St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri on April 26, 1917 · Page 20
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St. Louis Post-Dispatch from St. Louis, Missouri · Page 20

St. Louis, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 26, 1917
Page 20
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20 SI LOUIS POST-DISPATCH THURSDAY EVENING, APRIL 2G, 1917. ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH 1 ! ; s w i Barones Van Zlmmrrmann Dies. LOS ANGELES, April 26. Baroness Kosa von Zlmmermann. whose husband, until h's death in 1901, was one of the largest manufacturers of ammunition and war materials in Germany, died here yesterday. She was 57 years old. If You Want a Good Hat Cheap THE VOGUE SHOP If You Want a Cheap Hat Good THE VOGUE SHOP Great Sale of -Untrimmed Hats 500 untrimmed hats in all tho new shapes and colors, fflft values up to $3.50, Fri- 0jjJ day and Saturday A complete line of $5.00, $6.00 and $7.00 CO MQ trimmed hats OOiHU DOLLAR DAYS Tuesdays and Fridays 100 high-class trimmed hats on sale every Tuesday CI fill and Friday vJH.UU THE VOGUE SHOP Originators of the One Dollar Trimmed Hat Cor. Seventh and Lucas Av. Opposite Grand-Leader njuomtn, children r I . 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Flxman, 4002 Easton Av. M. Friedman & Son Dry Goods Co., 3764 8. Broadway. Ed. J. Fuess. 3122 S. Grand Av. tin. W. H. GlfTord, 4068 Shenandoah, (iutfreund Bros.. 2428 S. Broadway. A. Gutman, Clayton, Mo. , Wm. H. Heldbrink, 2900 Hebert St. H. Jlirach. 2855 Shenandoah Av. Henry Hoch. Chesterfield. Mo. , Morris J. Hurwltz, 4510 Natural Bridge. Jackman Dry Goods Co.. 4510 Eastern Av. A. Jacobs, 8409 California Av. O. J. Keller. 8210 Columbia Av. Geo. Kerth & Sons Merc Co.. Kirk-wood. Mo. Kohlmeyer & Campen. 4831 Fountain Av. Kramme Dry Goods Co.. 8509 N. 11th 8t. D. C. Kroenung-, Gumbo, Mo. Lafayette Merc. Co.. 2758 Lafayette. Mo Wm. F. Landwehr. 568 Sklnker Rd. j. iaventnai. 2ii KewsteaA. E. Laventhal. 3221 Case Av. Lee Av. Dry Goods Co.. 3905 Lee Av. Lincoln Toggery. 5371 Florissant Av. Edward Levitt. 916 N. Taylor Av. J. Marcus. 6203 Virginia Av. M. R. Marckwardt. 3138 Morgan-ford Rd. H. J. Marquard, 2S09 X. Sarah. P. T. McGovern, 5015 Florissant Av. Mrs. Katherlne McNeills. 4621 Olive. Oeorre Mertens. 4960 Delmar Bl. Miss E. Meyer, 124 9 Blackstone Av. J. P. Mullahy, 1049 N. Vandeventer. George Neumann & Son, 7708 Ivory. Edward Nierman, Des Peres. Mo. Miss M. E. O'Hare, 5176 Easton Av. Old Orchard Dry Goods Co.. Old Orchard. Mo. The Palace. 5731 Easton Av. W. W. Pike. Clara and St. Louis Avs. Progress Stove Co., Sarah St. and Manchester Av. Albert Rlst. 1902 Arsenal St. Sailer Dry Goods Co., 2530 S. Jefferson Av. Scharlott Dry Goods Co., 2312 North Market St. Edw. Bchellenberg & Co.. 1827 S. 18th st. W. H. Scheer. S219 Park Av. Mrs. Anna L. Scheer, 1253 N. King's highway. Mrs. V. Schnietz. 451 Wilmington. C. Schopp. 2224 Cherokee St. J. Schneider. 503 N. Vandeventer. Mrs. E. flattery. 2660 Park Av. E. C. Stifel (Gents" Furnishing Goods). 2000 Salisbury St. Staszer-Kuehne Merc. Co., Manches- ter. Mo. Samuel Sutter, Eureka. Mo. J. Tanzer. 2251 S. Grand Av. Tower Dry Goods Co., 2013 East Grand Av. Geo. J. Truezel. Ellisvllle, Mo. Harry H. Victor, 6129 Page Av. West End Leader. 4505 Easton Av. Edward Wlemeyer 2902 N. 25th St. Winkler & Laux. 8905 Russell Av. Louis A. Zerman. Maplewood, Mo. m ill S3fflap ifsmaaasassr mm i " ,"'"","r" lllllll IMimnM i llll nwimiii ROCEf? CO. g?v?En at. I (run GROCER Specials Friday, Saturday and Monday genuine nnrrrr S5S7.snster! o i , ic per iu., ur m kw SaSHY.? I IfAh MKflS?ttr 3 Cans ncp rSStZ. ROLLED OATS If" 2 Pkgs 15c Delmar Club Tomatoes rjffi'Sc. ?.s...19c la tfttO country-receipts; 0 1 ft ORANGES juicy; special, doirn. 