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New Orleans, Louisiana
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Ebt imcs-Smornrl: Cucsiraif, fantrarn 4, 1S9S EOET. MAXWELL, President. which the manor fcoase is closed to every FREIGHT WKECK. COL. T.

L. MACON. Tics Prea't. E. I SLATTERT.

Secretary. ORGANIZED IS lMtO. body facilitate the circulation of un The test ihof rat feara. Capt. Joel P.

Walker. Meridian. founded reiKrt. Bismarck's physician Special to Tbe Times-bessx-rat. hat expressed the opinion that Prince Bis- MECHANICS AND TRADERS' INSURANCE GO, Meridian.

Jan. Joel P. OFE SWITCH A MILE BELOW iuixs gout is taking Us normal course. Walker, the foremost member of tbe East WESTWEGO THE CAUSE. o.

147 Caroiulelet Street. City. Mississippi bar. and one of the most dis end will soon pan over. The patient's 1--t were tapped to-day.

It must not be forgotten, however, that bin medical advisers are doing their utmost to prevent any unfavorable report from reaching P-itmarck. who takes very pessimistic tinguished lawyers and politicians in the FIRE, RIVER AND MARINE INSURANCE SOLICITED. State, died at his residence la this city Half a Doaea Cars Filled with at 8 o'clock to-night, a few hours after Losses Paid in Ca3h oa Adjustment Ma Dalajs, Ro Discounts. TRISTEESi Grain Thrown From the Track. an emergency operation bad been per wfw 01 lis condition.

A DEFIANT ARTICLE. formed upon him for peritonitis. Capt. Vskf am an, he would leave, everything is being put in readiness for an itiiuietiiate depart lire. Minister Gov in wiil be accompanied to Havana by his wife and two uaugiuern, who have been with him during his resi-deuce in Atlanta.

The scuorilas are Amo-niua. aged sixteen, and Marie Louisa, aged nineteen. It is to the latter that Seuor Govln intrusts the reionsibllity of answering queries from the outside world. Kenorlta Marie Louisa is diplomatic and wonderfully quick at repartee. Mie succeeds admirably in guarding the secrecy which her father has thrown about bis plans for the future.

"Mr father emphatically refuses to discuss "the matter," she says, and no amount of questions will draw out anything more dehuite. The new minister may leave to-morrow or next day. lie is thinking of going Cit to New York, sailing from that port for Cuba, but it is not yet known whether he will do this. Seuor Govin has remained in Atlanta since bis departure from Cuba, aud It has always been his wish. It is said, to see more of the United Mates before returning home.

For this reason the trip to Cuba may be made via New York. Every indication Walker has for a full quarter of a cen J2 news Albert Baldwin. Jr. CoL Geo. W.

Booth. J. P. Baldwin, Capt. Frank Beck, Theodore II.

Lyons Hon. W. C. Flower, J. Gn.asman, Adolpa Katx.

Ferd. Gumtiel. Capt. I. Lyons.

L. A. Letioo. P. Mcc'ay, Nurua Landry, Jaa.

McCuonell. Jas. MrC'rackeo. Mil I 'i-rr ia- 1 tVerler'o OrKa Attacks Spalw. the There was a wreck on the Texaa and Pacific fiallroad about a mile below West- tury been one of tbe strongest men in Mississippi.

He was regarded as the man rtoor. Mazwen. i aiannoni. jr. vol.

i- jaacvu, it. ueo. a. rail, a. it.

tiametr. rafted States aid Minister Wood i.dward L. Slatterr. C. M.

S.ria. A. ft. Teho. tieo.

W. SentclL of biggest brains in the eastern strip, and E. A. ii. B.

Wheeler. wego yesterday afternoon. Engine No. 28, with a long train of miscellaneous freight. T.

S. Waterman. O. A. Villere.

i-ainr nerieic. jr. a. ford. Br Associated Press.

Tuesday, Jan. 4. W'e sell a splendid ready- the announcement of bis death will be dashed through an open switch, and be received with regret by thousands of peo Biarritz. Jan. 3.

According to mail ad MOVEMENTS OF OCEAS VESSELS. ple throughout Mississippi, who have fore it could be atopped, struck a long rices sent bere from Madrid, ia order to made dress suit for $25 heard bis voice on the Mump or in the escape tLe censorship, the a clonal. Gen. train of freight cars on the siding. The Impact was terrific.

The big en balls of legislation. The deceased was in Weyler's organ, has published a defiant silk lined. It looks almost as good as those we have to his nfty-eihtn year. He was born near a i i i i gine was smashed between the freight uauurruaiv puriuux, ill iuis tvuuii. auu article, pointing- out that although the exvernment has seized the General's pro cars, and half a dozen or more of tbe lat ter were twisted from their trucks and test, it could not prevent its being read attended tbe public schools until Just prior to the outbreak of the war.

when he attended coikge at Chapel Dili. N. where, be took an academic course and charge $45 for. Of course there's a differ points to the speedy departure of rU-nor to every barrack room. covin, tie ns oeen given me pomoiiw The National.

It further appears, at of the Interior, in many respect the one year at law. He had barely reached ence the goods and trim tacks President McKinley and the United tftott important post in the new govern home when the call came for volunteers. Special to The Times-Democrat. New York. Jan.

3. Arrived: Steamers El Rio and Louisiana from New Orleans. In tbe Gulf Stream the El Rio experienced a heavy gale from northeast to northwest, blowing a blizzard, with snow and hail and intense cold. Tbe Louisiana had a strong gale from Jupiter to Hatteraa. with cold weather and denswerapor, which extended over the Sea.

and waa like a very thick fog. London. Jan. 3. Sailed: Steamer Cayo Blanco (Br.) from New Orleans for Antwerp.

Newport News, Jan. 1 Arrived: Steam ment. 1 lie other members of the Cabinet folates Minister at Madrid, Gen. Me wart 0S and enlisting aa a private in tbe Lauderdale Zouaves, he went to the front and mings and tailoring make have been sworn in. and the autonomous L.

Woodford, in unmeasured terms. government la now really la torce. me carrying into effect of the reform admin served his time, afterward re-enllsting aud coming back to Lauderdale to raise an The Naeioii'il has twice been confiscated, but the manager of that paper is a dep other com tuny, me conscript law at mat istration will necesaamv require inucn time and considerable effort on the part uty and therefore cannot be prosecuted. time was passea. and the young aoiuier of the representatives 01 the gov went to the iront again aa a lieutenant A be declares himself to be the author ernment in Cuba.

