The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 24, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 24, 1934
Page 4
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FAGjfWB THBJBLYTHEVILLB COUB1EE NEWS TUB 0008HB NCWS CO, PUBLISHERS C. *. BABCOC*. Editor H, W. HAINIS, Idwtkm Ifutfer Sole National Advertising Repn«nt«tlves: Arkansas Dallies, inc... New York, Cf'cago, D»;.'vlt, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Sunday. K^. Eutrred ns second class matter at the post office at B:ytlievUle, Arkansas, under act of Centred. October 0, 1911. Served oy the United Press SUBSCRIPTION RATES By carrier In Hie uity or Blvtlicvllle, I5c per week or $6.50 per year In advance. By mall within a radius or 60 miles, $3.00 per year. $1.00 lor six month;, 85c for |)jrte months; by mall In postal zones two to six, inclusive, $6.50 per year, hi zones seven anri eight, $10.00 per year, payable in advance. Politics Musi Reform For New economics If present tendencies continue, the whole face of American politics is likely to be changed almost beyond recognition. This change is not .simply a matter of a new alignment of the two national parlies. It will be concerned, rather, with the mechanic.-' of government, especially of local government. Our conception of the duty which an officeholder owes to the public, as contrasted with his duty, to liis party, may at last be' brought tip to date. You can :get an understanding of what the change may be like by considering a proposal recently advanced for ii series of state factories in North Dakota. . This scheme hus been projwnnded by Senator Lynn Frazier, Republican, and A. C. Townley, organizer of the Nonpartisan League. Under it, the North Dakota Industrial Commission has asked the PWA for a loan of $-1.000,000 to finance a chain of stale factories—75 of them, in all—to make woolen cloth, clothing, shoes, linseed oil, flour and so on, * * * The idea is that these factories would provide work for the state's unemployed, help .supplement the income of farmers, and turn the stale's raw materials into manufactured articles. Leave, tside, for the moment, (he t]uestion of whether such an experiment in Socialism is wise, ami consider what pressure the scheme would put on the traditional, politics-ridden government of the average American stale. * * * It is reported at Washington, for instance, that PWA oll'icials will not consider making the loan unless thev arc convinced that there will be clfi- cient and rigidly honest ailministralion within the state. And it also is recalled that oll'icials of the CM'A recently ousted Gov. William hanger of .North Dakota as slate C\VA administrator because of alleged !»litical collections from CWA workers. A .stunt of this kind, in other words, simply would j)ot work at all the state government were run with far more sense of public responsibility, and far less thought for political BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY ii(lvan(;igi>, Ihitii wu liml nowadays in the ordinary slulu govuniinent. And if such proposals tiro to become part of our scheme of tilings—as, according to present indications, they may—it bucomo.s vitally necessary for us to make- our sy.-itum of iiolitics ready for Ilium. Slill Menacing in dodiiriiiK that the iiwtorwurltl today has more; men nmli*r nniis than tile United Sditu.s army and navy combined, Attorney Genera! CuinmiiiR's gives us H .slrikiiijf illustration of the extent of the menace presented by our inulrofHililun #niiff.s. A fair-mimled observer probably would juiiiiil lli;it the Nilii.-iliuii todiiy is lieiter than it was, say, live years ago, wlien Al Cajjone w.'i.s in his heyday and it was almost an unheard-of think' for a prominent gangster actually to be sent to prison. Nevevtiide.