The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 26, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 26, 1946
Page 3
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FRIDAY, A'PJW, 26, 19-16 BLYTHEVILLR (AKK.) COURIER NKWS PAGE TTIREk; Young Officer Works On Bomb 1000-Pounder Must Be Destroyed So London Traffic May Continue KV KOIU'KT MUSKI, I'mli'd 1'ress Staff Orrfs|>»nilrnt LONDON. April 'JO. (Ul'l—A J'0im<; MoutemiiU. staking his life on the !>nv of proljiiblliiy, casually IJPi;:m pumping water .toduy Iroin iUiniml the live l.OOO-pmiiul bomb tic-king at tile bottom of 11 M-fooc pit in Siiint Jimics' Park—less Oiaii 300 yards from Buckingham patace. The bumb. which has been nicknamed "Annie." began ticking two <lay.s -ago when bomb disposal squads started to remove it froiii a drained duck pond where it luul hiin for live years. Apparently the most uiiconcern- i-d man at the scene, i,t. D. I!. Mel- li>r, clambered into tlu- pit lo al- lix the pumping apparttis, while a liaiulful of bomb disposal experts and newspapermen scattered to n .suit- distiince. Unless "Annie" blows up by 7 p.m. (1 p.m. EST), Lt. Mellor will place a dynamite charge at its base and explode it electrically. I)y the brief, bloody tradition ol the bomb disposal squad—almost all of whose original members died in solving German bomb fuses—this i.s Lt. Mellor's bomb, and all risks entailed in its disposal are jealously his. The British War Office has ordered the bomb disposed of by 7 p.m. because until ii is cleared, the important Mull and Birdcngc pedestrian traffic arteries must bo sealed off, along with Saint James 1 Park. "We take bombs in turn," said Maj. A. E. Smith, commander of the bomb disposal squad who uuijiht the technique to American engineers during the war. Select Best Plants When Thinning Out Garden Row COOL COLORFUL CORRECT Arkansas Bank Deposits Drop Over $3 Milion Bits of News Mostly Personal IV. •';> . l.riTI.E HOCK, April '25. tW>> — Postwar .spi-ntllnt,'. Imlnslvlul i-x- [umslon unit ijiinili- bulUIIUK*h'- m ' >, , .. U'ml.'cl lo level HIT bunk <!eposll» . *"• " ll(t M''••<• Wilson Umtlu-a in Ai'kimsns, according 10 bank com-1 "J' C i '''"'"i«l lo Ihcn- liom,- In mKslo.K'r Tow W. I.I-BB..H. Tho ^- -"'"'«, Mo., :1 fU'r li.ivlu,. ,,,,-nl commissioner ycslmlav .-(-loused O'e , ;. *' (k . ll ' ri ' r . u \, ls "!? ts , 01 hb | mmvml of' condition of , oth ",' M>«- ^ M. UU^U's. ,md 108 A.'k,,,, sa .s slat,' banks trust ' j^"' 1 ' Mls ' Ciiw «>' H^'»,ul, U1 "'oi'i.rtu-'i)o.slls, wlilcl. roso lUii'lne' f' 1 *' f C Y. I '"' 1 « !llo111 "' ul "' (n " 1 i llu. war 10 » record htgli of $355.-, ^ v ; l>tl >'v ^'« U ' "' N™ Yovk • 47l.»:io ; ,( tlu- lust unminl bank <;, • «'•• '<•'•>• "^ li'^ls oi ho. | , cull l3t-CT.ub.-r 31. UI45. clioiMH-.! off t ^ ."' Mr " lul Mrs ' W ' »• l-,':?''^°nOM839 f ' Bl " e W " S "i Mr. ami M «. John M ,m.|.m. «-l,o i«nr ?nd $ ™,us UK',e» S e ( . Jj"™ m.«U. ll.J-1.- ho,,,,- hm- tor r&r.i?,»«!£ jsa ~ Lf ^3£ru? or SX'fflSS: r«15 ^^m&.J'U 1 ^ loans i.nil crop production • loans. I w - " Nicholson Is able 10 be ' incveusc In llic lolul "'" ulUl1 ' Imvlnj! bci'n 11! Linio.tiu of Untied Slates aoverii- j intMil obligations brought llio Property At Luxora It Sold This VVe«fc l""nJXOHA~Arl(.r"A|>l'il 2<f- llusl- ness tnutsiietlons In Lnxora i-uni- pleled this week were pmvhiislnu uf the Savcwny mee.t DuuJu'l and Ki'o- eery store located on North Main street by Cecil Wrliihl tuul Mis. Pearl Cowan, from Mrs IClmer Mull, and (he C. 1). Smith home by Mis. Kliiwi 1 Hull. 