Now is the most im in the Second Mississippi Cavalry, tie of the incriminating articles, no other their contents strewed upon the ground. Tbe escape of Engineer J. X. Smith and Fireman Elliot, who were on No. was uiirscniotiH.

As It was. Elliot sustained painful injuries In Jumping. It was reported that one of his legs was broken, but this could not be eoinrmed. It is not known who opened the switch. Tbe train men say that it was done maliciously.

They attribute it to one of the army "of tramps who are now making New Orleans their headquarters. Although more than a mile from the elevator, this switch is In the Westwego yards. Miles and miles of cars are there gorged with grain, and tbe Texas and Pacific Kaiiroad is working many crews day and night to get the freight on shipboard and hurry the empty cars back to the West for 'further use. It was about 8 o'clock yesterday afternoon when No. 28.

with a heavy load, was headed for Westwego. from Uonldsboro. but both fit. Tuxcedo Coats and Vests, $20 to $25. Silk Evening Vests, $6.

Pique Vests, $2 to 53.50. Opera Hats, Tour money back you want It. portant time. Practical autonomy is little was transferred to the Army of Virginia. er Betty (Aus.) from New Orleans for where remaicedl until the close of the war.

Beturning to Mississippi, he began person connected with the paper can be lrokeculed. Moreover. Madrid Juries t-vualiy jcjuii persons charged with press more than an experiment, aud everything depends on the trial. The outcome of the revolution is involved. Therefore it ia Trieste tand sailed).

the practice tit law, and one year biter was elected to the Legislature under Al sinenses. impossible to see bow Senor Govin can Table Bay, Dec. 11. Sailed: Schooner remain one moment longer than is absw- corn's adniiuistratiou. rom lv to ISM Lot iis Bus.) for PensacoU.

lnrelv necessary from his important post be was a member of tbe State Senate, Madeira, Dec. Sailed: Steamer Ba- The namber of dinners attended Jointly ty lien. Weyier and other officer of hlgu rank Is much commented upon, and is recorded as intended to show that the former apt (tin General of Cuba is strong of duty. President of the Senate pro and mlllles (Br.) for Galveston. came into suih prominence by bis speech SITUATION 1.

EGYPT. Genoa. Dec. JO. Balled: Steamer Helms- iu favor of the constitutional bin over Leon Godciiaux, Cor.

Canal aud Chart res Sta. ly supported bw the military. It Is even wood (Nor.) for New Orleans, Gov. Lowry'a veto that a strong and NAME ON EVERY LOWNEY'S Chocolate Bonbons. aid that on the day lie presented to the Movements of British Troops One united effort ail over the Mate was made Bremen, 1.

Sailed: Steamer Ellen There was no signal that the switch was to Advance of Dervishes. Qiieen iiegent hi protest against the wording of President McKialey message Elckniers (Ger.) for Galveston. to bring him out -for Governor, lie was twice married, the first time in 1M17, to open, and as everything is being cone By Associated Press. to oiigress. eighteen of toe couiuiaudiug Antwerp, Jan.

1. Arrived: Steamer with a rush about the Dig elevator, tue Miss ilolile Johnson, a native of South London. Jan. 3. It seml-cfficially an officer of Madrid visited Geo.

Weyier train was traveling at a fast rate 01 Brator (Br.) from Galveston via St. Mi Carolina. One child, now Mrs. CliS Wil KXIGIITS OP HOXOR. nounced In this city that the movements aiiid congratulated film.

speed. When the open switch was discor liams, of this city, was born to them. eta els. Although the Liberal newspapers main ered it was too late to avoid the catastro of the Brlt'sh troops in Egypt are entlre- In Capt. tWalker was again mar ried to Mi- Sallia Ueynolds, of this coun tain that Gen.

eyler proceedings are Brow Head. Jtn. 2. Passed: Steamers phe. Tbe siditig bad been filled with as JAS.

J. REISS COMPANY, unimportant, it is recalled that military manr cars as it would hold, and they ex Navarro (Span.) from Galveston via New ty, and thre wns. J. wauace. questions ia Ppaln frequently lead to tended within a few feet of where the two port News for Liverpool.

crave sequences. trscks Joined. It was therefore only I'evton. and a young daughter. Sallie, with bis widow survive him.

No arrangements have been made aa yet for the fu Hamburg. Jan. 3. Arrived: Steamers 415-421 Decatnr Street, DISTRIBUTING AGENTS. Gen.

Wcj let's behavior, which is classed bere as "shuffling." in apologizing few seconds after the switch was entered before the crash came. The momentum Almond Branch (Br.) bite Asbmore. from 10 tne vueeu Kegent ana hastily explain Galveston. Kobert Harrowing (Br.) from could not In? stopped. The two great Sandry Dolasxs of Saadrjr abort! I-nate Bodlea la O.

M. A. Clrelea. Owing to the fact that the fourth Saturday in December was Christmas Day, the Past Dictators' Association of Louisiana held their deferred regular meeting on Monday evening last at the rooms of tbe grand lodge. The topic for discussion waa the best method or manner In which subordinate lodge officers should execute their bonds.

After the regular routine of business had been disposed of one zeal neral. Thomas Donnaod Lewden. lug to the Premier. K-uor agasta. that masses came together with a terrific force.

New Orleans. be was not responsible for the publica The tender was lamined up into the en In the early hours of yesterday morning Manchester, Jan. Steamer ReiSS American Crystallized Vimeira from New Orleans Tla IK lv An- glne and the sides of the freight tion 01 Ms protest, has alienated tnaiiy his supporters among the Carlists, who hoped to entangle the General into the ears were crushed in like paper. Out of these hundred of bushels of corn spilled 11U1U) i XL.

UUV Newport News. the death of Thomas Douuaud Lowden was flashed over the wires from Austin, recording the end of a career rich revolutionary tnesfces. They are especial- anu tne gram wns Knee deep in some Dunkirk. Jan. 3.

Arrived: Steamer ly disappointed at the fact that the gov places. Altout six cars were damaged, on it. Blrchter (Br.) from New Orleans. ous member of the association, and who ana or these three contained corn. in promise of a brilliant and successful future.

