v I i':gg in 7i. by P.as-s or. Pails t KT Pnggati :t. i ff Snugs I (s i -rlfi.e MM WlRen an Stolen P.uss Wiiin.n. Robirtson lit h- Pi'cher N.oes Two la-.. Ml" It'it'er l.i.dlg Tt-rei Hasp Hit It .h. 'tioii Tiouble Plnv v'heat to I.udwla Tin of Dunn 1 3ft 1 inpir-s- 4 1 llrlen and Itudd-rhain. NATIONAL LEAGUE Thomas Blows Up In Seventh and Tur ties Score rnur Eun. Special to the C.a:ette. Montgomery. Jtilv :"3 l'p t.i the s venih inning Montgomery had M-mphis shut out Thomas, (he favorite pitcher of the locals, went wrotig In the -evi-mh and the vialtors himled six hits an I M-ored fnu'-: uns TH K 8CORK MF..MPII1P AH R M PO A F. BAIN PREVENTS EVEET GAME. New York. July "' Jupiter Pluvlus . ..llled his rain poi s Hiroiigliout the Fast 'odav and tl'.e h-avv donnpour ranse.l a general poetawmement of hall games All contests In the National and New F.n-gland leagues were .1-. lare.l off on ac-,, .im! of rain and w e( prouivls. while in Ceveland th- New York Ciev eland Jl'n r in the Anie-lcaf League w ei-e also p.,sr-t-i ned because nf the elenienis Two w.-i-neo wPl I.1 plnve.1 tomorrow In onlv iiree cples of the pig lenaru. s Chicago. i, irolt and St Lo ils, were games played t id a v AMERICAN I.EAGUK llahb. sa 4 liaubert. 1b 3 Cnjlson. If 4 heeler, Jb 4 Cransttin. 2b 4 Wagner, cf 4 Shields, rf 4 (VLenry, r ,. ,4 Dirk, p 4 1 1 1 11 0 4 ft 7t X, ? r, s i 1 o ICI r TTTITT ITmT laTrV DRY GOODS Totnla Mi .N'TnOMKRT Persons, If Kerwln. rf Dal-y. cf Hllas. lb S5 S 11 Ti ATI It H rn Rockenfiehl. :b 4 i5ieninger; ,th Pepe. ss Mart. . Thomas, p x-Ostei n 0 Toi.ils Sfl 77 II 0 x Hatted for Thomas In nlnlh HV INNIN'UA Memphis ft 0 0 ft ft ft 4 0 1-5 Montgomery . 1 0 fl 0 1 ft 0 ft J SUMMARY. Hit bv Pitcher -lly Dtek (Persons. D-lev) Btolen Bases Persona. Kerwln. Wagner rWrlflre HltRirkenf)eld Da ley. Daubert Two-Baae, Hlt-Wheelar Rises on Dalls- (Iff Dirk 4. Struck Out-Hy Thor-ss s by IH. k 1. Time of flame -1.40 ("nip res-Fltnsimmons and Pfen- hlnger NASHVILLE 2, MOBILE 0 Champions Win Tenth Straight Oam by Blinklni flesrrnjls. Special to the r,aette Nashv ille. July 3 -Nashville shut Mo- I Idle out tut.iT. ; to a. DugTnn allowed the visitors hut three hits. -Suggs waa also effective, hut In the- seventh s bitting atrenk nete1 Nashville the only twro runs made in the contest., THE SCORE. NAKHV1LLK. AB R H PO A Hey. If 4 0 1 I 0 Wse-nnn. rf 1 '0 .1 Kat. ?i 4 0 I 4 S 0 Ro1e-tsoiv b 4 0 1 f Selel. cf . . J - fl A R Keahaugh. c J 1 R j 'lu'li r. as 1 J 1 1 2 a vye, 3b. ..-.,. ? Ollli I'uig.in. p - J. 0 1 . 5 , Tula la MCHII,K. Wheat. If ... McOav. cf. ... tentell, ss '.et.. 2h ... N'etBrhbors. rf. 'Vitson. Sh. .. -ahrte. lb. ... lidwli. -e.--1- M f. V 1 AB R H PO A E t 1 ; 1 1 t 4 9 1 1 4 ' l '1 4 0 a w i io -4-4- a WASHINGTON 4. ST. LOUIS 9.x l.ouiK. July 23 -Washington outplayed St Louis on hnes today and won, I to 2 A great jumping catih hy Milan and the visitors' double play were the features In the flrt Inning Pnglauh hatted In Lli- et pla. e nnd the latter was declared out Score- R II Ii St 1 ouls S ft ' 0 (1 1 0 0 n-2 2 Washington ... 