-s, ihc cliallen^e lo oi'- «ani/.wl society which gangland presents has by no means been met fully. The underworld still supports a larger armed force than tlio federal government JUcir supports. That simple .statement shows graphically how much remains tu he done. Gear Qj Spoils The United States Senate acted sun- sihly in decreeing thai the Home Owners Loan Corporation—the principal of. loans will be guaranteed |,y the government, under legislation about to bo pas.sccl—be divorced from polities. This corporation has a big job to do, and the one important thing about it is that i( do the job well—that il help to safeguard the homes of people who INHU lost their savings and (heir jobs. In simple decency, an organization of (his, kind must not he a hap py hunting ground for spoilsmen. More imiwrtfliil thing..; than a congressman's ability to nan,! nut jobs to his constituent ai'u at slake. And it is rather astounding, incidentally, to nolo that the Senate ruled out |K)litics by the margin of just, one Vole. Tin; narrowness of that margin rclkcts no particular credit on tlm Senate. I-.urope is in mrd of uiiutiul coni]>rela>nsiun, or it is lir-admi; lor Utllglu. - -I'lvminr MIIS.S(I-' lini ol Italy. The American luiny is not. cxatliv a liolfcwl of Cuimniiniam at this linn-. —Helen Hill anlhor. II you learn :,onicthin<; of II,,- art „[ happiness, you arc likely to receive a tnikl kind of condemnation (,o:n these frk-ml, v.lio have mil yet Irarnetl it. —John Rrsklr.c. novelist. * * i The Miiilf or I'rcsidom luiu-i'vi'li is ihc- most prruo:i5 iiM.fl thai America lii.s nt ttn- present moment. —Jcseph P. Tumulty, secretary to the laic Picsklcnt Wilson. .Bv Williams THAT COMES FROM HAVIN' DRESSY SONS. MY GETS. TH 1 Pt-UMO IN OUR VJE GOT NO SONS, BUT DRESSY DAU6HTERS. VJE GOT (30TH- MY WIFE AN' ME BOTH WILL BE WELL DRESSED, WHEN OUR BABIES GROW UP. THAT'S WHY PA WANTS A BOY, AN' WANTS A GIRL. MAN IN TH'SHOP! I HOW DO VOU DO ITOM SIDEGLANCES By George Clark .Miihfs a yuy tol he ain't yn imiiortanl, after uli don't il? iinnu-di.ilely loliowiiii; its devout observance of Holy Week. Scvilie. Spain, becomes the scene of llic frolic ol the year, when native.; and Usilor.s llueh to this ciu of iloorlsh hrntase for the Easter ficra or fair, lasiing several day,. True lo the tradition of other yea's fcelni'hcd couples rkir lo tin- fair on hor.sct,.,cl:, uitlt the l-ridc-to-b- scat.'d behind her fiance, thus proclaiming iliat they arc lo become man ami \vilc. \K.\T: llauailans' i; ai |,. r icri ii c a ;l viil SATURDAY, hriuk. A^Toda Alntan 160*; Jameson of Scotland-becomes James I of on, strike or week. BLYTHEVILLE 10 YEARS AGO Pram the files of the THIS CURIOUS WORLD .Monday, .March 21, 1921. E. E. Alexander won ihe special election to nil U>c vacancy in the state legislature from Mississippi county Saturday by 158 votes, polling 1.141 Co 083 for C. Vf. Hogan and 108 (or Kenneth Rayner. R. A. Nelson, chairman of tlic board of election commissioners, on Sunday certified Mr. Alexander's election and the latter left, for UiUe Hock thai lie might lie present a I the opening of the special session In the slate capitol today. Final 1333 ginning figures, announced today by the department ! of commerce, show that .Mjssiss- [ i|'|)i county ginned 50.BC7 bales more than twice as much as any other Arkansas county. A 160-ROOM HOUSE, WHEN WINTE3. COMJ3/ IN SPRING THEy RETURN, FLVfNS HUNDR£DS OF MILES, .-_„_-, ONLY TO LAy THtMk^ DO NOT CRACK NUTS/ EGGS, THEY G/WIV THHM.' IHE curious home ol Mrs. Winchester is now a show-place, open to the public. It Iras 2000 doors, 25 bathrooms, 45 fireplaces, 'and five tliilerent heating systems. One flight of stairs in the strange mansion lias 41 steps, with coven turn.-;, yet rises but 10 feel. XEXT: Hinv did tbc am-irul glyptodont fight? City politics, having marked ime mill! after the special election was out of the way, got into fiction today with the 'announcements of James G. Coston mull Max- B. Reid for the office of city (May oycninu at 28.52'at Nnv York I attorney. Mr. licid is now scrviim I and closing 27.23. a tumble of 1M Ins first term as city attorney | points, while Mr. Coston has not Iicld; public office. Both of the cantli- i dates are young Blytheville at-, loj-noys and a spirited campaign.' is in prospect. | Cattoji look a big slump today. I to sight eyes" The title of rahlii is accorded Jewish fcholara of eminence, as I well as to those in the ministry. A spider has eight legs and six Ri:cr* TOIIAY IMIII.I'I'e. a 6 t\v , T ». 