Tom Lowden was born In New ernment apiiears satisfied that the so-called Wejler bubble has burst, and that Liverpool, Jan. 2. Sailed: Steamers The wreck delayed the south-bound passenger train more than three hours. The the rpanisa army is not gangrened, it Montpelier (Br.) and Musician (Br.) for Orleans twenty-six years ago, and waa 4C is said only tiiree of the hpauisu Generals the sou of Capt. k.

j. ixiwuen ami i-u- New Orleans. are in sympathy witn lien. Wevler. Hamburg, Jan.

3. Arrived: Bark Elec The government will wend iiaj troops pssio-ngcrs were transferred to this side of the river at Westwego. The tracks were not clear until after 10 o'clock last I'ifht. and the encine and damaged cars to 1 una at tue eua or January and fur- tric (Br.) from Apalachlcola. ther troops cp to 1 will be sent to the Holyhead.

Jan. 2. Arrived: Bark will be removed from the side track on Island If needed. Bellerue (Br.) from Fensacola. whicn they were placed to-day.

I'rawle I'oint. Jan. 3 rassed: Steam ELAXCO TO TAKE THE FIELD. 4 STBINWAT PIANOS Are tbe LeaJers of the Worli The Grunewalds are the Soatkerav Attests. HAS IJ.TO AX OPES SWITCH.

4 Captain General to Soon lie aria er Hibernla (Br.l, from Galveston rla Newport News for Rotterdam; Horsa from Galveston rla Norfolk for Bremen; Stanley Hall from 'New Engine and Three Cars Demolished reporter of bis lodge, was accused of being too successful in getting bis members to attend meetings by means of novel designs which be is accustomed to draw on the postal card notices which he sends to his members. Tbe jury on the case was Past Grand Dictators Dyer and Well. Past Dictator J. T. Ullinore and two others.

Their verdict was guilty," but for fear that the culprit would cease nslng such methods for that purpose the Jury recommended that this reporter, who was none the less than tbe "Irrepressible Capt. ktiily Rogers," of Perseverance Lodge No. AVM, be tned "only" one kej of extract tiambriuus. to come from Receiver Kick's cellars, and the usual juror fee for each Juror. Acting President lios-worth proclaimed the verdict as announced and imposed the penalty.

-The installation committee have held t.owJr. pa oUlMMSw SMTvfrt i I if ft tfltics Operations Against lasarsrenls. By AMorfatefi Press. on the T. sind P.

Special to The Tlmes-Hemocrat. 4t Orleans for Bremen. Havana, Jan. La Discussion says Waggoman. Jan.

S. At 3:30 p. m. Falmouth, Jan. 1.

Passed Bark Killy Gen. Blanco will take the field wlthiu the nest fortnight in Eastern Cuba. Hur- from TVnsacola for Lelth. an east-bound extra freight train on the Texas and Pacific road ran into an open ssysyax Ing bis absence from Kenor Gal- Liverpool, Jan. 3.

Arrived: Steamers switch at Mestwego and derailed and a re, Premier of the new colonial Cabinet. Arark from Galveston via Newport most totally demolished tbe engine and wiil assume control of the government of News; Mexican (Br.) from Galveston, three or four cars. No one was Injured. me uuano. Tampican (Br.) from New Orleans.

e'clork preelselv, snd after passing ta review will be paraded over tbe following routs: To First street, to river sl'le of rit. Charles ave-noe. to Lee place, to St. Charles, to Julta. to Camp, to Canal, to 8t.

Charles, to Jails, to In the town of Carabello, which Is By Associated Press. It is supposed that some miscreant turned the switch maliciously. The main line without local authorities, person out Glasgow. Jan. 3.

Arrived: Ethiopia from 01 i-yj resiaenia are suneruig Irom Lun was blocked until 9 p. delaying the New lurk. Camp, to Canal (lower tide), to Baaln. npper ai.le Canal to Xt. Charles, where tbe psrsue ger uiseases.

two regular meetings already and win meet again to-morrosr evening, 'ine various subcommittees have beeu hard at worn, and while all of the previous Joint Uenoa. Jan 3. Arrived Ems webt-iuiiu passenger train an hour aud the ejst-bound four hours, but passenger Tork via Naples. 111 he dlamiaaed. V.

Ia rompllanee with General Orders So. 1. from New Cephaloola Weylerw Attltade Una harasses the for New Orleans were able to take the Vueensrowu, Jan. a. Arrived froiu fronton.

A. G. a national sslnte will be nred st mld.lav. In eelebratloa of tbe annlverssry of Southern Pacific train at Waggaman public installations have been a success, each succeeding one appearing to eclipse its predecessor, ret the members of the Cabinet. By Associated Press.

ft. jilihaela. Jsa. 3. Arrived: Backinsnam few minutes after the Texas and Pacific tbe battle of New Orleans.

Ma Kit H. Bolivar irum savannaa lor ueooa nor coaii. stopped there to await for a clear track. order and the general public who attend London, Jan. 3.

A secial dispatch from Thompson. Lrmlslans Field Artillery, will be Liverpool. Jsa. 3. Arrived: Chatlleld from will ou this occasion be regaled with a thus Iwiiig delayed but little in reachlug charged with tbe eieeutton of this order.

Brunswick ineir uesunauou. JaikeuDvllle. Jin. 3. Palled: fSteamahin Al- programme par exceliauce.

tt uue the pro graoiine is iit yet completed. Secretary talles and Chairman lios worth, are au Bouiiiiin, t'latt. lor lors. liy command of Jen. John Ulvnn, Jr.

K. C. rENNF.R. Colooel A. A.

O. IIOJT. BEX BCTTERn'ORTH. Madrid says: "Gen. eyler has defied the government to take proceedings against him.

As be Is a nator. a special vote Is necessary to deprive biiu of lunoutiity from prosecution, aud the Cabinet is embarrassed, as the army apears M. aad O. Cars and Enarlne Jump i'ort Tamil. Jan.

a ArnreU nilaev OA Mootsouiery, Converse; steamer Whitney, sta I-It IS ll ly Hi It u- rr ii b- rd of i se in 13 the Track. Special to Tbe Times-Democrat thority for the statement that the talented Misa Huberwald will tue part in the exercises. CoL A. J. Lewis will be the orator of the evening, lie is well ples, froul New Orleans laud procveiled for Key West and Havana).

sailed: steamer Keuie Itonnaud. While Capt. Lowden was manager of the bite Avenue Theatre, of this city, young Lowden developed re Commlssloaer Peslow Very 111 to siue witu vteyier In his attacks ou the 1 Olivette. Howes, for Havana via Ker West Bristol. Jan.