0 I ,ft 0 0 2 1 rt-4 7 1 Halley and Crirrer, Wltheiup and Street. CHICAGO 3. PHILADELPHIA 0. Chicago. July 23 -Chicago won Its sixth n nsecutlve game hy defeating Philadelphia todav. J to ft The winners batted Crause off the slab In tlie flrst Inning Scott was wild hut effective with men on haaee He gave Ha-tell four bases on halls In five tlr-ee up. Owens hurt a fl.iger nd retired In favor of Sullivan In the seventh Score- min Chicago unnOAMft 2 lhlldelphia OOnOOOftOO-0 5 0 Scott and Owens and fltilllvan: Krauae, Dygert. Bender and Thnma and Livingston DETROIT 5-4, BOSTON 2 2. Detroit. July 2J -Detroit won both gumea from Boston today Wood's wlld-hesa In the opening Inning and errors In the eighth with which Detroit mixed twj triples decided the flrst game fiillln saved the game fo- himself hy a grent stop off Sta his hat with the hose full. In the second grvine Boston bunched hits off Speer hut once. . Colllna pltehed well, but Detroit hit whenever he gave openings by wlldneas. The games were played on wet grounds. Score-First gajpe: R H K Detroit fl 0 0 0 0 3 X-S 7 1 Boston OOflllOOO 2 I 2 Mullln and Sehmldt; Wood and Dono- h ' i e.. S-ure Se, ,.nd game II II K Detrillt " " " 1 ft 2 " 1 V 4 7 I lli,r:on . ft i, n n 0 .' i, a tt J H : S;'er nnd 8' .mage. Cllni- and I iono-l,',e. e AirEEICAN ASSOCIATION EESUI.TS At Coinnihiis Cola. .,c, .'. k.m-ai- I'm 1 i first gamei, Kwneae Cty .' I oliind.ii" 0 i se, on, I i! n- e i At Indianapolis Si Paul 4. Indianapolis 71 At lyiuisvllle Milwaukee 7i l.iiisi il-. 1 At Toleelo Toledo-Minneapolis, -am SOUTH ATLANTIC RESULTS. At AugustaAugusta 1. Cohunlaa i At Macon- Mucn Cbnttamioga 2 At Jacksonville Jn. ksonv 111. I. Kn-v vllle ft. At Sava:inah--Coliit-itius In, Savannah 1 CAROLINA LB Ad TTE RESULTS At RpHrfanhurg S;a r t s rthnric X W in Ttn-Raim 1 I At ()rfi-Tisb'irT- Ir'f ti..r u 4 'ltiHr!"i X At ffi''tiville Anilprf'n 7. t ; rffn villc - VIRGINIA LEAGUE RESULTS At Richmond Norfolk n. Richmond 2 ' At Portsmouth- Lvnchhiitg . Ports mouth 4 , At Roanoke Roanoke Unnv lie :" TEXAS LT.AOUE RESULTS. At Galveston Houston 4. lialvestun 1 At Win o Han Antonio 2. Waco I (rlrst game i. Waco t. Ran Antonio 1 isecund ganiel At ( klahoma City-Oklahoma City 2. Fort Worth 1 ill lnnln..i J At Shreveport-Shrevi port-Dallas, called In flrst Inning; rain Baseball Briefly Umpire Rllly Carpenter declares lhat the Southern League la as fast as any minor league organlgatlon In the country "An Ainerlran Aaaoclatlon dub," lie stated, would have the battle of Its life to remain In the flrst division In Dixie. The Brooklyn club of the National League would have to hustle to finish very high, whereas neither the Trolley Dodgere nor the Washington club could possibly win the pennant "Still you see players come lo Dixie from the majors and move about as If they were Impressed with an Idea that they were In a claaa hy themselves No man In this league Is In a class by himself. Every man has got lo hustle to make good down here." It Is probable that there will he a few men lent to higher company from the Southtrn league this season Atkins might b worth a trial, but, like Rohlnaon, his alxe will work against him. Lively of Montgomery will go to Philadelphia, hut he hasn't ab'llty enough to remain there long. Caaey. Little Hock's star catcher. Is wanted hy mpny clubs, hut It Is feared that his hitting will prove too light. He Is lielow the .200 mark In Dixie Cranston Is going to Boston, and he will probably be retained, even though he might not figure In . many actual scrimmages. Frank Qygll will probably remain In the minors one more year, though he will be certain to get a trial In the neat f , L It I ' r..i...,i r, tnn young and In- .I.e ie,;,-,1 ,,, , , , , fy , h.mn.l ... fo i.p m,,,,, I lla.vles, of .vun,,, ,lni1 ,,, nf ,,,. win pr.tbabli he outlleld pos-sil,,l lie, rr the n a ., Nh ji,n,n.. M" """ 1 1 stated ,;,,,,!, (rla , his 'p.c,. tiHtuial shilltl, and It is pi.SSll.lc t.l c, bIn ,,,, kr-.iw , Itlinnngi aui Age-Herald. ' Whltey Morse, th- Id Nashville it'd sa. ker is now playing flrst base for Macon. In the Sally League Mike Finn ss Pittsburg is a sure wmner in the National "Thev have it t ed up all radv. and will never Im iiended " is the wnv the Traveler m,.