'I'. II. Ueufro will be tlie munuiu'r of the incut inurket lor the m-w owners and Mrs. C'owan will bi- uuut- a«er of the ^rocerltv:. Mr. \VrU'h. will continue his farminij uc(ivi- tles on Ills liirm located at Double Die Hull apitiiinrnl located nl the rear of the stoic. Mr. and Mrs. Hall will move to theli 1 new liqmc its MIDI) as tin: mlcctmillnt! is finished. Musaryk Society Klecls PK A (I II K. CUI'I — Dr. J. I,, llromudkit, wartime professor at Theological .SL-mln:iry, n elected president of the irined Musuryk Hoclety. .Society, under the honorary nblilp of 1'ix'tUk'iil. Hones, ly Ihe apiillcatioii ot T, Cl. Masaryk's Ideas to modcro political, social and fcconomie develop nienls. - , ' . '.•.''"" Twin births occur On an aver-. !'B<! °[ p(ie ' In every 81 cases ol ijrinepieiit. in 'h Approximately edible nuts for sumption annuully. 85,000 pourtds ol-.. commercial con- ure produced in Illinois,., Read com If r News Want Ads, Mr. und Mr*, lieulro will un'ii)>y tcl. Kxci'lslur S|)iliH:s Mo. Mrs. J. IJ. Aiulci'.suii ts undi-rKo- hiK tiTiitmc.U ill Walls I luspiLil. Sin- Is Hie I'oi'int'.- Miss .lean Lamb, i tuc to $178.'J72,M)0, compared with $165,574,037 in December, 1945. This represented 51 per cent of total dcptsits. said l.emsetv, luul he. lidded hat this is the first time Hint the liRtne has shown more than ndf the total In Bovernment bonds, thin out excess plants gradually, and allnw the best plants lo using Uiscards for table wlicm iiossiblc. Wlien more plants conic up than there is room tu mature, the excess plants must be eliminated; mid tins is a tusk which must amateurs dislike, and iiuiiiy neglect. It should be regarded as nn opportunity, since it permits the finest plants chosen to survive, and inferior ones to be eliminated. Fur best results, thinning should be done gradually. In the case of a crop whlchj arows best when the plants stand six inches apart, do not at first Iliin it 1° "»e plant each six inches. There are two reasons for ibis. First, many vegetables, such as carrots and beets, are most df.-li eious when half-mature. By thin ning at first only enough lo insure that each plant stands well nloi tiie row and then allov.dng them !• yrow awhile, inatiy will soou read the stage when they c;.:i,b<- vested for the table. Second, il is foolish lo discard all xccss nl.m!s prematurely NviiC'il ceidcnts. insects or disease may cstroy many v.iiich are left. If binning i>; tjoiie by stupes as the >!anls grow, tiiey will finally stand ti the optimum distance from each . r.<! there will be small chance of vacant : : p'ices in tile row. Lettuce plants, thinned to stand \ inch apart, will soon reach a ze when alternate plants can be removed lo muke- a salad; imd this iroccss'niay be continued tmtil the spacing is right for the remaining plants to mature. Carrots may be thinned the first time \vln;:i they are as thick ns a pencil: and a dish of the thinnings wirl i',ive those v.iio have never eaten .sucii ti:iy carrots before, a tR-\-.' icii-a t'f this vegetable. Heels iniiy ije nllov.vd in >;row 011- lil about six inches tail, \vlicn their roots ha^'e just b(.-t;nn lo swell. If thinned uvit at this sta^e, the thili- ;ilioulil l)e cooked roots and tops together, for a delicious dish. "No officer xotdd pcnni' any risks lo be taken from him." Maj. Smith said. "I am his superior officer, but this is Lt. Mellor's bomb, and he will see tlmt it i.s dispose,! of satisfactorily." Lt. Mellor pointed out that delayed action fuses usually have a Uii-hour time limit, and that thisoni: .still hns 55 hours during which k might detonate. It had been .ticking 41 hours nt noon. British time. "I'll only be pumping a couple of hours or so," he said. "So I figure I have !i 25 to one chance--and tha^i pretty yooci odds I • think:'.'- .•.