3. A freight train on the South Atlantic and Ohio Kailroad at aid tke 'Worst eared. Lnueu states. known to the order as a pieaaiug speak Havre, Jaa. 2.

Arrived: La Nonnandie from markable lowers, eventually Special to Tbe Times-Democrat. New York. er, having served as grand dictator from learlipi? to hi ailontiou of the stase as left tbe track ten miles out of Itristol tonight. The engine and several cars rolled Antwerp. Jan.

1. Arrived: Friesland from March, IJvti, to March, aud as su Thomasvllle. Jan. 3. Benjamin But New lors.

profession. Making a pcciaity of comic opera' and "bit meter delineation, young Lowden soon earued recoeuition iu ter worth. United States Commissioner of down a bank. Engineer John of Iliiladclphia. Jan.

3. Arrived: Waeslaod preme representative rroui Louisiana to the Supreme Lodge during lvvi aud lsW The couimodlous lulane liall (Mechanics' Pensions, who has been here for some from Liverpool. ISristoi, was canght under the engine and The Mle Valley. bis line throughout the North and East- some time before he could be re jtremea, Jsa. a.

Arrived: Fhoeoe from Fea- ly due to the news of threatened north Driftmir into 'iexas. he S'ifefullv organ SSK-ola. leased. He was badly scalded. His in weeks, was suddenly attacked with uremic convulsions this morning, snd his life is now in imminent danger.

The convul Institute), L'alverslty llace. between Ca-usl aud vo Simon streets, has been secured, Incladiug the two large galleries erly advance of the lerviu-, aud that Suspicions Looking; Craft Fired Ipoa by the McLean. Charlotte Harbor. Dec. has been received on board the United fctares ship Montgomery that during the nicht of lec.

27 the revenue cotter McLean chawed a suspicious looking steamer and also fired cpon her. The suw-posed fJlltmster kei on her course, and as the Sotiiera X. tnith hat ot arrived here. ized a number of companies for summer Kings Ltdo. Dee.

31. Arrived: Soathwsld juries are probably fatal. they do not imply an immediate acviiuce engagements at the various resorts, cnier- rum I'ort Tampa. in the dlrectiou of Jxhartouui. Iv Austin and Galveston, as well ss Inte Uveniool.

Jmu. l. balled: tt. Irene for the seating capacity will accommodate more than 20tu persons, llein-e the com 3IAVOR. VAX WICK'S MESSAGE.

sions are due to a complication of kidney complaints which have been harassing him for some time, and though he is re lirunswkk. rior towns, varying his work with drill mittee trusts tuat the sign "standing liauitninc. Jan. 3. Arrived: Bark Klectra Ganboata Attacked.

It Deals at Length with Greater ceiving the best of medical attention, the room only" will not be displayed this sea from Analachli'ola, ing children for oieratic entertainments aud organizing social opera and dramatic companies. Iu all his effort he was aided By Asaocisted doctors fear tne worst rrom his weag phy New Vork'i Financial Condition. iioij head. Jan. Arnvea: Jjara ueue- Cairo, Jan.

3. The British gunboats it Is Iwlleved lie may have been the ves vlew for IVusseula. New York, Jan. 3. Mayor Van Wyck's sical condition.

He came here in search of health, after a long siege with pneu son, aa has been the case at every previous public installation which has been given. Washington Lodge No. 2540 met Tues bv a splendid voice, attractive appearance, Uarstoa. Jaa. 2.

Arrived: Bsrk Marcos Folo made a recouuolxance past Khendy and sel nivi upon. There are three cxpcditi'ins fitting out. message to tbe municipal assembly, which from Brunswick. Metemmeh, the Dervish posts between monia, which has exhausted bis strength. I'd to this morning he exhibited marked and a high degrew of maguetistu which, together with his really meritorious characterizations, always bronsbt him a host was read upon the organization of that Ban-eluoa.

Dec. 30. Arrived: Marten Baeos one at Plant one at llartow, aad r- a ri- from KaTauoab. day evening last and reinstated three procrastinating members and initiated one candidate. noutr ai i-uuta rda.

All the chan body to-day, treated at length on the of admirer. Last tk-tober while In Hous Iierber and Khartoum, on Saturday morning. The liervishe kept tip a smart fire from both banks of the Nile. The gun Fbiladelpkla. Jaa.

3. Arrived: Schooner Be nels are auj two more revenue signs of improvement, and It is supposed that the constant round of social duties which he has been observing were responsible for his relapse. It is probable at, naia irom feavaauan. Kxcelsior Lodge No.

2o2u met Monday financial condition of the greater city. The document was accompanied by cutters are expected here. ton be was attacked by dengue iu a violent forui, from which he never fully re boats proceeded twenty tulles south and New York, Jaa. 3. Arrived: La Brentgne evening in regular session, and on Friday evening in session.

Candidates captured a number of boats laden with covered, notwithstanding he soucnt from Havre lengthy tables furnished hint by the Gen. San- that he will be moved to the home of Senator Mark Hannit. bere. as soon as his tiALVESTON, Jan. 3.

Arrived: Schooner chanxe of climate to the more rareUed air were initiated at both meetings, and h.x- Comptrollers of New York, Brooklyn, Follee Are Malrliing BIBillj. By Asaocisted Press. Clara A. I'Llnnev. I'hlnneV.

from Costxacoa grain. THE HOMESTEADS. of Austin and received the bent UieQIcal condition allows it. ras: William H. tHITord.

Harding, from IV n- Uichmoud and Queens. Mrs, Howe, bis daughter, is Here ntirs- attention. His death was a shock to his family ner- who were cvnlidentiy looking- The figures indicated a net funded debt Havana. Jan. 3.

Major Gen. Julio San sacols. Sailed: Sebooner Star of tne 8es. Hopkins, for I'ort Tampa. in him.

"I ng! v- The Siksrlisa. of the entire city of and an guilty was a passenger on iKiard the Ward I'EN8AOLA. Jan. S. Arrtvefl: HteatnsDip A baira-v driven by Mr.

