The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 16, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 16, 1948
Page 12
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PAGE TWfcLVifi Meat Production Halved by Strike 100,000 CIO Workers Idle in Pocking Centers of Notion Bjr Alfred Leech (United Proa Staff Correspondent) CHICAGO, March 1C. (UP) — More than 100,000 CIO packing plant workers walked out today In » nationvide strike which cut meat production In half. Leaders of the CIO United Packinghouse Workers called the big strike at midnight despite an nth hour appeal by President Truman The President had asked that the strike be postponed while a fact- finding board investigates the issues Picket lines were set up this morning at packing plants anc slaughter houses across the nation as the first big industry-wide strike of 1948 got underway. The union seeks a third-round wage increase of 29 cents an hour. Most of the picketing was peaceful. At .Cambridge, Mass., however, a striker and a policeman were Injured when 150 pickets tried to slop a loaded truck from leaving (he John P. Squire Packing Plant under police escort. The strike disrupted the operations of about 130 meat plants, including 13 big plants and 00 smaller • ones. It cut down the production of the big four packers—Swift. Armour, Cudnhy and Wilson. Jt nirected about 40 Independent firms. Industry spokesmen s.-iicl tlnit within a week or two at the most the pinch of a meat slioi-tugc would be tclt by consumers. More than 2,250 policemen were assigned to special strike duty at Chicago, the nation's meal capital The strike also hit such big packing centers as Omaha, Kansas City Milwaukee, South St. Pnul Sioux- City, la. No Slock In Yards The shipment of cattle, hogs and sheep to the livestock cen'ers was cut to a trickle. The pens of the world's largest stockyards at Chicago were almost empty when the strike began. About 800 uniformed police patrolled the Chicago yards and adjacent packing plants. Large crowds of strikers gathered at the gates 1 but there was no violence. No attempt was made to prevent maintenance crews ami sifiicrvisory personnel from entering (lie plnnls,, police Mid, Nor were members of I n n the rival APL Amalgamated Meal Bro ' Cutters and Butcher Workmen's tiiu Union prevented from cntcrinp miir i r" ^'"" b '° ul IJ plants not affected by Ihc strike. I Walton' « ve'i'r j vl "' v '", g , Trucks loaded with the clay's ship- J Sn'uirrta'y iii"'hto"n t'heTfo mcnt of livestock moved slowly ton plantation one and' i±± i h °'^ anto . «?« M -™''>' m "» S«'«» of Jolnc?. Only Survivor Church »nd clerk or the Session the governing body of the church ' ''; recamni! Die history of the jxwl office here, M r. Stevens told 11 — Arkansans to Receive Highest Masonic Degree happened In 1870 he ppene In 1870 he sni.i when Hurry Carmack was iwstrnas I S tttt< t«r or Chickasiiwba community ad lllle Ma BlvthevlM.. „,„« y ' day and Blylhevlllc mac was In knowl (| , a rvalry and was beaten at tho polls bv hK oniwncnt for the position of county Piqued — ....,*,, ,,,, n JOK trailer hauled it away to cook tow , was hen situated in what is , low the West end of nlythevllle | —High ranking out-of-state leaders '• will attend meetings of Scottish Masons in Little Rock Thursay and Friday, according to Joshua K. Shepherd, sovereign grand Inspector general in Arkansas. The wen arc members of the supreme council ol the 33rd degree nd C'owies of Washington, D. c.; Judge ' Luther A. Smith of Hattlesbunj, Miss.; Charles A. Mofletl of Bir| mingham, Ala.;; William B. Massey j of Bonne Torre, Mo.; and Judt-e _Read Courier^ Want AOs I wilS'pho'S'^y o^^! gtlft, Calif. Shepherd «lao b . member of the council. The 33rd degree will be conferred on a class of eight masons Friday afternoon. They are James A. Pence Earl M. Stephen, Thomas H. Williams and Eugene Randolph Youiv all of Little Hock; Dr. Samuel k Stewart of St. Louis; Miles Edwin Wright of Fort Smith; W. Howar.i Milllngtoi) of Pittsbui'K, Kan.; and Clarence C. Lang of St. Louis. I Arkansas Centurion Dies WINSLOW, Ark., March 16. (UP) —Funeral services were being planned today for Miss Tiny (Aunt Tiny) Jones, pioneer Arkansas settler, who lived to be 100. Often she would remark that her JL long Hit W aa * result of drinking a[ Insects which carry diseases u« cup or coffee each morning and harmless, so long as they have not nev«r touching liquor or tobacco. I bitter, a diseased animal. Flash Cameras At Barney's! 2006 West Main Street PRICED FROM $9.90 to $14.95 Film Development and Free 5x7 Enlargement With Each Roll K Roll Film In All Si/es—Eastman Kodak Film BARNEY'S Phone 3647 206 West Main St. I Mrs which Hospital where she is in critical condition. Foi fiipolun Mto of Chlcuo. lone survivor of UK by . passengers died in (he crash. IW.A Tclcpholo.) >ur crew members and eight Postmaster Observes Anniversary; Business Doubles in Eight Years Negro at Joiner Held for Murder Slayer Uses Shotgun And Razor, Officers In Osceola Report OSCEOLA. Ark.. Mar. le.-Lcc rsoii, 37-yrnr-old Joiner Ne- lii the County ,,'.ij| j,ere to- icuip charges of first degree ',' .*!!' .."": . ?!"c v '"S of M'»-y one-half About 1,000 pickets formed lines flt the three main gates of the Wilton, Armour and Swift plants in Chicago. One convoy of 21 trucks loaded with meat left the struck plants Sh,*' 0 ™ ^ SWkC "<*"'' » l At Kansas City, pickets at the Cudnhy plant carted signs which said; Boll up yo , lr 5 | eevos - nll<| hitch up your pants, we'll piny the tune and the packers will dance " was shot In the chest \vitli a ]•>gauge shotgun and that the killer then slit her throat with n razor made. Henderson eluded officers sisin using bloodhounds until h c was I cago ruptured by two other Negroes- ear- " ly yesterday. The officer* said Hcmler.wn hntl been dnnkina in joiner beloiv 5:0- Livestock STOCK- VHn=, STOCKYARDS. Mar. 16. (UPl-Livestock- . -fn "° ss ™*>. salable 5.000. Market ^'r'y '"live: uneven; heavier weights mostly 25c up- higher, sows .steady to 'aSc higne, nn %% ntid choice 180 to 240 Ibs «.io-24.2a; extreme ton 1450- ojn * ^ 207 « *? K.25-W; 27o' to 3o'o m. ?m? ?™ iu 3 °° '° 355 ° lbs 20-21-75; !60 to 170 Ibs 23.50-24; 130 to liO Ihi 20.50123.50; 10 0 to 120 lb., 10 1D 50 "iff to the Ni-Bi-n ivoiuan's home ami also had stopped at tin- borne of Arthur Jordou. (me of the Nc- groes who nabbed him. After (he slaying, officers said. Henderson stayed at the home ol an unidentified NWO. He wns seen there by another Nc'gru. Henry Moore, iv ho noliTicd (lie officers Henderson eluded the officers find hid in a wooded area North of Joiner all day Sunday He omcrpcd eli/ii-t I.. „ r,, .