20c special, dozen V I U LemOllS HAMS A special selection. lenaer ana juicy. f or Special, wnojie. half Lb., 27c Sardines Round can Cel. pack in oil, large cans. Special, 9c, or raoa 25c SALMON Myrtle Brand, fancy Alaska. Va cans, 12c; or 3 c" 35c .Fancy Cal., sound, juicy; dozen -Youghurf. pure -mii4k wun pimento or nllr,- Cot t nay. Cheew special, per cup , Pears Climax Brand: halves. 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Silver Uuren ahlards. eat-h. .. , ,g7c 25c I 17c CASCADE WHISKEYS . 93c l CATAWBA SLTio'.?!-. . 90c VJMIVv WHISKEY gin; $2.75 Purity White Grape Juice; A7f Arrow Smoking Tobacco, aa large 60c bottles; special V..." special. 1-lb. pouches O0C DELMAR CLUB WINES HLr'lg.Boltles, 48c RUSSIA'S WAR NEEDS OUTLINED BY FRANC S America Urged to Furnish Munitions, Railroad Equipment and Credit; No Separate Peace. WASHINGTON, April X cablegram to the State Department from Ambassador Francis -it Fetrograd states that all the Russians require to defeat Germany Is munitions, railroad equipment and credit. He urged that these be furnished by the United States. Ambassador Francis declared he was "pained and provoked" to hear that there was fear and suspicion in America of Russia making; a separate peace. Of this he saw no possibility whatever, asserting; that the provisional Government and people of Russia would have no peace except that founded on justice and freedom. Russia is not manufacturing a sufficient amount of munitions to supply her armies, and heretofore has been receiving large quantities from England, in addition to those she purchased in Japan. German submarine operations are understood to have reduced to a minimum the ?mount Russia has been receiving from Great Britain, and the supply from Japan is inadequate. Because of a shortage of funds and credits also, Russia Looks to America to aid her In keeping her troops effectively equipped. Besides the shortage in munitions, Russia's , railroad problem is nearly as serious as any difficulty confronting the nation, and it is not concealed that she faces disaster unless the needs are supplied. It is not believed either here or by diplomatic and Government officials In Petrograd that temporary German successes would be anything more than ephemeral, but it is thought even these may be averted if Russia is properly assisted. FOOD SHORTAGE AS HEALTH AID Overeating Declared to Be Factor to Contracting of Pneumonia. CHICAGO, April 26. A food shortao in Chicago would be a blessing in disguise 5n decreasing pneumonia, according to John D. Robertson, Health Commissioner. Twenty-six persons died of pneumonia in Chicago yesterday ana 181 in the last week, according to reports of the Health Department. In the opinion of Dr. Robertson, the largest factor to the contracting of pneumonia is overeating, and a food shortage would go a long way toward curbing the disease. -S&T.E?J Co. YOU ) 1 ' ' Saasarric If A Nutritious Diet for All Age9 )) Keep Horlick's Always on Hand (( Quick Lunch; Home or Office. )) Scrubbing i JLsJuL Made Easy X X X X X X X IK I in 81 ODD COATS M twt,m. mm for -unnaren sn rr Mostly small s 1 I g htly soiled or mussed manv formerly sold as high as $4.98 while ther last. FIRST FLOOR. 511-13-15 WASHINGTON AVENUE A'CKOFD Entire Stock Children's Dresses White embroidered and voile Dresses just 65 - in the lot first come first served no lay-bys FIRST FLOOR 9& Wash Skirts Piques, ratines, linens, etc. just 162 samples until sold out Friday morning . .' FIRST FLOOR. 