LenpoH Lew. re- assessed valuation of real estate of the TI Suburban reports business very good. Line steamer Saratoga, which arrived to renaaculs. Mnunous. from Jdotille larel cleared celsior thinks she sees in tbe distance tbe prize banner to be awarded the city lodge for work during lSti.

At the meeting of Dec. 31 Past Dictator E. J. Yarn, although a trifle Thespiun In taste and association, bad bis credulity worked upon In such a mauner and to such an extent that he cannot positively say whether "seeing is believing." or If "feeling Is the naked truth." Past Dictator sMIne at the corner of Magazine and Second for Galveston, lleared: Barcw ttegulatur, to bis earlv early return home. A devout Christum, a fond buland and a devoted son and grandson.

Thomas Lowden was an exemplary young man. whose, death will le sincerely regretted by bis friends in and out of the profession. He leaves entire city of day, lie says he is going on to Tampa Howe, for Galveston. streets, was ran into st dors yeaterrlay murnlng. oa Jacksno avenue, nesr Roosaean.

'There is. therefore," the Mayor said, Id in- baring Issued thirty vanning sliares during the st week. TlMt auditing committee will examine passbooks, and those not In by the 6th of January, 115. will not be entitled to Mexico, but the fact tlu.t he Is registered linrier an axsnnied name (Ives ride to the "an a ima rent margin within the eoimtilti- hv electric ear No. 14.

of tbe Jackson avenns Srkssrt Haraldlae Ashore. limit of further indebtedness of a widow, who cetitlv closed Ms cyea In lielief tiiat he tiitemled to land se JsckMpavlile, Jan. 3. A special to tbe line, in charge of Motorman Kdward Honevmt, snd damaeed to th. amonnt of $30, while the bone waa slightly injured.

aU.ut (,. ue death, bud a number of relatives bere. cretly during the night, or at some other J. H. Baldwin operated the stcreopth-on Tlmes-l'nloa snd Citizen from.

Miami, dividend. SIXTH DISTRICT. Continuing. Mnyor an Wyck said: In. luillns his rents, two sisters, brother unit un the island.

The police are watch "Tain exhibit of the financial condition of that tbe fonr-mastej scboooer Uarohlioe. leg ului. and an aged grandmother, uncles.' -lift hsrlea Donnaud, and aunt. ou this occasion ana tnrew a powertui searchlight into the countenance of Past Dictator Yat, and brought a very powerful X-ray to bear upon the conscience our city.

1 submit without further coiu- There are thirty passbooks still In the bands of owners which niuvt he brouelit to the cfiic The Marruis Vendana. FnaiuKh Ambas Foster, loaded with crushed granite from ty uitut than that it must everyone sador to Mexico, has arrived bere from Mrs. Ella Betitley. fertn Auiuov. went aamsre r.aailk.v oa orris DIED.

CARBO-Oa Monday. Jan. S. 1S08. itri for the use of tbe sodit connuittr.

ss tl with the stern necessity lor the utmost Cut. Tne sruuooer and arc a total IusSl hpain. of the candidate. nersmirT thst every passbook be tbeiked ap before tbe meeting aud orgnuization ti caution In the authorization of anv bond No lives were lust. Col.

Frank Zvlicz. an old member of Ei-Gar. 1 S. Rosa. Teita.

o'clock p. m-. UR. AMELIA KOLB CAB BO, issue until we have provided a great mar the erand lodxe and the valued finan nw iMsra. bt-n it aiwls on Jan.

24. Minister Govin Prepsrlsg to Leave Bryan. Jan. 3. Ex-Gov.

L. 8. Boss, THE PASSES. widow of Antonio Carbo, aged forty-live years. gin as lietweeu the percentage of our real cial reporter of Homer Smith Lodge No.

for His rust. The Rlxih Iltrtct daring tijc ear now closing hit evpeohHl (or new aud reiotr built houws native of New Orleans. estate valuation prescribed in the consti president of the Agricultural and Mechanical College Texas, died at his at rraukliu. spent last Friday in Atlanta, ui, Jan. 3.

Seuor Govin. re dlvllMl as rollowm: ww tMiilt Port Eads. Jan. 3. p.

m. Wind south tutional limitation anu our outstanding net bonded debt." Relatives and friends of tke family are In the city, but returned home on the evening train. cently appointed Minister of the Interior west. Weather hair aud cold- home at College Station this afternoon bonies, IU.4i; for ready built bunx-s. Series If4s.

to be ojn-wl Jan. 3, Regarding the tlntlea of his subordinates. Arrived: iJist night, steamship Staln- The following public demonstrations of Cuba, will leave Atlanta within the at 6:35 o'clock, ne bad been unwell for vited to attend tbe funeral, which will take place To-Day (Toesdsy), at 3- o'clock In the toudale iBr.i. from Vera Crux, to New lias aj)Ui aiini for elxlity-spveu siiam. as tfcere are no back mouths to pay fjr, no next few days to enter upon bis dntles tin Wyck said: "Everyone In a public station must nn several davs.

having returned from a Orleans Lievator Company. and olUiinl visitations have been decided 1. 1 urn by lirand Dictator Lauglilin and the lodges at interest: Tuesday, Jan. 4 (tomorrow), Lti'chcr Lridge No. 4mW: Thurs bunting trip last Thursday, and was com entrance fees, no exM-nse charges.

TUE JJECCKITl'. as a member of the new government of the island. The Cuban denies himself to Last Bight, steamship uussie, nirney afternoon, from tbe residence of ber brother-in-law, Mr. George Stler. corner Hospital and plninliig of indigestion when he arrived.

master, troui Havana, to fwutueru i'a- derstatiil that they will lie held to strict aceotitilablltty in the honest. Intelligent and prompt discharge of such public duties as they may undertake. Iu no other cihe Company. Seven hundred dollars in full and twenty running shares were lawn-d luriug the During Friday and Saturday be was very Villere streets. all visitors.

He refused to be interviewed by the iiewjtnier reporters, and be will At a. steamship Archtor day. Jan. House No. Friday, Jan.

14, Pluiuview No. 41'C: Saturday, Jan. 15. Livingston Lorlire No. at French Settlement; Jan.

-H, week, making total for tne month just close 1 retles, but was soiuewiuu improveu. Snnduv about 5 o'clock In the afternoon Holuian master, from Barry, England, to way and by uo other Influence can they give out nothing regarding bis plans for or lai (i In full oalj and slxiy-nlue ruuiiln St. Loots papers please copy. KEXXF.DT On Monday. Jan.