-_ • i _..';. f'"- 1 -* soivs 450 lbs down 15-1350 450 lbs 18.25-19; stags 14-10 Cattle 1.8CO. all salable;' calves »ti sa ! nl> ' c ' modest supulv of cattle [Inning active incm prices unevenly in most it lully SOp higher thMMon'd.lj^Co'ivs SOc to $1 higher. One load top yesterday c n _ I •••" "- """ went lo Jordan's 3UC ! home, j.mkni aim M OS( . ]3 Vrll N ,,_ BIO, took him to Wllsnn where'thev called Deputy Sheriff Hilly Boweii Sheriff William Bonyman snid Henderson will inec charges of first degree murder and that he mav be tiled at the circuit Court term'now under way here. Sheriff's- (ii'pmh'.s Dave Young and Ed Young and County Farm Superintendent c. K. Lucius took part in the investigation and the search Sunday- No sprciflu motive 1ms been found for the killing as officers >iad not questioned Henderson exten- over and Iloss s. Stevens today serving the completion of eighth year us postmaster here Mr. Stevens was given an' indefinite appointment Jan. is ig«) and took over as postmaster Mar 10 of that year. During the past eight years he has been postmaster here. Post office business has more than doubled wild the growth of the city and postal services have been expanded Personnel al the Post Office has increased by one-third, he said and several city and rural routes have been added. The Post Olfire employes are doing more wo , h man today than at ani , time si," aid An?"," 0 '"' 1 "' 1 -" 0 ''' Mr ' S ' cv <™ said. All lock boxes have been rent- thouBlii thcy e have been 6 unTrallable Mr. Stevens first came to Blythe- villc in 1906. He left Blytheville for a few years and returned In 1016. He was born nea,. p.-ulucah Kv and lived near Cairo ill for 'n 7™ years. " a Iew .His first Job here was that of as- sistnnt bookkeeper with the chl- Mill and Lumber Co. Mr S^l^coTorn^fdTritart" for an aupliancc rirn'i and" was"hi the insurance business. He was attending the Urnug SWItt D«Ha Airlines plane nun at Holy hc'T,mc War i \r ' ' A VCUinm of Wo cv c»s received one daughter. Mrs. Willinn, 5 N To who lives in Honolulu "here husband is s ta, lo;icd ^tf™ . op cood "•'" , ' and low choice steers 2850- mim , K1 y by thls "'oi'"'"!!- It wns erous loads and lots medium to good steers 24.25-37.50; „ — ----- a -*.**,-.;, ,ou, common to low medium steers 23.50; good anrt choice heifers and mixed yearling known. thc v said, that hc and the Walton woman quarreled in her : home before the- killing. cows 18.50-21: odd head «bove ; canner, . as the World is Round Wr-^^^jf* YOUR CHOICE OF 6 BEDROOM SUITES MglTan'i'lrk'wahJurfh^ ThefJ smfes'?' ~ ^ W ~ $M - B5 ' Th « ™ in gcnulna 5 -" 1 !'' Wa » ut ^'^ "U" both mirror on some of these suites are made of the finest'plate glass ana'inV i-ound'llzo!"' 8110 '' '" * 0 " m ™ md ' EvCa Ule They Say It Can't Be Done! firsl^id we™a,Th ™e T^ ln . our . wtad » m -" •""' »»«• ^ «r»«d! Naturally the high priced suites will FERED: ' WVE ° VC ' ° Sl '" CS '" a "' Th ' S '" °" r 5 ' e "'" S Breatcst "argain. HERB IS A LIST OP SUITES OUR NO. 3400 GENUINE 5-PLY WALNUT 3-pc. SUITE •"P^^RWifc-^ ,;"!,T h ' rKe Chcst aucl beautiful panel bed. Reg.Price 15995 - . '' > With large vanity dressed with 40 inch plate glass ......'.'.'.'.'.'.'.",'.'.'.'.'.'.'.".'.'.' No ' w OUR NEW 3- P c. WATERFALL BEDROOM SUITE wa '"; 9t9 5 i ' vish ^ bMumuiiy ***** ^ * »<* «.«< Now Pianos Wide selcclion of models and prices on our floor all (lie lime Piano Tuning And repair by an cxpcrl. Call us for service that satisfies Music Instruments A coni|ile(c line of music in- slrunionls and supplies. I'rom a pick to a buss violin Recordings '• ct us make permancnl records of y ( n, r voice and music. • Radio Repair • Sheet Music • Radios - Records BROOKS MUSIC STORE I'hnoe 811 OUR NO. 1400 3-pc. 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