50c Almost Given Away!! wnmuimm 1 tfl! I At Sacrificing Prices Wash Dresses FOOD PROBLEMS DISCUSSED BY CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Reports Received of Vacant Lot Cultivation find Work Being; Done by Women. The members' conference of the Chamber of Commerce, at the Planters Hotel yesterday, discussed food production and food conservation. Senator "W. C. Self res of Indiana, head of a steel tie corporation that has located here, declared St. Louis was the natural home for the iron industry and that the city should be the home of a million toilers. No city, he asserted, had such facilities for commerce, and if the money that had been wasted on posoffice buildings had been spent In developing the Mississippi Valley there would be no food problem'. C. E. Lightfood, chairman of the Vacant lot Committee, told of the mobilization of the vacant lots army in every ward of the city, the furnishing f equipment by thu implement dealers and the lending of teams by the city and the transfer companies. Prof. B. M. Dugger of the Missouri Botanical Gardsn cautioned against as signing lots that could not be cultivat ed. Land with pure clay surface, he explained, could not be cultivated. If it grew weeds and white clover it would produce vegetables. He advised education and supervision and suggested that vacant lot gardeners confine themselves to the staple vegetables, such as onions, potatoes, beans, beets, carrots and parsnips. Mrs. George Gellhorn, chairman of the Women's Central Committee on Food Conservation, created enthusiasm oy outlining the work that has been planned and is being carried out by the women for increased production and conserva tion, and the campaign of education to teach women how to spend their hus bands' money more Intelligently. She urged that in homes where a great many courses have been the rule the number be cut to three, that eating be. tween meals be reduced and that entertaining be limited. Clifford Cornell member of a seed firm, told of seed shortage and cau tioned against overbuying of seeds. ha Salle Friday Bargain. Choc. Dipped Caramels, Vanilla Creole Roll and Virginia Jumbles, 25c pound. CARE DF HEALTH BEST HELP IN TIME OF WAR 4, Every Citizen Can Render Real Kerr. Ice by Individual Preparedness, "State Official Says. HARRISBURG, Pa., April 26. The part each individual should play in a time of emergency and the Importance of contributing to the national welfare by keeping fit and healthy, ready to do any part in national defense are empha sized by Dr. Samuel G. Dixon, State Commissioner of Health, In a "health' talk. Commissioner Dixon says that everyone insists upon efficiency in gov ernmental and similar matters, but fails to consider the part individual responsibility plays in such matters, The Commissioner says; "When we talkabout a representa t!ve form of government and the health of our people, we rarely stop to think of our individual part in the responsi bility and efficiency of our government and its every act. "We are all highly critical of the way in which our municipalities and our State and Federal departments are conducted, without a blush at our own want of individual responsibility in gov. ernmental affairs when it is time to direct them as they should go. "We should be as careful in voting for public -officials as we are in select ing banks in which we propose to de posit our earnings. Now, in the time of war, let us stop and deliberate and take thought as to the necessity of every Individual keeping his body, physically and mentally, up to the very high est state of health, because it is the adding up of the strength of the indi vidual that present the strength of our Nation." Invest in U. S. War Bonds The St. Louis Union Bank Member Federal Reserve System of the United States will handle your subscription without chars . v Tiri 1 x i e . . i r iicu yuu nave io scruD noors ana woodwork, you can save yourself much labor and many a backache by putting a little 20 Mule Team Borax in the water. Borax softens the water saves soap helps you get a better lathers-lightens your work. 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