3. 1S9H. st r.lder. lempsler at vo. rim hi tneir iMtsuion.

hf was taken with acute congestion of the future, but the fact remains certalu rliarea. ttMkhoMers are requested to send ta tbelr passbooks st once, as the audit in At ijO a. stesruslilp Lxcelslor. Uovd Plenty to the pledges tltxin which the the stoiuacu aud bowel, aud bis condi 8:45 o'clock p. Mrs.

ELLEN KENNEDY. that Senor Gov i 11 and his wife and daugh raud Dictator Laugbltn Issued a New i maider. from New k'ork, to Southern Pa- surrrages or onr citizen were asked aud astlve of Tipperary. Ireland, sged fifty- tion was so alarming that bis relatives at AVaeo and other places were telegraphed Year greeting circular to all Louisiana cine Compacy. ters are making preparations for Immedi secured demand thnt we demonstrate the eight years, aad a resident ot this city for tbe 'u.

advantages reousllde government: to. His physicians remained witn Dim ate departure. They are packing up tl eir belongings, and in spite of the state past forty-five years. lodges on Dec. 3L 1MT.

in which he ap-eais to the members in his domain to include some good work for the order hot we prove that an administration foe BILLIARDS. cotixtiintly. and during this afternoon he cuniD-ltree win uteet on Mondar nlgbt. fgalar meettug of the Hoard of IIrwtors will be held oa Wednewlar. Jan.

St :90 p. m. THE MUTUAL. Tie next regular aneetlnc nf thla sswlaKon will he held oa the T.nn of January. lle.

The demand for new srmk is somewhat better than tt has lieen f-r tbe pt three months. Tbe friends snd scquatntaces of tbe family. which a great political party stands sponsor can l-e depended mn not oulv to re. slightly rallied, but It was ot short dura- I 1 .1 I. n.lld.t I amoug tbe new resolutions which so many ment from Senor Govin that be bad not matured bis and diJ not know hen At Miller's billiard room yesterday at noon men are wont to lorui at the beginning wnru merit, iiut as well to deal most se O.

11. Miller defeated H. Manning at lA-Ux-h 17 ll 1 ii I ii.wa i ur Hin in in en- dier aud statesman breathed hi lust at the age of sixty years. The funeral ar of each new year. and those of her sons.

Thomas. Frank and William Kennedy, also ber son-in-law. James J. Sherlock, sre respectfully Invited to attend verely with iM-trayal of tbe public confi balk line, the score being Miller loo, Mannlng Tu oiiiciai journal or tne order tor jan-nary is at hand and brings glad tidings dence. Including In this designation not alene every form of dishonest ami en The nlgbt game of cashioa caroms.

Ue- rangements have not been decided upon. Mrs. Boss received the following dis isrrienlsrl.r tbe full paid stor-k. The I'Nins made last meeting have apiimTed by the rval estate comniittee. and tne titles are now in the hands of the sttnraeya.

tweea L. Abrams sod 1. C. Smith, was played the funeral, which will take place on di-cree of Inefficiency, (nt also anv want before a Urge audience, and resulted la a vic patch from Gov. Culberson: of Industry and ariT Indifference ti.o Wednesday.

Jan. 5. ISM. at 3 o'clock p. and good cheer to the members here and elsewhere.

The official statements show he current piau to be a success. The Louisiana deaths promulgate! are: Fro.n tory for Mr. L. Abram. after a stubborn con saieiy.

eomiort -ami couvenieneo ih. 'The death of your distinguished husband, of which I have Just learUT-d, has THE UTTTTSIANA. Itnloess has I wen fart rrr this werk. test. Tbe score is as tullows: puuiic.

Abrams 5 "points, average V. lsrgest rit New Orleans. Hon. Morris Mark. Henry from tbe late rcaldece of the deceased, l.VMt Annunciations, between Richard and Orange Streets.

shocked tne beyond expression. His no having tnkea forty-seven new shares In the lO. (lauin-3 points, average 2 14-au, urgeat Mabel. A mil ml ianglltz; from Baton series )u ot-ened. This asxor-iatioa will Ma Proposed Monetary IIIII.

rua bility of character and bis great servics: both in military and tivll life warmly endeared liiiu to the people of Texas, and Bouge. Edgar I La til, from Monroe, John B- tinrrettson. Washington. Jan. Chairman Walker.

have Its election for new board of dlre-Mrs; fur this resaon the loan meftlne intendel to be called this niontb will lie until New Tork City snd Galveston papers plesse EIGHTH UK J.iM ARV. of the banking and currency committee AImihi was received between his death will touch them with sense of copy. next month, when the new bonrtl will he Iec. 1 and 11 slid disbursed according to or tue liouso. Las called a meeting of his elected and installe'l.

tinee a conide of Tbe following brigade orders have been Issued LINDEN On Monday. Jan. 3. 1808. st 0:10 the detailed report shown iu the official committee for Wednesday to make ar for tbe parade snd review Jaa.

8: o'clock a. CHARLES LINDEN, aged forty- Journal. personal sorrow. He was my friend, and iu my itidividuiil. as well as public capacity, 1 bc to tender you sincere sympathy iu your Irreparable loss.

A. CULBERSON." DMinths no loan meeting bare been cal e-1 by the association. It fievaeelng the hard times coming from tne fever then eiixtlnr In the three years, a astlve of New Orleans. rangements for the bearing to le accorded to members of the Monetary Commission t.iumi luctator uucnun nas a nocu-nient of interest to all retiring and In Headquarters First Brigade, Louisiana Mate National OaarU. I The Mutual Life Insurance I Company, I of New York, Htv.

And the mskw-lfr of Its rtor-kholder Tbe relatives snd friends of tbe family, also an. li Mr. Walker is veTy sanguine that New Orleans. Jaa. 3, lt8- coming dictators.

Those present in this city are Invited to call at tue ernnd l'xlk'e General Orders No. LI tre committee will report a bill embodying cilice between 1 and 2 p. m. daily during those of his brother-in-law, T. M.

Wells, sod those of tbe Borrows. Drews, Beysrback and Dry sullies, and Minerva Lodge No. M. K. of I.

Pnnmsnt to general orders Nik 2. district Isaac lllrseh. VleksbarK. Ppei-Ial to Toe Tlmee-lNsiiHKTnt. Vi kburg.