'lKAU.ndl.Uvn? vr^. •"'•••* •>» killed a n ,nn , n ,l ,, i .." * '""'"a llrillti nt u,-:,rl>. '.' ..... '" ''•«» ""I k.iii>» Ihl, or ,",h 'l'™"" h "» '»TH rirruird ' »* ni'nl • JI.M L.II lor uvcral miniues. Me nail! escaped from the island „„„ UJ ., dc j bis way lo Cuba, jus, as he anc! 1 ablito bail planned. Now ho was waiting -bui tor whatj .Mean- wliilc lie was hungry. At lengii, he moved aimlessly tollowinc Uie black shade u; uie . .*« tlaiiKhlrr, I-:sTi:i.I.i;. nnd .hr ovr» him. "1AHCIA -I'm-Mlin^r Kno»« P:il)lit« u tTtnnrrut litu 'r*rn »<-:inrfal It »|, e ,,,,. , ]|N i* R'TIi '" " ilvnnil . lui'lBE 10 Hart I'jiljIKo Ilirrr. In [!;ivnnn l>iibll( o i r i rn In r tnA MIIIHIS NOVKS .rto h rtr ,"r,«"a ,..!" " cKlld Kurt.. HIM. 11 tUKlli.r. i, not to l.r r,,in,a. I'nb- lll». liri-umr» 111 «lll, frvot. aifnnuiiiir sut Ai:iini;y. n fiii»d K« K tM, luan „„,, ,.„,,,;,„.;; •cnruh Inr M. ivow no ox WITH THE STOIIY CHAPTKK XXI j narrow ways and Kecnlus [ar ifrom tliose kiusks that, rising in .open siiacos !ri[i s i ilB the IIUlny parks, offer for a few cciiiavo's release from thirst. Up walked up the street that l.i called O'ltcilly. packed with Slitleriim shops. Ktum there he! went in ULC Colon Market and ' tlicuco to Hie I'rado where, on a ; liem'h In (he green center strip , which ilmties this thoroughfare, 'no settled. Here he sr.i wiihoiit on lo South America. Hue liadi grown restless, she admitted. and = . she was nitigl, tbinncr. Sl,e did ,' not have to watch lier diet these "flu you care to come will id share my simple foody" ked. me the COLUMBUS, Nfb. lUf'i -..aoom 1 U av<1 V n M .- i, days arc expeclcd to iclurn to tbls j "* C * OU Noticed? region «jUi the openii^ c ,j C ai\-\ •<•>, , ", «ni«» n work on theiVmOOD , 0 rt .'''• JIT. 7"' "'™""" '*' hydro-electric devclopnv.-r.l. , m ihor- ' snncc. ... ,- ized by the Federal I'ubiv.- Works /Idminislrat.'o!!, and chxiibiT "of commerce cflicials are (eiutu; ol -a serious house shortage. ; to blic war, ronvinced now that lie saj must have gone lo South Amcr- sctllcd to while Soycs stared, ed. at the nrst (ooa thai lea She would n,,,i him there | had been^iihin his reach for Iwo and together they would embark; day*. . That « ( . is;, V (. li-Sh lasrs .un| about it lu: v, ANNOUNCEMENTS The Courier NC.AS lias bens a u- tliorized lo nnnotincu the foibwlug a* candidates for public o.'Iicc, sub- jtct to the Democratic p::mary next August: For Mfmbtr a' Cnugn-si CLINTON L. CALDWKLC, For Sheriff and Collcrtor CLARENCE H. WILSON For Re-election for Second Term Tor County Treasurer JOE S. mi ROLAND Fur Circuit Court Ckik HUGH CRAIG ADDISON SMITH 1'or County Court (.Irrk TOED FLEEMA:; Tor Re-E!cct!on for 2i.d Te For Assissnt R L. (BILLY, GAI.N'i;:; t>. C. (IKE) HUDSON I'nr Cnnslahle uf ('liicknMwba, Tnunsliii, JACK ROBERTSON That fa; it, r Time and thu Drug Stores liau- foitylit many a hard L)3ltlU. Thai ihi-se are only a few Icfl thRt don't :oo s like n u , c h but Imvc a wonderful engine That mo.v. C f mir worries are stout thln s .s ,!,,; „„.„ h;lp .. CJ1ie The Afrilan KrcretarT i,ird uct.s 11.1 name from ih» nirlo'is cro i it """"js^^r 1 ' 1 ^-"" 11 ••" -ff "'^ ., - 1 »o to th« Church cow and 1 •hall craj for you, for the boy and tor scul of the one called Jo?lc lAmelV* u-iM Ea ,'i n N °- vc " Ino ?I":<1 his eyj 3 -,Vi-, >, eray """'"'"chief ihai I^abhto had once kept wliiic for " ')' * C^!R AUBRKY fo^rid the's'ea cap*~ tain who had retired and rahiufi cMrtcus of * ratter sall- Intten sort In a small villa Ke ,,ri t.iQ Maine coast Tbe captain re- mcniliercd the infant born at 6 ea ; remembered, too. the names of iho Cuban girls w Uo bad adopted Ihe '•Itic buy. nilllnss. Sir Aubrey's agent, wroie doivn the nainea on a pad of paper. "And uosv." K iid Sir Aubrey alter be and Biltinga bad led HIQ caijtain'a small white cottage, "iCa Cuba next for us!" "It looks lite that's Ibc ne*t move all riglil," Billings ogrecd The boy. Sir Aubrey mused would be 18 now. Tall, he presumed, like Ihe rest ol the family, and light of hair. Mary bad nail wonderfully clear, orrcsilns- ly blue eyca. he remembered. Perhaps