-mil I u.ka'at it. He also predicts a vt. -ion f it Detroit. In the American. ' Hut," i- :,e. 'inayhe that battle up In the Mi, an Assoi lallun Isn't warm' A regu-ii .1.-1. -1 w th ever dub In reach-on .iistame of the flag "-Nashvll. on rl, an. P.otli the Vohmteers and the ('rackers ar ttavellng at an unusually fast cll, ust nt present, and the question Is, Cn'i thev keep II up It hsrdly seems probable, for It Is a big strain on the play els, therefore the i.-ins will not be surprised to see one of theui blow ere long. The local ate playing better hall ins; now than at any time this year The fielding and geneenl team work Is all to the good, nnd- tlie boys are hitting at tie. proper time Then. too. the pitchers are going along mighty strong. Nashvlie-A merienn. The higjj.eague clubs are making gen-. ral rnld on the 1-a-lflc Coaat baseball talent During the paat week four plav -era were signed "Hat" Smith, by the Chicago Nationals. Pitcher 1 Charles Friene of tlie defunct San Jose outlaws, by the Philadelphia Americans; Outfielder Howard Murphy of Oakland, by tlie KH Louis Cardinals, ar.d First Baseman Ralph Myers, by the Boston Americans. Jakey All. tlie foi mer Pelican shortstop. Is hack nt his old position with th White Sox. It was thought In the early part nf the week that At had appendicitis, hut when carried to the hospital It turned out to be Indigestion. Frank Bowerman. ex-manager of the v.iiiuii has aot.e to his farm IIOSIOIl .-...--. , iii at Romeo, Mich He snys that he will return to the game aner ihku.k ... ....... to recuperate from his managerial ex- perlences. Catcher "Hack" "spencer, who loined the Boston Americans, saying that h was aolng to Join the California out-r.wa. .elomed the Red Sox at Detroit. KEARLTOMPLETED. Work on gevernl large monument by, Mpnnhan Steinert is nearmg completion and during the m-mmer and ear.v fall nme verv elaborate work will be . .. '.I . l.riu ni ik. get P 11 tn dlltereni -cnie, r. ... city In adtUtion to these their stoeic 6f flnidhed work is repMf with a ehoire: ieleetian of flninlie.l markers, head anJ foot itone in their "tore room, 41--414 West Mnrkham. The prirea -e reasonable and the work in every cae i guaranteed. . I Northeast Arkansas League Schedule NEWPORT. MARIANNA. PARAOOII.D JONESBORO. 1 tie At Home. At Home. At Home. At Home. AUf ,g ft a Auf - g ? Auf J, J, 4. G "BepC , 7, I. Aug. 23, 24, S. Aug. 2. V. 3. atette Sept. U. U. If. Sept. . 10. Sept 23. 24. 2ft " , , ' , ti ' V Aug. 2. 3. 4. July 2. 36. H. July X. X. . PrtntS Aug. M. 27. 5. Aug. 12. 1. MARIANNA. af. j't fl., 1 , All Sept. . .10. 11. Sept. U. M. W- Aug. 10, 21, Sept. L JU B..pt. , 4. 2S. . - July 2. i. si. Aut.t. io, u. Th i ii a Aug li O. 14 Sept. i. S. 4. ine Aug PARAGOULD. Sept. 1, 17. IS. Sporting " 1 ' Aug 1.10,11. Aug. , . 1 Aug. 1. 17, 11 T 'feptlt.4. Aug. 21. 24. 2S. Aug. 30. 31, Sept 1. PwCWS JONEBBOna gt w, 17, 11 Sept. 30, 21. 22. ' 1 -. A ...

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