Jan. 3. Isaac IHrsch. he features of the old Suffolk system to the week and he will exhibit It. belnc ware earner, the board was eatifcfled that many application for bmna aud l.ika would le male aud that ierwina had ti he avuiSHlated to avoid itbdrawals.

so a good deal -f fond baa lie-n Invested fn thl manner. This aw'Ciatlia is now settling lt ftrtirth series, which baa corne over par valit I the last dlvldeid declared. It will soon beadipiartera. tue Governor snd Commander-10- he House. "We will report a bill." sail CUIet will review tb tmcps of tne First Mili a native of fpeler.

Germany, but residing lie to-iay. "wLlch will meet, not tenta SOCTHERX PROGRESS. Minerva Benevolent Aasocistion, Local tary District on Saturady, the btb instant, at tively, but finally the objections to the here for the nat thirty-one years, died ckx-k p. ta Colon No. 116, P.

and D. of are respect this afternoon of hesrt trouble, aged fifty- The New Industries Reported la present national minting act. The bill il. Tbe comma in la coinpuaing the First Brig lie settled. fully invited to attend tbe funeral, wblch will 4 four years.

Mr. llirwh leaves a widow will nut oisturh tue greenlsncks. the sil- ade, L. S. S.

are bet el. ordered to as the Soatli Iurliir the Paist I er coinage, nor the gold co naire. but It and seven children, who are well pro semble oa Saturday. Jan. H.

ISM. at clock take place This (Tuesday) Afternoon, Jan. 4, Week. ill absolutely relieve tbe treasure of the p. wrwt aide of St.

Cbartes sveoue, right CITV IX IIRIEF. At oVWk tenia morning electric Ii8. at o'clock, from tbe residence of bis 'Chattaoooga, Jan. S. Tbe volume of resting st Felicity street, extending north In vided for, as he carried insurance stateu st He was well known in New Orb-niis and leaves many friends In this reuemption ot any paper or colu certiti- busiaess for lHtrT was very satisfactory to tbe follow ine order: brother-in-law, T.

M. Walls, No. 1124 Sooth cates. it will make the provision that ll Holds in trust for car No. 171.

of tbe Tcbonpltotilas street line. Mixta Kattalloo infantry. s. n. Lieut.

proeresKive countries except ours makes Poydras street, between South Rampart and sevtion. He married Miss Bettie Baisln-skl. of this city, mauy years ago. la chsrge ef Motorman O. R.

Mann, ran Into Col. C. J. Harriett rmnmacding. mu seeps an forms or money at mr d- 4- Foartb Bsttalioa Infantry.

S. N. G. South Baaln. lumber wagon oa betmeei Juarantees will be furnished for all narier Sontdern nisnafacturers and desk-rs.

being larcer than for several years, snd tbe Tradesman's many correspondents throughout tbe Suuth report most favorable prospects for tbe new year. Major Klmer K. Wnrid rummaixlliir. money precisely as is now Turnitlicd liv Interment In Csrrollton Cemetery. Rerlln anl Marengo, belonging to J.

S. damaging It to tbe amonnt of tZj. One Third Bartalioa Infantry. I- N. Major ne isma security held tiy the government.

Edwin K. lolett comiuaudlng. OrerTwa Hundred End Thirty- CASTLE HALL MINERVA LODGE NO. 5S. win te tile old sound Mute banking Barliers, attention: There will be a complete barler shop ontfit sold this day by auction at Curtis' Exchange, TA and Baronne street.

The chairs are especially Cue. lng of the "Eclipse" and the Seventh Battalion Infantry. L. n. N.

The Iron market is firm with an Itxreasel vstem nationnllzed the Suffolk svsteui. Knlgtta of Pythias. No. Pei'ildo street. New Oriesns.

Jaa. 4, IfHH. Tbe offlrers sod Major Willlaa C. Imf'ier commanding. of the males v.t'.ch was baullnr tue wagno was stnjck by tbe ear and severely cat In tbe brad.

Tbe damage to the Car was slight. demand. U.e contracts lor numbed niuterial U-iiia unusually lari: fur tbe seaai.n. Soutbera it is called." Battalion Loelslana Field Artillery. Major H.

four Million Mr. Cox. of Tenness-e. the lesrilnir min members of the burial committee of this kxlge Bolivar Tlxaupaon eommaniiing. Sylvwder tireea.

a nerro resldine at the First Troop of cavalry. L. H. capt. Iron Is niovluf fretly with promise of greater activity when tbe spring trade oteru.

The ciport trade continues good with iuJlcatluDs ority member of the hanking and currency committee, does not lieliere thnt tb eom- R. H. Giiersrd. will take nosltloa oa tbe ex sre hereby Dot: fled to ssserable at their Castle Hall THM (Tuesday) EVENING at 3 o'clock, for tbe purpose of paying tbe last sad tribute Kineteen Mfllions more treme left of tbe division. r.nree win ever unite on a bill, but he of heavy torresae.

corner of Spain and ttuuiaa streets, while the bnae of negro woman, residlns 00 I'rieur street, between St. Anthony and Ibmrbon. wa aasanlted and nttdted of his coat nd bat. valued at $3. by Iave nine, an ev- liusioem conditions, generally speaKing.

are By command of Urig. tien. A. E. Morpby.

Hints it entirely pn.l..iMe that they will -Columbia" patterns. Testweasee Misers' Strike. Stx-eial to Tlie Tlnies-LH rutu rat. Chattatiooga, Jan. 3.

The strike of miners at the Imytoa (Tenn.) Coal anil Iron of respect to onr deceased brother. Past Chan better than fr be years: aiutni'lal uit-iit JOHN W. WATSON. tit-e report a inn to tne House for cellor CIIAS. LINDEN.

Ordnance Officer snd Acting Assistant Adjutant tsCtiSHlon. as the committee did tt. nti, t. and a sonan named Nmn.e Collins. ao longer iliaturtjs.

snd tbe outlook fur 1MM Is ni iet euconnglnr for tin iu'luatrial tie. i tliaa any other life insurance company in the world. General. By order of Fred. L.