the boy would have hln» til and a house, in Ccrro. Ccrro h a part ot Havana which knows few lonr- isis and. despite mechanical 10)1 CITV OFFICtS Elcction Tuesday, April 3. for City Clerk S. 0. CRAIG n. L. MCKNIGHT UOSS BEAVEllS Cur Clly SAM VOIiltlS NOYUS reraiiineiJ at 11:; ' Imicl. La .Mirasol, until be was cjeclcil. coiirlcou.'ly but fins- ly. f<ir his Inability ;o |>ny for Ihe room ho occupied. Not even -Maria. l!ie iiropriclnr's daugliler. whose memory for faces was so cjccllent, rccopilzcd N'oyea ,13 the man 1-ih- lito had described. Terbaps one reason for this was llio (act trial Noyes bad registered under the name of Tom Lathrop. Thus Noycs fouad liimbtlf early one morning, penniless, I hungry and out in the open. Horjjea an.! oxen, drau-iu^ heavy loads, iiltiddotl past him. Trucks, loo. passed and an ctidlcc3 mclam;a ol motors. A Gtnall don- I'.cy made its delicate and uucar- Ins way cloie lo Iho foolwalk. Slrapiicd lo Us sides 'were baskets wiiuli ivcre fit!cil with Iruils from Cuba'3 rich soil: bauaii33. uielor.T, grapes, pineapples, llmej auj citrons. Koyjs tooted after tlic basket tbat bad bruslicd bis thin arm autl was more Ui8n ever con- si-lotis if the emftlncsa in bis stomach. Apaln ho studied the constant motion abuiit htm. wetting his parched lips now and again wllh a tongue Ibal «nis growing dry. lit thought bo knew what I'ablito had done for him and why be bad not found tb* boy. Ho thought he understood why Pablito wa» in hldlnj but where w«a a matter tor conjecture only. A'oyes himself had escaped ftose^wbo had come to the island [o lifl i«_ud p&der the trouble." | "Toll ;nc about il it you wish "' : Ihe priest said. "I have causc;l another t» sin. j • iNoyes explatncil. "and In so doing i il have lost a b')j whn is dearer! to me ilian 1113 -,wn Fon. It )•= a ; long story—" " ! I "-My time- is yours," the priest : j assured blm. j j "It all began ycara ago." Noycst ! went on, ,- ( ri cr h| s | >ow o[ apn ' rf ,.j • ciation. "I tnct an aclrcss naiird! | Josie Marlon wt :o was ihc >-csi ' ever will liuo-.v. She—" ' [ His voice droned on stiaJily as: j Ihc sun sank lower and the sliad-i j owe grew longer. Now and auaiu; ja roncli scuttled across the bricks! of ti.e hcarlli. making a scraich-| lag sound like ibc rustling of • P.'ipcr. or the lizard that is use i '3 ret eat ia Havana darted across' i tbe hare, tiled floor. | I The priest listened, nodding! , (rcn/jcnUy. From lime to lluiei Npycs mopped Ills eyes awkwardly with o gray handkerchief that I'ablito had once kept while (or. him. A bell lolled aud Ibe prlcsl! wilh hh traycra. Koycs. too" dropped his bead and Ibo Icars rolled rfowu his checks. As Iboy bolh raised Ihcir heads "Vou been awful sick," shs lold him and loo!; 0113 of bis whiti hands into hers. Sbc added prou'll", "I took care of you. ( gnc!,3 maybe 1 saved your life." 'J'l pondered over that, rcmcr;;j f'ng, and wondered. "VWiy?^ ^l;vcrlhelC53 be smiled In falsi f.raiitude to 1.011 .vcak lo put II loto .,„,„.. "A doctor came lo see yufi bad enough whiskers on Ills face to Bluff all ihe mattresses lo vana." I.oilic lold I'alilllo. 5'iy was a scream! But he real good, just llio same. You'r-s fCLlin' a lot better now, ain't you, Uearlc!" i'ablilo was fcelios" better but he was perilously clnte to icurs. physical weakness leveling Ihnsn 'lefcusea Ibat bad stood by him before. Loltlo saw this and laid her baud un hla cbcci- as the murmured, ''Aw, honey!" l| c did weep then, bard and long, and as he wept he felt Lorn- lift nia bend lo her sboulder and iound that It was comforlfng 10 bare It there. Klie had licen very gocV. lo him. when ho was quiet again ha said, "you've been good to me, Lot- He." "Say, honey, don't you kno* tor you?" she "Time alcue can fay," lha priest go Inlo a book. 1 ibinli. l! hear dally many Ult* that have' In tiieo Eoia drama than many I tba ire writtEB. MeanwbUe you will s;<iaj hen aed 1 »-lll Ehare Then Bb9 stooped qulrily la tears falling nl» eyct again. "OhI" I/ottlt whispered, Ihrough smiling hut uuitei4r llpi. "I lofi you so!" (To He ConlinutJ)

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