•:••: ::> o,--.i < Farm Woman's Co I nn ui >r cnlant!li> tlie baby. It possible., lie bed .sbould be 111 a room aloiX'. ;ut a srelnded corner of Hie l>ur- ont.s' room n:ay Vie used. Wlifrc- vc-c IliL- baby .sleeps, tbei'e sluinlil t- pk'nly ol fiesb uir uiul some means of ])roli'Ct!ou from drafts, Miss Colctnati ]xtinled oul. babies can be lint Inlo their! b?ds an<l left (here io go lo sleep. When a baby cries alter lie Is put 1 to bed. purent.s face a decision. Manv deckle "to let him cry it out." Such an attitude is a severe one. Miss Coleman snitl. Even IL they are certain that he wants to be picked up. they probably should not Icl him cry and .scream nnd 6C| so emolionnlly upset Hint sleep will be poslponrd for hours. There is little <iiii)(!cr of "Milling" him hi.s mother or nil her i;oc.s into i room nnd picks him U)i for a v minutes until he stops crying, lie cries again when he I.s lint >vvn, mother or father can wait bit longer than the lirst time -fore ijolnt; to him. Miss Colean pointed out. He will learn itckly that. uUhouiih' they may tne to him when he cries, they :ive no intention of plnylng will', im or ot postponing the sleep tnnlion. At the same time, hi: •arns that they are sympathetic nd loving. ol u .slri-pUH'occli- throat ailment. Mrs. C'liithrle KhiK has returned to her home In Memphis uller having been here as of Mr. and Mrs. James Hill Jr. rricnd;] here will hi- Interested to learn that Mrs. P. K. Harris of Cupc nirarcieau. Mo., formerly of lilylhevllle, hus ri'lnriied to (he Ktute Hunltoiium in Hooncvlllc. Aik., for a chi'ek-up. Her i-ondttlon i.s improved. George I 1 . Smllh. who lonji has IJITII very III, was uble lo !«• re- iiu)\'ed yesterday from lllylhevllli- lluspllul lo his home. 101 KuM Ash. Mr. and Mrs. Otlbi-r> Iliunimiirk Jr.. have as their ynest her mother, Mrs. William J. Itlgncy of Kims Ho- !ncli LAYER CAKE riead Courier Newa Want Ao Chi!drc.']i differ markedly in ihi'h sh'ep rcnuiri-niruls, but Homo Dc- momitral ton Aj-'.nU Con: Lee Colt'- in:in Mty.s ttuit a b^hy may he ;il- lovvod to sleep :u; Jinn-h as lif wis pro\ idcd he is a\VkU;t- tony oijo t<i cut. the oiiKjunt of food Jin needs. Tlnj. baby IK-I'^K/U comtunablc bed ej Iijs 1 --,q\<n. .Javire enougli it nllo;v ii'in 1 ! \o\slrctcli but. The mati- n-ss slioiiln be firm und covt'rs .-ihould iinl bi? iil!ov,ed to .slip oil Joe Isaacs, Inc. Insurance , of every kind Phone 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bld«, * STRAW HAT DAY SATURDAY, APRIL 27 Time to Get Under Winner of the straw vote . . . Men who appreciate good si-raw, vote for a winning combination of several hats in various weaves and styles suit them to your activities. We can show you many Best Sellers STRAW HATS - 2.25 to 3.50 PANAMAS-5.00 to 7.95 JOE IS Incorporated Phone 3331 223 West Main St. Albortn, Manitoba, uiul Sus icwLin ure Cannilu's prairie prov QUALITY WHEN QUALITY COVNTS a assiKccl vs'licn you Imy Kt. Joseph irin. Unexcelled in rjtrcngth—v turity and quality. Ain'ny.stiependabto l economic:ut. rX'inund -Si. Joseph \S[iirin, wotld'.s Itirgcst Keller Hi lOc.'. U more on the 100 taljlotbtJtile35c. GEORGE OLSEN and His Orchestra SATURDAY BAKERY SPECIALS BAKAHA HUT SALE SATURDAY ONJ.Y Bread Say HART'S Bread HAiT'S BAKERY Ownoil — Kmploying Hlylhevtlle People thipk there is 4 future for you >,.; •, .., r:\rr.•:.-•. ^'in AVIATION? ' " Fitzpatrick Jewelry Store ARMORY, CARUTHERViLLE MONDAY EVENING, APRIL 29 Sponsored hy I't'niiscot Conn I y [Nisi >SS American l.t'^ioii !» p. ni. tit 1 a. in. Adm. 1'or C.'ouple or Hta(jf $5.0(1 incl. dtx CHAMBLIN APPLIANCE Has just- received a shipment of tho following Electrical Appliances for immediate delivery. HOME FREEZING LOCKER No home should he without one of these Modern Home Food Lockers. Itei.nliful while Enameled Finish, (i.2 i-uliic feel of locker spice, ilolrs 2f>0 iHHimls of meat. EUREKA HOME CLEANING UNIT Consists of an upright vacuum Cleaner and a Tank Type Vacuum (Meaner with attachments. RECORD PLAYERS With automatic record changer. Handles ten 12 inch records or twelve 10 inch records. Natural walnut finish and built-in amplifier. 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