Peter. It seems lireer was sitting in the room ciise oi tue Carlisle bill in the last Con- velonmsnt and trasiaeas prosiieiity vZ our H. W. METERS, K. of R.

and 8. the c.MiTict a i.d the 1 iliut w.nnan entered. trlel to elect Ibeai. when the man cuuiliern cwintrv. Company's mines, affecting men.

will probubly lie settled within tbe next twen- Tbe fallowing orders bsve been Issued: Among ttie Bust imiKtrtant aw iixliMtries MI LLER On Sun lay, Jan. 2. 18J. at 11 the cat and but and fled to the street. As CITTI CnAIK, N'w Orleans, Jan.

1, 1H)9. Tor tbe week tlie Trcut-auian reinjrta tbe lol- o'clock p. PETER J. MILLER, a native tv-four hours. A committee from the IowIiif: Tbe IVllun Constrsytiun and General Orders No.

1.) reeu stte-npte-l fo them the anan drtw a revolver and flre-I two Ineff-H taal stmts at e-aped. and tiie tnlie are bk7 of New Orleans, sged tiiirty-tliree yesrs. At nlgM. ille Jobs Dwver fomimy. CI l.n, W.

a dis I. Ia to General Orders No. 2. a.l- miner is iu conference with Superintend-ect Johnson, of tbe company, to-nubt, Imikiug to nn a ljuftment of dit reiice. tillery at Iant.

tue Kerrville Tbe friends sod scquaJntance of tbe family. scan-hiuc for them. a. -ai-diiiK front of his bonw. at the cor jutint general a ollW-e, je tnt.a of tbe flrat

Heat aad loner 'ompauy. tl of t. Cnl- ilnae. resl at M2 tvaa'ilnrfon ner of Howard enj Flrvt streets, he was cut ia snd those of tlS mother. Mrs.

Lotzeaberg. sad 0. kyerrrllle. Slu.iau eleetric licht It is stsleil that both nave agreed to make certain concessions. The men who atreet.

Iiplln ft the that rhi) u-llitary ilarn-t win be paranea rnr review by bis tbe Gotenetr and loa-uam)er-ln-4-LIef. Satunlay, Mb of January. riirbt vhiiuliier Tit bfrai rihimI bis brother, Jacob Mailer. punt at Kimrwood. W.

S4O.UU0 Souring also bis brotber-ln- tbe ii mrik and on hl war home at ol. Walker, who Ftwi-ee were roing to Corona. deferred their an 11 st iureoce. and otbers st IW-e II. Tbe troote will form at 2 rka-k on St.

Minilav night, be was met on T-brntdtonlas. law. James Tlltoo. snd slso tbe Dowd family. or i i POST S- BOWLES, NCW ORLEANS.

Managers for Louisiana and Mississippi- Sinna. ami lin Mvilie. Tena. rod ui ill rettlt. who pronounced his wound sliSJ-t.

The cuttiiig rss without tauae. eine iiere between JackaiHi and WtKhinctoa Ctarles aveoue. lake side, rlicbt at Fellelty street, extemiing north la tbe following order: sreet. by nw nnknnwa mas. wis mMxl sad those of tbe ScrswmeB's Benevolent As- departure until after this conference.

LEG I Jt RED. st AauUcd. Kv the M. if Mining Company, capital 4. st Little ICor-k.

First Unvao. General A. K. Mnbr Third. llr of hi r-dd watch, chain and ctiarnM.

valued St f75. He could not tbe thief tue lablooeka Mining lomtuiny. capital Xl.v.- FonrtB. Mitb snd rVventb Hattallons Infan soclatloo, are respectfnlly invited to sttesl n''s tbe funeral, wbh, will take plsce This (Tnes-s1, Karllnstuu. ami the Kkblaud Coal try snd Louls1s MORGANS CASE.

Ar'fur the Aiders hondlnm. ul. at Wheeling. W. Va.

I James T. Wilson, a negro driver em First Navse" Hl OVER AI KILLED. ago Board of rC? t'l: Tbe liutler Ciay Conioany. enpital bis ployed by Elijah Buh. wan throws 'r-' vfu lying in wait and assauUhis I 't-ii rnartereil at Ittult-r.

eenient work iUu us 'i '17 day. The so-called regular" ticket was rtei at Valley sttsilwn. the Shawnee linill An 1nr.11 was rr.n over and a Texas atnl I'at-Iiie train near anieims Clirlstmas night, idsorfly after, i 'cl-k. was given a preliminary i ti before ItiM-or V-r Cb uieut yr-s- lb lit tl end of AriM-svill- ye- Cn k.iv. raiiltai 1 Shawnee eottwn iailln will lx en-i at antl Crifiui.

i knitting in 11 st Croektt. T. a t.v-miil tin pwet -ef Stsi.i. at Wheeliiuc. W.

nil I a rv'ay. defcrintlun was rivets the ati- Wastei: Agents in every coanty or parish. a wagon at the of msan Valctte streets vesfertbsy. -y even- pMsHl over bis left with a There was a cirens exchange views wb-u the sp- for fPort and canie frih'eiseiJ wounded iw AtlT; memtrs were 41. Manffer.

T. J. Brad v. Jus. ten.l Daniel Crowley.

Jhn M. Jos. E. Kault, P. A.

Labaove. P. headed by ZIna It. Carter for president, Wm T. Baker having declined a renoml-nailon.

Z. p. was the otlier candidate for preHiilent. Brossenu rect ivol considerable support from tbe elevator Interests. Carter was elected president by l.v after an evemug contest.

'The total vote cast waa 13o. 1 ween Cos luca aim i ne greater rettitlic would President Gniterrex iu preserving bis government. A revolution sMhit I'resliient Guiterrex's aduiluistra'ion is a revolution against the greater republic. My reaon for d-ibting the 'port of an luipendiug in S.nlvad is banwi on lur t-mn of tbe way in which I'reiJtnt Guiterrel governs." tiMjritied. nor is it surmised who the mnn a' u--J was ieasiil on a I.oiid of Sir.

t. the charge of hiug ia wait wsf not -rlv niaile ont. lie was i.e an be. but the ccron-r will hold ia la- it. risar fa.

tory st I'urt Tainfia City. Ha. WuuJwurLinx plants will be ratal. l.he-l st Fist. AH lieamuuut, aud lSerkvly tnet early this nioroiug.

with a view of to tlm CrlmlUiil Court on the to iwu.t committed oiLer cbUibiiii ms luesnt, it potsicia. TfttfrtrftTfttttt opruifs, vi it,.

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